Hum, hello. First of all I want to apologize for cancelling my two last Games, the 55th one and the 27th one. I'm really, really sorry for that. In second place, I want to say that this might be my last Games, and I am not making sure it will be the last one, but if someday I come back, it will be just in the end of this year or next year.

Third of all I want to say I missed all you guys, and I know that some left just like me, but I hope I get to know the new people better.

Fourth, just be welcome to one more Hunger Games.


Nine years after the Third Rebellion, The Hunger Games are still alive. After the big quell in the 101st Hunger Games which forced 20 kids from each district to battle, the other Games are getting bloodier and bloodier. So, to the 109th Hunger Games, the President Cipriano has invited the people of Panem to another amazing Games.

"Citizens of Panem, I want to invite you all for the 109th edition of the Hunger Games. But this time we will have more mercy of the participants and we will let them kill by themself. We will not release as many mutts and arena traps as we sent last time. But the rules are still the same. One boy and one girl from each District plus the poor region of the Capitol will be sent to the arena to compete against other twenty-seven tributes. The last one remaining wins."

-President Rixon Cipriano


1. As usual in my Games, it will be first come, first serve. It means that the first tribute from each spot gets the spot. But I am already saying that I want a good tribute, you don't need to write a lot of things, but I will not accept a tribute that I consider as "not enough".

2. No reservations, I want these Games to start as soon as possible and reservations just delay things.

3. Two tributes per person, maximum. 

4. I also have a tribute template, but if you have yours and it is similar to this one, you don't need to make another based on mine.





Appearance: (Lunaii, description or real pic)



Weapon: (Choose 1 or 2)

Strenghts: (Maximum 3)

Weaknesses: (Minimum 2)

Bloodbath Strategy: (Optional)

Token: (Optional)

5. I may use a little bit of adult language, and these Games may have a little bit of sexual references as well, so be aware.

6. No mentoring allowed, but you can sponsor your tribute (I will explain more later in the comments).

7. These Games will be way long, I mean, twenty days of Hunger Games or more, so be aware of that.


District Gender Name Age User
1 Male Alric Gould 18 Beetee19
1 Female Madoka Artemisia 16 XxXMidgetinabikiniXxX
2 Male Sebastian Hive 18 Nommehzombies
2 Female Thalia Combe 16 Nommehzombies
3 Male Sam De Winter 15 District22
3 Female Ana Shadowsinger 15 Annamisasa
4 Male Occey "Salty" Cove 15 WiressFan21
4 Female Nymph Meré 18 PumPumPumpkin :3
5 Male Lipine Lark 15 Rueflower
5 Female Marlene Poon 13 Rueflower
6 Male Cario Paradox 16 Kaeghan-is-a-tribute
6 Female Maco Jerzy 16 Kaeghan-is-a-tribute
7 Male Fastor Ulliwant 18 SuperTomato
7 Female Leevee Treevolt 14 Bdoruk01
8 Male Darlexx Velvet 16 WiressFan21
8 Female Laila Bennett 16 Sgirl11
9 Male Mordecai Darah 18 XxXMidgetinabikiniXxX
9 Female Katriona Greystone 17 Annamisasa
10 Male Rudolph Talon 18 Hybrid Shadow
10 Female Aurora Mendoza 15 Beetee19
11 Male Markey Primal-Omega 18 EvilhariboMadness
11 Female Kristy Sparklenight 18 Bdoruk01
12 Male Connor Kohl 16 I.J.
12 Female Wildfire Champion 15 PumPumPumpkin :3
13 Male Acton Besolto 18 SuperTomato
13 Female Lilith Blitz 16 NinjaToast
Capitol Male Kasey Stole 18 MissRandomStuff
Capitol Female Rycca Aureli 17 EvilhariboMadness



Madoka Artemisia (1), Occey Cove (4), Lipine Park (5), Markey Primal-Omega (11), Kasey Stole (Cap)


Sam De Winter (3); Cario Paradox (6), Leevee Trevolt (7), Kristy Sparklenight (11), Rycca Aureli (Cap)

Alliance 1

Maco Jerzy (6), Wildifre Champion (12)

Alliance 2

Sebastian Hive (2), Thalia Combe (2)

Alliance 3

Nymph Meré (4), Mordecai Darah (9), Katriona Greystone (9), Aurora Mendoza (10)

Alliance 4

Laila Bennett (8), Acton Besolto (13)

Alliance 5

Ana Shadowsinger (3), Lilith Blitz (13)


Alric Gould (1), Darlexx Velvet (8), Rudolph Talon (10), Connor Kohl (12)

Death Chart

Place Name District Killed by Killed how
28th Marlene Poon 5 Madoka (1) Stabbed in the back
27th Fastor Ulliwant 7 Occey (4) Trident in chest
26th Darlexx Velvet 8 Rudolph (10) Punched to death

Training Scores/Odds Of Winning

District Name Score Odds
1 Alric Gould 10 4-1
1 Madoka Artemisia 9 4-1
2 Sebastian Hive 9 4-1
2 Thalia Combe 10 3-1
3 Sam De Winter 5 32-1
3 Ana Shadowsinger 7 19-1
4 Occey "Salty" Cove 9 4-1
4 Nymph Meré 11 3-1
5 Lipine Lark 8 13-1
5 Marlene Poon 6 28-1
6 Cario Paradox 9 10-1
6 Maco Jerzy 6 26-1
7 Fastor Ulliwant 8 13-1
7 Leevee Treevolt 6 24-1
8 Darlexx Velvet 9 8-1
8 Laila Bennett 6 27-1
9 Mordecai Darah 8 16-1
9 Katriona Greystone 11 3-1
10 Rudolph Talon 11 3-1
10 Aurora Mendoza 7 22-1
11 Markey Primal-Omega 11 3-1
11 Kristy Sparklenight 7 21-1
12 Connor Kohl 7 19-1
12 Wildfire Champion 8 15-1
13 Acton Besolto 8 14-1
13 Lilith Blitz 10 6-1
Cap Kasey Stole 9 9-1
Cap Rycca Aureli 7 22-1

The 109th Hunger Games

Day 1 - The First Sight of Blood

Laila Bennett (8)'s POV


This simple and only word broke completely broke the silence stuck in the tight room. My escort kisses my forehead just as the glass tube starts rolling down surrounding me. I press my hands slowly against the resistant tube, feeling my fingers against the glass. My escort points out to my legs and adjusts his own posture. I mimic his movements, getting in the right posture, straight.

“Good luck, Laila.” He murmurs while the glass tube starts to rise, towards the arena.

“T-Thanks.” It is all that my mouth can pronounce right now. I try to shout help but the words simply don’t leave my mouth. My escort waves away as my vision of his body completely disappears. I turn my face straight, closing my eyes before feeling a hot breeze running against my body.

The sunlight was blinding and she could not see anything but my legs over the metal pedestal. I blink my eyes, and I could capture some scenes of the arena. From my perspective, the Cornucopia is about forty meters away from me, and the pedestals are over some kind of ice even though the sun is melting it. To reach the Cornucopia we will have to walk on the ice carefully or otherwise we will fall into the cold water. Before I could even think about the countdown, I hear the loud and thick voice counting “20… 19…”

I immediately panic. I have only twenty seconds to think about how I am going to leave the platform and reach the supplies around the Cornucopia. My mind is in a terrible confusion, and my body is as confused as my mind is. “10… 9…”

Stay calm, I repeat to myself in my head a thousand times. It will be alright, you just have to run on the ice towards the Cornucopia and retrieve throwing daggers and then everything will be alright. I force myself to hear my thoughts and obey them.

In this meanwhile, I search in the faces of the tributes a friendly face. I see Acton and he nods straight away to the Cornucopia. It is a sign, let’s get ready.

The gong hammers my ears, and my legs leave dazedly the pedestal.

Kasey Stole (Cap)'s POV

The opening cannon sounds and I sprint off my platform immediately. My breath is controlled, but my heart beats faster and faster as I approach the Cornucopia. It feels like my heart is about to explode when I finally put my hands over a pack of throwing knives.

I roll to the side and I lay my body against the Cornucopia, feeling the cold in all the parts of my body, but the other tributes can’t see me. I examine every single tribute that crosses my way, and I pay attention on the fool district 5 female who is trying to drag a dark crate by herself. I laugh, not ironically, I laugh rudely.

Slowly, I approach the girl by behind and as she turns away I throw my first knife against her. She collapses at the ground, missing my knife. I groan and I start to run towards her. She stands up and begins to run in the opposite direction. As she turns away to see me one last time, someone kicks her back, pushing her to the front and making her fall on the ice.

Blood leaves her mouth as Madoka, the district 1 female, sits over her back and starts to stab her neck multiple times with a dagger. She tries to shout, but from her mouth the only thing that leaves is blood. Red blood.

I approach Madoka and high-five her and she says that we should keep a secret about killing Lipine’s district partner and I nod positively.

We run again to the Cornucopia, to take out the rest of the supplies and in this meanwhile, we can see Occey and Lipine confronting the district 7 male, Fastor. They kill the boy easily, and Markey just watches them two battling. I can see the anger and the fury in his eyes, but I stay silent.

“Madoka, do you know how many people already died?” I ask, as she digs on a crate searching for more weapons.

“Well, considering that all of the tributes already left the Cornucopia by this time, only two deaths.”

“Just two?” I ask, and suddenly we hear a scream coming from the edge of the icy forest where the district 10 male is rudely killing another boy that I can’t recognize. The district 10 boy turns away and sees that we are watching him and he groans before disappearing in the icy forest.

“Well, three now.” Madoka says, almost ironically. I sit on the ice. What a poor bloodbath. Just three deaths, and the number of career tributes is really low. Coming from the real career districts, just Madoka and Occey. Lipine, Markey and I are recruits.

While Lipine, Markey and Salty approach us, Madoka sits over an ice cube and asks worried. “Am I the only one who thinks the careers are going to have a hard time this year?”

“We don’t know yet.” Starts Markey. It is the first time since the training center that I hear his voice. And it stays the same gross voice of always. “We are in the same number as the anti-careers, we need to eliminate them. What you guys think of a night attack to them?”

“I think it is great,” says Lipine and Salty nods positively.

“Alright.” I say, as Markey orders us to catch the rest of the supplies that the tributes forgot on the Cornucopia.

May the odds be ever in the careers’ favour.

Aurora Mendoza (10)'s POV

The panic stays in my veins. The adrenaline combined with the fear of being killed in the Cornucopia bloodbath led me to a state of panic. My breath is out of control, and my alliance and I are not hesitating in stop right here. We have run about four miles since the Cornucopia into the icy forest and we finally reach a safe area. It has some high and thick trees that can camouflage us and close by our campsite there is a water stream. But we don’t know yet if that water is poisonous or not, so we will just drink water that we found on the Cornucopia by now.

“Alright girls and Mordecai, time to check out what we took from the Cornucopia,” orders Katriona. She can be huge and one of the most dangerous tributes in the arena, but she is friendly to me and the other girls in the alliance. I think people need to know her better before judging her.

“I’m really sorry; I took nothing because when I approached a backpack the district 2 tributes came, so I just ran away from there.” I say, with my head down.

“That’s alright Aurora, I took a bottle of water, iodine, some throwing axes for my use and a blanket.” Nymph says, as her blonde hair reflects the sun.

Mordecai, the only boy in our group, extends an orange backpack and a scythe. Katriona hands the backpack and examines what there is inside. “Two bottles of water, a bread, another blanket, some rope and a knife. Well done, Mordecai.” Katriona says, throwing the bag to him.

Katriona gets the crate that she got. She is incredibly strong to lift the crate for the entire path until here. She opens the crate and we see a lot of food, sleeping bags, matches, a bottle of poison, axes, knives and a sword.

“Wow Katriona.” I say, my words of admiration are not enough.

“We started really right,” Nymph comments and we shake our heads positively, agreeing with her. I thought that in our start I would be really desperate for food, but my alliance has helped me to get enough supplies to survive.

Nymph and I take a blanket as Mordecai builds a structure of a little stall using some wood and leaves from the forest. Nymph and I cover the stall with the white blanket as Katriona fixes the blanket on the ground.

“I think we are done,” Mordecai comments, his usual beautiful smile contrasts with our real situation inside the Games.

“Let’s prepare ourselves for the night, guys. Aurora, try to take as many leaves as you can from the trees to camouflage our campsite, as Nymph and I will prepare some traps in case we receive some “visits”. Mordecai, you take care of the campsite during our mission, alright?”

“Yes,” we all reply as everyone starts to interpret our roles.

Wildfire Champion (12)'s POV

Maco and I are walking in circles in the icy forest, searching for the better place in the forest to set up a campsite. We found no good places to sit up and relax; the only thing closer to use is a plain ground full with snow and some high trees that are practically impossible to climb. Maco is starting to get impatient, but she is calm by now. And I hope she continues this way.

“Let’s search for some caves,” she comments, pointing out to a path of snow until a mountain.

“Hm… Let’s stay here, between these trees. Just for today. We are way too long from the Cornucopia, the career tributes will not reach us easily.” I discuss, and she gasps positively, but with some arrogance.

We stop and place ourselves between two high trees fully covered with snow. I place the two sleeping bags that I got from the Cornucopia over the snow in the ground while Maco tries to climb the tree to set up a trap. She falls a lot of times, but she keeps trying to set up the damn trap.

And I think I like this.

She is a brave, courageous girl. She does not give up in the first try, that is something I have to admire on her.

After many fails, she finally sets up a trap with some rope she took from the bloodbath. She slides down the tree slowly, taking care to not injury her foot on the pointy branches in the structure of the tree.

She approaches me and sits up over the sleeping bag. I do the same and we face each other for a while, trying to find a subject to spend the time.

“Hm… who do you would consider as our huge threat?” I question, trying to start with a conversation. She thinks for a while, placing her hand on the chin.

“The Careers, obviously, and there is some wildcards that we should care about.” She replies.

“Give me some examples of these wildcards.”

“That enormous girl from district 9, that violent boy from district 10, the non-career girl from 4, and some others that my mind can’t remember.” She speaks and I nod positively.

“We are really without subjects, don’t we?” She says, laughing.

“Totally.” I reply.

“What about an animal hunting?” She asks, already standing up. Her eyes look excited.

“Why not?” I say, getting up too. We two take our weapons off the backpacks and place them on our hands. This is going to be fun.

Acton Besolto (13)'s POV

The sun is about to disappear into the darkness of the mountains and the moon is already visible. I untie my legs from the branch, and I jump off the branch of the tree. I take my backpack and I throw it over my shoulders. The time to rescue Laila has reached.

I promised to her that I would be loyal to her during the entire Games and my time to fulfill the promise is now. Laila, after the sound of the gong, got confused and fell on the floor. Before she could even walk, I was already disappearing into the forest. By the edge of the Cornucopia, I was able to see that she had no options but hiding herself inside a crate. I hoped that the careers would not see her, and I think they didn’t. I approach the edge of the Cornucopia and I climb one of the closest trees to the Cornucopia. The leaves are going to camouflage me while I spy their campsite.

I hear the Careers arguing about how they will go to hunt this night. I can see the crate where Laila hid and I gasp. She is alive, well now it is my time to save her. The tributes continue discussing, and finally they decide to go hunting. The district 4 male goes alone to the north, while the district 5 male and the district 11 boy are going to the west and the Capitol boy and the district 1 girl are coming in my direction. I squeeze myself, pushing my legs to my chest, camouflaging myself into the dark green leaves of the forest. The two career tributes walk straight and they don’t realize me, part one of the plan is complete.

After about five minutes, I agree to myself that I need to act fast so I jump off the tree and I take off a sword from the backpack. I run over the ice of the Cornucopia and then I kick Laila’s crate. I can see her eyes and she then opens the lid of the crate. She opens a smile and I take her hand and start to run towards the tree where I was hidden.

“Thank you so-so much.” She exclaims, almost disbelief. We both run through the trees, our path to the campsite that I build earlier. When we arrive, she shows me her leg which is bloody.

“A simple injury,” I say and I take off some medicine that I got from the Cornucopia. I spread over the wound and she groans of pain. After that, I wrap her foot with leaves, hiding the wound.

“Listen,” I begin. “If any tribute attack you, don’t show off that your foot is injured, they will use it as advantage, just try to face it while you battle.”

“Oh, sure.” She whispers, the same voice that when she groaned. “And… I want to thank you one more time for saving me, I thought I was going to die right there.”

“Don’t worry, you are like my little sister inside these Games, the little sister I have never had.” I say, almost affected.

She smiles and puts her foot over the ice. I hand her a bottle of water and she drinks a little. As she drinks water, I think about my future in these Games.

How am I going to win with an injured ally?

Alric Gould (1)'s POV

The cold breeze of the night has found me. My camouflage is good enough to fool the other tributes, but it isn’t enough to fool the Gamemakers or the Capitol audience. I know there is a camera somewhere pointing out at me hiding in the branch of this tree. I wonder how my district is taking the fact I am not a career. I bet the entire district is betting their odds on Madoka, she is the career tribute, while I am just the tribute hiding in a tree.

I know the Gamemakers will make me move really soon, maybe tomorrow. They said that they would not affect the Games as much as they did earlier, but my mentor told me to not believe fully on them.

Tsc tsc. I hear from below and I slowly move my heard frontwards, being able to see what is happening down there. I see a blonde-haired boy walking through the trees and I catch the image of Salty from district 4. For my surprise, he is not holding a weapon, instead he has just a simple backpack over his shoulders.

While I move my head back to the tree, I let a branch break and it falls down. Salty looks behind and stares in the tree. He examines the tree for a while, and I don’t even move or hesitate to breathe.

“Alric!” He shouts. Damn it, damn it!

I continue without moving, but he is already convinced I am here. So I jump off the tree, and I slowly take off a knife from my jacket. I walk towards Salty and he starts the conversation.

“I will not attack you, I fled from the careers.” He says, his words sound confused but his eyes are scared. He is not lying. “And I don’t want an alliance with you too, I just want to tell you that if someday inside these Games you want to make a movement anti-career call me.”

“How will I know where you are?” I ask, a bit confused.

“Just remember something: salty. You will understand later.” He says, sprinting away going to the north.

He turns away quickly and says. “Oh and by the way, the career tributes are hunting this time around, so if you see any career, don’t believe in their conversation.” After his leaving, I wonder about why I would do a movement anti-career. I know that the chances of Salty and I together defeat all of the career tributes is really low. So why would he invite me to this?

I let my thoughts drown as I see the night coming. I run to my tree and start to climb all again, coming back to my hideout. I put my knife back in the pocket of the jacket, and then I camouflage myself again.

As the night comes, I hear the sounds of howls, barking and branches breaking. The wild life of the arena is sleeping, but not the entire wild life. The careers are hunting through the darkness of the arena. And I just hope I am not the first target.

Leevee Treevolt (7)'s POV

After waiting out for the night to fall down over the whole arena, Cario and I finally stop walking. We separated from the rest of the anti-career alliance because they fled without us. We stop next to a cave covered in snow, it could be an amazing place to hide and stay warm during two or three days before we change our campsite again. These trees around remind me of the trees that we find on District 7 during the winter. Tall bole, ice leaves, and flowers closing up. It is a perfect scenario for me.

So suddenly we start to hear off sounds of cannons. My parents told me that in all the Games until the 3rd Quarter Quell, the cannons used to sound right after the bloodbath. But after the second rebellion, the Gamemakers changed their mind and now the cannons sound exact twelve hours after the end of the bloodbath and the pictures of the fallen tributes only appear at the midnight.

Cario and I count slowly the cannons that sound, we hear one, then another and then, surprisingly, the last. Just three deaths, I think this is the lowest number of deaths during the bloodbath ever after the Second Rebellion.

“Should we wait for the midnight to see the faces or should we sleep already?” Cario asks, leaving his backpack fall to the ground. I nod, staring at the dark sky. I need to know who died today, my curiosity will kill me if I sleep without knowing the tributes who are already gone from the competition.

“You can go sleep, Cario. I will stay here watching,” I say, sitting on the grass, putting my hands over my knees, protecting them from the cold.

“Do you think someone who you like died?” He asks back and I stop for a while.

I didn’t think about the deaths of the people I like. Talking the truth, I have only two real friends inside this arena. Cario and my district partner, Fastor. I invited him for an alliance, but he didn’t accept and did not get into the alliance of the anti-careers. If he died in that bloodbath, I will feel half-guilty for his death. The whole district will see me as the one who didn’t protect him from the death.

But he didn’t accept me as ally, so I will have no blame if he died. Instead, I just want to leave this thought outside my mind. I gasp and Connor understands that I am recusing to talk about that.

He sits beside me, repeating my pose. He grabs his backpack and throws it over his shoulder and then, he opens it to search for something.

“If we are going to stay until midnight, we need to stay armed. What if the careers attack during the Panem anthem? We wouldn’t hear them at all.” He comments and I agree on his phrase.

He takes off two sharp knives, and places one in the right pocket of his jacket and another in his hand. He asks me what type of weapon I prefer to use and I reply saying that I work with axes.

He hands me a platinum axe, and I ask to him how he got it if it was only available inside the horn of the Cornucopia.

“It was not easy getting inside the Cornucopia and leaving it with life,” he says with a sarcastic smile on the face just as we hear the sound of a feminine scream far away from us.

“What do you think it was?” He asks.

“I have no idea”.

Ana Shadowsinger (3)'s POV

Following the stream of water running down towards the Cornucopia, Lilith and I reach a small meadow with a river separating it from the rest of the forest. I get on my knees and I dip my hands into the water. Then, I throw the water on my face cleaning up the dirt that I got from the bloodbath.

“Be aware,” Lilith comments, her voice short and gross. “That water could be highly poisonous.”

She is right, we shall not trust fully on the Gamemakers. I examine the river one more time and my intuition tells me that the water is not poisonous. Something in my mind sends the message that I could drink the water and continue alive. I gasp and return to the edge of the water. One more time, I dip my heads into the water and then I drink the water off my hand. Lilith stares at me, paying attention at how I will react to drinking the water. Nothing.

“So you are right, the water is not poisonous.” She says and I nod positively. She walks to the edge of the water, beside me, and she fills the empty water bottle with the water of the river.

I take off the small book with an attached pen from the pocket of my jacket and I start to write what I am going to tell her.

“Are we going to stay here?” She says, reading the message I wrote on my book. She looks around, slowly examining the trees around, the stream of water and the river, and even the leaves fell over the mud in the ground. I think it all counts for her.

I write another message in my book and I show her again. “It is already late, we shall decide as soon as possible.” She reads the message and shrugs her shoulders.

“Alright, let’s stay here for today and tomorrow we can find somewhere better.” Lilith finally decides, and I take my backpack off my shoulders and extend on the ground. She grabs some branches and begins to build a small barrack for us. While she builds our temporary home, I organize our supplies into the crate Lilith was able to get from the Cornucopia.

After one hour preparing the supplies and the barrack, we realize it is almost midnight so we hurry up doing things. The barrack Lilith made is a somewhat bizarre, the door is horizontal and the top of the barrack is full with mud, probably to camouflage us. I drag the crate into the barrack and then I put our small backpacks over the crate. Lilith closes the door and she looks at me.

“So, do you want to wait for the show of the fallen tributes or let’s sleep already?” She asks, shrugging.

“Let’s sleep… I really don’t want to know who died or who is still in the competition.” I comment, in a low voice.

“Ok,” she says, grabbing her backpack and using it as a pillow. I do the same with my backpack and then we fall asleep real quick.

Sam De Winter (3)'s POV

The alive, bloody and shiny forest of the morning has turned into a dark and cold place, full with tributes around. There are twenty-four tributes alive along with me, since just three died during the bloodbath. I squeeze into the door of the anti-careers’ campsite, inside a tight cave.

Inside, Kristy is preparing our sleeping bags while Rycca is trying to start a fire using sticks and stones. I walk towards the backpack I got from the Cornucopia and I open it. I take off some matches and I hand it to Rycca. “Using these, starting a fire will be way easier.” She looks at me, groans and starts the fire.

I sit next to the bonfire Rycca made and about one minute later Kristy joins us. She heats her hands approaching them to the fire and I do the same but with my foots.

“Guys, I think it is almost midnight,” Rycca says, breaking the silence in the cave.

Kristy gasps and asks to stay in the cave. Rycca and I squeeze through the cave and we sit on the ground of the forest, waiting for the show of the fallen tributes.

“Rycca,” I talk, calling her attention. “Do you think Cario and Leevee are alright wherever they are?” I ask her, my voice sounding a bit worried about their fate.

“I… I… I have no idea. I just hope they are ok.” She whispers.

“Me too. I am literally cheering to see anyone’s face in the sky tonight, except them. We are a family now, and I will feel the worst person ever if they are already gone.” I gasp, letting out all my feelings to her.

Breaking our conversation, there is the Panem anthem booming in the arena. My heart starts to beat faster, feeling the tension getting closer and closer. I literally start to shake as the anthem finishes and the word “Fallen Tributes” illuminates the dark sky full with dark gray clouds.

The first face showed is the small girl from district 5, she was the youngest tribute and probably was the first one to leave the competition. I wonder how about her family is feeling right now, knowing their daughter will never ever come back to them and she could not even say a goodbye. The thought makes me shake even more, now wondering about how my family is going back in District 3. I’m sure they trusted in my survival even with the odds pointing out the contrary. Then, I see the brown-haired boy from district 7 illuminating the sky. Well, I am kind of surprised for this one, he got some good odds and seemed like a threat. Good, one threat gone. Then the show of the fallen tributes finishes with the face of the district 8 boy, the one who looked serious all of the training days, and suddenly it shows the Panem symbol before the sky could transform into the same dark sky of five minutes ago.

Rycca does not comment nothing about who died and simply squeezes into the cave. I follow her and this is when I turn back to the forest. I stare at some trees meters away, and I see a human form with wings flying from a tree to another. I stare for a little while, and nothing moves. I think it was just my imagination, well let’s sleep and prepare for the second bloody day in the arena.

Day 2 - Arrow To The Silence

Connor Kohl (12)'s POV

With my head down, I walk through the forest just as the sun rises to search another place to live on the arena. The tall and dark trees just look like intimidating bullies for me. My vision is not working totally fine, I stumbled last night on a rock, beating with my head on it. My forehead bled as hell, but I think I am somewhat fine now. My vision is still blurred and the headache is still ongoing, though.

To make the situation even worse, I am officially a loner now. My only ally Fastor was killed in battle during the Cornucopia bloodbath, and the scene just repeats again and again in my mind everytime I stop to breath. And it somehow just looks worse everytime I watch it. I still can remember his scream before the trident of the district 4 career boy reached his cheat, and I still can remember the way I left him when the career tributes attacked us.

It just feels like everything is my blame now. I wonder how Fastor’s family is looking at me now. The boy who left their son alone to fight against other two tributes. I never thought I was going to say that, but I just wish the Cornucopia bloodbath could happen again. And then, I would do the right thing. When the district 4 boy and the district 5 boy approach us, I would simply help Fastor fighting against them and not leave him there alone.

I collapse to knees and my hands reach the soft grass with orange and dark green leaves around. Seems like the weight of my body doubled against myself. But I have to keep strong, for Fastor, for my family, for my district. I disappointed my district once, and I will not let it happen again.

I drag myself to a tree and sit in the shadow of it. I take off the water bottle from my backpack and I drink it all. The tension begins to fade away, and I sigh of relief.

But instead, I don’t want to move. I check the place around, realizing how much trees and mountains are next to me. I think it is a good place to stay for now, here I have shadow, fruits and edible berries and plants just over my head. But I still need water. Since I just drank all of it, I will have to go around see if there is a stream close by. But not now. Now is time to relax.

To sleep with security, I climb the tree and after about seven minutes, I sit in one of the highest branches I can reach. I instantly wrap my legs on the tree using some rope and then I put my backpack over my head as a pillow. After checking if everything is okay, I take a long breath before my thoughts could simply shade away into the darkness of a dream.

Or a nightmare.

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