Hello, guys! This is my second Games and I think that it is the first Voting Games!

(I'm keep on with the 51st Hunger Games)


The rules are easy. Everything in the Games you can vote in comments: tributes, who dies in bloodbath, etc.

I hope you enjoy the First Voting Games!

Don't vote only in Careers, take courage and vote in principals to die!


You have to vote in any district, the two tributes


District 0

Female: ZeroGirl

Male: ZeroBoy

District 1

Female: Glimmer, Cashmere, 50th Female

Male: Marvel, Gloss

District 2

Female: Clove, Enobaria, Lyme

Male: Cato, Brutus

District 3

Female: Wiress, 74th Female

Male: Beetee, 74th Male

District 4

Female: Mags, Annie Cresta, 74th Female

Male: Finnick Odair, 74th Male

District 5

Female: Foxface, 75th Hunger Games

Male: 74th Hunger Games, 75th Hunger Games

District 6

Female: Female Morphling, 74th Hunger Games

Male: Male Morphling, Titus, 74th Hunger Games (I'm gonna use Jason!)

District 7

Female: Johanna Mason, 74th Hunger Games

Male: Blight, 74th Hunger Games

District 8

Female: Bonnie, Twill, Cecelia, Paylor, 74th Hunger Games

Male: Woof, 74th Hunger Games

District 9

Female: 74th Hunger Games, 75th Hunger Games

Male: 74th Hunger Games, 75th Hunger Games

District 10

Female: 74th Hunger Games, 75th Hunger Games

Male: Dalton, 74th Hunger Games, 75th Hunger Games

District 11

Female: Rue, Seeder

Male: Thresh, Chaff

District 12

Female: Katniss, Primrose, Greasy Sae, Mrs. Everdeen, Madge, Maysilee

Male: Peeta, Haymitch, Gale

District 13

Male: Boggs, Jackson, Mitchell

Female: President Coin, Leeg 1, Leeg 2


Male: Castor, Cinna, Seneca Crane, President Snow, Caesar Flickerman, Flavius, Claudius Templesmith, Messalla, Plutarch, Claudius Templesmith

Female: Effie, Cressida, Venia, Octavia, Lavinia, Portia, Pollux

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