Hi guys, I am bringing you another Games made by me. I finished my Super Games, but somethings have to be paused for a while, specially the HG Wiki Film. My District Games/Enormous Quell now is Slapping Squirrels'. Any doubt about this, you have to send a note to her.

I hope you enjoy and warning: I will be a little boring in the sign-ups.


After the 222nd Hunger Games and victor of District 1, the Gamemakers are still hunger for blood and they want more. The 223rd Hunger Games is open!


  • I will allow just two (or three) tributes per user.
  • I will say, replying, if the tribute is accepted or rejected.
  • These Games will be very big with the Pre-Games part. I will do reapings, group training, personal training and interviews.
  • Follow the tribute template, please!
  • Don't cuss or fight with the other users.
  • I want really weaknesses in the tributes, I hate when a tribute have a weakness: Loves dance and children mind. You can say that he isn't smart or clever.
  • Be active and send advices for your tributes. They will need it.








Backstory: (Optional) (You can make if you want, but I can make it too)

Appearance: (You have to create a lunaii) (Or you can write the description and I will make the lunaii)

Weapon: (Just 1 or 2)

Strenghts: (Just 2)

Weaknesses: (Just 2)

Fear: (Just 1)

Reaped or Volunteered:

Interview Angle:

Token: (Optional)

Allies: (Optional) (Can be selected later)

Tribute Chart

District Name Age Weapons User
District 1 Male Colossal Atlas 18 Axe LightStone123
District 1 Female Barcelona Fox 15 Axes, spear AxedFox
District 2 Male Max Eclipse 18 Throwing hammers, katana AxedFox
District 2 Female Thyra Sarin 17 Composite bow Wesolini
District 3 Male Breeze Wire 17 Mace, cleaver AxedFox
District 3 Female Enera Summers 14 Wires, axe WC 1
District 4 Male Jason Oceanwater 14 Teeth, Throwing Axes ErosDistrict1
District 4 Female Maysilee Abadeer 14 Knives, Sword BloodHunter99
District 5 Male Feron Reed 18 Axe, Sword Katniss6226
District 5 Female Phase Kaper 16 Throwing knives WC 1
District 6 Male Horatio Candeliver 14 Knife Jsm13athome
District 6 Female Marina Aquatics 14 Throwing Axes, Spear ErosDistrict1
District 7 Male Creek Mooris 14 Trident, knives WC 1
District 7 Female Rose Greyer 16 Throwing Axes/Knives Wesolini
District 8 Male Garry Grove 17 Axes WC 2
District 8 Female Mercy Isaiah 16 Katanas, knives Violent Delights
District 9 Male Harry Sparrow 16 Scythe, dagger Tsteen
District 9 Female Coralie Eledette 13 Traps, Spear KrazyKittyTime
District 10 Male Maverick West 17 Sword, lasso Captainsv
District 10 Female Elizabeth 'Betsy' Collins 17 Axe Violent Delights
District 11 Male Shade Macabee 18 Knife, Spear Katniss6226
District 11 Female Aleyen Meyer 13 Scythe, Sickle RossinSA
District 12 Male Flame Coal 14 Spear, smokebombs WC 2
District 12 Female Shiya Avier 17 Throwing knives, Archery Katniss6226
District 13 Male Marshall Abadeer 14 Trident, Sword BloodHunter99
District 13 Female Vennica Saltora 16 Blowgun, Sword Jsm13athome
Capitol Male Nero Aquanine 18 Long Knives, Axes TBWTPT
Capitol Female Kira Tempora 18 Sword Cloveismywife

NOTE: WC 1 is CloveJohanna and WC 2 is Finnick7161999

District Name Age Weapons User
District 1 Extra-Tribute Claire Marino 15 Throwing Knives, Bow Jsm13athome
District 6 Extra-Tribute Helena Seastrom 14 Katana, throwing axes Eleni12
District 8 Extra-Tribute Lia Manwaring 17 Bow, daggers Annamisasa
District 12 Extra-Tribute Rebecca Carter 15 Spear Grimreaper8080

Tribute Gallery


Each one will start with $500 for each tribute.

User Trib 1 Trib 2 Trib 3

Thyra Sarin (2)

Rose Greyer (7)


Feron Reed (5)

Shade Macabee (11)

Shiya Avier (12)


Kira Tempora (C)



Barcelona Fox (1)

Max Eclipse (2)

Breeze Wire (3)

Violent Delights

Mercy Isaiah (8)

Elizabeth Collins (10)


Harry Sparrow (9)

TBWTPT Nero Aquanine (Cap)

Colossal Atlas (1)

WC 1

Phase Kaper (5)

Enera Summers (3)

Creek Mooris (7)

WC 2

Garry Grove (8)

Flame Coal (12)


Jason Oceanwater (4)

Marina Aquatics (6)


Coralie Eledette (9)


Maverick West (10)


Maysilee Abadeer (4)

Marshall Abadeer (13)


Aleyen Meyer (11)


Horatio Candeliver (6)

Vennica Saltora (13)

Claire Marino (1)


Lia Mainwaring (8)


Rebecca Carter (12)


Helena Seastrom (6)

Gray tributes are dead. Gray users have no tributes left.

Day 1

AxedFox - Barcelona Fox (1): Bread (2x) - $80

AxedFox - Max Eclipse (2): Mace - $85

AxedFox - Breeze Wire (3): Bread (2x) - $80

BloodHunter99 - Maysilee Abadeer (4): Trident - $125

WC 1 - Phase Kaper (5): Throwing Knives (x10) - $100

Day 2

Cloveismywife - Kira Tempora (Cap): Apple, Blanket and Water (x2) - $395

WC 1 - Phase Kaper (5): Raw Meat and Water - $120

Katniss6226 - Shiya Avier (12): Bow, Quiver of Arrows (x12), Throwing Knives, Water and Matches - $360

Tsteen - Harry Sparrow (9): Sleeping Bag and Bread (x2) - $250

BloodHunter99 - Maysilee Abadeer (4): Raw Meat and Knife (x2) - $150

LightStone123 - Colossal Atlas (1): Axe and Bread - $145

Eleni12 - Helena Seastrom (6): Bread - $50

Day 3

Cloveismywife - Kira Tempora (Cap): Blowgun and Darts (x12) - $75

BloodHunter99 - Maysilee Abadeer (4): Water and Blanket - $230

Tsteen - Harry Sparrow (9): Small Backpack and Machete - $180

Day 4

Katniss6226 - Shiya Avier (12): Spear and Mace - $85

LightStone123 - Colossal Atlas (1): Net - $50

Cloveismywife - Kira Tempora (Cap): Knife - $50

Item List


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Bow: 120
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun And Darts (x12): 75
  • Machete: 80
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25


  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Dried Meat: 90
  • Raw Meat: 50
  • Complete Refection: 200


  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 50
  • Sleep Spray: 95


  • Water (1 canteen): 70
  • [Promotion>>>] Water (2 canteens): 125
  • Iodine: 25
  • Sleeping Bag: 170
  • Net: 50
  • Wire: 75
  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Blanket: 160
  • Snowshoes: 100
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700
  • Backpack: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Plastic of piece: 20
  • Rope: 30
  • Empty Backpack: 50
  • Matches: 45



Colossal Atlas (1), Barcelona Fox (1), Claire Marino (1), Max Eclipse (2), Thyra Sarin (2), Jason Oceanwater (4), Maysilee Abadeer (4), Marina Aquatics (6), Creek Mooris (7), Marshall Abadeer (13)

District 6, 8 and 10 alliance

Helena Seastrom (6), Garry Grove (8), Mercy Isaiah (8), Maverick West (10), Betsy Collins (10)

District 11 and 12 alliance

Shade Macabee (11), Shiya Avier (12), Rebecca Carter (12), Flame Coal (12)

Capitol, District 9, 11 and 13 alliance

Kira Tempora (Cap), Harry Sparrow (9), Coralie Eledette (9), Aleyen Meyer (11) and Vennica Saltora (13)


The only twist of these Games will be four new extra-tributes. There will be from random districts. The districts are: 2, 6, 8 and 12. It have to be filled out until the end of the reapings, if they aren't filled, I will fill them myself.

NOTE: An extra tribute counts as a normal tribute in the sponsor list.


District 1 - Barcelona Fox's POV

I wake up silently and I stand up, searching for some good clothes to use today. Today is the big day, the reaping day. Can I volunteer? Obviously I can. But my mother, my father and my two sisters. Okay, I will not volunteer. I need to stay with my family. I thought. As I look through my clothes, looking for a beautiful dress, I hear a scream. My younger sister, Fasini, enters in my bedroom and she embraces me. I embrace her and I ask what is going on. Fasini says that she is afraid. She can be reaped, I embrace her again as I feel her tears falling in my shoulder. My mother enters in my bedroom and she grabs Fasini by the arms. I whisper: “Goodbye” and she blinks at my direction.

I wear a pink and bright dress that I found on my closet. I get down the stairs and my mother says that Gregory is waiting for me on the sidewalk. I say goodbye to everyone while I open the white door of my house. I clean my hair one last time and I call for Gregory. He appears, wearing a big blue suit, and I freeze.

“Why are you using this suit, Gregory? You hate these clothes.” I say. He looks at me one time and says without a second thought: “And, you… Why are you using this beautiful dress? You hate these clothes.”

I smile, answering: “In number one, I wear what I want. In number two, I LOVE these clothes, they are from the Capitol.” I say smiling. He nods and starts to walk in the street. I run behind him, we are going to the square.

As we enter in the square, our friend Zana jumps in our direction, but Gregory grabs her in the arms. “Aren’t you excited, guys? Today is our chance to show Panem who we are. I am so excited for this reaping. I heard something about the Capitol’s food. They say that their food is amazing. Seems like a… edible diamond.” I smile, embracing her and putting her hair in a ponytail.

We say good luck to Gregory and we start to walk towards the part of the square written: ‘Reserved for 15-years old girls.’ and Zana asks me if I want to make an agreement. I move my head positively and she extends her hand.

“We will promise that no one, neither the Capitol will break down our friendship. Are you alright?” She asks. I raise my head, looking to her beautiful blonde hair reflecting the sun. “Sure, my friend. Sure.”

Our escort this year is a crazy guy wearing a long a purple suit with a silver make-up. He is fast, without saying a single word. He just says: “Welcome, district 1. Today we will pick our lucky tributes of the 223rd Hunger Games! Good luck to everyone.” A big crystalline ball enters in the stage and a strange white boy is shaking and giving the escort a new portable microphone. The escort, first, grabs a name in the girl’s reaping ball. Please, is not me. Can’t be me. But my words can’t change this fact. I was reaped!

My feelings and my memories are confusing my mind as I walk to the stage, breathing every second like a crazy for oxygen. My legs are reaching the stage when the escort comes and grabs my hand. He looks at me, scared and gently he speaks: “Relax, little girl. I will help you with this crowd and with the Capitol.” I smile and he hugs me quickly. Then, he goes to the center of the stage to call the boy.

“And the lucky boy who will represent District 1 is…” A little pause happens and a lot of breathings are heard. “Maxw…” The escort starts to pronounce a name, but a brave boy screams from the crowd: “I volunteer!”

He runs onto the stage and when he enters in the stage, the escort calls him to the microphone. “My name is Colossal Atlas and I am the district 1 male tribute in the 223rdHunger Games!”

After this, my escort takes us to the train. Let’s start the train ride!

After our reaping, an extra-tribute was reaped with us.

District 2 - Thyra Sarin's POV

Someone is knocking on the door and I wake up with this loud noise. I scream: ‘Stop’, but the person is still knocking the door with strength. I walk towards the door, but in the way I grab my white dress and my lucky brown jacket. As I open the door, I start to see six angry eyes looking at me with a serious look. I freeze myself while I open slowly and my mother, my father and my aunt begins to enter in my room.

“So… can I sleep now?” I ask. They are looking with an angry look and my fear begins to rise.

“I heard that you will volunteer this year.” My mother yells. I move my head to the right and I see the digital calendar showing the words: ‘Today is the great day. The reapings are coming.’ Oh my god, I forgot. Today is the reaping day!
“Yes, mom. I will volunteer! Why are you so worried with this fact? You won your Games!” I shout, answering her question. She and my aunt begin to laugh while I remember their Games. My mother winning her games with sixteen years. In my mind, the scene where my mom kills her district partner using a brick repeats every time that I close my eyes. My aunt won a Hunger Game too, but it was very annoying.

“Our little girl is growing.” My aunt says and my dad closes his face. I look at him and slowly, he begins to be calm and relaxed.

“So… Good luck, darling! Excuse me, because I have to go to the Peacekeepers’ reunion. I will see you later. After the Reapings.” He says. I smile at his face and he laughs back. He hugs me and whispers in my ear: “Don’t tell it to your mother, but I never liked your idea to volunteer. But I will trust you, because you are the only person in the world that I can believe.”

“Thanks, dad.” I reply. “I will miss you.”

I get out my bedroom with my aunt at my side. I wear my white dress and my lucky jacket. “I have sure that you will win. I cannot bet, but if I could…” My aunt says. “I will bet on you!”

I eat my breakfast and I get out my house, calling for my best friend, Jaysen. He gets down the stairs of his house and he walks with me on the street. In the way, we begin to chat about the Games.

“So, Jaysen… You will volunteer this year?” I ask. He looks at me and begins to laugh really loud.

“Are you kidding with my face? I can’t volunteer; I have a family to sustain.” He replies. “Goodbye, my friend. I will see you again when you back.” He says and I embrace him. “Bye!” I answer.

I walk towards the part of the square written ‘Reserved for 17-years old girls.’ and no one approaches me. Why!? I don’t know, but I don’t care. The important thing is the reaping.

The escort enters in the stage holding a little red microphone and begins to talk in the microphone: “Welcome, welcome! Today we will select the district two’s tributes in the 223rdHunger Games. The lucky girl and the lucky boy who will represent our great district! I am so excited.” She crosses the stage and grabs a name inside a big crystalline reaping ball. She backs to the center of the stage, speaking at the microphone: “First, the ladies. The lucky girl who will represent our district is…” I breathe many times. “Vania…” The shout begins to grow in my stomach and it hits my mouth:

“I volunteer!” The escort laughs and I run towards the stage. The escort grabs me by the arm and I say in her microphone: “My name is Thyra Sarin! And I will represent District 2!” The escort laughs again.

The escort backs to the center to say the boy’s name. She crosses the stage again to grab a name inside the reaping ball and she opens the paper, slowly. “And our lucky guy who will represent and be the district partner of Thyra is…” “I volunteer!” A voice from the crowd shouts and a boy with dark hair and no shirt walks to the stage. When he enters in the stage, the escort asks what his name is. “Max Eclipse! My name is Max Eclipse!”

He extends his hand and I shake it. He holds my hand and the escort takes us to the train.

District 3 - Breeze Wire's POV

“Let’s waking, little boy. Your breakfast is waiting for you.” My little robot yells.

I move my head slowly to his direction and my eyes are paralyzed by the sun hitting my window. As I open my eyes again, I see my robot spinning his metal head like a crazy. I get up to see the problem and I realize something wrong. I wear the first clothe that I see in my personal closet, I have to show to all Panem that district 3 can be beautiful and well-dressed.

“Breeze! Breeze!” A feminine voice screams and I swing my head looking for someone, but no one appears. I scream back, asking who it is. I live alone with my father and he has no feminine voice. “Breeze, I’m back” Oh my god. I freeze at this moment. My mother is back!

I get down the stairs running and I feel a pair of hands embracing me with strength and my body starts to relax in these arms. When we stop, I look at her face. A pink make-up covering her old pretty face with silver eyebrows and big lips painted in a shiny red. I go back, scaring her face and she starts to laugh.

“What is wrong with your face, mom?” I ask. She looks back and her cellphone starts to ring. She rejects and tells me to hide myself in any place. “What is going on, mom? Tell me, I am your son.” I shout at her. She starts to cry, hiding me in a big and black suitcase that we have at home. I grip inside the suitcase, trying to hear what my mother will do.

Suddenly, someone knocks on the door and my mom will meet, opening the door slowly. I open the zipper of the bag and I see two Peacekeepers invade the house, grabbing my mom by the arms and they start to drag her to the street. I freeze myself. In one side, I want to go help my mother with these guys. But in another side, I'm afraid to face those two Peacekeepers. They can kill me and my mother. The only thing I hear is: “What are you doing here? Hiding? The President Ivana will be crazy if someone tell her that you were hiding in this house.” As she screams, I get out the suitcase and I start to follow the Peacekeepers and her. I am walking slowly while they are dragging her quickly. After ten minutes of walk, I start to run to reach my mother, but I can’t My legs start to be tired. And in my front, I see: ‘District 3 Square’. The Reaping!

With this situation with my mother, I forgot completely about the reaping, the worst day in the year. As I start to walk to my section with other 17-years old boys, I see a girl talking about the escort and she says that the escort tried to escape. I move my mind, looking for a person with a crazy style this morning and the only person that I remember is my mother.

Then, the escort enters in the stage and shouts to everyone: “Hello, District 3!” I look at her, and I almost fall over my legs. The escort is my mother!

I freeze for many minutes until a boy pushes me, bringing me to the reality. My mother is crossing the stage to grab the girl’s name and I realize that she is almost crying. I breathe again, and she backs to the microphone. Saying in a loud voice: “The lucky girl who will represent our district in the 223rdHunger Games is…” Poor mom. She hates reapings, and now she is an escort. How she became an escort? I don’t have any idea, the only thing that I know is: She is the escort this year. “Enera Summers!” A 14-year girl with a light brown hair walks to the stage slowly.

Now are the boys. It can’t be me. My mother saying my name to everybody in Panem. This is absurd. “And the lucky boy who will be the district partner of Enera is…” It can’t be me. It is almost impossible. “Breeze Wi… wi… wire.” She says and I look to the stage. She is shaking with the wet hands. I raise my head and I walk to the stage. When I met her, she embraces me with strength. I look at her and she whispers: “You will win it for me. For us.” And I close my eyes.

District 4 - Jason Oceanwater's POV

I wake up and I feel the wet sand breaking up in my hands. I open my eyes and the bright sun makes my eyes go red. My fingers are reaching a body on the ground, but I can’t see who it is. Slowly, I am opening my eyes a black hair shining while the sunlight reflects in her beautiful and deep brown eyes. As I lay my head on the sand, a thought crosses my mind. I am on the beach! I get up looking to all sides and I realize that twenty young people are lying on the sand of the beach, calm. And I remember the ‘Party on Beach’ that happens yesterday. Damn! I forgot to back home.

“Jason! Jason! Come here, I want to show something to you!” screams my friend Nathan. I look at him and I run in his direction. When I found him, he points out to a mast with an announcement in it. I approach it, and my eyes start to hurt with these italic letters.

Hello District 4,

This year’s reaping will be in a wonderful place. Go to the district’s square and you will see some instructions. Good luck!

I look at Nathan’s face and I realize that he is confused with this announcement. But I can’t judge him, I am very confused too! He looks at me and changes off the topic.

“So… Who is that girl?” He smiles at me. And I move my head side-to-side. He points to the girl that I saw when I woke up. I search on my mind her name, but I can’t find anything. I look at her beautiful face lying on the soft sand, but I really can’t remember.

“I can’t remember, Nathan. I am with amnesia. I think.” I say. He looks to her again and moves his head in my direction.

“You are crazy. You are the only person who sleeps with a beautiful girl and don’t remember her name in the next day.” He says smiling. I have to agree with his quote.

“Let’s walking, Jason. I hate to be the last person in the Reaping.” He says. And I move my head positively. He backs to the beach and he grabs a black backpack on the ground. He gives me a t-shirt and I realize that I am with my underwear. Just my underwear. I wear this clothe and he points to the street. I start the long walk towards the square with him.

When we arrive at the district square, some peoples are chatting in low voices. I ask to Nathan what they are commenting and he replies something about the crazy announcement that we saw near the beach. Three girls are looking at me, with fixed eyes on my body. I smile at them and they start to scream like crazy chicks. Nathan smiles and he tells me ‘Goodbye’. I ask if he will volunteers, and he says no. He asks me back, the same question. I look at the ground, but I say a confident ‘Yes!’ Yes, I will volunteer.

As I walk to the section of the 14-years old boys, I look a glass wall surrounding the square. Suddenly, my feet’s begin to shake and I get down quickly. The underground starts to appear and the dirty sand appears on my side. The girls are screaming and I can see Nathan in my front laughing like a crazy. Well, this is really cool!

When we arrive at a strange place, the water begins to appear at our sides. The pink escort enters in the stage, a little crazy and dizzy, and begins to say something about ‘submarine’ and a lot of applauses are heard. This is the first time that the reaping is in the underwater, and this is really awesome! The escort grabs a name from the girls’ reaping ball and she backs to the microphone saying: “The lucky girl who will represent District 4 in the 223rd Hunger Games is…” All the eyes are in a dolphin crossing our side. “Maysilee Abadeer!” Maysilee Abadeer! This is the girl who slept with me on the beach. Oh my god. This is so weird...

The escort, now, crosses the stage to grab the boy’s name. When she opens the paper, a strange feeling crosses my belly. “The boy who will be a district 4 tribute in the 223rd Hunger Games is…” I shout immediately: “I volunteer as tribute!” I run to the stage, quickly.

When the reaping ends, Maysilee approaches me and she says with a smile in the face: “Hi… again!”

District 5 - Phase Kaper's POV

I get up my bed and I walk to the balcony of my house. I see my dad’s metal chair stopped, my eyes are almost breaking in tears, but I control myself when my older brother enters in it. He sits on the chair and I sit on the floor, but I am seeing the street anyway using the colored window of my house. My brother is fixed on me, his eyes searching for any signal of a nervous girl wanting stay in home. Wanting the end of the Games. He gets up the chair and he walks in my direction. He sits at my side, and I lay my head on his shoulder.

“So…” He begins to speak. “Phase, are you nervous? The Reaping is today!” He says. I look at his face, paralyzed and I smile. It is the first time that I saw my brave brother with this face.

“No. I think this reaping will be good.” I say. “Are you nervous, Antonio?”

He looks at me in the eye and I freeze when his green eyes crosses my eyes and I relax my muscles. “Yes, I am very nervous!”

I move my hand at his hair and he closes his eyes. I lay his head on the floor and he begins to relax. I get up and I walk, entering in my bedroom. When I arrive at my bed, I jump on my pillow and my tears begin to drop in them, making them wet. I start to sleep again for a while. The Reaping can start without me.

“Phase! Phase!” I open my eyes and I begin to be desperate. I look to all sides, and I see my red bedroom. “Antonio? Are you there?” I yell. The door begins to open and I freeze. My brother appears and starts to drag me by the arms.

“What is happening, Antonio? Why are you dragging me?” I ask. He looks at me, serious and he replies me with brutality in his voice: “We are late. The Reaping is almost starting.” He says.

I start to yell, dropping my arms off Antonio and running to the street. I begin to run like a crazy to the Reaping. I can’t be late. They will punish me! When I arrive, the Reaping is almost starting. I run to my section, searching for Brittany’s eyes. She can relax me here. I am seeing everybody’s face, but I can’t see Brittany. Where is she? “Brittany! Brittany! I’m here, can you look me?” I shout like a crazy girl. No one answers my question and I go crazy, looking for any friend or someone like that.

A male escort, wearing an oceanic blue suit with a yellow make-up and a bright green lipstick, enters in the stage holding a small pink backpack with make-up. He says: “Welcome, District 5! Last year, all the tributes from here died in the Cornucopia bloodbath and I want two good tributes, so volunteer if you are a special killer. Backing to the reaping, let’s select the girl who will represent District 5 this year in the 223rdHunger Games!” He crosses the stage, grabbing a paper inside a big ball. When he backs, a Peacekeeper retrieves the small backpack and the escort begins to yell. After few minutes of confusion, the escort backs to the microphone saying: “The girl is… Phase Kaper!” Oh no, it is me!

I freeze, but someone pushes me to the hall and I start to walk towards the stage. When I am entering in it, I change looks with my brother. He is crying. The odds aren’t in my favor!

The escort grabs a name inside another big reaping ball and he says on the microphone: “And the boy who will represent this big district in the 223rdHunger Games is the…” The escort sneezes, but no one realizes it. “Is the awesome boy, Feron Reed!” An enormous boy appears from the crowd and the escort claps his blue hands and the boy smiles.

Then, I hold Feron’s hand and the escort takes us to the train.

District 6 - Horatio Candeliver's POV

“Horatio! Horatio! Come here!” Someone yells through the crystalline window and I stand up to see who it is. As I walk to the window, I realize that my sister’s bed is empty. I open the window slowly and the person starts to scream again: “Horatio!” My sister is holding a small and green ball. She smiles at me and my sleep face scares her.

“Let’s play, Horatio. I want to play now.” She yells.

“What time is it now, Hiera?” She moves her head side-to-side, her way to say ‘I do not know’. I look at my side, while my eyes are searching for my digital alarm clock. I see my alarm clock, designed as a metal train, showing with shiny letters: “7:00 AM”. I look at my sister and she begins to laugh.

“I will kill you if you wake me up again. The reaping is today. I need to rest!” I scream, smashing the window up. I back to my bed and my dream begins to appear, but the nightmare is back to scare me.

“Horatio, I will not give up. Let’s play with me.” My sister whispers in my left ear. I move my angry head and she walks behind. I lay my head on the pillow and she looks to the ground.

“Hiera, what I told you few minutes ago?” I ask.

“Technically, it was few seconds ago.” She says smiling. I release a little smile to her and she opens a smile too.

“Ok, Hiera! I will play with you. But with one condition.” I say to her. She moves her head positively and I stay with my quote. “The condition is: I will stop this soccer game with you the time that I want.” I say. “Are you alright with that?”

“Yes, brother. Let’s play now, the Reapings are close.” She tells me. I get up my bed and I ask for few minutes to dress me up. I wear new underwear, I slept with the old one, and I see a long short, perfect to play soccer. I wear this clothe and I look at my alarm clock showing the number: “7:05 AM”. I get up the stairs, running and I find Hiera talking with my mother on the kitchen.

“Horatio, you will play with your sister in the public garden? Your friends will see you.” My mother says. I look at our public garden and I see a girl in wheelchair. I remember when I prank her, but it was an absurd. The good side was: no one knows that I prank her.

“Yes, mom. I guess I will.” I say, confused.

“Yes, he will. He promised it for me.” Hiera enters in the chat.

“Okay, Hiera. Let’s play.” She walks behind me while we enter in the public garden. As I play with Hiera, I am winning by the way, I see my friends playing in the other side of the street. I think in go, but I promised that I will stay here to my sister, so I will stay. After hours playing with Hiera, I say ‘goodbye’ to her and she asks me where I will go. I look at her deep eyes and I feel a sword cutting my heart when I say: “To the Reaping, bye!”

I start to walk, sweaty and with the clothes that I played soccer with Hiera. In the way, I find another girl pranked by me. At least, this one isn’t in a wheelchair. When I entered in the square, I go running to my section with other 14-years old boys. When I arrived, I see a boy pranked by me, but I don’t talk anything about this.

The escort, with hurry, enters in the stage. “Welcome to the Reapings, District 6. My name is Nadian Aterfuo and I will be your escort this year. Today, we will select the young lady and the young lad who will represent our district in the 223rdHunger Games. Good luck to you all!” She says as she walks up a big reaping ball. She grabs a paper and reads it slowly. “The girl who will show to all Panem the district six’s happiness is…” A brave girl shouts from the crowd. “I volunteer!” The girl with blonde hair walks up the stage and when she entered in the stage, the escort clapped hand many times. “My name is Marina Aquatics!” She yells.

The escort, now, grabs a boy’s name and my feelings stop for a moment. I was reaped!

As I walk to the stage, I feel my legs tired and weak. When I arrive at the stage, Marina says to me: “Welcome to the Games!” Anyway, I smile.

After our reaping, an extra-tribute was reaped with us.

District 7 - Rose Greyer's POV

I wake up on my cold bed surrounded by several beds with my brother and my sister in them. I get up, laying my head on the highest pillow. I look back, the window is open and the cold air invades my bedroom. I get up to close the window and I feel the floor covered in timber almost breaking in my legs. I start to walk slowly and silently, I don’t want wake up my younger sister and brother. I get Lirin’s medicine on the top of my mother’s table. I walk towards him, he is too young to get reaped, but Annelinde can be reaped.

“Rose…” A low voice enters in my ear and I move my head to the voice’s direction. My eyes cross Annelinde’s body lying on her little bed. I walk in her direction, covering her with the blanket. She passes her hand on my hair and she whispers to me: “I will be reaped. I know about it.” When she tells about this, I start to remember. My name is thirty times in that girl’s reaping ball. I will be reaped, but I relax Annelinde by now. “I promise, if you are chosen… I will volunteer in your place. It is a district seven’s promise. I never lie.” I whisper in her ear. She stands up the bed and asks if I can grab a water cup for her.

I get out the bedroom and I see my healer’s uniform on the floor of the kitchen. I get down grabbing it, but someone starts to yell. I run to my mother’s bedroom and she says that she is feeling a pain in the heart. I, desperate, shout to her: “Relax, mom. I will help you!” I get out my house like a crazy, running on district 7’s streets going to the Helpers’ House. The snow falling in our district is rare, but it isn’t impossible. As the first snowflake falls on the ground, in my front, I freeze. My mother needs me. I start to run in the cold street until I reach the Helpers’ House, the place that I work every single day.

“Fress! Alyx! Please, I am needing your help! It is urgent, my mother is dying.” I yell, but no one appears. I continue my crazy yell and the people are looking at me with fixed eyes in my despair. I look at my house, far away, Lirin and Annelinde trying to help my mother and I am here, lying on the cold floor, breaking up in tears. An old lady approaches me and she says to me: “I can help you. Where your mother is?” She asks. I look at her green eyes and I know that my mother needs this lady. “I will show you!”

A lovely pair offers their car. I enter with the old lady and I lay my head on her shoulder. “Relax, girl. We will help your mother.” She says.

When we arrived in my house, Lirin is on the sidewalk, crying. I ignore him for a moment, bringing the old lady with me. The old lady enters in my mother’s bedroom and I get Annelinde out. She is crying and I take her to the sidewalk. She sits near Annelinde and I hope for my mother’s life.

Suddenly, we hear a door closing in our backs. My mother is healed holding some jackets.

“You have to go to the reaping with your sister, Rose. Go!” She says. I smile at her grabbing two jackets and taking Annelinde with me.

In the way to the square, Annelinde asks me who that old lady is, if she is from the Helpers’ House. I say ‘no’ and I can’t remember where I find her before. ‘Let’s Annelinde. We are arriving at the square.”

When we arrived, Annelinde takes some blood before me and she walks towards the 12-years old girls section with her friend from the school. I take some blood, but I can’t take my eyes off Annelinde. As I walk to my section with the other 16 years-old girls. I am still seeing Annelinde and I realize that the escort is entering in the stage.

“So, District 7. I want to bring some statistics to you.” The escort says in the microphone.

“We don’t want to know.” A boy screams from the crowd. I smile.

“Shut up, I tal…” The escort begins to talk.

“But we don’t want to know. Say the tributes NOW!” The same boy yells.

“Okay, I will choose and I want say the boy’s name first so, the lucky boy is…” The escort grabs a name inside the reaping ball and he pronounces it really loud: “Qaw…” “I volunteer!” A boy with blonde hair screams. He tells his name on the microphone: “Creek Morris!” I know him; he was yesterday in the Helpers’ House wishing medicine for his mom. I guess he wants this medicine.

“And the lucky girl is…” Can’t be Annelinde. Well, is Annelinde. “Annelinde Greyser.” The escort screams. My sister goes out her section, but I bring her to my back saying: “I volunteer as tribute!” Two Peacekeepers grab me by the arms, putting my legs on the stairs of the stage. I enter in it, saying my name on the microphone: “My name is Rose Greyser.” “You are siblings!” The escort says laughing.

I look at him seriously and he stops.

District 8 - Mercy Isaiah's POV

I walk towards my big closet and I find a beautiful golden dress. I think in use it today for the Reapings, but I remember its 8:00 AM and the reapings is in four hours. I look at my bed, stopped on the corner as I remember that my friends are waiting for me to play in the street. I open the lowest part of the closet, searching for clothes to use at home and in particular parties. I find a long pink short and a green shiny t-shirt. I wear it and I get down the stairs running.

As I get down the stairs quickly, I see my father’s bedroom with the open door. I walk towards the room and I found a cup on the top of his favorite table. I look at it with a lot of attention, and I realize that he drank something strange yesterday. I look to my left side and I see a green paper on his closet. I grab it, and I start to read it in a loud voice.

“Dear Mercy,

I am on the Peacekeepers’ reunion about the Reaping day and the security of the escort and the other Capitol habitantes and I will not drive home until the end of the Reapings. Good luck today!

From your biggest fan, Danilo.”

I smile when I finish the letter and I walk back, watching the window’s yellow curtain swinging to all the sides. I laugh looking this scene. I walk towards it and I open the curtain, seeing a big street in my front. I walk towards it, seeing all the center of the district 8 from here. I see my friend Jennika being kissed by a handsome boy from our school. I can’t remember his name, but I know that Jennika likes him as a mouse likes cheese.

I think in scream her name really loud. She will be so ashamed that she can kill me in the reaping. As I close the window with the curtain, I think in my other friends. Jason is on the Career academy, Nahojo is training his kung-fu skills and possibly, Margarita is giving some money to the poor persons that live behind her house. Just one friend is not doing something. Georgia!

I get down the stairs again reaching the hot kitchen. I enter in it, opening the refrigerator’s door and I grab a refrigerant in it. I put my cup on the top of the marble sink that we bought yesterday. I spill the refrigerant on the glass cup and I drink it. Then, I grab some bread that my father hides on the kitchen cupboard and I eat it on our table.

When I am thinking in a way to reach Georgia’s house in short time, I have to go to the reaping soon. As I get up the chair, I see my house, empty and silent lying on this district eight’s ground. I breathe quickly and I whisper: “Goodbye by now, well I hope.” I say closing the door behind me and reaching the empty street.

I start to walk slowly, no hurry. When I arrive at Georgia’s house, I knock the door weakly and her mother opens the door. She gets scared and she asks what I am doing now on the street.

“I am searching for Georgia.” I say.

“Well, she is on the square for the reapings. It’s…” She says, looking at her digital clock. “9:50 AM”

“What?” I yell, starting to run like a crazy to the square. In the way, I remember that my dad changes the clock yesterday in one hour. As I reach the square and a bizarre woman takes my blood, I see Jennika talking with Georgia in the 16-years old girls section. I walk, smiling, at this section and I smile and joke with them.

Suddenly, the escort enters in the stage, excited. “Welcome, District 8! Today we will pick the young persons that will be the tributes in the 223rd Hunger Games. I hope you enjoy these Games. Good luck!” He says. When he grabs the girls’ name, Georgia says that she is afraid. I lay my head on her shoulder while the escort tells everyone my name. “The lucky girl is Mercy Isaiah!”

I walk slowly to the stage and the escort approaches me. He takes me to the stage, always embracing me by my arm. The escort grabs a girl’s name inside the big crystalline ball with names and he says, slowly: “The lucky boy who will represent District 8 this year is…” The escort releases a fast whisper. I guess that this escort really likes us. “Garry Grove!” As the boy walks up to the stage, I change looks with Georgia and Jennika. The escort takes us to the train.

After our reaping, an extra-tribute was reaped with us.

District 9 - Harry Sparrow's POV

I sit in my bed and I start to read a book, it is the first time that I am alone at my home. Usually, my brother or my old uncle is next to me, asking some questions about my girlfriend, Eve Daliah. She is pretty awesome and I really love her. She is the second person most loved by me, my brother Keaton is the first. If she will be reaped, I will go crazy. I can help my brother Keaton, but I can’t help her.

My time alone stops. My old uncle enters in my bedroom with a paper in is hand. I get up and I help him to close the door. He is weak and really slow, so I can run of his questions anytime that I want. I sit on my bed again and he sits next to me. Before any question, I extend a candy that I won from Eve in his direction. He refuses it, and I hide it in my drawer. He looks at me and I scary myself when he opens his old grey eyes in my direction. I show a serious look to him too, and he slaps my shoulder.

“Harry, we need to chat about the Reaping.” He murmurs. I look at him, moving my head positively. “You know that I was reaped in my first hunger games, but a crazy boy volunteered in my first place and I really wa…” He continues his talk, but I stop it saying: “I get it, uncle! You can jump it directly to the question?” I ask. He looks at me, serious and he speaks: “The real question is… Do you want to volunteer in these Games?” He shouts, saying in the louder voice that he can talk. I look at him and I fall on the ground, laughing.

I start to roll side-to-side in my bedroom, I almost dying because of that loud laughing. My uncle fixes his eyes at my direction, but I can’t stop. My uncle’s question is comic. It is obvious that I will not volunteer.

My uncle goes out the room, releasing a little smile and I walk out my bedroom. When I arrive at the main room, my mother says to me that Keaton is on a friend’s house and my uncle is going to visit our neighbors. I give a ‘Goodbye’ to her and I walk the district nine’s streets, looking for a good place to relax until the Reaping. I see the Tereno Eledette’s house and I knock the door. A beautiful lady, I guess she is his sister, opens the door and she smiles at my direction. I change looks with her for few seconds and I break the ice.

“So, are you Tereno’s sister?” I ask, smiling. She closes her face.

“Unfortunately, yes. I am his sister.” She replies angry. I change the topic immediately, changing our attention to the square.

“When you will go to the square? You know, to the reapings.” I ask.

“9:50! The square is close.” She replies it and I move my head to the street, backing to the ice of the moment. “So, you want to get in our house? You can wait here until our walk to the square.” She asks me. I say a shy ‘yes’ and she grabs me by the hand, pushing me to the main room. When I enter, I see their grandmother cooking something in the kitchen and Coralie takes me to Tereno’s bedroom. When we enter in his bedroom, Tereno gets scared with me holding Coralie’s hand.

“So… why are you here, Harry?” He asks. Slowly, I retreat my hand, taking it off Coralie’s hand.

“Your sister invited me to go with you to the square.” I answer.

He looks to her and he talks something to her: “Coral, do you see grandma today?” He asks. Coralie replies that she is on the kitchen and Tereno extends his alarm clock. “Oh my god, its 9:45 AM! We have to go now!” He yells, running off his bedroom. Coral holds my hand again, guiding me to the main room.

We start to walk towards the square, and I realize that the square is very close to their house. Coral was right. When we arrive, Coralie takes her hand off mine and she walks to the section with the other 13-years old girls. I walk with Tereno to the section with the others 16-years old boys.

“Welcome, District Nine! Today we will select the young boy and young girl who will represent this district in the 223rd Hunger Games. Let’s go!” She says and quickly, she grabs a name inside the girl’s ball and she reads it really loud. “The girl who will represent this district in the Hunger Games is… Coralie Eledette!” What? Tereno’s sister! I help him, because he almost falls over his legs. And Coralie begins her journey in the Hunger Games. I hope his partner will be great.

“And the lucky boy is…” I breathe. “Keaton Sparrow!” The escort says. Now, Tereno helps me because I am crazy with this. My brother was reaped. He is walking, but I run putting him in my arms. “I volunteer as tribute!” I shout to the escort. I walk, slowly, to the stage and Coralie holds my hand when I reach it. I say my name in the microphone, and Coralie hugs me until our escort comes and takes us to our train.

District 10 - Maverick West's POV

“Let’s start with this auction!” My neighbor screams and everybody who is on the chairs begin to clap the hands. “Today, we will try to sell everything from the Capitol that I have in my home. I have to say good luck to everyone. I hope you will buy something today.” He says smiling. He, first, grabs a big and yellow cup on the top of a triangular table made with cow’s skin. This is really bad. I hate things made with poor animals’ skins. They were so innocents…

“This cup is an original style from the district 8’s stylist in the 198th Hunger Games. I hope you like it.” He says showing the cup to everybody in the main room. I look at it, sad and I realize something. Why am I here? I think. My friends are in a cool party, and I am here. I will flee. My neighbor is taking another thing, but I start to run to the door’s direction. I get off the auction and I look at the street. The avenue is full of persons walking and talking real loud. I start to run my friend’s party and I see my mother in the way.

She is at the fair, examining some apples on the exchanges part. She is looking down; her eyes are fixed in the small holes and problems in the apples. I think in tell her that I am here, but I will lose the biggest party ever. I am thinking in a plan to run to the other street, but my mother cannot see me. It will be very hard to execute.

I see a woman wearing a long purple dress and I have an awesome idea. In the other side of the street, I see a shop buying woman’s clothes. I run to it and I steal a yellow dress and red high heels with ease. The high heels are hard to wear, but I dress the yellow outfit easily. I run out the shop wearing the woman’s outfit and no one is recognizing me. I walk in my mother’s front and she calls me. I freeze myself and my hands are sweat.

“Excuse me, lady.” She says looking at my direction.

I try to say with a woman’s voice and I think my imitantion is good. “What? Are you missing something?” I ask and she looks at the left.

“Sorry, I was trying to help.” She replies. I say goodbye to her and I walk to the party.

I am walking to my friend’s party, but two strange girls appear in my front. They are smiling and I think that they are sisters, because they are similar and they are wearing the same outfit.

“Hey, are you going to the Reaping? This party is just for boys!” The left girl screams. She has a little mark on her right side, and this is one of the few differences between them.

“Yes,” I lie. “I am going to the Reaping. You want to go with me?” I ask with a feminine voice.

The girls change looks and I see, cheering, to them. They move the heads positively, and each one holds my arm in a different side. We are walking to the Reaping, and they talk real loud all the way to the square. I am almost breaking up their heads with a stone, but I stop myself when it hits my hands.

“Girls, we are arriving.” I say, as we reach the square.

“Ok, tell us your age. You have fourteen or fifteen?” The girl without a mark on the right side asks. I move my head to the side, seeing an alley near the stage. I tell them that I am seventeen and they walk to their sections.

I run to the alley and I change my outfit for a boy’s clothe. I realize that the Reaping is happening, and I am very quick with it in the last minutes. I run to my section with the other 17-years old boys, and I realize that the escort is grabbing the girl’s name. She reads it slowly. “And the lucky girl who will represent District 10 in the 223rd Hunger Games is…” I look to the side, and I see the girls shaking like gelatin. “Susannah Collins!” The escort screams and a girl afraid walks to the stage, but a girl volunteers in her place. “I volunteer!”

The girl runs to the stage and she tells her name in the microphone. “My name is Elizabeth Collins! But you can call me Betsy!”

The escort, now, grabs a boy’s name. “Maverick West!” The escorts yell in the microphone. I was reaped! This is not good, but this is not bad. I will show all Panem that I can win these Games.

District 11 - Aleyen Meyer's POV

“Wake up, Aleyen. We are needing you in the main room. Wake up fast.” Someone whispers in my left ear. I open my eyes slowly and I see my mother covered in wheat and yeast. I start to laugh, but she tells me to stop with it. I get up on my bed, sitting on the edge and using my pillow as a thing to relax my back, because the bed is very tough to sleep.

“What is happening, mom? Why you are covered in wheat?” I ask to her. She points out to my dog, the only person that I trust on the whole word. I take care of my dog as a human. A male human, he is male and he has a ‘girlfriend’, Troy’s dog. I realize that my dog is covered in wheat and yeast too and his legs are very weak and thin. He needs to eat a lot, and now. I tell to my mother that I will discuss with Gabi, my dog, and she walks off my bedroom, smashing the door as she enters in our little kitchen. I call my dog to the bed, and he runs at my direction. As he jumps on the bed, I open my drawer and I grab the rest of the yesterday dinner.

“Here, Gabi. Eat this food.” I say to him and he starts to eat completely. I move my hand in his hairy and soft skin. He likes the affection, I know it. While he eats the food, I get up off my bed and I open my personal closet. I grab the first cloth that I saw and my dog runs in my direction. I get down, putting the outfit in my bed. “Gabi, did you know that maybe I will never come back?” He barks. “Yes, maybe my mother and my father will take care of you for a long or a short time. But, please do not forget me. Please.” He barks slowly and I have my answer. I grab the outfit and I walk to the room.

My father and my mother are eating something that she prepared in the kitchen and I sit on the chair near the table. “Mom, give me my breakfast.” She extends at my direction a spearmint leaf with normal pepper on the top. I eat it slowly and silent as my parents realize that possibly, I will be reaped. I put my dish in the sink of the kitchen and I call my mother. “Mom, I will go to the square quickly. My friend and I combined to watch to the reaping together. I will see you soon…” I say, but the end I whisper to myself. “Or no, or no.”

As I walk to the door, my father calls me and he hugs me. It is our first affection movement in months. He looks at me with a sad face and I ask to him: “Dad, why you are nervous? The reaping will be normal. Two innocent young people will be selected and will die in few days. It happens every single year. No cries today, ok?” I ask to him. He looks at me and answers in a calm voice: “I am not nervous. Aleyen, you have just thirteen years. If you will be reaped, I will kill myself inside. I am… worried.” “Relax, dad! I will back to this home, I swear it.” I say looking at his eyes. I start to walk in the street but he calls my name.

“What, dad?” I yell.

“Daughter, don’t forget.” He yells back.

I am searching on my mind, but I cannot remember. “Don’t forget what, father?” I ask.

“Do not forget your mother and me. Please.” He says. And the first tear of my father falls down his cheek and my feelings get confused.

“Ok, I will back.” I say.

As I walk through the district eleven’s streets, with big trees and shrubs everywhere. I see the child’s mothers, crying for his/her possible journey into the Games. When I reach the square, my friend approaches me and guides me to the section with the other thirteen years old girls. I start to shake repeatedly and the escort enters, bringing my shake to the extreme. “Today, we will select who are the lucky tributes who will represent the District Eleven in the 223rd Hunger Games. Good luck to everyone, you will need it.”

Then, he crosses the stage and he grabs a name inside the girls reaping’s ball and he backs slowly to the center of the stage, bringing with him the microphone. “The lucky young girl is…” It can’t be me. It can’t be me. “Aleyen Meyer!” The crowd stops for a while and my legs stop to work. I start to walk slowly to the stage and my life crosses my eyes quickly. I walk onto the stage and the escort sits me on a chair behind him. “Now, we will select the boy!” He says.

As he starts to read the boy’s name, the microphone falls on the ground and he grabs it using his silver hand. “And the lucky boy is…” Oh my god, I was reaped. I can’t believe in it until now. “Shade Macabee!” Let’s clap our hands. As a boy from the eighteen years old starts to walk to the stage, just few peoples clap hand to us. The District 11 still generous.

District 12 - Shiya Avier's POV

“Come on, little girl. I will close the confectionery early today. The reapings will be in four hours.” My boss yells and I run at the door of confectionery. I see the entire market closing the doors because of the reapings. My boss starts to discuss with a girl and I back to the lollipops’ section. I grab a little and yellow lollipop, I will give this lollipop to my sister. I walk to the door and my hands reach the door. I start to close it slowly and my sister, Sawer, goes out the shop of the toys. I extend the lollipop and she grabs it quickly. She dies on the pocket and I smile.

“Let’s go, Sawer. The reaping will start in four hours and I think that I will not back to home.” I say.

“Our parents will go crazy if you didn’t back. They need you.” She replies. I get down on the floor, laying my body on the knees.

“No, they will not. By the way, the seam is far away. Francine will take you to our home.” While I release my sister, Francine takes her by the arm, but my sister always looking to behind. My little sister, too young to be reaped, but I am vulnerable to the reapings. I can be reaped, but I hope I will not.

I get off the enormous market and my boss approaches me. He embraces me saying: “You and your sister are my favorite workers. You know about it. I know that I am very hostile with you, but I like to say that I like you.” He says. Wow! This was a great surprise, my annoying boss telling that he likes me. “Good luck on the reapings!” He says, leaving me alone at the market’s door. I sit on the sidewalk, relaxing my muscles and I lay my head on the concrete of the sidewalk. I start to close my eyes and I relax for a while, but someone is yelling at the street.

“Excuse me!” I shout and the persons start to look at my direction. “Why you are playing here? The reapings are soon and I want to rest!” I shout at them. One girl looks at me with an angry face and a small boy approaches me. He touches me on the knee and I stand up looking at him. “Lady…” He begins to speak and I ask: “What?” “The Reapings will start in one hour. You were sleeping here on the sidewalk since we started to play here.” I freeze myself and I fall on the ground. The kids begin to shout and the blackness appears.

I open my eyes slowly and I see a tight room with medicines and plants for healing. A fat woman is dressed in a white nurse outfit. “Excuse me, but you can tell me where I am?” I ask talking slowly. The nurse laughs loud and answers my question laughing: “You are in the square’s nursery. You fall on the concrete of the sidewalk. But relax, little girl. The reaping is in the beginning. They will start soon, so I will guide you to the reaping.” She says while she grabs me by the arm and begins to drag me to the place where the Reaping is happening. The nurse asks if I want something before the beginning of the reaping. I say no and she backs to the nursery quickly.

Slowly, I walk to the section with the other girls with seventeen years old. When I enter in the section, my friend Tatunnia embraces me like a crazy. And I ask if the reaping is already started.

“No, but it will start soon…”

“Oh my god, I can’t be reaped!” I reply to her.

The escort enters in the stage like a crazy and using a long green and blue outfit. Her eyes are shiny purple and her lips are white, totally white. “Welcome, District Twelve! I am so excited for these Games and I know that you are too. This district was the only that lost two tributes in the bloodbath last year, but I want to change it. So, good luck to everyone here!” She yells. Then, she grabs a name inside the girl’s reaping ball and she opens the paper slowly. “The lucky girl who will represent this district in the 223rdHunger Games is… is…” I breathe many times. “Shiya Avier!” I was reaped, but I am feeling nothing. I walk directly to the stage and I sit on the stairs.

“And the lucky young man who will be Shiya’s district partner is…” My partner have to be good or I will die early in the Games. “Bern…” The escort starts, but a brave boy screams real loud: “I volunteer!”. While he walks to the stage, a girl send him a blink of eye. The escort tell us to shake hands, but I refuse entering in the car who will take us to the train.

After our reaping, an extra-tribute was reaped to be our new district partner.

District 13 - Marshall Abadeer's POV

I look through the open window and I see the main street, empty and dark at the night. I see the Justice Building and my father walking off the door and going to the market. Since we leave the underground, my father works in the Justice Building as treasurer. Now we live in the highest building of my district and I can see the entire District 13 through this window. See the empty street today is rare, but I realize that is early. Soon, the strange and loud noise coming from the population will invade our district as a nuclear bomb exploded District Twelve 148 years ago. I lay again on my bed, holding the pillow with my left hand.

“Marshall, come on! I want to show something to you!” My mother yells. I look the bedroom and I get up. I walk to the closet of my bedroom and I grab some finest clothes to wear today in the reaping. I want to show that I am pretty awesome. I walk off my bedroom and I back to my closet to grab the fish pin that I won in our annual trip to District 4. I get down the stairs quickly and my mother calls me to the kitchen.

“What you want with me, mom?” I ask.

“Sit down here.” She says pointing to a high chair near the kitchen. “I have to show you some gifts.” Oh, the gifts from the trip. My mother is a famous doctor in Panem, so she is very busy and she travels to the other districts each month. This month, she went to district 9 help the kids who almost died when a bizarre monster attacked all the grain factories in that district.

When she backs, her right hand is holding a colored jacket. She throws it in my direction, and I grab it with ease. “Wear it!” She says and I wear the jacket. That is awesome, because my white t-shirt stays very cool when I use with the jacket. I say ‘Thanks’ and she embraces me. I ask if she has more gifts from her trip and she remembers that she bought another gift. She goes to her closet for the second time and she backs with a triangular gift. I open it and I see a gold pyramid shining with the light of our house.

“Thanks very much, mom.” I say. “These gifts are the best ever. I am really happy with them.” She looks at me and suddenly, she embraces me again. It is really good, but she is embracing me tight and my breathing stops for few seconds.

I get up the chair, seeing the clock that I have in my left arm. My mother asks what time it is. “9:20 AM, mom! I have to go to the square now!” I say and she shrugs her shoulders. “Why are you excited for the reaping, Marshall? Are you trying to volunteer yourself?” She asks.

“No, mom!” I am such a liar. “No, I want to go with my friend Jeremy and he will go around 9:45 AM.” I answered her question with a lot of lies. First, Jeremy is nineteen years old now and I really want to volunteer. It is my biggest chance in the world.

“Okay, Marshall!”

“Trust me, mom! I will not volunteer…” I say.

I am about to get off my house, but she touches my shoulder and I look back. “Marshall, good luck there. And by the way, I know that you will volunteer. You cannot cheat me. I know when you are lying and when you are not. Good luck!”

I hug her and she embraces me back. Our affection makes me stop for a while. I will not volunteer. I will stay with my mother. Wait, but she likes the Games. Maybe she will like more if I am the victor! And I have pretty sure that I will be the victor, I trained my whole life in a Career’s Academy near my house. I am prepared. Well actually, I think.

I walk to the square silently and when I arrive, a woman takes my blood. I walk to my section with the fourteen years old boys. When I entered in this section, the escort invades the stage wearing a dark green dress.

“Hello, District 13! I want to be really fast with you, so… let’s skip to the names!” She says grabbing a name inside the girl’s reaping ball. She shows the paper while she opens it slowly. “And the lucky girl who will represent District 13 in the 223rdHunger Games is…” The crowd stops for a while. “Vennica Saltora!”

As a brown-haired girl walks to the stage, the escort grabs the boy’s name quickly, but she reads it really slow. “And her district partner in these Games is…” I take courage now. “Rhys…” “I volunteer!” I shout real loud. A Peacekeeper grabs me by the arm, but I take his hand off. I run to the stage and I grab the escort’s microphone. “My name is Marshall Abadeer!”

The escort shows a car and I enter in it quickly.

Capitol - Kira Tempora's POV

“Kira, wake up.” Someone whispers in my ear. I extend my hand, but I can’t feel anything. Just the soft bed relaxing my fingers. “Kira, you need to wake. Your friends call to us. They will be on the door of our house at 9:45 AM.” I open my eyes slowly and I realize that the person calling me up is my mother. I ask for more five minutes, but she starts to touch me many times and I get up.

“Ok, mom? What time it is, now?” I ask. She looks at her portable and gold clock. She closes her face and tells me: “It is 9:15 AM now!” I roll out the bed, falling on the cold floor of my bedroom.

“What? It is too late. I need to dress me up.” I say with hurry in the voice. My mother tries to talk some things about the reaping to me, but I am worried with my dress. I need to wear an awesome outfit for the cameras today. I go crazy when I do not find a beautiful clothe in my bedroom. I look at my mother sitting on the bed and I ask: “You have dresses, right? I will wear them.” I say, running off my bedroom in my mother bedroom’s direction. When I get in, I go to her personal closet and I select some clothes. I call for my father and he appears with hurry.

“What is happening here, Kira? What are you doing with your mother’s clothes?” He asks.

“I am finding a special clothe for the reapings.” I reply to his question. I put all the selected clothes on the top of my parents’ bed. I look at them and I grab a gold and short dress with silver earrings. I wear it quickly and my father appears again at the door, asking if I want breakfast. “No, dad! I want to dress me up. My friends will be in there in few minutes.” I answer, putting blush and a beautiful red lipstick on my sophisticated lips.

I go to the room of the door and I see my mother cleaning up my room. She looks at me and I yell at her: “Mom, where are your best shoes and high heels? I am needing them now!!” I say, entering in the room again and taking off my slippers that I forgot in my feet. I put them behind my mother’s bed and she enters in the bedroom. I sit on the bed, extending my left foot in her direction. She grabs three pair of beautiful shoes. The first one is made of gold and little pieces of diamond, the second one is a red high heel and the third one is a purple one with little gold pieces in it. “I can’t decide, mom. I will go crazy with this outfit.” I yell and my mother starts to get scared. She wears the purple one with little gold pieces in my foot and I say thanks, getting out the bedroom.

“Dad, what time is it now?” I shout to him.

“Daughter, it is…” He starts to speak.

“Fast, fast. You are delaying me. I have to dress me up.” I yell to him and he looks at my direction.
“9:41 AM!”

“What????” I ask, getting in my bedroom like a crazy and searching for a great handbag to use it today. I have just five: the pink one, the blue one, the red one and the emerald one. I call my mother and she comes at my direction with a bizarre walk. “What you want, darling?” She asks to me. I grab all the handbags and I show it to my mother. “Select the emerald one!” She says and I put it in my left hand. I stand up and I ask my mother about my appearance. “Great!”

I walk off the bedroom and I yell at my father. He starts the countdown to 9:45. “Five…” I walk down the stairs quickly and I almost fall on the floor before the second step, “Four…” Oh my god! They are next to my house. “Three…” I see them approaching at the window. “Two…” I am near the door, I will get it. “One…” They knock the door and I open it quickly. “Hey guys!”

We start to walk to the square and I see my friend Natherya, he was banned from the club because he is purple. I smile at this situation. As we reach our section with the other eighteen years old girls, the ugly escort walks on the stage. She grabs a girl’s name quickly and I wonder to my friend why she did it. My friend shrugs her shoulders. I look at the escort. “The lucky girl who will represent the greatest Capitol in the 223rd Hunger Games is… Kira Tempora!” My friends start to clap hands and I say thanks. Well, I am beautiful. I was reaped with the beauty in my face. As I walk to the stage, some boys clap hands and the girls look at me with envy. I reach the stage and the escort puts me on the edge of the stage.

“And the lucky boy who will represent the Capitol along with Kira is…” The escort begins. “I volunteer!” A boy from the center of the crowd shouts and he runs at the stage. He has red hair, and he is pretty good. “What is your name, brave boy?” The escort asks. He smiles at her saying on the microphone: “Nero! My name is Nero Aquanine!” Wow, a volunteer from the Capitol. It is very rare.

Training Score/Odds Of Winning

District Name Score Odds
1 Colossal Atlas 8 12-1
1 Barcelona Fox 8 11-1
1 Extra Claire Marino 9 8-1
2 Max Eclipse 10 5-1
2 Thyra Sarin 11 3-1
3 Breeze Were 5 39-1
3 Enera Summers 6 41-1
4 Jason Oceanwater 9 8-1
4 Maysilee Abadeer 8 12-1
5 Feron Reed 8 17-1
5 Phase Kaper 6 36-1
6 Horatio Candeliver 7 18-1
6 Marina Aquatics 8 14-1
6 Extra Helena Seastrom 5 42-1
7 Creek Morris 5 37-1
7 Rose Greyer 8 18-1
8 Garry Grove 7 25-1
8 Mercy Isaiah 7 23-1
8 Extra Lia Mainwaring 9 11-1
9 Harry Sparrow 6 33-1
9 Coralie Eledette 5 38-1
10 Maverick West 9 8-1
10 Elizabeth Collins 7 34-1
11 Shade Macabee 8 20-1
11 Aleyen Meyer 8 23-1
12 Flame Coal 6 38-1
12 Shiya Avier 7 35-1
12 Extra Rebecca Carter 7 38-1
13 Marshall Abadeer 10 7-1
13 Vennica Saltora 7 28-1
Capitol Nero Aquanine 9 14-1
Capitol Kira Tempora 10 9-1


The interviewer is: Thyago Flickerman!

District 1 - Colossal Atlas

Thyago: Let's start the interviews with our first male tribute, Colossal Atlas!

Colossal: Hi, Thyago.

Thyago: So, Colossal. You won an eight at the training score. Are you happy with that?

Colossal: I don't know. All that know is: I will win.

Thyago: Oh, okay. Are you prepared to the Games?

Colossal: Obvious that I am. I am from a Career District, duh!

Thyago: Oh... Last question! Do you like your district partner? She looks awesome!

Colossal: She is alright, but I really don't care because she will die.


District 2 - Max Eclipse

Thyago: Let's clap our hands to Max Eclipse, our next tribute!

Max: Thyago?

Thyago: What you want, Max?

Max: Here is hot. Can I take my t-shirt off?

Thyago: Yeah, I think yes...

Max: So I will do it!

Thyago: So, these screams take off our time. Let's skip to the last question: what is your strategy to the Games?

Max: Try to live without these Capitol girls!


District 3 - Enera Summers

Thyago: The next tribute is... the smart girl Enera Summers!

Enera: I liked the part of the 'smart girl'. Thanks.

Thyago: You're welcome, Enera.

Enera: Oh, I almost forgot. Hi, Thyago and hi, Capitol people!

Thyago: Hi, Enera. Let's skip to the important thing. I heard that you are planning something to these Games.

Enera; Yes, I am planning some things.

Thyago: Can you tell us about this awesome plan?

Enera: Oh, I can't Thyago! But you will see it during the Games.

Thyago: I understand. Good luck on the Games!

Enera: Bye, Thiago. I hope that we will talk more later.


District 4 - Maysilee Abadeer

Thyago: Next up, the fishing girl Maysilee Abadeer!

Maysilee: Why you call me 'fishing girl'? Because I am from District 4?

Thyago: Oh, sorry. I didn't want to offend you.

Maysilee: Good.

Thyago: Maysilee...

Maysilee: What, tell it fast.

Thyago: Are you wanting to date with someone?

Maysilee: Yes, I want.

Thyago: With...

Maysilee: Polar bear! I love polar bears!


District 5 - Feron Reed

Thyago: Let's say hi to our next tribute, Feron Reed from District 5!

Feron: Hey, Thyago. Are you alright?

Thyago: Yes, yes I am.

Feron: Oh, this is good.

Thyago: Feron, are you liking your district partner?

Feron: Yes, I like her as a good friend.

Thyago: Oh... how sweet...

Feron: I hope she will win it for me and for our district!

Thyago: Bye, Feron! Good luck on the Games.

Feron: Bye!


District 6 - Marina Aquatics

Thyago: Everybody clapping hands to Marina Aquatics!

Marina: Hi, Thyago.

Thyago: Did you enter in the Careers?

Marina: Yes, I entered during the training.

Thyago: Did you like them?

Marina: Some ones are cool, but I want to kill the others.

Thyago: So, Marina... Any plans for the Games, besides the Careers?

Marina: Kill the other tributes, duh.

Thyago: 'Touché'


District 7 - Creek Morris

Thyago: Let's talk with our new guest, Creek Morris from District 7!

Creek: Hey, everyone!

Thyago: So... Creek, anything that you want to share with the Capitol citizens and Panem?

Creek: Yes, I want to share something important.

Thyago: What?

Creek: ...

Thyago: I am almost dying of exciting, tell me!!

Creek: ...

Thyago: Tell me, I am dying!!

Creek: ...


District 8 - Garry Grove

Thyago: Ladies and gentleman, here is Garry Grove!

Garry: Hello Thyago.

Thyago: So, Garry, did you like your arrivel at the Capitol?

Garry: Somewhat...

Thyago: And you like our food?

Garry: Yes, I liked it since my first day here.

Thyago: And you like our beautiful girls?

Garry: I love them! They are the prettiest girls that I saw in my life.

Thyago: Bye Garry!

Garry: Bye Panem!


District 9 - Coralie Eledette

Thyago: Say 'welcome' to our next tribute, the always beautiful, Coralie Eledette!

Coralie: Oh, thanks Thyago. You are very sweet.

Thyago: Don't worry about it, you are very beautiful. But, Coralie.... can I call you Coral?

Coralie: Sure. It is my favorite nickname.

Thyago: Coral, what is your expectation to the Games?

Coralie: The boy that I like. He can't die.

Thyago: Who is the boy that I like:

Coralie: It... is... Harry from my district!

Thyago: Oh my god!


District 10 - Elizabeth Collins

Thyago: Now we will clap our hands to Elizabeth Collins!

Elizabeth: Thyago...

Thyago: What Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Can you call me Betsy? I prefer Betsy!

Thyago: Ok, no problems with that. So... Betsy, do you like your alliance?

Elizabeth: Yes, I like them. Mainly, Maverick from my district.

Thyago: Do you love him?

Elizabeth: No, we are just friends. Friends forever. The Games will not break up or friendship.

Thyago: Good luck to you too in the arena!


District 11 - Shade Macabee

Thyago: Here, coming from District 11, the gentile Shade Macabee!

Shade: Hi, Thyago. Are you ok?

Thyago: Yes, a lot. All these tributes talking with me...

Shade: Thiago, I think I will repeat what the girl from district 9 did.

Thyago: Do you love Aleyen, from your district?

Shade: No, she is from a different district.

Thyago: Who?

Shade: She is from district 12.

Thyago: Shiya!


District 12 - Flame Coal

Thyago: Next up is Flame Coal, from district 12!

Flame: Hey Thiago, are you knowing the stuff about Shiya and her boyfriend?

Thyago: Obvious. They two confirmed it to us.

Flame: I wish a good Games to them.

Thyago: Me too, me too...

Flame: So... you have a question for me?

Thyago: Why you have this name?

Flame: My parents gave it to me, duh!


District 13 - Vennica Saltora

Thyago: Let's say hi to Vennica Saltora, District 13!

Vennica: Thanks Thyago.

Thyago: So, Vennica... what do you think about these romances and stuff?

Vennica: Can we talk about me?

Thyago: Ok, are you interested in someone?

Vennica: Really?

Thyago: Yes!

Vennica: Yes, I am.

Thyago: Who?

Vennica: My.... my.... mys... Myself!

Thyago: Damnit!


Capitol - Nero Aquanine

Thyago: Next up is our last guest, Nero Aquanine from here, the Capitol!

Nero: Thanks, Thyago. Your daughter is my friend. Did you know?

Thyago: No. Are you interested in my daughter?

Nero: Yes, I am. I will kiss her and...

Thyago: Stop now, boy!

Nero: I will do...

Thyago: Okay. We are over. The interviews are over. Check it out the 223rd Hunger Games, in few hours!



The arena of these Hunger Games is very simple.

In the center of the whole arena, the Cornucopia and its grass field.

The arena of this year

Around the Cornucopia, a meadow with beautiful (but poisonous) flowers.

In the rest of the arena, a dense forest appears. Many plants are able to eat here, but some berries are poisonous. The dense forest is splitten up into two big parts. The east side is darker and the west is lighter.

In two places around the Cornucopia, two lakes appear. Some rivers are scattered around the arena and the meadow and the forest.


Name Allies Location Status
Kira Tempora None Capitol VICTOR!!

Death Chart

Place Name District Killed How Killed By
32nd Marshall Abadeer 13 Knife in throat Horatio (6)
31st Jason Oceanwater 4 Beheaded by sword Kira (Cap)
30th Flame Coal 12 Broken skull Max (2)
29th Marina Aquatics 6 Knife in chest Nero (Cap)
28th Nero Aquanine Cap Arrow in abdomen Claire (1)
27th Coralie Eledette 9 Sword in temple Maverick (10)
26th Maverick West 10 Dagger in neck Harry (9)
25th Creek Morris 7 Axe on chest Elizabeth (10)
24th Feron Reed 5 Spear on back Barcelona (1)
23rd Garry Grove 8 Knife on the body Maysilee (4)
22nd Shade Macabee 11 Knife on cheek Rebecca (12)
21st Rebecca Carter 12 Stabbed in heart Shiya (12)
20th Enera Summers 3 Axe in skull Rose (7)
19th Thyra Sarin 2 Burned alive Gamemakers
18th Claire Marino 1 Mace on head Max (2)
17th Barcelona Fox 1 Burned alive Gamemakers
16th Rose Greyer 7 Axe in temple Colossal (1)
15th Breeze Wire 3 Knife in belly Horatio (6)
14th Horatio Candeliver 6 Mace on skull Max (2)
13th Elizabeth Collins 10 Poison on neck Gamemakers
12th Aleyen Meyer 11 Fireball on hair Gamemakers
11th Phase Kaper 5 Arrow on the back Shiya (12)
10th Mercy Isaiah 8 Dart in neck Kira (Cap)
9th Helena Seastrom 6 Sword in neck Vennica (13)
8th Lia Manwaring 8 Mace at the head Max (2)
7th Max Eclipse 2 Arrow in chest Lia (8)
6th Harry Sparrow 9 Burned alive Shiya (12)
5th Vennica Saltora 13 Burned alive Shiya (12)
4th Shiya Avier 12 Trident on body Maysilee (4)
3rd Colossal Atlas 1 Dart in the eye Kira (Cap)
2nd Maysilee Abadeer 4 Dart on chest Kira (Cap)
VICTOR Kira Tempora Cap


Elizabeth Collins (10)'s POV

As my tube starts to raise upwards, my feelings confuse themselves into my fragile mind. I arrived at the place and my eyes search for something that is not this blocking sun. I close my eyes and a strange and distant voice starts to count. “60… 59… 58…” Immediately, I open my eyes and I realize that I am in a grass field around the Cornucopia, the golden horn. After the grass field, a meadow appears. 44… 43… 42…

Colossal Atlas (1)'s POV

On the middle of a big circle with a lot of future supplies, a silver axe is shining. I can run and grab it, but I see a boy from district 8 targetting this axe and I get scared for a while. Then, I realize that I am a Career tribute and he will probably run away if he sees me fighting for this axe. I open a smile and Barcelona (1) blinks at me.

10… 9… 8…

The battle will happen in few seconds. I will run, grab this silver axe and kill a lot of weaker tributes. I will survive today.

3… 2… 1…

“Let’s the 223rd Hunger Games finally begin! May the odds be ever in your favor!” GONG!

The 223rd Hunger Games

Day 1


Horatio Candeliver (6)'s POV

While the gong rang, I dack off my platform like a crazy and I start to run with the biggest speed that I can reach right now. As I run, I feel the strong wind rushing against my body and the other tribute coming behind me. The girl from district 13 is at my side, but my mentor says to do not attack her, so I will keep going with my long running until the Cornucopia.

When I arrive around the golden horn, I see a long knife lying on the top of a dark crate near the entrance to the Cornucopia. Immediately, I run at it, and luckily I grab it before another tribute. I look at my left side and I see the extra tribute from district 12, I guess her name is Lia, running off the grass field with a backpack, a silver bow and a quiver with fifteen arrows in the right hand. Suddenly, I hear a movement in the horn. The boy from district 13 is picking up some supplies and I push him to the wall. He yells, but I slice his throat with my curved and long knife. His body falls over a crate and I steal his backpack.

Kira Tempora (Cap)'s POV

Everybody from my alliance form a big circle and we begin to chat about the bloodbath "I have a plan. Harry and Aleyen will grab some backpacks and wait for us near that dense forest. Are you alright?" Vennica (13) asks and everybody nods, except for Harry (9). He asks if Coralie (9) wants to be alone and she moves her head positively. I give a little slap on Aleyen (11) and he grabs Harry (9) by the hand.

"Ok, Vennica and I will try to pick up weapons and you will try to grab survival supplies, ok?" I ask to Coralie (9) and she agrees. I start to run with Vennica (13) at my side, she will tell me if any opponent is arriving or not.

We arrive at the weapons' section of the Cornucopia and Vennica (13) grabs a long sword and I see the boy from district 4 approaching her. Immediately, I yell: "Warning, Vennica!" and she gets down. In a blink of an eye, my fresh sword cuts the boy from 4's head off, killing him instantly. Vennica (13) grabs a knife and runs with me. In the way, we see Max (2) breaking up Flame (12)'s skull. Poor boy!

Claire Marino (1)'s POV

I run until the Cornucopia and I make my way through this big fight that is happening right now. I avoid a spear and I see a metal bow shining in the grass, but it is near where Marina (6) and Nero (Cap) are fighting. I run to it anyway.

My legs start to move by themselves trying to reach this bow before the other tributes. As I jump to grab it, I see Marina (6) pushing Nero (Cap) to the ground. I grab this bow and I put it between my shoulder and my left arm, searching for a quiver. I see one quiver with seven arrows lying on the grass some steps away and I run to it. When I pick up the quiver, I put one arrow at the bow's center and I target Nero (Cap), I have to help my alliance partner.

"Warning, Marina!" I shout as the arrow flies to the battle and Nero (Cap) slices Marina (6)'s chest with the knife. He opens the arm to cheer, but my arrow enters in the center of his abdomen and he coughs blood on Marina (6)'s face. I retrieve my arrow from his body, putting it back on the quiver.

Maverick West (10)'s POV

I see Coralie (9) picking up some medicine and rope for the east side of the Cornucopia's green field and I run in her direction with my sword on the hand. When she looks at me, she gets scared and jumps on the ground like a crazy. Immediately, I thread my sword in her temple, but I feel someone bringing me down.

"What... what you did with my love?" Harry (9) shouts at me and I crawl away from him. "Now, I will revenge her death." He says, extending his dagger.

I stand up, trying to run to the opposite direction, but a blade enters in my neck and I start to choke myself with blood on the mouth. Suddenly, the blackness invades my eyes.

Creek Morris (7)'s POV

Thyra (2) gives me a blue metal trident and I run behind a mysterious tribute who stealed our food. His long hair begins to appear better, and I am thinking in one person.

"Breeze!" I whisper, running behind him. I realize that I have to run a lot, because he never gets tired. I extend the trident over my shoulder, targetting his backs. Suddenly, I feel a pair of cold hands bringing me to the ground. I start to crawl like a small prey as I see that this person is Elizabeth (10).

"I will revenge Maverick's death with you!" She says as I nod to the side. Why she selected me? I didn't touch a finger on Maverick! "Say goodbye!"

As her silver axe lands on the middle of my chest, my ears stop to listen the world around me and my body falls on the ground.

Shade Macabee (11)'s POV

"Here, give me your hand!" I yell to Shiya (12) and she agrees with pleasure, extending her shaking hand in my direction. I hold it with strenght, no one can splitten us up.

Rebecca (12) grabs a backpack and a water canteen in the way, and we enter in the forest with our eyes closed due the sun.

Barcelona Fox (1)'s POV

As I push Feron (5) to the ground and he begs for mercy, I prepare my spear to throw it the time that I want. I take my backpack off my shoulder, throwing the spear with the best aim that I have. The spear crosses the air, entering in his backs when he tries to get away.

I retrieve my spear off his body and we can see that just us, the Careers, and Garry Grove (8) are still in the grass field of the Cornucopia.

I think in shoot my spear against him, but Maysilee (4) finishes him before everyone. She claps hands and I retrieve her knife off his poor body and I give it in her hand. She approaches me and says: "Warning, little girl. I can kill you anytime. So be aware." As she goes away, my anger grows up, but I relax myself drinking a water canteen.


Helena Seastrom (6)'s POV

I sit on a rock with Mercy (8) and Betsy (10) by my side. Their district partners died today and I know that this pain is horrible. They hate this arena, but I can't judge them, I am hating it too.

"Who you think that is died, besides Garry (8) and Maverick (10)?" Mercy (8) asks me and I nod to the sky as the cannons start to fire.

BOOM! ​BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! ​BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Ten cannons fire, signaling the end of the bloodbath and the first night on the arena arriving. I grab my backpack and I zip it, closing all my supplies in it. The meadow is pretty good.

Aleyen Meyer (11)'s POV

We walk through the long trees in the lighter side of the forest and Vennica (13) asks for a little pause. Everybody nods to a place with grass and where the sunlight is blocked by an enormous tree. Slowly, I start to sit my body on the grass while Kira (Cap) and Vennica (13) starts to form the camp.

"Relax, Harry! Coralie does not want you crying that way", I whisper as he lays his head on my shoulder. After few minutes in this position, he stands up to help Kira (Cap) in the hiding of our supplies. I lay my body on the grass while I see the Capitol symbol in the sky.

"Guys, the anthem will start to play in few seconds." I say, and Kira (Cap) calls Vennica (13), Harry (9) and me to the little stand where she is protecting our supplies. We enter in the small stand and the first faces begin to appear on the sky.

Day 1 Odds

District Name Odds
1 Colossal Atlas 10-1
1 Barcelona Fox 10-1
1 Extra Claire Marino 7-1
2 Max Eclipse 6-1
2 Thyra Sarin 5-1
3 Breeze Wire 29-1
3 Enera Summers 43-1
4 Maysilee Abadeer 11-1
5 Phase Kaper 39-1
6 Horatio Candeliver 16-1
6 Extra Helena Seastrom 36-1
7 Rose Greyer 16-1
8 Mercy Isaiah 22-1
8 Extra Lia Mainwaring 9-1
9 Harry Sparrow 37-1
10 Elizabeth Collins 26-1
11 Shade Macabee 22-1
11 Aleyen Meyer 21-1
12 Shiya Avier 38-1
12 Extra Rebecca Carter 42-1
13 Vennica Saltora 22-1
Capitol Kira Tempora 6-1

Day 2

Rebecca Carter (12)'s POV

Shade (11) and Shiya (12) are talking in the edge of our campsite and I change looks with them many times. They are trying to kill me, but I will not let this happen.

"Shiya, come here! I need your help to make the lunch!" I yell to her and she nods. Shade (11) shrugs the shoulders and Shiya (12) gives him a kiss in the cheek.

As she approaches me, I pretend that I am searching for food to use in the lunch today, but I am searching a weapon to kill her easily. The only thing I see is a little knife lying on the top of a crate. I grab it quickly and I turn around to see her.

"Shiya, she will kill you!" Shade (11) yells and I throw the knife at his direction. He tries to turn the face, but the knife shoves straight in cheek, exactly where Shiya (12) kissed him. She looks at him, as his body falls over the wet ground. BOOM! Shiya (12) jumps on me, her hands reaching my neck and I moving side-to-side, trying to escape her attack. After few minutes choking me, she grabs my knife and I try to run away going to the other side, but I feel a blade cutting my leg. I fall on the ground and Shiya (12) stabs me twice in the heart, finishing me to the death. My blood chokes me and I... BOOM!

Rose Greyer (7)'s POV

"The axe and the medicine will be alright here", I whisper while I zip my backpack to hide my precious supplies. I watched the girls from 6, 8 and 10 all the morning and I realize that they are needing food. They shared a dried meat, but everything is gone. Everything.

I start to walk through the meadow, touching the sweet and colorful flowers with a warning in the head. They could be poisonous, they are poisonous!, this quote is repeating many times in my head and the only thing I do is walk through the flowers.

Some steps in my front, I see a figure looking to the grass and I run to it. The person, animal or thing turns away and begins to run to the Cornucopia. From my backpack, I retrieve my silver axe and I throw it from here. The axe crosses the air and hits the figure in the skull. BOOM! I approach it to grab my axe back and I realize that the person was Enera (3). I retrieve my axe, putting it on the backpack.

Breeze Wire (3)'s POV

I walk through the silent in the dark forest and I see many shadows in this mysterious place. The high trees are covering the sun and it makes me feel in a tight box.

My backpack slides off my shoulder and lays in the ground near the tree. I start to eat one loaf of bread that my sponsor sent and I remember that three cannons were heard. I have sure of two persons alive: me and Horatio (6). He is on the edge of the darkf orest, deciding if he will stay or not.

I will not kill him by now. Some peoples, like Careers, will be more fun to kill.

Vennica Saltora (13)'s POV

"Give me the sword. I need to pratice." says Kira (Cap) while I open her backpack to grab a medicine for the cut that I have in the shoulder. I find ten band-aids and I put just one on the damaged shoulder. Kira (Cap) asks for her sword and I give it to her.

Kira (Cap) is the 'leader' of our alliance and she controls what we eat, what we kill, but Harry (9) does not accept her orders and he in the most of the times, go to a 'hunting' to pick up some food to us. I am almost begging for a sponsor gift with food, but I don't say it loud.

"Kira," I say and she looks at me. "We need food!" Aleyen (11) stands up and nods to Harry (9) bringing some raw meat to us.

"Is not the Capitol food, but I can eat it for a while." says Kira (Cap) while we sit on the ground to eat the meat.

Few minutes later, I see Lira (8) passing behind our camp and I smile at her. She stops for a while, fearing something, but I blink making the silence's expression and she continues with her walking.

Max Eclipse (2)'s POV

I extend my hand and a parachute falls exactly in my hand, Barcelona (1) and Maysilee (4) have sponsor gifts too. I look to my side and I ask to Barcelona (1):

"What you received?" Barcelona (1) just show me the two loafs of bread and I nod to the other side. "And you Maysilee... what you received?" Maysilee (4) shows her trident and jumps with happiness.

Thyra (2) sits on the top of the big horn called Cornucopia and starts to talk about some adventures that she lived on her district. We laugh a lot about her jokes, and the happiness invades our campsite. We will not hunt tributes today.

Kaboom! The fire takes over the Cornucopia and our supplies are flying at my side, the only thing that I saved was my mace. I see the fire and the bodies running in circle, with fire in all the parts of the poor body. Thyra (2) is the first one to fall with fire on the skin. I hear a BOOM and I see the only backpack that is not burned. I run to it and I grab in the same time as Claire (1). I push her to the ground and I beat my mace in her head. BOOM! As her body falls on the fire, I run to the dark side of the forest and I take the last saw in our old campsite. Maysilee (4) and Colossal (1) are running to the forest with Maysilee (4)'s trident and Colossal (1)'s water canteen. Barcelona (2) is at the horn, living her last minutes. BOOM! Well, now she is died.

The Careers are over.

Day 3

Maysilee Abadeer (4)'s POV

I open my eyes slowly and I see the parachute lying on the ground at my side. I think that my mentor is happy about the fact that I escaped away from the Cornucopia without any injury. I shake Colossal (1) and he wakes up. I point to his parachute at his left side and we begin to open it.

"What you won, Colossal? I received raw meat to eat it today and two knives. I will use it to the arrange in my jacket." I say to Colossal (1) and he looks at me, showing his parachute. "Axe and bread." He whispers while I grab the bread and put it on our food's backpack.

We hear a movement in our front and I see one leg crossing the meadow. Immediately, I throw the knife and the person yells. We run and we see Rose (7) lying on the ground with the knife in the leg. "You want to finish her?" I ask to Colossal (1) and he nods at me. I give his axe and he cuts her temple using the axe.

BOOM! "Let's go, Colossal. We have to find Max before the other tributes."

Lia Mainwaring (8)'s POV

I climb a tree and I realize that the sun is moving slowly to the dark side of the forest, and the moon is moving at my direction.

"The sides will change tomorrow. I have to go now." I say, jumping off the tree.

I see Phase (5) walking some steps away, but I ignore her for a while. I have to run to the dark forest before the next day arrives.

Horatio Candeliver (6)'s POV

I slide my backpack through my shoulder, putting it between the left arm and my body. I have sure that I saw a Career running behind me, but anyway, I am a few miles away from him.

Few minutes later, I see a person running in my direction in the front, not behind. This figure is not Max (2). He is tall and big, as this person is small. He keeps running in my direction and I pick up my knife in the backpack. My hands are shaking of afraid and exciting. I can kill this people! I killed the career from 13 and I can kill it. Wait, the figure is approaching me. Breeze (3)!

Immediately, I run shoving the knife at the belly of the boy with long hair that is called Breeze (3). He falls on the ground, coughing up blood at the dark grass of the forest. After the BOOM, I retrieve my knife off his body and a pair of hands push me to the ground.

Max (2) jumps in my body and his strong hands start to choke me against the grass. I have no defense, my knife is in Breeze's body. Slowly, blood appears on my dry mouth. While the blood pours on his hand, he puts more strenght in the attack. In my mind, I see my sister calling me to the play in the reaping day. She can't see me in this situation. I have to die now!

"I have to die now!" I yell and Max (2) laughs. He grabs a metal mace off his backpack and he tells me to close the eyes. I close immediately and the last thing that I feel is the mace breaking up my skull. BOOM!

Helena Seastrom (6)'s POV

"Elizabeth! Mercy! Come here!" I yell and the two girls comes with hurry at my direction. I show them the bread that my sponsor gave me and they celebrate.

I cut the half of the bread in two parts, one I give to Mercy (8) and one I give to Elizabeth (10). The other half I eat in silent.

"Girls! What is biting me on the neck?" Elizabeth (10) screams as a poisonous flower hits her in the neck. Her eyes turn into a purple color and Mercy (8) yells of afraid. BOOM! Mercy (8) leaves all the supplies on the ground and she begins to run to the dark forest. I grab Elizabeth (10)'s backpack, but my backpack falls on the ground before my reaching on the dark forest.

Harry Sparrow (9)'s POV

I eat one of my loafs of bread in silent and Kira (Cap) appears with a 'great' idea. I nod to the side to see something more important, but I don't find. I look to Kira (Cap) again and she starts.

"The Cornucopia exploded again, right?" She asks. Everybody on the camp move the head up-down to say 'yes' and she continues. "Possibly, the Careers are in another place, right?" She asks again. We move our head again and she finishes with her long quote. "So... let's go to the Cornucopia! Possibly, some things that are not exploded are there."

I have to confess, her plan is awesome. So, we organize our supplies and we start the long running in the Cornucopia's direction. When we arrive at the place, I see all the old things of the Careers exploded on the ground and just few things are good to use another time.

"Maybe this long and encurved blade." Vennica (13) yells and Aleyen (11) puts it in a different backpack. I start the search for good things and I look to my side. A fireball is coming in my direction!

Somehow, I jump off and now I am lying on the ground near the fire, but a person is in flames, going side-to-side looking for some water. Aleyen (11)! I look to the side, searching for Kira (Cap) and Vennica (13) and I realize that they are running with their backpacks. They left Aleyen (11) alone, but I will try to save her.

After minutes like a crazy, Aleyen falls on the ground, hairless and with serious burns on the skin. I approach her, and a tear goes out my eye and hits her forehead. She opens the eyes and I say: "Thanks, Aleyen! You were one of the best persons here for me. But don't worry, I will revenge your death! Is a promise.


Day 4

Shiya Avier (12)'s POV

I look at the shiny sky and I realize that the sun entered in the old dark side of the forest, transforming it in the new light side. I put all my supplies in my backpack and I look around, chasing some tributes.

I put all my throwing knives in the red backpack, but I retrieve my metal bow and twelve arrows in a brown quiver. I start to build a fort near the tree that I was sleeping. This trap will grab some tributes soon, I have sure. After the construction, I enter in the fort, locking the door behind me.

I get up the weak stairs to reach the top of the big fort, and I look to all the forest. I see a long and red hair running in the opposite direction and I jump off the fort, with the bow in the hand.

After few minutes running behind the tribute, I prepare myself to shoot an arrow in the heart of the person. I shoot the first arrow quickly, but it hits the tree at my front. Again, I shoot an arrow and it hits the person in the back. She falls on the ground and I see Phase's face on the ground. BOOM! I retrieve my arrow off her back and I put it into the quiver.

Kira Tempora (Cap)'s POV

While Vennica (13) drinks some water that she found near the Cornucopia, I sit underneath a high tree on the meadow and I see the beautiful flowers shining next to my feets. I extend my hand, but the voice of the trainer in the Training Room saying: "Don't trust in beautiful flowers and plants in the arena" keeps me away from these gorgeous flowers.

"Kira (Cap), do you want to climb the tree before something happens?" Vennica (13) asks me and I get up, moving my hands in the tree. I climb the tree with her at my side and we reach some twigs strong enough to hold our weight.

I look at my side and I see a silver parachute. I extend my hand and it hits the center. "Look, Vennica... A blowgun... and twelve darts!" I say and she tells that is really good. "Now we can easily." She says, while I look to the other side and I see two desperate girls running in our direction. Immediately, I yell: "Vennica, two girls are attacking us. Let's fight!" While I finish the quote, I jump off the tree reaching the ground and shooting the first dart.

BOOM! "You got Mercy! Now, I will kill Helena!" shouts Vennica (13) bringing Helena (6) to the ground with the hands. Vennica (13) swings the sword and it cuts Helena (6)'s neck. BOOM! I smile and she runs at me. "Loom what I got!" She shows me the girls' backpack.

I grab it, opening slowly, and I retrieve some supplies. Just water and bread. The rest is not important.

Colossal Atlas (1)'s POV

"Let's chase someone, Maysilee!" I say and she looks at me with an excited face. She searchs for her weapons and she asks me: "So... do you prefer trident, an axe, or knives?" I smile at her and she nods. I yell 'trident' and she grabs it.

We walk for long hours, but we don't find anyone, no one tribute.

Harry Sparrow (9)'s POV

I back to the Cornucopia with the raw meat that I got killing a little rabbit. The meat is small, but is enough to survive some days. I look at the silver parachute lying in the burned entrance of the Cornucopia and I see a backpack and a machete.

I zip off the backpack to find what is inside. Just bread, knives and painkiller. Good enough, because I think that tomorrow will be the last day.

Max Eclipse (2)'s POV

I put my mace at the left hand while I walk around searching for some tributes to kill. My ears are paying attention, but no sound is heard.

"Well, well... Look who I found..." says a voice few steps away from my location. I turn my head, looking for a figure or a person, but the only thing I see is a high tree behind me. Suddenly, an arrow flies at my front and I run away.

Lia (8) jumps off the tree and she points an arrow at the bow and she prepares herself. I grab my mace and I advance at her direction, beating the mace at her head. BOOM! She falls on the ground and I feel something sharp entering in the center of my chest. I fall to behind, and an arrow from Lia (8) at my bloody chest and my life cross my eyes in few seconds. Then, the blackness and the etern silent. BOOM!

Day 5

Maysilee Abadeer (4)'s POV

I sit near Colossal (1) and a silver parachute falls from the sky. He extends the arm to get it and he grabs the net. He shows me the letter that his mentor sent him and I walk towards him. He starts to read the plan and a parachute falls at my side. I open it, and a mentor's note is in the parachute. We read the plans to today, until a voice starts to invade the arena.

"Congratulations, Top Six! You survived so far, this is really good to you all. To celebrate this fact, a feast will happen in few hours in a special place. A house made with wood is on the center of the grass field, and inside it, you will find a lot of supplies." The announcer yells.

I turn my face at Colossal (1) and he opens a wide smile. I smile at him and he gets up with the axe at the hand. I ask if he wants to be the first to arrive, and he says 'yes' because he wants to make a trap for the other tributes. I agree and we start to run towards the Cornucopia.

Shiya Avier (12)'s POV

I go out my tree fort, walking towards the big Cornucopia. There will happen a feast, or a 'bloodfeast', how we call in my district. Probably, the bigger tributes are going to the big horn and Harry (9) is backing, because he left yesterday to hunt animals.

As I feel the gold horn approaching, my stomach begins to hurt and the flutter invades my body. Maybe I will die in few seconds, or I will be a victor. Anything can happen today and I have to be clever if I want to survive one more day.

When I arrive at the Cornucopia, I see Vennica (13) and Harry (9) entering in the house made with wood to grab supplies and fight. Immediately, I pick up my matches.

Vennica Saltora (13)'s POV

I run with Harry (9) to the house and he retrieves his dagger off his backpack. I can't be defenseless, I have to fight with him. I pick up my long sword and I extend at Harry (9). He begins to fight with me, and I divert his attacks everytime that his dagger comes in my direction.

Possibly, Kira (Cap) is waiting for Colossal (1) and Maysilee (4) and she wants that I kill Harry (9) before the arrival of the other tributes.

Suddenly, I start to smell fire and my nostrils begin to feel burned. I left the sword fall on the ground, while Harry (9)'s right leg burns and burns. I press my hands against the fragile door, but my strenght is not enough. As my body begins to burn, Harry (9) falls at my side with fire on the skin. BOOM!

"Kira! Help! Kira!" I yell like a crazy and no one replies. I ask myself where Kira (Cap) is, but the fire begins to hit my body, making me fall on the floor of the house. I try to get up slowly, but the fire hits my belly. I breathe many times until the moment that I lose my strenght. As the fire invades the weak house, I hear some screams coming from the grass field. BOOM!

Kira Tempora (Cap)'s POV

While Shiya (12), the girl who killed Vennica (13), is fighting with Maysilee (4) on the grass few steps away, I start to run in Colossal (1)'s direction. Now we are just four tributes left, two Careers and two from other districts. I know that I can win!

I push Colossal (1) to the ground and his net wraps in my hair. I start to run like a crazy, trying to take it off before any attack from him or Shiya (12) or Maysilee (4). In my front, the house with fire. Vennica (13) died there, and I can't die with a net in the hair.

I take it off and I see Colossal (1) picking up his axe. Immediately, I zip off my backpack and I grab my blowgun with several darts ready to kill. I hear a surprised BOOM, and in the other side of the Cornucopía, I hear: "Got Shiya (12)!" Maysilee (4) shouts, retrieving her trident off Shiya (12)'s body. This is good and bad. The good is: the Vennica (13)'s killer is died. The bad is: I have to confront two Careers with a blowgun and some darts. But I will not give up.

Maysilee (4) points out to me and she begins to run at my direction, I shoot one dart and it hits her leg. She falls on the grass and Colossal (1) begins to run with an axe at the hand. Immediately, I shoot another blowgun, but he diverts from a little. I shoot another, with more strenght, and it his him in the eye. BOOM! While his body falls on the ground near Maysilee (4), she goes crazy and tries to knock me with the trident, but I dodge jumping on the ground before the attack.

She runs at me and I shoot my dart. She turns her body to escape away, but the dark lands straight on her chest, taking off her life. BOOM! Suddenly, I hear a 'Congratulations!' from the sky and a hovercraft appears at the sky, taking my body away this arena. Slowly, I pronouce: "I won!"

Congratulations to the Winner!

Kira Tempora


User: Cloveismywife

And a special THANKS to everyone who participated! It was of my best games, because of you!

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