So, I am doing these because I need some Games to write the deaths that I plan down, and my 55th Hunger Games is still on the rides to Mars. Those will be the first priority, and I will write these when I have free spare of time.

Also, I will be selecting tributes this time. I will give you credit for making the tribute, but if you don't want your tribute here, message me as soon as possible. 

By the way, these will have no pre-Games, just the actual Games. 


After the victory coming from District 10, an outlying district, the career districts want revenge as the Capitol wants blood and more blood. Who will survive? How?


District Name Age Weapons User
D1 Male Panther Doom 18 Anything Jabberjay78
D1 Female Kourtney Rodriguez 14 Meteor Hammer TDR97
D2 Male Mason Yourface 17 Mace Beetee19
D2 Female Alexis "Lexi" Holiday 15 Bow & Arrow, Knives Hybrid Shadow
D3 Male Sparks Fly 16 Machete, Axe Prezziesnow9704
D3 Female Logical "Logic" Queen 18 Intelligence, Throwing Knives District1 Obsessed
D4 Male Apollo Elto 16 Knives, Bow & Arrow Rueflower
D4 Female Aquamarine Summerton 16 Trident, Knives Angry birds12
D5 Male Cody Altomare 13 Stealth Kwankwan44
D5 Female Detria Glace 14 Throwing Knives, Blowgun Annamisasa
D6 Male William Jamesone 17 Snares, Poison TheMysterious Geek
D6 Female Arena Dallow 18 Axe, Throwing Knives Hyta100
D7 Male Aaron Evergreen 18 Bow & Arrow, Traps Panther12
D7 Female Thistel Foxbell 12 Bow & Arrow, Poisonous Plants EHKnight
D8 Male Nile Flame 15 Blowgun, Throwing Knives FrostSnake
D8 Female Chiffron Leek 13 Throwing Knives EffieLuna
D9 Male Zeph Nile 13 Mace, Axe TBWTPT
D9 Female Rowanne Tamora 12 Slingshot, Blowgun Ninja~Toast
D10 Male Clay Levenhire 18 Mace, Sword TheDeadlyOne
D10 Female Olivia "Livvy" Love 17 Blowgun, Traps Moviepopcorn123
D11 Male Antelope Grain 16 Knife, Sword AxedFox
D11 Female Michelle Rhode 17 Bow & Arrow, Trident ~PopTart~
D12 Male Flaire Fireblaze 14 Nunchucks, Knives Everdeen
D12 Female Gabriel DiPablo 13 Sword, Knife 2legit2quit


The arena is divided into four main sections named by precious stones. The first one of them is the section Diamonds. It is localizated on the right area of the arena, and is the best place to run into. Immediately when you step into the section, there is a plain and totally black ground with many diamonds shining on the floor, there is
  • Diamonds Section
  • Diamonds Section
  • Golds Section
  • Golds Section
  • Emeralds (not really the section xD)
  • Silvers Section
  • Silvers Section
also some black rocks and stones around. The plain area remains for a long while and it would be a good place to hide, mainly behind the rocks, but the diamonds shining confuses and disrupts the tributes. After the plain area, you have an enormous mansion, full with diamonds around, and some small wild animals around, providing at least food for the tributes.

At the north of the arena, we will find another section, the Golds. The entrance of the section is a big golden door, somewhat difficult to open. You have to press it hardly to finally open the door and run to inside the section. Inside, it has a castle covered by gold. You can't enter on the castle, since it is locked with hard gold chains. However, there is an enormous garden with poisonous plants, edible berries, insects, fruits and other things that may help the tribute in not starving.

Then, at the south of the arena, far away from the Golds section, there is the Emeralds section. It has a large forest, but instead of leaves, the trees have emeralds on the branchs. The emeralds shine bright during the night, showing the location of the tributes to whoever passes by it. There is also a big cave, exactly at the area separating this area. The cave is green all around, and there is sharp emeralds where the tribute would cut themselves or use it as weapons. 

In the left area of the arena, there is a large dark place. It is full with caves and rocks, and most of them are made with a special precious stone. Silver. The rocks are usually white, but the rocks and caves are like dark gray. The caves are very dangerous and deep, and it goes all the way through one kilometer or so. After the cave, there is a big hole full with sharp silver pieces and if someone ever falls off the cliff into the hole, they might die immediately after the jump.

Death Chart

Place Tribute District Day Killed by Killed how
24th Clay Levenhire 10 1 Mason (2) Mace in skull
23rd Cody Altomare 5 1 Aquamarine (4) Knife in chest
22nd Michelle Rhode 11 1 Gabriel (12) Knife into neck
21st Aaron Evergreen 7 1 Logical (3) Emerald into belly

The Games - Part 1: The Chaos

Day 1

Clay Levenhire - D10

As my platform is slowly elevated into the arena, the first thing my eyes catch is the bright sunlight right in the front of my eyes. The sun is invading my eyelids, so I look immediately to below. Around my platform, there is muddy ground, hard to run into.

I raise my eyes slowly and I stare at the exit of the north. It has a tall and golden door, even taller than all of the tributes. Talking about them, all of them stare panicking around, searching for a safe exit. The mud is around all of the platforms. All I can tell is that the bloodbath will be dirty. 

As I look to the countdown, I see the number slowly going down. It is on fifteen right now, and I have to think of what I am about to do. 

Inside the Cornucopia, there is probably the most important supplies to grab and get. But around the mud, like fifteen steps away, there is a silver mace which shines all the time I look into it. Seems like it is calling me, and it is getting in my nerves. I try to aim and stare at another thing, like a small loaf of bread or a medium blue backpack, both are not away from me.

But that mace is special, I feel like running to grab it. And I will have my opportunity right now.

Just as the gong sounds.

Gabriel DiPablo - D12


As I leave my platform, my foots enter on the mudpit, sending me backwards. The other tributes have some trouble running off, as I try to get my foots off the mud. I slowly manage to take off one leg from the mudpit, but the other seems to be deep in the mud.

So, finally, I push myself to the front, taking my other leg off the muddy ground. I stare around, and I see most of the tributes still on their platform and trying to get off the mud. Seeing the perfect opportunity, I sprint as fast as I can towards the supplies.

When I arrive at the water bottles section, I take two bottles slowly and I run towards the north area. The golden door is at my front, as I push it. I can't open it.

Mason Yourface - D2

I hurry up as soon as I get off the mud. I need to get into the Cornucopia as soon as possible, and obviously, select the best mace out of here. 

When I am almost arriving the Cornucopia, I hear my district partner shout from a distance. "Be careful, there is some tributes already prepared to fight! They are next to the maces station, so don't go there!" As she finishes her speech, I nod away and run to the maces station.

If she is thinking that I am going to don't have a mace just because another tribute is already there, she is not in her sanity.

As I approach the mace, my eyes shine nervously. This is the heaven of maces!

Many maces, with different materials, different colors, different shapes and lenghts, all of them calling for me to use them. I can't disappoint them.

The district 10 male takes out a mace and turns away, as I approach him. He looks me in the eye and advances against me, but I jump on the ground, rolling to the mace rack. I take the first one I see, one with spikes, perfect for me.

The boy from 10 swings his mace, as I creep out by behind him, and extending my mace against him.

"What is even your name?" He yells, trying to escape.

"Mas-on Your-face!" I shout, bounding my mace on the right side of his skull, just as the spikes open an injury in it. He falls dead.


Detria Glace - D5

For some reason, one cannon just sounded. This is weird, since the Gamemakers usually just ring the cannons when the bloodbath is over. However, there are still other tributes around the Cornucopia and they are quickly grabbing the supplies, so I have to work soon.

I emerge from the nowhere and run to the Cornucopia, where two little girls are picking some rope and wire on the grass field. They seem nice.

"Hello," I smutter and the girls look scared at me. "Don't worry, I will not attack you guys. I don't even have strenght or weapon to do so."

"Oh, I see. Do you want to ally with us?" The small girl from 7 asks me while the girl from 9, small also, nods nervously.

"We need her, Rowanne or we will die." The girl from 7 shouts and I nod positively.

"Th-thanks." I smutter again while the two girls get up and hand me some white backpack. They start to run towards the left area of the arena, and I follow them. Oh, good, I found some allies.

Olivia Love - D10

I pick up a metallic blowgun and some bag with many poisonous darts inside. It seems like perfect supplies to start, and it will help me when hunting animals.

Since I already have a weapon, I think on collecting water and food now. These are the only things that I still need to get. In a distance, I stare at some water containers right next to the district 8 pair, which probably allied since they two are grabbing things together. 

I hesitate on going towards the water, I don't know, the district 8 tributes may be strong enough to end up killing me, so I think I will wait. But I can't wait for long, I know that the career alliance will start to hunt people down soon, so I need to be far away when it happens.

Just as I finish this line of thought, I see some career girl running in my direction. Sorry myself, but I will need to stay without water for a while.

I sprint in the other way, as the girl approaches the district 8 couple.

Kourtney Rodriguez - D1

The stupid girl from 10 is running like a crazy away, and I open a quick grin. Even though I did not kill her, at least, she got scared and ran away. Decent enough.

As I turn around, I see the two stupid tributes from District 8 near the water containers section. The girl is prepared to flee, but the boy is picking up more and more water.

I think on trying to kill them, but they seem like one of those tributes that will die eventually. But I remember that I need to show that I am skilled enough to kill and leave the arena as an absolute victor. Hm... I can't decide, what should I do?

I take on look on them and decide to attack. I start to run in their direction, while I am holding a silver meteor hammer in my hand.

But as I approach them, they start to run away from me. They are too fast to be followed by me, so I give up in the half of the way.


William Jamesone - D6

I dig through the weapons pile, searching for some proper weapon to use. I can see some sharp and encurved knives now and then, but I prefer to work out with snares or traps. As I keep searching for some rope, I feel someone running in my direction.

The serious expression and the dark red hair are unforgettable. Just one person has that thing, and I clearly know who.

"Hi Arena," I say and she groans.

"Did you find your damn weapon or not?" She asks, furious.

"Wait, wait. I am looking for it." I reply and she guards my back. As I dig again in the weapon pile, I find some rope and wire, perfect to use in snares. Hmm...

"Let's go now!" She shouts, dragging me by the shoulder. I push her and get up, running with her towards a golden door where a boy is trying to open.

Sparks Fly - D3

Seems like I got an alliance. My district partner, Logic, and the weird boy from 5 are following me and they are helping me grabbing supplies to run away. As they help me on picking up food, Logic keeps looking around to see if the tributes will attack us.

"Are you seeing anything?" The boy from 5, that I think that is called Cody, questions her and she nods negatively to us. I sigh of relief.

I keep taking some bread and dried meat and putting inside a backpack. Cody helps me choosing the food, while Logic stays in the guard.

"I am seeing something," she says, terrified. 

We get up and I but the backpack in my back. Logic starts to run away as fast as she can and I follow her. Cody is fast also and he follows us right after. As I look behind for a while, I see both tributes from district 4 approaching us more and more.

As Logic enters in one dark section, me and Cody stumble together. We stare at the district 4 pair, behind us and I hope for the best.

Apollo Elto - D4

I let out a wide smile while Aquamarine and I approach the boys from districts 3 and 5. They fell on the ground, but I think that they are too afraid to stand up and run away.

"Who should we kill first?" I ask Aquamarine and she slowly takes two knives out of her jacket and slowly aims at one of the boys.

We see they whispering and Aquamarine looks at me. I nod and she throws her first knife in the air, sending them towards the two boys.

The knife flies towards them, but the boy from 3 manages to get up and the knife almost hits his foot. He runs away and the other boy advances against us with his knife. He slices my leg and I fall to the ground, as my life depended on it, I scream "Do something!"

Aquamarine throws another knife, exactly at the boy's chest, as he is about to finally stab me to death. My breath is constant, and the boy slowly collapses out.


"Oh my god, thank you very much!" I say to Aquamarine and she opens another smile.

"It isn't over yet." She replies, being mysterious. What she means?

Zeph Nile - D9

All I see around my legs are dead bodies and unused weapons and food. I have already taken food enough for one week and one axe that I found inside the golden horn. The tributes seem scared, fleeing all around like they are all about to die next.

Two cannons have sounded already and I know that if I don't disappear from here as soon as possible, my cannon will be the next to sound.

While I run to the left part of the arena, I run into the boy from 7, who seems be prepared to kill anyone with his bow and arrow, and some quiver of metallic arrows.

We cross eyes for a while, and he sighs, running to the other side. I whisper and keep running towards the dark entrance of the left area,

Panther Doom - D1

"DAMNIT!" I shout as I can't leave the mudpit. All the other tributes are already fleeing, and the career tributes are already grabbing all the weapons. I even saw the two tributes from District 11 running in my front and I could not kill them, because I was trapped here.

As someone emerges from the shadows, I raise my eyes towards her. The firing blaze haired girl approaches me and gives an evil smile.

"I can help you getting out there," she says, with an evil tune.

"I don't need your help, bitch!" I say and keep trying to leave. The girl sits and sees me nervously trying to get off the mud, oh damn!

"Okay..." I whisper and she gets up smiling. She takes my hand and pushes me off the mud.

"I need a favour now."


"Want to stalk the career all night and then kill them one by one?" She says with an evil smile, just the way I like.

"Sure, I was thinking about it." I reply.

"Well good, I'm Flaire from 12." She says. Seems like I got an alliance better than the careers.

Day 1 Aftermath

Michelle Rhode - D11

As the career tributes peace down and all of the tributes leave the main area of the Cornucopia, Antelope (11) and I reach the entrance of one of the four sections found in the arena. There is a big golden door and some dark haired boy is trying to open it. While we approach the boy more and more, I slowly take my bow and arrow and Antelope (11) places a metallic arrow in it. If it is needed, we will have to wipe out this boy as soon as possible. And he comes from District 12, he will not last long anyway.

"Can you two help me?" He says as he turns around and points to the golden door. Antelope (11) takes a look on me and I shrug my shoulders.

"In what?" I question the boy from district 12 and he says that the door is very hard to open, but maybe with three tributes, it may open easily.

"Alright, let's do this together!" Antelope (11) says and he starts to push the door, along with me and the quiet boy from 12. After a while, the door finally opens and we sigh of relief.

"Yay! We got it!" I celebrate and the boy from 12 looks weirdly at me.

He slowly takes a knife out of his jacket as Antelope (11) goes back to grab the supplies we left in the halfway. He mouths to me "sorry" and I feel the adrenaline in my veins. I shout it loud for Antelope (11) and as my district partners turn around, I feel a knife being injected in my neck.


Aaron Evergreen - D7

The boy from district 9 is far away, but I did not choose what entrance I am going for yet. There is two dark places, and one of them is shining green, I think I will go for that.

I run, taking calm and silent steps to don't call the attention of the career tributes who are around, searching for the reminiscent tributes. I examinate around, no other tributes is near the circle, except the boy from 11 who is over his district partner, who apparently died right before, she was the owner of that cannon that I just heard. I wonder who or what killed her.

I return to my focus and aim at the south section, full with shiny green lights. I run into it, and I found a forest, but it is a different forest. It is an emerald forest.

As I enter, I hear something coming from my side. I go for the noise and as I open my eyes through the emeralds, I see a campsite and two tributes apparently sad sitting around.

"Hello," I say as I enter on the campsite.

Bad movement.

Logical Queen - D3

"Hello," a strange and tall boy comes up to our campsite and my hands immediately go up to the ceiling of the cave, taking one sharp emerald. Sparks (3) is about to comment and talk, and the boy is about to move, but before it, I throw the emerald through his belly.

Sparks (3) gets speechless, his mouth gets dried and he just stares at me while I look the boy from 7 with the emerald through his belly.

"I'm sorry..." I whisper to him and he starts to shiver as I slowly take the bloody and sharp emerald out of his belly. He tries to stand up, but nothing can help him now, he lost. He is gone.

He limps to the ground as we hear his cannon. BOOM! Now I stop to think, I have made my first kill in the Games and in the first day. My district is, for sure, proud of me and Sparks (3) for both live through the bloodbath and come out until now alive.

"Logic," Sparks (3) calls me. "Good job."

Alexis Holiday - D2

The Cornucopia bloodbath has ended about thirty minutes ago, but the career alliance have not decided which one of us is going to collect the reminiscent supplies. Mason (2) and Aquamarine (4) will not, since they were the only ones who made a kill today. They keep arguing and I groan.

"Ok, I will go. Don't worry," I say, stomping away towards the circle of supplies that were not picked up by the other tributes. I go through the dark crates and supplies piles, taking care to see if any other tribute approachs me or something.

I take the light bags first and put them all inside a crate, examinating the crate. Then, I put the unused weapons, quickly taking off an encurved knife for my personal use.

As I start to drag the crate back towards the Cornucopia, I see some graveyard hidden between the emeralds and diamonds section, it has a strange fog around and the entrance almost can't be seen. I gasp and keep dragging the supplies.

Nile Flame - D8

Chiffron (8) and I walk into one of the sections, and here is the weirdiest and the darkest. It is between two sections, one full with diamonds and the other is full with emeralds. I think all the sections have a gemstone naming it, but I don't know what gemstone we can find here.

"Chiffron?" I ask and she turns away.

"What?" She questions as I can see her arm shivering, the bag is way too heavy for her, but she is over confident and will not let me carry it.

"Should not we set our campsite right here? It is safe, and I saw no tributes coming in our direction." I give a opinion to her and she examinates the place around with her quiet and smart eyes. She nods positively and sits over something gray.

A tomb.

Rowanne Tamela - D9

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