Ok. Here is another Games made by me. I hope you enjoy the quell! (I will keep going with the Olympic HG)


Almost 200 years after the defeat of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the president Garewe is thinking in a new type of quell. The school quarter quell!


1. I hope you enjoy these Games, and please read the tribute template.

2. Follow the tribute template, please. If not, your tribute will not be accepted.

Tribute Template:







Appearance: (lunaii or description)

Weapon: (Just 1 or 2)

Strenghts: (Just 2)

Weaknesses: (Just 2)

Interview Angle:

Token: (optional)

Alliance: (optional)

3. There will be no reapings, but it will have group training, private sessions and interviews.

4. Please, don't get mad with me if your tribute dies!

5. Don't cuss and no fights with the other users.

6. There will be Capitol and District 13.

7. Good Hunger Games to everyone!

8. By the way, reservations last for two days!


To show the rebels that the school is not safe, all the students will vote in one female and one male to represent the district in the Hunger Games.

Arena Twist

The arena will be an enormous school and the Cornucopia will be on the school recreation area with all the supplies over some tables. There will be some classrooms, the board of the directors, the cafeteria, water fountains around the arena, the library and the auditorium.

Arena #2 Twist

There will be twenty-seven water fountains around the arena, and in every death, a water fountain will dry.


District Name Age Weapon User
District 1 Male Roosevelt Golderness 17 Spear, Throwing Knives HGFanatic21
District 1 Female Jasmine Klinde 17 Camouflage, Sword FoxfaceFan32825
District 2 Male Trenton Powers 17 Mace, Throwing Axes HGFanatic21
District 2 Female Metallix Gleam 16 Bow, Blowgun TBWTPT
District 3 Male Skinner Bone 18 Scythe, Axe Hammers
District 3 Female Dagger Lox 14 Knife, Spear Hammers
District 4 Male Apollo Odair 18 Trident, Fish Hook ntomahawks22
District 4 Female Tidal Fynn 17 Bow, Throwing Axes TBWTPT
District 5 Male Alexis Pheta 13 Bow and Arrow IdleinMind
District 5 Female Starry Blue 15 Ninja Stars, Throwing Knives Dedejacob
District 6 Male Liam Smith 12 Blowgun Annamisasa
District 6 Female Amethyst Moon 16 Kama Ranger1434
District 7 Male Khair Ochre 18 Throwing Axes, Hatchet TBWTPT
District 7 Female Marcia Fir 15 Axe, Throwing Axe Ougi-kun
District 8 Male John Madrick 17 Machete, Club Theman77
District 8 Female Laura Ingres 17 Blowgun, Poison Ougi-kun
District 9 Male Tommy Launkery 12 Knife, Sword HGFanatic21
District 9 Female Saralynn Jendo 16 Bow and Arrow ~PopTart~
District 10 Male Piers DeFillie 15 Knife ~PopTart~
District 10 Female Tressandre Tempete 15 Needles, Throwing Knives HeavyRotation
District 11 Male Torrence Clear 17 Basically everything HeavyRotation
District 11 Female Trisha Bordeaux 14 Knives, Bow HeavyRotation
District 12 Male Jonathan Magas 18 Spear, Axe Theman77
District 12 Female Rori Hurns 14 Plants, Stealth Foxface D5
District 13 Male Battleaxe Ridge 14 Axe, Hatchet TBWTPT
District 13 Female Tropics Pine 17 Bow & Arrow Dedejacob
Capitol Male Lucifer Python 16 Machete, Throwing Axes Ninja~Toast
Capitol Female Lucretia Phantom 16 Mace, Throwing Knives Ninja~Toast

Tribute Gallery



Jasmine Klinde (1), Skinner Bone (3), Dagger Lox (3), Apollo Odair (4), Khair Ochre (7), Marcia Fir (7), John Madrick (8), Battleaxe Ridge (13)

Capitol Alliance

Lucifer Python (Cap), Lucretia Phantom (Cap)

District 2 and 4 Alliance

Metallix Gleam (2), Tidal Fynn (4)

District 1, 2 and 9 Alliance

Roosevelt Golderness (1), Trenton Powers (2), Tommy Launkery (9)

District 12 Alliance

Rori Hurns (12), Jonathan Magas (12)

District 5, 8 and 9 Alliance

Starry Blue (5), Laura Ingres (8), Saralynn Jendo (9)

District 10 and 11 Alliance

Tressande Tempete (10), Torrence Clear (11), Trisha Bordeaux (11)

District 5, 6, 10 and 13 Alliance

Alexis Pheta (5), Liam Smith (6), Piers DeFillie (10), Tropics Pine (13)


Amethyst Moon (6)


User Trib 1 Trib 2 Trib 3

Lucifer Python (Cap)


Lucretia Phantom (Cap)


Marcia Fir (7)

Laura Ingres (8)



Saralynn Jendo (9)

Piers DeFillie (10)


Apollo Odair (4)



Starry Blue (5)

Tropics Pine (13)


Trenton Powers (2)

Tommy Launkery (9)

Roosevelt Golderness (1)



Amethyst Moon (6)


Jasmine Klinde (1)


Tressande Tempete (10)

Torrence Clear (11)

Trisha Bordeaux (11)


Metallix Gleam (2)


Tidal Fynn (4)

Battleaxe Ridge (13)


Skinner Bone (3)

Dagger Lox (3)

Foxface D5

Rori Hurns (12)


Khair Ochre (7)


Alexis Pheta (5)



Liam Smith (6)


John Madrick (8)

Jonathan Magas (12)

Day 1

IdleinMind - Alexis Pheta (5): Bow, Quiver of Arrows (x12), Water (2 canteens), Poison - $345

Ninja~Toast - Lucifer Python (Cap):? Blanket - $160

Ninja~Toast - Lucretia Phantom (Cap):? Blanket, Poison - $235

Ougi-kun - Marcia Fir (7):? Water (2 canteens) - $125

Ougi-kun - Laura Ingres (8):? Blowgun, Darts (x12), Rope, Matches, Blanket - $310

HungerGamesFanatic21 - Trenton Powers (2):? Throwing Axes (x4), Mace, Wire (x3) - $410

HungerGamesFanatic21 - Roosevelt Golderness (1):? Spear, Throwing Knives (x10), Nets (x3) - $360

HungerGamesFanatic21 - Tommy Launkery (9):? Knife, Spear (2x) - $270

Day 2


Day 3

Ntomahawks22 - Apollo Odair (4): Bread - $40

Ninja~Toast - Lucifer Python (Cap): Throwing Axes - $110

Ninja~Toast - Lucretia Phantom (Cap): Mace - $85

HungerGamesFanatic21 - Trenton Powers (2): 1/2 Net, 1/2 Wire, 1/2 Matches - $85

HungerGamesFanatic21 - Roosevelt Golderness (1): 1/2 Net, 1/2 Wire, 1/2 Matches - $85

IdleinMind - Alexis Pheta (5): Bread, Wire - $115

Ougi-kun - Laura Ingres (8): Bread (2x), Band Aid (x10) - $130

Annamisasa - Liam Smith (6): Blanket, Water, Bread - $270

Day 4

Ntomahawks22 - Apollo Odair (4): Trident - $125

The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo - Metallix Gleam (2): Blanket - $160

Day 5

Item List


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Dagger: 80
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Bow: 120
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun: 50
  • Darts (x12): 25
  • Machete: 80
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25
  • Shurikens: 250
  • Ninja Stars (5x): 235


  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Soup: 80
  • Dried Meat: 90
  • Raw Meat: 50
  • Complete Refection: 200


  • Instant Relief: 400
  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Antidote: 65
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 50
  • Sleep Spray: 95


  • Water (1 canteen): 70
  • [Promotion>>>] Water (2 canteens): 125
  • Iodine: 25
  • Sleeping Bag: 170
  • Camouflage Paints: 100
  • Net: 50
  • Wire: 75
  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Blanket: 160
  • Snowshoes: 100
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700
  • Backpack: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Plastic of piece: 20
  • Rope: 30
  • Empty Backpack: 50
  • Poison: 75
  • Matches: 45

Group Training

Day 1

Tressande Tempete - D10

Today is the first day of the group training, where we will meet our future enemies or allies in the arena. I hate this thing of meet the others. I am feeling kinda inferior compared to the other big tributes. Fretio, the head trainer of the Training Center, is talking with us about some survival skills and those things. I look to him directly, he is pretty and tall, my type of guy. My eyes look to my left side and I see the other tributes. Some of them are paying attention, but some are just joking and laughing. I start to examinate them.

Well, the tributes from 1 seem strong and the girl is not boring as the ones from previous years. But I get surprised with the tributes from 2. The boy is laughing and he looks like a friend, not an enemy. The girl, however, is very shy and she stays away from the Careers, just looking around. She can be a good ally. The tributes from 3 surprise me too, they are huge threats, not as usual. I think that they will try the Careers this year. The guy from 4 is really gorgeous and I have sure that the Capitol is in love with him. He is the tallest of we all and his has a middle tanned skin. Well, the girl from 4 is similar to the district 2 girl, but she is not shy and she looks like a big threat. She can not be a good ally. I do not pay a lot of attention on the district 5 tributes, they are average as usual. The boy from 6 is small and skinny, but I feel that he has a good heart. Away from him, the girl from 6 is just smiling and listening what Fretio is saying. The district 7 tributes are similar to the ones from 3 and they are strong and tall. They two will be Careers, I feel that. The district 8 tributes are normal, but the girl seems a little bizarre. By the way, she smiles all the time. The boy from 9 is average for his age and the girl from 9 is looking to all the sides. Piers, my district partner, is very sweet and friendly with me, but he is very selfish and rude with the others. The district 11 tributes are good enough to ally, and they are my best option. The district 12 tributes are friends of each other and the girl lays her head on the boy's shoulder. The boy from 13 is strong and tall, and the girl from 13 has two amazing ponytails... Finally, the Capitol. Two cold tributes, and they are not saying any word since the reaping when they whispered something to the escort. They will be the hardest ones.

Apollo Odair - D4

Fretio, the instructor, stop talking and we celebrate. He releases us to roam wherever we want. Finally we can do this. I was too excited... Immediately, we Careers run to where the weapons are localizated. We pick out our favorite weapons, and I select a silver trident.

"Should we start the Career tryouts now?" Jasmine (1) asks while we all nod in agreement. We see the girl from 2 and the girl from 4 walking through the room. They will not ally with us.

"I think so," Trenton (2) replies while we shout annoucing the Career tryouts and a row of tributes form on our front. Six people are trying to ally with us. And they all are good enough to the Careers alliance.

The first one to try our alliance is Khair from 7. He picks up five throwing axes and he blinks at us. He tosses the five axes in one throw and it flies across the air and it hits the body of the dummy. Now I know why he blinked, maybe confidence. The next on the row is the girl from his district, Marcia. She grabs an axe and she decapitates some dummies using that axe. She stands up on the side of Khair while the next one approachs us. Skinner from 3, he looks rude and tough, a typical Career. He picks up a little scythe and he cuts the dummy in many small pieces, surprising us. Quickly, he grabs an axe and knock the dummy to the floor of the room, throwing one axe directly on the head. The girl from his district, Dagger, seems malicious, exaclty like her district partner. She picks up two spears and she throws the two at the same time, hitting the dummy and the belly and in the right leg. Quickly, the boy gives a knife to her and she shoves it on the shoulder with strenght, breaking up the dummy at the arm. The next one to try our alliance is Jonathan from 8, he looks friendly and nice just like me. He grabs a machete on a dark crate. Then, he does some movements with the mace, just preparing the attack. He beats with the machete at the abdomen of the dummy and it falls on the ground, making a loud noise. The last one to try us is Battleaxe (13). He lines up the dummy on a small row and he grabs seven throwing axes. He tosses up some throwing axes and each axe hits one dummy. We all clap hands.

"You all are accepted," I say while the other Careers agree.

Saralynn Jendo - D9

I walk up to the knots tying section where the bizarre girl from 8 is trying to tie a bag with fake fruits on her own left leg. I sit next to where she is, but she keeps concentred on the knot. She fails many times, and finally, she finishes it.

"Can you teach me how you do those knots? They are really amazing," I say and she looks at me with happiness on the face. She looks me up to down and I get shy. I don't want people looking at me with attention. I feel a little weird...

"Sure!" She yells and everyone on the Training Center looks at us with scared faces. She keeps jumping of happiness and I ask her to stop. She just ignores me and she keeps jumping and laughing like a crazy person. I sit on the knot station again and she stops. She sits down on my side. This ally that I found is completely bizarre. But she is average with knots and I saw her ability with blowgun and her knowledge about poisonous plants and insects. She wraps her hands on mine and she starts to argue about the others' abilites and weaknesses. She is hilarious and it is the time that I laughed since when I lived on district 12. She starts to criticize the girl from 5 working with some swords. The girl approachs us and the words flew out my mouth.

"Alliance?" She nods in agreement immediately. I show Laura to her and I say that my name is Saralynn, or Sara to my close friends. Well, nobody. She keeps up with us and we walk towards the section of blowgun and darts, where Laura is very good.

Lucretia Phantom - Capitol

"The Careers got out for some reason. Do you want to go there?" Lucifer whispers to me, and I nod in agreement. It is obvious that I want to try these weapons. Well, I am good in them all, but I want to show off my skills to everyone. They should fear me.

We walk in silent to the weapons section and Lucifer grabs four silver axes that he stole from the district 7 tributes. I look behind and I see that no tributes are looking to us. It does not matter. In few minutes, they all will pay attention at what I can do with these weapons. Lucifer picks up the axes at one of the hands and he throws one by one and they hit exactly on the sensible parts of the dummy. The first one hits the middle of the belly, the second hits the lug, cutting it off while the third one flies across the air and finds the dummy's arm. The fourth one makes a way to the head of the dummy, beheading it.

"My turn," I say while I approach the weapons. I look side-to-side, searching for something to use and impress the other tributes. I look again to the tributes behind me and the girl from 6 is really impressed about Lucifer's perfomance. She shows to her district partner what we can do and he does not care, walking to the other side of the room. Well, the other tributes keep looking to the sides.

"Should I do throwing knives or a mace, Lucifer?" I ask really loud and some tributes look at us. He grins and replies that the throwing knives are easier to manage and I trained with the mace few times ago. So, I will work with the throwing knives and show to everyone that we are the hardest tributes. I walk to the knifes rack and I pick up a sharp and encurved one. Few meters in my front, I see a row with some dummies. I just toss the knife at the dummies on the bodies. The knife stabs the dummy, exactly where the heart is used to be. Lucifer gives me another knife and I throw it across the air. It flies across the training room and it lands straight where the Careers are joking. They shrug the shoulders and I make a closed face.

My perfomance was amazing.

Trenton Powers - D2

Finally, I finish the axe throwing and I look around, searching for tributes and I see the girls from 2 and 4 talking and laughing next to the blowgun section. I wish I could talk with Metallix, she looks nice and friendly, but the other Career tributes are hating her, because she left our alliance. We feel the same for Tidal. They two got off before the start of the training, well I will leave tomorrow.

All I saw in this first day of training was the Career tributes practicing with some weapons and other small alliances around the survival skills stations. I see Tommy from district 9, he is training with some rope and I think in make an alliance with him. My mentor said to ally with him and with Roosevelt, the district 1 boy. I will leave the Careers tomorrow, because they are full with new tributes.

"So... are you Trenton?", says Tommy approaching me. I look to the sides, just checking if the other Careers are looking at us.

"Yes, I am Trenton. And you are Tommy, right?", I ask back.

"Sure," he replies with a low voice. He looks to the Careers before asking: "And who is Roosevelt?"

"Me," says Roosevelt, entering in our chat. We three walk up to the climbing station, and Tommy does average, and he gets upset when the trainer says that he is under the normal. My alliance is basically physical strenght and mental ability together. Nice.

Rori Hurns - D12

Jonathan is my only close friend here in this entire room. We are very close and he always make me laugh like I wanted. He listens to me when I ask to him and it makes him amazing.

"So, do you want to try plants and insects identification?" He says, throwing his last axe directly on the bulls-eye of a dummy. I am really good with plants identification and I want to teach it to him before the arrival in the arena, because he needs to know.

"Alright, I agree." He locks his hand on mine and we walk up in silence to the empty section where the trainer is sitting on a chair, almost falling on sleep.

"Wake up," Jonathan says, shaking the instructor.

"What?" The trainer murmurs and Jonathan nods to me.

"We should try another section," He says while the alarm pointing the end of the first day of training rings. He holds my hand again and we walk up with the other tributes to the elevator. It is a confusion to see who will be first. The Capitol tributes and the Careers got the first rides. After some minutes, the room gets empty and just me, Jonathan, Piers and Tropic are on the room. We four step in the elevator and it closes.

"So, are you dating?" yells Tropic next to the district 10 floor. Piers gets out in silent and Jonathan releases himself. "Yes, we are." Oh my god, he confessed. We are in love...

The elevator stops in our floor and Tropics says 'good-bye' while we arrive at our district floor with the hands wrapped. We eat the dinner with our escort and we eat in silence, then I go my restroom quickly. I slam the door, but someone knocks it.

"Can I sleep here?" Jonathan asks.


Day 2

Battleaxe Ridge - D13

Tropics walks away from me and I nod to where the Careers are. Trenton and Roosevelt are walking around alone, and I ask to myself why they are ignoring us. Maybe, they will get out the alliance, because the district 9 boy is walking with them side to side.

"Battleaxe," Dagger says, approaching me. Her purple hair scares me out. She shrugs the shoulders while I point out to Trenton and Roosevelt showing their skills at the sword station. Skinner approachs us with a scythe on the hand and he asks what we are talking about.

"We think Roosevelt and Trenton will leave our alliance now," Dagger says while Marcia and Khair joins our alliance. We five walk up to the sword station where the district 9 boy is talking with Roosevelt. Trenton approachs them and he nods to us.

"So, are you leaving?" Khair asks quickly.

"Yes... We are leaving..." Trenton starts to pronounce, but Khair flies in him, jumping on his chest. They two start to fight while Marcia and I split them up. Some Peacekeepers enter in the training room and they take Khair off the room. Trenton and Roosevelt walk away while Jasmine, Apollo and John join our fast chat. They ask what is happenning and I say that Trenton and Roosevelt are leaving the career alliance. Apollo and Jasmine ignore it, but John asks why they did that.

Alexis Pheta - D5

I want some allies. Without them, I will go by myself inside that arena. I slog to the bow and arrow section, where some Career tributes are preparing their aim. I think that they are the district 3 tributes. Normally, the tributes from that districts hates the Careers. But, they don't.

I pull out a metallic bow out the bows rack and I look around for some arrows. The arrows racks are next to the girls from district 2 and 4, I think they are not careers, but they continue dangerous. I think in give up searching for allies, but I found two persons...

"How are you?" stammers a gentile guy from district 6.

"I'm okay. Do you want an alliance?" I say without a second thought.

"I agree," says the girl from 13, looking directly to the boy from district 10.

"I don't care," he says, shrugging the shoulders. I open a smile. "My name is Alexis Pheta,"

They all introduce themselves and we see the trident throwing. I think no one of my alliance is good with this, so I recommend that section. They all nod in agreement, while I put the bow inside the rack again. We walk up, with leavy footsteps, and Piers says that he wants to e the first.

It is so good when you have an alliance...

Roosevelt Golderness - D1

Again at the poisonous insects section, and this time, we are excited. Technically, we just leave the Careers few minutes ago and Khair got off the training, because he was attacking Trenton. Now, Trenton is alright, but we all know that the Careers will try to knock us off first.

I point out to the wrestling section, but Trenton and Harry recuse it. I understand them, they are too worried to think about hand-to-hand combat. So I just sit on their side, seeing the other tributes doing what they like and trying new sections.

The district 7 girl is next to us, experiencing the blowgun and darts sectin. She is really bad with that, and I get up to help her.

"Do you want help?" I ask, looking to the floor.

"Aren't you..." she begins to talk, with a loud voice.

"Yes, I was the career that got off." I reply looking at her eyes, "so... do you want help?"

"I think so..." she replies while I stand next to her.

I teach her how to shoot a dart quickly and how makes it shove on the opponent's body. I show what we can do with some poisonous plants and she celebrates. She hugs me with strenght, and I ask to myself why she did it. I just showed the blowgun to her. Maybe...

"Come here, Roosevelt!" Trenton yells and he asks me why was I helping the girl from 7, knowing that she is a career. I just grin.

John Madrick - D8

Yesterday, I joined the career alliance. They seem cool, but it is time to walk around alone. I excuse myself and I walk to the traps and snares section. I can make some difficult knots, and this can help me when I will make a trap or a snare.

My district partner, Laura, hates me, because I tried to join the careers and they accepted me. Anyway, I voted in her during the selection time in our school. She is throwing some knives, with the girls from 5 and 9 at her side. Her alliance looks weak, I can kill them easily.

I close my eyes and I forget the tributes around and the gamemakers looking at me with attention. The instructor of this section teachs me how to make a complicated trap on a fort in a tree and I finish it quickly. He examinates it and he nods.

He gets surprised, because I am a tribute from district 8, and in our district, we don't have many trees to prepare ourselves. I dismiss myself while I walk off to the throwing axes section.

The district 11 boy hits one axe exactly in the stomach of a red dummy and he teachs how to do it to his allies, the girls from 10 and 11. The district 11 girl does it average, and the district 10 girls give up. They walk off the section and I go to there.

Torrence Clear - D11

"Should we try different sections, Torrence?" Tressande asks to me, looking around with attention. Trisha slaps me on the back and I give my answer.

"Yes, but I think we should split ourselves up for now," I say, while Trisha excuses herself while she crosses the room to arrive at the trident throwing section. Tressande looks to all the sides, searching for a special section and I point my finger to the gauntlets. She walks up to there, in silence.

I will show my skills now. I can work with all the types of weapons, and I know how to do them with any type of material. I walk to the throwing knives section and I throw some knives at the dummies and the instructor claps hands for me.

He recommends the agility and speed section to me and I thank myself. I walk alone to the agility section and I see the district 1 girl working with the instructor. He throws some knifes without the sharp points, and she diverts from them. He throws seven knifes and she dodges from all of them, but he throws another knife quickly and it hits her leg. It does not cut, but she stumples to the ground.

I walk towards her and I extend my hand to her. I am a little shy, but I like to help the people. She grabs my hand and I pull her.

"Thanks," she says.

"It's ok, I have nothing to do. By the way, you are awesome with this section," I reply while she walks away from me. Why she ignored me?

"Bye Torrence, maybe my knife will find your body on the arena," she murmurs and the instructor puts his hand on my shoulder. I am so idiot...

Day 3

Khair Ochre - D7

I wake up, because this damn Capitol digital alarm clock is ringing madly. I grab it and I throw it on the ground with strenght, breaking it up. I was expelled out the training, because I harmed the idiot boys from districts 1 and 2 that leaved the Careers. I don't care about that, because I am skilled enough and they will be died soon. So, I just ignore them by now.

"Hi, dear. Today is the last day of training," my escort says, entering in my room without my permission. I get up on my bed.

"Get it off," I groan and she gives a step to behind. She grabs the breakfast that some avoxes prepared and she puts it over my bed.

"Thanks," I say, starting to eat a loaf of bread and she grins at me. "Now get it off!"

She walks off my bedroom and I throw the breakfast away on the garbage. I vomit off all the bread that I just ate and I walk off my restroom. Marcia is sitting on the couch, already with the training outfit and she ignores me until the time that I sit besides the escorts.

"Wear this now," the escort says, extending the training outfit with the number seven at the backs. I excuse myself and I wear it in their front. Marcia closes her eyes and the escorts ignores me. After some minutes, an avox calls us to the training center.

Amethyst Moon - D6

I need to get some allies, I am the only one in this training center without an ally. I stand at the camouflage station, where I am alone with the girls from 2 and 4. I guess their names are Tidal and Metallix, and they ignore me for few minutes.

I will impress them using something that I am really good. I want some great allies and these girls are amazing, if I find a sickle to show them my skills...

I see one bright kama laying next to a big crate on the special weapons station. I walk up smiling and I grab it on the ground. I examinate it, the bright blade shines when a light crosses it. I look to the camouflage station and I realize that Tidal is looking at me.

I see a fake palm tree next to they two and I think in a plan to call their attention. Tidal grins to me back and I prepare my hands to the plan.

"Three... two... one!" I whisper while I throw my sickle across the air and it flies straight to the plam tree. I thought I did good, but I see the sickle passing in the side of the plam tree and it finds the ground. I facepalm immediately and I heart the laughs around me.

I walk back to the camouflage stations and Metallix comforts me saying that everybody is ignoring her, and it is good for me.

"No, it is not..." Tidal comments while she and Metallix walk away.

Dagger Lox - D3

Training is almost ending and I finish the throwing axes section quickly. Skinner celebrates with me and we start to chat about random things and mainly, these Hunger Games. He sits besides me on the cold floor of the training center.

"So, who do you think that are the biggest threats?" He asks looking at me.

"Umm, I don't know. Just we, the other career tributes, maybe the girls from 2 and 4, the boys from 1 and 2, the oy from 10 and umm.... Let me see..."

"The Capitol tributes?" He stammers and I remember it.

"Yeah, sure. They will be the hardest ones to kill. They seem stronger than us..." I say, looking to the floor, feeling ashamed.

"Attention, tributes. The training ended, you can go to your district's floor, prepare yourself to the private sessions that will happen in few hours!" A voice booms across the training center and I hold Skinner's hand. We two walk together to the elevator.

We move upwards to our district floor and our mentor gives us some tips to get a high training score and odds of winning. Then, we go to where we will be called to the private sessions and we sit on the gymnasium. I need sponsors, and Skinner too.

Private Sessions

Jasmine Klinde - District 1

I sit along with the other twenty six tributes and a woman calls Roosevelt off the gymnasium and I hear the words "JASMINE KLINDE!" booming at the waiting room. I walk off my chair and Apollo high-fives me while I walk to the gymnasium. I open the double door and the Gamemakers focus on me.

"My name is Jasmine Klinde, District 1." I murmur and they nod in agreement. I look around, and I see the weapons rack few steps away and I pull out a long sword. I pass it to my other hand and I start to work with it. First, I stab the dummy at the abdomen with the sword. The Gamemakers murmur and I open a little smile, they liked me. Then, I grab the sword and I start to shove the sword at the most dangerous parts of the dummy and one gamemakers claps. Then, I pick up some camouflage paints. Mainly, the colors blue and red. I start to paint some "X"s around the body of the dummy and I pick up my sword back. I breathe deep for the last time, and I start to stab in the "X"s with strenght. The sword rips the dummy's material, and its arm falls on the ground. Then, I look to the Gamemakers and they dismiss me.

Metallix Gleam - District 2

Trenton walks off the gymnasium and he blinks at me. We two got off the Careers, but in different alliances. Then, a creepy voice booms the waiting room. "METALLIX GLEAM!" I stand up and I slog in the gymnasium's direction. Tidal yells "Good luck" to me and I open the door.

The gamemakers start to comment in a low voice and I stand up in the middle of the gymnasium. "My name is Metallix Gleam, District 2." Alright, what should I do now? I think I will start showing my archery skills. I walk in silent, grabbing the metallic bow inside a box. I grab a quiver of arrows with twelve arrows inside it. I put the bow at my arms and I release the arrow by mistake. Surprising me, the arrow hits the center of the dummy and I get surprised. Then, I prepare another arrow at the front of my eyes and the arrow flies away from my bow. It rips the leg of the dummy and it falls on the ground. I walk up to grab some poisonous darts and a blowgun. I see a trainer bringing another dummy to the gymnasium and I think in an awesome plan. Quickly, I shoot the dart to the trainer and he tries to get away. For his luck, that dart was without poison. The Gamemakers get surprised and some doctors run to the gymnasium. They dismiss me and I walk off the room.

Skinner Bone - District 3

The girl from district 2 gets out running ad a desperate woman appears. I see Dagger's surprised face and the woman looks to all the sides. "SKINNER BONE!" She shouts and I get up. I walk to the gymnasium, opening the double door.

The gamemakers seem desperate and some doctors take a trainer's body out the gymnasium. They turn their eyes to me. "My name is Skinner Bone, from District 3." I have to get a high training score to make the Careers get scared out of me. I look to see what weapon I will use now. Maybe a scythe, or an axe. I pick up the silver axe on the ground and I walk up to a dummy standing up at my front. I just slice its belly and my axe rips it on the middle. Then, I grab seven throwing axes and I put them all on my right hand. I tosse them to the bottom part of the dummy and it hits the most fragile parts. I release a little grin and the gamemakers do it too. They dismiss me, and I walk in silent to the elevator. My perfomance would be better.

Tidal Fynn - District 4

What Metallix did? Some doctors take a trainer's body out the gymnasium and the woman got desperate. Apollo was great too, but I don't care about his skills. He will not ally with me, anyway. "TIDAL FYNN!" I run to the gymnasium quickly and the gamemakers focus on me.

"Hey guys," I say and they get impressed with my happy thing and I show me to them. "My name is Tidal Fynn, District 4!" They nod and some shrug the shoulders while I think in what I will do. I see some throwing axes on the weapons rack and pick up them all. I see that the dummy is ripped at the middle of the body, so it will not be good. I ask if they could put a new dummy. They recuse it. Damn it! I think in another plan, so I will show my speed and agility now. I call a trainer and I give him my throwing axes. He starts to throw them at my direction and I dodge them, jumping and running away. He throws the last one and I grab it with my own hands. The Gamemakers whisper while I throw the last axe at the roof. It gets steady at the roof and they dismiss me. Then, I walk off smiling.

Starry Blue - District 5

Alex walks off the gymnasium and I high-five him, even he is not with a excited smile on the face. He whispers "Good luck to you" and I nod in agreement. "STARRY BLUE!" I walk off the preparing room and I open the double door of the gymnasium.

The Gamemakers are eating and chatting loud, exactly how I thought. I think it will be hard to call some attention. I am not nervous like I was when the group training started, and it is a surprise for me. "My name is Starry Blue, from District 5," I say and they keep eating. The tallest trainer of the gymnasium brings a dummy to the center of the room and I pull out some throwing knives out of the weapons rack. The Gamemakers keep chatting loud and they are not paying attention at us. To call their attention, I throw one knife and it flies across where the gamemakers are and it finds the wall of the gamemakers. They look at me, scared, and I toss some throwing knives to the dummy. It hits the bullseye, and the legs. The gamemakers back to eat and chat and I dismiss myself. I hate these gamemakers!

Liam Smith - District 6

Starry, from 5, gets out the gymnasium stomping and she is with an angry and stressed face. Amethyst encourages me and a voice rings in the arena. "LIAM SMITH!" I slap Amethyst's shoulder and I walk towards the door of the gymnasium.

I know that I will not gain a high training score and odds of winning, so I really want a six or a seven, it is normal for the tributes. "My name is Liam Smith, from District 6." I say with courage on the voice. The gamemakers keep talking and I see a knife on the wall of the gamemakers. Who did it? Anyway, I think in what I will do for the start. I see some poison next to the edible plants and insects and I run to pick it up. I grab the poison and some darts, and specially, the blowgun. I stand at the middle of the room and I call an instructor. He throws some water ballons and I hit them all with the poisonous dart and the trainer enjoys it. He asks if I am ready and I nod in agreement. Then, he throws a big ball with rocks inside in my direction. Oh my god! Why he is doing it? Immediately, I close my eyes and I shoot one dart. Then, I hear the rocks hitting the floor. Slowly, I open my eyes and I see my dart on the other side of the room and the rocks on the floor. The Gamemakers dismiss me and I walk off with a smile in the face. It is good for a seven.

Marcia Fir - District 7

Khair exits the gymnasium with a scaring smile on the face and I grin at him. He extends his had to high-five it, but I ignore it. The other tributes look at me while the voice calls me up. "MARCIA FIR!" It says while I get the chair off and I open the double door.

"Welcome," says the head gamemaker. He has a big and black mustache and it scares me out. He looks at me with attention and I realize. I have to say my name! "My name is Marcia Fir, District 7!" I yell and he grins, sitting on his golden chair. The other gamemakers laugh and I wonder to myself why they did it. Alright, now I have to think in a good way to impress them, but how? Oh... I see a fake tree next to the camouflage station and I drag it to the center of the gymnasium. The gamemakers keep looking at me, and I start to climb the fake tree. I hit the top and I sit on it. I pick up the axe that I collected before my climbing and I aim at a dummy many meters away. The gamemakers start to look with attention and I throw it... The axe flies on the air, and the strenght of my attack makes me fall to behind. My backs find the cold floor and I see the whispers of the gamemakers. A woman is laughing and I get up. The axe is on the middle of the dummy and the head gamemakers looks me with a serious grin. He dismiss me and I walk away.

Laura Ingres - District 8

My district partner and the new career, John, walks out the gymnasium and I stick my tongue at him. He is the worst person I ever met. I hate the tributes from my district that ally with the Careers. "LAURA INGRES!" Someone yells and I walk in silence to the gym.

The gamemakers look to the other sides, ignoring me and one of the main womans point out to me and all of them turn their faces at me. "My name is Laura Ingres, District 8. Blah blah blah..." I say and they back to their "important" chat. I think if should I just make a bad thing and they give me the worst training score and the worst odds of winning. So... I will create something to do right now. I walk up to the knot tying station and I grab a long rope. I darg it to the middle of the gymnasium and I extend it around the room. I look again to the gamemakers and they keep eating and chatting. I grab some matches and I put it on the rope. The room begins to be on the fire, and I dismiss myself while the panic invades the gymnasium.

Tommy Launkery - District 9

The district 8 girl walks off the gymnasium and I prepare myself to enter in it, but a desperate woman appears, calling for some help. Some avoxes enter in the gymnasium with water on their hands and I see the flames consuming all the room. The gamemakers keep where they are and the people try to take the fire off. After thirty minutes, I hear "TOMMY LAUNKERY!" and I walk in.

The gamemakers seem surprised and scared at the same time and I grin. Any thing that the girl from district 8 did was really awesome and she deserves a clap of hands. Well, she was a brave girl. After some minutes, the gamemakers finally realize me on the gymnasium. "My name is Tommy Launkery, from District 9." I say and them start to eat again. I look to the floor, trying to remember what I will do. I will work with a knife. I pick up one on a dark crate next to the knot tying section and I see a burned dummy on the center of the gymnasium. I walk up to there and I start to stab the dummy with strenght in some dangerous parts. The gamemakers dismiss me quickly and I walk off angry.

Piers DeFillie - District 10

Saralynn, the girl from 9, walks of the gymnasium and I realize that I am the next one. I don't know what to do during the private session and I was wishing some help. I start to relax, thinking that they forgot me. "PIERS DEFILLIE!" a voice shouts and I walk up to the gymnasium.

Saralynn did not impress them, because they are just drinking some wine and eating some Capitol food. And some of them are sleeping over their chairs. It is too early... I think how they will be when the Capitol tributes got in. "My name is Piers DeFillie, from District 10!" I scream and they all wake up, scared. Their eyes find me on the center of the gymnasium and I look around, searching for some weapons. The head gamemaker looks at me in the eyes and I turn around to search weapons. I find a knife on the ground next to a burned dummy and I pick it up. A tribute used it. What I will do? I see another dummy on the right wall. I throw it with all my strenght, but the knife makes a curve and finds the wall. I grab another one and some of them release a smile. Angrily, I throw the knife at the dummy, and it rips out the arm. I get out stomping.

Trisha Bordeaux - District 11

My district partners back with a serious look on the face. We cross eyes, but he walks directly to the elevator. Ignorant, and stupid... I get up, knowing that I am the next one to carry in. "TRISHA BORDEAUX!" a electronic voice says and I open the doors of the gymnasium.

I enter in the gymnasium, and at least, half of the gamemakers are almost sleeping. That means that my plan will do well. Pretend that I am the weakest one, and then, kill them all with my machete, or my sword, or my spear, or my knife... Well, kill them! "My name is Trisha Bordeaux, District 11," I whisper to do not wake up the gamemakers and the head gamemakers allows me to do anything that I want. I excuse myself and I walk up to the spears' rack. I grab one and when I will throw it on a dummy, I pretend that I am stumbling to the ground. My belly finds the floor and the awake gamemakers laugh of my face. Good. I excuse myself again and the head gamemakers continues laughing. I grab a rope and I put in the dummy's neck, wrapping it. I grab one knife and I think in cut the rope, but instead, I let it fall on the floor and I run away shouting like a crazy... Well, my perfomance was bad enough.

Jonathan Magas - District 12

The private sessions are almost ending. Just my district, the district 13 and the Capitol. After some minutes, Trisha finally gets off running like a crazy to the elevator. I wave at Rori and she plants a kiss on my cheek. "JONATHAN MAGAS!" A voice spells and I walk in the gymnasium.

My plan: spears. I can do really good with spear throwing and if I won a good training score, Rori and I will get more sponsors and we will live for some days. The gamemakers are almost sleeping, well some of them are still awake. "My name is Jonathan Magas, District 12!" I yell and some of them finally wake up. They grab some cups with wines and I look around, searching for spears, the weapon that I am good enough to gain sponsors. I go to the weapons' rack and I put my hands on a metallic spear. I will show them what I can do. I grab other three spears and I put them at my side. I aim the center of the dummy and the spears flies out my hand. It finds directly on the 'heart' of the dummy and I celebrate. I grab other two spears, one in each hand, and I toss them together to the dummy. They two find the bulls-eye and I celebrate loud. Some gamemakers wake and I see the last spear on the floor. I grab it and I throw it on the roof. The spear lands on the side of an axe. They dismiss me and I walk off, confident that I will gain sponsors.

Tropics Pine - District 13

My district partner, Battleaxe Ridge, gets out the gymnasium and he looks confident. I think it is because he knows that he will gain a high training score. He is a career and stuff... "TROPICS PINE!" I get up and I slog to the gymnasium.

"Just three more tributes, relax. You can sleep in few minutes!" The head gamemaker yells at a woman sleeping on her chair and with a wine bottle on the hand. Seems that she was drugged last night. I am thinking in do this private session quickly. I don't care about training scores and odds of winning, they will not help me anyway. I am thinking in what should I do. Maybe impress them or just make them sleep. Oh, I have one idea. I rush up to the weapons rack and I see just few options of weapons there. I pick up a bow and I see a quiver with seven arrows laying next to my foots. I pick them up, and I walk to the centre. I just shoot the arrow and it finds the dummy, making no effect. I grab another arrow and I shoot directly on the bottle of wine that the woman was drinking. She wakes up fast and I run away.

Lucifer Python - Capitol

"It is you now, dark boy!" The district 13 girl yells while she runs to the elevator. Lucretia calls her stupid and I almost release a smile, but my mouth keeps serious. I have to won a high training score. "LUCIFER PYTHON!" Slowly, I move my legs to the gymnasium.

Finally, this time arrived. The time that I was waiting since the start of the difficult training. I open the double doors and I see the gamemakers focusing on me. The district 13 girl did something to call their attention. My goal this year is get the highest score and odds of winning. No one can overtake me, just Lucretia. We two will get the highest odds ever. Well, I think. "My name is Lucifer Python, and you know where I am from." I say while I race to the throwing axes section. I grab two of them and I toss one directly to the knot tying section where a big next is locking it. The axe finds it and opens it easily and I toss the second one immediately. It flies across the air and it finds the ground, making a deep hole. The gamemakers whisper and chat, and I open a grin. I go to a dummy and I break its arm with the axe and slashing the head off. Then, quickly, I grab a mace and I beat it up on the belly of the dummy. It goes flying around the gymnasium and it hits the wall.

"Bye, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" I say to the gamemakers while I get out smiling.

Training Score/Odds of Winning

Name District Score Odds
Roosevelt Golderness 1 7 16-1
Jasmine Klinde 1 9 8-1
Trenton Powers 2 8 12-1
Metallix Gleam 2 7 15-1
Skinner Bone 3 7 17-1
Dagger Lox 3 6 22-1
Apollo Odair 4 9 6-1
Tidal Fynn 4 9 6-1
Alexis Pheta 5 5 44-1
Starry Blue 5 6 34-1
Liam Smith 6 8 21-1
Amethyst Moon 6 4 48-1
Khair Ochre 7 9 10-1
Marcia Fir 7 7 16-1
John Madrick 8 8 18-1
Laura Ingres 8 6 25-1
Tommy Launkery 9 5 34-1
Saralynn Jendo 9 6 33-1
Piers DeFillie 10 7 24-1
Tressande Tempete 10 7 25-1
Torrence Clear 11 9 13-1
Trisha Bordeaux 11 2 89-1
Jonathan Magas 12 9 12-1
Rori Hurns 12 6 34-1
Battleaxe Ridge 13 10 5-1
Tropics Pine 13 11 5-1
Lucifer Python Cap 12 2-1
Lucretia Phantom Cap 12 2-1


The host is Thyago Flickerman!

Jasmine Klinde - District 1

Thyago: Let's start the interviews with the pretty Jasmine Klinde from District 1!

Jasmine: Thanks, Thyago.

Thyago: So, Jasmine, are you liking the Capitol, for now?

Jasmine: Yes, yes. You know... I love charming things...

Thyago: So, that means...

Jasmine: It means that I love all the boys, they seem so beautiful. I think I will show something to them.

Thyago: It isn't needed...

Jasmine: But, can I?

Thyago: Nope.


Metallix Gleam - District 2

Thyago: The next one to be interviewed is the sweet Metallix Gleam from District 2!

Metallix: Oh... thanks...

Thyago: You seem confident about the Games, and in the Games, we need allies, right?

Metallix: I think so...

Thyago: What is your best friend by now?

Metallix: Tidal.

Thyago: Why?

Metallix: You don't need to know!


Dagger Lox - District 3

Thyago: The next tribute is... the killer and cruel girl, Dagger Lox!

Dagger: Thanks, I liked this part.

Thyago: So, are you really cruel?

Dagger: Really mean...

Thyago: Okay. Okay. Ummm... I have no questions for you!

Dagger: And I have no answers for you!

Thyago: Touché!

Dagger: Touché to you too!

Thyago: So... bye!

Dagger: Fuck you!


Apollo Odair - District 4

Thyago: Let's receive... Apollo Odair from District 4!

Apollo: Hi, Thyago. It's good see you again.

Thyago: Oh... you're welcome. Let's start with the careers.

Apollo: Okay, get it. It is my alliance.

Thyago: Yeah, who do you think that is the most brutal?

Apollo: Maybe Battleaxe or Khair, they two are the craziest ones in the alliance.

Thyago: But you like them?

Apollo: Yeah, I like them, but no how I like the others.


Alexis Pheta - District 5

Thyago: Everybody saying hello to Alexis Pheta, the district 5 boy!

Alex: Hey, Alexis. Do you like me?

Thyago: Sure! You are so sweet and kind...

Alexis: And humble. I love everyone around me.

Thyago: Even the career tributes?

Alexis: Except them.

Thyago: So, bye Alexis!

Alexis: Bye, Panem!


Amethyst Moon - District 6

Thyago: Next up is Amethyst Moon!

Amethyst: Hello, Thyago. You look so young today...

Thyago: Oh, thanks. I have just 108 years old.

Amethyst: Forget what I said.

Thyago: Yeah, let's change the topics. Tell me about your allies.

Amethyst: I don't have allies, no one wanted me in their alliance.

Thyago: Oh, sorry about that...

Amethyst: It's okay. I can win alone.


Marcia Fir - District 7

Thyago: Please welcome, from the great District 7, Marcia Fir!

Marcia: Thanks Thyago!

Thyago: So, Marcia, how are you this great day?

Marcia: Bad.

Thyago: Why are you bad?

Marcia: Because I remembered about my drunk father, he was crazy.

Thaygo: Is he died?

Marcia: Yep, I killed him.


John Madrick - District 8

Thyago: Let's clap hands for John Madrick, the cool guy.

John: Hi, how are you?

Thyago: Oh... I'm great and you?

John: Normal.

Thyago: Ok, so you allied with the careers?

John: Yes, I allied with them because I have great skills and the careers can applaud me.

Thyago: I understand how you feel.

John: No, you don't


Saralynn Jendo - District 9

Thyago: Next up, Saralynn Jendo from District 9!

Saralynn: Hello Thyago.

Thyago: Saralynn, tell me about your alliance.

Saralynn: The girls of my alliance are amazing!

Thyago: And they like you?

Saralynn: They way I like them.

Thyago: Confidence is a bit good, you have any?

Saralynn: Somewhat.


Piers DeFillie - District 10

Thyago: Please, clap hands for Piers DeFillie!

Piers: Hi, hi!

Thyago: Why you talked hi twice?

Piers: Because I wanted to.

Thyago: So, do you have any crushes on tributes or something like this?

Piers: Well...


Piers: I have a crush on Laura, but I can't...


Torrence Clear - District 11

Thyago: The next one here is Torrence Clear, from District 11!

Torrence: Hi.

Thyago: Are you paralyzed?

Torrence: No.

Thyago: Ok, so can you tell me what is your strategy.

Torrence: Win.

Thyago: Just this?

Torrence: And win.


Rori Hurns - District 12

Thyago: Please, say welcome to Rori Hurns!

Rori: Hey and thanks! I'm so happy...

Thyago: This is a great new. Why are you happy?

Rori: I don't know if I can say it loud.

Thyago: Sure that you can.

Rori: Sure!?

Thyago: Yeh, tell us...

Rori: I love Jonathan Magas!!!

Thaygo: WHA...


Tropics Pine - District 13

Thyago: Let's say hello to Tropics Pine, from District 13!

Tropics: Good to see you, Thyago.

Thyago: And I am happy to see you too.

Tropics: So... what is my question?

Thyago: Umm... Let me think... Oh, can you tell us your strategy?

Tropics: No!

Thyago: Okay, I understand.

Tropics: So, bye!


Lucretia Phantom - Capitol

Thyago: Let's recive our last tribute, Lucretia Phantom!

Lucretia: I think I should say hi.

Thyago: Some people consider you mysterious...

Lucretia: Yes, I know.

Thyago: And you and Lucifer? Are you siblings? Or cousins?

Lucretia: No, he is my friend.

Thyago: He looks like you.

Lucretia: Who...

Thyago: He

Lucretiia: ...asked you?


Tributes Status

Name Allies Location Supplies Needing
Roosevelt Golderness Lucifer Cornucopia Knife, Raw Meat, Antidote, Spears (x3), Throwing Knives (x10) Warmth, Water
Apollo Odair Alexis Library Trident (2x), Water, Wire, Rope, Bread Warmth
Alexis Pheta Apollo Library Knife, Rope, Blanket, Bow, Quiver of Arrows (12x), Water (2x), Chalk, Bread, Wire
Laura Ingres Hallway Water, Blowgun, Darts (x12), Rope, Matches, Blanket, Bread (x2), Band Aids
Lucifer Python Roosevelt Cornucopia Machete, Water, Raw Meat, Rope, Blanket, Axes (2x), Throwing Axes (x4)

Death Chart

Place Name District Killed How Killed by
28th Tressande Tempete 10 Axe on back Marcia (7)
27th Torrence Clear 11 Hatchet on abdomen Battleaxe (13)
26th Starry Blue 5 Axe in the neck Khair (7)
25th Khair Ochre 7 Knife on heart Piers (10)
24th Amethyst Moon 6 Knife on stomach Lucretia (Cap)
23rd John Madrick 8 Machete in neck Lucifer (Cap)
22nd Jasmine Klinde 1 Axe on the back Skinner (3)
21st Dagger Lox 3 Dagger in belly Jasmine (1)
20th Tidal Fynn 4 Dart in the neck Laura (8)
19th Saralynn Jendo 9 Arrow in the head Metallix (2)
18th Trisha Bordeaux 11 Knife in stomach Lucretia (Cap)
17th Rori Hurns 12 Burned alive Trenton (2)
16th Skinner Bone 3 Suffocated with rope Lucifer (Cap)
15th Tommy Launkery 9 Suffocated Spider Mutt
14th Tropics Pine 13 Smashed on the floor Bookcase/ Gamemakers
13th Marcia Fir 7 Knife on nose Piers (10)
12th Piers DeFillie 10 Trident on chest Apollo (4)
11th Battleaxe Ridge 13 Arrow in abdomen Metallix (2)
10th Liam Smith 6 Speared Roosevelt (1)
9th Trenton Powers 2 Arrow in back Alexis (5)
8th Jonathan Magas 12 Axe on chest Lucifer (Cap)
7th Lucretia Phantom Cap Spear on belly Jonathan (12)
6th Metallix Gleam 2 Trident on stomach Apollo (4)
5th Apollo Odair 4 Axe on back Lucifer (Cap)
4th Roosevelt Golderness 1 Arrow in the back Alexis (5)
3rd Laura Ingres 8 Arrow in body Alexis (5)
1st Lucifer Python Cap
1st Alexis Pheta 5

The 275th Hunger Games

Day 1

Day 1 - Cornucopia Bloodbath

Amethyst Moon (D6)'s POV

I enter in my launch tube and I cross eyes with my escort for the possible last time. "Bye, darling. I think it is the last time that we will talk," she whispers with sadness on her voice. And everybody knows that she is extremely right. A female mechanic voice calls me and a crystalline door slam in my front. I press my fingers against it, but I relax when I start to move upwards. After twenty seconds rising to the arena, I see a light on the end of the tube and I reach the light.

"Oh my god," I yell and the other tributes look at me with a surprised face. I look to the floor and I hear a voice booming at the arena, making me enter in panic. "60, 59, 58..."

Battleaxe Mason (D13)'s POV

The girl from district 6 is really stupid, and she begins to shake like she will die. Well, she will die, but not right now. After her scream, I finally look the Cornucopia. The big golden horn steady on the centre of the place that where you are, which seems a cafeteria. This seems my school, and I realize what is happenning on this arena. The school quell... And the arena. It is bizarre and reminds me of my school. I see four hallways around the cafeteria and some high red tables around the cafeteria. On the top of these tables, we can find everything. Backpacks, medicine, bottles of water, food, and mainly, the weapons. The classroms seem safe enough to hide for some days, but we, the Careers, will dominate the arena like every single Games. Over our heads, a big white ceiling, that looks dangerous.?

"40... 38... 39..."

Saralynn Jendo (D9)'s POV

I stand on my place, while the countdown is almost finishing. My mentor said to ran away through the cafeteria, and get many things as I can. Alright, I understand this, but here are a lot of backpacks and foods that seems amazing. Actually, my platform is placed next to two career tributes. In the right side, I have Battleaxe (13) looking at the front and in my left side, I see John (8) looking at all the tributes. They are not the best careers.

"10... 9... 8..."

Oh no! I will have to go soon. I have to focus on something, a special thing. All I can see are some backpacks over the tables away from the Cornucopia and a silver bow and a quiver with fifteen arrows laying next to the entrance of the Cornucopia. I think I will not run for it, because my mentor can send it to me, and Metallix (2) and Tidal (4) are focusing on it, too. I think I will grab just the backpack.

I cross eyes with Piers (10) and my allies, while the last minutes on the countdown goes away. "3... 2... 1...? GONG!" The gong rang out and I sprint directly to the backpack.

Rori Hurns (D12)'s POV

I dack off my metallic platform and I focus on the desert hallway, where no one is running to. "Rori, wait for me!" A voice behind me yells and I turn my body in that direction. Slowly, I see Jonathan (12) grabbing a backpack over a high table and waving at me quickly. He picks up just one medium backpack and a long spear. He runs to the hallway and I point out to a rope on the top of a table.

"I can grab it," He says, volunteering himself to grab the rope for me. He can't do this again, he already risked his life to grab that backpack. "I will go," I whisper while he releases my hand and I sprint towards the red high table with the rope. I can't waste all my time...

I grab the rope and I see the Capitol tributes arriving at the golden horn, immediately I turn away and I run directly to where Jonathan is waiting for me. He wraps me on a hug while we run to an outlying classroom, the chemistry one. Jonathan smashes the door off and we enter running in the classroom. Immediately, I lock the door with the rope while Jonathan examinates our supplies.

Trisha Bordeaux (D11)'s POV

I jump on the floor, picking up threee throwing knives and arranging them on my dark green jacket. I search out for Tressande (10) and Torrence (11), my allies and I see they two running together to a high table with seven backpacks on the top. It will not be good.

"Be aware!" I scream and Tressande (10) turns her face at my direction. She realizes my presence and she points out my direction to Torrence (11). "Wait, we are going," She shouts back and my attention returns to the supplies that I will take. I took wire and the knives, but I think I will need a sleeping bag or a blanket to the night, when I will sleep.

I look around for these items, and I see Tressande (10) covering the area that Torrence (11) is grabbing supplies and backpacks. Then, I see Marcia (7) running at their direction and I yell: "MOVE OUT NOW! RUN! RUN!" She looks at me, scared and an axe enters in her backs, making she fall on the pave of the cafeteria. Torrence (11) looks behind and Marcia (7) looks at him. I sprint on the opposite direction, running away from her. She and Torrence (11) begin to wrestle with axes and I hope for Torrence (11)'s life. I run and run, as fast as I can, to the directors' board and I look to the Cornucopia for the last time. Battleaxe (13) helping Marcia (7) to finish Torrence (11) off with a hatchet on the abdomen. Damn, I am a loner now...

Metallix Gleam (D2)'s POV

I grab a silver bow on the mouth of the Cornucopia and I see Tidal (4) sprinting at my direction. "You picked up a weapon already?" She asks, and I realize the shiny blade of an axe at her hand. I move my head positively and she points out to the music classroom.

"Should we hide ourselves there or do you have another idea?" She asks, while I put some medicine on my backpack and she retrieves some water from the golden horn. I examinate all the options and I realize that the music classroom is the better option for now. She puts the water on my backpack while we run together through the hallway.

Liam Smith (D6)'s POV

I find Alexis (5) stucked up next to the third hallway and I call for him. He opens a wide smile when he sees me crossing the cafeteria. He runs to my side and I point out to a table with dried meat and some raw beef laying on the top. He nods while I run to the opposite side, searching my other allies.

Where are Piers (10) and Tropics (13)? Oh my god, we can't run without them. But I forgot them for a while. I have Alexis (5) for now and he knows exactly where I am. I look around for supplies on the ground and I see a bottle of poison and a blowgun next to a dark crate on the cafeteria. Should I run for it? Alexis (5) returns with a big backpack and I wonder to him if he can grab the poison and the blowgun while I search the other allies. He nods in agreement and I see Piers (10) running to where Saralynn (9) is.

"Piers! We are here!" I scream and he fins Saralynn (9)'s alliance. Alexis backs to where I am with the poison and the blowgun and I say, confused.

"I don't want a big alliance..."

Tropics Pine (D13)'s POV

Piers (10) and I meet up with Saralynn (9)'s alliance and we five run together directly to the library with just few supplies that we took during the ran away. We run in silence, and the only noise is our foots hitting the pave of the cafeteria. But suddenly, we hear some footsteps behind us.

"Warning!" I let out a scream while Khair (7) appears from behind the door of the sciences classroom. He is agile and I fall on the ground to divert from his attack. Starry (5) tries to run away from hm, but he throws his axe and it slices her neck while her blood invades the cold floor. "Starry!" Laura (8) shouts while Piers (10) knocks Khair (7) to the ground.

Piers (10) shakes his backpack, searching for a weapon and I extend my encurved knife to him. He grabs it immediately and he stabs Khair (7) twice on the heart. Khair (7)'s blood pours on the knife and I clean it up on his jacket. Piers (10) points to the library and we sprint.

Lucifer Python (Cap)'s POV

My eyes are focusing on a machete next to the mouth of the golden horn called Cornucopia. Lucretia (Cap) is chasing around with some throwing knives at her hand. We two are the amazing pair, no one can stop us. I see a boy with blonde hair grabbing my future machete and I acelerate.

"Get it off, stupid boy!" I yell while he realizes my presence and the machete falls on the floor. I kick him on the belly and he drops inside the Cornucopia. I grab the machete quickly and I hear Lucretia screaming from behind: "Got Amethyst, Lucifer!" and I nod to behind where she is retrieving a knife off Amethyst's stomach. She kicks Amethyst and grabs some supplies.

The blonde boy, that I realized that is John (8), starts to stand up again and I beat with the machete at his neck, cutting it off. He shakes to the ground and I see a bottle of water inside the big horn. Roosevelt (1), Trenton (2), Harry (9), try to enter in the Cornucopia, but they run back to the cafeteria when they see me, picking up some supplies.

"Lucretia, let's go!" I yell while she sprints at my way. She calls for me and I nod. "We have to take the poison that our mentor said."

"Well, the tall boy from 4 is next to it. Do you want to try?" I say, pointing out to Apollo (4) with a trident on the hand.

"No, I will not risk my life."

Day 1 - Aftermath

Dagger Lox (D3)'s POV

The bloodbath is over, just the career tributes are here right now. All the other tributes are disappearing through the hallway, and we will not attack them today. I think we will plan to attack them tomorrow, because the bloodbath was long. Two careers died, this is not good.

"Dagger and Jasmine, can you collect the missing supplies near the hallways?" I nod in agreement and Jasmine (1) just shrug the shoulders while she walks with me to the first hallway. I see around, the bodies of the dead tributes are laying on the concrete and their eyes are looking directly to me. John (8) is dead on the mouth of the Cornucopia, while Khair (7) is died on the third hallway. Jasmine (1) ignores me all the time and she points it out to a backpack next to the second hallway.

I run for it and she follows me, on the same speed. Why she is running with me? I see the bag and I crouch down to palm it, but I feel a pair of warm hands pushing me to the hard floor. She begins to choke me, and my blood starts to fill my dry mouth. I punch my hands on her arms, but she keeps going with that. I wonder to myself why she is doing it, and I remember that she hates the careers from non-career districts. The red liquid starts to pour out on my left cheek and I spit on Jasmine (1)'s face. She releases the hand and I yell really loud. Jasmine (1) gets crazy and punches me on the eye. She begins to choke me with strenght and I, slowly, lose my senses. Then, she extends a dagger and shoves it on my belly.

"Set her free, bitch!" Skinner (3) screams, throwing an axe that hits Jasmine (1) on the chest, her body falls on my side and my eyes are almost closing. "Don't die, Dagger!"

"It is too late to turn back now," I say while the tears drops on my face and Skinner (3)'s soft hand reaches my face.? BOOM!? Wait, my cannon...

Roosevelt Golderness (1)'s POV

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!? ​BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Nine peoples died on the cornucopia bloodbath and we three sit outside the auditorium, where the Capitol tributes are.

"Should we attack them now?" Tommy (9) asks while he drinks a little of his water.

"No, we should wait," Trenton (2) replies and I agree with Trenton (2). They two are too dangerous to try anything right now.

Then, the Capitol symbol appears and the anthem begins to play. Harry (9) crosses the fingers, and Trenton (2) just grins like always. The first tribute to appear at the sky is my district partner, Jasmine. She was so sweet, but now she is dead. Then, the girl from 3 appears and we celebrate. Two careers died by now. The district 5 and 6 girls appears following them and we realize that just girls appeared on the sky by now. But, Khair (7) stops with it and he is the third career to appear tonight at the sky. Then, John (8) shines on the sky and we realize that 4 career tributes died on the bloodbath. This is really good. Then, Tressande (10) and Torrence (11) appear and the Capitol symbol returns.

"Really good," Trenton (2) comments and I agree immediately.

Day 2

Day 2

Apollo Odair (D4)'s POV

I wake up, hearing some fight happenning on the cafeteria. I extend my fingers to my tired eyes and I open them slowly. Marcia (7) is sleeping at my side, looking an angel, but everybody knows she is a killer. Outside, I see two figures discussing loud and when one yells at the other, the other tributes screams back immediately. I am seriously almost waiting for a muttation to attack our campsite and kill them both quickly. I stand up and I walk off the stand that we made.

"What is happening, here?" I yell and Marcia (7), immediately, wakes up with a sleep face stucked on her head. Battleaxe (13) and Skinner (3) turn their heads at my direction and Battleaxe (13) seems more calm, compared to Skinner (3).

"This idiot is thinking in attack the Capitol tributes," Battleaxe (13) comments, pointing his finger at Skinner (3)'s direction. Skinner (3) frowns his face and I enter in the fight.

"I have to admit that it is the worst idea ever," I say, looking seriously to Skinner (3). He seems excited for a little bit of fun.

"And what we will be doing here? Talking with each other?" He asks and Battleaxe (13) enters in the stand, with his hatchet.

"Exactly," I murmur, collecting some supplies on the ground.

Laura Ingres (D8)'s POV

I sit next to some books on the library and Saralynn (9) sits next to my table. She opens a big book with no title and she realizes that the book is in latin. I release a quick laugh, the only one I had since the reapings and the group training.

I pick up the half of the bread that I had and I eat it in silence, ignoring everyone around me. I lay my head on the table, but I feel a parachute moving downwars to me.

"You won sponsor gifts!" Tropics (13) says excitedly and Piers (10) groans at me. They did not have sponsor gifts and our supplies are almost over. I grab all the supplies on the parachute, a blowgun, twelve darts, a long rope, some matches and a white blanket. I see a yellow note laying on the deep of the parachute and I pick up the note with a smile on the face.

"Let's kill some people, guys!" I yell and Piers (10) and Saralynn (9) turn their heads at me. "WHAT!?" They yell like a crazy, wondering.

Tropics Pine (D13)'s POV

Laura (8) stands up and she shows us the note that her mentor sent. We examinate many times and we finally realize what we will do during the plan. Basically, we will set fire where the Capitol tributes are. I all know is that they are on a classroom relationed with music.

"Can we go now? I am so excited..." She stammers and we cross eyes quickly. Saralynn (9) seems somewhat afraid, but Piers (10) opens a wide smile on his face.

"Sure!" Piers (10) nods in agreement while he grabs his wire and he looks at us. We have almost no weapons, just a blowgun, a knife and his wire. I do not know if we will able to defend ourselves if the plan fails or the people got off the room.

We leave the library with light footsteps and we run through the second hallway, searching for the music classroom. When we arrive there, Laura (8) takes the rope and the matches off her backpack. Piers (10) grabs Saralynn (9)'s knife and we four prepare to a possible running away of our opponents. I grab my knife and I wait in the door.

"Make it quickly," I say to Laura (8) while she and Piers (10) extend the rope around the door of the music classroom and the tributes inside realize our attack. We hear some people running in our direction, and Laura (8) begins to stay desperate.

"Can someone explain to me what is happening here?" Tidal (4) says, approaching us and the rope begins to take fire. Piers (10) grabs the long rope and he throws it in Tidal (4)'s back. She starts to yell and Saralynn (9), somehow, volunteers herself to finish the job. She starts to extend the knife at Tidal (4)'s direction, but someone yells and Laura (8) shoots a dart in Tidal (4)'s neck.? BOOM!

We start to run away, trying to get back in our campsite and Metallix (2) begins to chase us. "It was not the Capitol campsite!" I yell, while we keep running, until the time that Saralynn (9) stumbles. I turn my head, and I see Metallix (2) shooting an arrow at her head? BOOM,? but Piers (10) escorts me back to the library.?

Tommy Launkery (D9)'s POV

We enter in the auditorium and Trenton (2) points out to some chairs away from the stage, where the Capitol tributes are talking about some strategies for the rest of the Hunger Games. They will not attack us for now, because we have a quick truce.

"Look, what are those things flying in our direction?" Roosevelt (1) asks to me, extending his finger to a silver thing moving in our direction. Trenton (2) is too fast.

"Sponsor gifts, it is kinda obvious!" Trenton (2) murmurs while I get up and I extend my hand to grab a long silver parachute with few things inside. A long and sharp knife and two silver spears, I think they are not for me. They are Roosevelt's.

"Look, I think it is your's," I say extending the two spears while he palms them quickly. Trenton (2) opens a parachute and opens a wide smile. A yellow note appears laying next to some wire and nets, and he grabs it. "A plan for tonight. Lock all the entrances to kill them."

'I will participate," Roosevelt (1) says quickly.

"Me too." I say, looking to the side.

In that moment, the desperate girl from district 11 invades the auditorium through the stage and the Capitol tributes kill her easily. The girl just throws a knife at the girl's belly and she shakes to the ground.? BOOM!? They look at us and we clap hands, like a musical show.

Liam Smith (D6)'s POV

I walk around the math classroom, searching for some good things to use in your favor like weapons or medicine, but I found nothing to interesting to use. By now, I heard just two cannons and I have sure about two people. Alexis (5) and I.

"Look, a parachute!" I exclaim while I see a silver circle going directly to where Alexis (5) is right now. He opens it quickly and he grabs a bow, arrow and poison. "Help me poisoning these arrows!" He yells while I sit in his side, helping him.

Rori Hurns (D12)'s POV

I hug Jonathan (12) while he leaves our classroom to search some food around the cafeteria and in the directors' board, because the district 11 girl left the place to fight against the Capitol tributes. She is so stupid, that even I can kill her easily.

He leaves in silence while I walk back to where we were and I sit on a high chair next to the window. No one can see me from where I am, but I can see them. I focus all my eyes directly on the auditorium, where a big and dangerous alliance is forming. I think that the Capitol tributes and the boys from 1, 2 and 9 are together now as a team. Oh no...

Then, I see the three boys leaving the auditorium and walking in the direction of the classroom where I am, but they will not know that I am here, because I turned the lights off. Suddenly, I hear someone moving on the door and I get scared, I'm so afraid now...?

Then, I hear a pair of hands moving on the door lock and I facepalm. Then, the noises stop for a while and I hear some footsteps walking away from my camp, so I relax again. But some minutes after, I hear Jonathan (12) calling for me and I open the door. At this moment, a match ignites on my hair and I immediately jump on the cold pave while Jonathan (12) gets scared.

He sits on my side, one of his hand is locked on mine and his other hand is cleaning my hair of the fire, but it is too late. The flames enter in my body and I roll my body to outside the classroom, Jonathan (12) plants a kiss on my cheek while...? BOOM!

Day 3

Day 3

Alexis Pheta (D5)'s POV

I wake up and I wake Liam up quickly. He nods at me with an angry face and I share my last amount of dried meat with him. He eats quickly, like he is starving. Well, we will be starving soon, because that dried meat was my last food, but I think my sponsor will send it to me.

"So, what you want to do today?" Liam (6) asks me, sitting on my right side. At this exactly moment, we see a yellow mentor note flying at my direction with a small parachute. Liam (6) stands up and he grabs it faster than my movements.

"What it says?" I ask, extending my hand at the mentor's note.

"It says to retrive all the chalk off the math classroom and prepare our arrows with the rest of the poison," Liam (6) murmurs while I look at the chalkboard. I nod to there and Liam (6) starts to grab some chalk quickly.

"Pick up the chalk while I poison our arrows," I whisper while she moves his body in agreeement. Then, I return my attention to the arrows.

Skinner Bone (D3)'s POV

This career's campsite is really boring! No action is happenning and we are keeping here until the death of the Capitol tributes, so it will take a long while. No tribute is attacking you, because they all are chickens with fear of some weak tributes like Apollo and Marcia.

"Skinner, can you search for some edible plants on the forest?" Marcia (7), the most stupid out of our alliance, asks me and I look at her eyes.

"No, Marcia. I am really bad in plants identification." I reply while she opens a blue backpack and Apollo (4) joins our chat.

"What you want to do now?" He asks, sitting on the floor.

"Kill!" I reply immediately and they both change eyes, then, I grab my backpack and I put my scythe on it. "Fuck you all, I am leaving!" I yell while I cross a huge hallway and I find the directors' board with no one inside, I enter in it and I hear some footsteps.

Lucretia Phantom (Cap)'s POV

"There," I whisper, pointing out to the directors' board. I saw someone getting in, but I do not know who is inside the room. Maybe Jonathan (12), because Rori (12) died yesterday, or even, Metallix (2), because Tidal (4) died yesterday also. I just advance next to the room.

"I think that Skinner, the career from district 3, is inside," Lucifer (Cap) replies me in a low voice and I stick up next to him, we need to be close. He reads the mentor note again and he prepares himself to the attack. I think Skinner (3) has just a scythe and few axes, so he has a melee and a long-range weapon.

"NOW!" Lucifer (Cap) screams while he smashes the door against the wall and I advance inside the classroom. Skinner (3) gets scared and he picks up one of his axe. I start to throw some knives and he starts to divert from them and I start to fear my possible death.

Then, I start to have more hopes. Lucifer (Cap) appears with a short rope and he starts to strangle Skinner (3). While he tries to kill the idiot career, I retrieve the knifes that I threw around the directors' board.? BOOM!? "Finally, he is gone." Lucifer (Cap) breathes while he grabs all of Skinner (3)'s supplies and we return to the auditorium, where the boys are guarding for us.

Tommy Launkery (D9)'s POV

The Capitol tributes return out of their big chase and they show their new supplies. Lucifer (Cap) says that he killed Skinner (3) and we breath, like we are in agreement. Skinner (3) was a big threat, and now he is gone. It is really amazing for our alliance.

I keep looking around the auditorium, searching for some random things to use as weapons and traps some days later, but it is really hard to found. Roosevelt (1) and Trenton (2) are reading our mentor's note while the Capitol tributes are seeing what Skinner (3) had in his backpack. They did not find his new scythe, and no one knows where it is.

So, I see a reflect of something shiny as a blade, illuminating all the pipe on the auditorium, I am small and flexible enough to walk through it and hit the precious item. I sit down next to the pipe where the shiny supply is laying. I open the entrance of the pipe and I make the form to start to crawl, but a voice stops me.

"No, Tommy! Our mentor said to you stay here with us!" Roosevelt (1) and Trenton (2) yell loud, together as a team. I just shrug my shoulders.

"I will just grab an item. I will be back soon," I say, entering in the pipe while I crawl away through the pipe and I found the shiny thing. IT IS A SPIDER! I try to return to the auditorium, but I see three small spiders walking in my direction and I start to scream like a crazy, but I think no one is listening me. I start to kill the spiders, but one bites me on the right arm and I lay on the piper. The biggest spider comes in my body while two spiders come in my eyes, and my vision disappears from the nothing.

I just let out my body be taking away while some spiders start to bite me with strenght. My mouth and my nose begin to paralyze. The spiders make a web through my face, stopping me of breathing. Then, I feel the biggest one entering in my mouth and suffocating me on the throat.? BOOM!

Jonathan Magas (D12)'s POV

I was stalking Metallix (2) all the day and she is angry with her mentor. She is promising revenge against Battleaxe, and I think it will happen next day. By now, I am ignoring her. I don't want to be killed, but I don't want to stay on the chemistry classroom, because Rori's blood is spread on the floor.

I sit next to a pipe near the music classroom and I let the entrance open, to escape whenever I need. By now, I will just relax.

Piers DeFillie (D10)'s POV

I am returning from the chase with Laura (8) at my side, but we did not found any tribute walking around the arena, or school for us. We return, slowly, to the library where Tropics (13) is waiting for us to come. Suddenly, Laura (8) stumbles and I carry her on my arms.

"What is wrong with you?" I ask, looking at her scared eyes. She moves the hand around her foot and I put her next to a chair on the middle of the hallway.

"Nothing. But I think I broke my left foot..." She stammers while I put my arms around her waste, to bring her back to the library.

"I think your sponsor will send something like band-aids for you!" I reply while we are almost arriving at the library, where Tropics (13) is.

"Ok," She says, kissing me with all the strenght that she brought in one minute. I have to confess, it is so good. Everybody thinks she is bizarre, but she is really nice and funny with me. Then, we hear a scream.


Immediately, I open the door of the library and we see the bookcase of the library over Tropics (13)'s body and Laura (8) looks at me. What we will do now?

Day 4

Day 4 - The Feast

Apollo Odair (D4)'s POV

Marcia (7) and I stand up next to a crate with a lot of important supplies. We watch Battleaxe (13) sleeping on his dark blanket. I change looks with Marcia (7) and she just nods to her axe. Then, we wear a strange noise and a silver parachute lays on our side. We start to walk towards the parachute, and another parachute comes in the cafeteria.

"That one is my. The other one is your's." I say, pointing out to the smallest silver parachute on the concrete. I palm the item inside the parachute and I see a good loaf of bread, with the same size as my hand. Marcia (7) looks at me and I ask what she got.

"Just a mentor note saying to get off the Cornucopia before the feast," She says, with a confused look. I examinate my mentor's advice and I realize the same.

"My mentor said it too. He said that the Capitol tributes are too dangerous..." My mouth let out the last words, while Marcia (7) ran to our little stand, pick up some supplies. Immediately, I grab my best trident and my bread and I put on the empty backpack where Marcia (7) is gaurding our supplies. She points out to the library, where Laura (8) and Piers (10) are.

Laura Ingres (D8)'s POV

I sit on a chair inside the library, while Piers (10) is guarding the books on some small places and cleaning up the room. He seems more nice with me since I broke my left foot, because he thinks I am the weakest one on the arena now.

"Piers, why are you putting those books outside the room?" I ask, while he returns to the library, with a silver parachute on his left hand. He reads the note wrapped on the parachute and he extends it in my direction. I pick it up quickly and I start to count what I won today. Two breads and a pack with ten band-aids along with a yellow mentor note.

"I think some people are coming...." I start to speak, while two people knock the door of the library to the floor and Piers (10), immediately, throw his knife crossing the air to find Marcia (7)'s nose. BOOM! She crumples to the ground, and I try to get up, but I stumble on the ground.

Apollo (4), without a second thought, throws his blue and metallic trident directly on Piers (10)'s chest and he stumbles to the ground. BOOM! I let out a loud scream, and I begin to crawl away at my front. Apollo (4) sits and begins to cry in a low voice. I sit next to him, and I don't know what to do. Should I kill Apollo (4) now? He killed my only love...

Jonathan Magas (D12)'s POV

I heard two cannons today and the feast did not started yet. The Capitol tributes and the boys from district 1 and 2 will go to there, and hopefully, they will cross this hallway and I will put them down quickly. Now, I have to wait for few seconds...

I stay here for a very long time, and from the nothing, a big yellow table appears on the center of the Cornucopia and I see Metallix (2) coming from the third hallway and getting her backpack quickly. Where are the Capitol tributes? They are late.

Trenton Powers (D2)'s POV

"RUN! Run fast, Lucretia!" Lucifer (Cap) yells while he holds his two throwing axes at the hands. Lucretia (Cap) is faster than us, but Lucifer (Cap) can run faster. After few minutes running like crazy boys, we enter on the Cornucopia while we move our heads side-to-side.

Immediately, Roosevelt (1) runs to the table and grab all the backpacks there. Just we and the Capitol tributes are here now, but the district 2 backpack is missing. Metallix (2)! She was here, or she is here right now. But I can't find her right now.


"Look!" Lucretia (Cap) shouts, pointing out to the Careers' small stand and we start to run towards the place. There, we find Metallix (2) standind up and breathing many times, like she is needing oxygen. We see her bow with the used rope and we look a figure on the ground.

"Who you killed?" Roosevelt (1) asks her, while she retrieves her bow off a boy's abdomen. She starts to drag the body in our direction, and we see the shiny blonde hair reflecting the light of the stand. Lucifer (Cap) and Lucretia (Cap) change eyes, while I look to Battleaxe (13).

"So, alliance?" I ask to her, extending my hand.

She starts to think for a short while, but she shakes my hand with strenght and courage. "Sure!" Roosevelt (1) starts to grab some supplies. I think we will come back to the auditorium later.

Day 4 - Aftermath

Alexis Pheta (D5)'s POV

Three cannons fired today. It means that three tributes died during the feast or before that event. I keep chatting with Liam (5) about some strategies, and I remember him that no one tried to attack us until this moment. Liam (6) shrugs and I look at the door of the math classroom.

Finally, Liam (6) received sponsor gifts and he shared some things with me, because I shared with him. Then, I wlak up to the entrance of our classroom.

"Anyone was caught by the trap?" He asks, bitting a bit of his bread.

"None by now." I say, slamming the door again and I realize something amazing. We are on the top ten, this is really amazing.

Day 5

Day 5

Metallix Gleam (D2)'s POV

I wake up to the sound of some footsteps on the auditorium. I open my eyes slowly and I watch the auditorium around and I realize that Roosevelt (1) and Trenton (2) are doing some things. I pick my metallic bow up and I put it on my arms. Roosevelt (1) nods at me.

"You received parachute today," He says, extending a silver square with a baloon. I take the baloon off and I palm the blanket that I received.

"It is a surprise. I thought he was mad at me," I retort, examinating the blanket. I need to have sure that it is not poisonous or something like that.

"Why he is mad with you?" Trenton (2) asks, checking his four throwing axes. He arranges two of them on the jacket while he gets up.

"He prefered Battleaxe over me," I say, feeling a tear almost coming off my eye.

Our fast chat is broken by the Capitol tributes, who seem excited for one more day. I shrug the shoulders while the girl with black hair prepares their supplies at just one backpack. They two look at us, while we keep surprised with their reactions.

"Are you leaving?" I ask.

"No, we will just try to kill Jonathan, that stupid lover." Lucretia (Cap) says, smashing the door behind her. I change eyes with Roosevelt and Trenton.

Apollo Odair (D4)'s POV

I grab the second trident that my mentor sent me and Laura (8) prepares herself. She was a bit upset yesterday, because Marcia (7) killed Piers (10), her only love. I am sitting on the library, but too lazy to open a book right now. I want some action...

One of the books are about edible plants and insects. I think I am average about that, and these Games has no natural paisages. Laura (8) sits next to me, with some strategies for the rest of the Games written on a big paper and a blue pencil.

"So, where do you think that we should start?" She says while we hear a scream outside the library. We hurry up to the door and we open it.

"Liam, warning!" Alexis (5) screams while we see Roosevelt (1) and Trenton (2) collecting their old ropes and wires, Laura (8) and I step off the library and I head towards Metallix (2), but Laura (8) stops me. "We can't do nothing about it."

Then, Roosevelt (1) shoots one spear at Liam (6)'s direction and Alexis (5) something too fast that I can't understand, and Liam (6) drops to the ground. BOOM!

Roosevelt (1) and Metallix (2) start to run away, but Trenton (2) stumbles on the hallway. Alexis (5) take his tear off his cheek and he shoots one arrow directly where Trenton (2) is. The district 2 boy tries to dack off, but the arrow finds the center of his back. BOOM!

"Do you want an alliance?" I let out, immediately. He keeps crying for a while, but Laura (8) is helping him. Then, he looks at us with a shy smile. "Sure!"

Lucretia Phantom (Cap)'s POV

Lucifer (Cap) and I heard two cannons today. It means that just eight tributes are alive, so we are close to end of the Hunger Games. He hugs me quickly, but I ignore it. We have to kill Jonathan (12)! He needs to die soon, and our victory will be closer.

I catch the yellow mentor note and Lucifer (Cap) grabs it out my hand. He starts to red, and whispering and talking low with me. He just points out to a hallway through the Cornucopia and I nod in agreement. We see a figure running behind it.

We start to sprint towards the hallway while Jonathan (12) starts to run. I make a curve, to appear on the opposite side where he is fleeing. I approach him and he starts to crawl away. I grin loud, because Lucifer (Cap) is approaching us from behind.

"Kill him now!" Lucifer (Cap) shouts while I grab out one of my throwing knives. Then, I feel a blande entering in the center of the belly and I shake to the ground. Lucifer (Cap) yells loud, while I feel the pain arriving at my stomach. Jonathan (12) falls on my side and he coughs blood at my body. He is with an axe laying on his chest, while I lay on the pave.

BOOM! Lucifer (Cap) approachs me and shouting something that I can't hear. He starts to go crazy and my life shade away quickly... BOOM!

Roosevelt Golderness (D1)'s POV

Trenton and the girl from Capitol died today. Now, we are in the top six, and my only ally is Metallix, from district 2. I remember who the others are. Lucifer (Cap), the biggest threat in the arena, followed by Apollo (4). I remember about the girl from 8 and Alexis (5), the boy who killed Trenton (2).

"Congratulations, top six. Tomorrow, it will be the last day of the 275th Hunger Games, popularly know as the School Quell! To celebrate with you, two victors will be crowned. But with one condition: they have to be of the same gender. Just two males, or two females. Good night!"

What? I can win! But I have to kill Metallix (2)...

Day 6

Day 6 - The Final Day

Metallix Gleam (D2)'s POV

I wake up on the soft blanket that my mentor sent me yesterday. I look at Roosevelt (1) at my side, he can not win along with me. Just one of us will survive until the last minutes of this competition. I try to sleep again, trying to get out the world, but I can't.

Suddenly, I hear a familiar noise on the sky. I get out the auditorium, while one silver parachute lays directly on my hard hand. I palm it with strenght, praying for something good. But when I open it, I see. My mentor note with a phrase repeating:


Nothing can hurt more than this. But I will let my mentor down, I will show to him that I have strenght enough to take all the tributes down and win these Games. I want to see my district again, and they will greet me, while they will hate my stupid mentor.

I tear the paper on several pieces and I spread it on the pave. Suddenly, I hear a blade coming from behind and I try to dodge, but it hits my stomach. I start to feel a pain running down my leg and a pain, even bigger, arriving at my poor heart. The blood starts to choke my throat, while I try to see the face of my attacher. I look to behind and I see Apollo (4)'s body. BOOM!

Apollo Odair (D4)'s POV

I see the girl from 2 laying on the cold floor next to the auditorium. I think the boy from 1 is there, but I will not attack now. I just pull my trident off Metallix (2)'s stomach and she crumples. I clean the blood off my trident and I place it next to my arms.

Then, I see a figure running away and I turn my head to see Roosevelt (1) running for his life in the path to the Cornucopia. Oh no! He will ally with Lucifer, the biggest threat. They together will be dangerous for me. I return to the library and I see Alexis (5) sitting on a chair.

"Where Laura (8) is?" I ask, looking side-to-side for her bizzare hair. Alexis (5) looks at me and he points out to the door behind me.

"She ran away. She thought that we were here to kill her," He says, standing up and recollecting the rest of his supplies.

"Oh, it is alright. Where do you think that we should go now?" I ask to him. It is the last day on this arena, we can't stay here for the rest of the day.

"I don't know. Maybe we should attack Lucifer and Roosevelt. Then, we kill Laura." He responds, pointing the bow at his arm.

"Alright. Let's hunt them."

Roosevelt Golderness (D1)'s POV

I circle all the hallway to find the Cornucopia's cafeteria and I run quickly to the little stand that the Careers made some days ago. I see a blanket and a person or thing sleeping inside it. I walk in silence, I don't want to wake him up fast.

Slowly, I press my fingers on the blanket and I feel someone pushing me to the cold floor. Lucifer (Cap) is standing on the top of me, looking at me with a serious face. He grabs my hand and he pulls me to the stand. I get up and he sits on a crate.

"What are you doing here?" Lucifer (Cap) asks, surprising me. I really don't know why he is ignoring me that way. We made a truce few days ago...

"To make a new truce. We both can win, so we should attack the other tributes together." I reply, opening a shy smile on the face.

"Whatever. It means that you allied with me because you are weak to compete against the other tributes?" He asks with a closed face.

"No..." I say while I see two bodies running with light footsteps at our direction. Immediately, I let out a wide scream that everybody around Panem can hear. "Oh my god!!!" Lucifer (Cap) grabs his throwing axes while we see two boys arriving.

Laura Ingres (D8)'s POV

"Oh my god!!!" Roosevelt (1) yells while Apollo (4) and Alexis (5) come running at their direction. It means that the cannon early this morning was Metallix (2)'s. Now I have to face the boys alone, with possibly, no help of someone except for myself.

I am spying them, hiding next to the Cornucopia in a tight and dark hallway. I see Roosevelt (1) grabbing one of his spears, while Lucifer (Cap) holds three throwing axes at the cold hands. At the other side, running like two crazy boys, Apollo (4) and Alexis (5) approach them.

Then, my legs start to slide off the tight pipe on the hallway and my soft hands find the cold pavement. I start to slide through the pipe and I fall on the pave with my two foots on the ground. I continue spying the two alliances fighting, and the fight seems more intense.

So, I put my head next to the Cornucopia and I look around. I grab my blowgun and I insert some darts at it quickly as a bullet. I place my head ready for a possible attack of the other tributes. I look again the golden horn and I see one axe finding Apollo (4)'s back.


He drops to the ground and I think in attack. I put my legs underneath my body and I begin to run towards the gold and big horn placed on the center.

Lucifer Python (Cap)'s POV

I just killed Apollo (4) and I watch out for Alexis (5). He seems more fragile now, with the ally's death. But suddenly, I feel someone jumping behind me, directly on my back. The shaking hands of the person reaches my neck and begins to strangle me.

On my front, I see Roosevelt (1) grabbing one spear and seeing around. Alexis (5) comes from behind and tackles Roosevelt (1) to the floor. The hands of Laura (8) pushes me to the ground and she begins to put more strenght on the attack.

"Die!" She yells while she chokes me against the Cornucopia. I start to feel my senses going away, while I feel the blood starting to fulfill my dried throat. I kick the Cornucopia, making a loud sound to everyone else hear. Suddenly, a strenght pushes Laura (8) away.

"Thanks, Roosevelt..." I say while he grins at me and I see Laura (8) with an injury on the arm. He picks a spear up and I see an arrow flying at his back. I try to report him, but it is too late. The spear lands on his back and he coughs blood. BOOM!

"Now, we have to kill Laura (8)." I say to Alexis (5) and I realize that he is shaking. I place my machete on my hand while I slide to the ground. My neck is still hurting and Alexis (5) is too fragile to fight against Laura (8). Suddenly, Alexis (5) crumples to the ground with a dart on the arm.

"Are you died?" I scream loud while he shakes more on the cold pave. Laura (8) looks at me, with an angry face and I grab my machete again. She grabs a knife that she found on the floor and she puts it on her left hand. Alexis (5) whispers while I run to her direction.

Alexis Pheta (D5)'s POV

Lucifer (Cap) and Laura (8) fly on each other and they begin to fight like wild animals. She cuts his forehead with the knife, but he does not die. I move my hand over my injury on the arm and I take the dart off. I think it is not poisonous, which surprises me.

Then, Lucifer (Cap) pushes her by the hair to the ground and he begins to punch her with strenght. I see her tiny face being smashed up by the brutal boy from the Capitol. My arm begins to stay cold, and I relax for a moment. I see they two fighting on my front.

I crawl to my silver bow and I place just one arrow at the front of the bow. Laura (8) is seriously bleeding and Lucifer (Cap) is too tired to continue fighting. I put the arrow over my eyes and I feel the arrow ripping out the rope. It flies through the air and...


Who died!? Who died!? I see the other two tributes laying on the ground with serious injuries and blood on the body. I begin to get confused, but the trumpets start to sound. Lucifer (Cap) opens his tired eyes and he grins at my direction.

"We won!" He whispers while a hovercraft stays over me. It takes my body away and Lucifer (Cap) is caught by the hovercraft too. I sit on a red chair, while a Capitol female doctor cleans my serious injury. I close my eyes while the words repeats on my mind.

We won!

After Games

Lucifer Python denounced the Capitol program which young boys and girls were selected to train for the Hunger Games. He saw his family again, and the Capitol named him the "Future Inspiration" of the decade and he started a new training center, where just the kids who like training can participate. He never forgot about Lucretia, and he never married, but he adopted a female cat and named it "Lucretia".

Alexis Pheta transformed himself in the richest boy in all the district 5 and the boys from his school stopped to bully him. He was a big idol of Katniss Everdeen and he wants to take care of all the orphans in his district, so he founded the Katniss Pheta Orphanage where all the young boys and girls without parents are allowed to join.

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