Hey guys, now I'm hosting my second Games! The first was a sucess (I think :D), so enjoy!

Are you really ready to 52nd Hunger Games?


After the 51st Hunger Games, the Gamemakers still hunger and need more action and tribute's blood. HAHA! The edition of this year gonna be AMAZING! The past victors have to enter in arena again!


  • The number of tributes back to 24 (one boy and one girl for each district); but the President changes the rules and now is 36 tributes. (2 tributes and 1 past victor.)
  • Reapings, chariots, interviews
  • Number of sign up:
  • Tributes (2 per person)
  • Escorts (2 per person)
  • Stylist (2 per person)
  • Mentor (1 per person)
  • Sponsors (1 tribute per person)
  • The gifts of sponsors: Chariots (1st - 3 gifts; 2nd - 2 gifts; 3rd - 1 gift), Interviews (1st-2 gifts), Day (every day you gain 1 gift), Kills (every kill you gain 1 gift)
  • Who participated of my previous Games, gain 1 additional gift



The arena is a big swamp with a enormous mountain in the centre and a beach in the sides. The mountain is green and full of grass. The arena is green and beautiful. The Gamemakers will make some type of disaster when the tributes least expected it.



  • Sword
  • Knife
  • Throwing Knives (x10)
  • Spear
  • Mace
  • Axe
  • Throwing Axes (x4)
  • Bow And Arrow (x18)
  • Trident
  • Rocks (x12)
  • Blowgun And Darts (x12)


  • Bread
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear)
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach)
  • Dried Beef
  • Raw Beef
  • Complete Refection (this cost 2 gifts)


  • Burn Cream
  • Freeze Cream
  • Bandages
  • Pain Killer
  • Antidote (for poison)
  • Band Aid (x10)
  • Sleep Spray


  • Water (2 bottles)
  • Iodine
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Net
  • Night-vision Glasses
  • Blanket
  • Map of Arena (this cost 2 gifts)
  • Tribute Localizator (this cost 4 gifts)
  • Backpack: Small (1 gift); Medium (4 gifts); Large (8 gifts)
  • Plastic piece
  • Rope
  • Empty Backpack


District Name Age Weapon/Skill
1 Male Excalibur Rose 17 Scythe/Whip
1 Female Nescaliar Bohemia 13 Whip/Sword
2 Male Alexander Jameston 17 Spear/Strength
2 Female Saffron Ventura 15 Throwing Knives/Bow
3 Male Nicholas Sharp 13 All Weapons/Strength
3 Female Bella Whitewater 14 Knife/Trident/Bow
4 Male Tide Watercrest 17 Trident/Sword
4 Female Karen Moriharu 18 Bow And Arrow
5 Male James Lore 17 Knife/Sword
5 Female Demi Campbell 14 Blowgun
6 Male Wren Hayes 17 Sword/Knife
6 Female Terri Rosedain 16 Whip/Blowgun/Knife
7 Male Wally Bentley 17 Axe/Mace
7 Female Sasha Selenta 17 Bow And Arrow/Knives
8 Male Hunter Malone 17 Mace/Axe
8 Female Lisa Richards 17 Bow And Arrow
9 Male Matthews Conaugh 16 Knives
9 Female Hira Kane 18 Strenght
10 Male Gunner Pann 15 Sword/Knives
10 Female Ruby Hollows 12 Blowgun & Darts
11 Male Gold Mickle 14 Twin Hooks/Kung-Fu
11 Female Aayla Thermon 18 Spear
12 Male Gorge Gregory 17 Bow And Arrow
12 Female Anastasia Louisa 17 Bow And Arrow


Sponsor Tribute/Mentor
TheKatnissEverdeen Anastasia Louisa (12)
threshisbest Gold Mickle (11)
Whatrbooks Gunner Pan (10)
Masterofmuffs Wally Bentley (7)
LittleRedCrazyHood Saffron Ventura (2)
Gohungergames Karen Moriharu (4)
CatchingFire1236 Rose Brooke (12)


Dist. Name Male Female
1 Violettea Stone

Chariot-white tux

Interview-black tux with red shirt and blue tie

Chariot-Long white crystal embellished gown

Interview-white flouncy dress with nude pumps

2 Gafieltd Vigh

Chariot-A pharaoh clothe with black and a golden hat.

Interview-A sexy pharaoh design with very black.

Chariot-A white cleopatra dress with some spots in gold. The hat have gold and it's very shiny.

Interview-A black short Cleopatra dress with white in the top spot and high heels.

3 Poppy Doyle

Chariot-sea green suit with a white tie and buttons, also his shoes are loafers which are white like his tie.

Interview-Sea blue shirt, white shoes that are the color of sea foam, and a white jacket that have a sea blue zipper.

Chariot-Sea green dress that goes down to her ankles, strapless, and a cartagan that is goes to her hips. Her shoes are white flats that are bedazzled.

Interview-Sea blue dress that's goes up to the top of her knees and she has White pumps that when she walks they sparkle. They have lace on the outer edges that are sea blue. Her dress is strapless.

4 Coranne Beff

Chariot-A merman coustume with a gold crown on his head.

Interview-A blue tux with dress shoes

Chariot-A big sea blue dress,a gold tiara on her head, neatly curled hair, green high heels

Interview- A Big green dress with blue high heels, and a silver tiara

5 Hinger Yru

Chariot-The shirt and the pants are hidden by a red plaid with gray smoke coming out for it, this is nuclear. The hat have a model of solar painel

Interview-A dark blue tuxedo with a light blue shirt showing inside

Chariot-A gray strapless dress with two propellers, one in each shoulder spinning don't stop. The hat have a model of solar painel.

Interview-A bright red dress with pink glitter.

6 Ivette Jeffrie He has on a black and red leather racecar driver's jacket that's unbuttonned/unzipped all the way down so you can see his chest clearly. On his chest there are black tire marks with a hint of red glitter on them.He's wearing red and black racer pants, or whatever the pants that race car driver's wear are called. He wil have a black helmet with red flamedesigns on it, and he can choose if he wants to wear it or just hold it underneath his arm. He has on no makeup or nailpolish, and he is wearing red and black nike trainers. She is wearing a 2 piece sort of outfit, with blak short shorts, a red and white checkered belt made of the same strechy aterial as the shorts, then nothing all the way up to her breasts where she is wearing a cute black and red sporty half-top with a large red and white checkered collar. She will be holding a red and white checkered flag and is instructed to wave it around. Her nails will be painted white and black checkered style, she will have on cherry red lipstick and dark (but not black) eyeshadow that realy pretty looing, not goth or trying too hard. Her hair is made to look flowy (If it's not already) and natural looking. She's wearing 1 inch black and red heels.
7 Moss Thorne The first male will wear a wooden wreath,he will wear a gladiator like outfit, a wooden chestplate, with a tunic made from lively cloured leaves under it, and cape made of leaves, the leaves also change colour to autumn colours. The other guy wears a tunic made of silk and paper,he wears a cape made of white paper like fabric.He will wear a wreath of leaves. Both males wear wooden shoes. A long dress.The top part of the dress is made of green silk ,and the rest of the dress is made of lively green leaves all the rest of the way down, the colours will change to autumn like colours, she'll wear a crown made from a branch with buds growing on them. The other girl wears another dress, the top part of the dress is made from white silk,the rest of the dress is made from paper as far as the knee the ends of it look like scrunched up paper and it unravels into a longer dress in an origami type of pattern, her crown will be made from a branch again and has leaves and flowers blossoming. The shoes for both females are high heels made of wood.
8 Francis Exprezo

Chariot-A gray texudo (the texudo have many textiles) with a rainbow in pocket.

Interview-A white-red texudo with clippings of new about the District 8

Chariot-A long white dress with the final tips make with any textiles colorful. Purple velvet,orange wool,black cotton,green silk,pink polyester,gray mesh

Interview-A dress with roses made of silf in tips and clippings of news about the District 8

9 Bya Tharena

Chariot-A big tuxedo with little cottons representing the grains made in the district 9. The pants are gray with transparent glass pieces and when a light hits the glass, it reflects a hologram of plantation of grains.

Interview-A yellow/green tuxedo and pants with a green hat. When you touch the hat, many cottons are released and happens a rain of grains

Chariot - It's a short dress with textures that give a idea of a plantation of grain. She has gloves with shiny silver glitter. Her high heels are made of little corn pieces.

Interview- A yellow green with the sleeves made of a special type of a cotton. The hat is a light green, when we touch her hat, many cottons are released and happens a rain of grains.

10 Elodie Evonne Lucian

Chariot-He has an outfit relatively the same as his partner, except he doesn't have the diamonds on his boots or tunic, on the boots there is embroidery in the same patttern as his partner.

Interview-He has a black jacket on over top of a white shirt. He is wearing black dress pants and black dress shoes. His hair is spiked up.

Chariot-She is wearing a pair of jeans torn at the knees, tan cowboy boots, with a diamond floral pattern embeded in them. She has a white tunic on, with the same pattern in diamonds as her boots. She has a cowboy/girl hat woven out of straw. Her hair is in two braids down her back.

Interview-he has a shimmery silver dress on, and white high heels. She has diamond necklace and earings on, her hair is up in a Hollywood bun, with a white braided headband.

11 Janelle Maria

Chariot-a shimmery beige formal-ish muscle shirt, that appears to be made of golden wheat, and jeans. A wreath on his head made of golden wheat. His hair is spiked up, and he wears no shoes.

Interview-A black tux with golden embroidery on the edges, in just one line.

Chariot-She wears a dress that looks like it has been weaved of gold, shimmery wheat. She also wears no shoes, and has a golden wheat wreath on her head. Interview: She wears a strapless black dress with green, gold, silver, purple, blue, red, orange and yellow desgins, that up close look like a cornucopia of fruit, vegetables and grains, but from far away, just looks like a pretty desgin. Her hair is left down, and she is wearing a white headband and black flats.
12 Violet Waterson

Chariot-a dazzling sky blue with white horses. the male will wear: a red and black tux with a white undershirt, a black tie, and sky blue shoes. the tux is mostly red.

Interview-a soothing white tux with light yellow shoes.

Chariot-she will wear: a dress that is white at the top and when it slowly goes down to a glowing red at her ankles. It has beautiful flowers at the top that are a sky blue that matches the chariot. she also has heels on that are white

Interview-a dress that is light soothing yellow with beautiful gems on it and when she spins they glow a rosy pink. the dress will go up to her ankles. her shoes are a dazzling white.


Dist. Name, Age Style Mentoring
1 Lulu Adams, 23 How to survive alone (without any help)
2 Annanda Swelve, 32 Teach how to kill and run. The advice is "kill many as possible"
3 Fred Full, 79 Stay alive
4 Marissa White Fight for what you want, if you believe in yourself you can win.
5 Jerry Thurman, 31 Grab the best weapon and kill who's around you
6 Kailia Brewer, 31 Avoid drama and get what you can without putting your life in danger
7 Sara Kallita, 44 How to use an axe for everything.
8 Bellaline Sword, 18 How the weapons work
9 Wes Flotto, 33 Teach them how to survive in any arena
10 Omar Karov, 45 Kill the weaker opponents
11 Mark Johnson, 22 How to survive an encounter with the careers and how to paralize other tributes w/ only hand-to-hand or any type of martial arts.
12 Rose Brooke, 25 How to survive in the wild, not to go into the cornucopia unless there is something near by, and the first thing to do is find water.


Dist. Name, Age Appearance
1 Malum Amator, 34 Dark red hair, green eyes, covered in tatoo's
2 Barney Zandra, 48 He is old, but looks young. Green hair with silver eyes. A clear gray on skin. Always use a enormous green hat.
3 Jack Daes Sexy and sweet with no clothes and purple skin
4 Isiah Nulfo, 25 Light blue skin with a long blue hair and dark blue eyes. His lips are yellow and his feets are colorful, ugly.
5 Cassie Saints, 24 Her hair is covered with a with a notable green ink. Her eyes are blue and her fingers are painted with bright glitter.
6 Derek Lovegood, 26 The only word to describe him is purple. Purple curly hair, purple eyes, purple lips, purple caridgan, and Purple loafers. The only things not purple are his white pants and white neck.
7 Gemma Riverwall, 23 Long curly bright orange wig, dark skin, Orange eyes (dyed), usually wears clothes matching her hair color Thin. Bubble gum pink tattooes.
8 Seema Devalcourt, 19 Young with old appearace. His pink skin and light purple hair gives a crazy air on her face.
9 Lya Krito, 27 Purple hair with red-orange eyes, pink eyeshadow and a long dress with fluorescent flowers with red, blue and green. Tattos in gray.
10 Yolanda Mime, 25 Small with the golden hair and little pink spots on face. Pink eyes and dark purple eyeshadow. Red flower tattos.
11 Facta Rescial, 30 Normal. A white skin and a strong black in her hairs. Her eyes are crazy, pink/red. Her body is covered with yellow transparent textiles.
12 Sybill Summers, 23 Tall and beautiful. She wears a shocking bubblegum pink dress with very tall high heels and pink lipstick and a long, curly, bubblegum pink hair to match.


District 1 - Nescaliar's POV

I wake up nice. Should be crazy or desperate because today is the Reaping, but I know that surely someone else will volunteer at my place in the Games. In my district, all of the young people want to be in Games, they sure will win. My older brother, Nemorioh, calls me for breakfast. He is prepared to volunteer, I don't worry. He will win those games. How do I know? He prepared all his life, since the 5 years. I don’t prepare all my life, because I always told my father that I wanted to be a simple housewife.

I eat my breakfast and I dress myself with the simplest clothes that meeting, I am going there just to ride. Ride. I go down the stairs and my brother is stopped at the door. He embraces me; maybe this is the last time that he sees this House. If they win, it will change. If you lose, will die. But I don’t believe in the second option.

We arrived at the square of our district and are crowded with people. I see many girls dressed in long dresses and charming. Everything to looks good to the Capitol’s eyes. Our escort of the year is a guy who has a strange appearance than the escort of the last year. But it’s ok, I'll watch it just once.

When he starts to speak, the screen explodes into a white light. Is President Zactito. With his old and finished mouth it begins to speak:

“This year’s Games have a new special rule: all the victors of past years will have to come again in the arena, one from each district. This is all. Bye-bye.”

All Panem must have seen this, immediately several people start yelling. Are afraid of the past victors. In my district, we have many victors, everyone knows kill as nobody.

Let me think; now it’s 24 new tributes and 12 past victors. 36, yeah, 36 tributes this year.

The fear settles into my body, maybe no one wants now to volunteer.

The escort says: “First the ladies”. Oh My Gody, it’s me? No, can’t be me. “Nescaliar Bohemia!”

Sh*t, sh*t, I wait some voluntary, but all I can hear is the sound of crying. Cry of my brother. I rise in the stage.

“Congratulations, Nescaliar!” Congratulations, are you kidding me? “You are in the 52nd Hunger Games! Now the boys”

Finally the pressure comes out; no one else is looking at me with a pity face. I am now a tribute from District 1.

The escort grabs a name in the ball and pronounces the name: Juliann Voluto. He’s a stupid in sports, cool, now I’m the 2nd weakest tribute.

A boy screams loud: “I volunteer.” Sh*t again, why in my time no one volunteered? These girls are fearful. Sh*t.

He rise in the stage and the escort asks his name. Excalibur Rose. The male tribute from District 1.

Now the victor, the scorts takes a name: Lulu Adams.

All the victors should volunteer; they will only fight against children. Maybe they have a soft heart too. Lulu rises in the stage and look at us with a pity face.

The escort ends the Reaping and I see the face of my brother lost in tears.

District 2 - Annanda's POV

I wake up and I see my baby child crying. Oh, he’s so cute. I grab him to the kitchen, I serve your porridge and I eat my breakfast with a little smile on my face, I have a hunch that the Reaping will be great. I have sure that the young victor is from my district. Sure.

I grab my baby and I leave him in his dad’s house. I can't take care of him while being mentor of the games. I get the square of my district and I see my partner, Forbben, he turned deficient after winning their games because a boy from District 9 sets a sword in his legs. I say “hi” and stay on his side while we watching new tributes being reaped.

The escort of my district, a man called Barney, is very old and it was he who led my reaping. Like always, he starts with ”first the ladies.”

In this moment, the screen explodes into a white light. Is President Zactito. He looks old. He it begins to speak:

“This year’s Games have a new special rule: all the victors of past years will have to come again in the arena, one from each district. This is all. Bye-bye.”

What? Are him kidding with my face? I killed another 23 tributes and run the risk of back to arena?

The escort laughs and finally grabs the girl’s name: Demetria Carvola.

Her name is horrible, but ok. A fearless girl screams: “I volunteer”. The escort calls her, and she starts raise into the stage.

“What’s your name, darling?” The girl talks in the microphone: “I am Saffron Ventura and I have 15 years.”

Wow, she’s very bold.

“Now the boys.” Barney is laughing while speak the boy’s name. “Alexander Jameston.”

Many boys starts to volunteer, but him speaks that he was chosen, not the others.

Barney laughs again, and again. I’m tired when he says:

“Now the past victors.”

The fear enters in me, like in my first Reaping. I breath and he says the name: Forbben Genelist. Oh, no! He is deficient and for sure the Gamemakers won't deliver wheelchairs in Cornucopia. But the sponsors. Wait, for sure no one wants to sponsor a deficient tribute. So in the heat of the moment, I scream: {C}

“I volunteer as tribute.”

Forbben is crying and say thanks to me. I save your life, but a question remains: I saved my own life?

Barney laughs again and comments: “This will be the best edition of all.”

District 3 - Nicholas's POV

I Wake up and my mother screams my name. What was that I did now? I go down the stairs and my grandfather, who was the winner, is in the room waiting to talk with me. He hid my mother and me to the Capitol’s hand. But now they know and will pick me for the Games.

“Are you ready?” He talks with his old mouth.

“Not.” I answer

“What? You don’t prepare him, Carolina?” Now he talks determined and with a rabid look on her face.

“I didn't know they would find out.” She screams.

“C’mon, Nicholas!” The fear enters in me, my grandpa goes crazy. “We go to the Reaping”

“Wait!” screams my mother

“No!” He screams and grabs me. I enter in your old car. And it gives me some tips and asks me why I'm good?

“Strength, speed and I know use many weapons.”

“Good, at least isn’t completely unprepared.”

We ride into the Reaping square and our escort starts the Reaping. He’s naked? Oh, no! His transparent look is awful.

“Okay, District Three. Let’s start the reaping.”

In that moment, the screen explodes into a white light. Is President Zactito. With his awful face it begins to speak:

“This year’s Games have a new special rule: all the victors of past years will have to come again in the arena, one from each district. This is all. Bye-bye.”

Oh my god, our district just has only a victor in 51 years, my grandfather. I look him, his face begins to open a smile, maybe he wants very much to kill other 35 tributes or if I am chosen, it will help me.

“First the ladies.” The escort grabs a name, Bella Whitewater. I know her. She is the girlfriend of my best friend. Look at his face, he is with his mouth open and eyes opening two tears.

The escort greets her. And say with a sarcastic voice: “Now the boys.”

He grabs a name at the ball: “Hugo Santiago.” My best friend, the two tears fall on your face and I scream: “I volunteer.”

I’m ready; I can win these Games with ease. I’m good. So when I go to the stage, I recall. My grandfather. He’s going into the arena with me. I don't want to kill him, or see someone kills him.

“Now the past victors.” There is only one name on that ball, but the escort pretends that has many names. “Fred Full.”

He climbs on stage and I hug, we will be together in that arena.

Chariots Ride


Place District Capitol Comments
1st 6 Great! The idea of car in transportation is awesome and the boy was amazing.
2nd 7 Awesome! The clothes are very good and beautiful.
3rd 2 Awesome! The idea of Cleopatra and pharaoh represents very good the district.
4th 3 Amazing! The good dresses represents the beauty of the District.
5th 8 Amazing! The many textiles in dress sounds good.
6th 4 Very Good! The district's clothes are very beautiful and the girl's design was amazing.
7th 12 Good! The clothes are amazing, but the theme flees a little.
8th 11 Good! The District 11 surprise me. The clothes are amazing.
9th 1 Good! Beauty, but too simple.
10th 10 Normal! Isn't the best design, but worth it.
11st 9 Normal! Isn't a surprise and the designs aren't good.
12nd 5 Awful! The district 5 isn't the worst design in the all-time, but in this edition.

Training Score

Just the tributes have training scores, the Gamemakers banned the mentors.

District Name Age Score Odds
1 Excalibur Rose 17 9 5-1
1 Nescaliar Bohemia 13 7 11-1
1 Lulu Adams 23 - -
2 Alexander Jameston 17 8 3-1
2 Saffron Ventura 15 9 5-1
2 Annanda Swelve 32 - -
3 Nicholas Sharp 13 8 11-1
3 Bella Whitewater 14 6 15-1
3 Fred Full 79 - -
4 Tide Watercrest 17 10 5-1
4 Karen Moriharu 18 10 4-1
4 Marissa White - - -
5 James Lore 17 7 14-1
5 Demi Campbell 14 5 19-1
5 Jerry Thurman 31 - -
6 Wren Hayes 17 8 15-1
6 Terri Rosedain 16 8 15-1
6 Kailia Brewer 31 - -
7 Wally Bentley 17 7 14-1
7 Sasha Selenta 17 9 17-1
7 Sara Kallita 44 - -
8 Hunter Malone 17 8 16-1
8 Lisa Richards 17 5 20-1
8 Bellaline Sword 18 - -
9 Matthews Conaugh 16 5 23-1
9 Hira Kane 18 6 22-1
9 Wes Flotto 33 - -
10 Gunner Pan 15 4 26-1
10 Ruby Hollows 12 3 43-1
10 Omar Karov 45 - -
11 Gold Mickle 14 7 16-1
11 Aayla Thermon 18 5 18-1
11 Mark Johnson 22 - -
12 Gorge Gregory 17 6 16-1
12 Anastasia Louisa 17 9 13-1
12 Rose Brooke 25 - -


3rd-Gorge Gregory (12)

Caesar: How do you feel about... training scores?

Gorge: They don't help me. I have a 6, just 6. The Gamemakers don't see my best.

Caesar: Wow! Are you good in...

Gorge: Doesn't matter.

Caesar: But...

Gorge: Wait. My time is over. Bye.

Caesar: Crazy!

2nd-Sasha Selenta (7)

Caesar: Hi!

Sasha: Hi, Caesar! I love you! (lie)

Caesar: You are sweet, but I'm work. Tell me about your life in District 7.

Sasha: Axes. Lumber and axes. I love axes. Axe is my favorite word. I resume: axe.

Caesar: What you like in Capitol?

Sasha: The interviewers. Kidding. I love the streets. Full of buildings, in my district we have few buildings.

Caesar: Okay, bye Sasha.

1st-James Lore (5) [gain 2 gifts]

Caesar: Ok, James. Tell us about your district. Power, right?

James: Yes. Power and energy. We have a construction of a new generator able to supply the needs of 10,000 homes at once.

Caesar: You are in more of 1,000,000 homes now. Once. Give a message to all Capitol people.

James: You are amazing, Capitol people. The best people that I ever know (lie).

Caesar: Haha! You are so adorable! Bye, good luck!

James: Bye, Caesar.

Death Chart

Placing - Name District (Killed how/Killed by)
36th - Matthaws Conaugh 9 (Knife in chest/Saffron (2))
35th - Nescaliar Bohemia 1 (Knife in heart/Marissa (4))
34th - Mark Johnson 11 (Dagger in neck/Nicholas (3))
33rd - Wren Hayes 6 (Cut by trident/Karen (4))
32nd - Sasha Selenta 7 (Decapitate by sword/Hira (9))
31st - Hira Kane 9 (Decapitate by sword/Sasha (7))
30th - Gorge Gregory 12 (Knife in the back/Hunter (8))
29th - Annanda Swelve 2 (Knife in mouth/Unknown)
28th - Nicholas Sharp 3 (Mini-knife in neck/Gold (11))
27th - Demi Campbell 5 (Spear in heart/Excalibur (1))
26th - Lisa Richards 8 (Knife in chest/Tide (4))
25th - Fred Full 3 (Unknown/Marissa (4) or Lulu (1))
24th - Ruby Hollows 10 (Eaten alive/Catfish mutt)
23rd - Terri Rosedain 6 (Eaten alive/Catfish mutt)
22nd - Gunner Pan 10 (Eaten alive/Catfish mutt)
21st - Aayla Thermon 11 (Eyes off/Falcon mutt)
20th - Wes Flotto 9 (Eaten alive/Falcon mutt)
19th - Sara Kallita 7 (Eaten alive/Falcon mutt)
18th - Jerry Thurman 5 (Burned alive/By the lava)
17th - Wally Blentey 7 (Trident in chest/Karen (4))
16th - Bella Whitewater 3 (Cut by spear/Lulu (1))
15th - Marissa White 4 (Rock in head/Omar (10))
14th - Kailia Brewer 6 (Body crossed/Sharp rock in tsunami)
13rd - Saffron Ventura 2 (Arrow in heart/Rose (12))
12nd - Excalibur Rose 1 (Knife in chest/Bellaline (8))
11st - Lulu Adams 1 (Rock in abdomen/Omar (10))
10th - Hunter Malone 8 (Trident in heart/Karen (4))
9th - Karen Moriharu 4 (Dagger in neck/Bellaline (8))
8th - James Lore 5 (Gator machete in belly/Gold (11))
7th - Omar Karov 10 (Dagger in stomach/Bellaline (8))
6th - Gold Mickle 11 (Dead by trident/Tide (4))
5th - Alexander Jameston 2 (Arrow in chest/Anastasia (12))
4th - Bellaline Sword 8 (Eaten alive/Wolf mutt)


Anastasia's POV

My platform raised and I enter in the arena. 60. The clock starts. The Cornucopia in centre and a big swamp around her. We're on our plates that are surrounded by green and dirty water with sand that increasingly resembles other metal plates and Cornucopia. We'll have to swim or wait for our plates are closer to the Cornucopia. I swim faster than the others. I have to swim. Wow! It’s already 30 seconds.

Saffron's POV

30! I look to the other careers. They love me. And I have to use this love for kill them later. Later. The target of the moment is the other tributes. I hate the girl from 6 and the small girl from 10. I'll kill them with ease. 15! My eyes are on a mace in the top of the Cornucopia. I’ll take this.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Let the 52nd Hunger Games begin!

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Cornucopia Bloodbath - Overview

GONG! Some tributes fall on water and start to swim. The others are stopped in the metal plates waiting the plate move into the Cornucopia. The new Careers arrive first and open the Cornucopia that is closed for 4 doors. In the first, water. In the second, weapons. In the third, weapons. In the fourth, backpacks. The Careers grabs some weapons and leave the backpacks in the interior of Cornucopia. Matthaws (9) is the second to arrive. It comes out of the water and immediately Saffron (2) throws a knife that hits his chest. BOOM! The old Careers come and begins to pick up things from the Cornucopia. Alexander (1) asks if they want to start a partnership and they say: “no”. Bellaline (8) arrives and flees into the swamp with just water in hand. Nescaliar (1) orders the Old Careers stop grab backpacks. Marissa gets angry and shoves your knife in her heart. BOOM! The Old Careers flees with many things, less Annanda (2), who wants to kill old tributes. The plates join the Cornucopia and all tributes invade. Fred (3) falls on the ground. Mark (11) is kill him, but Nicholas (3) throws a dagger that hit Mark (11)’s neck. BOOM! Hira (9) and Ruby (10) grab some water. Karen (4) throws a trident in Wren (6) that is stealing their backpacks. BOOM! Gold (11) and Aayla (11) runs with nothing in their hands. Terri (6) flees into the swamp with a dagger. Sasha (7) pushes Ruby (10) and starts a sword fighting with Hira (9). James (5) grabs a small backpack and flees. Sasha (7) and Hira (9) decapitate each other with a sword at the same time. BOOM! BOOM! Everybody watches Rose (12) and Anastasia (12) runs together in direction of the swamp. Gorge (12) shouts the name of them, but they don't listen. Hunter (8) listens and throws his knife in Gorge’s back. BOOM! James (5) and Demi (5) make a double and begin to work together. Annanda (2) tries to kill Wes (9), but a unknown tribute tips her with a knife in the back of the mouth. BOOM! Bella (3) calls for Nicholas (3) and Fred (3), the old man falls and Nicholas (3) raises him. For the back, Gold (11) throws a mini-knife in Nicholas (3)’s neck. BOOM! Fred (3) screams, but Bella (3) stops it. Kailia (6) flees after a hair fighting with Lisa (8) that left the girl from 8 on the ground. Demi (5) starts to pursue other tributes, until Excalibur (1) shoot a spear in her heart. BOOM! James (5) flees after her death. Sara (7) and Omar (10) flee together as a team. Jerry (5) steals a sword of Alexander (2) and runs. Tide (4) climbs on top of Lisa (8) and starts to cut her neck. She screams. He ends the work sticking his knife in her chest. BOOM! The New Careers are looking for Gunner (10) who manages to escape using camouflage.

The bloodbath is over.

After Bloodbath - Terri's POV

I put my dagger in the pocket. I sit in a small tree in the shadows. Finally it gets dark and we can hear the cannons. 11! From 36 tributes, 25 still alive. I eat the fruits around the Cornucopia. Good! The anthem, the Capitol symbol and finally, the faces. Wren (6) and Keilia die (6). I know now. The first face is the girl from District 1, - Wow! At least, one New Career dies. -, the female victor from 2, - here it goes one Old Career -, the boy from 3, the girl from 5 and my surprise: Wren. I don’t know why, but my eyes close in this moment. I open my eyes. I have to see the others killed tributes. The girl from 7, the girl from 8, the new tributes of 9, the past victor from 11 and the list ends with the boy from 12.

Day 2 - The Secret Mutts

The presents of the sponsors fallen on parachutes. Gold receives a gator machete, fruits 2 and a blanket. Rose receives bow and arrow and water.

Bella's POV

I put my backpack in my arms and I wake Fred (3). He can’t stay here. Any Career could kill it easily. It baba tells something you don't understand and he drools in my feet and tells something that I don’t understand. What? Down? He drools more and tells me: “Down”. I get down quickly and a blade passes over my head. I run, but Fred (3) falls. He drools and screams: “Go!” I think in go back, but I see Marissa and Lulu approaching. “Bye, friend.” “Bye” He drools and I feel Marissa and Lulu arriving. BOOM! The cannon fires, Fred (3) is dead, I have to run.

Ruby's POV

I hear a noise from the water. I go to the river looking for that noise. I look to the side. A catfish mutt. I just have time to shout. The monster is on top of me, give me big bites and I hear someone. It’s too late. The cannon fire. BOOM!

Gunner's POV

“Ruby!” The mutt looks at me with the bloody teethes. I look down to run, but I see Terri (6) with a bow and arrow in the hands. Her arrow crosses my heart, I see the mutt jumping on her and her scream. BOOM! She dies, I can survive. My legs make me raise and I feel the catfish jump on my back. BOOM!

Gold's POV

My sponsor gives me something’s. Aayla (11) is eating a papaya when we hear some steps. I put my knife in one hand and my backpack in the other. Aayla (11) says that she wants go. I’ll make the cover. She walks and a falcon mutt take her eyes off. BOOM! Sara (7) and Wes (9) hear the cannon and come into our camp. I run and I watch the falcon eating the two alive. BOOM! BOOM! These last minutes are bizarre.

Alexander's POV

We didn't kill anybody today. But we hear seven cannons. Tonight, the faces appear in the sky. First, the anthem. Later, the capitol symbol. And now, the fallen tributes. The first face to appear at the sky is the old man from District 3, after him, the girl from 6, the victor from 7, the victor from 9, both new tributes from 10 and the girl from 11.

Day 3 - The Disasters

Rose's POV

I and Tasia (12) are next to the big mountain, when the Claudius’ voice starts:

"Hello, Top 18! All the mentors can survive. In one requirement: 23 tributes have to die. When just one tribute remains, and you are a mentor alive, you are crowned victor. Ah! If you are on the mountain, run. Run fast."

What? We can’t understand. In this moment, the ground starts to shake. Earthquake. We run leaving our supplies to back. We see the other tributes falling on the ground, it’s a disaster.

James' POV

Jerry (5) is celebrating. If one tribute remains, he survives. The earthquake makes us fall. Jerry (5) laughs, but I see. I see the lava down the volcano. I scream. But he didn’t hear anything. The lava takes him by the legs. He tries to run, but the lava is stronger. I flee into the forest. BOOM! The cannon fires and I hit my leg in a rock. I sit. The lava is approaching. Someone takes me by the arm and starts to drag me. Wally (7). He’s from District 7, he knows the forest. We run, but the Careers are in the front of us, Karen (4) is holding a trident. She throws it in my direction, but I divert and the trident hits the Wally (7)’s chest. BOOM! When the cannon fires, the Careers run. The lava is approaching. Sorry, Wally. I run faster that I can into the forest.

Marissa's POV

I’m running. Lulu is faster than me. She can run miles away. We see Bella (3) sick with the leg full of fire, burned. I approach, but I see that one of the Lulu’s spears hit her faster than I. BOOM! I'm scared, while another earthquake happens. I fall on the ground and Lulu is running. She abandoned me. I hear another tributes coming, Bellaline (8) and Hunter (8). Something calls their attention. They run and I see Omar (10) with a big rock. He throws the enormous rock in my face. I don’t have time to scream. BOOM!

Tide's POV

While the third earthquake happens, we see an enormous wave. It’s a tsunami. The other careers run, but I and Karen (4) stay. It’s the perfect scenario for us. We can swim like nobody else in our district. The tsunami is coming, when hugged a tree and we see Kailia (6) being carried out by the wave. She starts screaming like crazy. She is carried out at high speeds. From the back, she hit a sharp rock that crosses her body. BOOM! The worst death of all. In my opinion.

Excalibur's POV

Oh, finally the disasters over. The earthquake, the volcano, the tsunami. The Gamemakers need more. We all want to go home, escape this damn arena. But they need blood, and we have to give. I count in my fingers, we are the Top 13. In three days. In three days, twenty-three of us were scratched on the map. Who’s the next Gamemaker’s victim?

Day 4 - The Feast

The presents of the sponsors fallen on parachutes. Karen receives bread and bow and arrow, Gold receives a small backpack, Tasia receives water and small backpack.

Gold's POV

My search of one hour worth it: finally I find Rose (12) and Tasia (12). I put my things in the small backpack of my sponsor. Inside, three knives, fruits and iodine. Very important. We make a camp, put our things into our backpacks. We’re talking and laughing, and Claudius Templesmith speaks:

“Hello, Top 13! You have a surprise: a feast. It’s not food, it’s not backpack. Are special things. In the top of the table, you find a tribute localizator, a map of arena, two night-vision glasses, a small plastic piece and a rope. Be careful. Very careful. Bye, may the odds be ever in your favor.”

I look to Rose (12) and Tasia (12). A smile enters in their face. In mine, too.

Karen's POV

We all want to go to the Feast. This is all. We all go. When we arrive at the Cornucopia, the Cornucopia is empty. Nothing. And from nothing, a big table comes out in the front of the Cornucopia. We all run, but as we approached, an arrow hits the heart of Saffron (2). BOOM! From the woods, Gold (11), Rose (12) and Tasia (12) are with many weapons. In this moment, another career screams. BOOM! Excalibur, from District 1, is on the ground with a knife in the middle of his chest. Bellaline (8) and Hunter (8) arrives with many weapons. They are surrounding us and we have just a simple plan. The oldest plan of all time inside the Hunger Games. We have to kill them. I grab my trident and other cannon fires. BOOM! This time, is not a Career. Well, actually is, but isn’t one of ours. Is Lulu (1)! The center of her abdomen is with a big rock in it. Omar (10) arrives with another rock. Wow! The number is increasing. We have to kill them fast. I grab my trident, and in a desperate act, I throw it in Bellaline (8). In a way that I didn't expect, the trident makes a big curve and hit in the heart of Hunter (8). He falls on the ground, bleeding. BOOM! I grab a night-vision glasses and I starts to run. Bellaline (8) can reach me. I’m running like a crazy, a stupid. I don’t see where I'm running and I don't want to see. Maybe, Bellaline (8) are in my back with a knife in hand, waiting to hit my precious body. I don't want to see my own death. But I have to see, well the destiny is wrong. I fall in a rock when I reach the forest. Bellaline (8) is on top of me with a dagger in her hand. She laughs. “Well, who is the Career now?” In crazy act, I scream with anger: “Me!” In this moment, she shoves the dagger in my neck. Damn. I’m dead. BOOM!

Anastasia's POV

Hahaha! Tide (4) and Alexander (1) are with fear holding only a single rope. They run fast. We laugh, but we see Omar (10) approaching. We grab the Map of Arena and the tribute localizator. He laughs, and the laughing stops. Suddenly, stop it. Will someone kill him? When we back, James (5) is holding him with a knife in the old man’s neck. I have free to scream. But we wait, we wait James (5) kill him and then we'll kill James (5). Simple. But we have a problem, they make an alliance. Then we will have to act, we can’t expect them to kill us. “Gold, throw!” Gold (11) rises and they try to escape, but the Gold (11)’s gator machete enters in James (5)’s belly. BOOM! Omar (10) screams and we run into the forest with what we grab in the Feast. Now we know where the tributes are. Hahaha!

Day 5 - The Top 7

Bellaline's POV

Hunter (8) is dead. Now we are the Top 7. The Capitol is burning with bets. My leg is tired, when I back to Cornucopia after the Karen (4)’s death, there was nothing on the table. The little tributes pick up everything. I have to go hunting today to be able to survive. If I had that damn tribute localizator. Now is not the time to complain, I will do something much better. I’ll kill. I grab my dagger and I start walk toward the river. I bet as the two Careers will be there. Start the hunt.

Alexander's POV

I and Tide (4) are on the river. Is impossible stay closer to the mountain/volcano and the beach is flooded. This part is the only in the whole arena in which the tributes can survive. That is, the remainder of tributes should be around. We hear a noise. The noise is strange and looks like little steps. We run. The steps are approaching. We have no other choice. Our destination is the bloody Cornucopia. We run, run, run and finally, we arrive. The Cornucopia is bloody and the ground is wet. We look around, looking for the other tributes. Nothing. Nothing so far. I'll confess the next seconds I can't understand.

Tide's POV

Gold (11) arrives from the woods and throws a knife that almost hits my feet. I grab my trident, but I hear other steps. The others are approaching here. I look to my left; Alexander (2) is on the ground with Rose (12) on top of him. I throw my trident, but Rose (12) runs and the trident lies in the middle of the Cornucopia. I run to grab my trident and Omar (10) arrives, he is with his stone. My legs stop by inkling. A dagger passes in front of me with strength and precision. Is from Bellaline (8). BOOM! I can see Omar (10) on the ground with the dagger that had hit me penetrated in the stomach. Tasia (12) calls Rose (12). I grab my trident and I throw. It shoves in Gold (11), who sacrificed himself by the two. BOOM! I think in run, but Alexander (2) calls my name. He is dragging up to me. He comes to my feet and says: “Run!” In this moment, an arrow for Tasia (12) is housed in the middle of his chest. BOOM! He coughs blood on my pants and I run, scared.

Rose's POV

Gold (11) is embraced on my feet, dead. Tasia (12) is collecting the supplies of Alexander (2) and grab her arrow full of blood. Suddenly, the Cornucopia turns into a hell. Many fireballs are falling from the sky and the fire formed a circle around us. Tasia (12) flees into the swamp. I don’t think two times, I run behind her.

Day 6 - The Final Day

Tide's POV

Now, I’m alone here. All Careers are dead, but I can’t give up now. I take my last trident and my last knife and I put in the Alexander’s backpack. I’m ready, and I know that Rose (12) and Tasia (12) have a tribute localizator and a map of arena. They know where I am. So I have a plan, I run in circles between the trees, they will be confused and will think that the machine broke. After about 20 minutes playing my plan, I stop. My legs are tired, but I can’t stop moving. I sit in the shadow of a big tree, and someone calls me. It’s Bellaline (8). I grab my knife and I hide it behind my body, I can throw it in a second. She laughs and shows me a dagger. Her dagger. She throws at my direction, but with calm and tranquility. I ask her why she’s giving me this. In this moment, a monster with a form of wolf begins to rip her head. BOOM! The cannon fires, and immediately I throw the dagger at the head of the wolf. He falls dead. I grab her dagger and I cut a piece of my arm. The localizator.

Anastasia's POV

We hear one cannon, who was? Bellaline (8) killed Tide (4) or Tide (4) killed Bellaline (8)? Maybe, a mutt killed someone. Suddenly, I remember. Bellaline is dead. If Tide died, we would be victorious. I and Rose (12) connect the tribute localizator. Not Tide (4), not Bellaline (8). Nobody, just us. Bizarre. “Rose, we need hunt.” She knows what kind of hunt is this. We gonna kill the other tribute alive. We walk into the forest inside, and we see many beautiful flowers and plants. Oh, if that was not poisonous, I would take to my family. We see Tide (4) with a sick arm, I put an arrow in the bow. When I shoot, he talks: “No. We don't have to kill each other.”

Rose's POV

“What?” I say with air of distrust. He screams: “This is what the Capitol wants. You kill me, and I kill you. But we need not obey. We already kill other thirty-three tributes. Is not enough?” “Truth.” screams Tasia (12). “They don’t command us.” We start to laugh and shouting that we aren’t care about Capitol. Suddenly, silence. The arena makes a big silence. In this moment, the volcano explodes again. If we don’t kill each other, the arena kills. The ocean turns into a big wave coming in our direction. An explosion happens in the sky. Tide (4) covers the ears and falls in a defense form. Tasia (12) screams something and brings me down with a punch in my ear. I cover my ears, and the one that Tasia (12) hit is bleeding. I make a defense form, and Tasia (12) repeats. I think she and Tide want to kill me, because they begin to talk. I take my hands off my hear and I try to grab a knife. In this moment, another explosion happens. These burns a little part of my hair and I think that makes me deaf, because I can’t hear nothing. I regret taking my hands off of my ear. Now, I can see a hovercraft grabs Tasia who is lying on the ground. I think that Tide (4) killed it. And her cannon? Well, I'm deaf and might not have listened. I know that Tide (4) is grabbed by a hovercraft. But I haven’t killed him, and he is standing. What was that? Now, I’m grabbed by the hovercraft, and I can make some kicks on the machine. When I get in the main room, Tide (4) and Tasia (12) are sitting, alive. When I arrive, Tasia comes up to me and says: “We are the winners!” My thoughts are confused and I can pronounce a single word:



Tide Watercrest

District 4

Age: 17

Creator: MySims

Anastasia Louisa

District 12

Age: 17

Creator: TheKatnissEverdeen

Rose Brooke

District 12

Age: 25

Creator: CatchingFire1236

After Games

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