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So yeah, here I am again, and I know that in the five games I tried to complete lately I have failed due to confusion in school, personal problems, writer's block and lack of creativity.

But this time I will do my best and these games will start in a perfect time for me, the school is calm and I have time enough to complete these games, but once again I apologize for who signed up in my latest games and did not have a decent ending, I'm sorry.

But let's try again, right?



198 years after the Dark Days and the Hunger Games still fear all of the Panem's population. A boy and a girl with ages between 12-18 from all of the thirteen districts might be put in an arena to fight for their right to survive and have a decent life as a victor. May the odds be ever in your favour.


1. You may have up to two tributes, and by preference, two from different districts but you also can have tributes from the same district. It must include the following things in the template:


District: (1-13)




Backstory: (optional)

Appearance: (if possible, include height) (lunaii, real pic or description)




Bloodbath Strategy:

2. This time, I will not be really getting in-depth. I will do just the reapings in the Capitol's point of view and then, the Games. However, if these get a sequel, they will probably have more pre-Games.

3. My language is usually young-adult, I will probably not getting into sex and much violence in these Games, but be prepared in case it does.

4. Do not get mad at me for killing your tribute, twenty-five of them will end up dying.

5. Enjoy the Games and also, review my writing. I still have problems writing in english so any help would be welcomed.


District Name Age Fav Weapon User
District 1 Male Shine Smith 18 Axe LeonKaizerWolff
District 1 Female Candy Orenson 15 Crossbow Pippycat
District 2 Male Adam Hills 18 Spear WeirdTributes
District 2 Female Irelia Frostfang 16 Sword PumPumPumpkin :3
District 3 Male Ajax "Hercules" Emerson 17 Sword FrostyFire
District 3 Female Acacia Paragon 13 Javeline PumPumPumpkin :3
District 4 Male Konami Aretino 14 Fangs Tehblakdeath
District 4 Female Amy Oceania 15 Trident YourFavoriteSalmon
District 5 Male Tõnis Ambon 15 Bow & Arrow ~PopTart~
District 5 Female Nichole Peyton 15 Knife Nlby001
District 6 Male Eli Winersin 14 Axe YourFavoriteSalmon
District 6 Female Lana Stacie 16 Throwing Knives Aerialchinook
District 7 Male Jayson Huff 17 Axe Nlby001
District 7 Female Luna Devogne 18 Bow & Arrow WeirdTributes
District 8 Male Viggo Flame 17 Bow & Arrow FrostyFire
District 8 Female Aislyn Latona 17 Bow & Arrow *Kyoni~Kara*
District 9 Male Luke Falllon-Orchard 17 Slingshot Xbilliex
District 9 Female Scarlet Burn 15 Spear Pippycat
District 10 Male Raid Laced 12 Anything Thereal opian
District 10 Female Jessica Woods 16 Sword MyWorld
District 11 Male Mortarion Xeran 17 Knife Icanhasnofriends
District 11 Female Elizabeth "Liz" Pontchartain 14 Sword


District 12 Male Sonic Star 17 Dagger MyWorld
District 12 Female Cinder Marsh 18 Throwing Knives Yoonie
District 13 Male Blade Spectrus 14 Spear Tehblakdeath
District 13 Female Purity Knight 17 Throwing Knives Icanhasnofriends

Alliances (so far)

Career Tributes: Shine Smith (D1), Adam Hills (D2), Amy Oceania (D4), Cinder Marsh (D12), Purity Knight (D13)

D4 + D10 + D13 Alliance: Konami Aretino (D4), Raid Laced (10), Blade Spectrus (D13)

D1 + D9 Alliance: Candy Orenson (D1), Scarlet Burn (D9)

D3 + D8 Alliance: Acacia Paragon (D3), Viggo Flame (D8), Aislyn Latona (D8)

D3 + D5 + D6 + D11 Alliance: Ajax Emerson (D3), Nichole Peyton (D5), Mortarion Xeran (D11), Elizabeth Pontchartain (D11), Eli Winersin (D6)

D2 + D6 + D7 Alliance: Irelia Frostfang (D2), Lana Stacie (D6), Luna Devogne (D7)

D5 + D12 Alliance: Tõnis Ambon (D5), Sonic Star (12)

Alone: Jayson Huff (D7), Luke Fallon-Orchard (D9), Jessica Woods (D10)

Tribute Gallery


The Arena for the 298th Hunger Games is heavily based on Australia in its shape, however the arena's characteristics are way more different.

In the center of the arena, we have the Cornucopia and its influenced area. The big golden-horn is placed at the center of the area, and around it there is some low grass with some dark green flowers and woods gathered around it. Leaving the Cornucopia, going in any direction, you will find a normal forest. Medium-size trees, woods, fruits, and of course, animal. Deadly animals. Behind the safe trees, you can find a deadly kangaroo or even a poisonous koala bear, maybe. 

Leaving west or east, you will find a dense forest, with higher trees, voluminous woods, but in other side, more water and fruits. Leaving the dense forest by the left side, you will find an icy desert, with almost no trees or warmth to save you. However, if you survive throughout it and cross this area, you will eventually reach a meadow with many fruits, water and warmth. The best place in the arena. In the other side, if you leave by the right side, you will find a hot desert with the same characteristics of the icy desert, but in the contrary climates. Just as the icy one, if you leave the hot desert you will find the meadow.


Each tribute starts with $100, this money is sponsored by the own Capitol. 

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2

Shine Smith (1)


Candy Orenson (1)


Scarlet Burn (9)


Adam Hills (2)

Luna Devogne (7)

PumPumPumpkin :3

Irelia Frostfang (2)

Acacia Paragon (3)


Ajax Emerson (3)

Viggo Flame (8)


Konami Aretino (4)

Blade Spectrus (13)


Amy Oceania (4)

Eli Winersin (6)


Tõnis Ambon (5)

Elizabeth Pontchartain (11)


Nichole Peyton (5)

Jayson Huff (7)


Lana Stacie (6)


Aislyn Latona (8)


Luke Fallon-Orchard (9)

Thereal opian

Raid Laced (10)


Jessica Woods (10)

Sonic Star (12)


Mortarion Xeran (11)

Purity Knight (13)


Cinder Marsh (12)

Getting Money

These are the few ways to get money before and throughout the Hunger Games:

1. Training Score. The sponsors will feel free to sponsor your tribute if they receive a good score at the training. Here is the detailed table with the prize of every training score.

Score Prize
1 $5
2 $10
3 $20
4 $30
5 $40
6 $60
7 $80
8 $100
9 $130
10 $160
11 $180
12 $200

2. Killing another tribute. At each kill done by your tribute, they receive extra $100.

3. Reaching a higher placing. Reaching top 8 gets you another $100 and top 5 more $200.



  • Loaf of Bread: $50
  • Dried Meat: $60
  • Roast Meat: $100
  • Dried Fruits: $55
  • Fresh Fruits: $90
  • Cookies: $100
  • Soup: $100
  • Bottle of Water: $75
  • Bottle of Milk: $100


  • Awl: $50
  • Axe: $100
  • Blowgun: $75
  • Darts (10): $25
  • Dagger: $100
  • Knife: $45
  • Mace: $110
  • Net: $120
  • Bow: $80
  • Arrows (10): $40
  • Rope: $70
  • Sickle: $80
  • Slingshot: $100
  • Rocks (10): $10
  • Spear: $120
  • Sword: $125
  • Throwing Axes (10): $75
  • Throwing Knives (10): $70
  • Trident: $170


  • Jacket: $100
  • Blanket: $80
  • Sleeping Bag: $130
  • Large Coat: $150

Other Items

  • Burn Cream: $110
  • Freeze Spray: $110
  • Camouflage Paints: $120
  • Matches: $60
  • Painkiller: $70
  • Poison: $80
  • Capital Potion (heals any wound): $400

Items Sent

Day 2 - 

Candy Orenson - Spear = $120

Scarlet Burn - Spear + Throwing Knives = $190

Jessica Woods - Fresh Fruit + Water = $165

Raid Laced - Axe = $100

Day 3 -

Viggo Flame - Poison = $80

Mortarion Xeran - Knife (2x) + Bottle of Water = $165

Day 4 -

Raid Laced - Painkiller = $70

Luna Devogne - Bow + Arrow (10x) = $120


District One Reaping

Milla - Hello, everyone. My name is Milla Shrubio and I am going to be one of the narrators of the official Reapings in all of the thirteen districts, with a lucky boy and girl chosen from every district to fight in the upcoming 298th Hunger Games. By my side, we have the sensational head gamemaker of this year, Adinson Paylor who will comment about the tributes of us.

Adinson - Firstly, hello Capitol, it is such a great honor to be invited every year to present the reapings with all of you in home. Secondly, I wanted to thank President Snow IV to give me the chance of being the head gamemaker of the Hunger Games for a tenth consecutive year.

Milla - Before we start, can you tell us what things we should expect from this year’s Hunger Games?

Adinson - Action, violence, emotion and blood. And a lot of surprises and twists that we can’t announce here, so let’s keep it in secret until the Games start.

Milla - Alright, sir Paylor. So, let’s start with it directly with the District One, where the ceremony is already happening.

Adinson - Alright.

The camera flies over the District One square, with the district’s symbol flashing in the southeast part of the screen. As the symbol disappear, the camera focus on the crowd, where everyone is excited and cheering up. It feels like they have been waiting for the reaping day all through the year. As the camera turns away, it focus on the escort, who is using shiny purple clothes and silver shoes.

Marweq - Welcome, welcome, welcome. My name is Marweq and as you know, I am the district one escort since almost twenty years ago. It is a great honor to represent this district for the Capitol, so let’s give a round of applause for this wonderful district.

Everyone cheers and a long round of applauses happen. The camera focus again on the crowd, who seems more excited than ever.

Marweq - Good, excellent! This is why I love this district. But we shall start with the ceremony, shall we not?

As the escort walks up to the reaping bowl and picks up one name, he has no chance of announcing it, since there is already someone volunteering. There is a tall blonde girl shouting and volunteering herself, and the escort calls her to the stage. She goes happily to the stage, jumping as something really good happened to her. Maybe she is right, or maybe not.

Marweq - What is your name, darling?

Candy - My name is Candy Orenson and I am the female tribute of district 1.

Marweq - I really like this type of thoughts. You are going to do well in the arena, girl. But let’s now pick up our boy, right?

Just as he takes a paper out of the bowl, there is already some boys volunteering. The escort calls the tallest one out of them, and he walks up happy to the stage, blinking to the girls in the other area.

Marweq - And you, what’s your name?

Shine - My name is Shine Smith!

Marweq - Great! So District 1, I present you the two tributes for the 298th Hunger Games, Candy Orenson and Shine Smith! Let’s clap our hands for them.

There is a cheer and a celebration for the tributes once again, and the tributes are escorted immediately out of the stage as the cameras slowly leaves the stage.

District Two Reaping

Milla - Oh wow. Two volunteers in district one, not that I didn’t expect it, but they looked up more confident than usual.

Adinson - I agree, Milla.

Milla - Do you think that they can outcome the other tributes this year?

Adinson - I really don’t know. We shall see the other reapings before saying something.

Milla - Yeah, right. And talking about it, now we will go to District 2 where the escort is already up the stage!

The camera fades out in the Capitol studio and appears in the sky of District 2, and it slowly turns around where we can see the big square in distance and the escort of the district walking on the stage. She looks a little bit confused since there was no cheer for her once she entered the stage. Maybe because the district 2 last year didn’t go well last year.

Rachel - Welcome, District 2. I am Rachel Hotrei, the host of the reapings this year. We don’t have much time left, so let’s get the reapings started already! First, obviously the ladies.

The old escort gives a step to the reaping bowl at her left, shakes her hand and takes off a name out of there. She comes back to the microphone and opens up the paper slowly.

Rachel - Irelia Frostfang.

It’s clearly seen that Rachel expected for someone to volunteer in her place, as she gave a little break during the name thinking in possible volunteers. Out of the girl’s area, a dark-haired girl surges out of the crowd and oddly the peacekeepers invade the crowd and head up to her. She shouts and the mayor says for them to let her go, since she was reaped, and they had no option but let her continue in the Games. The girl smiles and enters on the stage, exactly at Rachel’s left, where she stays.

Rachel - Uh, great. Now let’s pick up the lucky boy who will represent this amazing district at the Hunger Games.

She repeats the same ritual as she did with the girls, but as contrary, when she starts to pronounce the name, a voice in the crowd shouts and volunteers. The camera searches the crowd for the brave face and stares at a confident blonde guy leaving the crowd and heading towards the stage with no signs of desperation or repetance.

Rachel - I really like volunteers, yeah a lot. So hey, come here, what’s your name?

Adam - My name is Adam Hills.

Rachel - Great, great. So, District 2 let’s give a round of applause to Irelia Frostfang and Adam Hills, the District Two tributes for the 298th Hunger Games!

There is some applause in the crowd, but it doesn’t even compare to the last year’s applauses when everyone was excited about the two volunteers, who ended up dying in the first day. Irelia and Adam will have to impress a lot this year to bring back confidence to this district.

District Three Reaping

Milla - Hello Panem, we’re back from the Capitol after the district two reapings ceremony. What did you think, Adinson?

Adinson - Interesting. The tributes look well, even with the fact that one of them was reaped, and not a volunteer.

Milla - Yes, I was going to talk about that. Isn’t it weird that no one voluntereed for the girl? I mean, the last time that in District 2 someone was reaped and no one volunteered in its place was a long while ago. To be sincere, I don’t even remember when it happened.

Adinson - I think that the confidence of the people in that district was shaken after last year.

Milla - That is, for sure. Talking about the reapings, I just received the information that the district 3 one is happening right now, so let’s go to there to follow the reapings properly.

The gray sky of the District 3 slowly fades in the screen, focusing in the stage which is placed in the center of the main square, and there is some kids gathered around. The camera quickly changes from the sky to the faces in the crowd, showing reactions such as confidence and fear. It turns around and catches the exact moment when the escort enters the stage with a smile in his face.

Giba - Welcome, all of the District 3. Today we will select the two lucky tributes for the 298th Hunger Games. But before we begin, I want to thank you all for the reception and I wish you a great Hunger Games!

There is some talk in the crowd, most of them talking their opinions about Giba, who is living his first year as an escort. He realizes the whispers so he tries to lead the reapings again.

Giba - Oh yeah, and my name is Giba. It’s my first year here, so I will try do it quick. First, let’s pick up a girl.

He extends his hand to the side and takes one slip of paper. He opens it up slowly and the excitement in the crowd starts to appear. But suddenly, something that no one expect happens. “I volunteer!” A brave girl shouts in the girls’ crowd and everyone turns their faces to where she comes, the thirteen-years-old area. Even the escort looks surprised.

Giba - Oh well. So come here, darling. Don’t let us waiting.

The girl walks to the stage slowly, looking confident. While the other girls are truly thankful to her, Giba looks surprised to have a volunteer in his first year as an escort, especially because he is in District 3, a district known by the lack of volunteers.

Giba - What’s your name, darling?

Acacia - My name is Acacia Paragon and I am the district 3 female tribute for the 298th Hunger Games!

The crowd responds with silence. They look surprised firstly by Acacia’s initiative and her confidence. Giba opens a smile and places Acacia behind him. He extends his hand to the other side and picks up another slip of paper.

Giba - And the boy who will be Acacia’s district partner is…

Again, there is some silence in the crowd and the audience can hear every single heartbeat.

Giba - Ajax Emerson!

Instantly, an old men and an old lady begin to cry in the distance. Out of the seventeen-years-old area, a dark-haired boy appears walking to the stage, and he takes just a little time to come.

Giba - Well, so that’s it! Let’s give a round of applause to the District 3 tributes: Acacia Paragon and Ajax Emerson!

As the district 3 reapings fade out, we can still hear the cries of the old couple.

District Four Reaping

Adinson - Wow.

Milla - I was going to talk the same thing, Adinson. The district 3 reapings just surprised me a lot.

Adinson - I think it was the most emotional and vibrant reaping so far, the silence in the crowd during the reading of the boy’s name just killed me.

Milla - Excellent audio effects! I have to clap hands for the audio department, which did a great job there.

Adinson - I agree, Milla. But wait, isn’t District 4 reaping starting?

Milla - Yes, it is. Let’s go to there!

As Milla was the captain, the camera leaves the stage and appears focused in the stage of the District 4, which actually is looking a lot like the District 1’s. While the escort does not come to the stage, the camera slowly turns and focus in the noisy crowd which looks excited for the beginning of the reapings. The escort steps in the stage and the camera promptly comes back its attention to the stage.

Farad - Hola, Distrito Cuatro!

The escort appears talking and everyone looks at him and starts to laugh. Every year, he appears with a different style and last year he was based on ‘The Flinstones’, a very old show which was set in the Stone Age. This year, he is dressed as a ‘mexican’, people who lived in the old Mexico.

Farad - Did you like my ‘Farad style’ of this year? By your reaction, I think that you liked it a lot, didn’t you?

The crowd keeps smiling and the audience in Capitol rises up during his speech. By his long years of experience, Farad knows how to keep a crowd excited during the reapings. Even when he started in District 12, the worst district to be a escort, he found a way to make the crowd laugh and feel safer than it really was.

Farad - So, no more delay. Let’s pick up the girl who will represent this wonderful district in the 298th Hunger Games. Good luck to all.

He extends his hand to the reaping bowl and slowly takes off a slice of paper. He reads it quickly and people has almost no time to process the name.

Farad - Amy Oceania.

Out of the girls’ crowd, a masked girl appears and walks up to the stage with no hesitation. A girl thinks in volunteering, but Amy says that she is going to go anyway. Once Amy enters in the stage, Farad highfives her and asks her to take her mask off. She just ignores and goes to the place she is supposed to be to follow the rest of the reaping.

Farad - Soooo, ok. Now let’s pick up the boy who will be the partner of this… this… wonderful girl, right Amy?

Farad keeps the crowd excited. The way he looks at Amy during the speech with a face of scared after Amy’s recuse to take the mask off makes the entire crowd laugh, and even Amy opens a smile.

Farad - And the lucky one is…

As contrary as she did with the girls, he reads the name slowly. Before he could finish the first name, a blue-haired boy volunteers himself. Farad says for him to come, and he leaves the crowd and goes to the stage with a wide smile stuck on the face. He looks weird and when he enters the stage, Farad starts to run and once again he makes the crowd laugh. He comes back laughing and extends the microphone in the boy’s direction.

Konami - My name is Konami Aretino and that’s it.

Farad - How he said, that’s it guys. Let’s cheer up and clap our hands for Amy Oceania and Konami Aretino, the District 4 tributes!

The crowd goes wild and loud rounds of applauses can be heard. The camera fades out while the applauses can still be heard. Looks like Farad made the District 4 tributes look incredible to the Capitol’s eyes.

District Five Reaping

Milla - We are back directly from direction 4 and we are still recovering from Farad’s comedy show at those reapings. I loved it!

Adinson - I agree, Milla. Farad just looked amazing at that mexican suit, of course he knows how to lead a reaping.

Milla - I honestly love him ever since he was the district 12 escort. He is just funny and serious at the same time, he deserves applauses.

Adinson - I just changed my mind and because of Farad I think that the district 4 reaping was just the best out of all for now.

Milla - But let’s wait, it is not totally over yet. We are going now to follow the District 5’s reapings.

In a blink of an eye, the Capitol studio disappears and the audience now feels into the district 5 square. The crowd is silent, totally not excited for the ceremony. No one actually expected for them to be, but the silence is so silent and so loud at the same time that it deserves a mention. As soon as the escort enters the stage, the starry eyes stare and gaze at her. A tall and thin woman wearing long pink dresses does not fit the beauty standard of District 5.

Edsina - Welcome, welcome district 5. I will try to do this year’s reapings ceremony faster than last year due to problems in transmitting this ceremony in the Capitol television. But before we begin the ceremony, let me hear a loud round of applauses to warm the Capitol audience up.

It is even funny how no one, even the Hunger Games fanatics looking at the reapings outside the square, claps hands along with Edsina. Her thin hands clap all alone while everyone in the crowd continues staring at her.

Edsina - Well…

Not even Edsina expected this low level of excitement this year, since the district 5 tributes kinda perfomed well last year. However, she has no idea of how to warm the crowd up so she just fakes that she got an idea out of the nowhere.

Edsina - Back to the reapings, let’s firstly select the lucky girl who will represent District 5 in the 298th Hunger Games. Are you ready? Cause here I go.

The reaping bowl is some steps away from her, so peacekeepers come at stage and push it to her side. She takes one slip of paper and opens it up slowly, trying to make suspense to the camera.

Edsina - She is… Nichole Peyton!

Immediately there is some whispers in the crowd and we can hear some people hesitating on volunteering for the girl’s place, but Nichole humbly takes her place, leaves her area and walks to the stage with the head up, looking to her friends at the side. The camera is focusing on her friends’ reaction and out of the suddenly, one of them is taken by the Peacekeepers so the cameraman quickly tries to change the attention to Edsina talking with Nichole.

Edsina - Great, great. We now shall pick up the male tribute, shall not we?

The crowd responds with silence and Edsina extends her hand to the contrary side, taking a name out of the boy’s reaping bowl. She takes the slip of paper, reads it and opens a brief smile. Interesting.

Edsina - Tõnis Ambon!

Immediately, there is some loud noises in the crowd. All of them know the ‘Ambon’ family, one of them emerged victorious just a few years ago. Yeah, this is happening. A brother of a victor is going to the Hunger Games and the people of the district has almost sure that it was not just bad luck. As Tõnis leaves his area and starts to walk towards the stage, his brother appears running in his direction and before the peacekeepers could take him off the way, his brother hands him a purple necklace. Tõnis gets frozen, paralyzed as the crowd keeps whispering about him and Nichole looks at him with a pity face. He comes back to his way towards the stage as the peacekeepers start to push him again and again, until he reaches the stage.

Edsina - Oh I guess I made you get excited at least… But back, let’s cheer up for the district 5 tributes: Nichole Peyton and Tõnis Ambon!

The crowd responds not with silent, but with screams of indignation. The tributes are taken off the stage quickly and the camera cuts the transmission.

District Six Reaping

Milla - Well, well. We are back once again and now we will comment a little about the district 5 reaping. What did you think, Adinson?

Adinson - Being honest?

Milla - For sure.

Adinson - I honestly didn’t think that this was a new type of reaping. It actually happens every year, so I am not a bit surprised.

Milla - What did you think about the selected tributes?

Adinson - I liked Tõnis. laughs Maybe because I played with his brother and playing with another ‘Ambon’ will be great, if you get what I mean.

Milla - I surely do. But I think that is time for us to go to District Six, where the reapings are probably already happening.

The symbol of District 6 appears in the southeast region of the screen and the camera quickly turns to a District 6 overview, where we can see the square. It slowly gets closer, reaching a mark where can see the details of the square and the empty stage, for now. The camera does the same of all of the districts, it shows an overview of the crowd. Not excited, but not totally silent. They just look with no emotions.

Yutie - Am I late?

A strange voice booms through the District 6 speakers and blows through the entire crowd. The escort comes at the stage, with no shoes and messed up clothes. The whole population stares at him while he tries to get the things done quickly.

Yutie - Yeah, hello District 6! Sorry for being late but I just had problems with my train from the Capitol, but here I am, right? Let’s get things started so we can end it up quickly.

Yutie, the escort, shouts to the peacekeepers and they appear with two big reaping bowls and take it to Yutie’s both sides. The peacekeepers leave the stage fast and Yutie takes a paper out of the girl’s reaping bowl first.

Yutie - Sorry for no introduction, but we have almost no time to do it so let’s get it quick. The girl who will represent this district as the female tribute in the 298th Hunger Games is…

Instant silence followed by a brave scream in the girls’ area. A girl stands up and volunteers for the girl not-even pronounced yet. She takes her way to the stage with a confident smile and Yutie looks surprised, however he is more preocupated with his hair that could not be prepared for the reapings. The girl walks onto the stage and Yutie extends the microphone to her.

Lana - My name is Lana Stacie and I volunteer for the district six female tribute’s spot in the 298th Hunger Games. I hope the entire district supports me because I am doing it for you all.

Yutie - Ok, Lana. You can wait behind me while I pick up the boy’s name.

He repeats the same ritual that he did with the girls and he calls the name real fast.

Yutie - Eli Winersin.

In the crowd, a dark-haired boy starts to laugh until he realizes that all of his friends and actually everyone from district 6 is not laughing along. His face turns to a ‘this-is-so-funny’ expression to a total blank expression in a matter of seconds. One of his friends push him and helps him to get to the stage, where he rises up in the stage and heads towards where the escort and Lana are waiting.

Yutie - Again, I’m sorry for being late this year. I will try to come earlier next year, but for now, we shall clap our hands for the couple who will represent District 6 this year: Eli Winersin and Lana Stacie!

The camera slowly fades out the stage and focus on the crowd gathering around, heading home. While the majority of the population is happy that they are safe from the Hunger Games one more year, two families are going to have hard days and nights until the end of the Games - or until they die.

District Seven Reaping

Milla - Hello again, population. We just watched the district six reapings and we are officialy heading to half of the reapings ceremony now.

Adinson - Yes, Milla. We are going now to the district 7 one, and I can’t literally wait to meet all the tributes of the this year’s Hunger Games.

Milla - Right. What did you think about the reapings until the present one?

Adinson - Honestly, they are too monotonic, except by a few of them.

Milla - What one did you like the most and what was the one that you didn’t like at all?

Adinson - District 4 and 6, respectively.

Milla - The reason we shall know later, because right now we will go to the district 7’s square where the reaping solemnization is about to begin.

The camera cuts off the studio and appears in the sky, then slowly it changes to an overview of the district seven's forest, going ahed through the woods until we can see the square in distance. The district 7 symbol glows in a little area of the screen, as we can begin to hear people talking. We are approaching the square. As soon as the camera reaches there, the symbol disappears and the camera focus on the dense crowd. The young people is all around the square, which is totally full. Finding an empty place gets hard as more people arrive to watch the reapings. After about one minute focused in the crowd, the camera turns around and targets at the escort arriving at the stage. Her tattoos call attention and become the subject every year in the Capitol, and seems like she did it again. She tattooed the only part in her that was still natural, her nose. Now she has a weird pink dragon stucked on it.

Catarin - Hello, District Seven. My name is Catarin Severa and I will be for the fourth consecutive year your official escort. I hope you enjoy the reapings and good luck for you all.

Catarin is one of the top trending escorts in the Capitol recently and there were rumours about a promotion to a bigger district if the district seven tributes do well. She will probably try to make the best work that she ever did in her life, but it will also depend on the tributes. She is wishing good luck for the crowd, but she is actually doing to herself. She doesn’t want to reap off a weakling.

Catarin - Ok, we shall start. Beginning with the girls.

She extends her hand and takes off a slip of paper with the girl’s name written on it. She breathes slowly and reads the name in the microphone as the silence in the crowd becomes instant.

Catarin - Luna Devogne Rae.

As everyone met the girl called up, all of the faces in the crowd turn to a blonde-haired girl which is in the eighteen-years-old area, meaning she is old enough for the Hunger Games. There is some low conversation between the people in the crowd as Luna slowly makes her fast way to the stage with the face looking to the ground. As she enters in the stage, Catarin examines her and opens a brief smile before telling Luna to stay behind her during the rest of the ceremony.

Catarin - Great. We should select the lucky boy now, right?

Catarin once again extends her hand and pulls out a name. The silence in the district happens again, this time shorter than the usual.

Catarin - Jayson Huff.

A little bit of time passes by until finally a dark-haired boy comes out from his area and walks towards the stage. He is very, very tall and also he seems physically strong. This is all what Catarin wanted, two old and experienced tributes to ‘compete for her’ in the Hunger Games. He walks fast and arrives at the stage soon. He takes his place next to Catarin and the Capitol anthem plays as Catarin finishes the reaping.

Catarin - May the odds be ever in our favor, District 7!

District Eight Reaping

Catarin’s sentence makes the crowd go wild, but before the camera could show it up, we are taken to the Capitol studio where Milla and the head-gamemaker Adinson are talking, not knowing that the camera is already over them.

Milla - Oh, hey. So yeah, this was district seven and we’re back, from the Capitol studios. Adinson and I were talking about the numbers of audience.

Adinson - Right, and we are reaching a new high with this year’s Hunger Games. It is up 1% in comparison to last year.

Milla - Even though the reapings are obrigatory to watch, feels like that the Capitol and the districts’ audience is more familiar with every year’s selection to The Hunger Games which is a good new, don’t you think?

Adinson - We mean, like, if everyone is familiar with the Hunger Games, we will get more well-skilled tributes, it means better Games, and it means more people familiar with The Hunger Games, it is a cycle that is beginning and I hope it won’t finish.

Milla - Excellent contemplation, sir Paylor. You should move up your job to head gamemaker to writer soon. Joking, you are doing an excellent work as head gamemaker.

Adinson - Oh, thanks, I think.

Milla - Oops, I almost forgot. Let’s go right now to district 8 where the reapings are also about to begin!

The camera leaves the studio again and appears in the District 8’s Justice Building. The camera slowly opens up a panoramic, revealing the stage and the crowd in front of it. The crowd looks the same as last year, and it does not take long before the escort appears to start up the reapings ceremony.

Unyopio - Hello, hello District Eight. Yes, I am your escort for one more year. For the ones who do not know me, my name is Unyopio Dilaniuayret. Yeah, everything. I know it’s big, but don’t blame me, blame my parents who put out that name on me. Haha.

The camera turns to the crowd as they expect for them to respond with laughes or at least smiles but between the people there is nothing but the seriousness printed in their hunger faces. Noticing that the reapings so far are getting boring, Unyopio tries to change the subject and thinks in a new thing to talk about. He needs to be fast, because it feels like that every minute spent on that square, the crowd goes serious and more serious.

Unyopio - Well, should we start straight to the girls? I think so. So let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best, because now we are going to pick it up the lucky girl who will be sent to the Capitol and possibly become a rich and powerful woman.

As he ends with his speech, the crowd keeps at its serious appearance and he realizes it is time to start already with the reapings. He extends his hand and shakes his hand inside the reaping bowl, and the crowd starts to get nervous. He slowly takes a name out of the bowl, places it in the front of his eyes and opens slowly to read it loud.

Unyopio - Aislyn Latona.

A dark brown-haired girl stands up in the crowd, breathes slowly once and creates courage. She turns her face up and walks confident to the stage, possibly not trying to show any weak signs by now. She walks in the stage, greets the escort and takes her place in the stage.

Unyopio - Ok, now the boy.

The ritual is done again: extend the hand, shake the bowl a little bit, takes out a slip of paper, place it in the front of his eyes and read it loud and slow in the microphone.

Unyopio - Viggo Flame.

We can hear a wicked laugh from the head-peacekeeper and from the crowd, a boy surges out. It feels like that the result of the reaping was already predicted by him, as he does not show surprise. Another fact that calls the attention of the audience is the fact that Viggo is covered in injuries, probably done by fire. As they will probably never get the answer, the audience quickly forgets it to remember that the district 8 reapings are finished.

Unyopio - So, this is it. I present you the district 8 tributes for the 298th Hunger Games: Aislyn Latona and Viggo Flame. Let’s give a round of applauses.

Silence and more silence invades the crowd.

District Nine Reaping

Milla - Welcome back to the Capitol studio where we are transmitting and commenting in real time the reapings in every single district. Please enter in our website where we have made available all the videos of the reapings so far.

Adinson - Yeah, Milla. And in our website you can check all the tributes’ informations that we have so far. Don’t lose time, go right now to the page and click in the faces of what tribute do you want to see more informations and curiosities.

Milla - And also, you can go voting in which tribute did you like the most based on the reapings, so far. I reccomend you to vote only when the reapings are finishing, because you know, there are still four of them left.

Adinson - Talking about that, isn’t the district 9 reapings starting?

Milla - Oh my gosh, yes. I forgot about that. Let’s go back to the districts now with our productive team.

Adinson - Don’t worry, everybody makes mistakes.

After Adinson’s sentence, the audience is led to an overview of the district 9 square, where can see the stage and small points scattered around it. Suddenly, the camera starts to approach the crowd, zooming into the reaction of the people. As every year, district 9 isn’t the most prestigious district when the subject is the Hunger Games. They had just two victors since the 75th Hunger Games, meaning 221 games with both tributes dying. It isn’t surprising the fact that no one in the district is actually interested on it.

Diewe - Hello, District Nine.

All the eyes turn at the stage where the escort finally stepped in. She is using a weird yellow hairwig and neon clothes. In the Capitol, this design would be considered amazing and creative but here in district 9, it is funny and comical.

Diewe - My name is Diewe Naniera and I am in my second year as this district’s escort. I hope you enjoy the ceremony as much as I will.

A small part of the crowd continues laughing as Diewe speaks. She gets a bit angry and his smile disappears. She looks to the bowls at her side and she opens an evil smile.

Diewe - Well, let’s start the reapings. Of course, we will begin with the ladies.

The laugh in the crowd stops and the silence goes through the people scattered around the square. All of them are expecting for their name to do not be there, even though they know that one girl has their name printed in that slip of paper. As Diewe takes out the name of the bowl and starts to read it, we can hear every quick heartbeat in the crowd.

Diewe - And the female tribute is… Scarlet Burn.

The chock is instant in the crowd and everyone releases a sigh of relief, except for one girl who continues frozen and paralyzed and everyone starts to scream at her. When she finally wakes, she makes her way through the crowd towards the stage, with her head up, looking determined to win. She slowly climb the stairs to reach the stage and she places herself besides Diewe.

Diewe - Amazing. Well, now it is time to pick up the young boy.

Diewe extends her hand to the bowl, and takes off a name that is down below. She places it in the front of the microphone, and starts to open it slowly. She pronounces the name as slower as she can, causing the crowd to go nervous.

Diewe - And the male tribute for district 9 is… Luke Fallon-Orchard.

Quickly, a boy walks off the area intended to be for the boys with seventeen years old and he makes his way to the stage. All of the eyes are focused on him as he climbs the stairs and goes to where the escort is pointing out.

Diewe - Well, well, well. I guess we’re finished. So District 9, raise up and clap your hands for the 298th Hunger Games’ tributes: Scarlet Burn and Luke Fallon-Orchard.

To the surprise of Diewe and the Capitol audience, there is some low applause in the crowd and before the audience in home could know the reason, the camera cuts off the transmission of the reaping to come back to the Capitol studio.

District Ten Reaping

Milla - We are once again here in the studios, and we have finally reached the reapings of the district with two digits.

Adinson - Finally! There is still four reapings to watch and eight new tributes to meet.

Milla - And I just received a message from the Capitol, most exactly from the President, and he just said that our comments about the reapings are being excellent! Thanks sir President, and I hope you enjoy it just as we are.

Adinson - Yeah, thanks sir President. As I already said, it is a honor to be here commenting the reapings for the entire population of Panem, including you. Thanks again.

Milla - We should continue moving onto the reapings, now we have District 10’s.

Adinson - Let’s go, then.

The camera cuts off to an overview of the District 10 square, as the symbol of this district starts to glow in the southeast part of the screen. The symbol keeps glowing and spinning until the camera begins to approach the movimented crowd. The square is full with people, the kids available to be reaped and the parents and family of those kids. Everyone seems scared, and are hoping for their luck to come around when the escort selects the kids to be sent to the Capitol. Talking about the escort, he comes up running into the stage and waves to the crowd.

Gabett - Hello, everyone of District 10. As many of you know, my name is Gabett and I have been being the escort of this wonderful district for many years. It’s such a honor to be here one more year and I hope this ceremony gets unforgettable.

Gabett is actually considered between the citizens of District 10. All of them know that he is relatively better than the previous escort, who didn’t really care about the selected tributes. Gabett is nicer, more friendly and he actually wishes luck to everyone, and also helps the tributes during their time living the Capitol. Since Gabett became the escort, District 10 has had three victors which is amazing compared to the old standard of the district.

Gabett - Let’s start with it already. No more delays. As we do every year, firstly we will select the lucky lady who will be sent to the Capitol to represent our district in the 298th Hunger Games.

He approachs the bowl, and takes a name out of the bowl. The tension invades the people scattered around the square. The kids are hoping for their own luck, while the parents are wishing their children leave out the square safe and sound.

Gabett - And the female tribute is… Jessica Woods.

Out of the crowd, a blonde-haired girl surges and the camera focus on her face. It seems like a mixture of surprise, fear and courage, but one thing we have sure, she is not that afraid. She makes her way quickly to the stage, before stepping in and going to where the escort is. He extends his hand and she shakes it. The crowd claps hands, probably showing respect to Gabett.

Gabett - Amazing, now let’s head to the other half. Let’s select the lucky boy.

The crowd goes all silent once again and the tension surges one more time. All of the eyes are in the slip of paper that Gabett picks up inside that bowl. He takes it out of the bowl, prepares his voice and reads the name loud in the microphone.

Gabett - Tir...

But surprisingly he can not read the entire name because when he is almost finishing up reading the first name, a shout booms through the crowd.

Raid - I volunteer!

Everyone including the young people available to be reaped, little kids, the adult people, the mayor, the peacekeepers, the escort and even Jessica, turn their head to behind, searching for the brave one who just volunteered to be in the Hunger Games. For the surprise of everyone, the volunteer comes from the twelve years-old area. It’s all just weird. Tributes in district 10 are way too rare, and having a twelve years-old as a volunteer is more weird.

Gabett - So, come here please!

The boy runs to the stage as everybody chases him with the eyes. He steps in the stage and immediately heads for Gabett’s microphone.

Raid - My name is Raid Laced and I volunteer as a tribute.

Then, everyone recognizes him. Last year, his sister was reaped off to the Hunger Games and died, so probably he is volunteering due to this fact. Maybe he wants to revenge her death, or maybe he wants to die the same way as his sister did, we may never know.

Gabett - Excellent! So please, let’s cheer up for the district 10 tributes: Jessica Woods and Raid Laced!

District Eleven Reaping

The camera leaves the district 10 square slowly while the tributes are driven to the Justice Building and the crowd starts to scatter around, going in different ways. The last image still in the district is the peacekeepers driving the people out of the square, and the transmission goes back to the Capitol studios, where Milla and her special co-host Adinson Paylor are sitting in the front of the cameras.

Milla - Welcome back, Capitol citizens! Adinson and I were reading the comments you are sending to us via our website.

Adinson - Yes, and also thanks for all the ones who sent a message praised our commenting. I enjoyed all of them, thanks again.

Milla - I want to thank too. You’re awesome!

Adinson - But continue sending us messages! It’s awesome to receive comments praising the job you do, right Milla?

Milla - You’re absolutely correct, Adinson. The main reason I keep here all the years is the fact that the citizens of the Capitol recognize me in the streets and eulogize me for my job as commentator.

Adinson - Milla, I hate to cut off, but we should go to District 11! The reapings there are starting.

Milla - You’re sorry, Adinson, and thanks for reminding me. Let’s go!

The screen turns black and suddenly, the big district eleven appears in an excellent overview made by the Capitol video producers. The camera circulates around the farms, the plantations, the woods and finally the houses until reaching the square where the enormous crowd is waiting around for the beginning of the reapings. District 11 is actually the district with more people living in it, even though it is one of the furthest districts from the Capitol and one of the selected tributes with strong supervision and vigilance from the peacekeepers. As every year, the crowd does not seem excited at all. If not everyone, most of the people in this crowd knows that being a district 11 tribute is almost clear death, and volunteers here do not appear since almost nineteen years ago. The camera tries to not focus on the expressions of the people around, more probably to keep the Capitol audience thinking that everything is alright in the districts, even with the constant uprisings.

Pitnai - Welcome, District 11! My name is Pitnai Resa, and I am going to be your escort this year.

Suddenly, the escort appears in the stage and starts to do her speech. Everyone looks surprised and not-so-surprised at the same time, since they knew that the escort of last year was going to be replaced since she kinda commented about the uprisings in live television, and the President ordered her death, but the citizens were expecting some more Capitol-look-alike. Pitnai is a tall woman using ordinary clothes and almost no make-up. This breaks through all of the things that the District 11 populations thinks about the people in Capitol. Point for Pitnai.

Pitnai - Well, let’s start because every second wasted might be disappointing in the future. I hope you enjoy the reapings ceremony, but however, let’s firstly select it off the lucky girl who will be the female tribute representing District Eleven. Good luck!

The camera for the first time turns around to focus in the crowd ever since this reaping started. The crowd looks exciting, nervous and serious at the same time, the young kids faking their reactions as they see the camera focusing on them. As the camera turns its attention to the stage, Pitnai takes a slip of paper out of the bowl and starts to read it aloud in the microphone.

Pitnai - Elizabeth Pontchartain.

There is some whispers and talk around the younger kids’ area as a fourteen-year-old girl surges out from the crowd and turns to the stage. The Capitol immediately recognizes her. The adopted-daughter of a previous district 11 victor, who killed herself about three years ago. It’s such a coincidence - or not - for Elizabeth to go to the arena where her mother had to fight to win. As she starts to timidly walk towards the stage, a girl starts to scream, being barred by the peacekeepers when she tries to approach Elizabeth. Elizabeth pretends that is not looking and heads up the stage, climbing the stairs and reaching the place where Pitnai is. The escort gives a shy smile and Elizabeth lows her head.

Pitnai - Well… let’s continue with the boy!

Pitnai once again puts her hand in a bowl and takes a slip of paper out of it, and she starts to read it quick and loud.

Pitnai - Mortarion Xeran!

A blonde-haired boy comes out from the crowd and heads slowly towards the stage. He seems quiet at first glance, but we never know what tributes could hide inside the arena, especially this one who looks like a threat in potential.

Pitnai - Ok, alright. Let’s cheer up and give a round of applauses to Elizabeth Pontchartain and Mortarion Xeran, the two district 11 tributes for the 298th Hunger Games!

District Twelve Reaping

As the district 11 reaping ends and the tributes are driven to the way towards the Justice Building, the camera slowly leaves the square and the audience is driven back to the Capitol studio, where Milla and Adinson are once again waiting for the camera to start it out.

Milla - Welcome back, Adinson and I were watching the district 11 reaping while we kept commenting about the subject we were talking before the transmission of the reapings.

Adinson - Right. After we asked for it, more comments praising our job came in our website. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

Milla - Me too, Adinson! Sadly now we are reaching in the penultimate reaping, and we are close to finish up the transmission of the ceremonies.

Adinson - But don’t worry! After all of the reapings, there will be the usual talk show “Preparing The Hunger Games”, which Milla and I will be one of the guest hosts. We will be commenting about the tributes, and more.

Milla - Oh yeah! Don’t lose it, it will happen after the end of this show.

Adinson - But let’s continue, Milla. Let’s go to the District 12, where the reapings may begin anytime.

Milla - Alright!

The symbol of District 12 shines in the screen and the camera slowly fades out the Capitol studio and starts to show the Seam, the poorest region in the district. Then, the camera focus on a bird, that looks right to it and starts to fly. I don’t know how the Capitol producers did it, but the camera starts to follow the bird, just as the people who are watching were birds flying in the air. Awesome. The bird, then, arrives at the district’s square and the audience is taken to the front of the stage, where the escort appears.

Samia - Hello, District 12.

Samia is one of the most strict and serious escorts ever. She actually does not care about the reaped tributes, and is only in the escort role because her mother is a friend of the President. They selected one of the worst districts for her, and now she cashes it on the tributes. She only makes the crowd get less excited about the reapings. Last year, the district 12 tributes were really bad so Samia isn’t excited either about this year’s selection.

Samia - As many of you know, my name is Samia Hollies and I will be - sadly - the escort of yours this year again. No more delays, we shall start.

The camera quickly turns to the people scattered around the square, and the crowd seems bored and nervous at the same time. None of them like Samia, and they are just hoping it ends as soon as possible so they can go back to their home, or not.

Samia - As every year, let’s begin the ceremony picking up the young lady.

Samia crosses the stage and takes off a slip of paper outside the bowl with the girls’ name. She crosses the stage back, now heading towards her microphone. The heartbeats in the crowd get faster, almost jumping as she starts to open the paper off slowly and reads it aloud in the mic. But before she could, a voice surges from the crowd.

Cinder - I volunteer! I volunteer as a tribute!

Everyone in the district turns their eyes, including Samia. The last time there was a volunteer in District Twelve was a long, very long time ago. No one does not even remember when it was. The escort looks surprised and the girl keeps her hand up, waiting for Samia to call her to the stage. The entire tribute is in shock, aparently.

Samia - Well, I didn’t expect it, but come here darling and tell us your name.

The girl quickly leaves the crowd and searches for a face in the adult people’s area. She looks to a tall man staring at her, probably her father, and opens up a brief smile. He claps his hands and she walks up the stage.

Cinder - Hello, District Twelve. My name is Cinder Marsh and I am volunteer to be the female tribute in the 298th Hunger Games.

Her father and Samia clap hands, breaking the silence in the district and then Samia continues with the reaping, announcing the boys’ reaping as she walks up to the bowl and picks it up one name. She repeats the ritual and once again the entire district becomes silent.

Samia - And the young man who will represent District 12 is…

The surprise happens again. A blonde boy from the crowd shouts volunteering himself and the entire districts gets in shock. This is the first time ever since the Second Rebellion that both tributes from District 12 are volunteers. Samia, for the first time ever since she became an escort for this district, opens a large smile. Two volunteers. How awesome that could be.

Samia - Well, come here!

The boy leaves slowly his area and heads up towards the stage. The eyes of the people in the crowd are shocked on what they are seeing. Two volunteers from District 12, this does not happen usually.

Sonic - Hello, district. My name is Sonic Star and I am a volunteer. That’s it.

Samia - Great, great, great. Loved this year’s reapings. So let’s give a round of applauses to the district 12 tributes: Cinder Marsh and Sonic Star!

Then, another thing that has not happened in years happens. The crowd stands up and they press the three middle fingers to their lips and then they raise it up, just as the camera captures it. The last thing seen in the reaping is the peacekeepers invading the crowd.

District Thirteen Reaping

Milla - Oh, welcome back, Capitol’s citizens.

Adinson - Oh yeah, welcome back. Milla and I were just talking about you in home.

Milla - Yes, the reapings are getting to the end as the penultimate one just ended, and now we are heading for the last one, the district 13’s.

Adinson - But I said before, it will not be a goodbye, we will see you guys just after the end of the reapings, in the “Preparing for the Hunger Games”. I hope you in home will watch!

Milla - Of course they will, everyone is curious to know more about the tributes that will participate in this year’s Hunger Games.

Adinson - But anyway, just reminding people in home. But it’s time to say goodbye for now, as soon we have the district 13 reaping.

Milla - Yeah, see you later! Now we present you the last reaping.

In all of the other districts, the symbol of the district appeared in the southeast part of the screen, but they don’t put it in District 13’s. The camera drives people in home to the underground where we lift from the ground until we reach the district’s enormous square. The crowd is scattered around, their faces showing antipathy to the presence of authorites from Capitol and obviously, the cameras showing them in all of the Capitol televisions. The discomfort with the presences of the cameras is clearly seen, so they cut it off to show up the stage, just as the escort steps in to begin the ceremony.

Rechulle - Welcome, District 13! It is such a honor to be here again representing this district in one more Hunger Games. This year we are celebrating the 298th edition of the Games, and as usual, one boy and one girl from each district are sent to represent their respective districts during the Games, including this district.

She is just speaking what everyone already knows. Rechulle tries to be the best escort for district 13, but not even her can raise up their excitement for the Hunger Games. The District 13’s results in the Games usually are high, but even being one of the best districts throughout the Games, almost no one in this district wants to be reaped.

Rechulle - As usual, we should start selecting off the young lady who will represent the district in the 298th Hunger Games. So, let’s do it.

She extends her hand and shakes it inside the reaping bowl. When she stops shaking, she catches one slip of paper and prepares to read it aloud. The bored aces in the crowd transform into worried ones. The tension contaminates everyone in the district.

Rechulle - A…

Before she could continue, there is a voice coming from the crowd shouting something. As the silence invades the crowd, the girl shouts once more, this time volunteering herself for the place as the female tribute in the Hunger Games. Rechulle waves and nods positively, so the girls leaves her area proudly and faces the eyes gazing at her as she walks towards the stage with her head up. When she finally reaches the stage, Rechulle welcomes and places her behind the microphone so she can say her name.

Purity - I’m Purity Knight.

Rechulle - Alright, darling. Now expect behind the reaping bowl as we select the boy who will be your district partner.

Rechulle once again extends her hand and pulls out a slip of paper with a name printed on it. She slowly reads it aloud.

Rechulle - Blade Spectrus.

The entire crowd turns, searching for Blade as almost no one knows him. Out of the fourteen-years-old area, a blue-haired boy surges out from the crowd and starts his slow way towards the stage. The camera focus on him while he slowly walks towards the stage. He climbs the stairs and places himself becides Rechulle, who welcomes him and continues with the ceremony.

Rechulle - I think that’s it, District 13! See you next year but before we finish, let’s give a round of applause to Purity Knight and Blade Spectrus, the district 13 tributes for the 298th Hunger Games!

As the district keeps silent and with no reactions, the peacekeepers come to escort Purity and Blade, and the camera starts to fade out. That’s it, all of the twenty-six tributes were reaped. It is weird to know that in less than one month twenty-five will be dead and only one will be consecrated as a Hunger Games victor.

Training Scores & Odds of Winning

District Name Score Odds
1 Shine Smith 9 7-1
1 Candy Orenson 11 4-1
2 Adam Hills 9 7-1
2 Irelia Frostfang 10 5-1
3 Ajax Emerson 8 13-1
3 Acacia Paragon 7 20-1
4 Konami Aretino 9 11-1
4 Amy Oceania 8 9-1
5 Tõnis Ambon 7 20-1
5 Nichole Peyton 5 35-1
6 Eli Winersin 5 36-1
6 Lana Stacie 7 25-1
7 Jayson Huff 8 17-1
7 Luna Devogne 8 21-1
8 Viggo Flame 10 7-1
8 Aislyn Latona 5 36-1
9 Luke Fallon-Orchard 7 22-1
9 Scarlet Burn 8 16-1
10 Raid Laced 8 15-1
10 Jessica Woods 7 20-1
11 Mortarion Xeran 8 14-1
11 Elizabeth Pontchartain 6 29-1
12 Sonic Star 7 18-1
12 Cinder Marsh 9 10-1
13 Blade Spectrus 9 13-1
13 Purity Knight 8 19-1

Green - Favorable Odds

Yellow - Medium Odds

Red - Low Odds

Death Chart

Placing Name Day Killed how Killed by
26th Shine Smith (1) 1 Axe in Chest Jayson (7)
25th Elizabeth Pontchartain (11) 1 Sword in Forehead Irelia (2)
24th Irelia Frostfang (2) 1 Sword in Belly Ajax (3)
23rd Aislyn Latona (8) 1 Knife in Neck Cinder (12)
22nd Purity Knight (13) 1 Spear in Back Acacia (3)
21st Eli Winersin (6) 1 Bitten in Neck Mutt
20th Lana Stacie (6) 1 Spear in Back Adam (2)
19th Jayson Huff (7) 2 Knife in Head Luna (7)
18th Blade Spectrus (13) 2 Fallen Arena
17th Scarlet Burn (9) 2 Fallen Arena
16th Tõnis Ambon (5) 3 Knife in Abdomen Sonic (12)
15th Sonic Star (12) 3 Fangs in Neck Konami (4)
14th Amy Oceania (4) 3 Arrow in Chest Viggo (8)
13th Adam Hills (2) 3 Spear in Skull Acacia (3)
12th Luke Fallon-Orchard (9) 4 Sword in Heart Jessica (10)
11th Viggo Flame (8) 4 Head Smacked Up Tidal Wave
10th Luna Devogne (7) 5 Knife in Chest Jessica (10)
9th Konami Aretino (4) 5 Axe in Back Mortarion (11)
8th Ajax Emerson (3) 5 Axe in Back Raid (10)
7th Acacia Paragon (3) 5 Dagger in Abdomen Cinder (12)
6th Raid Laced (10) 6 Spear in Heart Cinder (12)
5th Mortarion Xeran (11) 6 Sword in Abdomen Jessica (10)
4th Nichole Peyton (5) 6 Knife in Heart Candy (1)
3rd Jessica Woods (10) 6 Spear in Heart Cinder (12)
2nd Candy Orenson (1) 6 Spear in Chest Cinder (12)
VICTOR Cinder Marsh (12) 6

Tributes' Status

Tribute Location Status
Cinder Marsh (12) Capitol Victor

The 298th Hunger Games

Day 1 - Bloodbath

Irelia Frostfang's POV

I stand up in a small room, nervous about what the following minutes are going to reserve to me. I am waiting nervously for the launchment time, and my stylist frequently has to take a cup of water and give it to me. The arena suit is dark blue with black stripes, it will not be good if we are taken to a hot place but it is perfect to camouflage myself. My stylist has put my hair into a braid which goes under my shoulder, right now he is explaining me how the bloodbath and the Hunger Games will be like, but I already know all of this.

After a while, a female voice booms through the small room, asking the tributes to enter in the glass tube and prepare for the launchment. My escort heads me to the metal plate and as he mouths me goodbye, I start to feel moving me upwards. I panic quickly, pressing my hands against the glass, but then I remind myself to keep straight and get calm. Being in panic during the bloodbath will not help me out, I need to calm down before I reach the arena. Just as I am thinking, the sun starts to invade my eyes and I close them for a while. All I need to think out is: I have to leave the bloodbath, alive.

Ajax Emerson's POV

"Welcome to the 248th edition of The Hunger Games, may the odds be ever in your favor." I'm standing over my metal platform, seeing the countdown begin. The sun is hovering over my eyes, and is making hard for me to understand the arena and think it off about a plan to leave the bloodbath safe and sound. Slowly, I open my eyes and look around. In my front, the golden horn called Cornucopia is placen, with its mouth full of supplies. This year seems like they tried to reduce the amount of supplies available in the Cornucopia area, since near me there is just a small loaf of bread and a small piece of plastic. 

Then, I look over the Cornucopia, behind the other tributes. All I can see is some woods and small trees in a distance, and then after that, seems like there is a dense forest with dark green high trees. For me, it feels like the best place to stay, since we can hide easily and probably in that place water and food are abundant. Another thing I have to be sure before the release is the location of my alliance. From here, I can see Mortarion and Liz, but no signs of the others. I just hope everyone gets together before the end, and we can leave this place with no worries.

Amy Oceania's POV

"30... 29... 28..." The countdown goes down to its half and I think again in a strategy to leave the bloodbath and survive. The career alliance is not very big this year, with only five components, being two of them coming from non-career districts. We are not even the biggest alliance alone, since there is another one with five components too. Anyway, the career plan of this year is the same as every years. Take over the Cornucopia quickly and kill any other tributes in progress and then finally take the rest of the supplies out of the Cornucopia.

The problem is the fact that I can't see any other career in a ray of twenty meters and it means that I will have to run alone and kill any other tributes next to me, all by myself unless one of them come at me to help me out, but I seriously doubt it will happen. My eyes catch a trident some fifty steps away from me, and I know that I am fast and I can grab it before anyone else would at least reach the supplies. It's the perfect scenario for me, but I still hope that the best happens.

Scarlet Burn's POV

"15... 14... 13..." Oh gosh, oh gosh. In a matter of seconds, these Hunger Games will oficially begin. My mind has a lot of questions yet to be answered. It is very weird to look around all of the tributes in their platforms and think that in one week probably twenty-five of them will be dead, possibly even me. I need to calm down and wait positively for the best. Fifteen seconds and I will be released into the arena, this excitement is driving me crazy.

My mentor told me to find my ally Candy before anyone else and then work with her together. By luck or not, she is only one tribute away from me and we can meet easily when the gong sounds. Sometimes I look at her and she just ignores me and keeps looking straight to the supplies gathered around the Cornucopia. I do the same, but as the countdown reaches the last five numbers, I start to go crazy. "Five..." Calm down, Scarlet. Calm down. You just have to meet Candy. "Four..." Just meet Candy and everything will be alright. Calm down. "Three..." I don't know if I can calm down, it is just too pressure over me. "Two..." Look straight, prepare your feet, prepare your feet. "One..." Oh no.


Jayson Huff's POV

The gong sounds and I dack off. I start to run towards the Cornucopia, the wind rushing against my body. I never ran this way before, and I feel quicker as I never did in my life. Instantly, my eyes target a metallic axe placen over a crate which is somewhat next to the golden horn. If I take this axe, my chances of winning this will grow, and grow a lot. When I am almost reaching my favorite weapon, one boy jumps and grabs it first. Not giving up, I advance against him, pushing both to the ground, falling side to side. Then, I stand up first and take the axe out of the ground.

He then looks at me, with his furious and evil eyes gazing at me, it almost feels like his eye is his weapon against me. But then, I remind me that I am wielding an axe and I finally recognize the boy. The district one male tribute, a career. I look at my axe and then again at the boy, still looking at me. My odds of winning and sponsors would raise a lot if I killed him, and a chance like this can't be lost. He tries to tackle me, but I divert and when he turns around, I bounce my axe at his chest, hitting him in the center of his chest, and he crumples to the ground then. Thinking that I lost time enough in this combat and the other tributes may already be at the woods, I start to run in the opposite way, heading to the woods.

Tõnis Ambon's POV

Sonic and I already met, and we are right now picking up some supplies in a distant part of the Cornucopia area. He already is carrying out a medium backpack and I am wielding a simple knife for protection. I saw a bow and a quiver of arrows over a crate, but I thought it would be very dangerous to go out for it, so I decided to just grab this knife. Sonic has no weapon, but I am pretty sure I can defend him in case anyone tries to combat against us.

We pick a rope, a loaf of bread at the ground and a small metal cane that we put inside an empty backpack that I collected from the grass. He then nods to the wood and I don't think twice before following him into the meadow which surrounds the Cornucopia area. Seems like I survived the Cornucopia bloodbath, my district would be proud of me at this moment. I don't talk much with Nichole, but I just hope she is alright just as I am right now.

Nichole Peyton's POV

"Where are Eli and Mortarion, guys?" Liz asks to me and Hercules while we are picking up supplies and putting it inside a backpack. She looks to all the directions but she has no signs of where they are. Hercules tells her to calm down, but she volunteers to go out in a hunt for them. Firstly, Hercules and I hesitate in letting her do that, but she starts to beg and we just sigh as she celebrates and takes a knife and goes. I keep grabbing up supplies and organizing it inside the backpack, placing food down below and medicine up. Then, Hercules looks scared and points out to the district 2 girl alone approaching Liz by behind.

"Go to the meadow to where the horn is pointing out, and don't go before I come again, did you understand?" Hercules tells me looking in my eyes and I nod positively. He leaves everything and starts to run towards Liz, as Irelia approaches him. I run a little and then I look around again to see the action. Liz is already at the ground, with a cut made by a sword in her forehead while Hercules and Irelia are still fighting. Suddenly, a sword raises up and hits someone's belly so one of them shout aloud. For a minute, I think my other ally is dead too and I am all alone by now but then I see Hercules standing up and Irelia dead on the ground. He looks at me, with a sad and tired expression before he starts to run in my direction. The tears start to fulfill my eyes and Hercules hugs me. Why is this game so cruel?

Viggo Flame's POV

Acacia, Aislyn and I are already running towards the woods, searching for somewhere safer to stay. We were about to set fire in the Cornucopia when two career girls came by us and we decided to flee. When we are almost reaching the high grass, I stop hearing Aislyn's soft steps in the grass and then I turn around quickly to see what is going on. The scene I see is not one of the best ones. Aislyn is in the district 13 girl's arms and the district 12 girl is taking off a knife and looking at me at the same time. Before I could say anything, Acacia sends her spears through the air and it hits exactly at the district 13 girl's left eye. She starts to scream in agony and before I could think anything, Acacia and I advance against the two career girls. The district 12 girl quickly throws one knife that almost hits my shoulder, and I have to fall to divert it. Before Acacia could reach them, the district 12 girl shoves a knife in Aislyn's neck and starts to run in the opposite way, leaving Aislyn and the district 13 girl on the ground.

Quickly, I get on my knees and tries to reanimate Aislyn, even knowing she will probably not wake up again. Acacia does not think twice before throwing the second spear at the district 13 girl, this time reaching her back and finally killing her. Acacia gets on her knee too and then looks at me with sad eyes. We both know she died, and we can't stay with her forever. Acacia kisses her goodbye at the cheek and then me and her start to run towards the woods, not looking back. Rest in peace, Aislyn.

Blade Spectrus' POV

Konami and I finally convinced Raid to do not stay in the Cornucopia hunting out for other tributes and now we are heading towards the woods. We have supplies enough to survive for two more days with no risks, and we have no rush in leaving the Cornucopia area since almost anyone realises our presence here. Feels like all of the tributes, especially the career alliance, decided to attack the biggest threats and based in my alliance's performance in training sessions, we are not considered threats even though we got high training scores and odds of winning. As we cross the edge of the Cornucopia and we arrive at the woods, I look back to the golden horn that two minutes ago was shining under the sunlight and now is bloody, with dead bodies scattered around it. Something tells me this bloodbath was not very exciting for the Capitol, so the gamemakers will be probably be furious. Seems like the bloodbath was over, and I survived. Point for me.

Day 1 - Aftermath

Acacia Paragon's POV

Viggo and I are walking for almost two hours and we are starting to get tired, and we already reached the dense forest. Viggo's mentor adviced him to put fire somewhere to call the attention of the other tributes and then we go to another place. We follow the plan, collecting leaves and woods as we set fire on it and the smoke reaches high. We then start to run again to the left side, disappearing into the woods. After running for more thirty minutes, the cannons start to sound in the arena and Viggo and I pay attention to it, counting the number of cannons. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Five cannons. Five tributes died in the initial bloodbath. Twenty-one are still left in the Games, and I am one of them.

Viggo and I settle our campsite and we sit, looking above to see the colorful sky as the afternoon starts to appear in the arena. I wonder how the Capitol is looking at me right now. I got a kill, and it was a career tribute. My performance in these Games is going better than I thought.

Luke Fallon-Orchard's POV

I sit over a high tree, and I try to be very silent. Underneath my tree, two tributes set a campsite and are still wide awake, talking about the bloodbath. I don't have sure, but as I remember, they are the district 5 boy and the district 12 boy. Both look quiet, but as I am seeing, they took supplies enough from the Cornucopia and one of them is armed with a knife. For my luck, they do not look up the trees, and I am waiting for the night where I will be camouflaged with my dark suit and they will never know that I am here.

From the Cornucopia, I only took a bag with ten rocks because it was the closest thing to my platform and then I started to run into the woods. I could not see anything of the action, so I don't have any predictions about the people who died during the opening day. I also took some berries when I arrived at the forest, and I know they are not poisonous because I remember eating them back in District 9. I lay my head on the tree as I wait for the another day to come, to decide if I will run away or not.

Jessica Woods' POV

The afternoon in the arena gets calmer every minute that passes by, even tough I am tense about the location of the tributes. I am worried about where the other tributes are, especially if anyone of them is next to my hideout. I selected a place in the dense forest, which is very distant from the Cornucopia, since I ran about three hours consecutively. From the treetops, I can see some mountains covered in snow and snow falling in the next section. I wonder what is placed there.

Since I am all alone, I zip off my backpack and see what is inside. Holy damn, just a few things are here. I take the entire content from the backpack and all I see are two small knives, a loaf of bread, iodine and a bottle of water. It is enough to survive for today, but probably I will have to search out for more things starting tomorrow, unless sponsors send me what I need for the following days.

Mortarion Xeran's POV

Eli and I are walking through the forest, our backpacks in our arms. We did not see the rest of the alliance, so we ran together into the woods. I hope they are alright, and we meet them before it is too late. Just when I am thinking, I hear something coming from behind. Quickly, Eli turns his head and something surges from the darkness of the forest and jumps over him. My head gets confused and I think in what I will do, the creature is similar to a kangaroo and is jumping over Eli's abdomen, choking him as the kangaroo shows up his mouth and I see the sharp little white teeth heading to Eli's neck.

Quickly, I grab a knife from the backpack and I tackle the kangaroo but before I could reach the creature's heart, he bites Eli's neck and I finally shove my knife into the kangaroo's abdomen, reaching its heart. It groans and slowly dies. BOOM I turn to the side and see Eli laying in the grass with the warped abdomen and the neck with a hole opened by a bite. I leave the place for the hovercraft to take Eli's body and I mouth him goodbye as I remember that I am alone now. All alone. I need to find Hercule and Nichole.

Candy Orenson's POV

Scarlet and I divide our supplies into two backpacks and we hear another cannon sounding. The sixth of the day. She looks at me and we cross eyes for a while. There is still nineteen cannons to go, until the trompets sound for the victor. And both me and Scarlet know that just one of us will leave the arena alive. We try to ignore it for now, but we know we can not postpone the fate forever.

We are relatively next to an alliance of three boys, and we would move on from here but Scarlet is tired for walking all this time and I have to admit I am also. We sit underneath the trees' shadow, and the night begins to appear over the arena. Soon we will have to sleep and we need to set our campsite before the arena gets way too dark. Our supplies are enough for today and tomorrow, so we do not have anything to worry until tomorrow arrives. 

Lana Stacie's POV

Luna did all she could to stop me, but I am decided to do this. I am going to steal some supplies from the career's amount of supplies and I already have decided my mind. I understand that Luna is just trying to prevent the death of mine, but we took few supplies during the bloodbath and we will end up dying if I do not do this. Anyway, I left Luna with our supplies so she is safe in case I die. She will anyway see my face at the sky if the plan does not work well, so she will not be worried about me. She needs to know I am doing this for us.

At first, I get surprised since only two career tributes are in the campsite: the district 4 girl and the district 12 girl. I think I could take both down all alone, but I prefer not to risk. When they leave to go to the woods probably to hunt, I start to run towards the Cornucopia. When I am almost reaching the amount of supplies, I feel a pair of hands taking me to the ground. I turn around and see the huge district 2 boy coming in my direction with an evil look in the face.

"So, did you think that you were going to steal my supplies and end up fine, right?" He says, pressing me against the ground. I release a scream and he mouths me something as he takes up his spear. He releases me and tells me that I have three seconds to run. He starts the countdown and I run towards the woods again. When my feet are almost reaching the woods, I feel something stabbing me by behind. I crumple to the ground, my face finding the grass. I cough blood and in my mind I whisper goodbye to Luna. I am sorry I disappointed you. BOOM

Day 1 Odds

District Name Odds
1 Candy Orenson 4-1
2 Adam Hills 6-1
3 Ajax Emerson 11-1
3 Acacia Paragon 17-1
4 Konami Aretino 13-1
4 Amy Oceania 7-1
5 Tõnis Ambon 19-1
5 Nichole Peyton 31-1
7 Jayson Huff 14-1
7 Luna Devogne 22-1
8 Viggo Flame 8-1
9 Luke Fallon-Orchard 23-1
9 Scarlet Burn 15-1
10 Raid Laced 14-1
10 Jessica Woods 19-1
11 Mortarion Xeran 14-1
12 Sonic Star 18-1
12 Cinder Marsh 8-1
13 Blade Spectrus 13-1

Day 2 

Mortarion Xeran's POV

Slowly, the calm morning starts to surge out invading the arena. The bright sun is almost forcing my eyes to wide open slowly, so they just obey. We are oficially into the second day of these Hunger Games. It feels amazing to know that I was one of the tributes who survived through the initial day, but in the other hand I remember myself that I have no allies, and I may be in disadvantage if I compare my situation to other tributes. But for now, I have to keep my head up and keep fighting against my death and keep searching for my old alliance.

I take my supplies and put it inside a backpack, and I keep it over my shoulders. I guess I will have to walk to the woods once again, crossing the part of the forest that I already crossed with Eli and heading into the woods where Hercules and Nichole are. It will probably be a long and dangerous walk, even more since I am alone, but anyway if I don't leave the forest now I will never reach my old alliance again. I just hope they continue at the woods.

Luna Devogne's POV

I am already wide awake, sitting in the treetop, looking at the paisage. From where I am, I can see the entire forest area, even though I am in the woods actually. The calm wind rushing against my face feels so amazing and relaxing that dying here would be better than many occasions. But I can't think in this way. I know my two close allies died during the opening day and now I am alone in this large arena, but I have to think straight, heading for the big prize. 

So then, I hear footsteps coming from my left. My first act is laying in the treebranch to camouflage myself and then my eyes search for someone. The footsteps stop so I calm myself, but not too long after, they appear to be coming closer and closer. I take two of the knives that I have and I look for someone to appear, but then again, the steps stop to sound and I find myself confused. I am turning my head when the footsteps come again, this time underneath my tree and I release a knife directly to who or what is underneath me. The knife crosses the air quickly and then a scream comes after. I instantly throw the second knife, not even looking in the face of who is under there. When the second screams coming and someone crumples, I open my eyes. BOOM

I get down from my tree and I enter in state of panic when I see who it is. It is my district partner, Jayson, totally died in the grass with two knifes stuck in his cranium. I start to scream like a crazy, it can't.... it can't be happening. I... I... I killed my district partner... I killed the male tribute of my district! I wonder what the district is thinking about me right now, probably I will never gain the respect again. "I'm... I'm so so sorry Jayson." I whisper as I take one knife. The hovercraft appears and I leave, letting the second knife stay in his cranium. "I'm sorry district seven", I say. I hope they believe in me.

Sonic Star's POV

Tõnis and I just heard one cannon sounding. This means that the second day has officially started in the Capitol ways, and we need to move on fast. We are heading towards the dense forest, looking for somewhere safer to stay. We have supplies enough to stay for a while with no major worries, so as much as we avoid the other tributes the better. 

"I can see the high trees from here. We are almost reaching." Tõnis comments and I nod positively. In fact, we can see the high trees but I think that the path will take more time than as expected for us. It feels like the gamemakers designed the arena to seem small and easy to cross, but they put some special effect - I don't know which - that makes a small walk feel like we are walking for hours.

"Should not we stop and eat a little? We did not eat today yet." Tõnis says and I agree. We don't eat since yesterday at night and we have food enough to today and tomorrow as well, so we sit in the grass and we divide the big loaf of bread Tõnis took from the Cornucopia. We were lucky to grab a lot of things at the bloodbath.

Amy Oceania's POV

What a such boring Game for the career alliance. The three reminiscent career tributes, Adam, Cinder and me, are here sitting since the beginning of the day. The reason of why we will not go out to hunt is the fact that almost no one is still in the woods, and even if they are, it will take a lot of time to reach them. Probably the Gamemakers will see that almost everyone is stopped, just sitting, letting the games go in a slow rhythm. It will cause explosions or mutts that will make the tributes come in our direction and we will be ansiously waiting for that. The plan is smart, isn't it?

But for now, we are just organizing our supplies and preparing our weapons. Adam is the most impatient of the group, and he is waiting for the time when we will be able to kill out all the other tributes. By now, Cinder and I are keeping him calmer than usual as we convinced him to come and organize the crates with supplies. I can't deny that the career tributes are going slow in these Games, and we need to impress if we want to appear great for the Capitol's eyes. But wait. We will still come.

Viggo Flame's POV

Acacia and I are preparing traps and snares for the other tributes all day. Starting using the matches to set some trees on fire far away from us, to call attention or disperse the other tributes who are next to our location. Along with that, we are using ropes made by leaves to do quick and small snares. They are less resistant than true ropes, but at least this snare will tell us if anyone dares to invade our campsite, either to kill us or steal our supplies.

The afternoon is already coming and for now I just listened to the sound of one cannon. I wonder who it is, but the gamemakers are probably not very happy seeing what is happening. The tributes are avoiding each other, and it may get the games slower than it already is. Acacia told me that she does not want to stay here one more day. And she is kind of correct. Even with our efforts to make the tributes don't get next to us, our location will be starting to get clear as the day passes by. I look to the side and see the bright sun, which seems like is placed over somewhere far away. What is after the forest? A desert? I may never know.

Luke Fallon-Orchard's POV

I am sitting in the treetop for the entire day and the sun is starting to burn my skin slowly. Luckily, I am accostumed with that due to the hot summer in my district. This forest kinda reminds me of my district, the calm and high trees with the strong wind rushing. It feels bad to know that unfornately this is not home, and I may never know if I will even leave this arena alive. 

"Hello, tributes." A voice booms through the arena that instantly becomes all silent. "I am Adinson Paylor, the Head Gamemaker. I should not tell you, but I will be good and advice all of you that some parts of the arena will slowly start to collapse to make the arena smaller and make you find your friends more easily. May the odds be ever in your favor and good day!"

After that, instantly, I grab my few supplies and I jump off the tree, just as I start to hear the arena starting to collapse. What a chaos.

Raid Laced's POV

With the axe that my mentor sent me in one hand and my eyes wide open looking through the arena. Blade, Konami and I are running like there is no tomorrow through the forest as the ground underneath me starts to open up and collapse just under my feet. Running with no direction, my alliance ends up meeting with two girls that are disparately just as we are. I think in sending my axe into the skull of one of them, but I can't even stop or I will be long gone into the hole of the arena. They stare at us and keep running, just like we did not meet.

Out of suddenly, I hear a scream and a blue-haired boy disppears into the hole. Konami screams for his friend's life but the arena starts to collapse even more and I am forced to drag Konami out of his place or I will end up losing two friends in one day. BOOM Seems like that Blade is already long gone. To be honest, I don't care a lot but anyway I need to get out of here with Konami. As we are running again, we see the girls once again and as they turn around to see us, the ground underneath one of them open. The district 1 girl screams as her partner falls into the hole. BOOM I would send my axe to her head now that she is instable, but once again, if I stop, I will be the next one to fall into that hole. 

Jessica Woods' POV

The night slowly comes and through the day, I listened to three cannons. I heard two of them in the minutes following the announcement made by the head gamemaker, but I am calm for now. The area where I am is too far from the center of the forest so I was not affected. Along with the food and water that my mentor sent me, my day has been perfect. 

I don't know how tomorrow will be, but based in the mood that the gamemakers are right now, I can't wait good things to happen. I will expect for the worse to come, and what comes will be profit. "Good luck, Jessica. You will need". I whisper to myself before preparing to sleep.

Day 2 Odds

District Name Odds
1 Candy Orenson 4-1
2 Adam Hills 6-1
3 Ajax Emerson 11-1
3 Acacia Paragon 16-1
4 Konami Aretino 14-1
4 Amy Oceania 6-1
5 Tõnis Ambon 18-1
5 Nichole Peyton 29-1
7 Luna Devogne 18-1
8 Viggo Flame 7-1
9 Luke Fallon-Orchard 22-1
10 Raid Laced 12-1
10 Jessica Woods 17-1
11 Mortarion Xeran 14-1
12 Sonic Star 17-1
12 Cinder Marsh 7-1

Day 3

Jessica Woods' POV

"Good luck, Jessica. You will need." The words I whispered to myself before sleeping stays on my mind after the time I was sleeping. Feels like I can't get these damn words out of my head, but maybe my instinct is trying to tell me something. Maybe, he is trying to advice me about some danger, but I can't see nothing dangerous from where I am, so I start to climb a tree, heading to the top where I can see the arena around. When I reach the treetop, I look around the arena. The arena besides the forest seems to be closer than it was before, maybe because the arena collapsing made it come close. Then, I look to the other side. And I see. I see what my head was trying to tell me.

A group of about eight bats flying in fast velocity, and in my direction. The immediate thing I do is jump off the tree and I take my two knives and I place one in each hand. When the bats start to approach, I start to stab them, being faster than I ever was in my entire life. When the last one comes, I throw one knife and the bat drops to the ground, already dead. I take a long breath and then I look up to the sky. It is kind of weird that these words ended up saving me, because if I didn't climb the trees to look around I would be caught by surprise by the bats.

Ajax Emerson's POV

Nichole and I just woke up and we already thinking in what to eat. We are planning to eat all of the cookies that I have, half to me and half to her. We need to go out and hunt, we have been waiting for Mortarion to come for two entire days and today will be the last term. She is saying to expect for him a little longer, but I am conviced to move on as soon as possible. Nothing against Mortarion, but my location would end up be announced to everyone if Nichole and I continue here for longer. 

Just as we are talking about him, Nichole shouts and asks me to turn my head around. We see a blonde-haired boy running in our direction, but we don't need to worry, it is Mortarion. When he comes to us, he hugs us and then starts to explain how Eli died and Nichole explains how Liz died in the bloodbath. Before we could continue our talk, we three decide to move on, but just at the afternoon since Mortarion said that he is tired of walking. We nod positively and we sit to talk a bit more.

Candy Orenson's POV

Being without Scarlet feels... so empty. I am trying my best to forget or at least get over her sudden death, but the flashback of we running and suddenly the ground underneath her feet starting to open, and then... and then she went away. The brutality of these Games are worse than I expected, even watching every year at the television, I never imagined the sensation of someone who was inside the arena. Now I pay the price since I am actually one of the desperate kids inside this damn arena.

But I need to move on. I need to go out in a hunt, and search for something, maybe an animal to eat or even another tribute to kill. I can't be a "crybaby" just because my ally died, I can't pass this image to the Capitol audience and the Gamemakers. I need to be the huntress, the main personage of these Hunger Games and I will not be one if I keep crying due to a death. Thinking about that, I grab my supplies and my spear and I head to nowhere.

Sonic Star's POV

Tõnis and I have been sitting since the beginning of the day, relaxing and sitting underneath the trees to talk more about strategies to win the Games and stuff. For protection, I am wielding a knife in my left hand and my supplies in other. In case of an attack, I can just throw the knife and flee or in another case, attack and stay. Anyway, I am prepared for all the occasions. Or not.

Out of suddenly, two crazy boys jump in our front and look to us with insane expressions in their faces. I look at Tõnis and we both stand up to run. The insane boy from District 10 comes at me and tries to take me, but I stab him at his shoulder, not killing him but at least injuring. I look to my front and see Tõnis fighting with the district 4 boy who has him between his arms. Not thinking in the consequence, I throw my knife towards the district 4 boy's back but he diverts, putting Tõnis' body in his front while the knife flies. Then, I hear Tõnis' scream and I see the knife stuck in his abdomen. BOOM I think in running again, but my feet stay paralyzed at the same place. I just killed my only ally. I can't believe it.

I get on my knees and I look at Tõnis, already died but still in the arms of the district 4 boy who looks at me with an evil face. At the other side, the district 10 boy is still screaming in agony and pain due to the injury I did at his shoulder. The district 4 boy jumps at me, standing over my body. My eyes close and as I whisper sorry to my district and Tõnis, the fangs of the insane boy start to open holes in my neck and the blood leaves, choking me. Just like my little sister died, I am dying here too. I disappointed her, but at least I am going to live with her forever. BOOM

Viggo Flame's POV

Two cannons just sounded and the afternoon is coming quicker than expected. Acacia and I ran for the entire morning to come at the bloodbath at time to put our plan in action. She hesitated in coming, but I conviced her that probably everything will be alright. We are around the Cornucopia area, watching the career alliance from here. I already saw from the top of a high tree that the career supplies are besides the Cornucopia, in a circle. I conviced Acacia to go to the opposite direction and start to make noises, she said she is going to do some noises with branches and set some few woods in fire to make sure they will go. I am here waiting, with bow in one hand and the arrow in another, prepared to set the supplies in fire once they leave.

After some few minutes, the smoke of the fire starts to rise, appearing in the sky. The fool career tributes leave with Adam and Cinder taking the lead. Amy takes slower steps after them, entering in the forest. Immediately, I set the point of my arrow in fire and I release it towards the center of their supplies. Luckily, it hits exactly the center which is over a crate made of wood, which helps the supplies to be consumed in fire quickly. Before that they could return, I start to run but when I am about to reach to leave the treetop, Amy comes back to the campsite and see the things on fire. She then looks at the tree and sees me. I don't think twice before putting one arrow into the bow and throwing it. The arrow crosses the air at the same time that she starts to scream for Cinder and Adam. When she closes her mouth, the arrow hits her chest and she falls to the ground. BOOM

Cinder Marsh's POV

Adam and I are running as faster as we can back to the campsite as we can see smoke going to the sky and we heard Amy's screams coming from there. When we arrive, we see a blonde-haired boy disappearing into the woods and we start to follow him. Adam is faster than me, and he takes a distance from me while we continue running behind the boy. The boy tries to make obstacles for us, like putting thick branches in our front but we don't stop until reaching him. When we are almost reaching, I feel something coming and I get down quickly. Unfornately, Adam does not do the same and a spear enters right into the back of his skull. BOOM He drops to the ground and without hesitating, I run to the side.

The person who threw the spear runs to the front, ignoring me. I see the pink hair glowing under the sunlight and I realize who just killed Adam. Acacia, the girl from district 3. I keep running back until reaching the Cornucopia area. All of the supplies are completely burned down and Amy's body is already not here. I slowly walk and sit down besides the golden horn. My head hurts a little and then I remind myself. "The careers are over, I am the last one standing." My head whispers to myself, and all I do is look up to the sky and wait for tomorrow. Will I survive one more day or will all the career tributes leave the game this early?

Day 3 Odds

District Name Odds
1 Candy Orenson 4-1
3 Ajax Emerson 11-1
3 Acacia Paragon 13-1
4 Konami Aretino 11-1
5 Nichole Peyton 26-1
7 Luna Devogne 17-1
8 Viggo Flame 4-1
9 Luke Fallon-Orchard 20-1
10 Raid Laced 13-1
10 Jessica Woods 15-1
11 Mortarion Xeran 13-1
12 Cinder Marsh 6-1

Day 4

Luna Devogne's POV

The day just begun in the arena, and I presume I was one of the first tributes to wake up. I am already awake since the sun started to appear, due to the noises a bird did when he was at a treebranch next to mine. It took a time to realize that I have reached the fourth day in these Hunger Games. In this space of time, I actually performed better than the expected by myself, except the fact that I killed my district partner Jayson. If I looked down below the tree to see who was under there, he would be probably be right now besides me. Anyway, probably the Capitol audience did not think that the girl from district seven would hang out for so much while. Actually, not even me.

When I get down the tree to go out in a hunt, I see some black points coming in my direction. Quickly, I recognize what it is. Bees. I don't think twice before starting to run like a crazy in the opposite direction of the bees. I run for those little damn things for a long while, jumping high woods, crossing trees, even swimming in a muddy river, everything to flee away from the bees but they don't see to stop anytime soon. Fastly, I think in a plan while running. Just as luckily I am bringing my backpack that I put the berries which I took from yesterday inside, I am going to leave it behind. It may leave me without supplies, but between my life and that backpack, I choose the first one. When the bees stop to chase behind me, I look around to recognize where I am. It does not feel like the place I was before, since all the trees look totally different. Then, I look behind and I see the golden horn in a distance. I am near the Cornucopia.

Candy Orenson's POV

Ugh, I didn't find anything in the hunt I did yesterday. Feels like everyone is scattered around in the arena, and surprisingly the Gamemakers are letting that happen. Since Scarlet died and I saw those two crazy guys from district 4 and 10, I did not have contact with any human ever since. For the people of the other districts, it probably feels normal, but not to me that I was accostumed with the presence of friends everywhere and every hour.

Suddenly, I hear a crack. I look to behind and from the woods, a koala bear appears. At first he seems way too cute to kill, but when I start to examinate him I start to realize the secret tools he has. Firstly, he has pointy fangs and fingernails, and that does not look normal. Its eyes are dark purple, and his color is a dark grey. "Wait... He isn't a real koala!" Just as pronounces the phrase, he jumps at me, coming in my direction. Luckily, I was wielding one of my spears when he comes, so I easily raise it up and the koala is stabbed. Before I could sigh of relief, I hear more noises coming from koalas and instantly, I start to run. Crossing the dense forest way too quickly, I reach the woods that reach by my leg and for the first time, I look behind. There is a group of somewhat seven koala bears running after me, so I just look to the front again, starting to get in panic. But suddenly, I stop to hear their noises and when I look behind they are returning to the forest. I finally sigh, but when I turn around, I realize where I am. The woods nearby the Cornucopia.

Luke Fallon-Orchard's POV

I am almost starving. With almost no food but some miserable berries and actually just a few drinks in that water bottle I got, I am starting to feel weak. I am starting to see things in double and I don't even recognize where I am. All I know is that I'm lying over the grass with my eyes focused on the Sun which seems to be looking at me at the same time. 

Out of the suddenly, I begin to hear screams and footsteps of someone running. Slowly, using all of the strenght that I can reunite in this short span of time, I get my head up and then slowly my body. I can't even stand up all by myself, as I need the support of a tree nearby to support my own weight. From where the screams came, a girl appears running and she looks at me, holding in the tree to stay here without falling. I know her. She is the district 10 girl, the girl that tried to teach me how to use a sword properly as I would teach her how to throw rocks. Both of us entered here alone, and I don't think she found anyone to ally with her in this meanwhile. Out of the nowhere, a giant wild dog appears and Jessica stabs me with her sword. "I am doing you a favor," she whispers and I thank her. "Now run," I whisper as the bear stomps over me and then continues running after Jessica. I lay in the grass, not feeling my body, as my senses slowly go away. BOOM

Nichole Peyton's POV

My alliance is running as fast as we can. Three yellow birds are chasing after us, and they are not very friendly, since they totally poisoned a leaf where they sit over. The leaf got totally rotten and fell down like it had no life. I don't know about the others, but I am not going to be poisoned alive. While Hercules is taking lead cutting the higher woods and branchs with his sword, I am in the middle with the alliance's supplies and Mortarion is behind me, taking a watch on the birds.

When we step inside an area demarcated with colorful flowers, the birds stop to follow us and just return to the woods, disappearing into the darkness. I take a look at my alliance, we all seem to be exhausted from running. I sit down and I take a full bottle of water. We all drink a bit, and then Mortarion asks where most exactly where we are. I look around, no trees or plants that I have seen before in the arena. But when I look to other side, I realize quickly where we are and why the birds stopped to hunt us down when we arrived at this region of the arena. We are nearby the Cornucopia, partially vulnerable to the attack of the other tributes. The Gamemakers were clever this time.

Acacia Paragon's POV

Until now, the beginning of the afternoon time, we didn't see or listen to any signs of other tributes hanging around our area but I heard one cannon and distant screams and mutts' noises. Feels like the arena is stirred but at the same time it is calm. At least, for us. Since we killed the two career tributes yesterday, probably our popularity at the Capitol grew up by a lot. I didn't expect for actually becoming one of the tributes which the audience expects to win, but since I am one, let's play the role properly.

From the nowhere, two crazy boys appear at our campsite, probably running or fleeing from something. Just as I prepare my spear and Viggo prepares his bow to shoot an arrow, after the boys a giant tidal wave appears. Instantly, I nod at Viggo and he is already picking up our supplies. I take the lead and we start to run to anywhere that is not this place. Suddenly, the noise of the water starts to become closer and we cross by the two crazy boys once again. As the tidal wave hits us, I am forced to go to the ground and then the water comes over me, pushing me even more to the ground. Feels like I have weight in my feet because getting up is starting to get difficult until a cannon sound. BOOM I instantly raise up, looking up for Viggo as the two crazy boys appear out of the water. I start to panic and I go under the water again, this time to find Viggo. When I find him, he is besides a tree, his face is beside it, probably after the wave's arrival, it forced his head against the tree, killing him.

I take he by my hand and I swim over to leave the underwater, but I have no more to do. He is now long gone. My only ally is long gone. As I can't see the two guys no more, I realize how much Viggo meant in these Games. In a matter of minutes, he went from the most popular tribute in the Capitol to a long gone tribute. He is another victim of the Games, and I need to avenge him. And I will.

Cinder Marsh's POV

Another cannon just sounded as I heard the sound of a tidal wave hitting the ground. Two deaths today. It kind of reminds me that just ten tributes are currently alive, and I am one of them. My chances of winning the prize are probably growing slowly, and as the only reminiscent career tribute, it is my obligation to win these Games and get my district proud. 

"Hello, tributes." A voice echoes through the arena, making every single eye still alive to wide open quickly. "It feels like that the number of the tributes just narrowed down to ten. Congratulations. But to spice things a little more and offer everything you need, we will present a feast at the Cornucopia. Be there to make sure you will receive your bag with the supplies you need, don't lose it! It will begin as soon as the birds start to sing at mid-day. Be there, or you will regret forever."

As the voice of the announcer fades out, I get in panic. All of the tributes will come down to the Cornucopia, my current hideout. In the other hand, I will be priviled since I know the Cornucopia more than anyone out there. They may be quicker or stronger than me, but I will prove them that they are not smarter than me. Let the feast happen!

Day 4 Odds

District Name Odds
1 Candy Orenson 3-1
3 Ajax Emerson 9-1
3 Acacia Paragon 8-1
4 Konami Aretino 9-1
5 Nichole Peyton 22-1
7 Luna Devogne 16-1
10 Raid Laced 11-1
10 Jessica Woods 13-1
11 Mortarion Xeran 12-1
12 Cinder Marsh 4-1

Day 5

Luna Devogne's POV

The day starts slowly in the arena. The sun in a slow velocity begins to shine, and I am almost obligated to get up and face the day. Today will be the feast day, and well I decided to go there. In these entire Games, I did nothing but simply sit and wait for something, well except for the day that I killed my district partner, but for me that is a more negative thing than positive. Anyway, if I want to go to that feast and leave it alive, I need to prepare already and go early to there. My mentor said to attack from behind and then go and pick up my bag and I think I am going to follow that.

I look back to check my supplies and I stare into a simple knife and an axe. Probably in my bag there are a lot of things and supplies, since I have almost none. Luckily, I am not hungry for now but when I go to the Cornucopia I will go weaker than the other tributes. I try to get the feats out of my head for a while, but as the seconds pass by, the most nervous I get. Will I survive the day? Not even I know.

Mortarion Xeran's POV

The alliance is already prepared for the feast at the Cornucopia. We prepared our best weapons and Nichole organized our supplies and hid them off behind a enormous stone, where no other tribute will see. If we all die today, the supplies will not be used by any other tribute. It will probably be our last day together, since we already have in mind that we are going to split when the number of tributes go down to eight and that will possibly happen today during the bloodbath at the feast. It feels weird to know that I may have to kill Nichole or Hercules, and sounds even weirder to hope that the tributes kill them first already. We spent days enough together to start to think that I made... that I made friends here. Here in this dirt and stupid arena, and hurts to know that it will be broken by these cruel Hunger Games.

Now I understand. Now I understand the meaning of a Hunger Game, it is not just a "fun game" to the Capitol to demonstrate power against the districts, but it also shows to make the citizens hurt every day more. Not physically, but in their hearts, in their poor hearts. Now I finally understood why Katniss rebelled against the organization instead of simply playing the game following the "rules". She wanted to change the situation, and I will try it too. I won't lose anything, anyway.

Konami Aretino's POV

The hours pass by almost killing me of ansiety. I am totally crazy for blood and I would do anything to that feast start already, and well you know... the bloodbath begins. Raid and I prepared ways to kill the tributes differently and we finally will put that in action when the mid-day comes and the feast starts. I seriously can't wait, but I need to calm down by now. As the birds start to cross the sky, I realize we are getting closer to the mid-day so Raid and I stand up and head towards the Cornucopia.

For some reason, feels like I know that everyone is going right now too, and that probably is true. Raid and I are excited for at least one kill, so the earlier we start to killer, the more victims we can get. We are doing the old-school plan at the feast, just go there, kill around some tributes, grab the bag and leave. Or we can even dominate the Cornucopia. Anyway, what matters is the kill.

Acacia Paragon's POV

From where I am, I can see some tributes coming for the show at the Cornucopia. Seems like that the two insane boys will split up for the feast, as one of them is going to the right side and the other is going to left, next to the alliance of my district partner. I would try to advice them, but it will be better if I don't have to kill Hercules. He is way too nice and gentle for me to do that, and as more as you know someone, as less you want to see him or her dead.

Slowly, a noise breaks and we hear the birds singing at the sky, doing a perfect melody to my ears. They remind me of the birds I heard while travelling to the Capitol, when I was still hopeful and just a little "innocent" girl forced into the games. As they continue singing, a giant brown table appears at the center of the Cornucopia, rising slowly from the underground. At the table top, we have exact ten bags with district and gender, since the tributes from district 3 and 10 are both still alive. It is not even totally fixed at the center, but there are already tributes running and I join them.

Jessica Woods' POV

Running fast just like I did in the Cornucopia bloodbath, I get to arrive at the table exactly when it is finally fixed at the ground. I jump over it, rolling and with one hand taking the bag written 'District 10 Female'. Then, I roll again to divert any attacks from the other tributes and I prepare for my personal defense, just as I take my two knives and I wield one in each hand. I look around and see the other tributes coming, more especially one of them which tries to shoot me an arrow. I quickly crumple to the left, dodging from the arrow as the girl groans and starts to run in my direction.

As she approachs, I take the knife in my right hand and I bounce at her, but she diverts from a bit. She pushes me down with her own hands and then begins to pull off one arrow from her metallic quiver. Before she could prepare her weapon to attack me, I roll to the side and stab her left foot, making her start to scream and fall to the ground. Without hesitating, I stab her once at the chest and a strange noise comes from her mouth. Then, I stab her twice, with the other knife, making her to calm down totally and close her mouth. Her eyes full of life slowly starts to fade and close, as I take my bag back and head to the woods once again. BOOM

Nichole Peyton's POV

The district 10 girl is already reaching her bag, as my alliance starts to run towards the Cornucopia all together. We will possibly split up after this event, but anyway we need to work as a team if we want to survive. As I am one of the quickest in my alliance, I reach my bag first and I take their also. When I come back to them, the district 4 boy interrupts, punching me and making me crumple to the ground. As my mouth starts to hurt, the insane district 4 boy starts to smile but before he could kill me, Mortarion throws an axe at his back, killing him instantly. His creepy smile gets red and he falls to the ground, coughing blood. BOOM

Looking to the side, I see the district 10 boy, his ally, staring at us and starting to scream like an insane person. He advances against me and Mortarion, and I can't even move due to the attack of the district 4 boy and the pressure rushing in my nerves. When the district 10 boys throws his axe at my direction, someone jumps, blocking it but receiving it in the back instead. BOOM The district 10 boy groans again, and starts to run back to the woods, without his bag. Slowly, Mortarion and I realize that the boy who died for me was Hercules. Obviously it was. Hercules was one of the nicer people I met in this game, and I am going to try to win for him. He deserves that.

Cinder Marsh's POV

Just as the feast begins, I start to dack off my hideout inside the Cornucopia and I head for the table. As the wind rushes against my body, I feel the other tributes approaching too and something other than a tribute coming behind me. I quickly turn around and realize it is a spear coming in my direction, so I jump to the left side, dodging the attack. The district 3 girl flashes her pink hair under the sunlight and starts to run towards the place where I am. Fastly, I prepare my dagger and when she jumps at me, I stab her right at the abdomen. BOOM

Her body limps off the dagger, falling slowly to the ground. Seems like I avenged with sucess the attack she did against me, twice and also, Adam's death. If she thought she was going to win just because she led two career tributes into the death, she was totally wrong. I was also a career tribute and I am going to be until the end. As I remind that I may lose my bag if I don't run again, so I leave the district 3 girl behind and I continue heading for my bag.

Candy Orenson's POV

It is almost explicit that tomorrow is going to be the last day in the arena, even if the tributes try to resist against the eminent final battle, the Gamemakers will probably force us to fight before the end of tomorrow. During the feast, I performed really well. I was the last tribute to go for the bag, so I kind of had no competition and luckily no other tributes took my bag. I just jumped over the table and ran into the woods, and since then I am here sitting and waiting nervously for tomorrow.

I know that Cinder is at the Cornucopia, the three-alliance lost one member and split up, the insane boy from 10 and his district partner are at the woods too. We are the final six. The last six tributes who got to survive this crazy arena, so far. I am so close to the biggest prize... I can't fail now. I can't.

Day 5 Odds

District Name Odds
1 Candy Orenson 3-1
5 Nichole Peyton 10-1
10 Raid Laced 6-1
10 Jessica Woods 8-1
11 Mortarion Xeran 8-1
12 Cinder Marsh 3-1

Day 6

Mortarion Xeran's POV

The sun is not even in the sky of the arena, but I am already awake, laying myself in the low woods. The stress and the anxiety are going to kill me. I don't want to play these Games anymore, I want to go back to home already. As the day passes by slowly, the memories of my old allies Eli, Liz and Hercules seem to be haunting me all through the night. They were just ripped away from me so fastly, and I didn't even get the chance to know them well.

I stand up and try to walk around a little, taking some deep breathes to calm down and prepare me mentally for the final combat. In a few hours, five of the reminiscent tributes will be dead and only one will still stand up, as a victor. It feels weird to know that twenty tributes has died so far in a time span of five days, and they are now officially Hunger Games victims. I may become one of them today, but I have to think in the prize, I have to think in the victory.

Slowly, in my own pace, I move myself towards the Cornucopia. My mentor sent me a note explaining the plan of the Gamemakers to make all of the tributes go to the Cornucopia and force a final combat, they will flood the arena will tidal waves coming from all of the sides. Obviously, if I am close enough to the golden horn when the waves hit, I will be fast enough to run and reach the Cornucopia before the waves do it, so I am already doing that.

When I'm almost reaching, I look straight to the Cornucopia. I see no other tributes there, but I have almost sure that the district 12 girl stayed there after the feast yesterday, so I slow down and stay where I am. Well, until the waves start to come.

Out of the suddenly, I start to hear a loud noise coming from the dense forest. I look behind and I see something crossing the forest faster than everything I have ever seen, coming towards the Cornucopia taking down trees and woods that enter in its path.

Here comes the tidal wave.

Raid Laced's POV

Earlier this morning, a parachute arrived at my side and I got one trident from my sponsors, and it feels amazing to know that there are people in the Capitol supporting me. But now that the waves are coming really fast, all I have to do is run. Run faster than I ever did. Crossing the woods and no looking back, I quickly reach the area next to the Cornucopia where I can see someone coming by the other side. Before the waves could reach me, I start to approach the person who is trying to hide inside the Cornucopia. The blonde haired girl stares at me, and holding a spear at the left hand, she advances.

I quickly change my mood from calm to insane. My nerves go crazy and I have no idea of what I am doing, but I know what I have to do right now. I have to kill this stupid girl in order of coming back home. I release an insane roar and she stops running, and gives one step back. My hair goes wild and my eyes go totally red. She will never know what killed her.

Advancing against the girl, I take my trident and throw, aiming at her chest. She unfornately diverts, but the trident reaches the side of her arm, opening an injury on it. She looks at me furious and I take off my sword out of my backpack. She rolls, getting in my side and making me miss the attack with the sword. She kicks my leg and I fall down to my knee, but my sword is still in my hand. She kicks my head now, forcing me to go to the ground where I start to lose my senses.

She runs to the edge of the Cornucopia and grabs her spear, holding it tightly. When she is about to turn around, I tackle her to the ground using my strenght and now we both are laying down at the ground of the Cornucopia. I am quicker than her and I get on top of her with my sword. However, when I am about to blow it on her neck, she stabs me with her spear at the heart, using her left hand. I trip down to behind and I start to lose air in my lungs.

The world slowly fades away in the front of my eyes, and the last thing I can hear coming is the strong waves hitting the side of the Cornucopia. BOOM

Nichole Peyton's POV

I am already at the Cornucopia when the tidal waves finally find the tributes. The water takes me from behind, dragging me in the flow until I hit the side of the Cornucopia with strenght. My back start to hurt since they suffered all the pain from hitting in the metallic side of this golden horn. The water is still over me and I start to see blood flowing around in the water. I wonder if it is mine, but right now all I am thinking about is that I need to get out of here before it is too late.

As the water slowly starts to calm down, I release myself from the Cornucopia and I start to try to swim to the edge. When I am almost reach, I take deep breaths and I try to calm down to the final battle. One cannon sounded me just before the waves hit us, so there are only five tributes left, and I am one of them. Other four tributes need to leave the competition if I want to come back home.

Still with the knives in both of my hands, I start to swim as the water starts to move downwards. I still can't see any other tribute, but I know that they are here. When the water finally disappears magically, I lay in the grass of the Cornucopia, which is all wet and muddy. I am totally soaked, with water going from my hair until my feet. For a second, I calm down and I try to remember where I am. About ten steps away from me, there is the Cornucopia and I see the first sight of another tribute as a blonde boy stands up and runs towards the district 10 girl.

"It is Mortarion", I whisper to myself. Even though we split up the alliance yesterday, I am not prepared mentally to kill him. He was my ally for not such a long time, but anyway, he has been a good friend. Killing him would made me feel depressed for the rest of my life, but thinking properly, I want to win. And I all I can do is hope that another one kills him before I do so.

Jessica Woods' POV

The district 11 boy advances against me, tackling me to the ground. We roll at the muddy grass of the Cornucopia for a while, before I finally get on top of him. My hands immediately head for his white neck, forcing against the ground. Chocking him with all of the strenght I have, he starts to go all pale and his hands seems to be losing strenght. He tries to open his mouth to probably say something, but I don't allow him to do so, so I keep chocking him against the ground.

Out of the suddenly, he gets to turn me to the side, as he stabs my right foot. He immediately goes punching me strongly, and I feel the blood leaving my mouth and my nose. I push him to behind and try to stand up, but my foot is still hurting a lot from his stab. When he tries to tackle me again, I fall to the ground and he tackles the air, falling to the ground all by himself. I enjoy the moment and take off my sword, and before he could get up again, I stab him at the center of his abdomen with my sword and he limps to the ground, all pale, all dead. BOOM

His dead corpse lays over the wet grass, and the blood slowly flows out of his body and finds the grass, making it turn red. I walk and retrieve my sword out of his abdomen, as his corpse releases a groan as he was still alive. His face appears at the sky, as the Gamemakers usually show the faces just after the deaths in the final day of each Games. My district partner was the first victim of the day, and even though I did not like him a lot, I would want him to win if I didn't. Firstly, because he is from my district, and his victory would make them proud. Secondly, because among the reminiscent tributes, he was the only one I properly met. It is good too, since I don't have to feel pity in killing them.

Coming from the other side of the Cornucopia, the district 1 girl is fighting with the district 5 girl and I head for inside the Cornucopia, searching for the district 12 girl.

Candy Orenson's POV

The district 11 boy just died and his face appeared at the sky. It means that I am one step closer to the victory and that means also that only female tributes are still alive in these Games. I am currently confronting the district 5 girl, and I thought she was weaker than she is actually showing in our battle. She seems intelligent and clever enough to attack only when I make a mistake, and if I don't move faster she is going to end up killing me.

I kick her belly, and she gets on her knee, missing the air in her lungs. I quickly take her hair and push it to the ground, making her head hit the wet ground with strenght. I do that many times, until she has strenght enough to push me to behind. Her face is all covered with blood already, and if I move fast, I can actually win her easily. She takes her knife and throws it at me, hitting my left leg. I scream and then I remind myself that I need to appear stronger. When she comes to tackle me and finally finishes me off, I divert still with the knife in my leg and I push her to the solo.

I take the knife out of my leg and when she stands up, I shove it in her temple. She opens her eye wide open and I finish stabbing her at the neck once again. She seems to be resisting against the death, so this time I stab her into her heart, making her crumple to the ground. BOOM Finally, she seems finished.

After I finish her off, I look around as her face appears at the sky. I don't see no other tribute outside of the Cornucopia, so it is almost obvious that the district 12 girl and the district 10 girl are inside the Cornucopia, probably fighting until the death. I would wait it out for them to finish each other, but I am scared one of them is easily winning against the other, so I head to the Cornucopia too.

When I reach there, the district 12 girl is stabbing the district 10 girl with her spear, directly in the heart. As the district 10 girls releases her last sigh alive, the district 12 girl turns around and look at me, and the cannon sounds. BOOM

Cinder Marsh's POV

The district 10 girl just died, and I stare to the district 1 girl. She looks at me the same way, facing me with her cold eyes. Feels like it narrowed to just the two of us, and I officially arrived at the final combat of the 298th Hunger Games. The journey that started back to the district 12 reapings is finally going to finish. And I will be the last one standing.

The district 1 girl keeps looking at me and the rain starts to pour outside the Cornucopia as I feel all of the Capitol cameras aiming at my face now. She holds her crossbow tight, putting an arrow in it. The same way, I prepare my spear, wielding it at my left hand, prepared for the attack.

"Well, seems like it narrowed to the career girl from a non-career district against the non-career girl from a career district," I say, breaking the ice. Both of us know that the iminent combat is about to happen and we are not going to spend our time facing each other. She laughs a bit and stares at me once again. She releases a groan, and then starts to run towards me. May the final combat finally begin.

She shoots an arrow from her crossbow, and I quickly dodge as the arrow hits the metallic side of the Cornucopia. She prepares to shoot again, and then releases the arrow in my direction, but again I am faster and I manage to divert from her second consecutive attempt to kill me. When she prepares the third arrow to shoot, I decide that is my time to blow. My spear crosses the air at the same time that she releases her arrow, and each weapon hits a different girl. Her arrow hits my leg as my spear hit her right arm, the arm that she uses to shoot the arrows.

She does not give up and wields a knife in her left hand and tries to tackle me, but I am kick her in her leg and then I puch her cheek. She falls and her head finds a crate, and her mouth starts to bleed out, and I take my second spear. She turns around and I throw the spear again, and it hits its target, the center of her chest. 

I prepare already my knife in case she manages to live, but feels like she will not the survive the attack, and is about to pass away in front of me.

"Good strike, congratulations." She forces to whisper before her eyes could close as her head lays over the crate. She just silencied and my feelings shake. 


I won... I just won. The moment I waited for my entire life finally arrived, I won. I am the official victor of the 298th Hunger Games. The rain stops and I run to outside the Cornucopia. A beautiful rainbow shines in the sky and the trumpets sound, marking the end of the Games and my victory. The hovercraft appears and catches me. 

"Wait for me, District Twelve."


During the Games, things were happening in the Capitol. Uprisings against the Hunger Games happened in all of the districts, and the Capitol considered it normal as it happened every year, but this year the proportions were even bigger. The poorest regions of the Capitol joined the movement against the Hunger Games, claiming their right to receive more investments, as all of the Capitol money was destined to the budget of the Hunger Games.

Including the Capitol, two "new" districts appeared to support the rebellion, the Districts 0 and 14. The 0 responsible for astronomy and the 14 one responsible for the glass destined to the Capitol. The rebellion was almost winning, and they managed to kill all of the escorts, stylists and even the head Gamemaker Adinson Paylor just after Cinder's victory. The president provided reinforcements and ended up winning against the rebellion, using strong opression to take down the rebels. About 20% of the districts' population was exterminated just in the time during the beginning of the Games and one month after Cinder's victory.

For next Games, the Capitol has prepared a huge Games, bigger than any game that was not a quell, including kids from the poor region of the Capitol, the district 0 and the district 14, totaling thirty-two tributes. Next year the Games are going to get bloody. Bloodier than ever before.

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