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The 1st Brazilian Games -- Part 1

Okay, hey guys! As you know: I'm brazilian. This fact is the base for my new games: The Brazilian Games! I'm keep going with my 54th Hunger Games, but my priority right now are these Games.

Let's start!


  • 2 tributes per person (I will go on profiles)
  • 1 stylist per person
  • In this first part, I'll post the tributes, states. In the second, I'll post the chariot rides and the Games.
  • Don't cuss!


  • State 1: Water (Fishing, ships)
  • State 2: Diamonds
  • State 3: Automobiles
  • State 4: Gold
  • State 5: Trees (Lumber, paper)
  • State 6: Sands
  • State 7: Agriculture
  • State 8: Music/Songs
  • State 9: Insects
  • State 10: Medicines
  • State 11: Petroleum
  • State 12: Carnaval
  • State 13: Garbage
  • State 14: Clothes


State Name Age Skills
1 Male Slate Charge 17 Chain Whip/Twin Hooks
1 Female Callopy Pierce 16 Axe/Sword
2 Male Clay Ferintino 15 Sword/Mace/Running
2 Female Falvon Klein 17 Dagger/Throwing Axes
3 Male Antero Lisin 17 Sword/Knives
3 Female Imogene Odana 16 Bow/Knives
4 Male Jason Oceanwater 14 Axes/Teeth
4 Female Ruby Tyson 17 Mace/Sword
5 Male Dray Mullan 12 Trident
5 Female Peyton Krei 16 Axe/Throwing Knives
6 Male Dylan Goyth 18 Trident/Net
6 Female Unity Poweth 18 Bow/Knives
7 Male Ian Oyd 17 Sword/Knife/Strenght
7 Female Patty Konfreen 15 Axes/Sword
8 Male Connor Sage 17 Swords/Tridents
8 Female Hollow Dalcon 17 Machete/Mace
9 Male Cronos Ramirez 18 Capoeira/Strenght
9 Female Keandra Hamilton 16 Throwing Knives
10 Male Cayman Cullen 16 Strong/Scythes
10 Female Nerezza Wood 16 Axe/Katana
11 Male Clive Orbel 15 Hand-to-Hand Combat
11 Female Yolanda Billings 16 Slingshot/Bow
12 Male Lee Grimes 16 Katana/Fighting
12 Female Stella Lilyflight 16 Blowgun/Sword
13 Male Sombrio Kingsley 16 Knife/Hammer
13 Female Suzume Winston 14 Axe/Throwing Knives
14 Male Loyd Tableger 18 Throwing Knives/Strenght
14 Female Jasmine Ford 14 Dagger/Throwing Knives


Each anyone can create three trainers!



Describe the appearance:

Section Name Appearance
Knife Throwing
Axes Jasper Tanned skin with light blue hair and yellow eyes.Has evil looking eyebrows and has a tattoo on his cheek.
Shelters Humble K. N. D. Junoir Pale sickly skin, huge pointy jaw , very light pink eyes ,white hair and a very boney body.
Spear Severin Yetts Brown hair, brown eyes, tall
Slingshot Gabriella Montru Red hair, ambar eyes, blue lips
Trident/Swords Candle Yellow hair with bright pink long straight hair.Has freckles and has a friendly look.
Wrestling Holley Malloch Black short hair slicked back.Has red eyes and has the most deadly smile ever.


Edible Plants/Insects
Fire Making


Name User Appearance
Head Gamemaker President Eduardo VDA1999
President Eduardo
Arena 1 Tarrie Brickk Polinarose
Arena 2 Timent Ludos Grimreaper8080
Timent Ludos
Communication Pruive Mendan DearBear123
Mutts 1 Flora Gonzalines Pierulesnotyou
Rose Gratline


Mutts 2 Velvet Scurr DearBear123
Velvet Scurr
Events Tumblina Gloss Clove the best
Avatar (1)sdsdasf

Gallery of Lunaiis

Your tribute need a lunaii (If you can't create, I'll make for you)


2nd Part

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