Day 3

Welcome to the 299th Hunger Games! I just recently finished the 298th Hunger Games, the first Games in the "Red Days Saga", and this is the official sequel to it. How many Games this saga is going to have? I don't know.

This Game will be like any other one, so yeah, read the introduction and the rules and if you decide to sign up, great! I hope you enjoy the whole process.



1. I honestly did not know what was the best amount of tributes per person, so by now, I am allowing two tributes per person, but it may grow depending in the popularity and the quantity of users.

2. No reservations this time, since reservations take time and no one wants to delay the process of the Game, right? However, if you type an excellent tribute for a spot that was originally filled out by a poorly-written tribute, then the spot is totally yours.

3. I am accepting since links to other wikis until typing in the comments the description of your tribute.

4. This is the tribute template, however you don't have to fill out the non-required spaces, just the required ones (that are in bold):







Appearance: (description, lunaii or real pic)







5. Be aware about the adult language, but I will probably do not do sexual references.

6. Sending your tributes good advice, creative plans, and cheering for them makes them have a higher chance of winning.

7. If there is a problem, such as type errors and anything messed up, just tell me in the comments and I'll try to fix it.

8. This time, I will be getting in-depth in the Games. There will be reapings, group training, individual training sessions and interviews. 


District Name Age Weapon User
Capitol Male Alec Roswell-Seacrest 17 Kukri Xbilliex
Capitol Female Victorie Pontius 15 Spear ElectricGirl-
District 0 Male Greyson Darlon 17 Spear Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
District 0 Female Komentia Flores 16 Curved Swords Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
District 1 Male Drayden Hax 15 Mace Yoonie
District 1 Female Brenna Placidia 12 Knife FrostyFire
District 2 Male Darius Asterin 18 Battleaxe Yoonie
District 2 Female Scarlet Avalon 17 Throwing Knives Aerialchinook
District 3 Male Casper Ware 17 Throwing Knives MyWorld
District 3 Female Clara Crescent 16 Kama FrostyFire
District 4 Male Isaac Blade 16 Trident Pippycat
District 4 Female Nami Njord 16 Trident Icanhasnofriends
District 5 Male James Desmond 15 Machete ConspiracyKiller825
District 5 Female Bonnie Cougar 17 Blowgun Aerialchinook
District 6 Male Buck Rockwell 16 Spear YourFavoriteSalmon
District 6 Female Lavender Morton 16 Knife Biel1458
District 7 Male Breccan Gateson 13 Strenght Toast With The Most
District 7 Female Alicia Calvert 16 Throwing Axes Biel1458
District 8 Male Connor Smitherson 14 Scythe HaraiGoshi345
District 8 Female Adelaide Simmons 13 Bow & Arrow Pippycat
District 9 Male Stewart Pi 13 Land Mines WeirdTributes
District 9 Female Bell Fladgate 18 Club Ladysi
District 10 Male Katta Wallace 16 Rocks WeirdTributes
District 10 Female Eliza Herader 14 Axe YourFavoriteSalmon
District 11 Male Tim Thorburn 16 Sickle Nlby001
District 11 Female Kim Thorburn 16 Sickle Nlby001
District 12 Male Jack Green 17 Trident Acuteblondegirl
District 12 Female Oceania Seacrest 16 Trident Xbilliex
District 13 Male David Johnson 16 Sword MyWorld
District 13 Female Robin Smoke 13 Slingshot Ladysi
District 14 Male Odin Amarth 18 Spear Icanhasnofriends
District 14 Female Linda Haren 14 Awl Thereal opian


Career Alliance: Komentia Flores (0), Drayden Hax (1), Darius Asterin (2), Scarlet Avalon (2), Buck Rockwell (6), Alicia Calvert (7)

Anti-Career Alliance: ​Casper Ware (3), Bonnie Cougar (5), Lavender Morton (6), Connor Smitherson (8), Bell Fladgate (9), Eliza Herader (10), David Johnson (13)

District 4 and 14 Alliance: Nami Njord (4), Odin Amarth (14)

District 4 and 7 Alliance: Isaac Blade (4), Breccan Gateson (7)

Capitol and District 3 Alliance: Victorie Pontius (Cap), Clara Crescent (3)

District 11 Alliance: Tim Thorburn (11), Kim Thorburn (11)

District 9 and 13 Alliance: Stewart Pi (9), Robin Smoke (13)

District 8 and 14 Alliance: Adelaide Simmons (8), Linda Haren (14)

Loners: Greyson Darlon (0), Alec Roswell-Seacrest (Cap), Brenna Placidia (1), James Desmond (5), Katta Wallace (10), Oceania Seacrest (12), Jack Green (12)

Tribute Gallery


The arena is set to represent the twelve zodiac signs, with each section representing one of them. 

At the center, as always, the golden Cornucopia lays in an isolated island, and the tributes start at the platforms placed there. To leave the island, you have to cross one of the twelve bridges, with each one going to a "zodiac section".

The first section is called Aries, and is a section of dense forest, high trees, and many animals, including only one mutt, sheep mutts that stay all around the section. As Aries' zodiac element is the fire, the trees are frequently burned and flamed, by the Gamemakers or not.

The second one is Taurus, a section with low odds and few trees, but many rivers and grass. The mutts in here are obviously furious bulls, that can kill someone easily. As its zodiac element is the earth, earthquakes are constant in this section.

The third one is Gemini, the most urban section of all. It has some woods, but is most characterized for being placed in a small abandoned city, with only two streets. The mutts are two twin brothers that attack together; one wields a sword and the other one an axe. As its zodiac element is the air, frequently there are strong breezes and winds rushing, taking down trees.

The fourth one is Cancer, a section placed in a muddy forest, with many rivers and lakes flowing around there. The mutt is obviously a big crab, which attacks with no mercy anyone who enters in its territory. As Cancer's zodiac element is the water, there are tidal waves happening frequently.

The fifth one is Leo, a hot section with high trees and high woods but an intense sun hovering over there. The mutt is a strong red lion, an animal that can kill someone quickly. As Leo's zodiac element is the fire, the trees are frequently burned and flamed, by the Gamemakers or not.

The sixth one of the sections is Virgo, a section with low odds and some plantations of soybean and corn around. The mutt is a pale woman who can't speak, but always has a long knife by her side to kill anyone who hesitates in confroting her. As its zodiac element is the earth, earthquakes are constant in this section.

The seventh one is Libra, a section similar to Virgo, but instead of plantations, there are some fruit frees around. The mutt is also a pale woman who can't speak, but she has instead two metallic balls that can kill anyone with only one blow. As its zodiac element is the air, frequently there are strong breezes and winds rushing, taking down trees.

After Libra, we have the Scorpio section. It is a section with many woods around and few trees, and has also some rivers flowing around. The mutt that lives in this section is a terrible scorpion, that can feel someone walking near his location. As Scorpio's zodiac element is the water, there are tidal waves happening frequently.

The ninth one is Sagittarius, a section similar to the Leo's one, but instead of high trees and high woods, it has low trees and low woods. The mutt around is a centaur which always has a bow and one arrow besides to attack anyone that he sees. As Sagittarius's zodiac element is the fire, the trees are frequently burned and flamed, by the Gamemakers or not.

The tenth one is Capricorn, a section similar to an enorm farm, with many domestic animals living in this area. The only evil one is an enormous goat, which attacks people with its pointy horns. As its zodiac element is the earth, earthquakes are constant in this section.

The penultimate section is Aquarius, a section almost totally covered with water. There are enormous lakes, and only few isolated islands around. The mutt of this section is a weak man that has a deadly fishing rod. A hook made by him can kill someone easily. Aquarius' zoadic element is air, and it means earthquakes. Earthquakes plus air in a water area results in enormous tsunamis, able to flood the whole arena.

The last area is the Pisces area, a section half covered with low trees and woods and half covered with salt water. The mutts in this area are enormous fishes that jump from the rivers, lakes and from the ocean to attack the people that enter in the section. As the zodiac element is the water, there are tidal waves happening frequently. 


Twist 1

President Snow V, the official sucessor of President Snow IV, comes to the stage and the broadcast in all of the televisions in Panem turn back to his mansion. The crowd around him is filled and he clears his throat out, prepare to announce the newest twist.

"Welcome, citizens of Panem. As you know, the Capitol has reinstalled the Hunger Games after a failed attempt to end up with the Hunger Games and the whole Capitol domination. Anyway, the Capitol decided to give a Special Games this year for the tributes. As a result of the attempt of a huge uprising, the Capitol has installed a new twist for every single Games. There will not be any ordinary Games starting now, all of them must include at least one twist." The Capitol crowd starts to clap and make noise, most of them approving the new rule, but back in the districts, the miserable eyes looking at the screen turn in misery. "This year, we will have two of them. Firstly, to show that the districts are always unarmed in a war against the Capitol, there will be no available weapons at the arena. The only sources of weapons are the sponsors, and you can always make your own weapon. Anyway, happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" The broadcast turns off, as the reaped tributes who were watching the transmission in the Justice Building look confused. How will the deaths roll without the weapons?

Twist 2 

Cinder Marsh's POV

"Welcome, citizens of Panem and dear tributes. As everyone knows, I am here to announce something great for all of the tributes and the districts overall. I will be announcing the second twist of the 299th Hunger Games, and it will be divided into three parts. Firstly, it will affect more the sponsors and the tributes. We will be officially raising the price of the weapons, to difficult the sponsors in sending them to the tributes." He speaks, and everyone in the apartment crosses eyes quickly.

"Moving on to the second part, this one will affect more the population of Panem overall. To make the cheers in Panem raise up during the Games, every time that both tributes from a district dies, their home district will be bombed. If I was you, I would hope for the victory of the tributes of your districts." 

"For the third part, this will be good for some tributes and bad for others. As I previously said this year, the Capitol does not want to be repetitive, and we are getting sick of all of the action hapenning in the first day and the other days being boring, with no deaths. We are decreting officially that you can't kill in the opening day, even at the bloodbath. If you kill, you'll be getting killed too. This is it, Panem. Good Games for everyone." 


User Tribute 1 Tribute 2

Alec Roswell-Seacrest (Cap)

Oceania Seacrest (12)



Victorie Pontius (Cap)



Greyson Darlon (0)


Komentia Flores (0)



Drayden Hax (1)


Darius Asterin (2)


Brenna Placidia (1)

Clara Crescent (3)



Scarlet Avalon (2)


Bonnie Cougar (5)


Casper Ware (3)

David Johnson (13)



Isaac Blade (4)


Adelaide Simmons (8)


Nami Njord (4)

Odin Amarth (14)



James Desmond (5)



Buck Rockwell (6)

Eliza Herader (10)



Lavender Morton (6)

Alicia Calvert (7)


Toast With The Most

Breccan Gateson (7)



Connor Smitherson (8)



Stewart Pi (9)

Katta Wallace (10)



Bell Fladgate (9)


Robin Smoke (13)


Tim Thorburn (11)

Kim Thorburn (11)



Jack Green (12)

Thereal opian

Linda Haren (14)

Getting Money

These are the few ways to get money before and throughout the Hunger Games:

1. Training Score. The sponsors will feel free to sponsor your tribute if they receive a good score at the training. Here is the detailed table with the prize of every training score.

Score Prize
1 $5
2 $10
3 $20
4 $30
5 $40
6 $60
7 $80
8 $100
9 $130
10 $160
11 $180
12 $200

2. Killing another tribute. At each kill done by your tribute, they receive extra $100.

3. Reaching a higher placing. Reaching top 8 gets you another $100 and top 5 more $200.



  • Loaf of Bread: $50
  • Dried Meat: $60
  • Roast Meat: $100
  • Dried Fruits: $55
  • Fresh Fruits: $90
  • Cookies: $100
  • Soup: $100
  • Bottle of Water: $75
  • Bottle of Milk: $100


  • Awl: $100
  • Axe: $150
  • Blowgun: $125
  • Darts (10): $75
  • Dagger: $150
  • Knife: $95
  • Machete: $150
  • Mace: $160
  • Net: $170
  • Bow: $130
  • Arrows (10): $90
  • Rope: $120
  • Sickle: $130
  • Scythe: $130
  • Slingshot: $150
  • Rocks (10): $60
  • Spear: $170
  • Sword: $175
  • Throwing Axes (10): $125
  • Throwing Knives (10): $120
  • Trident: $220
  • Kama: $160


  • Jacket: $100
  • Blanket: $80
  • Sleeping Bag: $130
  • Large Coat: $150

Other Items

  • Burn Cream: $110
  • Freeze Spray: $110
  • Camouflage Paints: $120
  • Matches: $60
  • Painkiller: $70
  • Poison: $80
  • Capital Potion (heals any wound): $400


Capitol Reapings - Victorie Pontius' POV

I wake up to the sound of trees hitting the window of my bedroom. I release a quick groan and then I remember myself that I should already be awake to dress myself up. As the trees continue hitting the window making loud noises, I open the curtains and the window for the noises to stop, and then the treebranches invade my bedroom and the birds start to sing their melody as the bright sun shines over me. The white birds continue flying around my window, as I stare at them, flying free. Flying free, totally opposite as I will be in the next two hours.

My eyes wide slowly as I continue looking through the windows to the street where I live. In the house in front of mine, a little girl is already awake eating her breakfast as her father talks to her and her mother is holding a small pink dress and bright shoes. I imagine how her parents are feeling. She knows almost nothing about why she is going to the square, but her parents know why. We rebelled, we fought against the government's power and how they treated us from the poorest regions. And now we pay the price. We are forced to send one boy and one girl to that bloody arena, by their own luck. And now I kinda really don't care, they can fool me, fool me, go on and fool me.

"If I could only imagine..." I whisper to myself as the memories of my mother run through my mind. Her blonde hair shining to the sunlight as we played around the suburbs. It all feels so recent and so long time ago at the same time. If I could only imagine that if I convinced her to do not fight in the rebellion, she would still be with me right now. And we still lost the battle. I wonder why we believed that the districts could take down the Capitol, just easily. They clearly could not.

But now here I am, standing in the front of the window, seeing the streets that I used to run and play around. I have to prepare myself for the reapings. If I am going to be treated as someone inferior to the Capitol, I need to at least show publicly that they are wrong. I need to feel superior.

After dressing a green dress with details in gold, I walk down the stairs and stare at the empty kitchen. Since my mother died, I live all by myself, and I never needed any attention from anyone. I can do everything alone, I don't need anyone.

Before leaving the house, I walk towards the bedroom that used to belong to my mother and I head to her closet. As I open the doors of it, her beautiful dresses shines in front of my eyes and the emotion starts to bring back tears. I wash them off, and palm a pink bracelet that my mother gave to me when I was still a little kid. I wear it out, and then I look myself in the mirror. "I look... superior", I say to myself in the front of the mirror and then I decide to leave home, heading towards the Capitol square.

Just as I leave my home, the bus that the government sent to carry all the kids from the poorest region of the Capitol to the square with security, to make sure that no kid tries to escape. I enter in it, and as we cross through the enormous, technologic streets of the Capitol, I compare them to my region. Why they did not invest on us? The public image is more important than the own inhabitants? Feels like the answer of these question is yes.

When we arrive at the square, I get my finger pricked and I walk towards the area destined to the fifteen-years-old girls. There are only a few kids in here, probably because the Capitol has a lack of citizens, and it becomes even less when it comes to only the poorest region. It makes my odds of being reaped increase a lot.

The escort enters at the stage, wearing a purple hairwig and a shiny pink dress. "Welcome, citizens of the Capitol. My name is Reasa Turiopo, and I am really happy to be here, hosting the reapings for the 299th Hunger Games. It's my first year as an escort, and I feel glad to already start in the Capitol." She announces, and the entire audience boos. It may feel weird for the other districts to see this. Capitol citizens booing the reapings, it does not feel normal.

"Let's begin with the usual: selecting the girl who will represent the Capitol this year!" She shouts in the microphone, and then walks over to the girl's reaping bowl and picks up one slip of paper from that enormous bowl. The tension and the anxiety start to appear, as my hands shake in fear. Fear of being reaped. I can't, I can't.

"Victorie Pontius." She reads. Oh no. Now I have the sure that the destiny does not like me. First they took my father from me while I was still a baby, and then my mother. And now, it is my time. I walk to the stage, head up to show my pride and as I walk up the stage to talk with Reasa, she heads me to the right side of where she was, not at least giving me a chance to express my feelings.

"Now that we have Victorie to be the female representant of the Capitol, we may now select who will be her counterpart!" Reasa shouts once again and walks to the opposite side, up to the boy's bowl. She clears his throat, and reads the paper really slowly.

"Alec Roswell-Seacrest." Out from the crowd, a boy using dark clothes and with red eyes starts to walk towards the stage, and his expression to the cameras is just a simple grin, that looks evilish. As he walks up the stage, Reasa quickly finishes out the reaping with the usual speech.

"Let's give a round of applause to the Capitol tributes for the 299th Hunger Games: Victorie Pontius and Alec Roswell-Seacrest!" Again, the crowd begins to boo her speech and the cameras quickly close out the transmission and the peacekeepers come, escorting us to the train. Ever since my mother died, I hate peacekeepers very much and I would do anything to put a spear in their heart, but I have to keep my pose, well until I reach the arena.

District 0 Reapings - Greyson Darlon's POV

I have been up for hours now, I simply can't sleep. I am here, sitting over my humble mattress, while my sisters lay quiet, sleeping with no worries. They do not have anything to worry about, the oldest one of them is eleven years-old and these new Hunger Games will not affect them directly, as they don't have the age enough to be reaped off. But I have. I am seventeen years-old, and there are slips of paper with my name printed inside that bowl, but in the other hand, this is my penultimate reaping. If I survive through today, I will have only one more year to attend the reapings and after that, I will become illegible to be reaped. All I have to do is survive today.

Staring across the window, I see the snow pouring down and the whole district becomes white again in front of my eyes, but based in the clouds, the snow is about to stop and the sun will shine again. The sun rarely appears here, and the reaping date coincided with the only week in the year that the sun shines bright in District Zero. I sincerely don't know what to expect from the reapings, but I know that one Capitol representant will come to our district and will select it off one boy and one girl who resides here to represent the district in the 299th Hunger Games.

My thoughts are interrupted by one of my sisters waking up and looking at me. She opens a smile. Oh, if she could only know what I am going to face.

"Hi Greyson," she whispers, still waking up slowly. "Why are you already awake?"

"Hi Silver, I had problems sleeping, but don't worry, I am perfectly fine." I say, hugging her. She smiles again and stands up, now waking up my other two sisters. As they wake up like any other ordinary day, I am getting more nervous as the minutes pass by and the reaping approachs. Now I know what the kids in the other districts feel when the reaping day comes. The other two hug me, and then, the three of them head together to my mother's bedroom, to decide the clothes they are going to wear to attend the reapings. Even though our district hates the whole idea of Games, no one wants to be filmed by the Capitol using ordinary clothes. It is quite contraditory considering that only the people we hate - the Capitol citizens - and the other districts' population are going to watch.

I take a simple gray t-shirt and I wear it quickly and then, I walk down the stairs to meet up with my parents that are waiting for me in the living room. They look me and sigh, as they knew what I was feeling. They could try to calm me down and keep talking that I am going to be alright and I am not going to be reaped today, but they know that I will not believe in it. They always knew that I was intelligent enough to find out when they were trying to soft the things down.

I sit at the table and my mother hands me one loaf of bread, and I eat relatively fast. Both my parents try to do not talk much with me, and they try the best to ignore my presence at the table, and I do the same. I just eat the rest of the bread and drink my coffe quickly and then my father calls the whole family to the car, even though my sisters did not even eat breakfast. We are quite late, and as soon as we leave out of here, the better. Anyway, the girls are not going to be reaped and it is sure that they are coming back to home. The same can't be told about my situation.

The car crosses the whole district and I look patiently the fellow people of my district silently walking towards the square with the kids. Their heads are down, just like their hope. 

Once we arrive, I jump out of the car quickly and I wave goodbye to my family. The snow stops pouring and I enjoy as the last snowflake slowly falls from the sky, just right at my hand. I head and get my finger pricked, and then I join my friends at the area destined to the boys with seventeen years-old. My friends and I are actually some of the few intelligent kids around the district, and we have the highest IQ levels. I don't really like talking with people less intelligent than I, they are just too dumb to carry out a decent conversation.

Talking in dumb people, the escort quickly steps in the stage, looking at the district totally covered in white. He seems to be combining with the white colouring our district, as he is using white lipstick, eyeliner, gray make-up and black shirt and pants. He clears his threat out before talking up. "Welcome, citizens of the District Zero. It is such a honor to host the first reapings of this district in the history. My name is Hiere Manuera, if you are wondering, and yes, I am the District 0 escort for the 299th Hunger Games."

The whole district gets silent and he awkwardly blinks to the camera. "Well, let's begin selecting the female tribute that will represent the District Zero in the 299th Hunger Games." The district continues silent as Hiere's footsteps become the soundtrack of the reapings. As he takes out slowly a name from the bowl and walks back to the microphone, the girls' area gets tense. One of them is going out to the Games, and will be the first female tribute from the District 0 to be in the Hunger Games.

"Komentia Flores," Hiere reads out and from the crowd, a brown-haired girl emerges, looking down. She does not feel confident about the Games, but I can't judge since I am either. She slowly walks towards the stage, and as she steps in, Hiere grins a bit and then continues with the ceremony.

"Now that we have the prestigied lady who will represent this amazing district, it is time to pick it off the boy who will accompany her." Hiere says and repeats the ritual she did when the girls' time arrived, but now he walks to the opposite side and takes a little longer to pick a name out the bowl.

It isn't me. It isn't me. It can't be me. "Greyson Darlon." Oh no! It can't be happening, no, not with me. What did I do to deserve be the first male tribute from the District 0 sent to the Hunger Games? As I slowly leave out my area and start to walk towards the stage, I take a look at my family, which is gazing at me from the outside. My little sisters burst in tears, as my mother and my father try to do not show any kind of emotion in my front. Maybe they are just trying to don't make me panic.

"Well, great." Hiere says as I walk up the stage. I head to where Komentia is and I extend my hand. She hesitates but ends up shaking hands with me and then Hiere comes, takes our hands and raise them up as he finishes the reaping. "Let's give a round of applause to the District 0 tributes, Komentia Flores and Greyson Darlon."

Once again, the district is totally silent.

District 1 Reapings - Brenna Placidia's POV

I just woke up and I already feel that today will be one of those days that will mark my history, my crazy and conturbed history. Today I will attend a reaping for a Hunger Game for the first time, since I just recently turned twelve years-old. For some reason, it feels weird to stop and think that I have only twelve years. A lot of things happened during my life, and it all seems so long ago, well not too long.

It all started in the beginnings of my miserable life, when my biological family abandoned me due to the fact that could not even feed themselves. But I was lucky, very very lucky. A careful man that I still prefer to call Mr. Savior saved me from starving and actually gave me a house, clothes to wear and a basic education. He was pretty wealthy, so as generous as he was, he helped me to recover from my diphtheria problem. And it all happened before I could even turn five years old. When I actually turned five, Mr. Savior did his usual travel to the Capitol and unfornately never came back. He worked with the Hunger Games, and was presumably poisoned during the process of one of these. 

Well, the rest of my history is calmer than the beginning, but it is still chaotic. After Mr. Savior's death, the babysitter who took care of me, Ms. Rosita, adopted me. She was the most incredible woman I have ever met, she always had a smile on her face and was always happy, I used to admire it later. Badly for her, her brother was reaped for the Hunger Games and ended up dying in the process. And after that, she killed herself, leaving me all alone. I spent the three following years in an orphanage, seeing my friends gradually being adopted while I was still there, as a poor orphan. But then, my luck finally appeared. A fifteen years old called Monica adopted me. 

And now, here I am. In Monica's house, most exactly at my bedroom, staring at the cold mirror as my entire life runs through my reflex. I am wearing the dark blue dress that used to belong to her and some golden shoes that she bought specially for the reaping day. The good point of living in District 1 is the fact that if you don't want to go to the Games, you are going to the reaping simply to watch, since every year the volunteers emerge out to take your place, in case you get picked off. And this is my case, I don't really feel like I'm going anytime to the Hunger Games, they don't call my attention. They can offer me lux and fame, but it does not attract me. And anyway, what are the chances of my name be printed in the selected paper? I am one name among a thousand of them.

I take a last look at myself in the mirror, and then I get down the stairs to arrive at the eating room, where Monica has already prepared a quick breakfast. Her parents - and my grandparents actually - are still sleeping, and she decided to do not wake them up before we arrive from the reaping square, since she wants them to rest.

"Ready?" She asks me while I am almost finishing up my breakfast.

"To what?" I say, taking a bite in the bread. I obviously know the reason of the question, but let's see how she reacts.

"The reapings, don't be a fool. I know you know enough about the reapings, don't try to play me." She replies, standing up. I finish my breakfast and we decide to leave right now. We enter in her parents' car and we head towards the square.

Once we get there, Monica quickly leaves the car and opens my door so I can exit it. I take a look around at the square. The last time I have been here was a long time ago, when Ms. Rosita used to bring me here to play underneath the trees and do some picnic. Good times. My thoughts are stopped by Monica, who pushes me to get my finger pricked and then I enter the square. Monica gets in her knee and starts to talk a little with me.

"See, you are going to the twelve-years old girls area, and just stay quiet. The reaping should roll quickly," she whispers to me in my ear and then hugs me.

"What about you?" I ask.

"I am probably going to be fine." She says just as two peacekeepers come separating us and I am forced to stay with the other young girls. I can barely see anything from where I am, but what I can clearly see is a tall woman stepping in the stage with a purple hat and bright neon clothes. Her neon pink eyes and lips are making my eyes hurt.

"Welcome, citizens of the District 1. As you know, your old escort has been replaced by someone, and that someone is me, Yvea Liopea. As my first year as an escort, I feel pretty glad to know that I am going to represent District 1." She says and the whole district bursts in applauses and screams. 

"As usual, we shall select the female tribute first, right?" She continues and the crowd screams once more. She happily crosses the stage and takes out a name from the reaping bowl. Yvea comes back to her microphone, clears her throat out and starts pronouncing the name of the girl.

It is not me. What are the chances of it being me? "I am just one name among a thousand", I remember to myself. The odds are all in my favour. I can't be reaped.

"Monica Placidia," Yvea quickly says and out of the sudden, I paralyze. My mouth wants to say something, and it just flows by itself out of my throat.

"I volunteer!" I scream, along with two other girls. Monica looks behind as she hears my voice, and she nods negatively to me, probably saying to me to give up in the idea. Yvea, obviously, selects me to take Monica's place and I proudly walk out of my section and cross the square, walking towards the stage. In the path, Monica stops by me and tries to make me change my mind, but I am decided. I am going in her place, and there is nothing that someone can do to change a decision of mine.

Once I step into the stage, the escort waves to me and asks my name. I reply it on the microphone and he does one more question.

"Are you Monica's sister to volunteer in her place this way?" As Yvea's words let out, I look back to the crowd and see Monica crying. I can't fail at her now. This is what both her and Mr. Savior would want from me. Look like a warrior and win these Games, even being only a twelve years-old girl.

"No," I say, controlling my throat. "She is my mother."

As the panic and the surprise in the crowd is instant, Yvea tries to change the subject and already announces that she is going to select out the male representant of the District 1. As expected, a bunch of guys volunteer to take the place, and Yvea slowly selects the best one. She points out a dark-haired boy that looks serious, and he walks up pretty confident towards the stage. As he steps in, he surprisingly greets me and heads for the microphone.

"My name is Drayden Hax, and I volunteer to take the crown back to its home, District 1." He says, and his confidence surprises even myself. Easily, Yvea finishes the reaping and Drayden and I are escorted like two prisoners towards the Justice Building.

Am I going to have the same fate as Savior and Rosita?

District 2 Reapings - Scarlet Avalon's POV

It is still relatively early when I wake up due to the sounds of a baby crying and my eyes flutter open slowly. I stand up and I almost drag myself towards the bedroom besides mine. I enter and go for the baby cradle, where one of my little babies is crying. I take him and start to comfort him in my arms, and in few minutes, he is already asleep again. I walk towards the other baby cradle and I kiss the forehead of the other boy. I lay the one that was crying back in the mattress of the cradle and then, I head back to my bedroom and I stare out at the table clock. I have one hour before the reaping begins.

As I start to dig out in my closet searching for a suitable outfit for the reapings, I start to think where my babies can stay during the process of the Games. I am going to volunteer today, and this means that I will spend at least one month away from home, and that can be transformed into forever, if I die fighting for a better life to my little children.

Both of them are legitimate children of a victor, they have the Hunger Games running in their veins, but his father abandoned both me and they two before I could even give birth to them. I named them Tyler and Trent, and they are my little pearls, the most important things in my life. I would die for them, and that is what I am going to do today. One of them, Trent, has a life-threatening tumour and the doctors of the district say that he needs a very important surgery to invert the situation. And I don't have this money, I tried to call the father of them to see if he can at least help, but he denied the support. The only way left is volunteering for the Hunger Games and winning, with the prize of a victor, I can take Trent to the Capitol and they will save him from his tumour. All I need to do is win.

Finally, I find a red dress and I wear it quickly. Once again I cross my room and enter in the babies' bedroom and I take both of them in each one of my arms. I walk down the stairs, and immediately I leave my home and I head to the neighbour's house, where a careful old woman is at the door, looking the quiet streets. I approach her and she sees me with my twin boys at my shoulders.

"Can you do me an enormous favour?" I ask and she quickly walks in my direction and takes one of the boys in her arms.

"Of course, what do you want?" She asks me back, and I am quick in the response.

"Can you stay with my children? Please, I am only a seventeen years old and one of them has a life-threatening tumour, so I am going to volunteer for the Games to try to gain the money to save him. However, if I die, they don't have any other way but dying. I just want for you to feed them while I am at the arena." I say, the tears slowly filling up my eyes. I am about to cry, but I need to stay strong, at least look strong during the possible last time with my kids.

"Sure... I can help you out." She says, as I give the other baby to her. She sighs and mouths me a silent goodbye, as I nod and say goodbye to her back.

"Thanks for understanding," I say, hugging her and then I start to walk towards the district square. The reaping is probably about to begin when I finally arrive at the place where the reapings are about to happen. I get my finger pricked quickly, and running, I go to the area of the crowd that is destined to the seventeen years old girls. Just looking at the faces of the girls present in this area, it slightly reminds me from school, the place I used to frequent before the birth of Trent and Tyler.

"Welcome, welcome, citizens of District Two!" A loud woman shouts in the microphone and the entire crowd turns around to check her out. Wearing a long golden dress and a small white hat, the escort of this year looks incredibly great. At least, better than the escort of last year. "My name is Rhana Kardesan and I am going to be the District Two escort. It is such a huge honor to be here today, and a honor even bigger to know that I am going to be the responsible of randomly pick up the lucky boy and girl that will represent this amazing district in the 299th Hunger Games. We shall start with the girls as always."

As she slowly walks through the stage and puts her hand inside the reaping bowl, I take a look at the stage, where the father of my sons is. He sometimes looks me with a scared face, as he is predicting what I am about to do.

"Fiera..." The escort can not even stop talking, and there is already a bunch of girls screaming 'I volunteer', including me. My ex-boyfriend looks around, as he is ignoring what I am doing, so I raise my finger even higher. Rhana examinates the crowd and luckily points at me. I sigh of relief, and I walk out the crowd, heading for the stage.

When I arrive at the stage, Rhana leads me to the microphone, and asks my name publicly. "My name is Scarlet Avalon and I am going to represent District 2 in the 299th Hunger Games." The whole district gives a round of applause to me and I mouth a 'thanks'. I look behind me, and my ex-boyfriend keeps trying to ignore me. He can't deny, now I am a tribute mentored by him. Well not totally since the female victors are going to be responsible for me, but he is also in the team. We are going to go to the Capitol together. He can try to ignore me now, but he will not do it forever. Sometime he will have to give up.

"Now, we must go along into the reapings, selecting the fortunate boy." Rhana says in the mic, now heading for the boys' bowl, where she takes again another slip of paper. She clears her throat and pronounces the name slowly.

"Marco Fencie." Slowly out of the crowd, a thirteen years old boy emerges and no one volunteers in his place. Well, for a while. A dark-haired boy surges and takes the boy's place, volunteering. He comforts the boy and walks up towards the stage. The whole district claps for his action, including me, his attitude was very solidary.

The boy rises at the stage and Rhana asks his name. He grins and shouts to the crowd, "I am Darius Asterin". As the district claps hands again, I take a quick look at my ex-boyfriend again. He is not ignoring me anymore, but he seems worried and preoccupated.

"Now, to end up the reapings with a great finale, let's give a round of applause to Scarlet Avalon and Darius Asterin, the district 2 tributes for this year!" As the districts burst into applauses and screams, the peacekeepers come and escort both Darius and I to the train.

Hold on Trent and Tyler, I'll be coming back for you.

District 3 Reapings - Casper Ware's POV

The moon is still setting when I wake up. The tension contamined my sleep during the whole night, and the reaping ceremony haunted me all through my dreams, and I decided that being awake is not that bad compared to having nightmares all night. I gaze at the sky through the windows, and the stars fade one by one slowly. The morning is starting to appear, and I know that I will have soon to stand up and go prepare myself for the reapings.

Instead of already going for the closet to take out some clothes to wear, I stand up and walk towards the window and I start to stare at the sky. The sun is shining bright this morning, and is actually the strongest sunshine I have ever seen in a matter of years. To be honest, it is one of the first times that I stopped to stare at the sun. Since the death of my father and my little brother died four years ago, my bedroom seemed to be the only place I could stay without worrying, it felt like the bedroom was my place of comfort. Being sincere, I don't remember when it was the last time that I stopped to play at the streets with the other kids. I don't even remember when it was the last time that I played.

Decided to keep my head up and knowing that the reaping may start earlier than usual, I head to my personal closet and I take it out a black shirt with white stripes. When I look at myself in the mirror and decide that I am alright to attend the reapings today, I leave my bedroom and head to the living room, where my mother is already eating breakfast.

I sit next to her and she hands me a cup of coffee, and I drink it quicker than I was supposed to be. My mother, instead of discussing, gives a brief laugh and then hands me the bread.

"Tell me when you're ready. I will be waiting in the car." She tells me and then leaves the living room, letting me stay all by myself while I eat the breakfast. She knows me well.

As I am drinking the rest of the coffee and slowly eating the bread my mother gave me, I start to think in all of the possibilities. If I get reaped, there is no one going to volunteer, I have almost sure of that. Firstly, there is no one out there willing to take my place in case my name is in the selected slip of paper. Secondly, even though the District 3 tributes perfomed really well last year, there is no one going to volunteer to see if the luck gets again by District 3's side.

After thinking a little, I get myself up from the table and then I head for the door of my house. It's really weird because I didn't notice that the knob changed. Anyway, I leave the house and go to my mother's car and she tells me to put on the seat belt over me. The dialogues between my mother and I have disappeared slowly, and we almost don't talk to each other since the death of my father and my brother. We only talk the necessary, and when necessary. 

Our car trip takes just a little while, and we arrive at the square relatively early. I say goodbye to her and I go get my finger pricked, and after that, the woman points me where I am supposed to be before the beginning of the reaping ceremony. I thank her and walk until I arrive there, where I stay silent and quiet until the reaping finally begins.

"Hello, citizens of District 3." Out of the sudden, a tall man with purple skin and green hair steps in the stage and looks at the crowd awkwardly. He clears his throat out and prepares his microphone. "Welcome to the reapings ceremony and I want firstly to introduce myself. My name is Juan-Dier Gonsalez and I am going to be the district 3 escort for the next following years, luckily."

The crowd keeps silent, and Juan starts to get nervous. "Well, as every year, we must firstly select the lucky lady who will have a chance to compete in the Hunger Games and bring glory to her home district. Good luck to everyone."

Juan walks two steps and shakes his hand inside the bowl, randomly picking up a slip of paper with a name printed in it. He then comes back to his microphone and the crowd continues silent, but this time the girls are getting tense, nervous. Juan realizes it, and makes a ritual before announcing the selected girl's name. It takes almost one minute for him to read the paper loud.

"Clara Crescent." A blonde haired girl sighs and starts to walk towards the stage. She seems a bit worried, looking at all the sides, as she was trying to search for someone. She doesn't find who she was looking for, and she gets in the stage with head down. Juan grins for a bit and Clara stands up behind her, as the victors try to comfort the girl up in the stage.

"Now that we have the lady, it is time to select out the boy who will accompany her in the journey. Again, good luck to everyone." As Jean again takes out a name and takes a long while to read the name, I feel my instinct telling me to prepare my feelings. Feels like it is predicting that...

"Casper Ware!" ...I am going to be reaped. And it predicted totally right. The whole morning runs through my mind and now I start to walk out the crowd, heading towards the stage. I step in, and the escort greets me with a creepy grin. I place next to Clara, and I quickly take a watch in the outside, where the adults stand during the reaping. I see my mother, falling down in tears. If I die in these Games, her entire family will be wiped out. It feels weird to know that.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applause to the District 3 tributes for the 299th Hunger Games, Clara Crescent and Casper Ware!" Juan shouts, trying his best to excite the crowd, but the maximum that the crowd does is continue silent as only a few claps are heard.

District 4 Reapings - Isaac Blade's POV

I wake up to the sounds of my alarm clock beeping besides my bed. Slowly, my eyes fight against the inevitable and slowly they wide open. Once I am awake, I clasp the clock violently so it finally stops beeping. As it finally ceases the beep, I jump out of my bed, immediately heading for the closet to get myself dressed up for the reaping day. I select an usual blue shirt, jeans pants and some dark shoes. I get myself dressed real quickly, and then I exit my bedroom.

Before I could walk down the stairs, I remind myself to go to my brother's bedroom first. It is the first reaping he is going to attend, and he is probably very scared. He is autist, and I am his only hope. We technically have our older sister, Kiara, but she is incompetent and extremely selfish. Both my parents died when I was a little kid, and Kiara was supposed to take care of me and my younger brother, Axel. But she didn't fulfill her mission correctly. Instead, she started to hate us and call us "wastes of space". She then begun to work and get her own money, but she didn't use even a coin to help Axel and I. I sincerely think that she wants us to die already so she will finally get the house to herself. But I will not let that happen, I am not going to let Axel die just the way our parents did.

"Isaac... Isaac!" Axel calls me and I rush. When I enter in his bedroom, Kiara is shouting at him some things and I advance against her, pushing her to the ground.

"What are you doing!?" I shout at Kiara, as she tries to escape, groaning.

"Nothing! I was just trying to convince him to volunteer!" She screams back at me, making strenght but she knows I am stronger than her.

"Are you crazy? Axel is a mere twelve years old boy, he would not spend a lot of time alive in the arena and you know it!" I shout, the anger starting to rush in my veins. My heart rate increases as my mind visions a scene where I am punching Kiara. I would love to do that, but I unfornately can't. Anyway, she is my sister, even being a really bad one.

"And do you think I care?" She says, giggling. "Even if he dies at that stupid arena, I wouldn't care anyway. And if the luck strikes him and he ends up winning, we would be rich!"

"Is it possible that you just think about the money? For you, it's money, money, money, and more money. Try to think about your family. Without Axel and I, you are the alone in the world!" As I shout at her, she finally gets to escape from my arms and crosses the room stomping.

"Well, I would prefer to be alone than live with two wastes of space!" She shouts back as she walks off the bedroom.

As the anger finally leaves my veins, I turn around and see Axel sitting over his bed with a scared expression. I calm down and hug him, holding the most I can in my arms. Poor, poor Axel. He is the person I most love in the world, and actually one of the few I loved during my whole life. 

"Are you ready to go, Axel?" I say, still holding his hand. He nods positively and hands me a random colored pencil. I smile, and guard the colored pencil at my pocket as both he and I walk down the stairs. When we arrive at the living room, we don't see our sister anymore and we realize we should already be going to the reaping ceremony, so I don't even eat my breakfast as Axel and I leave the house, heading towards the district square.

When we finally arrive, I head Axel to get his finger pricked and he even finds it funny for some reason. After that, I get my finger pricked too and then I head Axel to the twelve year old boys' area, and I hug him one more time. If we are lucky enough, we are going to leave the reapings still as a family, even though it is Kiara's last reaping as she completed eighteen this year. I don't know why, but I'm sincerely cheering for her name to be called out by the escort and no one volunteer in her place. It would be amazing to watch and it would be a slap in her ego.

The escort finally steps in the stage, and the new escort actually looks like a lot with the escort of last year's reaping. She is wearing a Marilyn Monroe-based dress and even the blonde hair was prepared to look like Monroe's. It reminds me of the previous escort, who every year had a different style to command the reapings. If I remember it properly, he was dressed up as a "Mexican person" last year.

"Welcome, District 4! My name is Faredia, and I am going to be the District 4 escort for this year's Hunger Games and hopefully, for the next following years also." The escort introduces herself, and now I am sure she is a relative of Farad's. "As every year, we should firstly pick up the lucky girl who will represent District 4 in the 299th Hunger Games!"

While Faredia walks a bit to reach the reaping bowl, I take a look at the girls' area and see Kiara standing out with her friends. She knows that probably someone will volunteer in her place even if she gets reaped, so she isn't worrying about that. When Faredia is about to read out the name, the theories get right and some girls from the crowd start to scream.

"I volunteer!" A bunch of girls shout, and Faredia selects one with his finger, pointing out to a confident girl standing in the sixteen years old girls' area. The girl runs to the stage confidently, and with a smile printed in the face as the boys clap hands for her when she steps in the stage.

"What's your name, honey?" Faredia asks, handing the microphone to the volunteer girl.

"My name is Nami Njord, and I am thankful to be here today." She shouts and the district applauds her once more. Faredia clears her throat out, and now goes out for the boys' reaping bowl. She takes a name out of the bowl slowly, and reads the name aloud with pauses.

"And the boy... is... Axel Blade." Oh no. Oh damnit, it can't be happening. No, this isn't happening. Even being called out, Axel doesn't leave his area, he doesn't even know what is happening right now. There are no volunteers, and the Peacekeepers will locate him soon if I don't take his place at the Games. I am his last hope.

"I volunteer!" I shout, exitting the crowd as Kiara turns around and looks at me giggling. The audience starts to clap, and I take a look at Axel. He probably does not understand what I just did, and I know that if I don't leave the arena as a victor, Kiara is going to treat him even worse. I need to win now, for Axel, not for Kiara. 

I walk and enter in the stage, as Faredia calls me to tell my name at the microphone. "My name is Isaac Blade and I volunteered to take my brother's place at the Games." I shout, and surprisingly the whole district claps hands for me - even Kiara. Faredia pushes me to behind and finishes the reaping while the entire crowd is still applauding.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the district 4 tributes of this year: Nami Njord and Isaac Blade!" The mass at the square continue clapping hands, as the peacekeepers come and escort us to the Justice Building, where we will receive visits. I don't expect Kiara's, to be honest, I only expect Axel's, but I don't know if he will find out to where I am going, just if someone gentle tells him to come at the Justice Building to talk with me, but I doubt it will happen.

Don't worry Axel, I will be coming back home for you.

District 5 Reapings - James Desmond's POV

I am already up when the sun starts to appear in District Five. I could not sleep, so I decided to be here at my bedroom, watching television as the time passes by. The whole programation was completely changed today to some interviews and articles about the reapings, that are going to happen today. It included an interview with the new Head Gamemaker and right now what is in the air it's a special reportage about the last year's district 5 tributes. In each district, the reportage is talking about the last year's tributes, changing depending of in what district you are. It showed Tõnis' actions during the Games and how he was killed in the beginning of the third day. Even with the somewhat bad performance of Tõnis who placed 16th, District 5 had a finalist last year. Nichole Peyton. She managed to survive through all of the six days without collecting any death, she died as a victim. She was finally killed by the district 1 girl, who ended up losing to the district 12 girl, who was sacred as a victor.

Then the programation cuts off to an interview with the president, and I immediately turn the television off quickly. I take a deep long breath as the memories of the president ruining my poor family start to run through my mind.

I am originally from District 4, my entire family is. The whole Desmond family loved the Hunger Games and we used to watch them together. I even used to bet with my father who the victor would be, and I won the last bet we made. But sadly, he was killed during a mission that he planned to put an end to the president's government and dominate the whole Panem. My old history teacher held me in class, and told me the entire plan, and how my father was killed in the process. He told me that the Capitol and District 2 governments were chasing for us, and he told me that I would have to let District 4 to live with no worries. I immediately ran to my house, hugged everyone and prepared my things for the trip. A pilot took me to District 5 via a hovercraft and he left me here, all by myself.

Now I am here, sitting over the bed, staring at the silent television and the empty bedroom. Today is the reaping day, my antepenult reaping, since I decided to volunteer when I have the age of seventeen, I will be more prepared for the game.

I would be now throwing some tridents at dummies or even training kills with my machete, but I decided to do that later, since I am way too nervous for today and it would not let me train correctly. I stand up and take an outfit to wear during the reapings, a simple black shirt and some dark pants. I don't want to call attention from anyone, especially the Capitol. They don't know that I am a direct relative to my father, but anyway I don't want for the peacekeepers to be searching informations about my life. 

I walk down the stairs once I am dressed up and I head for the kitchen where I find a loaf of bread. I eat it fast, and then I organize the things at the kitchen. I cross the kitchen, the living room and then, I finally reach the streets. There are some parents taking their kids through the streets as they walk with almost no hope. The small hope that our district had during the rebellion last year was completely wiped out, and we were left with nothing to hang on. We are still forced to go into the Hunger Games, and now with more competition, since three additional districts were added into the Games.

The walk takes less time than I expected, and I arrive early at the district square. I talk with the woman and I get my finger pricked. After that, I head to the area along with the other fifteen years old boys and I wait for the reapings to begin silently.

The reaping bell rings and a fat man steps in the stage. He is wearing a large yellow shirt and large pants, and his appearance is one of the funniest ones I have ever seen. His voice is even funnier, and it is the first time I laugh in a matter of years. 

"Welcome, everyone from District Five! My name is Polo Marcu and I am going to be the District 5 escort for the next years." He says, and I keep laughing along with some other boys from my area. For the Capitol, this escort is probably 'fashion' and 'beautiful'. But for the district 5 standards, he is the funniest thing that ever came in our district.

"As usual, we are going to randomly select the female tribute first. May the odds be ever in your favour", says Polo as he sticks his hand inside the reaping bowl and pushes off a slip of paper with a name printed in it. He grins.

"The female tribute is... Bonnie Cougar." Out from the girls' area, a ginger girl emerges from the crowd, she looks like an ex-drug addict. Her eyes seem lost in the distance, and her appearance seems to be devastated. The crowd gasps and she places herself behind Polo.

Quick as a bullet, Polo walks to the other side of the stage and picks up another slip of paper. He prepares his throat and reads aloud in the microphone.

"James Desmond." I... I have been reaped. I just got reaped. It's my time now! Seems like my mission of volunteering when I was seventeen was pushed by the destiny two years before, but I think it is alright. I walk up the stage with the entire crowd looking at me, as the mayor and the Capitol peacekeepers almost recognize me. The Desmond surname is already suspect, even more because I have similarities with my father. But no one will suspect that I am, mainly because I am not in district 4 anymore, I am at district 5. It could not happen normally.

Polo calls me to the stage and quickly finishes the reaping, asking for a round of applauses for me and Bonnie. She approachs me and greets me, and I greet her back. It's weird to know that she will be dead really soon.

Every one will have to die if I want to avenge my father's death.

District 6 Reapings - Lavender Morton's POV

I wake up early in the morning and I sit up on my bed. I take a hair comb and begin combing my hair, preparing myself for the reapings ceremony, which is going to happen soon. I need to start to get myself dressed up early, because if I get late at the reapings, I will probably receive a punishment that I prefer not to think about.

After I am done combing my hair, I stand in the front of the closet and put the hair comb over inside a locker of the closet. From there, I also take it off a pink shirt and my jean rompers to dress me up for the reapings. Fastly, I wear my reaping outfit and I stare at myself in the mirror once more. I look great, even better than I expected.

Out of the sudden, I hear a scream coming from outside my house and I rush to the window to check it out what just happened. There is a crowd whispering and someone died in the streets, and I just sigh of relief. This kind of event happens almost everytime in the place where I live, the most dangerous side of District Six. Deaths, stealing and screams are common over here and one day without madness in the suburbs is considered an unusual day. 

I actually am not original from here, I came from the richest region of the district six. I used to live with both my mother, my father and my younger sister. However, we still needed some additional food to survive, so my sister used to steal some food sometimes. It was just a little quantity of alimens and the fault of it won't affect anyone, but anyway our neighbour denuncied our family to the peacekeepers and the mayor, leading my younger sister to the public execution at the district square. My family went crazy and started to plan all the possibilites to revenge Amor Stacie's - my sister - death. They started their own little rebellion to avenge her death, negating some production to the peacekeepers, but once again our neighbour denuncied them to the peacekeepers and once again a relative of mine got executated publicly, this time my own parents. After that, I was forced to move on to my grandmother's house and live with her, and she lived here, in the suburbs, the most dangerous side of the district. She is actually very courageous to live here for more than thirty years, and I am just starting to meet this brand new situation.

The crowd disperses and the owner of the dead body is finally revealed. It seems like one of those friends of grandma, but I actually don't know the name. I also see grandma crying next to her body, as the tears flow down her face victim of the time.

I walk down the stairs and I get into the living room, and I decide to eat just a little bit before going to the reapings ceremony. I take a loaf of bread and I almost shove it on my throat, and then I drink some coffee before leaving the house.

When I cross the door, my grandma is not crying anymore, but is still with a sad expression, as she lays her body over the door of the car. She looks at me, and opens her arms, and then I go and hug her. Our relationship is not that close, but I learned the worst way that when someone dies, every hug is great. And I can't deny that to the only person in the world that still love me.

She points to the car, and I enter in it. She drives out of the suburb, heading for the richest region of the district, where the square is placed. It is such a miracle that there was not any attemption to steal the car of my grandmother until now. Feels like she is respected in the place where she lives, even by the thieves.

When we arrive at the district square, I jump out of the car and I wave goodbye to my grandmother. She nods and I head to get my finger pricked. The woman giggles at me and points to the area destined to the girls with sixteen years old, where I head to. 

Just as I arrive at the area, a skinny woman steps in the stage and gives a creepy smile to the entire crowd. She clears her throat out and begins to speak in the microphone. "Welcome to the reapings of the 299th Hunger Games, citizens of District 6. My name is Gercina Amelia and I am going to be the district 6 escort this year. I hope you enjoy the ceremony!"

"As usual, we must begin selecting off the female tribute." Gercina quickly skips up to the reaping bowl and pulls out a small slip of paper. She opens it carefully, as the paper opens slowly in front of her eyes. When the name is revealed, she announces in a loud voice to the whole crowd.

"Lavender Morton," as she shouts, I cover my ears and my eyes. This can't be happening, what have I done to deserve this? The Peacekeepers approach me but before they could even touch in me, I start walking fast towards the stage, avoiding the Peacekeepers. I take a quick look at the outside as I see my grandmother bursting out in tears once again. She just a lot an old friend earlier, and now she is going to lose her granddaughter. What an exciting day for her.

"Wonderful! Now that we have the female tribute, it is time to select Lavender's counterpart", she says, taking out another slip of name, this time from the boy's reaping bowl.

"And the male tribute is... Buck Rockwell!" No one comes in a while until a dark-haired boy shows up, apparently angry. He crosses the crowd quickly and gets up in the stage much faster than I did. A peacekeeper besides me hurries Gercina up and she is forced to end up the reapings faster.

"I present you Lavender Morton and Buck Rockwell, the district 6 tributes of this year! What a great reaping, see you next year." She says, before being dragged by one peacekeeper along with Buck and I. We are escorted to the Justice Building and I take a look at the outside once again and see my grandmother still crying, just as a peacekeeper takes her and starts to drag her.

"NO!!" I shout, but the peacekeepers just push me to inside the car as the vision of my grandmother fades out in front of my eyes.

District 7 Reapings - Breccan Gateson's POV

I soar from tree to tree, as the wind rushes against my face, making my hair fly. My heart races every jump, as the treebranches shake as they suffer the impact of my feet over them. It feels amazing how I do it almost everyday and it still feels like the first time. After crossing the forest jumping tree by tree, I get to the end of the woods, where a beautiful meadow places. Around this place there are such beautiful flowers such as red roses, violets, tulips and daisies. I come here sometimes to irrigate the wonderful flowers out there, but today I came with a different purpose. Collect all these beautiful flowers to give to the most beautiful girl in the district, Lilian.

She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the world, she is such an amazing grace. She can be more beautiful than all of these flowers together, and just her smile can shine up the entire Panem. Her long and pretty flowing hair and her deep shiny eyes make me get hypnotized into her beauty, and more importantly to me, she loves me.

She loved me when no one else did.

My history with her begun conturbed for me. Both my parents denied me, they didn't want someone like me to be their children, my mother even called me 'monster'. I was forced to go to the district orphanage, and at the beginning, it was actually fine. Everyone ignored my presence, but at least I was happy in my own way. But when the time started to pass by, the boys of the orphanage started to realize my presence there, but not in a good way. By contrary, they started to bully me and they would beat and spank me everyday and there was no one to help me out. The depression and the sadness came along with the bullying, and everyday that passed I felt like I was dying a little more inside.

But one day I realized I had to escape, I had to flee from that situation. So one sunny day I escaped away from the orphanage and got myself into the woods, searching for some place to stay. I spent the following months happy at the woods, with no one bother me, and I felt myself going stronger and stronger everyday, even forgetting about my old situation, and the idea of the revenge never crossed my mind. I was finally... safe and sound.

But someday when I was walking near the edge of the woods, I saw a blonde haired girl being terrorized by two men and I recognized one of them as Marcus, my "old friend" that used to bully me everyday. With no hesitation, I left the woods and punched Marcus' partner, who ran away after the blow. Marcus confronted me and I ended up winning the duel. He left running, and after that he disappeared, I did not have any news about him to be honest. At first, Lillian hesitated me in walking with me until her home, most probably because she did not want to hang out with the 'freaky boy' of the district, but for my surprise, when we arrived at her home, she kissed me in the head.

After that, we became very good friends and now we love each other. She was the first person in the world that loved me, and I feel more than safe when I say I love her back. Today I would meet her in the front of her house to guide her until the district square, but she told me her father was at home so she is going to there by car. I will meet her in the square, so I need to arrive there before her arrival, but I decided to bring out some flowers to deliver to her. Today is the reaping day, and she might be nervous and afraid of what the destiny will reserve today, so I need to show to her that I am besides her. She can count me in for anything.

I run to the square and I arrive there early. I look the crowd and I see no sight of her, luckily. I stand in the front of the square with the flowers in my hands, waiting for her to come around. When I see her father's car approaching, I open a smile and then she appears, beautiful as a butterfly over the shiny meadow. Here comes the girl of my dreams.

She laughs as I hand her the flowers and she plants a kiss in my forehead. I hold her hand as we get our fingers pricked, and each one goes to a different side in the crowd.

When the escort appears in the stage, the entire crowd gets silent out of the sudden and the creepy escort - which by the way is using a creepy purple hat with the president's face printed on it - opens a smile as he looks at us, and he immediately begins with the reaping ceremony.

"Welcome, population of District 7. My name is Hanna Barbera and I am going to be the District 7 escort for this year's Hunger Games." He says as he clears his throat out. "Well, we must begin with the usual. Selecting the lucky female tribute."

As he skips and sticks his hand inside the reaping bowl and shakes, I take a look at the girls' area and Lillian seems nervous and tense. "Good luck", I whisper to her as she could hear.

"The female tribute is... Lillian Herien!" NO! Not she! 

"I volunteer!" As someone could hear my screams of agony, a blonde-haired girl raises her hand as Hanna calls her to the stage. The girl leaves her area confident and walks up towards the stage with a courageous smile in the face.

"What's your name, darling?" Hanna questions.

"My name is Alicia Calvert and it's such a honor to represent District 7 in the Hunger Games. Thank you." She says, as all by herself she finds a place in the stage for her to stay. I look at Lillian, the shock of being called is still all over her face. Her friends comfort her as Hanna continues with the reaping.

"Let's select the male tribute now!" He shouts as his hand goes over the reaping bowl again. "...Breccan Gateson".

Oh my gosh, no. I was... I was reaped. It is what the fate destined to me. I wait a few seconds and no one volunteers - as expected - so I start my journey towards the stage as I feel every camera zooming in my desperate expression.

As I step in the stage, Hanna claps and finishes the reaping with the usual speech: "Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applause to Alicia Calvert and Breccan Gateson, the district 7 tributes!"

The peacekeepers escort Alicia and I towards the Justice Building and I take a look at Lillian. Tears are running down her cheek as she mouths sorry to me.

Don't worry Lillian, it wasn't your fault. I will be coming back for you.

District 8 Reapings - Connor Smitherson's POV

I kick some dummies in the belly area, and then when the dummy is about to collapse to the ground, I punch it in the back of the head area and it collapses even faster to the ground. After the sound of the dummy hitting the ground, I look around and I see another dummy in a distance of twenty steps. I examinate it and I grab a scythe. I take a deep breath and start counting. "San... Ni... Ichi!" I throw the scythe, and it crosses the air in high speed, and it blows in the center of the middle of the dummy. It falls to the ground only with the impact of the scythe and then I open a brief smile. It is not the best training I have done lately, but it is enough to keep me calm until the beginning of the reapings.

Slowly, I start to take all of my materials from the basement and I place them inside my personal cabinet. Ever since I started to practice martial arts in the age of ten, I have developed a lot in my martial skills. When I turned twelve, I was allowed to practice dangerous stunts with martial arts weaponry, and between all of the possible weapons that I could choose, I selected the scythe. I learned how to transform those simple wooden scythes used in orchards in District 11 in machines capable of kill someone in only one blow. The martial arts gave me more things than just strenght and speed, they also taught me how to be humble and honest, and how losing a honest match is more important than winning an unfair match. If I didn't enter at the martial arts academy, I don't even imagine how I would survive this way. My parents and even my younger siblings simply ignore me. Don't matter what I do. One time I cut off my mother's courtains accidently with my scythe, and they didn't even notice that the courtains were torn off. However, even if my brother writes the letter "A" in a paper, my parents say that they loved that.

After I am done organizing my things at my personal cabnet, I walk down the stairs going to my bedroom, and then I realize the windows are open and the treebranches are almost reaching the bed. I close the windows, and then I go towards my black closet to choose a suitable outfit for today's important event. Today is the reapings' day.

I choose a simple purple shirt and I wear it quickly. I stare at my refelex in the mirror and I decide to use a blue bonnet also. After I am done dressing myself up, I leave my bedroom and walk down the stairs once again, this time reaching the living room, where my entire family is.

Approaching the living room's table slowly, I sit at one of the chairs and surprisingly my mother notices that I just sit down and she gives me some fried eggs to eat. I nod positively, saying thanks. The dialogue between me and my parents is really strict and we use to communicate between each other using just body language, such as movements with the head or with the hands.

"Mom, can you grab my cup of coffee that I forgot in the kitchen?" My youngest brother asks, and my mother gently leaves the chair and takes the cup of coffee. She hands him the cup and he says thanks. Anyone who sees that may think that she is like this with all of the three sons of her, but it is not like that. I am going to prove that now, check it out.

"Dear mom, can you give me a cup of coffee, please?" I ask and she does not even look at me. I repeat the question, now shouting and just she turns around, as my father and my brothers continue ignoring me.

"Don't be lazy, Connor! Stand up and take one yourself!" She shouts back, and I smile. This is exactly what I expected from her.

Decided to don't waste more time, my father invites everyone to the car, where he must take us to the district square, even though I am the only one who is already available to be reaped. We jump in the car and our father takes us fastly to the district square, and then I walk off the stairs. I get my finger pricked and I easily find my place at the area destined for the fourteen years old boys.

"Excuse me," a skinny woman says in the microphone and the entire crowd stares at her, silently. "Welcome to the reapings, citizens of District 8. My name is Evangeline Siara and I am going to be the District 8 escort for this year's Hunger Games." 

How weird. Evangeline is totally... normal. Well, normal for the Capitoll standards. She is only using a white dress and no make-up, and she looks like a lot with the women in my district. I never expected an escort like that. "As always, we must select the female tribute first. So, let's go."

Evangeline gingerly sticks her hand inside the reaping bowl and she shakes, shuffling the slips of paper inside. She slowly takes out one name, and comes back quietly to the microphone. She clears her throat out and begins to read the name slowly.

"And the female tribute is..." She starts to announce.

"I volunteer!" A brave shout comes from the crowd and everybody turns their hand. Out of the thirteen years old girls, a dark-haired little girl walks up the stage. Her expression is serious, and she does not even show any repetance in volunteering.

"Oh great, we have a volunteer! What's your name, darling?" Evangeline asks.

"My name is Adelaide Simmons, you can call me simply Adele." The girl replies back.

"Ok, Adele." Evangeline continues and the girl places herself behind Evangeline. "Now that we have the female tribute, it is time to select the male tribute, right?"

Repeating the ritual, Evangeline takes out another name from the other reaping bowl and slowly reads the name aloud.

"The male tribute is... Connor Smitherson!" Oh no, oh no. I don't want to be in the Hunger Games, I don't want to be in that unfinished cycle. It can't be happening, not with me. I take a look outside the district square as I walk up the stage. I see my family, they all stare at me with no emotions as I silently step in the stage. Will they finally notice me? I just hope so.

"Well, that's it. Let's give a round of applause to Adelaide Simmons and Connor Smitherson, the district 8 tributes!" Evangeline shouts and the whole crowd boos. The Peacekeepers come at us and escort Adelaide and I to the Justice Building, and that's when I take a last look at my family.

And that's when my youngest brother mouths to me "come back".

District 9 Reapings - Stewart Pi's POV

I flutter my eyes open as I realize that the morning is approaching. I slowly get up in my bed, sitting up using all of my effort. Between yawns, I look around my bedroom and I see no one, I am all by myself as always. It has been my routine for the last few years, wake up and see no one around, even though I live with both my parents and my younger brother. Probably my parents are already at their work, and they took Lucky - my younger brother - with them. Some years ago, I would cry and ask what they left me all alone, but now I understand, they clearly prefer Lucky over me.

Trying to forget Lucky and my parents for a while, I stand up and I head to the bathroom. I wash my hands and I pass the water in my face, almost forcing myself to wake up by complete. After that, I dry my hands and I come back to my bedroom, where I have to find an outfit to use during the reapings that are going to happen soon today. I will not go for high quality, a simple orange shirt will do the job just as well. After wearing it, I take my glasses and I head back to the bathroom to clean it up. After I'm done doing everything to  get myself prepared for the reapings, I close out my bedroom and I lock it. Then I head walking down the stairs, going to the main room of the house.

At the kitchen, I look a note in the door of the refrigerator and I go for it. I take the note, and I start to read it slowly aloud.

"Dear Stewart, your father and I have decided to go to the work earlier today since today will be one of the busiest days of the year. We brought Lucky with us since he woke up early and you always sleep until late. I wish you good luck during the reapings ceremony, and you will have to go by foot since there is no car available. Oh, and there is some bread in the cabinet besides the refrigerator. 

With love, mom."

Oh well, I was expecting for it. It is not the first time they actually did it to me, to be honest, I would mistrut if they waited for me today. I remember last year, when I was still twelve years old and it was my first year attending the reapings. I expected my parents to appear during a cansative hour and they didn't even appear to take me in the plaza and bring me home. I had to go walking, all alone in the dark streets of the districts. They said Lucky was sick, but I don't believe in that. It would not be strange if they lied to me, so I prefered to don't believe in what they said.

In ordinary days, I would cook my own breakfast, but today I am already late for the reaping's ceremony, so I just eat the bread that my mother left to me and then I head off my house, entering in the wildness of the District 9 streets.

My walk towards the district plaza takes just thirty minutes and as soon as I arrive, I already get my finger zapped and the woman points out to the area for the boys with thirteen years. I stand up waiting a little, and then the escort enters in the stage, stomping.

"Hello, citizens of District 9! Welcome to the reaping's for the 299th Hunger Games. My name is Beres Tatianno, and I am going to be the escort of you for the next following years." The escort says aloud. To be honest, Beres actually looks better than the last escort. He is only wearing a gray t-shirt and dark pants, but he exaggerated in the heavy make-up.

"Let's get started and choose the female tribute first!" He screams again at the microphone, and walks a little, taking off a slip of paper from the girls' reaping bowl. He opens the paper really slow and then announces the name with pauses.

"And the female tribute is..." He adds a long pause and the entire district breaks in the anxiety. We can hear the fast heartbeats bumping. "Bell Fladgate!"

"Damn it," shouts a white-haired girl from the crowd. She takes her walk towards the stage with a rebellious face, as she was not aproving what they were doing. Actually almost no one does, but Bell makes sure everyone know that she doesn't give a damn about it. She constantly looks at other girls and boys, waiting as if they were doing something, but everybody stays paralyzed. She groans and takes her place in the stage besides the escort.

"And now for the boys!" Beres shouts once again. He repeats the same thing: walk, take a name and open it slowly. He also adds his usual long pause.

"And the male tribute is... Stewart Pi." Oh damn, I was reaped off. Why me? I'm just an ordinary thirteen years old boy, my name is just twice at that bowl. How... how it happened? As the peacekeepers approach me, I take a walk by myself and as I cross the crowd, everybody looks at me with eyes wide open. I step  in the stage and I shake hands with Bell.

"Great! Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Bell Fladgate and Stewart Pi, the district 9 tributes! See you next year!" Beres finishes the reaping and we are escorted to the Justice Building. I take a look at my family, which is looking me from outside the plaza, my parents are falling down in tears as Lucky looks at me with a pain expression.

I guess they loved me after all.

District 10 Reapings - Eliza Herader's POV

I am walking around my bedroom, waiting impatiently for the morning. Usually, in normal days, my older siblings would come and drench me while I was asleep to wake me up, but this time I was faster and I woke up before their arrival, not because I am trying to avoid the water that they would throw at me, I woke up early because today is the reapings' day and I am really nervous for it. The anxiety almost killed me during the night, so I decided to just jump off the bed and wait it out for the time when the morning will appear in District Ten and my brothers will invade the bedroom.

Just as I am thinking, I hear footsteps walking up the stairs and I enter in the restroom of my room, and I lock myself inside it. I spy everything through the door lock. When my brothers enter in the bedroom, they do not see me laying on my bed, so they look confused to all of the sides until one of them points to the restroom. They start to try to crack the door, so they keep banging at it with punches and kicks, and when they are about to open the door, I hear the sounds of my mother arriving and I release a quick sigh of relief. I'm thankful she came in the right time.

"What are you three doing?" She asks angrily and one of them try to explain as I leave the restroom and I hug my mother, saying they were going to drench me. She discusses with them and order they three to leave my bedroom while I get myself dressed up for the reapings ceremony. I thank her, and she closes the door as the three boys leave the bedroom and she leaves after them.

Now that I am alone, I have a time alone to think about what outfit to wear it out. Normally, I would not care about what outfit I am going to wear, but today all of the Panem's attention will turn at District 10, at least for a few minutes. I need to show up apresentable.

I select a simple green shirt and I also wear it out two black gloves. After I am done dressing up, I walk downstairs, heading to the living room where my family is eating their breakfast silently and way too quietly. I wonder what my mother told my brothers to make them act the way that they are acting right now. She probably was not that nice.

I select a place next to my mother's chair and I sit up. She hands me a loaf of bread and my father gives me a cup of coffee, we don't usually have this breakfast, but I guess my mother prepared it specially for the reaping day. She knows that we three have chances of being called out, and she is not the type of mother that ignores it. She conversated with us last night, but I think she will not talk with us about it again, she probably don't want to stress us at all.

After everyone is done eating their breakfast, we head to the family car and we take a car trip towards the district plaza. During the whole trip, my brothers stay playing with me, doing jokes with no fun. Feels like the trip is going slower than it actually is.

When we arrive at the plaza, I plant a kiss in my mother's cheek and I head for the zap woman and she gets my finger pricked. I go to the area of the fourteen years old girls, and the anxiety comes back as I wait for the reapings to start.

Coming from the nowhere, a skinny and tall man surges and places himself behind the microphone. "Welcome, citizens of District 10. My name is Oswald Castenhero, and I am happy to host the reapings in this wonderful district."

District 10 is known at the Capitol as the less exciting district in the reapings, and we are acting just like planned. Everyone stays silent. "We must begin choosing the female tribute," he shouts and skips to the side when there is a reaping bowl. He takes out a slip of paper and silently opens it gingerly, and finally clears his throat out to announce.

"The female tribute is... Eliza Herader!" As my name is called out by the escort, the memories of the things my grandmother told me run through my mind. She told me by a predecessor in the Herader family, that won a Games a long time ago. In the Third Quarter Quell, he was forced to go back to the arena and a terrible beast ripped my predecessor off completely. When I was about twelve years old, I saw the image of the beast eating him alive at the television and ever since, I feared the day when I will have to go to the arena. I don't want to end up as my predecessor, but now I may to. I was reaped, and there is no going back.

I take a walk towards the stage, with a grim expression in my face as the cameras gaze at me. I walk up the stage and place myself next to Oswald, as he continues. "Now that we have the female representant, it is time to select it out the lucky male tribute who will also be sent to the arena." As he reads off the name, I can feel the tension in every citizen in the crowd.

"I volunteer!" A brave boy emerges from the crowd shouting. The escort looks at him with a happy smile on his face as he hurries up to the stage.

"Excellent! What's your name, dear volunteer?" Oswald questions.

"My name is Katta Wallace." He says, a little bit shy. He gives a step back and shakes my hand, as I remind me who he is. Two years ago, someone called Tia Wallace went to the arena and ended up died during the bloodbath. I guess she was Katta's relative.

"Let's give a round of applauses to Eliza Herader and Katta Wallace, the district 10 tributes!" Oswald shouts and the crowd keeps silent, just staring at him. As the peacekeepers come to take us off the stage, I take a look at my family gazing at me. 

"Goodbye," I whisper, wishing they could hear.

District 11 Reapings - Kim Thorburn's POV

"Are you going to be alright?" My brother, Tim, asks me while collect the ripe fruits from the fields of our stepfather and stepmother. 

"Of course. And are you?" I question back.

"I don't really know." He replies, I can see the pain in his face. Ever since his birth, he always has been deficient and he has afraid of going to the Games this way, even though I bought him a leg prosthesis with the money inherited from our biologic parents. 

"Hold on, you are strong and we both know this!" I say to him, holding his hand tight as he opens a brief smile and we come back to work.

Life with Tim never was that easy, but he is my brother after all. We are twin siblings, even though I born a few seconds before him. I always tried to protect him, not because I am older, I protected him due to his handicap. My biologic parents never liked a lot of me, they even said that I costed much for them, and they would be better without me. They even "rented" me to men during the nights, but when I realized what they were doing, I stopped to do so. So, they recused to stay with me and decided to run away. They even tried to take Tim away with them, but he didn't go because he wanted to live with me. The following day, we heard the news that they were killed by Peacekeepers when trying to escape from District 11. With the money that the left us, I bought a leg prosthesis to Tim and we were later adopted by a gentle couple, however they already had a child before adopting Tim and I. Their child always hated us, and tried to destroy everything. I never cared a lot to be honest, our stepfamily is very careful and will not let Tim and I starve to death. We just have to work in the fields.

"The work is done, kids. Now you can go to the house prepare yourself for the reapings and then eat breakfast," my stepfather says and I help Tim to stand up. We go to our bedroom and then I dress myself up firstly, while he dresses up in the bathroom. I take a normal purple dress and wear it, as Tim will be using a purple shirt and we want to be similar.

After dressing up, Tim and I walk down the stairs and we reach the living room, where our parents and our stepbrother are already eating breakfast. I help Tim sit up in a chair, and then, I sit in the one besides him. The whole family eats in silence until mother and father announce that they were going to go earlier to their work today. We all nodded our heads positively, as we were understanding. They kiss everyone in the forehead and depart.

"It's funny how I am already eighteen years old and I never was called off in a single reaping", our older stepbrother starts to talk and I look at Tim. He seems to be calm, but I know Tim well. He is about to explode, I guess.

"It will be even funnier if one of you gets reaped and then die first in the bloodbath, I would laugh a lot from home." He says, opening a grim smile. I look at Tim and his eyebrows start to get down, oh no.

Tim advances and punches our old brother right at the face, making him collapse from the chair. What a punch. "Just because you're older you can't treat us however you like. We also have feelings." Tim shouts and stands up to confront him. I am predicting bad things, so I stand up, but it is way too late. My stepbrother gets crazy and advances on Tim, taking and breaking his prosthesis. My brother falls at the ground, as the tormentor walks away, probably towards the district plaza.

"Are you ok, Tim?" I shout as Tim rolls his head back in pain. "Answer me, Tim! Are you alright?"

"Yes..." He starts to say. "I think..."

"We can't delay for the reapings, I will help you out to arrive there. Don't worry, I am besides you." I say and he nods positively. I slowly help him out to stand up and I support him on standing up. We begin our walk towards the district plaza, and I imagine that is being very painful to him, but we can't stop now. If we don't attend at the reapings, we will be just killed off by the Peacekeepers just like our biological parents did. It would be also a perfect day for our stepbrother, so we aren't going to run that risk.

Once we arrive at the district plaza, we get our fingers pricked and I help Tim to get in the sixteen years old boys' area and then I head for the girls' one. We don't have to wait much until the escort appears at the stage, apparently not liking the district at all.

"Welcome, District 11! My name is Luona Camaro and I am going to be the escort of you this year," she says, but we can't hear no emotion in her voice. She just seems bored. "Well, first let's choose the female tribute..."

Luona skips to the reaping bowl and just takes the name that is over the other names in the bowl. She opens and reads it quickly. "The female tribute is... Kim Thorburn."

The shock is instant and I get paralyzed. As I start to walk up the stage, I take a look at Tim who tries to leave his area to save me, but he sadly can't. I also look at my older stepbrother, who begins to laugh at my face. I walk up the stairs and I place myself besides Luona, who continues the reaping but with no emotion yet. She takes a name quickly from the boys' reaping bowl.

"And the male tribute is... Luan Edson." I take a look at my older stepbrother as he looks the escort in panic. Seems like he is going with me to the Games, how ironic. But wait, I am seeing something. I see Tim looking at our step parents outside the plaza and then he looks at me.

"Don't do it, don't do it!" I whisper it aloud, but he can't heart. I could not prevent the inevitable.

"I volunteer!" Tim shouts in the crowd, as the escort opens her first smile during the whole reapings ceremony. I facepalm myself, as the words of Tim echo in my head. When I open my eyes, I see one Peacekeeper helping him out to get up in the stage and then he announces his name at the escort's microphone.

"My name is Tim Thorburn, and yes, we are siblings." He says and the whole district stares silent, as they look me and Tim hugging up behind the escort.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let's clap our hands for Kim and Tim Thorburn, the district 11 tributes!" As she shouts, the whole district continues silent, until they do something they didn't for a long while. They kiss the three middle fingers and then they raise it up to the sky. The District 12's salute.

There is a wildness in the crowd as the Peacekeepers invade the crowd, and I can hear one of them saying to kill the one who started. I look to the Head Peacekeeper going towards the one who started the salute, and for my surprise, it was Luan. He takes a look at me and mouths me something, but I can't understand because a Peacekeeper plants a bullet in his skull.

"Don't!" I shout, while the other Peacekeepers rudely escort Tim and I towards the Justice Building.

What a mess the District 11 reaping was.

District 12 Reapings - Oceania Seacrest's POV

I wake up when the sun is about to come to shine up the district, and I get myself up slowly. I push myself off the bed and between yawns, I try to wake up completely. I stare at my work clothes stuck in the door of my closet, but then I remind myself that I will not have to work today, since they gave a free day to everyone, especially because today is the reaping day.

Since last year, when Cinder Marsh, the district 12 female tribute for the 298th Hunger Games, won the Games, the district has changed. The Capitol presence such as cameramen and peacekeepers grew up, and even a career academy was open, in the richest region of the district. The majority of the District 12 population did not approve when Cinder entered in the career tributes alliance, but when she begun to kill and eventually won the Hunger Games, feels like they forgot it all and now they bless the career alliance for Cinder's survival. Anyway, I would never go to train in the career academy. Firstly, because even if I get reaped, I will play the Games in my own way, and kill a lot of tributes is not in my plans. Secondly, because I would have no time to do it anyway. Ever since my family left me, life has been difficult. More difficult than I thought when I moved on.

I remember the whole reason they kicked me out of the house. My parents used to have me in the center of the attention, and I kinda accostumed with that. But then, my mother got pregnant and I gained a younger brother. The whole attention moved from me to the baby, and I understood that. But after him, my mother got pregnant again and again. The attention that once was totally mine, was now focused on the babies and I was left behind. I started to do rebellious thing to call their attention off, and when I reached my teenage years, these rebellious things started to get more intense. I even dyed my hair of blue, even with my parents saying no.

As result, they kicked me out of their house and I moved on to here, a region next to the Seam, but is actually wealthier than there. I started to work at the docks, a place next to the frontier with the ocean, so I gain my own money to my own things. That is the nearest to independence that I will probably have in my entire life.

The reaping bell chimes in the Seam, and it is loud enough that I can listen it here. It signalizes that we have one hour until the beginning of the reapings, so I go to my closet and select ordinary clothes. For today, I am going to wear a dark blue shirt to combine with my hair and my blue eyes. After I'm done, I get in the kitchen where I eat my breakfast quickly: some salad with the roots and dried fruits that I buy from the people of the Seam and then I depart off my house, walking in the streets towards the center of the district, where the district plaza is placed.

My walk ride takes just a little bit of time, as Peacekeepers in the way constantly tell me and the Seam people to hurry up. When I arrive, I got to the zap woman and she gets my finger pricked so I immediately head up to the sixteen years old girls' area, where I see many of my friends that work with me in the docks. It's always nice to see a familiar face.

"Hello, citizens of District 12! My name is Hugo Trepoih and I will be your escort," the escort beams as it comes quickly on the stage. Comparing this reaping to the last year's, I have realized that the number of Peacekeepers have intensed. Maybe because last year we did the District 12 salute and it kinda made the rebellion spark once again, so they are just trying to keep everything calm down again. 

"As usual, we must select first the female tribute. But this year, I will have a twist and I will call our most recent victor to pick the male and female tributes of this year, ladies and gentlemen, I present you Cinder Marsh!" Cinder raises up from her chair and approaches the microphone, as she was annoyed with the escort's attitude. 

"Well, let's make it quick", Cinder says, already picking up a name from the girls' reaping bowl. She opens it quickly and reads even faster.

"The female tribute is... Oceania Seacrest!" Cinder shouts and all of my friends turn their hea at me. The Peacekeepers start to approach me, I push myself to the pathway to the stage and I start making my own walk towards the stage. The Capitol's cameras zoom at me and my reaction to my reaping, but I just keep my ordinary expression in the face to frustate them off.

As I get myself up in the stage, Cinder does not lose time. "Now, the male tribute." I place myself besides the girls' reaping bowl and Cinder takes out a name in the other glass bowl.

"The male tribute is... Jack Green!" Out from the boys' crowd, a handsome guy appears, and he is wearing no shirt. I don't know why, but something tells me he is one of those who already signed up at the career academy built this year. If not, it is clear that he trained for the Games in case he got reaped. Seems like he did a great job, since even the victors look at him like he had potential.

"Done." Cinder says, as she comes back to her chair behind the stage.

"Well, that's it, ladies and gentlemen. I present you, Oceania Seacrest and Jack Green - the district 12 tributes for this year's Hunger Games!" As she shouts, the peacekeepers look at the crowd, expecting for them to do the salute to kill someone, but everyone stays silent, so the peacekeepers come and escort Jack and I towards the Justice Building.

But when I turn around once again, I see. The rebellion sparking again. The three middle fingers of every citizen are up in the air, as I clap hands for them. Immediately, a peacekeeper pushes me out to the front and I hear sounds of gunshots.

"You aren't going to stop us," I hear a voice shouting in the crowd. Yes, they are not going to stop us.

District 13 Reapings - Robin Smoke's POV

I aim at a sneaky little bird, flying across the plains next to my house. I target my rock at it and I let the rope of the slingshot go, releasing the rock towards the little bird. The rock goes straight to the bird's head and it hits exactly at there. The bird falls down and I let out a sigh of relief. The bird is fat and volumous, it will be a great breakfast for today. Generally when I am hunting, I catch my breath for a while and the animal does not realize my presence, but after that, I start to breath like an obsessed with oxygen. After taking deep long breathes, I realize that I am alright and I take the bird. I walk a few steps to find the river which flows down next to my house. I clean the bird and then I examinate it well. To be honest, I don't know what species he is, but he seems edible. Excellent.

After I am done cleaning down the bird, I go back to my house and I enter by the back door, reaching the kitchen. My mother is not there, perfect. If she was already here, she would want to eat the bird with me, and I don't want to share my prey with anyone else. I burn down the bird in a pot and after he is fried, I take all of its skin with my pointy knife and I examinate the meat, which seems good as hell. I eat the burned skins and I put the meat back inside the pot while I am going to prepare something to drink. I open the refrigerator and I see a bottle of milk and sweet berries. I take them both, and then I cut off the berries in small pieces. I put the pieces inside the milk and shake and mix it using a spoon. After my drink is done, I take the bird meat back from the pot and I sit up in a chair to eat.

Hmmm. The bird's fried meat is delicious. One of the best things I have eaten in the last couple of weeks, I so have to find one of them playing around my house tomorrow again. The drink is not that good though, feels like the berries were already spoiled, and I don't think it is impossible. Just yesterday I ate an apple that my mom said that was from two months ago. Anyway, I am alive now, am I not? 

Just as I am finishing my breakfast, my mother walks downstairs from her bedroom and she joins me at the table, and she still looks sleepy.

"What are you eating, Robin?" She questions me.

"A bird that appeared in the back of our house." I reply. "I am already finishing, but there is bread over the refrigerator and milk in the refrigerator. And oh, I also used the spoiled berries." 

"Alright. I'm going to eat it." She says, standing up. "Aren't you going to prepare yourself?"

"Prepare myself to what?" I say, drinking the last gulp of my drink.

"The reapings, duh." She responds as she takes the bread. Oh my! I forgot totally about the reapings. I wave her goodbye and I quickly leave out the house, rushing up towards the district plaza. I am not even dressed up in a suitable dress, but whatever. I won't be killed by a Peacekeeper just because I am using my hunt outfit, at least I think so.

I run towards the plaza, storming off in the strees, dodging pedestrians and everything that appears in my way. When I arrive at the center of the district where the reaping is about to happen, I see that the reapings are about to start. I rush and get my finger pricked with the zap woman, and then I run to the thirteen years old girls' area, where I will have to stay until this damn ceremony ends. When I arrive, I take a long breath and when I look up, the escort is already entering on the stage.

"Hello, citizens of District 13! Welcome to the reapings of the 299th Hunger Games. My name is Itamiris Cantanhêde and I am going to be your escort for this year and hopefully for the following years as well," the pinky escort shouts, announcing to the silent crowd. The escort actually does not seem very Capitol-ish, but she exaggerated at the heavy pink make-up. We can't even see her eyes due to the pink eyelips and the pink pupil.

"Let's get this reaping started, selecting the female tribute to represent District 13!" Itamiris announces, picking up a name out of the girls' reaping bowl and then slowly opening it in front of us. She clears her throat out and finally reads aloud.

"Robin Smoke." It's me. It's me! Before I could regret, I take my path towards the stage as the memories of my deceased sibling cross my mind in a blink of my eye. Seven years ago, I was still six, and my brother was called out for the Games. But he didn't want to play a role in them, so he killed himself by jumping off his platform while the countdown was still on. I admired his courage and determination to do it, but now that I am in the Games, I am going to leave the arena alive, as the sacred victor.

I walk up the stairs and place myself besides Itamiris, while she grins and takes another name, this time at the boys' reaping bowl. "And the male tribute is... David Johnson."

Out from the crowd, a black haired boy appears, as he already expected his name to be in that paper. The Peacekeepers look at him with a mysterious expression and the boy quickly arrives at the stage, and I ask to shake his hand, but he denies it.

"That's it for this year, I present you the two representants of District 13, Robin Smoke and David Johnson! See you next year," Itamiris finishes the reaping, as the Peacekeepers push me and David to the Justice Building.

At least there will be lots of food in the Capitol, I think.

District 14 Reapings - Odin Amarth's POV

It is still dusk outside by the time I wake up. I look through the windows and stare at the dark gray sky, and the cold climate just makes the district look creepier. It is actually common in the district, and it uses to happen in this season of the year, but this year, it looks weird because it coincided with the reaping's day. What a coincidence, isn't it Capitol?

Until one year ago, I would not even care about the reaping's day, it was just a stupid day when the television showed publicly the twenty-six tributes reaped out for the Hunger Games. Then, those twenty-six tributes were sent to an arena where they had to kill themselves until only the strongest or smartest one survived. Back here in the district, I kinda treated normally. I even thought that was a bit fun, but now that I am eligible for the reapings, I know what the kids from the other districts felt when they were sent to the Games, and I was just here, watching them dying. One by one. I have shame of myself for thinking that the Games were a good thing after all. I was wrong, and very wrong.

Anyway, if the rebellion didn't happen, I would still be safe and sound here and I wouldn't have to worry about being reaped for the Games. When the District 14 joined the other districts and almost took down the Capitol government, I actually believed that we could have better days. I believed in the power of the people, a nation for everyone. Unfornately, the plan didn't go as expected, and we lost the war against the Capitol. Now, we are forced to send one boy and one girl between the age of 12 and 18 to represent our district in the arena. Luckily, I started hard training when I was twelve because the mayor of the district ever feared the day when we would go to the Hunger Games and opened a training academy about twenty years ago. When I was still six years old, I already entered, in order to prepare myself for the Games. I forget all of this for a while and go to my closet, where I just take my shoes and some pants and wear it. I decided to go shirtless for the reapings, it will go just as well as wearing any t-shirt.

I leave my bedroom and walk down the stairs, reaching the main room where my father is already dressed up for his job as a Peacekeeper. He is eating some unknown meat, I guess he bought it in the black market that our district has.

"Hi father," I say, as I approach him. He looks at me and opens a grin. He hugs me and asks me to sit up in the table to eat something. He gives me a plate of the meat and a cup of water, and I eat it without complaining. He seems a bit worried, so I already question what it's happening.

"What happened, dad? You don't seem ok," I say, still eating the meat.

"Nothing. But to be honest, I am worried about the future of my job," He replies.

"Why?" I question back.

"Since the District 14 was discovered by the Capitol, the President has sent a lot of peacekeepers from the Capitol and even from the other districts to work here," He says, passing his hand over his hair. "And if it continues like this, they will start to fire the old Peacekeepers, that were just a few, and I am included in this pack. I am worried about maybe losing my spot."

"Hm... I understand. But don't worry, I have pretty sure you will continue being the best Peacekeeper of the district. Trust in me." I say, standing up and hugging him tight. Ever since my mother died during my childbirth, my father is my only source in the whole world. Without him by my side, I don't know how I would survive until now.

"I love you, son." He says, hugging me back. "But now, I must go to the Peacekeepers center and don't arrive late at the plaza!" 

"Alright, don't worry father. I will get there in time, no, I will arrive there before it starts." I say as he walks off the house. Before departing towards the district plaza, I take another drink of water and then I start my walk ride towards the district's main plaza. It should not take long, as my house is actually next to the center of the district, but it is anyway cansative.  

Once I arrive at the square, I get my finger pricked and head for the front of the crowd, where the eighteen years old boys must stand up until the end of the reapings. Out from behind the stage, the escort appears, using golden acessories and silver clothes. 

"Welcome, citizens of District 14!" The escort shouts. "My name is Jussar Tyrano and I am going to be the District 14 escort for this year and the following years as well. When the Capitol representants told me that I was chosen to host the first reapings of the DIstrict 14's history, I got really pumped and excited, and I hope you do the same." As he shouts, the whole crowd boos. I actually feel bad for Jussar, he is just trying to be nice and is already treated this way.

"Alright... Now, we must pick up our tributes from District 14. We always must start selecting the female tribute, so let's do so now!" He says and walks up to a glass reaping bowl where there are many slip of papers. I am assuming there are names printed in each one. Jussar takes one slip slowly and announces the name in the microphone.

"The female tribute is... Linda Haren." In the crowd, a rebellious girl surges out and starts to scream at the Peacekeepers, as she was mad about being reaped. I actually know her from the career academy and she is one of the best girls out there, specially due to the fact that she is only fourteen years old. As she walks up angry to the stage. She dismisses the peacekeepers and places herself besides Jussar, without greeting him.

"Wonderful, right?" Jussar says, trying to excite the reapings. "Now that we have the female, it's time to select the male tribute."

Jussar repeats the ritual and sticks out his hand inside the other bowl, and then reads it for the whole crowd. "And the male tribute is... Odin Amarth!" There is a complete silence in the stage, as I slowly leave my area and walk up towards the stage. I am not that worried, though. I have trained my entire life for this, and it is about to happen. I was reaped for the Hunger Games, and now I am going to the arena. As the first district 14 male tribute ever.

Once I step the stage, I shake hands with Linda and I greet Jussar. He is actually nice. "Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applause to the first district 14 tributes, Linda Haren and Odin Amarth! See you next year."

When the reaping ends, the Peacekeepers come and escort us towards the Justice Building. My father pretends that he does not know me, but whispers something in my ear.

"Good luck, son. Good luck."

Group Training

Day 1

Alicia Calvert - District 7

I'm still in my dorm, getting myself prepared for the training sessions. I am experimenting all of the types of acessories that I could get, including some necklaces and golden bracelets that the Capitol has offered to us, the tributes. Getting pretty before training is not a sin. I check the wall clock; 11:45 AM. Oh damn, I guess I just got too late.

I burst out of my dorm, and then I stare at the empty District 7 floor. I guess everyone already departed to the gymnasium, and no one went in my dorm and called me up. I walk up to the elevator and I take the ride towards the gymnasium, and it takes a small amount of time. To be most exact, in only a blink of an eye, I am already in the gymnasium. I have been in an elevator just one time before here and that was in the Justice Building. Compared to this one, the elevator back in the Justice Building was really slow.

As I walk through the double doors of the elevator, I look around and find it out that all of the tributes are already here. Some of them look way too scary, while some of them look way too weak, almost no competition for me. I walk up a bit and stand up in a perfect semicircle with the tributes, as I look clearly to each one of them.

The Capitol tributes are distant to each other, as they were not even partners. While she looks talkative, he seems quiet and calm. None of them stand as a big threat, especially due to the fact that it is the first Games that the Capitol have been in. The same can be told about District 0, even though the female tribute looks someone fierce enough. As expected, the district 1 and 2 tributes look wealthy, even the little twelve-years old girl from 1. I don't know why, but she seems one of the scariest. The District 3 tributes stand up as normally, no big threats, but they tend to surprise everyone, just like the tributes of last year did. The District 4 tributes are what I expected, strong enough but not that much like the tributes from districts 1 and 2. The tributes from districts 5 and 6 look normal, and my district partner is weird, especially his freak appearance. The tributes from district 8 and 9 don't look so strong this year, and the district 10 tributes aren't different. The twins from 11 also don't stand competition, but both of the district 12 tributes impress me somehow. Finally, the tributes from 13 are normal, but the district 14 tributes actually stand a chance to win this year, even though it is their first Hunger Games participating.

"Listen up!" A voice echoes from the center of the semi circle, the head trainer stares at us as everyone gets silent, trying to pay attention at her words. "Welcome to the Training Center. My name is Itala, and I'll be your head trainer." Itala greets us, and explains the whole process of training. After explaining it, she dismisses us and the tributes run all around the gymnasium, some trying to assemble alliances, others rushing to some stations.

I look at the tributes from districts 1 and 2 forming an alliance, and I rush towards there. I will join the careers, don't matter what I will have to do to impress them.

Bonnie Cougar - District 5

I stop at the center of the Training Center's gymnasium, looking to all the sides to see if I can find someone to ally or at least, be with.

I look at the left side, next to the camouflage station, and the district 10 girl is calling up people for an anti-career alliance. Quickly, many people join including the district 3 boy, district 6 girl, the district 8 boy and the district 9 girl. It is the perfect size of an alliance for me, so I rush to the camouflage station and I reach there at the same time that the district 13 boy arrives.

"Excellent! My name is Eliza Herader, and this is the anti-career alliance. Welcome to everyone," Eliza (10) greets us, and one by one, we start to tell our names.

"My name is Bonnie Cougar, I am from District 5." I say first.

"Connor Smitherson, from 8." The dark-haired boy from 8 speaks.

The white haired girls besides me comes and introduces herself. "Bell Fladgate, from 9."

"I am Casper Ware from District 3," the district 3 boy says and we all look to the district 13 boy, which is paying more attention to the drawings made by the camouflage instructor than the alliance. He gives a stare back at us, and announces himself.

"David Johnson, from 13." He says, and then turns his head to the side once again, looking back to the drawings. Oh well, this alliance is better than I expected. I guess we can all help each other in the arena, and maybe even one of us can end up winning.

"Let's start showing off our skills in the weaponry station," Eliza (10) suggests and we all follow her through the Training Center.

Darius Asterin - District 2

My district partner, Drayden (1) and I are next to one of the four weaponry stations of the Training Center. This year, we three should be the career alliance. None of the district 4 tributes accepted to enter in the alliance, and the district 1 female just left us and went to train all by herself. Three tributes from other districts followed us and they are now wating for your decision.

"Let's give them a chance, a career alliance with only three tributes will not go well in the arena," Scarlet (2) comments and Drayden (1) agrees. I nod positively and we turn around to where the three tributes are still looking at us.

"Ok, show me what you got." I say to them, and the first one to give a step to the front is the boy from District 6. He firstly takes out four spears and throws each one of them with a span of one second. Every spear hits the abdomen of each dummy, and then he throws other four spears, this time hitting the heads of the dummies and making them collapse to the ground. After that, he takes some weight and puts it over his shoulder to show that he can lift heavy things easily. He takes the weight in his left hand and then throws it in the air with ease. He takes a step back and look at us.

"Buck, right?" I ask him.

"Exactly." He replies, looking serious and confident at the same time.

"You're in," I say, as Scarlet (2) greets him. After him, the district 0 girl introduces herself and goes to the weapons rack, where she takes a curved sword and examinates the shining blade. She runs to the dummies, and begins to use tricks, cutting it off the dummies one by one. She also shows her habilities with maces, such as striking the dummies with strenght and decapitating them only with a mace blow in the neck.

"Komentia, you're in." Drayden (1) says and she walks towards us. The district 7 girl now takes the turn and quickly selects ten throwing axes of the weapon rack. She lines the ten dummies side by side and prepares to begin. In a blink of an eye, she tosses the ten axes and each one reachs the abdomen area of the dummy. She also takes throwing knives and does the same thing that she did with the axes, and to finish, she sends one knife in one dummy, and this dummy collapses to behind, making the other dummies behind him fall down like a domino.

"My name is Alicia, by the way." The district 7 girl as we stare at her.

"Welcome to the career alliance," I say and she celebrates. Now we are a team of six tributes, the perfect size. Who needed Brenna (1), Isaac (4) and Nami (4) after all? We already have their substitutes.

Katta Wallace - District 10

I walk towards the weapon-making station, and I get surprise when I see that no one is training at this station. I thought after the twist, everyone would care to know how to create a decent weapon or at least something to kill the other tributes, I guess I thought it wrong.

"Hm, hello." I say to the instructor, who is looking around the Training Center. He seems a bit surprised for my presence at here. He smiles and I approach him. 

"My name is Hue, I am the weapon-making instructor. To initate, do you have any weapon that is your favorite or a weapon that you have experience?" He asks me while I examinate the weapons created by him. It is amazing how he managed to make a perfect bow using treebranches, slingshot using pieces of plastic and even a knife using a rock.

"To be honest I think that rocks and spikes maces are the best weapons for me to work it out during the Games," I reply as he shrugs his shoulders and thinks about something.

"Had an idea! Why don't you try to mix the rocks with the spiked mace? Maybe create a mace using stones or large rocks," he suggests and I nod positively, agreeing. "For that, you will only need to have the stones or the large rocks. You can find them in the arena, hope that it has mountains so you can find them up easily." He continues as I pay attention to what he is doing. He has a large rock and with another rock, he hits the smallest rock strongly in the biggest, so the biggest starts to form something. After fifteen to twenty minutes hitting the right places, the biggest stone transforms to a strong mace. He hands me it and I'm amazed how he did that.

"Can I try?" I ask him, as he shakes his head positively and hands me the two rocks. I start to do the movements he did, and as the time passes by, I see the mace starting to form in front of my eyes. After this class, I think I can actually stand a chance in the arena. Even being alone.

Adelaide Simmons - District 8

I'm at the throwing spears station, trying to hit some dummies in their heads, but most of the attempts that I do end up failing. Damn it. I am actually great at throwing weapons and things, but these spears must be kidding with my face. I stomp off the station and head for the edible insects station, where the district 14 girl is trying to push a highly poisonous ant in her throat, even though the instructor keeps shouting to her that it is poisonous.

"Screw you and your poisonous ants," she says, also stomping off the station. She crosses by me and I need to talk something.

"Great." I tell her and she stares at me confused.

"What?" She asks back as she keeps walking towards another station, and I follow her.

"The way that you dismissed that instructor. You think the same way as I do." I say, smiling. She looks back at me and stops walking. She turns around and goes ahead to the topic.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Linda Haren from 14. Want an alliance? I would join the career tributes but they look too stupid this year." She questions me, with a killer smile on her face. I was not expecting allying with someone, but since I found this girl who has a personality so similar to mine, why not?

"Of course. I am Adelaide from 8, call me Adele or whatever you want." I reply.

"Alright, so where do you want to train right now? I have no idea. But please, not edible things, because I already had enough at that edible insects section," Linda (14) tells me and I point to the cafeteria, since the lunchtime is already beginning and I don't want to take the worst food out there. She shrugs and follows me without hesitating. I guess I just entered in an alliance.

Bell Fladgate - District 9

The lunchtime is almost ending, and I am at the table along with the whole anti-career alliance. The alliances are scattered around the cafeteria, and our table is the biggest one. The career alliance is constantly looking at us while we pretend that we are not seeing them. I got pizza, it seems like an oven-baked flat bread topped with tomato sauce and cheese. I never saw a food like this, but it actually tastes good. I have been the entire day following my alliance, and I just stopped following them to go to the hand-to-hand combat, since most of them didn't want to go out there.

When I am almost finishing up my pizza, the head trainer Itala comes at the Training Center. "Attention, tributes. We had a little problem with the climbing tree section as someone took the plastic tree from the ground and pushed against the instructor, who is at the medical department right now." As he talks, I can hear the laughs coming from the table where only the district 12 boy is sit. "Anyway, the training session has to be over for today. Tomorrow we will have the full day of training, hopefully."

As he announces, the people in the career table start to boo and I look at my allies. Some of them like Lavender (6) and David (13) just leave the table after the announcement and go take the elevator ride. I wave at the reminiscent ones and head for the elevator. Gradually, the tributes enter four by four in the elevator. My ride includes me, the boy from district 0, the creepy boy from the Capitol and Stewart (9), my district partner. In the first stop, the elevator leaves Stewart (9) and I at the district 9 floor and continue moving upwards then.

"How was the first training day?" Our mentor asks as we roll our eyes.

"Normal," Stewart (9) says, stomping off to his dorm.

"Actually good." I respond, sitting at the couch where my mentor is with the escort. They stare at me while the re-caps of the chariot rides flash in the television.

"Bell..." My mentor calls me and I turn around.

"When the time comes, you will have to go. Don't hesitate in going." His words creep in my mind as I try to understand what he just said. All that I can respond is a:


Day 2

Alec Roswell-Seacrest - Capitol

The alarm clock signs off and I roll off the bed. Immediately, Reasa - my escort - barges into the dorm, finishing the job of waking me up. He hands me the training uniform, the same thing he did yesterday, and then leaves. I wear the clothes and then leave the personal dorm, even though I am not going to the gymnasium of the Training Center.

I sit at the table in the main room of the floor, and an Avox approachs me and serves me some different and special food. Vampires don't tend to feel hunger, we only starve when we arrive at almost one month without eating. Anyway, I have to make them still believe that I am an ordinary human, so I eat a bunch of fried sheep meat that tastes delicious. As I eat, I see Victorie (Cap) leaving her personal dorm along with our mentors and Reasa, and they all stare at me.

"What are you doing? We're supposed to be at the gymnasium, the training begins in fifteen minutes." Ugh, I guess what the mentor said is truth. Everyone from the Capitol knows that the sponsors also check the tributes during the training sessions, so making a good impression would lead sponsors towards me. I leave the door and follow as Victorie (Cap) enters in the elevator and the mentor gives us some tips before departing towards the gymnasium.

"Remember that survival skills will be important in the arena. And guys..." He starts to say.

"What?" Victorie (Cap) asks.

"Never hesitate in going. You will find out the meaning later," he says, stomping off the elevator as Victorie (Cap) pushes the button indicating the gymnasium.

Once we arrive there, we look around and Victorie (Cap) goes to meet her ally Clara (3), while I sit on a bench and start to look around the other tributes training. Some of them really have tasty necks, but I guess I will have to control myself from biting some necks until the Games start. A vampire without blood is like Tweety without Sylvester.

Komentia Flores - District 0

I have been taking down dummies with maces for the entire second day of training, and I feel that it's time to move on to another section. I look around and see Drayden (1) at the weightlifting section, so I run as fast I can towards there.

"Hi, Drayden." I greet him while he is still lining up the weights for another round lifting weights. He looks at me and opens a shy grin.

"Hi, Komentia. What were you doing?" He questions me.

"I was just tossing around some maces at dummies and showing the weaklings that our alliance will dominate in the arena," I say, lying a little bit. He is basically the leader in the career alliance, and we didn't even hesitate in selecting him as the leader. "Now I want to see you lifting some weight, let me see if you are that good!" I finish saying and he opens a smile.

He sits at the bench and starts to lift the weight he prepared. For a fifteen years old, Drayden (1) is really strong, and possibly the second physically strongest in the alliance after Darius (2). I look at him taking the heavy bar with ease, and then he just tosses it to the ground. He gets up and I dry the drop of sweat that was falling down from his forehead.

"I finally met you two," Scarlet (2) says, as she and Alicia (7) approach us. They check the weight, and congratulate Drayden (1) for his strenght.

"I think I am going to try," I say, as I sit and prepare to lift some weight also.

"Do you want me to teach you three how to lift that amount of weight more easily?" Drayden (1) questions as Scarlet (2) and Alicia (7) nod positively. "Alright, let's go." He sticks close to us, and start explaining how he puts his hand under the bar to make it seem lighter. Drayden (1) is a great instructor.

Clara Crescent - District 3

Victorie (Cap) and I have become good friends through the training sessions. When we met each other in Day 1, I had sure that we would become friends, since both of us love to talk it up and spread our knowledges. None of us wanted to be all alone during the training process, with no one to talk with or even share knowledges. Since Victorie (Cap) and I formed our alliance, we tried our best to share what we know between ourselves. I tried to teach her how to spy someone quietly, being calm and silent, while she tried to teach me how to work with spears, as I never actually used any weapon before being reaped, but I ended up finding it out that a kama is better for me. In resume, Victorie (Cap) and I have been inseparable during the training, and we hope that we will get close in the arena also.

We are at the knot tying section, where the district 4 and 7 boys are also practicing how to prepare traps and work with a rope. As I turn my head slightly to the side, I see a tribute staring coldly at us, it seems to be the district 12 male tribute.

"Victorie," I whisper in her ear and she turns. "I think the district 12 boy is taking a look at us for some odd reason," I continue whispering and she also slowly turns her head to the Making Fire section, which places besides the knot tying one. The district 12 boy glares at her and opens a smile. He starts to approach us, and my eyes cross Victoria's.

"Hello, girls." He says with a creepy smile on his face.

"Hi... Do we even know you?" Victorie (Cap) asks, clearly trying to already end up the conversation.

"I guess you don't... My name is Jack Green, and I came from District 12." He replies, taking a place besides us.

"Nice to meet you, Jack. We were kinda busy right now... Can we talk it up later?" I ask him, as he slowly approaches Victorie (Cap).

"Sure, maybe in my personal dorm." He says, his hand raising towards Victorie (Cap)'s chest. Before he could touch, she turns at him and pushes him.

"Take your hands off me now!" She shouts, as some of the tributes around look at us and the Peacekeepers start to come in our direction.

"No need to make a show, Capitol girl." He replies as he stomps off, somewhat forced by the Peacekeepers to do so. I look at Victorie (Cap) and she hugs me.

"What a shame!" Victorie (Cap) speaks. "I guess we just called the attention of everyone here."

"Let's keep training, let's forget about what just happened," I suggest and she nods positively. Just as we go back to the knot tying section, the alarm rings off signaling the lunchtime.

Nami Njord - District 4

The lunchtime is almost coming to its end, and I just realized that today will be the last day that I will see Odin (14) without worrying if he is going to die or not. Tomorrow will be the last day of training, I know, but it will be very short and I will not even have time to socialize that much with Odin (14) before we are sent to the arena the day after the private sessions and interviews. When Itala comes and announces the end of the lunchtime, all the tributes leave the cafeteria at almost the same time and rush all around the sections, spreading it up again.

As Odin (14) and I walk towards the Throwing Tridents section again, we can clearly see the career tributes looking at we two. Being from District 4, I was supposed to follow the tradition and enter in the Career alliance, but neither me and my district partner did it. And I also became ally of one of the tallest and strongest tributes, and they may see our small alliance as threat in potential. They know were outnumbered - they are six and we are two -, but they know that in case of the Hunger Games, the numbers are not that trustworthy.

"What should we do now?" I ask him, as I keep throwing tridents. I have been doing this for the entire day, and in the first day too. He scans the gymnasium area and points to an empty section, the camouflage one. We head towards there and when we arrive, we realize that another tribute is already using the section, but we stay anyway.

The district 12 girl is trying to disguise herself as a grey rock, and she has done a good job so far. Odin (14) goes to the other side, where he will try to disguise himself as the ground of a meadow. I approach the district 12 girl and she stares at me. I have seen her skills with a trident, and for a district 12 girl, she is really good using them. She might have a job or something related to water.

The next one hour passes slowly as I look patiently at Odin (14) painting his head and body with vibrant colours, such as yellow and pink. When he is done, he is pretty convicent disguised as a meadow, and I give a round of applause to him.

"Don"t you want to try?" He offers the paints to me, and I nod positively.

"Why not?"

Tim Thorburn - District 11

My sister and I are still at the archery section, where the instructor is patiently trying to teach us how to shoot one arrow right at the target with no much work. He is actually pretty good teaching, but I guess bow & arrow was not the weapon made for me.

"Thanks for teaching us," Kim (11) gently says to the archery instructor as we leave that section and stay at the center of the gymnasium, searching up for the best option. She points out to the climbing tree section, where only the purple-haired boy from District 5 is practicing. We walk together and once we arrive there, she asks the instructor if she can give it a try.

The district 5 boy leaves the area as we arrive, and we just ignore him. Tim (11) prepares herself and start to climb the artificial tree, as the instructor shouts some directions for her in order to help her out in the tree climbing. Being from District 11 make the tributes who come from there almost born knowing how to climb trees. Even Kim (11) and I that did not spend much time climbing trees know how to climb one. The problem is that we don't know how to climb quickly, and we may need that in case a tribute attacks when we are not ready and we have to climb the tree to run.

Kim (11) takes less than two minutes to climb the whole artificial tree, and the instructor congratulates her for that, but also tells us that he has seen girls from District 11 who knew how to climb one high tree in less than thirty seconds. I explain him how we did not spend much time climbing trees and how the handicap prevented me from doing that, and he decides to teach us how to climb one tree quickly.

After almost one hour at the section, both Kim (11) and I reduced our time climbing a high tree by thirty seconds. That is great compared to our standards and even the instructor gets impressed with our development. Kim (11) thanks him and we leave the section, now searching for another thing to work it out before we are dismissed. He even showed me how to climb a tree with the leg prothesis that the Capitol gave to me.

"What about the gauntlets?" I suggest.

"Great idea", she replies while we head towards there. By one side, coming with my sister to the Games was not a totally bad idea. I would freak out if I was all by myself at these Games.

Drayden Hax - District 1

I am taking dummies down with maces again when Itala comes to the gymnasium and announces the end of the second day of training. Quickly, all the tributes rush to the elevators while I keep playing with the mace a little more until I am finally forced to lead towards the elevator.

My elevator ride is the only one that is coming from the gymnasium, and I am with my district partner Brenna (1), the district 13 girl and the district 8 boy. The ride is very weird since no one even hesitates in breaking the silence, even though the path towards the district floors take only a few seconds. The first one to leave is the district 13 girl and then the district 8 boy also departs. The elevator keeps moving upwards until the time when it finally reaches at the District 1 floor.

Brenna (1) dashes off the elevator and goes up to a table full with food, where she takes an apple and begins to eat it. I walk towards my mentor and I sit up on the couch, and start to watch the Capitol broadcast. As expected, the show which is in air right now is related to the Hunger Games, and is showing the best moments of the second day of group training. I see myself in the screen a bunch of times, lifting some weight, talking with the Careers or even playing with my mace.

"You are doing a great job, you are calling the attention of the sponsors," my mentor says and Yvea, the escort, interrupts, agreeing.

"Yes, he is right. You're probably one of the tributes with most chance of winning, but I guess we will find it out tomorrow after the individual sessions. Honestly, if I was a sponsor ready to bet my money in a tribute, I would spend it all on you. You seem to be one of the most prepared tributes for the Games," Yvea says, trying to push my confidence up.

"Thanks you two, but I think that's a long path before the end of the 299th Hunger Games." I say, even though I know that I am already one of the highlights of the Games.

After eating her apple in silence, Brenna (1) stomps off to her personal dorm and Yvea rolls her eyes.

"So, is Brenna really ignoring the career alliance?" Yvea asks, as if she was a mentor.

"Yes... Totally." I respond.

"I guess you're the only one from District 1 who can come back home as a victor," Yvea finishes. The way she talked made to seem as Brenna (1) was no competition, and from what I saw from her personality and skills, she can be considered a big threat after all. In my opinion, both of the district 1 tributes can stand a chance of winning.

Day 3

Linda Haren - District 14

I flutter my eyes open as the alarm clock rings off and I'm literally forced to leave my bed. The training clothes are over my bed, so I brush my hair and then wear it. I leave my personal dorm and ignore the table where Jussar is conversating with Odin (14). He kinda tries to replace the mentor, since we don't have one because it is obviously our first Games, and is trying to pass all the informations that he knows about training to Odin (14). Ain't nobody got time for that.

I step into the elevator and I take the ride until the gymnasium. Once I exit, I immediately look at Adelaide (8) who is just sitting on a chair and observating the other tributes.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, as she turns at me and opens a grim smile. 

"It's incredible how the other competitors suck," she says and I giggle a little. By one side, it is completely truth.

"Take your ass out of there and let's go to one of the weapons station. It is the last day of the training here in gymnasium and I don't want to lose my time in those survival skills ones." I suggest and she stands up, and we cross the gymnasium until reaching the weaponry station. I take a look at all these incredible weapons available here. Sadly, I won't put my hands over them in the arena, since the weapons aren't available there. Even if the sponsors send me one of them, it will not be enough. I wanted all of them.

"Want to go first?" Adelaide asks me and I nod my head positively. I take one metallic axe out from the weapons rack, and I throw it quickly towards one dummy. The axe hits the abdomen area and the dummy collapses to the ground in a matter of seconds. I know that if I had a chance to wield an axe - or mainly an awl - at the bloodbath, I would be almost invicible. Those damn Gamemakers will just slow me down with that new twist.

"Now, let me do something." Adelaide says, taking a step to the front and picking up a bow and a quiver of fifteen arrows. She places the quiver behind her back and prepares to shoot them. One by one, she releases the arrows and all of them fly towards a dummy. Each one hits an area of the dummy, and in the last one, she shoots at the center of the dummy's body and it falls to the ground. I applaud her, and then realize that the careers are looking at us. I guess they just realized that we are threats too.

Buck Rockwell - District 6

The alliance formed by the girls from districts 8 and 14 are performing relatively well at one of the weaponry stations, and they just walk away when they realize that we were watching them. We grin and I realize that it is our the first time that all of the career tributes have been together since the first day, when we were meeting each other. Now, we are discussing strategies and who are the biggest threats out in the arena. Drayden (1) almost auto-declared our leader and none of us decided to fight against the decision, he is actually pretty good leading us.

"So, first of everything, we are doing the old Career strategy right? Get the highest scores and then dominate the Cornucopia at the bloodbath." Drayden (1) asks us and we nod positively almost immediately. If we didn't do that, we would not be considered career tributes.

"Alright, but what about the other tributes? Do you think we should aim at someone in special?" He questions the career alliance and we cross eyes.

"With everyone." I respond, sounding a bit too cold and calculating. 

"Agreed. We should aim at anyone who gets in our way and just murder them and eliminate them out of the competition. As more as we get down in the first day, as quicker we will be taking down the biggest threats." Darius (2) replies, surprisingly agreeing with us. Ever since the career alliance formed, I considered myself as one of the most distant in the alliance. Only Scarlet (2) and Alicia (7) talked to me during the second day, even during the lunchtime.

"Ok, so we have our plans now." Scarlet (2) says, ending up with our quick reunion. All of us spread around once again, and I follow Scarlet (2) and Alicia (7), as they go to the weapon-making station.

"Why are you two going to there? I mean, we are the Careers, we will get weapons sponsored." I say, interrupting their path towards the section.

"What if we don't get sponsors gift in the first day?" Alicia (7) asks back to me.

"We will get, we are Careers, girls!" I shout, trying to make them understand that the sponsors and even the gamemakers will not let the career tributes without a weapon.

"If I was you, I would not think so," Scarlet (2) speaks before stomping off with Alicia (7) towards the weapon-making station. What if they are correct?

David Johnson - District 13

The whole anti-career alliance is at the fire making station. I would not like to be with them right now, but they followed me since I was here before they arrived. Now, all the seven of us are sharing informations about what we learned from the directions of the instructor. I'm still not that good at fire making, though at least I am better than half of my alliance and probably half of the tributes. We probably will not have to cook something at the arena, just if we stay there longer than I predicted. Anyway, I have seen many Games where plans with fire always go right and I may need to do one of them at the arena. 

We hear a low scream coming from our side and we turn around, and we see Lavender (6) burning her middle finger accidentally. The instructor comes quick and applies some cream over it, and after about five minutes, Lavender (6) is pretty good again.

"Can't we move on to another station?" She asks as we see her district partner, Buck (6), coming towards the fire-making station. I guess the District 6 tributes don't have much connection between them, since one of them joined the career alliance and the other joined the anti-career alliance. Just as I am thinking about that, I remember that I should get at least a bit friendly with my district partner, Robin (13). Not because I want to be her friend, but I don't want to make more enemies so one more friendly face at the arena will not be bad. As the anti-career alliance walks over to the swimming section, I stand up and head for the slingshot section where my district partner is talking with the district 9 boy, I guess they formed an alliance or something, since they have been walking together during almost the entire training session.

Once I arrive, I see the district 9 boy trying to shoot a rock decently and Robin (13) is trying to help him, although he doesn't seem familiar with a slingshot as she does. When they realize my presence here, they stop training and stare at us.

"Hello, Robin." Ugh, I hate to act like this. "Can I stay here with you two? I don't want an alliance or anything, I just want to be here."

"Of course," Robin (13) says as the district 9 boy rolls his eyes. "What about your alliance?"

"They are at the swimming section, but I wanted to train with slingshot first." I say, trying to act as nicer as I could. She shrugs and keeps explaining to the boy from district 9 how to use his hands while shooting with the slingshot. My attempt of approaching her kinda failed, but after this scene, I don't think she and her little ally will be attempting to kill me right at the beginning. 

Jack Green - District 12

The training is coming to an end, and I have been trying to stay far away from Victorie (Cap) during this last day of training. She has caused trouble to me, as the Peacekeepers think that I am a maniac attempting to kill Victorie (Cap). She and her ally, Clara (3), are throwing spears at one of the weaponry stations and they constantly take a look at me to see if I am spying on them. I have to agree that I kinda am, but it is not enough to be expulsed from the gymnasium. 

"Everyone! Listen up!" The head trainer Itala steps in the gymnasium, as all of the tributes around the Training Center turn around. This time, she is using a megaphone, so everyone can hear her properly. She clears her throat out before continuing.

"All of the tributes must return to their district apartments, and come back for the individual sessions by sixteen o'clock." Itala concludes, as she turns down the megaphone. She walks off and gradually the tributes start to disappear in the gymnasium, filling up the elevators. I wait a little until Victorie (Cap) and Clara (3) approach the elevator, so I enter in it just as they join me. Along with us, there is the district 0 boy who takes a place besides Clara (3).

As Victorie (Cap) realizes that I am also in the elevator, she walks to behind Clara (3) and the elevator starts to move upwards. When the elevator is almost reaching my district floor, I take off my t-shirt and my pants and throw it at Victorie (Cap) and Clara (3), as they ignore my clothes. The district 0 boy looks awkwardly as I walk off the elevator, as I can hear the girls' sigh of relief behind us. If Victorie (Cap) thinks I am going to give up on her, she is pretty wrong.

I prepare myself for the individual sessions, when we will have to show off our skills to the Gamemakers. I have to do a good first impression, so I must get ready to do my best.

The Capitol citizens may prepare, because I am just starting to do my thing.

Individual Training

Victorie Pontius - Capitol

All of the tributes are already here at the gymnasium, sitting up in chairs that were placed in this hall that goes up to the room where the Gamemakers will judge our performance. I wait patiently as a robotic female voice booms through the hall, "Victorie Pontius". I stand up and walk through the entire pathway to the double doors, as all of the tributes look at me. I enter in the Gamemakers room and they stare at me with eyes wide open. I guess they are pretty focused on me, as I am the first one to appear here. I introduce myself and then they allow me to do what I want.

I walk up to the weapons rack, and select a metallic spear. I place a dummy at somewhat fifty steps away from me, and I take a deep long breath. I throw the spear, as it crosses the air in high speed, until landing in the center of the dummy. Quickly, I take twelve throwing knives from the weapons rack and start throwing one by one, as they hit exactly where I want. I toss the last three knives at the same time, and they fly across the air, until hitting right at the neck of the dummy, beheading it. The ground shakes as the heavy dummy htis the ground, and to end up with the session, I take off another spear. I walk towards another dummy and place it now very far away from me, almost one hundred steps from where I am. I throw the spear again, this time with more strenght and quicker than before, and it flies until hitting the dummy at the head and making the big victim collapse to the ground.

I turn around and look at them, pretty impressed with my spear skills, I greet them and the Head Gamemaker dismisses me. I run in the pathway of tributes towards the elevator, and I push the button "Capitol" almost immediately. I guess our escort will be pretty happy with my performance.

Greyson Darlon - District 0

For now, just three tributes have already entered in the Gamemakers' room and when Komentia (0) walks off that room, it will be my time to get in there and show off my skills. I wait about two minutes and then my district partner walks off the room confidently. I sigh as the female robotic voice booms through the hall, announcing my name; "Greyson Darlon". I stand up and head for the Gamemakers' room, and they don't look pretty interested in me or they are just starting to get drunk. Anyway, I introduce myself and begin to do my individual session.

Firstly, I take five spears and line them besides me. I toss one by one, each one hitting a dummy. When all of the five dummies are speared, I walk up towards them and line them up. I throw another spear and it crosses all of the dummies, uniting they up. When I'm done showing off my spear skills, I take some throwing knives and some throwing axes and start to throw them randomly at five dummies, cutting off parts of the dummies such as the head, the arms, the legs etc. I take a breath and decide to show up my intelligence too. I think for a little span of time how to do that, and once I have the idea in my mind, I decide to put it into action. I line five dummies and write numbers in each one of them. The first one has "526", the second one has "283", the third has "404", the fourth has "212504" and the fifth one has "750". I take some steps to behind and take off two spears, two throwing axes and two throwing knives out the weapon racks. Firstly, I shoot the two knives, one hitting the "526" and the other hitting the "404". After that, I spear the number "212504", showing off that I can do mathematics calculations quickly. Once they realize what I did, I throw the two axes, one hitting below the "212504" and the other hitting the "283". Quickly, I throw the spear at the "750" mark, and then finally dismiss myself.

I walk off the double doors, and stop to think that showing off mathematic skills could be way too pathetic in the front of the Gamemakers. But anyway, if they don't count that as part of my training score, at least my throwing skills will do the job well.

Brenna Placidia - District 1

The district 0 boy walks off the room, with a thoughtful expression printed in his face. He makes his way towards the elevator, and I know that it is time for me to get ready. I am the next one to be called. Just as I am thinking, the robotic voice calls me to the gymnasium; "Brenna Placidia". I stand up and head for the gymnasium, bursting through the double doors. I introduce myself quickly, and they just nod, probably saying to me start up already.

I walk up to the weapons rack, and take off a knife. I walk towards a dummy, and begins to do what I can do better, stab things. I circle the dummy and start to stab it in many places, being quick while moving from side to another. Once the dummy is all stabbed, I finally shove the knife at its neck and twist it, making the head fall down to the ground. But I am not done yet. I walk towards a section where there are nets and ropes. I take out a large net and wrap it around the beheaded dummy. I grab a huge ladder and walk upwards, and tie the net at a rope in the ceiling. The dummy is up in the air, hanging out by the rope in the ceiling. I take two knives and toss them at the same time, one hits the center of the dummy and the other hits the small rope that is holding the dummy. It collapses quickly to the ground, making the ground shake. I take a look at the gamemakers and they nod, dismissing me.

I walk off the room, I could perform much better at there, but I decided to get just a moderate score. I don't want to be chased down by the other tributes when the bloodbath begins, and a moderate score is good enough to get sponsors. I walk towards the elevator, and head for my district floor.

Scarlet Avalon - District 2

Drayden (1) exits the gymnasium room, and walks directly to the elevator. I take a deep breath as I remember that it is my time to enter in that Gamemakers' room now. The female robotic voice booms through the hallway, "Scarlet Avalon". I stand up and walk towards the double doors of the gymnasium, and once I arrive, I place myself in the center of the room. The Gamemakers look at me with a somewhat drunk expression, and I introduce myself.

It's time for the show. I take firstly about twelve throwing knives and get ready to do my performance. I line up six dummies and I start to toss the knives. The first six knives land in each dummy at the abdomen area, and then the last six ones go up to the dummy's forehead, making it collapse to behind. I line up other five dummies at my front, and this time, I pick it up five throwing axes and throw them up to the sky. As they fall down one by one, I catch them at the exact time they are coming down and immediately throw one by one towards the five dummies. Once again, I make all of the dummies fall down and then I realize I was a bit too repetitive. I take now more throwing knives and start throwing them at the ceiling in order to impress the Gamemakers. Each knife lands in the ceiling expect for one that falls down back to me. It wasn't what I expected, but I revert the situation jumping up in the air and catching the knife just as it is falling to the ground. I bite my lip, and shake my flowing long blonde hair, using my charm to call the attention. The Gamemakers glare at me and dismiss me finally.

As I walk off the room, I think that my individual session was not that awful after all, I can easily catch a good training score. I think that my plan to impress the other careers and the Capitol people will work well.

Casper Ware - District 3

Clara (3) finally leaves the gymnasium and she wishes good luck to me as she passes by, and I don't have time to thank her since she goes up to the elevator almost immediately. I remember that it is my time to go to the private session and I bite my lip. "Casper Ware", the female robotic voice announces and I get myself ready. I burst into the gymnasium, and the Gamemakers don't seem really interested in me, but I didn't expect the contrary to be honest.

They allow me to begin and I rush to the weapons rack and I take some throwing knives. Since I am fast, showing up my speed would be fair enough to get a somewhat high score. I take five different dummies and line them with a distance of fourty steps each. I come back to the start and I begin to run, and as I cross a dummy, I throw one knife at it, making it fall down. I finish the path in less than thirty seconds and when I turn around, all of the dummies are at the ground. I look at the swimming pool and I decide to do a performance a little more developed. I get in a swimsuit quickly, and then place the dummies at the other side of the pool, I hold the throwing knives at both of the hands and I jump into the swimming pool, emerging in the water. I swim quickly, I guess I took twenty seconds to cross the entire pool, and then I jump out of the pool quickly and toss the throwing knives at the dummies, hitting their target easily. I dry myself quickly and get in my training suit once again. The Gamemakers dismiss me and I leave the gymnasium.

I walk towards the elevator, and I push the button printed "3". As the elevator moves upwards towards my district floor, I realize that the Gamemakers are probably calculating my training scores right now. I just hope I get a good training score.

Isaac Blade - District 4

I sigh as Nami (4) slowly walks off the gymnasium, she takes her way towards the elevator and I brush my teeth when I remind that I am the next one to enter in that gymnasium. "Isaac Blade", a robotic voice calls me up and I get up from the chair, and walk slowly in the gymnasium's direction. Once I enter in the gymnasium, the Gamemakers glare at me and I do an intimidating expression and they begin to pay attention. I need their attention.

After telling them my name and district, I go to the weapons rack and take off a metallic trident. I first do some tricks, such as switch the trident in my hands and lift it up with ease. After I'm done doing this, I throw the trident with strenght towards the dummy and it literally slices in half, destroying the dummy. I take other two tridents and throw at more dummies, destroying the other two as well. I go and retrieve the three tridents and now head to the camouflage station where I take balloons full with colorful ink. I place three of these balloons over the dummies and then I go back to my place. I throw the other three tridents again and they cut the balloons and the ink falls over the dummies, painting them. I take other tridents and being ruthless and rude, I throw again the tridents with strenghts. They fly until hitting the dummies again, and once again they slice up in two parts. The destroyed dummies lie at the ground of the gamemakers, and I throw the last trident towards the weapons rack, hitting the place where the other weapons area, and making it fall to the ground, spreading the weapons around.

The Gamemakers don't even have time to dismiss me and I stomp off the gymnasium, leaving the room as if I was a ruthless guy. I walk up to the elevator, and I enter. I reflect about my individual session, I guess I did a great job in there destroying those dummies and the weapons racks. I hope the Gamemakers liked how I was ruthless there.

James Desmond - District 5

As Bonnie (5), my district partner, walks off the gymnasium silently, I remember that my turn is coming next. I repass what I will have to do inside that gymnasium to impress the Gamemakers before the robotic voice could announce my name; "James Desmond". I stand up and walk to the gymnasium, entering with no ceremony as I face the Gamemakers. They look way too drunk to pay some attention at me, but I just groan and introduce myself loud.

To start, I walk up towards the dummies and line them up in a straight row. I go back to the weapons rack and take some tridents from there. Quickly, I throw each trident towards the dummies, and they hit right at the head. After that, I grab a machete from the rack and walk up to the dummies. I start to quickly but quietly cut off their heads, beheading the dummies. Once I am done doing this, I look at the dummies' heads at the ground of the gymnasium, and I take one by one and throw it around the gymnasium. I look to see what I will do next, and I glare at the hand-to-hand trainer sitting in his section as I call him for a combat. He approaches me and we start to fight hand-to-hand, at the start, the trainer tries to dominate me but I quickly revert the combat and I show off my skills while I punch and kick the trainer. He is already at the ground while I continue kicking him, and some Peacekeepers come and try to get me over the trainer. When the trainer goes away and the Peacekeepers stare at me, I give them a cold smile and leave, not looking back.

As I walk off the gymnasium, I can hear the murmurs and whispers coming from the room. I cross the hallway of tributes and enter in the elevator, making my way to the district floor. I showed them how prepared I am for these Games, and how I am going to have no mercy once I step in the arena. I hope they understood me and I will get a high training score.

Lavender Morton - District 6

The purple-haired boy from 5 leaves the room stomping towards the elevator, as all of the tributes can hear the whispers coming from the room. It takes about four minutes when the robotic female voice finally calls me to the gymnasium; "Lavender Morton". I burst into the double doors of the gymnasium and stare at the Gamemakers that stare at me back. I introduce myself informing them things such as my name and where I came from and the Head Gamemaker nods, allowing me to start.

I scan around the gymnasium and look at a computer program where we can say if a plant is edible or not. I move it to next to the Gamemakers and the program starts, and I quickly click on "edible" if the plants is edible and "fatal" if it is not. When the program ends, I see that I responded all the questions correctly and then I go to the weapons rack continue with my performance. I take a sword in one hand and a knife in the other, and I walk up towards the dummies. I start to do tricks with them, and I finishing beheading them off with the sword and stabbing them in the center with the knife. When I'm done, I realize that I did it way too fast and I need to spend a little more of time here. I go to the fire-making station and I start fires using rocks, paper, treebranches and even my own hands. After that, I take a look at the Gamemakers and they look pretty impressed, but I'm not totally done. I run to the walls of the gymnasium, and start climbing it with ease. Even though most part of it is plain, I can still climb it with no worries. When I'm almost reaching the ceiling, I look at the Gamemakers and I decide to do something risky, but will increase my training score. I jump off the wall, and I fall right at my foot, diving in the ground. I quickly stand up to show that I'm alright after the impact in the ground, and the Head Gamemakers dismisses me.

As I cross the hallway of tributes, I think about what I did inside that gymnasium. The whole performance was pretty decent, and I think I deserve a somewhat high training score. I hope the Gamemakers think the same way I am thinking.

Breccan Gateson - District 7

Alicia (7) walks off the gymnasium with a confident smile. I assume that as she is a career tribute, she was prepared enogh to do an amazing job at the individual session. I look as she goes towards the elevator, and a voice rings through the hallway of tributes; "Breccan Gateson". I quickly stand up and go to the gymnasium, crossing the double doors and the Gamemakers stare at me, even though just a few of them are really paying attention at me.

After introducing myself, I walk towards the dummies that are in the gymnasium. I take them and place them in a straight row, and then I begin to punch tem repeatedly, showing my strenght and my speed at the same time. After punching all of them, I go back to the weapons rack and as the Gamemakers expect me to pull out a developed weapon such as an axe or a sword, I take an ordinary slingshot and place about ten rocks in it. I take a deep breath and then I start to shoot the rocks at the dummies using the slingshot. The rocks one by one hit the dummies forcefully, making the dummies drop to the ground only with a single blow of each rock. I look around and decide to do a great finale. Firstly, I go to the fire-making station and start a fire using rocks and the fire lights the gymnasium. After that, I head to the camouflage station and in a white slip of paper, I draw someone. I draw me. I show the paper with a self-portrait of me to the Gamemakers and then I throw it in the fire. I just showed them that the old me died, and now, I am another person. I am stronger and ready for everything. May the other tributes come, they will just be simple obstacles.

The Head Gamemaker dismisses me and I leave the gymnasium. While I cross the hallway of the tributes, I sigh. The Games will start soon, and this is just the beginning.

Connor Smitherson - District 8

My district partner Adelaide (8) simply crosses the hallway and disappears into the elevator. I look around and realize than just less of the half of the tributes are still waiting for their individual sessions, and I guess I am the next one. "Connor Smitherson", a female robotic voice booms through the hall and I make my way towards the gymnasium. Once I arrive, the Gamemakers stare at me with their drunk eyes and I just take my place at the center, and then I introduce myself to them.

I head over to the weapons rack, and I take a metallic scythe from the pile of weapons. I walk up to a dummy and begin doing fast combat with it. I do some tricks and I stab the dummy at many places that could kill someone if that dummy was a human. I look at the Gamemakers, and they are still giving me that cold treatment, as their drowsy eyes seem to be ignoring my presence at here, while just a few of them are really paying attention at what I am doing here. I go back to the weapons rack, and this time I pull out a spear. I am at the dummy and throw it in the air, and it flies crossing the air until hitting right at the dummy's abdomen area and then the dummy collapses to the ground. I look again to the Gamemakers and the situation is still the same; only a few of them are indeed paying attention at my performance. In a quick access of anger, I take the spear again and throw it in their direction, but it hits the force field separating us from them and all of them pay attention at me now.

I dismiss myself, stomping off the gymnasium quickly. I run in the hallway of the tributes, heading already for the elevator. Once I step in the safe elevator, where just me and myself are, I realize what I just did. I confronted the Gamemakers, I attempted to throw a spear at them. I guess I did more than I was reccomended to do.

Stewart Pi - District 9

Bell (9) leaves the gymnasium, and I start to shake in anxiety. It's my turn already and I have not even prepared what I am going to do. I don't know if I should show up my skills with weaponry or show my other skills such as climbing and intelligence. I don't have much time to think, since the robotic female voice announces my name and I am forced to stand up and head for the gymnasium, "Stewart Pi". I walk into the gymnasium doors and firstly look to the gamemakers, and some of them are even sleeping over their chairs. Oh well, I guess the treatment is not going to be that good.

I introduce myself to the head gamemaker, and he nods, allowing me to start. I think for a little amount of time and head for the weapons rack, and I take different types of knife from there. To begin, I select a curved knife and I drag the dummy to the front of the Gamemakers. I started to do a blink combat with the dummy, constantly stabbing it at vital areas, and then cutting parts of it. After I'm done doing the tricks with a curved knife, I take a long one and do the same thing. I take a look at the Gamemakers and they just seem slightly impressed, though most of them are not even paying attention at me. I take now throwing knives and I give some steps to behind, until I am pretty distant to the dummy. I start tossing the throwing knives and they stab the dummy right at where I wanted; the head, the chest, the left arm, the right arm and in the head. I turn around and there are more Gamemakers sleeping this time. One of the only ones still awake is the Head Gamemaker, who dismisses me after my performance.

I stomp out of the doors, making the other tributes look at me as I angrily cross the hallway. I step in the elevator and press the button "9". I did a good performance out there, I know I did. Those damn Gamemakers should be paying attention at me, now I will pay the cost in my training score.

Eliza Herader - District 10

The district 9 boy exits the gymnasium, and stomps angrily towards the elevator. I sigh, as I remember that the next one to go there in the gymnasium is me. I gasp as the female robotic voice announces my turn at the gymnasium; "Eliza Herader". I rush to the room, and enter with no ceremony, as I see the drunk expressions of the Gamemakers staring at me. Some of them are even sleeping, and just four or five are really sober. I introduce myself and the Head Gamemaker nods.

I hop over to the weapons station, and carefully select one metallic axe to perform firstly. I aim at a dummy and throw the axe across the air, and it reaches just where I wanted, the dummy's chest. I take another axe and throw it, but this time my aim was not totally prepared, so I miss the dummy's chest and the axe lands in its shoulder. Well, I didn't totally fail. I decide to abandon the weapons station an try to something to call the attention of the Gamemakers. Since I am a good runner and climber, I go over the knot tying station and the trainer hangs out a net that goes from the ceiling until the ground, and he placed it besides the swimming pool especially for me. I go to the other side of the swimming pool, and start to do my show. To begin, I start to run fast, dodging from obstacles such as crates and weapons scattered in the ground. When I come closer to the pool, I jump, entering in the water with no hesitation. Then, I start to swim fast and when I exit the swimming pool, still totally wet, I begin to climb the net, going until the ceiling. Once I'm done, I start to get down and when I am about to touch the ground, my wet hands slide from the net and I fall to the ground. It was not that hard, and it is actually not anything too risky, but it can anyway low down my training score. The Head Gamemaker dismisses me and I exit the gymnasium.

Walking in the hallway with the tributes with my head down, I recall my individual session at my head. I was quick there, really fast to be honest, I could have won a somewhat high training score. If I didn't fall off the net at that time...

Kim Thorburn - District 11

My mentor asked the Gamemakers to let my brother go in the private session before me due to his handicap, and for some odd reason, they let him go first. I turn to the side and gasp as I see my brother Tim (11) struggling up to exit the gymnasium. I stand up and help him out, as I head him until the elevator, just in time for myself to be called for the individual session. "Kim Thorburn". As the female robotic voice calls my name, I cross the hallway of tributes and open the double doors of the room. I place myself at the center of the gymnasium, and introduce myself, although just a few Gamemakers are looking at me.

I wonder what I will do start, and the plan goes quickly in my mind. I go towards the weapons rack, and take out a scythe from the pile of weapons. I start to do some kind of performance with the cythe, such as throwing it and catching in the air, stabbing the emptiness of the air and even do some kind of jugglery. Of course, it will not make me get a high training score and it is probably boring the Gamemakers, so I decide to walk over a dummy and start to work with my scythe against it. I take quick blows with my scythe, hitting the dummy with strenght, cutting some parts of it off. I attack the head of the dummy with the scythe, and with the strenght of my attack, the head of the dummy collapses, beheading the big puppet. I take a look at the Gamemakers, and a few of them look slightly impressed, I think they did not expect too much coming from an ordinary girl who came from District 11, the poorest district. To finish my performance, I throw the scythe back in the dummy and it lands right on the dummy's chest area. The Head Gamemaker dismisses me and I walk off the gymnasium.

As I step in the elevator, I presh the button "11" and the elevator heads up to my district floor. Once I arrive, Tim (11) is sitting on the couch, waiting for me.

"How did you do there?" He asks me as I shrug.

"Better than expected." I reply.

Oceania Seacrest - District 12

The district 11 girl finally leaves the gymnasium, and I sigh as I remember that I'm the next one to be called out. My main hope are obviously the tridents. The district 4 tributes may be better than me at close combats with tridents or throwing them, but it does not mean that I'm not good too. "Oceania Seacrest", the female robotic voice announces my name and I stand up, heading towards the gymnasium. I enter the room, and realize that the Gamemakers are already bored and tired, even though there are three more districts left to do their individual sessions.

I introduce myself and I go to the weapons station, where I take a metallic trident. I palm the trident in my right hand and twist it, throwing the weapon towards one of the dummies standing up. The trident hits right at the bulls-eye, which is placed at the center of the dummy. I gasp as I turn around and realize that the awake Gamemakers look impressed with my performance. I throw another one and it repeats the process, hits right at the bulls-eye of the other dummy. I do it for the other three reminiscent dummies and I get proud of what I have done so far. After that, I decide to decapitate all of the dummies with my trident so I grab ohter five tridents and I toss them one by one against the dummies. All of the tridents I threw hit the necks of the dummies and the pointy edges of the trident do the job of quickly behead the dummies. Once I'm done, I take the tridents and stare at the Head Gamemaker, as he dismisses me.

I leave the gymnasium, pretty satisfied and proud with my performance out there. I just showed my skills with the tridents, which may cause the performance to best too repetitive, but anyway, it went better than expected. Maybe after my odds of winning, there will be people interested on sponsoring me.

Robin Smoke - District 13

The shirtless district 12 boy exits the gymnasium, and I prepare myself, knowing that I am the next one to be called out. I look around and see only me, my district partners and the district 14 tributes still hanging out. "Robin Smoke", says the female robotic voice that booms through the hallway. I slowly stand up and enter in the gymnasium, and I realize that most of the Gamemakers are looking at me with bored expressions, a bunch of morons. I introduce myself and quickly hop to the weapons station.

Hm... So, the plan is to get a moderate score, not too high and not too low, so let's begin it. I take out a slingshot from the pile of weapons and I prepare a rock to shoot. I start shooting rocks to the air, as I was aiming at the vacuum. After that, I prepare to show them my really fatal weapons. I take a dummy and place it in the center of the gymnasium. I start shooting rocks to the dummy and in the last blow, the rock goes strongly and it even takes down the dummy. My performance was all way too boring, and it seems like that the Gamemakers got even more bored after my attempt to call their attention. I decide to do something to wake them up already. I hope over to the weapons station and take a big rock and place it in the slingshot. I aim at the room of the Gamemakers. Not that I expected, but luckily, the rock flies towards them at the same time that a waiter brings drinks of wine for the Gamemakers. The rock hits right at the cups of wine and it gets all scattered up in their room. I don't wait for anyone to be dismissed, and I exit the gymnasium quickly, not looking back for their reaction.

They may think that I tried to roleplay Katniss' performance at her first Games, but at least I woke them up and they payed attention at me. I walk towards the elevator and push the button written "13" and head up to my district floor.

Odin Amarth - District 14

I am the last person standing in the hallway of the tributes. All of other tributes already have performed individually to the Gamemakers in that gymnasium room, except for me. I gasp as Linda (14) leaves the gymnasium, and it means that my turn is coming. "Odin Amarth", announces the voice that booms trhough the empty hallway of tributes. I stand and cross the gymnasium double doors, facing the Gamemakers. Only six of them are completely awake, and the other half is pretty drunk, and I think the other ones just left the Training Center. I wonder why these Games are being so boring for them. Anyway, I introduce myself and head to the weapons station.

I hold a spear at my right hand and prepare to launch it. Using all of my strenght, I shoot the spear towards a dummy and the weapon hits the center area of one of the dummies, and it collapses to the ground after the impact. I take a look at the room where the Gamemakers area, and the ones who are awake seem pretty impressed with my performance. After that, I grab a dummy and get it closer to me and I start to pretend a close combat using my spear. I do some tricks, and hit the dummy whenever and wherever I want, doing an amazing job. To end up, I grab other five spears and I start throwing it in one dummy. One by one, the spears hit the dummy with an amazing accuracy and strenght, calling the attention of the Gamemakers. Just one of them is still sleeping and the others look at me with an insterested expression printed in their face. I dismiss myself and exit the gymnasium.

Proud about my individual performance, I think that I can get a high training score and gather a lot of sponsors who will want to keep my alive in the arena and want me to win the Games. I hope they do.

Training Scores & Odds of Winning

Tribute Training Score Odds
Alec Roswell-Seacrest (Capitol) 7 29-1
Victorie Pontius (Capitol) 8 20-1
Greyson Darlon (0) 7 27-1
Komentia Flores (0) 9 9-1
Drayden Hax (1) 11 3-1
Brenna Placidia (1) 8 14-1
Darius Asterin (2) 10 5-1
Scarlet Avalon (2) 9 7-1
Casper Ware (3) 7 27-1
Clara Crescent (3) 8 23-1
Isaac Blade (4) 10 5-1
Nami Njord (4) 8 15-1
James Desmond (5) 9 10-1
Bonnie Cougar (5) 5 38-1
Buck Rockwell (6) 8 15-1
Lavender Morton (6) 6 33-1
Breccan Gateson (7) 8 16-1
Alicia Calvert (7) 9 10-1
Connor Smitherson (8) 8 19-1
Adelaide Simmons (8) 7 30-1
Stewart Pi (9) 5 42-1
Bell Fladgate (9) 7 27-1
Katta Wallace (10) 6 31-1
Eliza Herader (10) 6 33-1
Tim Thorburn (11) 4 60-1
Kim Thorburn (11) 7 30-1
Jack Green (12) 6 30-1
Oceania Seacrest (12) 8 22-1
David Johnson (13) 7 29-1
Robin Smoke (13) 7 29-1
Odin Amarth (14) 10 6-1
Linda Haren (14) 8 15-1

Light green tributes have extremely high chances of winning.

Dark green tributes have great chances of winning.

Yellow tributes have moderate chances of winning.

Red tributes have low chances of winning.

Dark red tributes have really low chances of winning.


Alec Roswell-Seacrest - Capitol

Looking past the curtains, I can barely look at my district partner Victorie (Cap) being interviewed by Causar. If you are wondering, yes, he is from the Flickerman family. They have been hosting the interviews since the 60th Hunger Games and they have no prevision to be knocked off by the President. I look against past the curtains, and see Victorie (Cap) standing up.

"That's it guys, let's give a round of applause to Victorie Pontius; the female representant from our very own Capitol!" Causar shouts, and the audience immediately burst into applauses and screams, as Victorie (Cap) proudly leaves the stage. As he goes backstage, she looks at me and just ignore my presence. She turns at the girl from district 3 and wishes her luck, just before she could enter in the elevator and head back to our district floor.

I am signaled that I am the next one to enter in the stage, and I step into the stage, doing my best to avoid eye contact with the audience and even with Causar.

"Let's welcome our other Capitol tribute, Alec Roswell-Seacrest!" Causar announces to the crowd, and there are some applause in the crowd once again. I take my seat and look to the ceiling, still avoiding visual contact.

"So, Alec..." Causar says and I'm almost forced to get my head down and look ahead. My red eyes get visible to everyone and they applaud again once I reveal my eyes. Do they really applaud for everything the tributes do? "Oh such hypnotic red eyes. Is it inherited from your family or were you... special?" Causar asks, opening a brief smile.

"Let's say I turned special after an event," I say, just before I realize that I said too much. They can't know about my identity. Oh damn.

"What event? A halloween party?" Causar asks, laughing and the whole crowd starts to laugh along with him. I start to burst into laughter also, joining Causar and the crowd. I need to make them forget about what I just said.

"Exactly!" I say, opening a fake smile and laughing with Causar. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh! I really hate to do all of this, but it is necessary if I want to cover my announcement. "How did you know about that?"

"Let's say, I have my ways!" Causar says and starts to laugh again. Oh crap, don't they stop laughing even for a little while? It is starting to piss me off.

"Alright, moving on to the main subject, can you tell us what is your biggest skill and how you will survive in the arena?" Causar questions, and for the first time the audience gets silent.

"You might have to wait out for my performance there. I'm not really that good with weapons and stuff, but I'm not one to be contested out. And you all will know the reason there in the arena." I say, firm. Causar looks me in the eye and I quickly turn to the side, avoiding the eye contact.


"Oops, I guess we got over the limit of time. But I'm excited to see what is your huge secret. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applauses to Alec Roswell-Seacrest!" The crowd applauds wildly and I lift up from my seat and quickly go backstage. This was the worst thing I had to do in these Games so far. I just hope it won't get worst.

Komentia Flores - District 0

I take a look in the interviews stage, and see the Capitol boy talking up with Causar. The Capitol tirbutes seem to be getting a lot of attention of the audience, maybe because well, they are from the Capitol after all. I guess the District 0 tributes will not receive this amount of applause.

Causar announces the end of the interview with the Capitol boy and a bunch of applause follows. I must be the next one to go there. The Capitol boys hops over the backstage and crosses the row of tributes, as I get ready mentally for my interview.

A Peacekeeper comes and signals me to enter in the stage. I take a deep long breath and step in the stage, waving to the audience of the interviews.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome the District 0 tribute, Komentia Flores!" Causar announces me, as I take my seat and the crowd keeps applauding, even though it is not the same enthusiasm when they applauded the Capitol tributes.

"Hello, everybody!" I say, smiling and waving my head to the crowd. The instructions of my escort play in my head; smile, laugh, compliment, be bubbly and nice to Causar and try to animate the audience. I guess I am doing my role well so far.

"So, Komentia, what does you feel being the first District 0 female tribute in the history of the Hunger Games?" Causar asks and I get a little time to think.

"It is such a honor to represent my amazing district for the first time in a Hunger Game, and I will do my best in the arena to bring back the crown to District 0." I reply, in a cheerful voice as I can see the cameras zooming in my face covered with platinum make-up. What a great marketing for my stylist.

"Speaking about the arena, what would be your perfect kind of arena?" He asks, apparently with no ideas of questions for me. Oh well, let's play his game.

"I think that the perfect type of arena would be somewhere similar to District 0", I start. What a ordinary answer, Komentia. You can do it better. "While the white snow falls down, I would be conquering the entire arena with my power." I respond.

"Oh, excellent! I can't wait to see you showing your power in the arena," Causar says and I open a smile. I guess I did it.


"Seems like we are out of time, sorry. We can't wait to see you in the arena, Komentia." Causar assures me and I stand up. "Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applauses to Komentia Flores, the District 0 female in this year's Hunger Games!"

The crowd starts to applaud and I head backstage. I cross eyes with Greyson (0) as he lifts up and steps in the stage, and I head to the elevator. I'm proud about my interview, I did great there in the stage, even though I didn't talk much.

Drayden Hax - District 1

I look past the curtains that separate the interviews stage from the backstage and glare as Causar continues talking up with Brenna (1). By the way she is talking with Causar in that stage, it feels like that she is just a little innocent girl and will not stand any competition in the arena. But only I know that it is not true. I saw her on the train while we were coming to the Capitol. I don't feel like telling it to the career tributes, though. If I don't win, I want Brenna (1) to do so, even with her recusal of joining the career alliance.

As she raises up from her seat and Causar announces the end of the interview, I step up in the stage and quickly take my way to Causar, waving to the excited crowd.

"Let's continue with the District 1 tributes, but now we will receive Drayden Hax!" He shouts as I continue waving to the crowd like a champion, and doing a charming look. My stylist said that I have to keep the audience warm if I want to be supported by the Capitol people, so I am doing this. The crowd keeps applauding and I sit in the chair they provided us.

"Now, Drayden, how do you feel receiving the highest training score and the highest odds of winning the Games?" Causar questions me and I clear out my mind, thinking in the best response to give.

"Well, it's such a pride for me. I have always expected to get a high training score, ever since I was a little kid. Fulfilling this dream was such a honor, thank you Capitol." I say, doing a cheerful voice. The whole crowd stares and applauds again. I guess I'm really popular here.

"Oh wow. Talking about little kids, how did your family react to your volunteering?" Causar asks. Oh phew, I don't really wanna talk about my family...

"Excuse me? I didn't hear it." I say, with a smile on the face. I'm clearly lying, but it is at least spending time.

"What was your family's reaction after the reapings, after you volunteered?" He asks me and my mind quickly takes turn of flashbacks, my family mistreating me, my lover being murdered by my siblings. I cleear out my mind as the memories resist to stay. I do my best to finally speak.

"I guess... To be honest, I don't even know if they were rooting for me." I say, revealing a little too much. I know I tried to hide it, but that question got me out of my mind. I just want for this interview to end...

"But wh-" Causar begins to say, but is interrupted by the signal.


I sigh of relief as Causar finishes the interview. I open a huge smile and wave my head to the audience, trying to make a good impression after this terrible interview. All I want to do is leave here and get alone in my bedroom. 

"Let's give a round of applauses to Drayden Hax, the male tribute from District 1!" Causar screams and the crowd explodes in applauses again. Immediately after the interview, I rush to the elevator and press the button "1". I ignore my stylist and the mentors and lock myself into my personal dorm. I just want to be alone.

Darius Asterin - District 2

Scarlet (2) is almost finishing her interview and her interview has been quite too emotional. She is telling the whole Panem how she has to take care of her two little babies and how one of them has a life-threatening tumour. I have seen about twenty people in the crowd crying, as the signal goes off, and Causar realizes that the interview is over. 

I am signaled to go to the stage, just as Scarlet (2) is leaving the stage. She wishes good luck to me and cross the hallway of tributes, as I head up towards Causar.

"Now, from District 2, let's welcome Darius Asterin!" He shouts as I stomp in the stage. I sit down in the seat and I stare at the crowd, as they keep applauding for me. 

"Hello, Causar! Hello, people of Capitol!" I say, in an excited voice.

"Hi Darius, you're really tall! I'm amazed." Causar says, and grins. I grin too, and try to make fun out of the situation. I need to pass a really good impression to the Capitol audience.

"Yes, Causar. I don't know if I should guilt my father or my mother, or even both." I speak, between laughters. Caesar laughs too, and I realize how pathetic is this interview going. At least, the Capitol crowd is loving it.

"Ok, moving on to a real important subject. How does it feel to be one of the tallest tributes that will be in the arena?" Causar asks and I think for a while.

"It's not the biggest of my qualities, and I think I can show in the arena that I am much more than a simple giant." I respond, with the best answer that I could think.

"Alright," Causar says, with not much to talk after this. "One last question, do you think that the career alliance will do well this year?"

"Yes, we hope we are going to. This year we have collected the best tributes from other district as well, and our union will lead one of us to the victory. I hope it's me," I reply, still with a cheerful voice. It is the first question that I really responded honestly.


"That's it for now. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applauses to Darius Asterin, from District 2!" Causar yells, and the Capitol crowd applauds. I leave the stage and head for the elevator. My interview could have been better.

Clara Crescent - District 3

I clasp my hands together, watching as the district 2 boy talks with Causar and excites the Capitol crowd. I don't know if I am able to make the audience excited like he is doing right now. I just have in mind that I will try to be a little bit annoying and fake that I love the Capitol for the people to love me back. It all sounds so easy in my head, I hope it is easy in real action too.

The district 2 boy lifts from his seat, and I bite my lip as I prepare myself mentally for my upcoming interview. The district 2 male tribute stomps off the stage and crosses the row of tributes, heading directly to the elevator. I am signaled to enter in the stage and I sigh. I silently step in the stage and walk towards Causar, who looks at me and prepares to announce me.

"Now, coming from District 3, Clara Crescent!" He shouts and a low amount of applauses can be heard in the crowd. Oh well, I guess I didn't start too well. I feel my heart rate starting to speed up as the anxiety of the interview drives me crazy.

"Welcome, Clara, you look incredible by the way." Causar starts and I enter in his game. I quickly stand up and turn around for the audience to see me. My stylist did a great job in my interview outfit; he prepared me a shiny blue dress with pearls scattered around it. My light blue make up fits my dress, and I look incredible, better than I ever looked before.

"Thank you Causar! You know that you look awesome too," I say with a smile in my face as I sit up once again. He thanks me and continues.

"Thanks! Are you a bit nervous?" He asks me, and I look to my stylist. I am, I can't deny it. My stylist just shakes his head side to side, probably telling me to lie and get in the game. Ok, let's do it.

"Completely not." I say, slightly laughing. 

"I love to hear that, but let's move on to the questions. From the training footages that I received, I saw that you and Victorie from the Capitol became good friends during the training. We even discussed it with her, and she agreed. What about you, what do you think about Victorie?" Oh nice, an easy question. I was expecting much worst.

"She is just adorable and friendly, she is one of the best allies I could find in the Training Center. I'm really happy for becoming a friend of her, I wish we could exit the arena alive, but sadly I think it will not be possible." I reply, as I can hear many 'aw's coming from the crowd. The game Causar played is working.

"And wh-"


"Already finished? Oh well, I think we got a little over of our time, I'm sorry for not asking you much, Clara." Causar says as I gasp of relief.

"Don't worry, it was fine." I reply, still with a smile printed in my face.

"Ok, ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applauses to Clara Crescent, the district 3 female tribute!" Causar shouts and I can hear the applauses with more enthusiasm this time. I leave the interview stage and head up for the elevator, wishing my mentor and my escort liked my performance.

Nami Njord - District 4

The district 3 boy is finishing up his interview, and I prepare myself to get in that stage. My eyes are turn to the Capitol crowd, their faces covered in make-up and their hairs covered by giant and expensive shiny hats. I need to get them by my side.

I turn my eyes to the visor, and I see the district 3 boy lifting up from his stage and exiting the stage, meaning that it is my turn now. The signal advices me and I step in the stage, heading with my head up towards where Causar is.

"Welcome to the stage, Nami Njord, the district 4 female tribute!" Caesar yells and there are applauses in the crowd as I sit up.

"Hello, Nami." Causar begins.

"Hey, Causar." I reply, smiling.

"I personally think we should start commenting about your training score. How did you feel it about it? Do you think it was deserved?" Causar questions and I clear out my mind, searching the best answer for this question.

"Well, I could not show out all of my skills and what I'm really good at. The Gamemakers could only see my weaponry skills and few other things, so I think that an 8 is really great." I speak, still smiling. I don't know what much time I will have to smile like an idiot, but until that buzz rings, I will not stop it.

"It was really impressive, could you tell us what secret things you did there?" Causar asks, raising an eyebrow in a funny way, expecting for me to tell him as the crowd laughs.

"Oh Causar, don't make me get in trouble. You know I can't tell," I say, laughing and he follows. 

"Alright, I'm terribly sorry." He continues. "But can you tell us what we can expect from you in the arena?" He asks me and I turn my head at one of my mentors who is watching disguised from the crowd. We combined to tell the truth and be down to earth, so this is what I'm going to do.

"Many things, to be honest. Let's say District 4 teached me many things and let's presume that I am going to use that in my favor in the arena," I reply, now replacing the smile with a serious look. For the first time in my interview, I feel the crowd really interested in me.


"Oh, no. I guess we are already off time," Causar says. "Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applauses to the District 4 female tribute, Nami Njord."

"Thanks," I say, lifting up from my seat and already heading off the stage. I guess I did better than I expected, way better.

Bonnie Cougar - District 5

I look in the moitor and see the interview rolling up. The district 4 boy is really exciting up the crowd, at every word that he pronounces there are whispers and sighs coming from the audience. It feels weird since I know that I will never manage to get the Capitol people excited that way. My mentor and my stylist could not decide anything special for me to do, so I guess I will just be myself up in the stage. Whatever comes later will be the reward. And I hope the reward will be great.

The monitor shines and I observe the district 4 boy slowly leaving the stage, meaning that I am the next one to go there. I take a deep breath and step in the stage, heaing for the seat.

"Next up is Bonnie Cougar, District 5's female tribute!" Causar shouts as I walk holding the dress my stylist prepared me and I can see the eyes of the entire Panem paying attention at the details of it.

"Take a seat, Bonnie. You look amazing in that dress by the way," Causar greets me and I sit in the chair they provided us. I look up and see the amazing lights and the noise coming from the crowd. My heart rate speeds up and it just feels so... amazing.

"So incredible," I say and the whole crowd burst in laughters and then I realize that I said it way too loud.

"Oh thank you, many tributes call me incredible anyway." Causar speaks, laughing along with the crowd and I join timidly. It was not meant to be directed to Causar, but since he thought so, let's just dance along with the beat.

"Nothing." I reply, as the crowd slowly stops laughing.

"You look really amazing today, your stylist did a great job in your preparation." He comments.

"I know right! I mean, it is not one of your outfits, but I mean this dress is just amazing." I reply laughing, not even realizing that I am being way too bubbly. I thought the interview was going to be harder.

"Thanks again! I just have one question for you," Causar continues. "what was your favorite thing in the Capitol?"

"That's a great question! I really loved everything, but I have to admit the food really called my attention," I say, smiling. The interview rolled way better than I expected.


"Oh, seems like we're out of time, so let's give a round of applause to the District 5 female representant, Bonnie Cougar!" Causar says and I lift up from my seat and walk off the stage. I'm really proud about tonight.

Buck Rockwell - District 6

Lavender (6) is still up in that stage, looking overall nice. She is responding confidently the answers, even receiving a mere six at the training score. Anywya, the Capitol crowd seems pretty excited with her interview, but I will animate them even more. I will do way better than Lavender (6).

I look to the monitor and see Lavender (6) lifting up from the seat. I clear my throat out, and prepare myself to get up in that stage. I'm signaled to go to the stage and I step in the stage, heading towards the center of the interviews stage.

"Our next tribute comes from District 6, let's welcome Buck Rockwell!" Causar shouts and I head to the seat that the Capitol provided us while I ignore the Capitol crowd. I am not going to be following them, and be all bubbly and nice just to get sponsors. I'm going to be myself, and I am not like that. I sit up and Causar glares at me.

"Hello, Buck. Nice to see you today," Causar comments.

"Oh hi." I respond, being could enough to cut Causar off for a while. To be honest, the whole audience gets silent after my sentence.

"Alright, so Buck," Causar begins. "I recently knew about your addition to the Career pack this year. Do you think that your alliance is the strongest one to go to the arena?"

"Obviously," I say. "I mean, do you think that the other alliances can be compared to the career one. C'mon!" I continue as the Capitol crowd starts to cheer. I guess they love conflits.

"What do you have different?" Causar asks. I can assure that he is being different with me. He noticed that I am not bubbly as the other tributes, so he is just treating me the same way I am treating him. If he wants that to play the game, I am going to play it too.

"Everything. From our skills to our family. We are champions, they are morons. No one is going to place higher than me in these Games," I continue, staring and raising an eyebrow to Causar. I guess he will explode if I continue like that.


"Hm. I guess our time ended. Ladies and gentlemen, Buck Rockwell from District 6!" Causar yells, but with less enthusiasm. I walk off immediately and I cross eyes quickly with Alicia (7).

"Good job there," she tells me.

"Destroy them with words, fella." I assure her before disappearing into the hallway and finally into the elevator.

Alicia Calvert - District 7

"Good job there." I tell Buck (6) as he stomps off the stage with an angry expression printed all over his face. The career tributes are definitely leading the interviews, since we got the most amazing interviews so far. Since the favoritism of Drayden (1), going through Scarlet (2)'s sad past life, Darius (2)'s appeal and now Buck (6) being rude. I guess we are going to be unforgetable, and I need to continue this sequence. I need to be great at those interviews. I step in the stage and Causar announces my presence, "Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome the district 7's wonderful female tribute, Alicia Calvert!" Causar shouts and I emerge from the backstage, holding my beautiful dark green dress.

I spin around and the whole audience sighs as I show off my wonderful dress. I open a shiny smile and there are a explosion of applauses in the crowd.

"Hi, Alicia. You are amazing at this dark green dress, you can take the seat." Causar tells me as I sit up in the seat.

"Thanks, Causar. I think the stylist did a great job for me, I even reccomend him to already prepare my outfits for the Victory Tour", I tell him and then I smile. I am acting like a victor, showing confidence.

"Oh wow, he must be preparing the outfits for you already." Causar says. "But Alicia, you volunteered in your reapings and in District 7, that is not very common. Did you have a special reason for volunteering?"

"Yes, I had Causar" I say, closing up the smile and adopting a serious expression. "I volunteered to make sure my cousin Amanda will have something to eat and I would love to give her a better life.

"Oh, I'm sorry you had to sacrificate yourself for her-", Causar begins to say, but I already interrupt him before he could finish.

"Wait, wait. I'm not going to sacrificate myself. I'm going to come back home, I WILL come back home." I say, with a confident expression. The Capitol crowd cheers and Causar raises his hands.

"I'm sorry for talking that, please forgive me." Causar says, bursting in laughters. I don't really find it funny, but I smile also, let's get friendly.

"Don't worry Causar, I will not kill you off." I say. "Though I can't say the same to the other tributes..."


"Well, that's the end for now. However, I am sure we will see more of you in the arena. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applauses to Alicia Calvert!" Causar yells and the district applaudes wildly. I guess I went good after all.

I exit the stage and cross eyes with my district partner, who simply ignores me. I head to the elevator and press the button "7". It is going to be the last day in the Training Center.

Adelaide Simmons - District 8

I look up at the monitor and see that the district 7 boy's interview is almost ending. He is talking about some girl he met back in his district, and how he fell in love with her. If he is trying to impress the Capitol crowd and make them feel guilty for destroying his love with that girl, then he is doing it right. The Capitol comments 'aw's at every word that he says destined to her, and when Causar declares the end of the interviews, there are a lot of applauses heard in the crowd. 

That means I'm next. I prepare myself as a Peacekeeper signals me to come in the stage. I sigh and step in the stage, walking towards Causar. I spin around and show my velvet dress. Causar applauds and I take a seat quickly.

"So, Adelaide, let's begin with an easy question; are you nervous?" Causar asks me and I keep smiling.

"I am little bit, I have to recognize." I say, getting my head down as I can hear the Capitol crowd whispering 'aw's. It's funny how th. ey cheer up for anything.

"Don't be, we're here to help." Causar says, opening a smile. "Now, moving on to a personal question, what was your childhood like?"

"Well..." I say, thinking for a while in a prosper answer. I can't really tell in public for the entire Panem that my mother was stabbed to my heart, my father was almost killed in front of me, I killed one of the thieves and the other one kidnapped me. No, I can't really speak about all of that. "My childhood was very nice, being straightforward, but I guess that the jealousy against my family was way too constant." I say, between deep breathes. I have to lie now. "My mother unfornately was killed by a thief, but he got arrested and I lived happily with my father. We were a very gladsome family now." I lie, opening a brief smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry if I touched in a subject you didn't want to talk about," Causar says.

"Don't concern about it, Causar. I'm alright. Thanks for worrying about me." I reply, with another smile in the face. The Capitol crowd looks in pity and I sigh.

"Now moving-" Causar begins to say, but is interrupted.


"I guess your interview sessions is over, Addie. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applauses to Adelaide Simmons, the district 8 female tribute for this year's Hunger Games!" Causar yells and I spin around another time, showing my velvet dress.

I step off the stage, and my district partner crosses eyes with me, entering in the stage. I go to the elevator and press the button "8", not looking back. I'm sorry dad, I whisper to myself.

Bell Fladgate - District 9

I'm still waiting for Connor (8)'s interview to end. The row of tributes has narrowed to less than half of the tributes are still waiting for their interviews, and I am the next one. I was a little bit nervous some minutes ago, but right now I could not care less. I look to the monitor and see that Connor (8) lifts up from his seat and it must mean that I'm next.

I'm signaled to step in the stage, and I do what they order me. I high-five Connor (8) as he leaves the stage, and I take a seat, before greeting Causar.

"Moving now to District 9, let's receive Bell Fladgate!" Causar announces me and I wave silently to the crowd as few of them applaud.

"So, Bell, let's start with your training score. Do you think that you deserved that seven?" Causar questions me and I roll my eyes.

"Honestly, I don't think so. But anyway, I didn't show all of my skills back in that gymnasium, so you can expect more from me." I reply, coldly staring at Causar's eyes. He avoids my eye contact and turns his head back to the crowd.

"Alright. What about District 9? How did you feel about your home?" He asks and I don't even think before responding.

"District 9 sucks. In many ways, literally." I reply and the entire crowd gets silent. I can feel my mentor and my escort stomping off and facepalming themselves back in the district floor. But sincerely, I'm not going to lie, they told me to be honest, so here I am, being honest.

"Can you tell me one of them?" Causar questions me, raising an eyebrow, expecting me to reveal more things than I can.

"No, I can't" I reply, just as the buzz sounds.


"Oh, I guess we're a little bit out of time." I say, standing up and heading back to the backstage, and Causar has not even time to announce the end of my interview and ask for a round of applauses. I head to the elevator and press the button "9". I'm crazy to see my mentor's reaction to my interview.

Katta Wallace - District 10

There has been a lot of interviews, and there are only ten tributes still waiting for their interview, and I am one of them. My district partner Eliza (10) is up there, and her interview has been relatively good compared to the district 10 standards. I look past the curtains, and the crowd does not seem excited at all during her interview, and since I'm the next one to step in the stage, I will have the difficult job to warm them up again. I don't know if I will be able to do that.  My escort comes rushing to the row of tributes and stares at my dark outfit. He plants a tie in my suit, and then runs off again, after wishing me luck. I look up in the monitor and see that Eliza (10)'s interview just ended and I'm the next one to go there. A Peacekeeper shakes his head, signaling me to come in the stage and I walk up.

"Continuing in District 10, let's welcome Katta Wallace!" Causar shouts, as I walk up in the stage, waving not too excitedly to the crowd as there are applauses coming from them.

"Welcome Katta, please take a seat," Causar says and I sit up in the seat the Capitol provided to the interviewed tributes.

"Hello Causar. Nice to meet you," I say, being gentle.

"Oh thank you! But starting, Katta, how does it feel to go to the arena with no alliances?" Causar questions me. Such an easy question.

"It's alright, I think. By one side, I will not have to kill any friend of mine and I will do whatever I want in the arena without worrying to the other tributes," I reply, being way too cold. I remind myself that I was supposed to smile every now and then, but the smile just didn't surge out.

"Interesting. Do you think that this fact affected your training score and odds of winning?" He asks me and I take a look at my escort. He points outs to his mouth, as he was telling me to smile. I guess I will just ignore that and continue the old way.

"I don't know, Causar. I hope it didn't." I begin. "The Gamemakers will see more of me in the arena, I will prove them that that six they gave me was wrong."

"Oh, wow. But-"


Phew, I was just starting to like the interview. "Ladies and gentlemen, that's it, let's give a round of applause to Katta Wallace!" Causar concludes the interview and there are some applauses coming from the crowd. I exit the stage and the twin girl from district 11 steps in the stage.

Tim Thorburn - District 11

I look up to the monitor and see my twin sister kim (11) continuing her interview. She is catching the attention and the solidarity of the Capitol audience as she is talking about my handicap and how we had a difficult life since the beginning. I look past the curtain, and see lots of citizens from the Capitol watching the interviews and I remember that we are live in all of the Panem televisions also. All of them must be sad about Kim (11) and I's fate. How we are faded to separate from each other in the arena, since at least one of them will die in that arena. But she will be victor, even if I had to die for it.

I am signaled and look up to the monitor, as Causar is concluding the interview with Kim (11). She walks off the stage and I plant a kiss in her cheek.

"You'll do good, brother." She whispers and I smile.

"Thanks," I say, stepping up in the stage and walking towards Causar. He announces my presence and asks me to take a seat. I sit up in the seat they provided me, and Causar starts with the interview.

"So, Tim, I have known that you received a strong leg prosthesis for the Games. How do you feel about having a brand new leg?" He questions me and I can see Tim (11) emotioning herself up in our district floor. I clear out my throat.

"It's amazing, I want thank the wonderful people that provided it for me," I reply with a cheerful smile printed in it as the Capitol crowd looks in pity.

"Your sister has told me about how you two are very bounded to each other." Causar says, raising an eyebrow as he wanted me to comment more about the relation about me and my sister. Curiosity is the disease of this nation.

"Yes, we are." I begin. "I would do anything to make her win the Games, I will kill, die, anything to keep her alive and see her happy. As long as she wins, I will feel winning too. She is the best thing that could happen in my life, I can't deny it." As I finish to say, a only tear falls down my eyes and the Capitol crowd whispers and sighs 'aw's. I know it's not their fault, but as they are going to watch us, I want to make them feel bad about our fate.

"Oh, you really touched my soul. I wish you and your sister good luck in the arena", Causar comments.

"Thank you." I speak. "We will need."


"I guess we got a little bit out of our time, but I am willing to see you and your sister in the arena. Everybody, let's applaud District 11 male tribute, Tim Thorburn!" Causar yells and then, wild applauses come from the crowd and I wave to them. I walk off the stage and head for the elevator, where I push the button "11" and go to my district floor. I hope my sister and my parents back in the district liked my interview.

Jack Green - District 12

I watch patiently as Oceania (12) continues her interview. She seems to be doing fine up in that stage, so I guess I will have to do even better. Not being way too selfish or anything, but only one District 12 tribute will make out of that arena alive, and it's going to be me. I can't let Oceania (12) get more attention than me, so my interview will have to be obviously better than hers.

The Peacekeeper signals me and I prepare myself up. Oceania (12) leaves the stage silently, and I step in the stage right after her.

"Now, coming from District 12, let's receive Jack Green!" Causar yells and there are a bunch of applauses coming from the crowd. I take a seat and Causar begins the interview.

"So, Jack, your newest mentor was the victor of last year's Hunger Games. Is Cinder being a good mentor?" He questions me and I open a smile.

"Well, she could be better." I say, as I could feel Cinder stomping in the District 12 apartment. "But, anyway, I think she was a great victor, so any advice coming from her would be trustworthy."

"Alright, and what about Victorie?" Causar says, opening a brief grin.

"What do you mean?" I say, doing a sexy voice and then, laughing. Yay, we got right at the topic that I wanted.

"I saw you coming at her in the training sessions and she tried to avoid, but seems like you are not giving up." Causar says, still smiling. 

"You know, Causar." I speak. "The girls from The Capitol drive me crazy." Out of the suddenly, the crowd starts to applaud as I blink to them. I will get them in the palm of my hand.

"Do you think she will give up on avoiding you?" Causar questions and I look to the camera, knowing that she is watching me right now up in her district apartment.

"I have total sure of it."


"Oh, wow. I can't wait to see scenes of you and her in the arena, but anyway, let's applaud Jack Green, from District 12!" Causar yells and I take off my shirt as the audience goes wild. There are a lot of screams coming from the crowd, as I leave the stage with no looking back. The tributes in the row look awkwardly to me as I raise up to my district floor in the elevator.

David Johnson - District 13

My district partner Robin (13) is still up in the stage talking up with Causar, as I wait for my turn. Only me and the district 14 tributes are still waiting for our interviews, and I am literally tired of standing up for the entire day watching the interviews of the other tributes. Especially because I don't really care at all for the interviews, they will not affect me in the arena. It's just another chance for the Capitol to humiliate the tributes publicly to the entire Panem.

Robin (13) keeps doing some sarcastic jokes and when she finally ends her interview, a Peacekeeper signals me to make my way up to the stage. I take a deep breath and walk in the stage, just as Causar clears his throat to announce me.

"We are almost reaching to the end of interviews, but first, let's receive the District 13 male tribute, David Johnson!" He yells and I head to the seat, with not even looking to the Capitol crowd. I take a seat and Causar stares at me.

"So, David, tells us more about District 13." Causar says and I roll my eyes.

"Well, it's a district next to District 12 and well... we have graphite there, I guess. That's it." I say, not trying to be could, but it actually sounded way too harsh. 

"Great," Causar says, laughing. Along with him, the entire Capitol crowd bursts into laughters. I don't really know what they are laughing, I didn't even tell a joke or anything funny. "Seems like your district is very animated, right?"

"It actually is." I say, quick and short.

"Moving on to another subject, you joined the biggest alliance out of all of them. Do you think that together you have a chance?" He questions me and I look around. To be honest, I don't really care about the alliance, I am just going with them to don't make enemies way too early in the arena. If someone is going to leave that arena as a victor, that person is going to be me.

"Yes, we are very close to each other, and that may help us out in the arena." I lie. I bet all of my allies are surprised about my sentence.



"Well, that's it for now. Hopefully, we will able to see more action coming from your alliance in the arena. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applauses to David Johson, the District 13's male tribute!" Causar yells and only a few applauses are heard. I don't really care at all. I exit the stage and head directly to the elevator.

Tomorrow the real action will finally start.

Linda Haren - District 14

As expected, District 14 is the only district left. Odin (14) and I have been standing up in the row of tributes waiting for our interview for almost two hours and I am starting to get tired. I look up to the monitor and see that the interview with the boy from District 13 is almost ending. I sigh and get closer to the stage, just as I am signaled by the Peacekeeper to step in the stage. I make my way into the stage and Causar clears his throat out to announce me.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome the District 14's female tribute, Linda Haren!" He yells and the crowd explodes in applauses and cheers. Oh well, I guess I'm pretty popular here.

"You're stunning in that dress, Linda." Causar says as I pass my hand over my interview outfit. It is a purple dress with details in silver and gold, and it is made of velvet. 

"Oh thank you, Causar" I say, spinning around and the dress begins to shine under the bright spotlights. "My stylist did a great job in me."

"Of course he did," Causar says. "You can take a seat."

"Alright", I say as I sit up in the seat that the Capitol provided us. I look ahead and see the Capitol crowd glaring at me, as Causar starts the interview.

"So, Linda, District 14 really impressed the Capitol viewers after the training score and odds. Do you think that you and your district partner have chances of winning?" He questions and I open a fake smile. I hate to fake being bubbly and all of this, but this is one of the only ways to get damn sponsors in these stupid Hunger Games. 

"Yes, I think we have." I begin. "We clearly have, and not being too mean with Odin and such, but if a district 14 tribute will exit the arena alive, that one is going to be me."

I can feel Odin (14) looking at me with an angry face in the monitor, and I don't even hesitate in looking to the side where Odin (14) is waiting. I didn't lie, after all. He just can't face the truth.

"I like tributes like this, full of themselves." Causar comments. I want to let out a 'no one asked you', but I just smile once again.

"I hope I will not disappoint you and the Panem audience inside the arena," I say, with a cheerful voice.


"Oh unfornately, we're a little bit out of time." Causar says, and I do a fake sad face. "I'm sure we will see more from you in the arena. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applauses to Linda Haren, our female tribute from District 14!"

As the Capitol crowd applauds and I start to walk away, I see an announcement in the visor, telling Panem's citizens to watch out for a live broadcast from the President's mansion after the interviews. I wonder what will come from him, and I just hope it will not be that bad for me.

Announcement of Twist 2 - Cinder Marsh's POV

Everyone is here at the District 12's apartment, and the television is turned on. We are waiting for the mandatory President's broadcast, and I guess we will be getting trouble if we don't watch it. While Oceania (12), Jack (12) and Hugo - the escort - are sitting in the couch, I am standing up with both of their stylists. They are actually nice, and not too Capitolish. Ever since I won, the people around me seemed to be more interested in my status than in my personality overall.

"The interview with the boy from District 14 boy is ending. It must mean that the broadcast of the President is coming." Oceania (12) comments and we get our eyes stuck in the image being transmitted in the television, as Causar concludes the interviews and announces that the President will be prepared anytime soon. I roll my eyes and lock my eyes in the Avox besides me. She seems to be the same Avox who served the District 12 tributes last year. She gets closer to me and hands me a letter, she then puts a finger over her mouth, asking for silence. I would just tell everyone that the Avox just gave me something, but I decide to read it first. I open it slowly and see the words written in crooked lines.

"After the President's announcement, go alone to the Capitol apartment and ask to enter in the mentors' room. See you soon." I close the letter and look to the Avox, and she shrugs her shoulders, possibly telling me that she wasn't the one who wrote this. 

"Cinder, it's beginning!" Hugo shouts and I roll my eyes. I pay attention to the screen as the President Snow V slowly clears his throat out. It seems to be filmed in the garden of his mansion, since I can clearly see the Capitol's beautiful and shiny flowers behind him. 

"Welcome, citizens of Panem and dear tributes. As everyone knows, I am here to announce something great for all of the tributes and the districts overall. I will be announcing the second twist of the 299th Hunger Games, and it will be divided into three parts." He says, and I can hear Oceania (12) releasing a sigh of fear. "Firstly, it will affect more the sponsors and the tributes. We will be officially raising the price of the weapons, to difficult the sponsors in sending them to the tributes." He speaks, and everyone in the apartment crosses eyes quickly.

"Moving on to the second part, this one will affect more the population of Panem overall. To make the cheers in Panem raise up during the Games, every time that both tributes from a district dies, their home district will be bombed. If I was you, I would hope for the victory of the tributes of your districts." He continues speaking, and I cross eyes with Jack (12) and Oceania (12). To be honest, I am glad that I will be in the Capitol during the Games and my parents will be in the Victors Village. I am not trusting too much in the victory of Oceania (12) and Jack (12). I'm not going to lie.

"For the third part, this will be good for some tributes and bad for others. As I previously said this year, the Capitol does not want to be repetitive, and we are getting sick of all of the action hapenning in the first day and the other days being boring, with no deaths. We are decreting officially that you can't kill in the opening day, even at the bloodbath. If you kill, you'll be getting killed too. This is it, Panem. Good Games for everyone." As the broadcast ends, I look to Jack (12) and Oceania (12). What a stupid twist, being honest. These Games will be the most boring Games ever. I can't stand this anymore.

"Since it ended, I'm going to leave. Don't search for me," I say, stomping off the District 12 apartment towards the elevator. I look again at the letter in my hand, and then I start to feel moving upwards towards the Capitol apartment. Once I arrive, I step off and the Capitol tributes, escort and stylists look me awkwardly, as I was not the first victor to appear there. I ignore them, and head for their mentors' room.

I open the doors and see that a lot of previous victors are here, sitting in chairs around a big table. After the rebellion that happened during my Games, most of the victors were killed both by the rebels and the Capitol. One of the examples is my district. There were 3 victors alive before my victory, and now I am the only one. The 79-years-old Capitol victor, who is named Louis, stares at me and asks me to take a seat.

"So, this is the plan..."

Death Chart

Placing Tribute Day Killed by Killed How
32nd Jack Green (12) 2 Clara Crescent (3) Stabbed by a kama in the back of skull
31st Alec Roswell-Seacrest (Cap) 2 Alicia Calvert (7) Broken skull using a stone
30th Bonnie Cougar (5) 2 Linda Haren (14) Stabbed in neck with a pointy stick
29th Linda Haren (14) 2 Eliza Herader (10) Trampled to death
28th Stewart Pi (9) 3 Goat Mutt Pointy horns repeatedly shoved in chest
27th Robin Smoke (13) 3 Arena Ran into forcefield
26th Tim Thorburn (11) 3 Katta Wallace (10) Left out vulnerable to the attack of sheep mutts; which ripped him up alive
25th Darius Asterin (2) 3 Twin Mutts Killed out by a sword in back and axe in skull
24th Buck Rockwell (6) 3 Twin Mutt Axe shoved right at the forehead
23rd Nami Njord (4) 3 Breccan Gateson (7) Shot down by an arrow right at the skull
22nd Casper Ware (3) 3 Woman Mutt Metal ball to the chest
21st Lavender Morton (6) 3 Woman Mutt Metal ball to the side of skull
20th Adelaide Simmons (8) 3 Connor Smitherson (8) Scythe thrown to the chest
19th Brenna Placidia (1) 3 James Desmond (5) Machete shoved right to the chest

Tribute Status

Tribute Location Allies Items
Victorie Pontius (Cap) Pisces Clara Bottle of Water, Cookies, Rocks
Greyson Darlon (0) Scorpio None Bottle of Water, Rope, Poison
Komentia Flores (0) Cornucopia Drayden, Scarlet, Alicia Bottle of Water, Dried Fruits, Wire
Drayden Hax (1) Cornucopia Komentia, Scarlet, Alicia Bottle of Water, Dried Meat, Rope, Poison
Scarlet Avalon (2) Cornucopia Komentia, Drayden, Alicia Bottle of Water, Dried Fruits, Iodine, Wire
Clara Crescent (3) Pisces Victorie Kama, Dried Meat, Fresh Fruits, Iodine
Isaac Blade (4) Cancer Breccan Bottle of Water, Fresh Fruits, Loaf of Bread, Cookies, Wire, Rope
James Desmond (5) Libra None Wooden Mace, Bottle of Water, Iodine
Breccan Gateson (7) Cancer Isaac Arrows (9x), Slingshot, Bottle of Water, Roast Meat, Rope, Poison
Alicia Calvert (7) Cornucopia Komentia, Drayden, Scarlet Throwing Axes, Bottle of Water, Bread, Rope, Iodine
Connor Smitherson (8) Virgo Eliza Scythe, Cookies, Rocks, Wire
Bell Fladgate (9) Leo David Mace, Bottle of Water, Cookies, Rocks, Iodine
Katta Wallace (10) Aries None Rope, Iodine, Slips of Bacon
Eliza Herader (10) Virgo Connor Bottle of Water, Wire
Kim Thorburn (11) Aries None Bottle of Water, Dried Fruits
Oceania Seacrest (12) Capricorn None Rocks
David Johnson (13) Leo Bell Bottle of Water, Loaf of Bread, Cookies, Wire, Painkillers
Odin Amarth (14) Cancer None Spear, Bottle of Water, Dried Meat, Rope

The 299th Hunger Games

Day 1 - The "No-Blood Bloodbath"

Eliza Herader - District 10

I stand in a small but comfortable white room, anxiously waiting for when I will be sent to the arena. My stylist stands in front of me, sorting out my outfit. The tributes' outfit for this year is a black suit, which seems to be waterproof. I am also using a jacket with something hidden in their pockets and I think I just can activate these features inside the arenas. The running shoes are dark and the stylist hands me my token, as I tightly hold it in my hand.

"You know what is going to happen in the arena, right?" My stylist questions me and I nod positively. I have been forced to watch the previous Hunger Games since I was a little girl, so I know exactly what is going to happen. I will enter in the tube struture behind me and then I will be sent to the arena. The tributes will be surrounding the Cornucopia, a golden horn that usually has importants items and weapons. I will not be allowed to leave my metal platform until the countdown ends, and I might run fast and grab the items befor I get in problem.

My stylist hugs me tightly, and leads me to the tube. I stand inside the tube struture, and some glass doors slam in front of me. I quickly panic, and then I calm myself. I press my hands against the glass as I start to feel moving upwards. I close my eyes, and I hope for the best. After somewhat eight seconds, I feel the sun hovering me and slowly flutter my eyes open.

All the tributes are already surrounding the Cornucopia, and I see the district 4 girl by my left side and the district 13 boy by my right side. I straight my aim to the Cornucopia, and see various items around it, except for weapons, as the twist promised earlier. I look arond and understand where I am.

I am at an isolated island with the metal platforms with the tributes and the Cornucopia in the center. Behind me, I can see water. Luckily, there is water, I have somewhere to go now. Also behind me there are exactly twelve bridges, each one leading to an area of the dense forest surrounding our island. The sky is bright blue, and birds singing are the perfect soundtrack for the Games.

"Welcome, tributes of the 299th Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor, and let the 299th Hunger Games begin!" A voice booms through the sky and I panic slightly, as the tick of the countdown slowly starts to play.

"60... 59... 58..."

Darius Asterin - District 2

The countdown started and I may be prepared soon for the upcoming combat. Looking around, I observe slowly the circle of tributes. Most of them look confident and not too nervous, which is really unusual for the old Hunger Games standards. I was learnt in school that the career tributes used to feel confident, as the other tributes feared for their life. Now, after those two twists, the Capitol just messed up completely with the struture of an ordinary Hunger Games. I guess this was their plan.

The arena beyond the briges and the high trees is impossible to see, and I imagine how many traps and tricks the Gamemakers hid inside it. I'm lucky by the fact that the Career alliance will try to dominate the Cornucopia, and not the dense forest. I don't know what is hidden behind those high trees, but I certainly don't want to find it out.

My metal platform is placed between the tributes from District 3, but none of them seem to want to pull out a fight against me, so I try to get my main attention at the Cornucopia but the only things I can see there are items such as plastic pieces, semi-prepared huts, many bottles of water, various types of food and even treebranches are spread in the region between the tributes' platforms and the golden horn. I don't even know what is inside the horn, but I will go for it anyway. I'm a career tribute after all, I have to make a good first impression.

"10... 9... 8..."

I stare in front of me, getting ready to dash off as soon as they release me into the chaos and the confusion. I take a last deep breath, as the countdown slowly continues. In my head, a picture of District 2 watching the bloodbath at the square repeats again and again, and they are probably doing this right now. But this time, they are rooting for me.

"3... 2... 1... GONG!"

Isaac Blade - District 4

The gong rings out, and I launch myself to the Cornucopia at full speeds. I look to my side briefly, and see that almost all of the tributes are running along with me to the golden horn. Even with almost everyone running, I was one of the first tributes to reach at the center. I slide my hand into a crate, searching for something useful. I grab a huge backpack, and I almost have to drag it to carry it out. The other tributes are approaching me in a high speed, and they may attack me soon since I am fragile with this backpack to carry around. Someone puts the hand over my shoulder, and I turn around ready for a fight.

"Don't worry, it is me." Breccan (7) says, and I calm down. He has rope and sticks wrapped around his belt, I guess that is for making weapons.

"Are you needing help?" He asks me and I show up the heavy backpack at my hands. Breccan (7) helps me taking the other edge of the backpack, and we lift it up. We start to run towards one of the bridges that leads to the dense forest.

"Where should we go?" I ask him and he looks around. He takes a brief look in each bridge and to where they are leading, and decides to enter in the one in the front of us. I follow without hesitating and we leave the Cornucopia behind, no looking back.

Kim Thorburn - District 11

Once the gong sounded off, the first thing I did was run towards my brother's platform and help him out running, although the Capitol doctors planted a leg prosthesis in him and they said it was very resistant. According to them, even a metallic blade can not take off Tim (11)'s prosthesis and I am starting to think that his artificial legs are better than my natural ones. Once I get to support him, he hugs me and I hold his hand, and we run together towards the Cornucopia. Most of the tributes are already at the horn, and just a few of them didn't even try to get something.

I release Tim (11)'s hand for a while and dig into the items, catching up a backpack and a long fragment of rope. Tim (11) grabbed a medium-size backpack from the ground, and I put all the rope I caught inside his backpack. I look to the side and see the other tributes leaving the Cornucopia, and the career alliance is starting to dominate the region. Before they could try to harm Tim (11) and I, I hold his hand once again and we sprint towards the bridges, entering in anyone. I hope we made the right choice.

Greyson Darlon - District 10

As the other tributes are running towards the Cornucopia, forcing themselves to run as fast as possible, I slowly walk up towards the area surrounding the golden horn. Since no tribute is allowed to kill another one, I am almost free to do whatever I want with no risks.

When I finally arrive at the area with supplies, I slowly get in my knees and take off a medium-size backpack and put it over my shoulders. The Career alliance stares at me, including my district partner Komentia (0). I have sure that most of them are biting their lips to don't run in my direction and finish me off, but I guess they will not do that. They are not going to die to kill others. I slowly approach even more the Cornucopia and take a small backpack, and the Career tributes continue staring at me. Once I am done picking up supplies, I turn around and start to run towards one of the bridges. I enter in any one and head to inside the dense forest. I need to be as further as possible when the second day begins in the arena, and the killing will begin. Probably, I am going to be the first one in the "Must Die List" of the Career alliance.

Stewart Pi - District 9

I jumped off my plate, and somehow managed to be one of the first tributes to arrive at the center of the island. I ran forward towards some items that were lying on the grass, such as pieces of wire and a loaf of bread. Obviously, no one wanted them, knowing that they could simply go to the Cornucopia and take something more important. They know that they have almost no danger, as no kills are allowed in this initial day of the Games. But I decided to just approach a little by the Cornucopia, and take just some backpacks lying over the dark crates that were surrounding the gold horn. I haven't see Robin (13) yet, but I hope she is still hanging out here.

"Hey," some voice creeps me out from behind and I turn around quickly. Armed with only one backpack at her right hand, it's pretty obvious that she didn't go to the gold horn and only stayed at the edges of the island.

"Let's go already, I don't want to be around here when the Career tributes start to dominate the Cornucopia," she says, and I follow her right behind.

Linda Haren - District 14

I search up for weapons inside a dark crate. I didn't believe in what the President said, I though it was one more trick planned by the Gamemakers. I actually thought they were going to tell us that no weapons would be available just to make everyone calm down, and then the ones who grabbed weapons would kill them. But I think that they didn't lie. There is actually no weapons in this arena, yet.

Adelaide (8) comes towards me, wielding around two backpacks in both of her hands. I groan, and take a backpack from where I am.

"So I suppose I was right, no weapons at all." She says to me, laughing. I roll my eyes and shrug my shoulders off.

Adelaide (8) and I run out of the Cornucopia, heading towards one of the bridges. This is officially the most boring bloodbath of the history.

Clara Crescent - District 3

The action, if we can actually call that of action, in the Cornucopia is almost coming to an end and most of the tributes already disappeared into the bridges, going to the dense forest which surrounds the island. In this meanwhile, Victorie (Cap) and I grabbed supplies enough to stay well for these next following days, as we took water, food, and other things that may be important later on. We are still deciding in which bridge we should walk into.

"Anyone for me would be perfect," says Victorie (Cap), looking behind. We are relieved that the boy from 12 did not chase after us, so she reccomended us to go to the forest before he could pass by. I nod positively and we head into the bridge, walking towards the dense forest.

Day 1 Aftermath 

Alicia Calvert - District 7

All of the tributes have left the Cornucopia's isolated island, and the only ones who are still here are us, the career tributes. We six have decided what is everyone going to do, and we decided together that the boys are going to set the campsite next to the Cornucopia for tonight, while the girls are going to retrieve and collect the only items still standing in the island, the items that even the other tributes did not want to take. The bodies of the dead tributes used to stay here at the Cornucopia to be retrieved later by the hovercraft, but since today we had no deaths, I guess the grass is clean.

Komentia (0), Scarlet (2) and I grab a backpack for each one, and each girl goes to a different part of the island, going to collect the unwanted items. I can see loafs of bread, wire, plastic pieces, and even some blanket that were simply forgotten by the other tributes. Once I have filled the backpack that I hold, I return to the gold horn and meet the other two girls there. We three head back to the front of the golden horn, where the boys have already settle a camp for us.

Everybody sits down while we stare at each other, not even saying a word. The silence is awkward, as we are allies, and do not even pronounce a single word. I lean my head to the crate, and rest for a while here. I look up to the white clouds.

"Do you guys want fruits?" Scarlet (2), suddenly breaking the silence inside the camp. 

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry," I reply, and the silence after this is inevitable. I guess we have no subjects, since it was supposed to be the kills caused by each one, and as no one of us got the chance to kill, we have no things to talk about.

Alec Roswell-Seacrest - Capitol

I have been walking for almst half an hour, and I decide to stop where I am. The region of the forest where I am is full with woods, but just a few trees. I guess it will not affect much right at the beginning, the Gamemakers will only start to play their tricks when the end starts to become eminent. I stop by a tree, and I sit, leaning my back in the high tree.

Looking around, I don't see nor hear any signs of other tributes approaching, so I think I am alone. My mentor told me to reveal my real identity once I step in the arena, but I forgot to do it and no one would even pay attention at me anyway since no deaths are allowed to happen during the day, so they would not be afraid of what I am and what I can do against them.

I collected just a few items from the Cornucopia, to be more specific, I only managed to take a simple rope. It might be useful for what I am planning to do. I look up to the high tree where I stopped by, and I start to climb it, with the rope stucked in my belt. Once I am here up in the tree, I sit in a large treebranch that is able to support my own weight and I sit up over it. To prevent myself from falling right to the grass, I wrap the rope around my waste, including the tree behind me. Even if the treebranch gets way too heavy and collapses, I will still be up here. It also protects me in the sleep. I don't want to be reminded as the guy who died when falling off a tree while sleeping.

I take some breathes and look up to the horizon, as the sun slowly starts to move away from the arena. The noon is coming, I suppose.

Nami Njord - District 4

My ally Odin (14) and I left the Cornucopia completely safe and sound, and we have been walking for almost an hour. I take a quick look in the sky, and where the sun is standing right now reminds me of the sun during the lunch back in District 4, which generally happened in midday. It only means something; we just reached the noon in the arena.

"Odin, shouldn't we stop for a while? I could walk for some more minutes, but I think we are in a pretty good distance from the Cornucopia," I suggest and he nods, possibly agreeing. He hands me his backpack and he tries to make a good shelter using ropes that we got from the Cornucopia and the treebranches, while I keep reuniting all of our other items inside a backpack.

Once he is done trying to built a hut, I look it up and see that its walls are crooked. It is not the best tent we could have, but I am not going to judge it. I can stay here for one more day. 

"When can we start making our weapons?" I question, while drinking some water.

"Let's wait tomorrow, to see if our sponsors are going to send something." Odin speaks. "If we don't get anything, then we will have to create our tridents from the sticks."

"For me, it's alright." I say, smiling. I am lucky to have Odin (14) by my side, I don't imagine how I was going to be if he was not my ally.

Katta Wallace - District 10

I zip off the backpack and see what is inside the item that I caught from the Cornucopia. I was really quick there, only grabbed this backpack fast and then ran away towards a section with high trees and I have seen around two squirrels and one rabbit running through the woods. It somehow reminds me of my home, District 10, but here I am not safe. I certainly am not.

Rope, iodine and slips of bacon. Well, it could have been worse, I suppose. I put the things inside the backpack once again, and stand up quickly. I sit underneath the shadow of the tree, and eat only one slip of bacon, as the re-caps of 297th Hunger Games replay through my mind. That was the year when my old crush Tia was reaped off.

Tia, that stunning but arrogant girl, was selected to participate in the 297th Hunger Games and I feared for her. She was not prepared for killing and surviving alone in the forest, I knew that. She allied with the tributes from District 11, as it played in the trainings re-cap. But when she was elevated to the arena, all of her confidence went away. As the countdown passed by, I was in my house, watching the Games in my family's old television. Once the countdown reached zero, Tia ran towards the Cornucopia and was quickly finished off by a brutal district 2 male tribute. He smiled while stabbing her in the heart, and her dead corpse collapsed to the ground. She was long gone. Completely gone. I would never see her again, she was taken from me so violently. It's my time to avenge her.

I wash off the memories out of my mind, but by other side, I don't want to forget. I need to avenge her death, she deserves that.

Breccan Gateson - District 7

Isaac (4) and I cross through the trees and the woods, not looking behind. We entered in a random bridge, and it led us to somewhere that is very similar to a muddy forest. The huge backpack Isaac (4) grabbed is heavier than I expected, and it is just slowing us down. We have been walking for an hour, and it just feels like we didn't even distance ourselves from the Cornucopia. He looks tired from dragging that crate around under this bright sun, but I can't judge him, since I am tired too. 

"Let's stop. At least, for a while," I suggest and he nods positively. We drag the backpack a little more until reaching somewhere underneath a tree, and next to a small river that flows by next to our campsite. Isaac (4) approachs there, and washes his hand in the crystal water and then washes his face off. He invites me and I do the same, repeating what he did. After we are clean, we go back to the tree and we sit under the tree, besides our backpack. We haven't see the supplies we got yet, but I suppose by the size of it that is full with useful supplies.

"Let's do some weapon to use?" I question Isaac (4) as he digs inside the backpack, searching for something to use. He nods positively and I struggle to make a slingshot using a treebranch and some elastic wire that is inside the backpack. I guess it will be easy to make, and Isaac (4) is trying to do one of these for him too. He is not skilled with slingshot, but inside this arena, any form of showing power is better than being barehand.

Brenna Placidia - District 1

I sit up over the highest treebanch in the highest tree I could find where I am and I rest for a while. I lean my head in the tree, relaxing as I see the sun slowly movind in the sky hovering the tributes. The warm breeze runs through my treebranch, making my hair fly. For a Hunger Games, this opening day seems to be way too relaxing. The cool breeze rushing against my sweat body makes me start to feel relaxed. I slowly close my eyes...

"Tisc!" I hear something breaking up and immediately flutter my eyes open. It seems I have been sleeping for an hour, since the sun moved up a bit to the side. I look around to all of the sides, searching for where the noise came from. It must had been coming from a treebranch breaking, but it was not mine, since I am still where I was when I fell asleep. I look around one more time and catch a glimpse of someone with purple hair underneath my tree. And that is only one tribute with purple hair in these Hunger Games, and it's James from District 5.

He seems to be trying to make a weapon using treebranches but seems like he is failing in the process. I totally forgot to make my weapon when I arrived in the tree. I can do a net using simple vines and rope, and luckily, I caught them both. The rope is from the Cornucopia and the vines I found next to the tree where I am, since where I am is full with fruit trees.

I sigh as I start to think in what to do with the District 5 boy underneath me. I don't know if I should hide out from him or attack, I'm confused.

Tim Thorburn - District 11

My sister and I have been walking around, searching for the safest place to stay for the rest of the Games. We managed to survive during the Cornucopia bloodbath, I would never on Earth imagine that this would happen. Even with that twist of no killing, I thought that I was still vulnerable to get killed by the other tributes. My stepbrother used to tell me everyday that if I was reaped, I would not even spend a second alive. I guess he was totally wrong.

"I think that here is perfect," Kim (11) says, pointing out to the place between two high trees, where we can stay for a while. She sits up and helps me in sitting. I am not accostumed with this leg prosthesis they gave met yet, and I appreciate Kim (11)'s support.

"We did it, Kim. We survived," I say as she opens a large smile.

"Yes, I suppose we proved that everyone was wrong about our fate," she says, holding my hand once again. It is incredible how Kim (11) makes me feel safe when I am around her. It's a favor that I would never be able to remunerate.

"How do you think District 11 is right now?" I question her, as she slowly leans her head to my chest and I start to move my fingers through her hair.

"Ecstatic." She replies.

Oceania Seacrest - District 12

I have been running through the woods for almost five hours, I guess. The sun is starting to disappear from the arena's sky and it must mean that the night is coming up soon. I have to find somewhere to stay. I search through the low odds and trees somewhere safe to stay, but everything here is just so low that it will not end up hiding me. 

When I look around and catch a glimpse of a mysterious cave some steps in my front, I quickly rush to there and enter without hesitating. Unfornately, I wasn't able to catch anything from the Cornucopia island since I got confused when the gong sounded off, and when I realized, everyone was already at the horn, catching up supplies. It would be futile if I decided to enter in the chaos for nothing, just to retrieve a few items from the circle of supplies.

I even saw the district 0 male tribute sprinting in high speeds inside the area where I am, but luckily he didn't notice me. For the way that he was running, I have pretty sure he was in a rush.

I lean back to the walls of the cave, as the night slowly invades outside. I take another breath and facepalm myself, almost forcing myself to rest for a while.

Robin Smoke - District 13

Stewart (9) and I have been sitting next to an enormous fence, still resting from our almost seven-hour-long walk until reaching where are. The night just invaded the arena, and the stars are the only things we can see, as the coulds went away. Stewart (9) stands up and asks to check what everyone got, so I immediately take my backpack and search up for a wire to make my handmade slingshot. I can pick up the sticks from the trees around, but without wire or rope, I will never get to build my slingshot. I dig through the backpack, and see only some pieces of plastic and a bottle of water. It is not that bad, at least I got water, but without the things that I need to make my slingshot, I will be barehanded.

"Stewart, did you get any kind of rope or wire?" I ask my ally as he slowly digs through the two backpacks that he got from the Cornucopia.

"Negative." He replies, after checking both of the backpacks.

"Damn," I say, facepalming myself. Ugh, I need that to make my slingshot, it is one of the few ways that I have to kill some tributes off.

"Don't worry, we will eventually find one." Stewart (9) assures me, and I know it's not totally truth, but at least he is doing his best to don't make me upset.

"I hope so."

Casper Ware - District 3

My wide alliance is all concentrated underneath the only huge tree that we found inside the region where we are. We had to walk for hours to find this place, and we are lucky that David (13) noticed this tree, or the other way around, we would still be walking across the woods. We have seen many plantations around, such as soybean, and we already know that food probably will not be problem for the next days. Our alliance is full with backpacks and other stuff, we did a great performance at the Cornucopia.

Connor (8) and Eliza (10) are trying to animate our alliance, and Lavender (6) is helping them out. They are telling jokes, and they even are funny. The only one in the alliance who is not laughing is David (13), although they told us he is listening to the jokes.

"What is wrong with them?" Bonnie (5) questions me, making my attention turn from the jokes to the side, where Bell (9) David (13) are whispering some conversation to each other.

"I guess they don't like jokes at all," I reply, smiling and Bonnie (5) joins, laughing too. We continue listening to Connor (8) and Eliza (10)'s jokes, but I keep listening to the whispers coming from behind, where David (13) and Bell (9) are. I stand up and approach them.

As they were hiding something from me, when I come around, they quickly get nervous and start talking about insects. I don't really know if they are lying to me or not at all, but it is anyway suspect. I sit next to them, and they keep ignoring me.

I just hope they are not planning in backstab the alliance.

Jack Green - District 12

After Victorie (Cap) and Clara (3) left the Cornucopia bloodbath, I chased them both down and they did not notice me during the entire path until where we are now. The two girls are standing over a calm place underneath the high trees, and I am stuck behind one of the trees, and they can't see me at all since the night is camouflaging me. I examinate Victorie (Cap) slowly washing her hair in the water, even with the water being salty. 

The Capitol anthem suddenly plays through the arena, and it means that soon the midnight will be coming, and we will be allowed to finally kill. Although I don't want to kill Victorie (Cap) yet, I guess I will have to finish Clara (3) off if I want Victorie (Cap) all for myself. I don't really like to share.

After the anthem, no portraits are seen in the sky and it reflects how much unusual these Games are being. No weapons available, no deaths allowed. What kind of Hunger Game is this one?

As Victorie (Cap) and her ally get ready to sleep, I prepare myself to attack as soon as the midnight comes. Now it will be my time. Victorie (Cap) will finally be mine.

Day 1 Odds

Tribute Odds
Alec Roswell-Seacrest (Capitol) 28-1
Victorie Pontius (Capitol) 18-1
Greyson Darlon (0) 25-1
Komentia Flores (0) 9-1
Drayden Hax (1) 3-1
Brenna Placidia (1) 14-1
Darius Asterin (2) 4-1
Scarlet Avalon (2) 7-1
Casper Ware (3) 27-1
Clara Crescent (3) 22-1
Isaac Blade (4) 5-1
Nami Njord (4) 14-1
James Desmond (5) 10-1
Bonnie Cougar (5) 36-1
Buck Rockwell (6) 13-1
Lavender Morton (6) 32-1
Breccan Gateson (7) 14-1
Alicia Calvert (7) 10-1
Connor Smitherson (8) 19-1
Adelaide Simmons (8) 28-1
Stewart Pi (9) 41-1
Bell Fladgate (9) 25-1
Katta Wallace (10) 31-1
Eliza Herader (10) 33-1
Tim Thorburn (11) 54-1
Kim Thorburn (11) 29-1
Jack Green (12) 31-1
Oceania Seacrest (12) 22-1
David Johnson (13) 29-1
Robin Smoke (13) 28-1
Odin Amarth (14) 5-1
Linda Haren (14) 14-1

Day 2 - Let The Deaths Begin

Victorie Pontius - Capitol

I wake up to the sound of birds singing in the fields. I flutter my eyes open, roll to the side and let out a loud groan. I look to my side and realize that a parachute with a mentor note just arrived for me. I look to Clara (3) and sees that she also got a parachute.

"Clara, wake up." I say, poking her in the head. She opens her eyes slowly, lets out a groan too and then stares at me.

"We received parachutes." I tell her and her eyes snap open.

"What!? Did we receive parachutes already?" She questions me, apparently surprised with it. She opens her parachute and grabs a mentor note, and along with it, there is a kama lying in the parachute. Her eyes wide open as she carefully examinates the kama. "Thanks so much," she whispers to the sky as I sit besides my parachute and take off the mentor note.

Oh no, Jack (12) is around us. My mentor just adviced me about it, and also told me a plan to kill him off. I look to Clara (3) reading her note, and she stares at me.

"Clara, did your mentor tell the same that mine did?..." I ask her, trying not to be suspicious. Jack (12) can't imagine that we are planning on killng him. 

"My mentor old me to hunt off some animals. What about you?..." She replies, blinking briefly. Yes, she also knows about the plan.

"Same." I reply, pointing to her kama.

"I guess I'll take the kama and hunt off some animals, Vic. Be careful," she says, walking away. Great, the plan is working as expected. Now, I need Jack (12) to show off. And for this, I will need to be seductive. I stand up and shake my hair side to side, flowing it. It is just what I need to make Jack (12) appear.

"Hello, Victorie." He whispers, behind me. I turn around as I didn't expect it and stare at him.

"Jack... What a surprise. I was not waiting for you." I say, as an afraid girl would say.

"But, I was waiting for this moment during my entire life." He whispers, approaching me. I look to behind him and see that Clara (3) is already ready for the attack. The time has come.

"It would really be a shame if you died right now." I say, changing my ton of voice. He opens widely his eyes, just as Clara (3) jumps and plants the kama in the back of his skull. The dead corpse of Jack (12) collapses to the ground, his eyes totally closed. BOOM

"I guess I just made the first kill in the arena," Clara (3) comments and I hug her.

Isaac Blade - District 4

The loud sound of a cannon makes me snap my eyes in alert, and Breccan (7) does the same. We cross eyes and stare each other, and we continue doing it until finally realizing that whoever just died is not anywhere next to our campsite.

"I didn't think it was going to happen so fast," Breccan (7) comments, facepalming myself. I guess he is right. It is still the beginning of the second day in the arena and a death already happened. I wonder who was killed, and who made the first kill in these Games.

I slowly sit up against the huge tree that Breccan (7) and I found last night, and I lean my back in the tree. Looking to the side, I see Breccan (7) climbing up the tree.

"What are you doing?" I question him.

"Preparing a rope trap in this high tree." He comments, as I realize that he is in fact wielding a long piece of rope. "Do you want to help?"

"Of course." I reply, as I climb up the tree along with him. When we are almost reaching the treetop, he looks around and plans how the trap will work in his mind.

"Alright, Isaac. I will wrap the rope to transform it into a snare, while you wrap it in this treebranch. Understood?" Breccan (7) tells me and I nod positively. I climb up the tree once again and sit myself up in the treebranch, and finally wrap one of the edges of the rope around the treebranch. Once I am one, I look underneath me and see that Breccan (7) is almost finishing his snare too. We both jump off the tree and he throws a rock to see if the trap is working properly. Once the rock hits the place where we wanted, the rope trap activates and wraps the rock, hanging it out in the tree.

"Perfect," we both say at the same time.

Odin Amarth - District 14

Nami (4) and I have been sitting inside our small hut during the entire morning. We heard a cannon an hour ago, but what is really stressing me off is this intense sun over where we are. I'm pretty sure that if I stood up outside under the sunlight for more than one hour, I would suffer of dehydration, sunburn and maybe even a skin cancer. I really don't know why, but seems like only the area where I am actually has this intense sun. The Gamemakers can be targetting me, I don't know.

"What are those things raining down?" Nami (4) asks me, as she points out to the sky. I move my head to the side and see two parachutes falling down from the clouds. I open a instant smile and extend both of my hands, as they parachutes land in them.

"Sponsor parachutes." I tell her and her eyes snap open in surprise and excitement. She opens her parachute and finds a knife with the blade made in titanium. Her wide eyes examinee the weapon slowly, and she opens a huge smile. 

"Open yours." She suggests and I nod. I take my parachute and open it slowly, until finally revealing a long metallic spear. I move my hand in the handle of the spear, carefully examining the weapon my sponsors and my mentor sent me. It is good to know that I am not weaponless anymore, it will help a lot in the process of these Games.

Just as I am looking to the spear, I hear a loud noise coming from outside the hut and immediately, Nami (4) and I leave our small tent rushing. In our front, a high tree is totally on fire and it is contamining the other ones. I stare at Nami (4), signing that it is time to run away. She does not even hesitate, and starts to run, and I follow her right behind. While we are running, I look that another tree in the front is already on fire and it is about to collapse. And Nami (4) is running right to there.

"Nami!" I shout immediately, and she stops just as the tree on fire collapses in front of her. She jumps to the ground to not be burned by the fire in the tree, and then rushes with me in the opposite way. 

We continue running, for a long and long while, avoiding the constant trees in fire, until the time where we finally see ordinary trees in our front. There is some certain of dark grass marking the beginning of ordinary trees, and Nami (4) and I rush to that place.

"Thanks for saving that time," Nami (4) says, pretty puffy.

"You're welcome." I say. "Luckily, we had our backpacks. I guess we have to do another campsite."

Alec Roswell-Seacrest - Capitol

I decide to leave the tree where I have been sitting for hours, and finally move to take some water. I mean, I am a vampire, the entire Panem's audience must know it by now, but vampires also have to drink water after all. I slowly untie the rope that has been around me, and slowly walk down the tree, jumping treebranch by treebranch until reaching the ground.

A squirrel runs quick by me and it glares at me. His small eyes turn red and I know what this squirrel is supposed to be; a Capitol camera. It is actually fluffy and should contain an amazing quantity of blood inside its small body, but his meal and blood probably are all fake, and fake blood is the worst thing a vampire could drink. It literally tastes industry. I stare at the camera, and instantly imagine how the broadcast is happening. Probably, my face staring into the camera is being transmitted to the entire Panem and imagine how funny it is being.

The squirrel runs away just as I start to stare at him with my bloody red eyes, and it runs towards a small river, where it drinks water. I head to there and do the same as the squirrel does, I literally shove my head inside the water and drink all that I can take right now. I don't even care if this water is dirty or muddy, it will not make difference in my organism. After drinking lots of water, the squirrel glares at me again and then runs away to the opposite direction.

I let out a brief smile, and finally decide to come back to my wonderful tree, which is serving as a home for me. As I start to climb, I see another squirrel running in my direction and take it in its tail. It looks scared. What the hell, I think just as I hear footsteps coming from behind me.

I turn my head around and see the Career alliance running in my direction. Oh damn. I quickly open my mouth and reveal my fangs, and confront the career tributes as they quickly approach me. The first one to come next to me is the District 1 boy, and he looks unarmed but pretty angry. Just as he jumps at me, I dodge and when he turns around, I shove my fangs into his shoulder, and it sadly is not enough to kill him, although he will feel that wound for days if he does not take the certain medicine.

Just as I am about to jump over him again and finish the job, someone hits the side of my head with a huge stone and I drop to the ground. It will not kill me that easily.

Alicia Calvert - District 7

I just hit the side of the Capitol boy's head and he dropped to the ground, but he does not seem totally dead. I get on top of him and begin to hit his skull multiple times with the huge stone that I got next to the Cornucopia. I continue doing that until the time that he finally appears to be showing signs of his emminent death. I only stop when he totally closes his eyes.


My attention returns to Drayden (1), who is lying in the grass with a wound open in his left shoulder. Scarlet (2) and Komentia (0) are besides him, watching his injury. 

"Great kill," Buck (6) tells me and I nod positively, telling 'thanks' in a quicker way. 

"Thanks for killing that boy." Drayden (1) speaks, as Scarlet (2) carefully looks at his injury. I nod again and get myself next to Darius (2), who is looking to the boy's dead corpse which is lying in the grass. I think we should distance ourselves from the body for the retrieval of the corpse, but I think we will just walk again when Drayden (1) is feeling a bit better.

"That boy really had something different," Darius (2) says, kneeling besides the dead corpse and slowly opening the boy's mouth. He touches the bloody fangs of the Capitol male tribute and then stares at me. "We could use that.

"Are you crazy?" I ask, a little too loud. I know he actually got an idea, but it would be crazy to imagine that we are going to use a vampire boy's fangs in order to kill other tributes. I guess the Gamemakers never imagined something like that happening.

"Why? It is actually a good idea. Since we have no weapons to use, we should enjoy all of the type of things available for us." He continues. "The question is: how will take it off from his mouth?"

"I say we keep walking on." Buck (6), entering in the conversation.

"I agree." I say, and I can see that Darius (2) looks pretty conviced now.

"Alright, you two won." He says, standing up. We look to the side and see Scarlet (2) and Komentia (0) helping Drayden (1) to stand up. He puts his hand over his shoulder, and seems like he is pretty alright for now.

We almost lost a career tribute, we were lucky to have me wielding that stone.

Kim Thorburn - District 11

The second cannon just sounded in the arena, and it wakes Tim (11) up. It might sound crazy, but we decided to stay awake during the night and keep moving, so we will get pretty far from the other tributes and now we decided to take brief turns sleeping, and it is still my turn taking the watch. Tim (11) was sleeping with no worries, it's a shame that cannon woke him up.

"What happened?" He asks, his eyes open in surprise and fear.

"I don't know, but I guess we are down to thirty tributes in the arena." I reply, as he slowly tries to recover from the shock. He sits up besides me and hugs me tight. To be honest, it is kind of good the fact that Tim (11) is inside the arena with me. I mean, unfornately, just one of us can leave the arena alive, but taking by the other side, I don't know how I would feel not being with him. More important, I would not support the idea of staying in this pesky arena, knowing that Tim (11) would be all alone if I died in the process of the Games. I guess that, after all, his volunteering was not that bad. He was just trying to protect me, the same way that I have been trying to protect him.

"Kim, we need to find more food. We only have few dried fruits to share with each other and I don't know if that will be enough for the lenght of these Games," Tim (11) says, looking at our backpacks. Phew, I guess he is right.

"I don't want to get far from her-" I begin to say but I get interrupted by him, as he quickly approachs me and whispers in my ear.

"Kim, listen. We are already two unlucky twin siblings in the point of view of the Capitol, they already see us as the next two small preys going to die inside the arena. If we continue where we are, not moving, not doing anything, they will probably disconsider us from the possible victors list, and it will just be a matter of time until the Gamemakers release mutts or other traps to lead us to our emminent deaths. We have to act strong." He whispers really low, wishing the cameras could not hear, and I guess they did not. He looks at me and I nod positively. He is totally right, I can't act like I was a girl about to die. I have to act like the girl who wants to come back home.

"Let's find some food then!" I say, excitedly.

James Desmond - District 5

I have been sitting underneath this huge tree the entire day, still trying to do the best weapon - or anything that can kill - that I could get using some simple gross sticks that I found in my pathway from the Cornucopia. What I have now is some kind of wooden baton, but I don't really know if it will work well in a close combat. I guess I will have to wait for the danger to come to finally check if this wooden baton is resistant enough to don't break after a huge impact. 

After checking my baton, I guard it and wrap it around my belt. It will make sure that I will not lose this wooden weapon if I have to run or do something too dangerous. I have been working hard to get this weapon, I will not give it up easily. Once I am done wrapping the wooden baton in my belt, I sit up underneath the tree again and stare up to the bright blue sky and the white clouds passing by. It kind of reminds me of District 4, my original home. But sadly, I know that I am not in District 4 nor in District 5, I am in the Hunger Games. And it's not a lucky situation.

The winds seem to be pretty strong in this area of the arena, and constantly there are strong breezes rushing by this region. It also seems to be full with fruit trees, as I saw apple trees, banana trees, and much more just in this region. Food certainly will not be a problem for me, but I can't really trust the Gamemakers. They may be hiding poison inside those fruits, who knows? One of the things that the instructors told me back in the training session was that I have to look out for arena traps, they are one of the most frequent reasons of a tribute's death. 

"Tisc!" I hear some treebranch breaking up and I immediately look up to what is above me. In the tree where I have been sitting underneath, some little but sneaky girl stares back at me and I recognize her, she is the district 1 girl. She seems to be wielding some throwing knives, and that was pretty expected, as she came from a career district, and the sponsors obviously prefered a wealthy girl over a weird boy from District 5. The girl, when realizes that I know that she is already there, goes jumping tree by tree, really quick. I sigh and just realize that I have lost the chance to kill some tribute. Anyway, I pretty doubt that I would reach the small District 1 girl that fast. She is pretty agile.

I sit up again, and sigh to the sky. Soon, it will be time to move on.

Adelaide Simmons - District 8

Linda (14) has been complaining the entire day of the fact that she does not know how she is going to face these Hunger Games with no weapons to use. She looked up to the sky the entire day, waiting for a sponsor parachute to land on her hands, but nothing came until now. Maybe she is not as desirable as she thought she was. She groans and finally gives up on waiting for her parachute. 

"Damn it," she says, an angry expression her face. She brushes her hair using a stick, it is incredible how she does not want to look bad even though she is inside the arena. I guess her appearance is too important for her, and it is not totally negative.

"What are we going to do for now?" I ask her and she ends up combing her hair. She stands up and looks to the sides, and nothing comes in any direction. 

"Let's hunt, then." She suggest, taking up her backpack and putting it over her shoulder. She starts to stomp away, and I have no option but following. I am not willing to be alone in the arena, I decided to ally with Linda (14), so let's play along with her rhythm then.

"Look, there's something right there." Linda (14) whispers, pointing out to a campsite which lies between the huge trees. I see some pretty familiar faces there, such as my district partner Connor (8) who is talking up with the girl from district 10 and the girl from district 6. I can see the girls from districts 5 and 9 and the boys from districts 3 and 13 also at the campsite. They seem to have lots of supplies, looks like at least an ally did a good job in the Cornucopia bloodbath.

"What we gonna do?" I question Linda (14), as she slowly examinees the campsite and the alliance. I guess they are titled 'Anti-Career Tributes' or something like that, but I didn't see they doing anything against the career alliance in the training or in anywhere to be honest.

"Simply. We are going to attack." She says, opening a big smile.

"Wait... What!? How? We don't even have a weapon!" I say, maybe too loud, but luckily the alliance that we are spying didn't hear me.

"Just found one," Linda (14) says, grinning as she slowly grabs a sharped stick. It actually can hurt someone, but I don't think it will be enough to wipe out that entire alliance.

"We are two. And they are seven!" I say, discussing with Linda (14) but she seems to don't listen to me. Just as I am about to stop her, she advances form our hideout and shoves the stick in the district 5 girl's neck, who is standing up next to the entrance of the campsite. Oh damn.

Connor Smitherson - District 8

Out of the nowhere, we hear Bonnie (5) screaming and we turn our head to her, and all that I can see is Bonnie (5) quickly limping to the ground as the district 14 girl shoves a pointy stick in her neck. As our ally collapses to the ground, Lavender (6) quickly throws a rock at the district 14 girl's face and everyone in the alliance advances against her.


The cannon scares me out, and I know that now Bonnie (5) is long gone. As Casper (3), Lavender (6) and Eliza (10) are attacking the district 14 girl, I turn my head to the woods, and look from where she came from. Passing by, my district partner Adelaide (8) looks at me and we change eyes for a while. I could denunciate that she is there now, I could just make my alliance target and kill her, but I can't. She is from home, she is from my district. If I end up dying in these Hunger Games, I know that Adelaide (8) will still be alive and if she wins, my family and the entire district will receive food for one year. Furthermore, I would not be accepted in District 8 if I just led other tribute from home to the death.

"Go", I mouth to Adelaide (8) and she nods with a grin in her face. She runs into the woods, disappearing in front of my eyes. 


My eyes snap in alert when the second cannon goes off, and I turn to where the alliance is. I approach them and see the district 14 girl in the ground, and I can see the footprints of everyone of the alliance printed in her skin. I look to Eliza (10) and she hugs me.

"We are monsters. Especially me, who gave her final blow, but I guess it was reasonable. I mean, she killed Bonnie!" She says, almost tearing up in tears in my arms. The district 14 girl's body is completely haggard, and I guess she was trampled to death by our alliance, and Eliza (10) kicked the last blow, and it ended up killing the girl.

"Guys, where are Bell and David?" Casper (3) asks and we look around, searching for our allies. They were here at the campsite before the whole confusion happened, and they simply disappeared when no one was looking at them. 

"Let's search for them," Lavender (6) suggests.

"It would be not good idea. The night is coming and we will be more vulnerable to get killed. We already lost one member of our alliance right now, we can't afford losing another one." I say.

"Yes, I think you're right." Lavender (6) says, as she sits up in the grass and facepalms herself. Oh well, these Games were too calm to be true.

Stewart Pi - District 9

Two consecutive cannons sound in the arena, and the birds that were flying over me fly away after the loud cannons. Robin (13) sighs, and continues looking at her brand new slingshot. She got that from a sponsor parachute, so I presume that our alliance is not considered 'weakling' in the Capitol's eyes. She has not tested her slingshot yet, and we were going to search out for rocks or other things to use, but the night quickly appeared and we decided to stay at our campsite.

"It's the fourth or fifth cannon that sounded today?" I ask Robin (13), as she thinks out for a while.

"I guess it is the fourt; one in the morning, another one in the afternoon and these two right now." She says, and continues examining her slingshot. My trials of conversating with her are failing these last days, especially since she got a slingshot. I suppose that if I do something interesting, she will finally consider me as a true ally.

"Why don't we search for rocks or other missiles for your slingshot right now?" I question, and she looks at me with a surprised expression.

"It's dark outside, and the night is arriving." She replies, and goes back to see her slingshot.

"Come on, most of the tributes are already hidden." I tell her, and I have pretty sure that they are actually. They are thinking the same as us, and I don't even think there is someone in this area of the arena along with us. By the time that Robin (13) and I ran into that bridge, we were only one who dared to cross the bridge that led to here.

"Did you forget about the animals? They are everywhere, and we don't know if they are mutts or ordinary animals. A giant hourse could appear and trample us to death. I know what I'm saying, let's go search for missiles tomorrow." She continues, and I nod positively. I forgot about that.

I guess I will have to conversate with myself for tonight.

Greyson Darlon - District 0

The night already invaded the arena, and I guess I just survived the second day inside the arena, and I am pretty sure that Komentia (0) survived also. It has ben a overall good performance of District 0, I have almost sure that the Capitol citizens expected us to die early, since we have no mentors or any experience with Games, and the other districts have, but Komentia (0) and I just proved it wrong. Even though I have been hiding since the opening bloodbath, I have managed to survive, didn't I? I can already be considered a survivor, I guess.

I lean back against the rock and eat the rest of the loaf of bread that I got from the Cornucopia. Tomorrow I will have to search for more food, but it seems to be hard to find around this region of the arena. It has low woods and small trees, I don't think I will find food easily. 

Slowly, I turn my head to the sides, admiring the paisage of the arena. It's such a beautiful place to stay, it's the perfect location to be the last place of someone's life. Even though my area has few woods and trees, it is one of the most beautiful paisages I have ever seen in my entire life. District 0 is way too white, and the arena is way too full of life, full of colors.

Out of the suddenly, one of the trees ignite by itself and the fire quickly starts. I flutter my eyes wide open, and then grab my backpack at the ground. I have to find a way to run and escape from the fire before it reaches me. I start to run in the opposite way, and quickly, many trees ignite and a huge fire is set inside my area. I avoid and dodge the woods in fire, and jump over the obstacles. I have to leave this area, like right nor or otherwise I will most likely die.

"Aw!" I let out just as I impact against one girl who enters in my way. I presume she also was running from the fire, as she has burns and wounds all over her arm and leg. I realize who she is; the district 12 girl. I could stand up and attempt to kill her, but I have no weapon and it would be pratically a suicide, since I would burn myself while killing her.

After confronting her, we both stand up and run into oposite directions, both avoiding the wild fire spreading quickly. After running and avoiding the fire for about twenty minutes, I start to get tired but I see a line with dark grass, and after that line, the trees are normal, with no fire. I do my best to stand up and cross the dark grass, and then, I throw myself to the ground and rest for a while.

It was certainly a close shot.

David Johnson - District 13

Sitting over a huge rock that we found, Bell (9) and I are conversating about the day. We were planning on somehow avoid our alliance, and leave the campsite as soon as possible and pretend it was not our fault. Not that they are not trustworthy or anything, but they are starting to get closer to each other, and when the time of killing each other comes, I will not want to be around to see how the little friends will end up. I guess Bell (9) thought the same as me, but she didn't tell me why she decided to join me in the plan. Our plan was a little  bit complicated, but it got easier after the death of Bonnie (5). The entire alliance turned their attention to the district 14 girl, and we took advantage of that and ran. We ran for hours, until finally crossing a dark grass and arrive at this region of the arena, where there are some high trees and high woods, but I guess it is way too hot, since it is already night, and the heat of this place is reaching up my nerves. Bell (9) seems pretty calm, but I don't think I will stand up in that heat.

"I guess midnight is coming," Bell (9) says, as she slowly lays over the rock and stares up to the sky. I guess she is pretty excited to see the fallen tributes of the day. I don't really care about who died, they were competitions anyway, but I guess knowing who died make you get more alert about the other threats around. If at least one career tribute has died...

"We survived Day 2, woohoo." I say, yet with no excitement. Bell (9) laughs of my sarcasm and I laught a bit too. I'm lucky to have Bell (9) by my side, even though she will die in order for me to win these Games, but at least, I am not totally alone yet. And she is way better to conversate if we compare her to the Anti-Career alliance. With Bell (9), I guess my odds even rose.

"Look, it is starting." She says, as the dark sky of the arena quickly goes dark blue and the Capitol anthem starts to play.

After the anthem, the Capitol symbol flashes up in the sky and the words 'Fallen Tributes' float between the clouds. The first to face to appear is the Capitol boy, the one who had the vampiristic fangs. He was not that dangerous at all, but I would not want to confront him. The second one to appear is the girl from 5, and I look down, even though she certainly was not a menace, and neither someone who was my friend. After her, the district 12 boy's face flashes up and finally, the district 14 girl appears and Bell (9) releases a brief sigh. I wonder how our ex-alliance killed her.

"It's time to sleep, I want to be up early tomorrow." Bell (9) says, putting her backpack below her head as a pillow and closing her eyes. I repeat what she does, and I get ready mentally for the third day. I don't know why, but I am feeling that it is going to be the hardest one.

Day 2 Odds

Tribute Odds
Victorie Pontius (Capitol) 17-1
Greyson Darlon (0) 24-1
Komentia Flores (0) 9-1
Drayden Hax (1) 4-1
Brenna Placidia (1) 14-1
Darius Asterin (2) 4-1
Scarlet Avalon (2) 7-1
Casper Ware (3) 26-1
Clara Crescent (3) 19-1
Isaac Blade (4) 5-1
Nami Njord (4) 13-1
James Desmond (5) 10-1
Buck Rockwell (6) 12-1
Lavender Morton (6) 29-1
Breccan Gateson (7) 13-1
Alicia Calvert (7) 8-1
Connor Smitherson (8) 18-1
Adelaide Simmons (8) 29-1
Stewart Pi (9) 39-1
Bell Fladgate (9) 23-1
Katta Wallace (10) 31-1
Eliza Herader (10) 31-1
Tim Thorburn (11) 50-1
Kim Thorburn (11) 28-1
Oceania Seacrest (12) 23-1
David Johnson (13) 27-1
Robin Smoke (13) 27-1
Odin Amarth (14) 5-1

Day 3 - Disasters + Tributes = The Real Bloodbath

Bell Fladgate - District 9

I wake up to the sound of the melody playing delicatedly in the arena. The birds singing along, the trees calmly beating up against each other due to the strong breeze rushing through them, and I can even hear some streams of water flowing around. The only interrupting the perfect harmony around me is the strong sun, which is shining bright and almost giving me a sunburn. David (13) is still sleeping, so I will wait for him to wake up to finally build a small hut or anything. No one deserves to stay right here under this burning sun, especially me.

"Huh," David (13) groans, just as he rolls up and wakes up slowly. He looks around and sees nothing but me and our supplies, which means that we are not dead yet.

"Finally you woke up. I was about to get a skin cancer under this sun," I say, as he realizes that he is all sweat too. He sits up and reaches for his backpack that he used as a pillow, and takes it off a somewhat full bottle of water. He drinks a bit and offers it to me, and I am not stupid. I grab the bottle and drink what I can. Something tells me that I will have a lot of sunny days to face until the end of these Games. He takes the bottle and pushes it to inside the backpack.

"Well, we have to find treebranches, sticks and leaves to build a hut." He says, already putting his backpack over his shoulders. I shrug and roar, knowing that he is right. I take my backpack and we both leave our campsite to search for materials to build our tent.

Just as we are walking off the campsite, low sirens boom through the sky and calmly rain down until reaching us. David (13) grabs his parachute, and sees a Painkiller. He grins, and I grab my sponsor parachute and slowly open it up. As I open, I hope that it is a mace or something similar to one. If I had a mace, I would be thehappiest tribute in this arena...

"OH MY, I RECEIVED A MACE!" I shout just as I open the parachute and see the mace lying inside. I immediately grab it and hug the weapon. "Thanks!" I shout to the sky, wishing the sponsors could hear me. No one knows how I am extremely happy for receiveing this. If only the Gamemakers knew all of my skills with this, they would easily raise my odds of winning.

"Keep calm," David (13) whispers to me and I apologize. I had to admit that screaming was not a good idea, especially because other tributes could hanging out around this area and they will end up seeing us. I shut myself up and realize something is happening in the sky and it is shining over us. I raise my head, and look up to the white clouds.

Fireworks. A lot of portraits of fireworks all around the sky. I wonder what it is supposed to mean, but it reminds me a lot of New Year...

Robin Smoke - District 13

The morning has just arrived and Stewart (9) and I were already in a search to find some missiles and ammo to use in my slingshot, and we have found decent things even though we only started to search thirty minutes ago. I guess the luck is by our side today.

"What is that?" Stewart (9) asks, pointing out to the sky and I raise my head up. Between the white clouds hovering the arena, there are some portraits of fireworks exploding in the sky. I shrug and ask myself what that is supposed to mean. It seems like the Capitol fireworks that are used in the New Year eve, but I never had the chance to see them personally.

"Sincerely, I have no idea." I reply, as we continue staring at the sky. When the twelfth fake firework explodes in the sky, I feel the ground underneath me starting to shake. I stare at Stewart (9) and he looks pretty confused on what is happening. I try to move myself, walking or even jumping to the other side, but it is almost impossible to do so due to the fact that the ground is shaking and my feet can't seem to stop in one place. The seism starts to get intense, and I collapse to the ground, not even noticing before falling. Stewart (9) lets our backpack fall, but I don't hesitate in going there to retrieve it. It may end up killing me. I stay where I am, until the time that the earthquake is finally ending. I sigh of relief, and stare to Stewart (9) just as he opens a grin in his face. Looking behind him, a pair of eyes surge from the woods and an enormous thing walks towards him.

"Stewart!" I shout, but not before an enormous goat could come from behind him and push him to the ground. I stay paralyzed where I am, and the scene of the combat between the goat and Stewart (9) is the ony thing I see. My eyes seem to be fixed in the eminent battle, and I know that if I don't do anything now, I will probably lose my ally.

I grab my slingshout out from my pocket, and prepare to shoot a rock in the goat, but then I remember that the ammo was with Stewart (9) and if I move, I will probably be the next victim of the goat. I look up to the combat again, and see the enormous goat repeatedly shoving its pointy horns against Stewart (9)'s bare chest. He coughs blood everytime the goat stabs him with its horns, and I panic silently. I have to go, or I will probably be the next one to die.


My body shakes of emotion, just as the first tears start to appear in my eyes. I was not a close friend to Stewart (9), but knowing that I could not do anything to save him makes me get extremely sad. I was his last hope, and I didn't get to save him...

Anyway, I continue running. I know that the goat will probably chase me down, principally now that the Gamemakers know that Stewart (9) is long gone now. My feet do the best to get me out of here as soon as they can, and I start to hear the sound of the goat's footsteps coming behind me. I know that it is going to kill me if I don't cross the bridge and come back to the Cornucopia. As soon as I approach the bridge, I realize that there is some kind of dark grass which leads to an area physically different to where I am now. I don't hesitate in heading towards there, that goat will probably just kill me before I reach the bridge.

I keep running, and running. But I stop as soon as I reach the dark grass.


It puts me back to behind, but with an intense shock that seems to run all through my body. My body shivers as I feel something running through my veins and my organs, and they start to stop. I start to lose my feelings, and my audition fades away slowly. My vision starts to blur, and the last scene I see is the fireworks disappearing in the sky, and being replaced by a portrait of a black woman and a white man dancing. It seems weird, especially when the woman shows her nipple by accident. That portrait starts to repeat, as the oxygen in my noses stop and my vision fades completely. 

I guess I'm out.


Clara Crescent - District 3

It seems like the arena is finally calming down. Victorie (Cap) and I have been inside our little campsite, but prepared to run in case something goes wrong. Earlier this morning, as soon as we woke up, two loud cannons sounded and weird drawings and fake portraits are playing randomly at the sky of the arena. It seems like some type of coding, something that we have to find it out. Now, there is some kind of dance between a black woman and a white man, and the woman's nipple awkwardly appears out of the sudden. This is so... random. If they are trying to send a message to us, it is certainly not working.

The portrait of the woman with the nipple starts to fade out slowly, and Victorie (Cap) and I release sighs of relief. Before that portrait, fake fireworks were exploding in the sky, and after them, two cannons sounded, obviously meaning that two tributes were wiped out. No cannon sounded during this last portrait, which means that there were no victims this time. Victorie (Cap) exits the hut, and looks up to the sky, and her eyes wide in surprise. I get curious and leave the hut right behind her and I glare to the sky. Another portrait starts to play. A huge boat, very similar to an ocean liner, starts to drown out of the suddenly. As the boat drownsslowly into the water, the number one appears in the sky as is followed by twelve zeros.

"One billion," Victorie (Cap) whispers.

"Do you have any idea of what that is supposed to mean?" I ask her and she shrugs her shoulders. We continue looking to the sky, trying to find an answer to this enigma.

As I turn around to see the area around us, I catch a glimpse of something jumping from inside the river which lays besides our campsite. I keep looking at the river, trying to see what is hidden inside. Out of the nowhere, an enormous fish with pointy teeth jumps out of the water and looks at us. Usually, fishes tend to don't survive out of the water, but this one is different. It is not an usual fish, it is a muttation. A muttation destined to kill us.

"Run!" I shout to Victorie (Cap) and she does not even hesitate before starting to run along with me. We dodge the trees and other obstacles in our front, as other enormous fishes continue popping out of the water repeatedly. I would kill one of them with my kama, but it would make me get very close to the other ones, and I would end up dying. 

Victorie (Cap) and I run away from the fishes for a long while, almost crossing the entire region where we are. Some fishes popped out against us, and one bit Victorie (Cap) in the leg, and she is running a bit slower now. We are almost reaching the limit of our area, and I see some kind of dark grasses separating our region from the other one.

I run towards the grasses, but before I could reach it, Victorie (Cap) holds me by the arm and pulls me to behind.

"It is a forcefield. I can recognize one of them easily," She says, pretty purse. I hug her, as I feel the fishes approaching us. We can do nothing now, the Gamemakers has put us in this trap and we will not release us this easy. 

"I guess our time came," I whisper in her ear and we stay hugging each other, as the sounds of the fishes become constant and we have sure that they will be reaching us in a little bit of time.

"Goodbye District 3..." I whisper to the sky, but then I realize something. The portrait of the passenger line and the 'one billion' is fading out slowly. I turn my head to the side and see the fishes jumping in our direction, but out of the sudden, they stop and emerge again in the water. I look up to the sky and see that the portrait is not there anymore.

"Victorie, open your eyes. We are alive. The fishes gave up." I say to her and she flutters her eyes open quickly. She smiles of happiness and hugs me once again.

We are officially survivors.

Kim Thorburn - District 11

It has been two hours with no signs of deaths, or any thing happening in the arena. However, there are still weird portraits appearing up in the sky, and personally I don't have any idea of what that is supposed to mean. Tim (11) has no suggestions either, and he has declared publicly that we don't have to find it out, so we have been waiting in our compsite for the entire day. The morning is slowly passing by, and it feels like we have been awake for hours.

Drinking some of the water inside my bottle, I realize that today is the third day. It basically means that I officially lived further than I expected, but once again no deaths were allowed in the opening day, but let's just ignore that. Last year, the district 11 girl perished already at the bloodbath and the boy managed to live until the final day, but he sadly didn't manage to win at the gran finale. I wonder how the Capitol audience and the District 11 crowd are seeing the alliance between Tim (11) and I. My district probably is sad about the fact that only one of us will possibly come back home, but the Capitol must be excited to see how we two are going to face a challenge.

"Look, another portrait." Tim (11) says, pointing out his finger up to the sky. As the boat drowning fades away, the sky gets clear again, and immediately another portrait begins. It's a gun, and it is about to shoot. But when it shoots, instead of a bullet or any other missile, what leaves the gun is a white flag with the word 'Fools' printed in it. I cross eyes with Tim (11), and he seems to be as much confused as I am right now, so I don't even ask him what that is supposed to significate.

Out of the sudden, we hear a fireball coming and it hits right behind us. It sets the trees on fire, and they start to pass the fire through the entire forest. Not even hesitating, Tim (11) and I start to run into the woods, avoiding the trees on fire and other obstacles. It is such a torture, because if I stop running right now, the trees will probably collapse over me and I will be another long gone tribute.

Out from the woods, Tim (11) points out and sees weird sheeps running in our direction, opposite to the trees. The sheeps have strange red eyes, they are bigger than usual, and they do not look too friendly. We stop, not knowing where to proceed. If we stay, we will avoid the sheeps but we will be burned alive. If we keep runnning, we will not be affected by the fire but the sheeps will probably trample us to death or something even worse.

"Hey," a voice creeps from behind and out from the woods, the boy from district 10 appears, just as the portrait in the sky begins to fade. Before I could even notice, the boy from 10 approaches us and pushes me to behind, making me hit the ground. My arm twists, and I stop to howl in pain. I look to the side and see Tim (11) fighting up against the boy. The boy kickes his prosthesis and wraps Tim (11) in a tree just as the sheeps come. Before they could attack, the boy from district 10 disappears into woods but lets Tim (11) all alone suffering from the attack.

I wonder why they do not attack me, since I am here vulnerable at the ground, and are just targeting my poor brother. They are literally ripping up alive, opening holes all over his body and the scene is just too tragic to me. My brother is being eaten alive and I can't do anything... This is a real nightmare.

Once the portrait in the sky disappears, the sheeps run away out of the scene and the fire in the trees cease. I do my best to stand up and get besides what once as Tim (11)'s body.

"I'm... I'm terribly sorry for not saving you," I say, as the tears run down my face.

"It's ok, Kim. It wasn't your fault," he whispers, doing his best to continue alive. It is certain that he does not have much time alive.

"I... I... I don't have any words to describe how much sad I am." I whisper, leaning my head against his.

"Just promise me something," he whispers back.

"I will do anything for you, brother." 

"Promise me you will win. For me, for District 11. You were the best person I have ever met, you were an angel in the ground. You deserve that more than anyone. I have been a weight on your shoulders for a long time, and now you are free. You are free to win." He whispers, as his possible last tear runs out out of his eye. I plant a kiss on his forehead, sealing our contract.

"Go to a better place, brother. You are free from this cruel word." I whisper, wishing he could hear me now. I get on my knees and start to cry. My brother is gone. My best friend for the entire life is... dead. 

If that District 10 boy thinks I will forget it, he is completely wrong.


Drayden Hax - District 1

Stumbling around one of the areas of the forest for hours, the entire Career alliance is starting to realize that weird things are happening today. It has been around one hour since the last cannon, which was the third to sound off today. Compared to yesterday, when only four of them sounded during the entire day, today seems like one of those days where only the lucky and stronger tributes will end up surviving. And I am one of them, obviously. 

"Am I the only one who thinks that those weird portraits begin the whole thing?" Darius (2) comments and we nod. He somehow is pretty correct. Everytime a new bizarre portrait started to play at the sky, a new death occured in the arena. It is not a pure coincidence, the Gamemakers are trying to send us some kind of message, some kind of warning. I guess no one was intelligent enough to understand them out, so far. Anyway, seems like the portrait which is playing right now is about to disappear, and the entire alliance glares to the sky, willing to see which type of random portrait the Gamemakers will be playing now.

Out of the sudden, a lot of people in four subsequent rows stand up. It is kind of hard to recognize at least one of them, but in the front of the people, a word starts to appear. It is written in red and seems to be written using red rose flowers.

"Beatles?" Scarlet (2) asks and we cross eyes. What or who is the 'Beatles'? 

"Do any of you guys recognize that word?" I ask to the alliance and everybody shrugs, as no one had at least an idea of what that word means.

"Well, I guess we will not find it out anytime soon. Let's keep hunting down tributes." Buck (6) comments and we shake our heads agreeing. We get even deeper into the woods, with Darius (2) and I taking the lead, while Buck (6) and the three girls stay at the guard behind. 

As we walk, I start to feel the strong wind and breeze coming. It is the strongest breeze I have ever seen in my life, and seems like a hurricane or even a tornado. It takes down trees easily and as they start to reach the alliance, we panic and start to run with no direction. Avoiding obstacles and jumping over trees fell in the ground, our alliance moves on quickly and pretty soon we are out of the danger zone.

Darius (2), who is pretty in the front, turns around. "Phew, the Gamemakers really think they are going to kill us that easily?" He comments, just as two weird figures emerge from behind. They seem like two twin brothers, but they have a pale skin, pale mouth and red eyes, so they technically are not even humans. As one of them wields a sword, the other one has an axe besides him.

"Look behind you, Darius!" Scarlet (2) screams, just as the first muttation stabs Darius (2) in the back with its sword. The second one does not lose time and shoves its axe in Darius (2)'s skull.


"No!" Komentia (0) shouts, just as Alicia (7) and Buck (6) advance against the mutt. I would attack too right now, but I am unarmed and that would only lead me to my own death. While Alicia (7) has throwing axes to take down the mutts, Buck (6) is unarmed but he is strong enough to take down one of these twin muttations with its own strenght. I don't think he will manage to kill them though...

As Alicia (7) throws an axe directly to the muttation that used a sword's heart, Buck (6) tackles the other muttation which quickly dodges. As Alicia (7) prepares to throw another axe, Buck (6) does not give up and attack again. This time, the muttation only gives a step to behind and shoves its axe on Buck (6)'s forehead. Before our ally could even drop to the ground, Alicia (7)'s axe finds the back of the mutt and they two fall together.


I facepalm myself as Alicia (7) retrievers her two throwing axes and the girls behind me sigh. We are all a bit sad due to the fact that we just lost two strong allies, but we are career tributes after all. We can show up that type of emotion live to the entire Capitol audience.

"I... I guess we should go back to the Cornucopia." Scarlet (2) sobs and we agree. Honestly, I don't want to spend even one more second right here.

Breccan Gateson - District 7

The sound of the two consecutive loud cannons make me snap my eyes open in fear. I turn to the side, and see Isaac (4) looking at the horizon. We have been sitting up this tree for the entire day since we finally ended up taking turns watching the guard and sleeping, and if I am counting it right, five tributes already perished today. It narrows down the number of tribute alives to only twenty-three competitors. It means that more twenty-two deaths, and I will be finally back home for Lillian. I wonder how she is watching me from her television, how her eyes must be fixed to the screen, carefully paying attention at my movements. I hope I will not disappoint her.

Up at the sky, another bizarre portrait starts to appear hovering the arena. The clouds are overshadowed by a flag surging out. The flag is coloured with red and white lines, and underneath the flag, some words start to form. "Canada Day". I have no idea of what that means.

"Look," Isaac (4) says as we turn our head to the side and we see a huge tidal wave forming out. They collide with the trees and we hear some screams and footsteps from where the wave hit. Our first reaction to the tidal wave is jump off the tree and grab out our supplies. As my mentor earlier adviced me, I will only take the necessary before running, as the backpack can't be heavy if I want to flee fast.

Isaac (4) nods to some kind of pathway and we run together into the woods, running from the tidal waves. We hear the sound of water again, and it must mean that a second tidal wave is happening. We continue running, but then I see something coming in our direction. I spin my head around, just as I see the third tidal wave about to reach Isaac (4) and I.

"Get down," I manage to shout just as the tidal wave reaches me.

The strong flux of water contained in that wave makes me immediately get to behind, as the flow of the wave pushes me to behind. I bite my lips as the flow of the water continues bringing me to behind. I spin my head around, and see that a sharpy rock is in the way. If I don't manage to escape from this drift, I will probably lead to there and be killed by a rock in the center of my abdomen.

As I approach the rock, I let out a loud shout screaming for help, just as the water keeps pushing me to there. However, before my body could be pierced out by the sharpy point of the rock, some hand pushes me off the flow and I open my eyes in surprise.

"Thanks, Isaac." I whisper as he continues holding me by the hand. He is over a tree, and he seemed to do not find difficult in getting there. I guess swimming was not a problem for him, as he is from District 4. I am just thankful for him being in the right place right time. When the flow gets slower and calmer, he pushes me out of the water and I attrach myself to the tree.

We climb the tree, and sit over one of the treebranches. My supplies seem to be wet, but they probably are not prejudicted by the water. I retrieve my arrows and place them in my slingshot, preparing myself to kill when necessary. Before the tidal wave reached us, I was pretty sure that I heard screams and footsteps coming from near our old campsite. There are other tributes around here.

And just as I think, I see who it was. Coming from the opposite direction, a brown-haired girl surges running underneath the tree we are. She seems to be fleeing from something, and behind her, a blonde-haired boy follows. I can't recognize who they are, as the distance of me to the ground is making it impossible. 

From behind them, a giant crab surges out and it manages to get near to the blonde boy. The muttation pierces the left leg of the boy, and it makes him drop to the ground. Before the giant crab could kill the boy off, a knife surges from the nowehere and manages to kill the crab.

"Phew," I release a sigh, not realizing that I was kind of denunciating my location. From underneath, the boy and the girl who threw the knife look up to the treetops and see me. I finally recognize who they are. The district 4 girl - Isaac's district partner and the district 14 boy. The boy takes the spear to presumably throw at Isaac (4) and I, and I don't hesitate before shooting an arrow using my slingshot towards them.

Somehow, the arrow gets a slight curve at the air and hits another target. The district 4 girl. Isaac (4) looks at me, and I snap my eyes open.


"Nami!" The boy shouts as he kneels down besides her and then looks at the treetops where I am. Not hesitating, I jump off the tree with Isaac (4) and start to run in the opposite direction.

"I'm terribly sorry for killing your partner, Isaac." I say as we keep running.

"I... I guess you didn't mean to do it. No problem." He says, but still pretty affected emotionally.

I am such a failure.

David Johnson - District 13

The sixth cannon of the day sounds in the arena, and I immediately turn my face to Bell (9), as she sighs. We continue walking through the forest and the woods, avoiding plants and for now, we have been collecting treebranches and sticks enough to build our small hut in our campsite to protect our skin from the sun. Ever since we left our campsite and started our research for materials to build the hut, many bizarre things have been happening in the arena, but surprisingly none of them affected us. The noon is almost coming, and until now, we are pretty safe and sound.

Bell (9) adviced me to ignore the portraits, as she thinks that the bad things happen only to the people that look up to the clouds, but I doubt it is that easy. Somehow, the Gamemakers developed some kind of plan, a strategy to keep out the things going in the arena, as well as bringing action and fun to the Capitol viewers. I stopped to think what it could be, but Bell (9) told me that was stupid and we shouldn't care about it during the beginning of these Games. Maybe, she is right.

"I guess just this amount of treebranches is ok," she says, just as she picks more sticks from the ground and puts it over the pile of branches that she is already carrying. I nod agreeing and we prepare ourselves to return to our campsite. As we begin to walk back to the origin, I feel the sky getting dark and another portrait playing, but I don't look up to the sky to see it. I am keeping my promise to ignore that as much as I can. We keep walking, until something moves and calls our attention.

Out of the nowhere, the tree besides us catches in flames and collapses just behind Bell (9). She drives crazy and starts to run like a desperate chick into the woods, releasing the pile of branches from her arms. I follow her right behind, as I turn to the side and see the things around us catching fire suddenly. We keep running, and we are almost reaching our campsite...

"Wait!" She says, holding my arm and pushing me to behind. At our campsite, a huge lion is standing up, his pointy teeth and deep red eyes staring at our soul. The first thing I do is control the panic, and I keep myself at my place. Slowly, the lion starts to approach us and Bell (9) is doing something with her hand. I catch my breath deeply, but after holding for long minutes, I release a quick sigh. And that is enough to call the attention of the lion.

It jumps over us, running in our direction. Its huge paw stomps in my chest, pushing me to behind with an unbelievable strenght. I crop to the ground, as the region of my torax hurts and the pain rushes all through my body. The lion opens its wide mouth, and just as he jumps over me, a mace comes from the side and hits the muttation right at the skull.

"Are you ok?" Bell (9) says, holding tight her mace.

"Yes." I respond, my hands over my chest. "I guess"

"I'll finish it." She says, advancing against the lion and hitting it in the skull with her mace until he releases a groan and we have sure that the animal is dead.

The portrait that was playing stops and I lay over the grass. I look to behind and see that the trees on fire are not here anymore, which probably means the flames are over.

"Th-thanks." I say to Bell (9) as she nods. Ugh, I really hate this. Knowing that I have to reward someone who just saved my life... it will drive me crazy. I entered in these Games with the thought of me as the sole victor in mind. Now the only thing I want is to save Bell (9) the same way she did with me.

Weird how the Games change things completely.

Eliza Herader - District 10

The day is coming to an end, as the night finally invaded the arena by complete and if I am correct, the actual time is supposed to be 9 PM. The day has been pretty eventful, and we were lucky to do not face any risks or dangerous things. Our alliance decided to take turns, with two watching while the other two fall asleep, and I am in the guard right now with Connor (8). Casper (3) and Lavender (6) were watching last hour, and I barely managed to fall asleep, but anyway, we still have the rest of the night and the beginning of tomorrow to rest out.

"Connor, do you remember how many cannons sounded today?" I ask my guard partner, as he raises his eyebrow. We have been kind of ignoring each other since the death of Bonnie (5) yesterday and the runaway of our two previous allies Bell (9) and David (13), so I guess now is a good time to pull a conversation with him.

"Six. Two more than yesterday. It means there are... twenty-tributes still alive." He whispers, still looking at the ground as if he was awkward at the subject.

"Oh look, I guess they sent something to you." I say, and he raises his head up. Slowly raining down in our direction, a sponsor parachute comes falling down and reaches Connor (8)'s side. He opens a smile and pierces his hand through the parachute, and pushing off a scythe. His eyes wide open in surprise and admiration, as he continues examining the weapon.

Looking to the side, I see the woods shaking up and then suddenly, the ground underneath my feet startsto shake, throwing me side-to-side. Connor (8) looks at me in surprise, and then tries to rush to call Casper (3) and Lavender (6) but he stumbles when he is almost reaching the entrance of the hut. It isn't necessary to wake them up, as themselves do so when the earthquake gets stronger. They stumble out of the hut and the earthquake suddenly stops. I release a sigh of relief.

"Eliza," Connor (8) says, with a fearful voice.

"What?" I question.

"Slowly look behind you..." he says and I spin around slowly. Behind me, a tall and pale woman stands up with red eyes. She looks at we four and opens a creepy and marvelous grin. At both of her hands, she holds two barb wires and the edges of the wires, there are huge metal balls. I don't know if the blow of one of those balls is enough to kill someone, but I don't want to be here to figure it out.

We start to run, not looking behind, through the woods and plantations around this area, trying to avoid all the obstacles that enter in our front. Casper (3) is kind of unprepared to run, as he starts to feel tired quickly. Maybe because he was sleeping and he woke up suddenly, and did not have time to take a breath before we started to run like crazy people. He stumbles out and falls, and I kneel next to him.

"Come on Casper! You can continue," I say, just as Lavender (6) stops too and Connor (8) is forced to stay with us. "Come on! That woman is coming."

"I... I can't. I'm sorry, guys." He says, between long deep breathes. "You guys can go and I will try to face that woman. I can't promise I will exit the combat alive.

"We are not leaving without you." Lavender (6) assures him.

"Yeah, we will fight the muttation with you." Connor (8) says, showing his scythe. Casper (3) opens a smile, and manages to stand up.

"May the woman come." I say, as we four stand up as we were only one. Side to side, showing the Capitol that they are not to destroy our friendship. Quickly, the woman comes and approaches us. She opens an evil smile and begins to bounce her balls.

"Now!" Lavender (6) shouts, as Casper (3) and Connor (8) advance against the woman. The chaos is formed and I can't barely see anything from the combat, and then suddenly a sound surprises me.


Who was it!? Who was it!? Connor (8) or Casper (3)? My answer is responded by Lavender (6).

"No, Casper (3)!" She shouts, coming in his direction, just as the woman pushes Connor (8) off and swings her ball to the side of Lavender (6)'s head, breaking the skull of my ally quickly.


Before the woman could even target me, Connor (8) returns and shoves his scythe into the back of the muttation, making it collapse to the ground, probably dead.

Lying at the ground, I see the died corpses of Casper (3) with a huge circle wound in his chest, Lavender (6) with a broken skull and the creepy pale woman with blood pouring out from her back.

Right at this moment, something comes by behind and pushes me to the ground.

Adelaide Simmons - District 8

My eyes snap in alert as the second cannon in a row sounds through the arena and it makes me get even faster, trying to escape from the whole chaos. If I am correct, I am not in the same region where I was yesterday, somehow I feel that the earthquake pushed me and the other tributes to the other side and we did not even realize that it happened before we were already here. I am taking in consideration the fact that the area where I am right now has no plantations around, and the area where I was camping was totally filled up with these. 

Out in the distance, I see a tall and black-haired girl standing up, looking at three dead corpses at the ground. She seems unarmed, and with no ways to defend herself. She will be an easy kill, I guess. Stumbling through the arena, I discovered that there are many sharp and huge rocks at the ground, and it would be insteresting if... well, if I used them to kill other tributes. I would totally not do that if I was in my ordinary days, but I have no food left and just a little bit of water. I have no other way to survive but killing someone and attracting sponsor gifts.

I kneel to the ground and slowly select a big stone from the land underneath my feet. My hand finds the perfect rock, one which has sharp points to stab if necessary and it is heavy and solid, strong enough to break someone's skull in only one blow.

Once I am prepared, I take three deep long breathes and prepare myself for the attack. I feel better and calmer, and then, I start the plan.

Running quickly towards the girl, I arrive and use both of my hands to push the girl to the ground. She turns and tries to stand up, but I swing the rock towards her head, but the girl unfortunately is faster and dodges from the attack. She finds a way to put her left hand behind my leg and she pushes it, making me roll to behind. I quickly stand up back, and when I face the girl, I feel a blade quickly entering in my chest, piercing it like a scissor.

"Addie..." Connor (8), my district partner, whispers. I raise my head up and see that he is shocked, looking at me with dispair. I have seen his skills with a scythe. I'm sure that he was the one who threw the scythe at me. "I'm sorry..."

I can't even say a word, the walls of oxygen are quickly disappearing from my lungs and feels like that I can't even open my mouth. My life passes by quickly in my mind, my short and conturbed life.

My mother dying in the front of my eyes... My father being stabbed... The thief being killed by me... The other thief kidnapping me... My horrible life at the thief's hideout... My father taking me away... Me volunteering in the reapings... My tribute platform rising...

Connor (8) throwing a scythe to my chest... And I guess, that this is the end.

I manage to close my eyes, and force myself to release a sigh. Connor (8) kneels next to me, still trying to apologize but his words start to feel further. And then, everything goes all silent.


James Desmond - District 5

I wake up to the sound of a loud cannon booming. My hands quickly catch up my machete that I received from a sponsor gift and hold it tight, as they were expecting for someone to come and attack me. After waiting about three minutes and having sure that no one is out there wanting to kill and murder me, I flutter my eyes open and sit down. I lean my back againast an apple tree and relax for a while. Anyway, I was not finding a way to sleep so staying here will not bring me any problems later.

Staring at the outdoor paisage, I realize how much time I have been spending here, inside the arena. If I am correct, the last hour of the day will be coming soon and this means that the day will be ending up soon too. Three days here, not too much insteresting so far as there are still eighteen tributes out here, and I remember that the boy from district 5 died last year at the third day too. I have not been facing too much action lately, so I at least think that I can hold until tomorrow with no worries. Last year, the female tribute from my district placed at fourth, an amazing placing. I don't know if I will be able to survive that far, but I hope I do so. 

"Tisc," out of the suddenly, I hear a low noise. A quick and silent noise, and I only listened to it because I was in total silence. I nod my head like a manic, side to side, trying to locate the origin of the noise. I raise my head up and see that the tree besides me is about to collapse over me, so the first thing I do is grab my machete and roll to the front, dodging from the tree.

A Gamemakers' attack. Hm... I think they are not enjoying my lack of action.

Right at my front, another tree is about to collapse and just as I go to the side to avoid, it falls right over the place where I was. Something in a distance calls my attention, a glimpse of a brown hair passing by quickly, probably also avoiding from the crumbling trees.

Just like a flashback, the memory of yesterday when the girl from 1 appeared quickly to me just reveals to me who the girl is. Not hesitating, I run behind her. The Gamemakers are probably targetting us for lack of action, and I bet they want we too to fight against each other. They are putting up this plan to bring us to a showdown, and end with the little game of hiding.

Just as she looks at me coming behind her, she shoves her hand inside the pocket of her jacket and I prepare myself to the attack. Quick as a flash, the girl from 1 throws one knife at me, and it hits right at my shoulder. The pain makes me fall to the ground, and I howl in agony as the blood slowly pours out from my shoulder and lands in my hand. The girl smiles and comes in my direction, she probably is willing to finish me off already. She arrives next to me and just as she throws the second knife towards my heart, I roll to the side, avoiding the knife. 

My left hand quickly pulls off my machete from the ground just as she throws the third knife, and this time she hits me right at the left leg. I stumble and get on my knees, and she approaches me once again. Before she could finish me off, I reunite all of the strenght possible and stand up, tackling her to the ground. Once we are laying in the soil, both of my hand reach her neck and I start to press her against the grass, sufocating her to death. After about five minutes, she is still alive so I decide to end up with this agony as faster as I can.

I take my machete and swing it to her chest, pluging it right below her torax area. Her eyes wide open in pain, and she coughs up blood right at my face. The dried blood pours in my cheek, while I hear the girl from 1 shaking in agony.


I turn my head to her and see that her corpse is now quiet and laying over the grass. Her eyes continue open and the wound in her chest is still visible.

I crawl to underneath a tree and lay my head at the grass, trying to forget the pain from the wounds in my leg and in my shoulder. If I don't get medicine soon, I will probably die from infection but I try to direct my thoughts into another thing.

But I sadly can't find any.

Greyson Darlon - District 0

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