Okay, I am completely changing my type of writing. You will realize some changes, but I will continue with my good writing (I am super confident) and I know that you will like it!

These Games will be how were the old ones, in the time of June-July!

(By the way, sorry for cancel another Games, but I will cancel the 224th one.)


  • These Games will have things that everybody forgot like mentors, escorts, stylist, etc.
  • Please, if you will spam, at least, submit one tribute.
  • I will do profiles and links if the tribute is really good, and it worths.
  • The stylists, mentors and escorts will come back, as written above!
  • Number of sign-ups are: Tributes (2 per person), Mentor (2 per person), Escort (4 per person), Stylist (3 per person) and Sponsor (1 tribute per person)
  • Don't get mad with me if/when your tribute dies, just twenty-five will keep alive.
  • These Games will have reapings, train ride, arrivals in Capitol, chariot rides, group training, private sessions, interviews, and the Games!!


After a big rebellion wanting the end of the Hunger Games and the end of the Quarter Quells, the Capitol entered in an agreement to send some food to each district every year. This agreement was canceled after a small rebellion in District 8, and the Games will be the 'craziest' ever.

Twist #1

To show the rebels that after the rebellion, the districts were divided in parts, one girl from the richest part and one boy from the poorest part will be reaped.

Twist #2

In the arena, the tributes will have a tribute to work together (the person has the opposite gender). If the person dies, the tribute will have pain for all the Games.


District Name Age Weapon
District 1 Male Drake Mordan 15 Sword, Axe
District 1 Female Adelaide Glow 16 Axe, Sword
District 2 Male Cobalt Nickle 18 Sword, Spear, Axe
District 2 Female Paris Jones 16 Spear
District 3 Male Ken Quinco 18 Throwing Knives
District 3 Female Mauve Callahan 15 Throwing Knives, Intelligence
District 4 Male Isaac Presko 16 Spear, Machete
District 4 Female Coral Ripplne 12 Bow and Arrow, Dagger
District 5 Male Matt Hern 13 Knife, Bow and Arrow
District 5 Female Artemis Geal 12 Slingshot, Plants
District 6 Male Hadix Maven 17 Mace, Knife
District 6 Female Harriot Portisca 14 Wire, Knives
District 7 Male Nils Ebenholz 16 Spear, Axes
District 7 Female Chumpia Barks 18 Axes
District 8 Male John Madrick 17 Machete, Club
District 8 Female Cotton Quiteo 13 Throwing Knives, Spear
District 9 Male Caleb Stoll 12 Machete, Axe
District 9 Female Nicole Gerst 13 Blowgun, Throwing Knives
District 10 Male Dwayne Crupnick 15 Whip, Spear
District 10 Female Tattiana "Tania" Sapphire 15 Scythe, Spear
District 11 Male Thunder Grain 15 Spear, Bow and Arrow
District 11 Female Sierra Glen 17 Bow and Arrow, Slingshot
District 12 Male Luke Nealy 16 Knives, Bow and Arrow
District 12 Female Melanoi Jet 16 Death Star, Shurikens
District 13 Male Tyson Ashford 17 Knife, Trident
District 13 Female Bronwyn Naismith 16 Sword

Tribute Gallery


Alliance 1: Nils Ebenholz (7), Chumpia Barks (7)


District Name Appearance
District 1 Escort Gessea Ivanie She is young, but she seems like an old lady. She has pale blue skin, with light eyes. Her hair is light blue with some white highlights.
District 2 Escort Etory Medana She has long hair, down to her waist. Her hair colour is red but she has black highlights. Her skin is very pale, they made her skin white in the capitol. She altered her eyes, those are red, like blood. She always wears red makeup. She will wear a dress, down to her knees. It's red. In her hair she will wear black roses.
District 3 Escort Aurora Rhea Straight black hair with silver and deep green highlights. She has short bangs that stop just before her eyes. Other than her hair she isn't very flashy. She has blue/brown eyes. Aurora always changes her make-up and clothes to match her hair and eyes. For the reaping she will have on black tights with silver flats. She has on a pale green dress that is layered slightly at the bottom. There are a few floral designs around her waste. She will have on no jewelry. Her make-up will be natural colours. Nothing will be done to her hair, it will just be left down.
District 4 Escort Stormlu Aquarium Long, over-curly blue hair with ice-colored highlights. She has blue eyes and her skin is dyed a shade of pale blue. She wears a blue dress with countless ruffles, lace, and basically lot and lots of decoration. Stormlu also has blue super high heels and a blue hat.
District 5 Escort Lucianai Piercean Curling gray hair, that goes to her knees. But that is the only thing that shows her age, her skin is smooth. Her eyes are like diamonds, and she wears glorious clothers. Her hands are pristine and she is as tall as can be.
District 6 Escort Trania Perferectio Long wavy red hair, dark green eyes, and pink lipstick.
District 7 Escort Damien Fallnien Short punky spiky hair, but a pale blue in colour. His skin is navy blue, with heavy light blue make-up. Loads of sapphire jewelry, and lots of chains. Luminous blue cothes. He is quite small, but very fiesty.
District 8 Escort Lisa Animate Long wavy black hair with pink highlights, dark green eyes, rabbit ears
District 9 Escort Mellody Burnlap Short purple/light blue hair. She has dark blue eyes and freckles on the face. She uses pink lipstick.
District 10 Escort Agata Rike She has red hair and white highlights that doesn't extend a little past her shoulders with hair bands attached to the ends of her hair. She has white eye liner and lipstick and bright red eyes and skin. She wears a long white dress complimented with rows of gemstones, her dress drags across the floor because the dress length is massive.
District 11 Escort Reyna Darkhart Long dark black hair, with onyx gems. She has pale black skin and dark purple eyes. She is always wearing deep purple make-up, and long flowing silk lilac dresses. She is quite pretty and elegant, but very tall.
District 12 Escort Elect Deddo He is very old. He has short hair with a long freckle. The hair is light green, and the freckle is light pink. He don't use make-up. He uses a white glove in the right hand.
District 13 Escort Lulu Sacramip Pink and blue hair, Green and blue eyes, Wears too much make-up.


District Name G Age Mentoring Style
District 1 Mentor Penelope Keith F 21 She wants her tribute to win, but she doesn't want her tributes to be as scarred as she is by the arena.
District 2 Mentor Hermione Flynn F 34 Hermione has one word. Win. Its the only word in her mentoring vocabulary.
District 3 Mentor Harlow Moon F 23 She is very helpful and wants to bring home another victor from District 3. She will always be there for her tributes, and wants them to come out on top.
District 4 Mentor Octavian Wintersfield M 36 Tell the tributes to not use only brain, but to use brawn. He will tell them to keep weapons with them all the time.
District 5 Mentor Annaline Markden F 27 She is sweet and friendly with the tributes and she always send the advices to them, because she really likes them.
District 6 Mentor Juliopolis Transkolo M 59 His goal is to bring home a tribute that isn't described as unstable. He already brought home 2 other tributes. He is the only smart boy mentor.
District 7 Mentor Valience Renaeuro F 58 She is fond of nature, and will them to stick to the forest, never ally with Careers. Teach about plants and nature. She will take a motherly approach.
District 8 Mentor Satini Parker F 24 To tell her tributes to go to all the stations in the training center, not just the weapons. She will help her tributes whenever needed.
District 9 Mentor Mateus Carneiro M 84 He is too old to help the tributes. He continues being a mentor, because his district has few mentors and all of them are sick or injuried.
District 10 Mentor Brock Brigham M 48 He wants his tributes to appear mediocre. He wants his tributes to practice another weapon and another skill they’re not good at during training; group training and individual training. Brock then offers mentor training so they get time to practice their skill. Finally, when the Hunger Games finally start he wants his tributes to venture into the cornucopia and get a backpack and their weapon of their choice and run away.
District 11 Mentor Danny "Danger" Crawford M 34 For most of his tributes, he tells them to miss training, to try for the bloodbath, to make no alliances, to eat and drink whatever they find, to stay close to other tributes. If there is a tribute he likes, though, he pulls them aside and trains them himself.
District 12 Mentor Melinda Crises F 42 Her goal is to bring home a tribute. She is like a mother and wants to help the tributes. She tells them that they have to go to all the stations in the training center especially the survival station.
District 13 Mentor Vanilla Chesmorn F 28 She is very generous with giving sponsor gifts she won't give food or water unless the Tribute/s are still far from the nearest source of food/water. She doesn't take alcohol or Morphling so she can help 24/7.


District Name Chariot Design Interview Design
District 1 Golden Dwanie

Boy-a silk, gold-and-silver suit with matching shoes

Girl-the same, except it is not a suit, but a ball gown

Boy-a shimmery suit that reflects light with black shoes

Girl-a super short, jewel studded, sleeveless dress that looks like sunlight, and matching high heels

District 2 Selene Fortuna

Boy-will also wear a black unitard. He will have on a stone belt and a stone vest. His sleeves will also be ripped. His belt will have two dulled swords on either side of his body. He won't have on boots, he will just wear plain black hiking shoes. He will have a spear crossed over his back, not hurting him. He will have on a small amount of make-up on but it won't be very noticeable. His hair will be spiked up. He will also have a few rubies on his outfit.

Girl-to represent that district 2 works with stone and in creating weapons. She will wear a black unitard. Over the unitard there will be a corset, that crosses over her shoulders. The corset will have a cape attached to the back of it, however it does not go above her lower back and it drags on the ground. Her sleeves will be ripped up until her shoulders. She has on black boots that go up to her mid-calf. The cape and corset are lined with small chunks of stone. While her legs have several dulled knifes on them and she will have two dulled knifes on her shoulders. She will have a few rubies placed on her outfit to accent the lights around her. Her nails and lips are painted red. She has dark eyeshadow on to make her Eyes pop. Her hair is pulled back into a high braid. It is held in place by two daggers, it is similar to chopsticks in hair.

Boy-he will wear a black tuxedo. With a light grey shirt on underneath. He will have on a black tie with the district 2 seal on it. He will have on plain black dress shoes. His hair will be left normal. He will look very handsome.

Girl-is wearing a simple knee high dress that flows around her. It is grey and silver. She has on simple grey flats. Her hair is in a braided up due. She has on simple make up that accents her face. It is simple but looks stunning on her.

District 3 Ailee Heaven

The ground is painted black and silver to represents computers. Their platforms levitate as the horses pull the chariots, the tributes are floating so they look like their flying in the air. The glass with be transparent and under the glass chariot is a bunch of wires with visible electricity and shocks flowing through it.

Boy-will be wearing a silver headpiece with electric emantings, the color of the headpiece is silver and white glitter around it. It will spark like lighting when they press the buttons on the front of the chariot. His outfit is a gray and black jumpsit with an electric accent, it will have a silver mesh coated with black glitter to cover the jumpsuit a little. His left leg is exposed and his boots are made of light flowing silk and soft polyester cotton to make it comfortable, it will look fashionable on the outside, but comfortable on the inside. His hair will be spiked up with gel and it will be wet a bit, and look messy, but still fine. The horses are black and white, (one black and one white) and ropes to hold them are grey. Girl-will wear the similar outfit but its in a dress and her right leg is exposed, and she is wearing silver heels that will make her look tall. She has her hair onto her right side and tied into a band, it will be covered with a little bit of hairspray, but not be stiff.

Boy-will be wearing a normal tuxedo, but it will be grey coated with little pinches of glitter to make him look sparkly and his bowtie will be white. His pants will be black and his shoes are clean and polished like dress shoes. He will be wearing his hair up like her did in the chariots.

Girl-will be wearing a dress that is light grey and have silver glitter around her, she will be wearing her hair to her left and it will be bundled into the hairstyle like the one in the 74th Hunger that the female wore, she will be wearing black high heels that look metallic, but actually silk.

District 4 Desira Romana

Boy-No shirts on, and there skin has been made a light bronze colour. They are wearing loose pale brown 3 quarter lenghts, with no shoes. No makeup either and there hair has been dusted with sand. They are also wearing the same shell necklace, but instead of occasional purple or red shell, they have light blue and sea green shells. His eyes have been altered so they are the same colour as the sea, and he has a belt made of a piece of rope like on a boat.

Girl-The girl is wearing plain brown dresses, light brown like sand. There hair is lose, down there back. Nothing in it all natural. They are bearfoot, and have no makeup at all. The only jewelry is a single seashell necklace, with mainly pale brown seashells, but occasianal purple and red. They have a shoal which is darker brown, it wraps around there shoulders and has wave pictures sewn into it, with the lighter brown string

Boy-Same as Chariot Rides.

Girl-Same as Chariot Rides.

District 5 Deedra Diamond

Boy-Sparkling suit that has one million tiny light bulbs for power.Eyes are dyed silver to attract the light.Hair is kept normal but golden streaks of hair hidden inside

Girl-Dress about mid-thigh length in front but it grows into a full length dress in back kinda like a gothic gown but it is sparkling silver with a golden corset and a headress that has a lightbulb hidden inside making it light up.Eyes also dyed silver.

Boy-Suit that has a slight shimmer but it is completely black.Suit top is pure white.

Girl-Sweetheart necklined dress (has sleeves though)with a flowy knee-high skirt.It is completly silver with a golden bow in back.Her hair is put up into a girly pigtails and a halo tops it off.

District 6 Additran Syrian Both-Wearing a Motorcycle Suit with a tiny Train riding along the Waist. They will wear Car Tire Ankle Braclets with a headset with Lights blinking out of it (just a regular hat)

Boy-Light Blue Tuxedo

Girl-Fluffy, Purple Dress

District 7 Chiron Winters

Boy-They are dressed in pale green robes, with hoods covering face. Under them there is no make-up or anything. Just darkness. The robes are stitched in a light green patern of flowers and trees in a dark brown. They have no gimmicks and a light dust of dark green falls on them as they go around the place. They are carrying tall staffs wound round with elegant red flowers. With a glowing red plant at the top.

Girl-The girl will wear something similar, they will have floorlenght ballgowns coated in leaves. With a delicately sticthed pattern. Its a darker green, but it gets paler as the chariot goes on. She is holding long green fans, with small emerals in them. That catch the light and send shimmers to the crowd, They will also be throwing small green ords, that burst in flowers.

Boy-Same as Chariot Rides.

Girl-Same as Chariot Rides.

District 8 Velvetta Utfurnence

Boy-a suit that changes color during the chariot ride. It has gems on it, also color-changing. His socks and shoes are color-changing, too.

Girl-Same as the boy, but it's a long dress instead of a suit.

Boy-A navy blue suit with a lighter blue tie, and black patent leather shoes

Girl-A pink and purple gown with flats

District 9   Naked Naked
District 10 Fenno Retramond

Boy-will use a yellow shirt with some cowboy boots. His pants will be made in silver, and the shirt will be covered in small gold pieces. He will use a cowboy hat that shines when a light hits it.

Girl-She will use a similar outfit, but she will use a small top with gold pieces and a short skirt with silver. She will use cowboys boots, and it will shine if a light hits it in the center. Her hat will be light brown.

Boy-A cow print suit and pants with a cowboy hat in the head.

Girl-A cow print long dress with light brown boots. She will use a golden hat.

District 11 Kenzen Retor

Boy-He is dressed in a pale green shirt, that hangs from his body. His arms have been wrapped in thin dark green vines. This also wraps around his legs, which are on a display as he is wearing short green shorts. That have finely stitched wheat patterns in a dark brown thread. He has light gold make-up, and his hair is dusted with a gold dust, the same dust that coats his skin. Bearfoot.

Girl-She is wearing a knee length flowing wispy dress, which floats around her. Its the same pale green as the guy's shirt. She had the same vines wrapping her arms, and legs. She had basic golden make-up and has a wheat necklace on. Her hair has been braided with wheat, and has the same golden powder in it. She has no shoes, and has golden nail-polish and a single simple green ring on her middle finger of left hand.

Boy-Same as Chariot Rides.

Girl-Same as Chariot Rides.

District 12   Naked Naked
District 13 Nand Leona

Boy-will use a gray shirt under a white suit, and it releases a dust behind him. He will use some grey pants. His make-up will be a gray lipstick with a pale blue blush. The dust will contrast his artificial gray hair.

Girl-will use a long dress that is grey-colored. The bottom part is pale blue and it releases a dust behind her body. She will use a silver crown with a small mirror in it. She will use a grey lipstick with a pale blue blush. The dust will contrast her artificial gray hair.

Boy-A white suit with a gray shirt. He will use silver boots.

Girl-A black dress with some gold pieces in the top part. She will use silver boots.


In the center of the Arena will be a gold horn, the Cornucopia, and a snow field around it. After the edge of the snow field, a big forest with frozen trees will appear. The forest will have frozen lakes and the water in it is poisonous. The only water source is the water bottles on the Cornucopia and the snow that falls every single day.

After the forest, high mountains will appear and if a tribute hits the peak in safety, the Gamemakers will send some mutts behind them.


You can sponsor up to three tributes ($500 per tribute).

User Trib 1 Trib 2 Trib 3

Tatianna Sapphire


Ken Quinco



Sierra Glen


Caleb Stoll


Fawkes and Dobbys

Dwayne Crupnick


Raven HG

Isaac Presko


Hadix Maven



Chumpia Barks



Melanoi Jet



Items List


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Bow: 120
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun And Darts (x12): 75
  • Machete: 80
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25


  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Dried Meat: 90
  • Raw Meat: 50
  • Complete Refection: 200


  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 50
  • Sleep Spray: 95


  • Water (1 canteen): 70
  • [Promotion>>>] Water (2 canteens): 125
  • Iodine: 25
  • Sleeping Bag: 170
  • Net: 50
  • Wire: 75
  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Blanket: 160
  • Snowshoes: 100
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700
  • Backpack: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Plastic of piece: 20
  • Rope: 30
  • Empty Backpack: 50
  • Matches: 45

Chariot Rides (Favorites)

  1. District 3
  2. District 4
  3. District 2
  4. District 13
  5. District 7
  6. District 10
  7. District 5
  8. District 11
  9. District 1
  10. District 8
  11. District 6
  12. District 12
  13. District 9

Training Score/Odds of Winning

District Name Score Odds
1 Drake Mordan 9 6-1
1 Adelaide Glow 8 10-1
2 Cobalt Nickle 11 3-1
2 Paris Jones 9 14-1
3 Ken Quinco 8 14-1
3 Mauve Callahan 5 36-1
4 Isaac Presko 10 5-1
4 Coral Ripplne 7 19-1
5 Matt Hern 5 44-1
5 Artemis Geal 6 35-1
6 Hadix Maven 8 16-1
6 Harriot Portisca 9 16-1
7 Nils Ebenholz 6 30-1
7 Chumpia Barks 7 24-1
8 John Madrick 8 13-1
8 Cotton Quiteo 4 51-1
9 Caleb Stoll 4 53-1
9 Nicole Gerst 4 47-1
10 Dwayne Crupnick 10 6-1
10 Tatianna Sapphire 9 23-1
11 Thunder Grain 9 15-1
11 Sierra Glen 6 42-1
12 Luke Nealy 6 41-1
12 Melanoi Jet 8 20-1
13 Tyson Ashford 8 17-1
13 Bronwyn Naismith 8 20-1


They have to work together, and if a tribute dies, the other tribute will have pain for all the Games. The pairs are totally random.

Female Tribute Male Tribute
Melanoi Jet (12) John Madrick (8)
Nicole Gerst (9) Tyson Ashford (13)
Chumpia Barks (7) Isaac Presko (4)
Bronwyn Naismith (13) Dwayne Crupnick (10)
Adelaide Glow (1) Cobalt Nickle (2)
Tattiana Sapphire (10) Ken Quinco (3)
Paris Jones (2) Nils Ebenholz (7)
Sierra Glen (11) Caleb Stoll (9)
Artemis Geal (5) Matt Hern (5)
Coral Ripplne (4) Thunder Grain (11)
Cotton Quiteo (8) Drake Mordan (1)
Mauve Callahan (3) Hadix Maven (6)
Harriot Portisca (6) Luke Nealy (12)

Death Chart

Place Name District Killed how Killed by
26th Luke Nealy 12 Knife in neck Matt (5)
25th Tyson Ashford 13 Axe on chest Adelaide (1)
24th Coral Ripplne 4 Spear in the heart Isaac (4) 
23rd Paris Jones 2 Knife on back Hadix (6) 
22nd Ken Quinco 3 Arrow in body Thunder (11)
21st Thunder Grain 11 Spear on the leg  Tatianna (10)
20th Bronwyn Naismith 13 Knife in throat Drake (1) 
19th Nicole Gerst 9 Broken skull  Adelaide (1)
18th John Madrick 8 Knife on head Artemis (5)
17th Harriot Portisca 6 Punched Isaac (4)
16th Drake Mordan 1 Knife in neck Chumpia (7)
15th Mauve Callahan 3 Axe on the back Nils (7)
14th Tania Sapphire 10 Arrow on chest Sierra (11)
13th Sierra Glen 11 Spear in neck Cotton (8)
12th Matt Hern 5 Long knife Melanoi (12)
11th Cotton Quiteo 8 Sword on neck Caleb (9)
10th Artemis Geal 5 Axe on chest Chumpia (7)
9th Hadix Maven 6 Spear on abdomen Dwayne (10)
8th Cobalt Nickle 2 Spear on abdomen Dwayne (10)
7th Caleb Stoll 9 Spear on belly Dwayne (10)
6th Adelaide Glow 1 Axe on leg Chumpia (7)
5th Isaac Presko 4 Sword on back Adelaide (1)
4th Chumpia Barks 7 Spear on back Dwayne (10)
3rd Nils Ebenholz 7 Shuriken Melanoi (12)
1st Dwayne Crupnick 10    
1st Melanoi Jet 12    

The 100th Hunger Games

Day 1 - The Blood Is Flying!

Matt Hern's POV

"3, 2, 1... It is open the 100th Hunger Games, the fourth edition of the quarter quell," The announcer's voice booms at the arena while I dack off my platform. I see Artemis (5) running at my side and I lock my hand at her. She opens a smile, while I get desperate.

"Are you seeing some supplies?" I ask while she moves her head side-to-side, searching for important supplies. She points out to some snowshoes and a knife. I grab them, and I hear Artemis screaming.

Immediately, I turn my body at her direction and I see Luke (12) pointing a bow and arrow at her. I throw the knife without a second thought and Luke (12)'s body swings at the ground. I retrieve my knife off his neck and Artemis (5) holds my hand again. I will not leave her again!

Nicole Gerst's POV

I call for Tyson (13), but he is not hearing. I yell some times and he finally looks at me. He is with a trident on the hand and he takes off his shirt, even with this frozen temperature. He walks at me, while I grab a blowgun off a crate. 

"Grab some darts for me, please." I say while he nods to a crate. He runs at it, with the trident on the hand. Suddenly, an axe flies at his chest. He swings at the ground, while Adelaide (1) sees me. I start to run like a crazy to the opposite direction.

Caleb Stoll's POV

"Let's go, Sierra. Do you want to ally with us?" I yell while Sierra (11) approaches me. She looks at Coral (4), Cotton (8) and Paris (2). "It is okay," While Sierra (11) grabs a slingshot inside a dark crate, I talk with Paris (2) and Coral (4).

"You two are from career districts. Try to grab something on the gold horn. I will flee with Sierra and Cotton," I talk with them and they nod in agreement.

While I start to run with Cotton (8) and Sierra (11), I see Paris (2) and Coral (4) running to the center of the snow field and I freeze when I see Isaac (4) and Hadix (6) approaching them. Coral (4) begs for mercy, but her district partner throws a spear in her heart. Paris (2) tries to escape, but Hadix (6) stabs her on the back. I keep running, always look behind me.

Tattianna Sapphire's POV

I love this arena. It is dark and cold, the way that I like. Anyway, I need to get off here as soon as possible. Ken (3) calls for me, but I do not allies. I start to run to the frozen forest, and I hear some footsteps behind me. Mauve (3) passes at my front, but she ignores me.

"Tania! Warning with Thunder!" Someone shouts and I turn my head to my side. Thunder (11) shoots an arrow at my direction, but I jump on the ground. The arrow flies across the air and I move my head to behind. I see the arrow hitting Ken (3)'s body. He coughs blood.

Immediately, I start to run and I jump over Thunder (11). He says something that I can't understand and I grab his spear. He pushes me to the ground, and he dacks off to the tundra. I throw my spear and it lands straight in his leg. He stumbles on the ground, dead.

Dwayne Crupnick's POV

I pick up some things near the Cornucopia, like ropes, wires, a bottle of water and a long spear. I look at it, with attention. While I watch the spear, I remember that Bronwyn (13) is waiting for me. I get out and I look around. She is fighting with Drake (1) for a red backpack.

He brings her down by the neck and I run at this scene with the spear at the hand. I throw it, but Drake (1) slices her throat with a knife. My spear flies at him, but he diverts from few centimeters. "Damnit!" I say while I hear Bronwyn (13)'s last murmurs.

"Win it for me." I will, Bronwyn! I will!

Harriot Portisca's POV

I see Adelaide (1) kicking Nicole (9)'s head against the Cornucopia and Chumpia (7) turns her head to the other side. I ask if she wants to grab something and she nods in agreement. We split up and she walks to the food's section.

I see Isaac (4) looking at us, and I remember that he is the teammate of Chumpia (7). When she backs, we ask to Isaac (4) if he wants to join our alliance and he says 'no'. I extend my middle finger to him and Chumpia and I run to the opposite side.

Day 1 - Aftermath

Cobalt Nickle's POV

I sit on the top of a crate while I look around the Careers campsite. We lost no one, by now. Hadix (6) and Drake (1) are collecting some supplies that the tributes forgot, while Adelaide (1) and Isaac (4) are building a little stand for us. I see John (8) going to the forest, alone and I scream:

"Warning with the other tributes! They can be anywhere." He releases a wide smile, and I see a figure behind him. I yell again, and he turns his body to the forest. A quick girl flies in him with a knife and he stumbles on the ground. I see the red haired girl stabbing him to the death.

"Artemis," Adelaide (1) whispers while the quick girl, that seems like an elf, disappears on the forest with all the supplies that were John (8)'s.

Melanoi Jet's POV

BOOM! ​BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Nine tributes are died. And I am a little exicted to see who is died, and who is not.

Slowly, I start to climb a high tree to keep on the top of the tree, waiting for possible attackers. While I reach the peak of the tree, I remember that I don't saw anyone being killed. But all that I am expecting is a death of a Career tribute. This will be great.

I slide my backpack on my left shoulder while I hear the Panem anthem playing in the sky, and the Capitol symbol appearing on the dark blue sky. I am hoping for John (8)'s life, because I do not want to feel pain tomorrow when I wake up.

Mauve Callahan's POV

I put my throwing knifes underneath a high tree while I turn my face at the sky. The faces of the died tributes are appearing, and I hope for Hadix (6)'s life. He is a career, I think he survived the bloodbath. If not, the pain is reserved to me.

I cross my fingers and the non-Career girl from district 2 appears at the sky. Her red and black hair makes me scared. Then, the boy with a big hear from my district and the non-Career girl from district 4. By now, no Careers are died.

Then, John (8) appears on the sky. I can hear a scream coming from a tree few steps away from me, but I ignore it. By now, I know that the happy couple from 5 and Hadix (6) are alive. This is pretty good for my life in the Games. The girl from 9 appears followed by the boy from district 11. Luke, from district 12, appears and both tributes from 13 appear on the sky. I close my eyes, trying to sleep. Tomorrow will be kinda busy.

Day 2 - The Pain Is Arriving!

Chumpia Barks' POV

"Wake up, Harriot." I say, moving her body against the snow on the ground. She wakes up immediately, looking at all the sides. I say that I will prepare a trap on the entrance of our campsite and she nods in agreement. She walks to our stand and I walk to the entrance of our camp.

I extend a transparent rope between two high trees. If anyone tries to enter in our campsite without a permission, they will be knocked off. I put a throwing knife at the top of the tree, wrapped in the big rope that is stopped on the ground.

I finish my trap and I get out, turning back to our campsite. I see Harriot opening our backpack and I scream at her. The Careers!

Isaac (4) jumps on her and he starts to punch her against the hard ground. I stay paralyzed, seeing this absurd happens at my front. BOOM! Immediately, I grab some throwing knives and I prepare to throw, but the Careers are fleeing away our campsite. All of them are able to jump the transparent rope, but Drake (1) stumbles on it. I throw my knive and it hits Drake (1)'s neck. He makes a crazy dance while blood pours out his mouth. Then, I push him to the ground and he dies alone. BOOM! I walk some meters and I see the hovercraft collecting Harriot (6)'s body. I put my head on my hands.

Nils Ebenholz's POV

I climb a frozen tree to look around the area that I am right now. I see the big mountains with snow on the peak. I can arrive it, but it will take a long time. I will start my journey now! It is the only way to arrive there before anything too dangerous happens.

My legs start to move in a way, trying to arrive at the mountains. But I feel someone behind me. I turn my head to the side, and I feel this person approaching me. Immediately, I put my backpack on the ground and I see a girl with brown hair running at my direction.

"Get off," I scream, opening the backpack. The girl flies at me with a knife, but I divert it. I grab my backpack and I slide it on my left arm. I start to run and I feel a blade behind me. I jump on the ground and I pick up my silver axe. I grab the axe and I kick the girl on the belly. It's Mauve (3). But I don't have time to think, I just shove the axe at her backs. She murmurs something and falls. BOOM!

Sierra Glen's POV

I run to where a person is screaming very loud. When I arrive in there, I see Tatianna (10) asking if I can kill her. I shrug my shoulder and she begs for mercy. The sun is hitting her and she is on the ground, screaming like she is dying. To finish it quickly, I grab my bow and I shoot one arrow. It hits in her chest. BOOM! I continue my long walking.

I hear some voices inside the forest and I run at it. I see a big alliance with teammate Caleb (9), Cotton (8) and Dwayne (10) chatting about some startegies to win these Games. Well, they will not. I will! And I will show it now to them.

I jump on the campsite, preparing my bow and arrow. My aim backs to the normal and I see Dwayne (10)'s head shining on the light. He will be my second victim today. I shoot the arrow, but Dwayne (10) dodges it. I say 'damnit' and I feel someone pushing me to the snow. Cotton (8) looks at me with a spear on the hand, I try to escape away, but I feel the spear entering in my back. BOOM!

Artemis Geal's POV

My head fins Matt's shoulder and we relax on the middle of the frozen forest. The night is coming, and I know that today a lot of people died. I lay my head on his shoulder and he sleeps on a tree behind him. Suddenly, I wake up and I see someone at my front.

"Say goodbye, elfs!" Melanoi (12) says, extending her long knife at us. I grab my backpack and I dack off, always looking to the front. When I am few steps away, I remember. I left Matt (5) there. He will be killed by Melanoi (12). BOOM! Well, now he is died.

I fall on the ground, feeling the pain at my heart. I start to sleep while the Capitol symbol appears. I close my eyes quickly, I do not want to see Matt's face again.

Congratulations to the top 11!

Day 3 - Run If You Can!

Caleb Stoll's POV

I open my eyes slowly and I see the sun covering my face. I look to my left side, and I realize that everybody in my alliance is sleeping, except for me. I think in a clever plan and I remember that just eleven tributes are alive. I need to get off this alliance.

Immediately, I stand up grabbing my sleeping bag and putting it in my empty backpack. I steal a Cotton (8)'s backpack and she wakes up. I look at her eyes, desperate and I grab a sword. She crawls away, in silent. While I extend te sword at her direction, she yells for Dwayne (10). I thread the sword at her neck. BOOM!

I start to run away to the opposite direction, and I turn my head to behind. Dwayne (10) is trying to help her, but she is already died. And I killed her. I betrayed her. She was trusting on me. I forgot all of these. Now I have to find a place to hide for a while.

Melanoi Jet's POV

I killed the boy from district 5. And the girl is running directly to a tree fort where a tribute is hidden. She will not survive for one more day. But I forgot it, putting some supplies at my backpack. Then, I start to climb a high tree again, I am excited for what will happen today.

Nils Ebenholz's POV

I see a fort between two high trees and I repair in who is inside. I think it is Chumpia (7). My district partner. I was thinking in go to the mountains, but I need to be next to her. It will be better! I will keep with her. I am approaching the fort, but I hear some footsteps running at my direction. I hide myself behind a tree.

Artemis (5) sees the fort and tries to get in, climbing the stairs made with wood. I think in report her about Chumpia (7), but it can kill my district partner. So, I stay in silent until a big scream. BOOM! Artemis (5) falls off the fort with an axe on the chest. I smile at this scene.

"Good job, Chumpia." I say and she looks between the walls of the fort. She opens the door to me and I go directly to the important topic. "So... can we be allies now?" She nods in agreement and I climb the stairs to enter in her new house.

Adelaide Glow's POV

I grab a sword off the crate, and I give it to Isaac (4). He says that he prefers a machete or a spear, and I give him a machete. I put my long blonde hair in a big ponytail to protect it from the wild animals on the forest. Then, I scream to Cobalt (2) and Hadix (6) that Isaac (4) and I will hunt on the forest. They agree, and Cobalt (2) sends a good luck to us.

I hold Isaac (4)'s hand and we two start to walk through the forest as a team. I will not leave his hand. After few hours walking searching for animals, we killed two rabbits and one wild dog. Now, we will have food to the other days. I sit underneath a shadow of a tree, and Isaac (4) approachs me, sitting on my side. I stand up, turning away and sitting between his legs. He puts his head next to mine, and we share a kiss. I feel the Games going away while our kiss turns good and lovely.

Suddenly, I feel a pain and I take my lips off Isaac (4)'s mouth. He asks what is going on, and I reply immediately: "My partner Cobalt is dying! We have to back now!" I say with shaking words, grabbing my sword and running to the Cornucopia. BOOM! BOOM! I cross eyes with Isaac (4) while we arrive at the Cornucopia. Dwayne (10) is disappearing in the forest with some supplies while Cobalt (2) and Hadix (6) are lying on the floor with holes on the abdomen. I look at Isaac (4) and he kisses me again. I need to forgot it!

Congratulations to the Top 7!

Day 4 - The End is Close!

Dwayne Crupnick's POV

I stop next to a high tree and I start to count all the supplies that I stole from the Careers' campsite. A long rope, an encurved knife, two loafs of bread, some medicine and new snowshoes. Immediately, I take my old pair of snowshoes and I put the new one.

Suddenly, I hear a noise coming from the trees behind me. I grab another spear to self-defense. I think someone will try to pick me off. Maybe Adelaide and Isaac. I stole their supplies and Adelaide (1) is feeling pain now, because I killed Cobalt (2). They can be next to me, they can be anywhere. So, I look at my left and I see a boy with brown hair runs towards me. I throw the spear without a second thought. The spear lands on the boy's belly and he retrieves it. BOOM!

I see his yellow backpack shining on the grass and I run towards it. I stay on my knees to examinate it. I take Caleb (9)'s body off the backpack and I zip it. Just apples. This can help me in the future, so I hide it in a hole. When I need, I will be back to grab it.

Isaac Presko's POV

I kiss Adelaide (1) again and she lays her head on my shoulder. She moves her right hand on my hair while I prepare our rabbit meat on the bondfire.

"Do you think that they will attack us today, honey?" she whispers on my ear and I look around. The calm trees moving due the strong wind. Then, I nod in agreement. "They know that we are the only Career tributes. Just we two against other tributes. And they know that we still have supplies." I say with a sad voice and she hugs me, and I feel more safe.

"We will survive," while she says I see two pairs of legs moving inside the forest, but I ignore. I put some medicine on her, because she is feeling pain. I move my head to the forest and I see two persons chatting. I grab a grey backpack and I hold Adelaide (1)'s hand. We run away together, but I feel an axe coming in our direction. We divert it, but Chumpia (7) approaches.

"It is your last chance to survive, Isaac. Or me or Adelaide!" Adelaide (1) looks at me with a sad look, but I ignore it. "I choose you!" I yell, releasing Adelaide's hand. I try to get away, but I feel a sword entering in my backs. I fall on the ground while I see Chumpia (7) killing Adelaide (1) and Nils (7) running away with her. BOOM! I see Adelaide (1)'s body with a injury on the leg and my strenght falls. My face finds the grass while my vision turns into the blackness. BOOM!

Melanoi Jet's POV

I sit on the tree while I remember that three of us has died today. This is pretty good number. Now, I am in the top Four! And I have almost sure that tomorrow will be the last day. I try to rest, laying my head on a large branch, but Claudius' voice enters in the arena.

"Hello, tributes! Tomorrow will have a bloodfeast, and you have to be there. If not, we will kill you anyway. Natural disasters will happen if a tribute recuses this invitation. You have to be in the Cornucopia when the day begun. If not... bye guys!"

Immediately, I grab my night vision googles and I jump off the tree. I put it on my eyes and my knife on the pocket of my jacket. I walk in silent through the forest and I arrive at the Cornucopia before the playing of the anthem. I climb on a tree near the entrance to the grass field and I prepare myself to tomorrow.

Congratulations to the top 4!

Day 5 - Here Comes the Winner!

Chumpia Barks' POV

Nils and I keep walking towards the Cornucopia. We need to be in the bloodfeast, possibly Melanoi and Dwayne are almost arriving and our plan is attack immediately when we arrive at the Cornucopia. Well, our plan will change a little, because Claudius' voice booms at the arena again:

"Congratulations, top four. Hurry up, because the bloodfeast will start in few minutes. Be prepared. By the way, I have a brand new information. It is good for ones and bad for the others. This year, it will be two victors crowned. But one have to be male, and the other have to be female. Good luck, tributes."

Immediately, I hug Nils (7) tight. He embraces me too and I say with hope: "We can win this together!" I yell, holding his hand while we run to the Cornucopia. When we arrive, we see the empty grass field with nothing around. I wonder to myself what is happening.

Dwayne Crupnick's POV

I am camped next to the grass field and I see the two tributes from district 7 standing at the middle of the grass field. Suddenly, a big and white table appears from the ground and I ask what is on the top. Oh... It is a small piece of paper. What the... We will fight for this? Anyway, I have to kill these tributes before the arrival of Melanoi, I think she is next to me.

"This was a Gamemakers' trap. You will just fight. No supplies!" Chumpia (7) yells and I think. It will be now. I open my backpack in silent and I retrive the instant relief pill. I will need it now. I think I will kill at least, one of them. I have almost sure.

I put my backpack locked near some woods and I examinate the district 7 tributes for the last time. I see their eyes searching for Melanoi and I. The attack will happen now. Now! I get my spear out the backpack and I throw it across the air.

Nils Ebenholz's POV

"Chumpia (7)! Warning!" I scream while I see Dwayne (10)'s spear flying across the grass field in Chumpia (7)'s direction. She tries to run away, but the spear finds the middle of her belly. I let out a scream, and she releases one too. My life turns into slow motion, Chumpia (7) dying, Dwayne (10) running, Melanoi (12) approaching... BOOM! The cannon wakes me up.

I grab my axe out my backpack and we three cross the eyes. Melanoi (12) is almost a victor, since Chumpia (7)'s death. Well, she is the only female alive. Now we have to decide. Who Melanoi (12) will help? Dwayne (10) or me? Well, she surprised me.

"You two will have a fight! I will help no one." She says, and Dwayne (10) nods in agreement. We approach each other and immediately, I shove my axe at Dwayne (10)'s shoulder. He tries to divert it, but it cuts a piece of his skin on the shoulder. He went crazy, pushing me down. Then, he puts a pill on the mouth and his pain ends. He smiles at me and Melanoi (12) grabs her shuriken.

"Why me?" I say, crawling away. Melanoi (12) smiles saying: "Because you cheated on the battle. Well, bye-bye Nils!" While she throws her shuriken, I see my life on the front of my eyes. The hard days are over. My days are over. BOOM!

Melanoi Jet's POV

"Yes! We won!" I shout at Dwayne (10) and we hug each other. I feel something special on this strange boy and I ask to myself what it is. Maybe friendship. Or it is love? I don't think so...

A hovercraft appears and it grabs us to the outside of the arena. "We won," Dwayne (10) whispers while we reach a small room. I hug my mentor and he jumps of happiness. Dwayne (10) and his mentor are chatting in a low voice. I don't know what they are talking.


It was a suprise, but Melanoi Jet and Dwayne Crupnick got married. They moved to the District 11 and they built a building for poor people in the district. Melanoi trips every single year to the District 12, where she turned into a hero. Dwayne goes sometimes to his district, but he prefers stay with Melanoi in District 11. They had just one children, Melayne.

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