Hey guys, ready to the Hunger Games? I hope you enjoy too much. (It's my first Games and I'm brazilian, so understand if I mistake.)

You can create 2 tributes and 1 sponsor. <insert name here> testing

Rule Changes

Before After
The number of tributes are 24 The number of tributes are 48
Escorts and stylists

No escorts and stylists


The arena is divided into 4 sections: Sand Desert, Volcano Desert, Forest with High Trees and Forest with Small Trees. Cornucopia in center, with 4 bridges (one for each section.)

In white, water (if you touch this water, YOU DIE!)


Distrito Name: Age: Weapon:
1 (Male) Arran Harthorn 16 Sword
1 (Male) James Wil 12 Slingshot/Spear
1 (Female) Pearl Nite 17 Knife/Bow
1 (Female) Narissa Cora 18 Swords/Knives
2 (Male) Troy Ventura 17 Axe/Sword
2 (Male) Navy Wonders 16 Sword/Axe/Spear
2 (Female) Caitlin Lee 16 Axe/Sword
2 (Female) Bianca Luisa 18 Hammer/Sword/Knife
3 (Male) Michelangelo DeSantillo 15 Knives
3 (Male) Ryker Fuego 17 Sword Fighting
3 (Female) Kara Peters 15 Knife
3 (Female) Yumi Kishatata 16 Knives
4 (Male) Jake Odair 16


4 (Male) Mickey Mcalister 17 Trident
4 (Female) Jorie De Veu 17 Trident or Knives
4 (Female) Azoroa Undersea 16 Bow And Arrow
5 (Male) Jacob Gibson 12 Bow And Arrow/Knives
5 (Male) Alec Winters 17 Sword
5 (Female) Persephone Barias 14 Knives
5 (Female) Donna Green 15 Traps
6 (Male) Marson McKelley 17 Hooked Swords
6 (Male) Jonathan Ford 15 Axe/Knives
6 (Female) Katelynn Huxley 14 Knives
6 (Female) Tamora Summers 18 Knives/Bow And Arrow
7 (Male) Haunter Werrel 17 Axe/Spear/Dagger
7 (Male) Atlas Dunnin 16 Axe/Throwing Knives
7 (Female) Kee Stephee 16 Axe
7 (Female) Ira Spicer 17 Axe or Sword
8 (Male) Tiger Richman 17 Knives/Axe/Spear
8 (Male) Justin McBallow 16 Slingshot
8 (Female) Bellaline Sword 16 Darts/Axe
8 (Female) Esorellia Snow 17 Bow And Arrow
9 (Male) Eddie Volts 13 Whip
9 (Male) Ryder Blask 16 Sword/Knives/Spears
9 (Female) Annabel Welsburg 14 Stealth
9 (Female) Callie Grace 16 Knife
10 (Male) Lyle Gray 16 Bow And Arrow/Axe
10 (Male) Kevin Heron 18 Sword/Knives
10 (Female) Holly Horizon 18 Sword/Spears
10 (Female) Destiny Stone 15 Mace
11 (Male) Noah Greenwood 17 Javelin
11 (Male) Flint Hoffman 16 Knife/Strenght
11 (Female) Sylvie Scarlet 14 Knives/Bow
11 (Female) Blair Wilson 15 Sword/Axe
12 (Male) Jacob Pribe 14 Axe/Throwing Stars
12 (Male) Suodo Boardeen 16 Spear/Sword
12 (Female) Olympia Willings 16 Physical Strenght
12 (Female) Brendda Fent 14 Axe/Sword


You can gain money with: 1-Interviews, 2-Kills (if you kill one, gains 100), 3-Days (everyday, gains 75)

User Who Sponsoring
AshtonMoioLover Azaroa Undersea (4)
SkyTimeGirl Olympia Willings (12)
Trackstar Jonathan Ford (6)
Meatballlover Alec Winters (5)
Eleni12 Blair Wilson (11)
Tobi99 Jake Odair (4)
TheKatnissEverdeen Bianca Luisa (2)
Rue district11 Sylvie Scarlet (11)
Aquastar4infinity Bellaline Sword (8)
Gohungergames Jorie De Veu (4)
Dedejacob Jacob Gibson (5)
Polinarose Kara Peters (3)
Katelyn.danita Esorellia Snow (8)
RossInSA Annabel Welsburg (9)
SupaDollar James Wil (1)
Whatrbooks Persephone Barias (5)
Tothedoom Atlas Dunnin (7)

Items to send


Axe - 100

Knife - 75

Sword - 100

Spear - 100

Darts - 75

Rock - 50

Trident - 150

Bow And Arrow - 100


First Aid Kit - 100

Burn Spray - 100

Sleep Spray - 75

Pain Killer - 100


Water - 50

Fruits (Apple, Banana, Orange) - 75

Fruits (Pears, Melons, Strawberry) - 100

Roast Meat - 125

Raw Meat - 75

Complete Refection: Breakfast - 125; Lunch - 200; Dinner - 200

Other Things

Rope - 75

Sleeping Bag: Small - 75; Large - 125

Iodine - 100

Net - 50

Backpack: Small - 100; Medium - 150; Large - 225

Training Score/Odds of winning

District Name Age Score Odds
1 Arran Harthorn 16 8 4-1
1 James Wil 12 9 10-1
1 Pearl Nite 17 10 5-1
1 Narissa Cora 18 8 5-1
2 Troy Ventura 17 8 5-1
2 Navy Wonders 16 9 3-1
2 Caitlin Lee 16 6 5-1
2 Bianca Luisa 18 11 6-1
3 Michelangelo DeSantillo 15 8 11-1
3 Ryker Fuego 17 4 8-1
3 Kara Peters 15 7 9-1
3 Yumi Kishatata 16 8 14-1
4 Jake Odair 16 10 5-1
4 Mickey Mcalister 17 8 5-1
4 Jorie De Veu 17 10 4-1
4 Azoroa Undersea 16 7 7-1
5 Jacob Gibson 12 3 28-1
5 Alec Winters 17 8 12-1
5 Persephone Barias 14 6 17-1
5 Donna Green 15 6 17-1
6 Marson McKelley 17 8 13-1
6 Jonathan Ford 15 7 15-1
6 Katelynn Huxley 14 4 20-1
6 Tamora Summers 18 7 12-1
7 Haunter Werrel 17 6 14-1
7 Atlas Dunnin 16 10 9-1
7 Kee Stephee 16 8 12-1
7 Ira Spicer 17 5 16-1
8 Tiger Richman 17 6 17-1
8 Justin McBallow 16 7 15-1
8 Bellaline Sword 16 6 14-1
8 Esorellia Snow 17 5 18-1
9 Eddie Volts 13 4 31-1
9 Ryder Blask 16 7 19-1
9 Annabel Welsburg 14 7 22-1
9 Callie Grace 16 7 16-1
10 Lyle Gray 16 6 15-1
10 Kevin Heron 18 9 11-1
10 Holly Horizon 18 8 11-1
10 Destiny Stone 15 6 17-1
11 Noah Greenwood 17 9 16-1
11 Flint Hoffman 16 6 14-1
11 Sylvie Scarlet 14 7 20-1
11 Blair Wilson 15 6 18-1
12 Jacob Pride 14 6 21-1
12 Suodo Boardeen 16 9 16-1
12 Olympia Willings 16 9 15-1
12 Brendda Fent 14 5 23-1


Caesar Flickerman walks into the stage and show the tributes of The 51st Hunger Games faces. He calls all tributes to the stage. The Capitol chooses the following Top 3:

3rd-Jorie De Veu (District 4)

Caesar: How was the Reaping in your district?

Jorie: As always! Many peoples screaming for being reaped.

Caesar: You was volunteered or reaped?

Jorie: Reaped. Incredible. In my time, nobody volunteered!

Caesar: What you have to say to the Capitol?

Jorie: Madness! The Capitol is the most crazy place that I went.

2nd - Ira Spicer (District 7)

Caesar: If you can choose another district to live, which one you choose?

Ira: The Capitol, obvious.

Caesar: Two guys from your district fought, what you say to them?

Ira: Nothing. (The Capitol applauds.)

Caesar: Sure. (laughs) Good luck for you.

Ira: I know take care of myself (laughs)

1st - Arran Harthorn (District 1)

Caesar: How do you feel knowing that you'll have to face 47 persons?

Arran: Just 47? I face another 47 just to see the beautiful Capitol girls. (The audience goes crazy!)

Caesar: Wow! Do you think the Capitol girls pretty?

Arran: Obvious, the most beautiful girls in the Panem.

Caesar: Good luck! The last question: who are you target to kill?

Arran: Shouldn't speak, but is Sylvie Scarlet and Blair Wilson.


Placing Name, Age District Money
1 Arran Harthorn, 16 1 200
2 Ira Spicer, 17 7 100
3 Jorie De Veu, 17 4 50

Death Chart

Pos. Name, Age Dist. Killed How Killed By
48th Ryder Blask, 16 9 Exploded alive Narissa (1)
47th Holly Horizon, 18 10 Stab in the neck Jonathan (6)
46th Callie Grace, 16 9 Sword in heart James (1)
45th Katelynn Huxley, 14 6 Crushed head Azoroa (4)
44th Justin McBallow, 16 8 Spear on neck Arran (1)
43rd Kevin Heron, 18 10 Knife in throat Bianca (2)
42nd Eddie Volts, 13 9 Stone in head Donna (5)
41st Donna Green, 15 5 Knife in abdomen Pearl (1)
40th Brendda Fent, 14 12 Poisoned with water Troy (2)
39th Flint Hoffman, 16 11 Knife in heart Jorie (4)
38th Yumi Kishatata, 16 3 Spear on heart Jacob (5)
37th Tamora Summers, 18 6 Spear in temple Bianca (2)
36th Ira Spicer, 17 7 Knife in the neck Kee (7)
35th Lyle Gray, 16 10 Dart in the neck Blair (11)
34th Blair Wilson, 15 11 Sword in heart Arran (1)
33rd Jacob Pride, 14 12 Knife in face Arran (1)
32nd Jonathan Ford, 15 6 Poisoned with water Alone
31st Mickey Mcalister, 17 4 Exploded alive Alone
30th Tiger Richman, 17 8 Drowned Alone
29th Jacob Gibson, 12 5 Drowned Alone
28th Noah Greenwood, 17 11 Knife in chest Azoroa (4)
27th Atlas Dunnin, 16 7 Knife in neck Sylvia (11)
26th Narissa Cora, 18 1 Twig in Eye Alone
25th Esorellia Snow, 17 8 Knife in heart Haunter (7)
24th Suodo Boardeen, 16 12 Burned alive Alone
23rd Persephone Barias, 14 5 Burned alive Alone
22nd Destiny Stone, 15 10 Axe on head Ryker (3)
21st Ryker Fuego, 17 3 Knife in head Bellaline (8)
20th Azoroa Undersea, 16 4 Arrow in head Kara (3)
19th Michelangelo DeSantillo, 15 3 Severed head Mutt
18th Annabel Welsburg, 14 9 Eated alive Mutt
17th Bianca Luisa, 18 2 Knife in belly Bellaline (8)
16th Arran Harthorn, 16 1 Spear in heart Olympia (12)
15th Olympia Willings, 16 12 Trident in neck Jorie (4)
14th Marson McKelley, 17 6 Sword in chest Jake (4)
13rd Jorie De Veu, 17 4 Poisoned with water Sylvie (11)
12nd Sylvie Scarlet, 14 11 Poisoned with water Kee (7)
11st James Wil, 12 1 Axe in head Kee (7)
10th Troy Ventura, 17 2 Knife in abdomen Kee (7)
9th Kara Peters, 15 3 Sword in back Haunter (7)
8th Alec Winters, 17 5 Axe in leg Navy (2)
7th Navy Wonders, 16 2 Arrow in lung Kee (7)
6th Caitlin Lee, 16 2 Sword in temple Pearl (1)
5th Haunter Werrel, 17 7 Axe in shoulder Kee (7)
4th Kee Stephee, 16 7 Knife in belly Haunter (7)
3rd Jake Odair, 16 4 Arrow in heart Bellaline (8)
2nd Pearl Nite, 17 1 Arrow in temple Bellaline (8)
1st Bellaline Sword, 16 8 VICTOR!!


Pre Cornucopia

Narissa's POV

60 seconds. We're on top of metal plates waiting for the gong to start. I, my district partners and the tributes of 2 and 4 combine to kill as many people as we can. 50! The Capitol and my district are burning for this amazing Hunger Games edition. I look to the side and I scare with the amount of people who we'll have to kill, 36 tributes. 40! I need to prepare, my eyes have a target: a big backpack with a sword beside it! I'll detonate in Cornucopia Bloodbath. 30!

Tiger's POV

Is already 30 seconds, look to my partners and I feel that Esorellia is scared, can't judge, I'm also. 20! OMG, I can die in less than five minutes. I see a red backpack in my front. 15! Putting my left foot in front to have impulse.

The Games


Day 1 - The Bloodbath

In this moment, Narissa (2) screams and Ryder (9) unbalances and fall to the ground. His body explodes. BOOM!

3...2...1... Let the 51st Hunger Games begin!

The Cornucopia Bloodbath - Overview

GONG! Everybody runs to the middle of the Cornucopia, but the Careers are faster than the other tributes. Persephone (5) and Suodo (12) flee into the bridge that goes to Volcano Desert. Azoroa (4) takes down Katelynn (6) with a stab at the shoulder. James (1) chases Callie (9) with an axe in his hand. Kee (7) grab a backpack and goes to the bridge of Forest with High Trees. Holly (10) gets a a stab in the neck by Jonathan (6). BOOM! Her district partner, Kevin (10) see everything, but flees up a yellow backpack. James (1) cuts Callie (9)'s leg with his axe. Michelangelo (3) runs into the bridge that goes to Sand Desert. James (1) crosses a sword in Callie (9)'s heart. BOOM! Atlas (7) tries to kill Haunter (7), but Ira (7) stops it. Azoroa (4) kills Katelynn (6) kicking her head against a stone. BOOM! The cannon sound scares Jacob (12) that almost falls into the water. Justin (8) and Bellaline (8) grab some things in Cornucopia and Arran (1) throw some spears on them, one hits Justin (8)'s neck. BOOM! Bellaline (8) grab some weapons and flees to the bridge of Sand Desert. All tributes from 11 run into the bridge to the Forest with High Trees. Kevin (10) tries to steal some things of the Careers, but Bianca (2) finds and kills him with a knife in the throat. BOOM! Jake (4) grab weapons in the Cornucopia. Eddie (9) starts a hand-to-hand fighting with Donna (5). Mickey (4) handles Tamora (6) by the hair and throws it on the grass of the Cornucopia. Flint (11) comes back to the Cornucopia searching for weapons. Donna (5) takes Eddie (9) down and kills him with a stone in his head. BOOM! In this moment, a knife of Pearl (1) reaches the Donna's abdomen. BOOM! Olympia (12) and Jacob (12) reaches the Forest with Small Trees' bridge. Pearl (1) takes Donna's knife. Esorellia (8) cuts Yumi (3)'s leg with a sword. Troy (2) handles Brendda (12) by the hair and throws her into the water without any mercy. BOOM! Flint (11) grab a bag in the same time as Jorie (4), the girl takes a knife and shoves in his heart. BOOM! Jacob (5) steals a spear from the Careers. Esorellia (8) flees and Navy (2) up Yumi (3) by the neck, Jacob (5) throws a spear in his back, but he manages do divert and the spear reaches Yumi (3)'s heart. BOOM! Jacob (5) flees.

The bloodbath is over.

After Bloodbath

Caitlin's POV

We, the Careers, don't lose anyone in the Bloodbath. We got water, food and weapons. We're on a forest with high trees, we've teamed up with a boy from 7 called Atlas and other guy from 3 called Ryker. Our strategy is hide and attack without mercy when necessary.

Alec's POV

I escape from the Bloodbath with life, this is so important! My team rises, I met Kara (3), Tiger (8) and Annabel (9). We're on the Forest with Small Trees.

Haunter's POV

I can't believe when Ira (7) says that Atlas (7) tries to kill me. The district 7 are falling, I don't know where Kee (7) been. Me and Ira are on the Volcano Desert, and our strategy by now is get out this place tomorrow.

Esorellia's POV

Oh My God! I cut a leg of a girl! I can't believe! Me, Bellaline (8), Destiny (10) and Lyle (10) are on a terrible place, is a desert! I need that rains, cause our team don't grab any water in the Cornucopia.

Day 1 - The Statistics


The careers (Arran, James, Pearl and Narissa (1), Troy, Navy, Caitlin, Bianca (2), Ryker (3) Jake, Mickey, Azoroa and Jorie (4) and Atlas (7)) are on the Forest with High Trees. Needed: Nothing

The Eleven Alliance

Noah, Sylvie and Blair (11) are on Forest with High Trees. Needed: Weapons (specially, knives and axes)

The New Alliance

Kara (3), Alec (5), Tiger (8) and Annabel (9) still on the Forest with Small Trees. Needed: Food (specially, roast meat) and water


Marson and Jonathan (6) are on the Volcano Desert, near a enormous mountain Needed: Water, water and water!

Eight To Ten

Bellaline and Esorellia (8) with Destiny and Lyle (10) are on the big Sand Desert. Needed: Water, iodine.

Other Alliances

Kee (7) and Tamora (6)

Forest with High Trees; Needed: First Aid Kit for Tamora

Olympia (12), Jacob (12) and Jacob (5)

Forest with Small Trees; Needed: Food

Haunter (7) and Ira (7)

Volcano Desert; Needed: Weapons (specially, swords and knives)

Other Tributes (Alone)

Persephone (5)

Volcano Desert; Needed: Food and weapons

Suodo (12)

Volcano Desert; Needed: Water and iodine

Michelangelo (3)

Sand Desert; Needed: Any weapon

Kara (3)

Volcano Desert; Needed: Nothing

Day 2 - The Feast

The presents of sponsors falling to the sky in parachutes. Jonathan (6) receives 2 sets of water, Jacob (5) receives a Roast Meat, Sylvie (11) receives a knife and Annabel (9) receives water.

Mickey's POV

We have a new strategy now. We want over with these Games soon as possible. I, the tributes from 4 and Ryker (3) we'll be here to take care of our camp. The ones from 1 departed to the right and the ones from 2 to the left. I hope that they are able to kill at least ten tributes.

Kee's POV

Me and Tamora (6) are on the side of tree when we heard a noise. Tamora (6) says it will look at what caused the noise. Wrong choice. The careers fly in her. Bianca (2) launches a spear that reaches the temple of Tamora (6). I scream, but don't word. She's dead. BOOM! I just can think of running through the woods and my head didn't process all the recentt informations. Tamora (6) is dead; I need to find another ally. The voice of Claudius makes me stop.

"Hello, tributes! Right now start the Feast, run to the Cornucopia and you'll find a backpack from each district. You just can grab the backpack of your district, if you touch a backpack of another district, you die! In the center of table, an extra backpack. All you need are in the Feast. Go!"

My thoughts change. I run faster that I can to the Cornucopia.

Michelangelo's POV

I am the first to reach the Cornucopia. I see an orange backpack with the number "3" in the middle. I see other tributes coming, so I had to run. I grab the backpack from District 3 and I see Kee (7) kills Ira (7) with a knife in the neck for the backpack from District 7. BOOM! Haunter (7) screams with rage. He starts to chase Kee (7), but she flees into the bridge of Sand Desert. I run to the bridge of Florest with Small Trees.

Arran's POV

I grab the backpack from my district. I run to the extra backpack, but Blair (11) grab first. Run up to her with a sword in my hand and when she starts to open a scream, I shove the sword in her heart. BOOM! Shot her budy out and I start to take the backpack. I can hear Jacob (12) running behind me. I grab a pocket knife and cut his face when he jumps on me. BOOM! Pearl asks me if I need help, I agree. We dragged the bag to our camp.

Kills behind the scene

Lyle (10) dies after try to get the extra backpack. Blair (11) kills him with a poisonous dart in his neck. BOOM! Jonathan (6) dies after falling into the water. BOOM! Mickey (4) explodes after triesto grab the backpack from District 5. BOOM!

Day 2 - The Statistics


The careers (Arran, James, Pearl and Narissa (1), Troy, Navy, Caitlin, Bianca (2), Ryker (3) Jake, Azoroa and Jorie (4) and Atlas (7)) are on the Forest with High Trees. Arran and Pearl takes the backpack "1", Navy the backpack "2" and Azoroa the backpack "4". Needed: Atlas needs a Sleeping Bag.

The Eleven Alliance

Noah and Sylvie (11) are on the Forest with High Trees. Sylvia takes the backpack "11". Needed: Sleeping Bag for the two.

The New Alliance

Alec (5), Tiger (8) and Annabel (9) still on Forest with Small Trees. Annabel the backpack "9". Needed: Weapons (spears and bows)

The Eightallys (old Eight-to-Ten)

Bellaline and Esorellia (8) and Destiny (10) are on the big Sand Desert. Bellaline takes the backpack "8" and Destiny the backpack "10" Needed: A big sleeping bag

The Other Alliances

Olympia (12) and Jacob (5)

Forest with Small Trees. Olympia takes the backpack "12". Needed: Nothing

Persephone (5) and Kara (3)

Volcano Desert. Persephone takes the backpack "5" and Kara takes the backpack "3" ; Needed: Sleeping Bag

Other Tributes (Alone)

Kee (7)

Sand Desert. Takes the backpack "7"; Needed: Nothing

Haunter (7)

Chases Kee at Sand Desert. Needed: Water and food

Suodo (12)

Volcano Desert; Needed: Water, iodine and sleeping bag

Michelangelo (3)

Forest with Small Trees; Needed: Nothing

Day 3 - The Catastrophe

The presents of sponsors falling to the sky in parachutes. Persephone (5) receives a large sleeping bag, Alec (5) receives a sword, Atlas (7) receives a small sleeping bag and Annabel (9) receives bow and arrow.

Annabel's POV

I’m with Alec (5) and Tiger (8) hunting when I hear the Claudius Templesmith’s voice echoing in my ear.

“Hello, Top 30! We have a new message for you: all the sections will experience some kind of catastrophe. This is all for today.”

The forest with small trees starting to sink and water begins to rise in the height of my knee. Alec (5) dives and Tiger (8) rises on a large rock with grass. I call him to swim, but he can’t swim. He says “goodbye” when the waters set on his neck. I swim to the counter direction. BOOM! This cannon is for Tiger (8). Goodbye, my friend. I see other 2 people and they swim in my direction. One of them is dying drowned. BOOM! The other rise in an enormous rock, me and Alec (5) rise too. Her name are Olympia, from District 12, and the dead was Jacob Gibson (5).

Sylvie's POV

I and Noah (11) are on the Forest with High Trees when the ground starts to shaking. It’s an earthquake. We start running, but we find the Careers. Azoroa (4) throws a knife that hit the Noah (11)’s chest. BOOM! I scream and throws a knife in the Atlas (7)’s neck. BOOM! The ground shake and I see a tree falling in the Careers, a sharp twig hits the eye of Narissa (1). BOOM! I run into the opposite direction.

Destiny's POV

It is very windy and the hot sand hurts our legs. Esorellia (8) falls and Bellaline (8) can’t continue. We put our shirts in front of our faces to protect them. We look around and we find Haunter (7). His eyes are red and we surprise when he throws a knife in Esorellia (8)’s heart. BOOM! Me and Bellaline (8) run faster in different directions. I find Kee (7) and she says that Haunter (7) goes crazy because of food and water

Persephone's POV

I find Suodo (12) running from the erupting volcano. He joins my group with Kara (3). We flee into an opposite direction and another volcano enters in eruption. The flames reach our feet and I can see Suodo (12) being burned alive. BOOM! We run, but I see another volcano. The flames fly in my eyes. I’m blind. I feel the flames enter in my body and Kara (3) screams. I’m dead. BOOM!

Day 4 - The Mutts

Pearl's POV

I haven't recovered from the attack of the Gamemakers and my leg is tired. We lost three Careers, the sucker of the Atlas (7), Mickey (4) and the Narissa (1). We decided to pursue the other tributes and kill them. We left our campsite towards Sand Desert. After 4 hours of walking, we find three girls. I think that one is Bellaline (8), and the other is Destiny (10). Don’t recognize the third girl.

Bellaline's POV

The careers find us. I, Destiny (10) and Kara (3) running without a direction to follow. I feel a hand touch my leg, so I look to the side and I see Destiny (10) getting an axe in the back of her head. The axe is from Ryker (3). BOOM! I grab my pocket knife and I throw in his head. BOOM! Kara (3) takes me by the arm and I feel a blade, I don’t think two times, I and Kara (3) down with speed. Kara (3) takes her bow and points an arrow in the direction of the Azoroa (4)’s head. BOOM! We flee into the Cornucopia.

Alec's POV

I and Annabel (9) find Michelangelo (3). We’re hunting when we see a big wolf with pointy teethes. We run into the opposite direction. The big wolf takes Michelangelo (3) by the hair and shakes his head with teethes. Annabel (9) puts an arrow in the bow and shoots in the wolf’s head. It screams and cut Michelangelo (3)’s head. BOOM! This is the worst scene of my life. I take Annabel (9) and we run into the Cornucopia. There we find Bellaline (8) struggling with a giant bear. The bear look at us, and we run. Annabel (9) trips on a rock and I see the bear eating her alive. BOOM!I run.

Day 5 - The Second Feast

The presents of sponsors are falling from the sky. Sylvie (11) receives water, a rock and cheapest fruit.

Marson's POV

I hid this whole time, but I don’t have water and food anymore. I’m tired and I hear the voice of Claudius.

“Hello, Top 17. You all need that backpack containing a trident and a complete lunch. So we invite you for the Second Feast! This is all for today.”

I don’t think two times, I run faster that I can toward the Cornucopia. I really need that.

The Second Feast - Overview

Bellaline (8) and Alec (9) are the first to reach the Cornucopia. The two start the search for the backpack. Bianca (2) arrives and approaching Bellaline (8) by the back. Bianca (2) flies in Bellaline (8), but she is faster and sticks your knife in the belly of the Career. BOOM! The others careers hear the cannon and run into Cornucopia. They surround the two. In this moment, Olympia (12) arrives and throws a spear in Arran (1)’s heart. BOOM! Alec (5) and Bellaline (8) take advantage and run in the opposite direction. Marson (6) arrives and starts a sword fighting with Troy (2). Jorie (4) takes her trident and throws into Olympia (12)’s neck. BOOM! Haunter (7) arrives and steals some things of the Careers. Sylvie (11) takes the rock of her sponsor and throws in Troy (2). He falls and Marson (6) when will kill it, Jake (4) kills him with a sword in his chest. BOOM! Kara (3) arrives and sees Jorie (4) flees with the hidden backpack, she screams and Jorie (4) unbalances and almost fall in the water. Kara (3) takes the backpack and runs. Sylvie (11) tips Jorie (4) on sea with a dart in neck. BOOM! Sylvie (11) laughs, but she can’t see Kee (7) coming from behind and pushing her on the water. BOOM! The Careers starts to run, but Kee (7) pursue them. Caitlin (2) tries to hit her with a knife, but Kee (7) is faster. She throws an axe in James (1)’s head with ease. BOOM!

After the Second Feast

Pearl's POV

Now the Careers is just four, – I, Navy (2), Caitlin (2) and Jake (4) – we are 9 in the morning and 5 thirty minutes later. Troy (2) arrived from the Second Feat with a knife in the abdomen. I don’t know who kills him, but we’ll avenge his death.

Kara's POV

I'm with the backpack and I get the trident with a complete lunch. I need an ally, tomorrow I’ll search for Bellaline (8) and Alec (5). I just trust them.

Kee's POV

I kill many peoples today. A girl from District 11 and two Careers, James and the sucker of Troy. I hope that the sponsors like this.

Day 6 - The Normal Day

Alec's POV

I’m with Bellaline (8) and Kara (3). The Gamemakers destroy the Volcano Desert, the Sand Desert and the Forest with Small Trees. Now we are in the only part don’t destroyed, the Cornucopia. The careers and other tributes are on the Forest with High Trees in the part don’t destroyed. We are prepared for anything, the Gamemakers never rest while we're here. My thinking is the same till Claudius stops it.

“Hello, Top 9! The Gamemakers give a normal day to you. This is all for today.”

I can hear the screams of people who are far away. I'm glad, but I think two times cause the Gamemakers can give this information just to cheat.

Haunter's POV

I decide that I go to Cornucopia, not to pick up items and yes to kill some enemies that I know who’ll be there. There I find Kara (3), Alec (5) and Bellaline (8). They don’t observe me, they are sitting in front of Cornucopia, I've been behind and shove a sword on the back of Kara (3). BOOM! Bellaline (8) see me and go out running toward the bridge, in this moment the Careers comes running. Navy (2) throws an axe in my direction, I below and I see the axe reaching the Alec (5)’s leg. BOOM! I steal Alec (5)’s backpack and I run towards the Cornucopia. Bellaline (8) faces the four only with a sword. At that moment, Kee (7) arrives and throws an arrow that passes through the lung of Navy (2). BOOM!

Caitlin's POV

Navy (2) is on the ground bloody with the eyes wide open in my direction. The fury takes care of me and I scream like I never screamed. Kee (7) falls from the tree and runs with Bellaline (8). I fall and Jake asks for me to raise. My legs are tired, all from my districts are dead. Pearl (1) asks if I want to continue. I say no. She says that she’ll have to sacrifice me. I agree. Best she kills me in that position than the others tributes. I close my eyes and I feel a sword enter in my temple. Jake (4) says goobye. I’m dead. BOOM!

Bellaline's POV

We run, but I hear a cannon. The Carrers killed Haunter or Haunter killed a Career and fled. Kee (7) is weak after jumps from the tree. We stopped at one point of the Cornucopia where nobody can see us. Now we’re just 5. I, Kee (7) and other three tributes. The final day is coming.

Day 7 - The Final Top 5

Jake's POV

I and Pearl (1) are on the Cornucopia sitting on top of the Horn. Haunter (7) fled to the forest, but we don’t know where Bellaline (8) and Kee (7) are. Maybe they are hidden here, but I and Pearl are tired and possibly they are also. We were without food, but my sponsor sent me food. We wait until the night fall, and we hear sounds of footsteps approaching us. When I see, the trident is already in my hand and Pearl is holding a spear. We look around and we see Haunter (7) eating a wild goose with a knife in neck. He screams and fled into the Cornucopia.

Kee's POV

I and Bellaline (8) are on a good sleep when I hear Haunter (7) screaming and running in our direction. Immediately I grab my axe and put it in my shaky hand. Haunter (7) can do everything in your state of madness. Bellaline wakes up and makes a strange sound, both Haunter (7) as Careers may now look at us. Get up and I do a look of superiority. I need to get stronger. Bellaline (8) rises too with a small knife hidden in her right hand. Haunter (7) is with a knife in his hand. So I need to be careful. The Careers are quietly and wait until I or Haunter does some sudden movement, but I'm smooth because Bellaline (8) is behind me giving cover. Haunter screams and in an act of desperation I throw the axe across his shoulder. BOOM! I look him and I see that the knife is no longer in your hand. I look down and I see a knife inserted in the middle of my belly. I'm bleeding too much. Bellaline (8) screams and runs into the Forest with High Trees. BOOM!

Pearl's POV

After the death of the idiots from 7, I and Jake are chasing the only one who is missing in the list, Bellaline (8). I think in killing Jake (4) soon here and now, it will save work, but I remember that without him perhaps Bellaline (8) kill me. After I kill him. My plan is simple; I kill Bellaline (8) and then kill Jake (4). The night falls and we decided that we will hunt down Bellaline (8) tomorrow. Good night, dead tributes.

Day 8 - The Final Day!!!!

Bellaline's POV

Me, Pearl (1) and Jake (4). We are the only ones remaining in the 51st Hunger Games. In the beginning, we were forty-eight and now we are just three. I am hidden in a tree here in the forest and know that I will not be here for a long time. For sure the Gamemakers are inventing a plan to get me out of here towards the Careers. I take this time that I have to drink the water that was in the Alec (5)’s backpack and some fruits that stole from Sylvie (11). I think in a strategy to win the Careers. I can't face the two at the same time. That would be suicide. Maybe if I give a way to bring just one into the forest, or even hide in Cornucopia and kill the two in the back. One way or another I have to prepare, so I put two knives in the jacket and I secure my bow. I think a quick plan, but efficient to kill the Careers. They that wait for me. I’ll win these games.

Jake's POV

Me and Pearl (1) are on the Cornucopia. We're not talking with each other, but we combine to kill Bellaline (8) together as a team. We are lying in the soil of the Cornucopia looking the artificial Sun in the top of arena, when we hear something like the sound of a cannon. What?! Cannon! I and Pearl (1) get confused, what to do? What to do? Bellaline (8) died, but died how? A mutt? We don't hear any mutt screaming. And if it was a mutt, why it would put on top of her only? I and Pearl (1) look to the sky and we prepare for any type of mutts. Maybe the Gamemakers want me and Pearl (1) in a fight for the life to have a climax in the Games. No mutt comes; I and Pearl have to kill each other. I look at Pearl (1) and she is with a huge grin plastered on her face. I don’t think two times, I run and I feel a blade and I turn putting my trident in front of the head, was a knife of Pearl (1). She runs behind me and I increase the speed. We started to give a lap in the Cornucopia. Don't think of anything else, just run. Pearl (1) stop and I fell on the floor, because my legs are tired. I’m fragile and Pearl (1) may kill me the time that she wants to. I hear she giving a breath of relief and she sends me close my eyes. She says it will be the fastest possible. I close my eyes. I wait by the fatal blow, but I just can hear Bellaline (8) coming and releasing your arrow in my heart. BOOM!

Pearl's POV

Omg! She’s alive! Bellaline (8) is alive! I run towards the forest and she haunts me. I throw some knifes in her, but she is faster. I'm desperate, I'm in her hands. I stop and I see that there is another way, say to she kill me as soon as possible. I see her putting the arrow at the tip of the bow and shoots in my direction. The arrow troughs my temple. I lost the Hunger Games. She wins! BOOM!

And the victor is...

Bellaline Sword

Age: 16

District: 8

User: D8lover

Congrats to D8lover's Bellaline Sword!

And thanks for everyone who participated!

Soon: 52nd Hunger Games!

After Games

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