Hey guys. I'm keep going with my films mash-up games, and I have an awesome idea: a mentor games for a different version of the Third Quarter Quell.


  • You can mentor two tributes. (A male and a female)
  • I'll decide the tributes by
  • I'll create the tributes.
  • Enjoy...

Sign Ups

User Tribute 1 (M) Tribute 2 (F)
MySims -- --
8thYear -- --
Wesolini -- --
PrezzieSnow -- --
I.Am.Rue15 -- --
HappyHannah -- --
Tiger Lily29 -- --


District 1

Kenny Chesto: Winner of the 60th HG. Age: 30; Skills: Sword and strenght. Mentor=

Velorum Kombe: Winner of the 53rd HG. Age: 38; Skills: Knife Throwing. Mentor=

Cindy Star: Winner of the 69th HG. Age: 22. Skills: Bow and Arrow. Mentor=

Crestine Whill: Winner of the 47th HG. Age: 43; Skills: Axes. Mentor=

District 2

Briar Wellwood: Winner of the 63rd HG. Age: 28. Skills: Axes. Mentor=

Hepho Amberson: Winner of the 68th HG. Age: 25. Skills: Strenght and Hand-to-Hand. Mentor=

Demetria Annalise: Winner of the 70th HG. Age: 22. Skills: Throwing Axes. Mentor=

Missy Ventura: Winner of the 59th HG. Age: 31. Skills: Spear and Speed. Mentor=

District 3

Beau Fort: Winner of the 30th HG. Age: 70. Skills: Technology. Mentor=

Crucis Drago: Winner of the 31st HG. Age: 72. Skills: Leading/Smartness. Mentor=

Vic Landry: Winner of the 49th HG. Age: 42. Skills: Knifes. Mentor=

Valeria Rankinne: Winner of the 36th HG. Age: 52. Skills: Explosion/Electronics. Mentor=

District 4

Arron Garvin: Winner of the 71st HG. Age: 19. Skills: Trident/Trident Throwing. Mentor=

Francisc Tedt: Winner of the 58th HG. Age: 35. Skills: Net-making. Mentor=

Belle Whitewater: Winner of the 64th HG. Age: 25. Skills: Knots/Tridents. Mentor=

Savera Schuler: Winner of 46th HG. Age: 45. Skills: Swimming/Hooks. Mentor=

District 5

Sextus Nays: Winner of the 55th HG. Age: 38. Skills: Spear. Mentor=

Skeeter Hogton: Winner of the 61st HG. Age: 32. Skills: Hiding/Smartness. Mentor=

Phine Casseo

Agatha Posten

District 6

Krume Agheloa

Balthar Flam

Josyce Hadli

Virgine Rollo

District 7

Matthaws Vipointe

Keth Frableedan

Casey Hundlon

Ann Swaze

District 8

Fern Portu

Morey Bridmann

Misty Bull

Kelly Alicia

District 9

Dorthe Kirkly

Baron Galatt

Edha Frygai

Vibia Jardine

District 10

Otto Hayes

Tansy Fenug

Pliny Budd

Glesse Gabriella

District 11

Tood Lesave

Velvet Effe

Otillia Denise

Sue Rubbeins

District 12

Perft Christofi

Kern Holmex

Rosedina Flowers

Vinna Cerda

(I'll put tribute info later)

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