Hi guys, I am bringing another Games made by me. I will keep going with my 223rd Hunger Games, and it will start tomorrow (October 14th). Probably, I finish it in less than one week and I will start with these, but you can submit tributes by now.

Read the 223rd one if you want to see the quality of my Games:

By the way, yes, I am repeating the sign-up like the CIMW's 225th HG.


After the 223rd Hunger Games. Panem is crazy, and many problems around the Capitol's organization and the rebels wanting the end of the Hunger Games are the main characters in this battle. The Hunger Games or the peace. The president selected the Hunger Games!


1. You have exactly seven days, from today (October 13th) until October 20th to submit as many tributes as you like, but remember that I will take a maximum of three tributes per user.

2. Make your tributes good and interestings. I will pick up the best quality ones.

3. If there are spots open when the sign-up time ends, the first come will enter in the tribute chart.

4. Tribute template: (It is a little big, but I know that you can understand)







Appearance: (You have to create a lunaii) (Or you can write the description and I will make the lunaii) (Don't make backgrounds, please)

Weapon: (Just 1 or 2)

Strenghts: (Just 2)

Weaknesses: (Just 2)

Fear: (Just 1)

Reaped or Volunteered:

Interview Angle:

Token: (Optional)

Allies: (Optional) (Can be selected later)

5. If you don't follow this template above, your tribute will not be drafted.

6. Don't get mad when/if your tribute dies or it was not drafted.

7. Brand new tributes will most likely get drafted. Tributes that have already been in my games won't. Also, people who say "on my profile" won't get drafted. But I will pick up tributes from links to the Roleplaying Wiki.

8. I hope you understand If my grammar is wrong. I am brazilian, and I am not a EXPERT in english.

9. (Copied from Cloveismywife): If you are reading this right now, you have to submit a tribute.

10. By the way, I am backing with the past victors usage (they will not be in the Games, they will just be shown in the Pre-Games part) and they will participate in the same tribute's rules, the best quality one serves. Here is the template:






Appearance: (You have to create a lunaii) (Or you can write the description and I will make the lunaii) (Don't make backgrounds, please)

Mentoring Style:

11. If I liked your tribute, but the spot had a better tribute, I will change the tribute's district to a similar district.


District Name Age Weapon User
District 1 Male
District 1 Female
District 2 Male
District 2 Female
District 3 Male
District 3 Female
District 4 Male
District 4 Female
District 5 Male
District 5 Female
District 6 Male
District 6 Female
District 7 Male
District 7 Female
District 8 Male
District 8 Female
District 9 Male
District 9 Female
District 10 Male
District 10 Female
District 11 Male
District 11 Female
District 12 Male
District 12 Female
District 13 Male
District 13 Female
Capitol Male
Capitol Female

Past Victors

District Name Age User
District 1 Victor
District 2 Victor
District 3 Victor
District 4 Victor
District 5 Victor
District 6 Victor
District 7 Victor
District 8 Victor
District 9 Victor
District 10 Victor
District 11 Victor
District 12 Victor
District 13 Victor
Capitol Victor

Tribute Gallery

Victors Gallery


Each one will start with $500 for each tribute.

User Trib 1 Trib 2 Trib 3

Items List


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Bow: 130
  • Quiver of Arrows (18x): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun And Darts (x12): 75
  • Machete: 80
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25


  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Dried Meat: 100
  • Raw Beef: 80
  • Complete Refection: 200


  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 50
  • Sleep Spray: 95
  • Instant Relief: 425


  • Water (2 canteens): 125
  • Iodine: 25
  • Sleeping Bag: 170
  • Net: 50
  • Wire: 75
  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Blanket: 160
  • Snowshoes: 100
  • Camouflage Paints: 95
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700
  • Backpack: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Plastic of piece: 20
  • Rope: 30
  • Empty Backpack: 50
  • Matches: 85

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