Hey guys, I'm hosting my fourth Games. My first and second were good, but the third was a fail (stupid camp!).

I'll do the reapings and the Games.

The stats and localization of your tribute: Stats

Remember, you have to send messages to your tributes everyday. If not, your tribute die.


Sem título

Welcome, welcome! All Panem habitants have to listen this message. This message will change Panem forever. The Hunger Games of this year will be a little different. The Capitol downs and now the district 2 takes over, but the district 2's habitants can't feel safe. A 54th Hunger Games with 140 tributes, 10 from each district and the Capitol are the new special rule. Just one tribute can win, just one. And don't think about a new rebellion, because we are the new Capitol.

-With pleasure, President Josue


I go on pages and you can put five tributes. I want just name, age and weapon. The backstory I will create.

Name Age Weapon
1 Maroon Cutter 15 Throwing Knives
1 Jonathan Backdon 16 Spear/Mace
1 Renton Lecord 18 Bow and Arrow
1 Royce Deneath 13 Axe/Slingshot
1 Wilbur Flight 14 Knuckles/Sword
1 Violet Purple 17 Bow and Arrow
1 Ariette Malice 16 Sword
1 Amanda Thorne 16 Throwing Knives
1 Ingrid Frey 16 Sword
1 Maybelle Samillia 16 Knives/Sword
2 Charles Lopez 18 Spear
2 Cholo Werdair 18 Mace/Gun
2 Dusk Flares 16 Sword/Mace
2 James Will 16 Spear/Slingshot
2 Josef Mars 18 Strenght/Spear
2 Veronica Sunstone 18 Bow and Arrow
2 Nichole List 17 Knives/Bow and Arrow
2 Rose Jubely 16 Spear
2 Azariah Canatori 18 Bow and Arrow
2 Jamelle Peterson 17 Trident/Machete
3 Cody Baya 13 Electronics
3 Clark Westover 17 Blowgun/Throwing Knives
3 Dylan Mack 16 Machete
3 Eric Myer 15 Knifes
3 Johnny Wes 16 Sword/Technology
3 Camilia Demsorita 17 Technology/Knife
3 Cora Lessing 16 Trident
3 Inna Hearty 14 Technology
3 Miley Hians 17 Explosion/Electronic
3 Daisy Smith 16 Throwing Knives
4 Jared Holland 13 Trident/Crossbow
4 Davidson Cruan 17 Trident/Nets
4 Baez Rocca 13 Tridents/Machete
4 Ryden Ethfour 18 Nets/Rod
4 Charles Marcus 18 Bow/Knifes
4 Cascade Fen 14 Harpoon/Tridents
4 Drina Vox 16 Throwing Axes
4 Danielle Campbell 18 Tridents/Nets
4 Kelly Nicole 18 Trident
4 Brooke Lawman 17 Trident/Spear
5 Percy Vest 17 Mace
5 Gabriel Slaver 18 Throwing Knives
5 James Medorra 18 Blowgun/Crossbow
5 Hugo McDonny 15 Spear/Mace
5 Mercury Silver 12 Speed/Spear
5 Nina Camberlit 16 Sword/Edible Plants
5 Katie Sundapple 15 Sword
5 Katelyn Danita 14 Archery/Strenght
5 Atana Sundai 17 Sword/Knife/Dagger
5 Chesire Farraway 17 Speed/Agility
6 Ferd Hard 14 Sword/Axe
6 Stewart Wilson 14 Sword
6 Jaser Leif 17 Spear
6 Farse Ridge 12 Rocks/Slingshot
6 Rom Dill 18 Speech
6 Cassandra Castle 16 Haliberd
6 Maye Brennett 16 Stealth/Smartness
6 Julliana Peas 13 Speed/Slingshot
6 Lyvia Weba 14 Jump/Speed
6 Carol Alter 16 Faking/Many weapons
7 Hellio Faria 18 Axes/Knives
7 Tommy Randy 14 Camouflage/Axes
7 Gilliam Farse 16 Axes/Rocks
7 Justin Rodriguez 16 Throwing Axes
7 Gold Michael 14 Twin Hooks/Kung-Fu
7 Bindy Ashton 15 Axe/Climbing
7 Priscilla Grimoire 17 Dagger
7 Peyton Krei 17 Axes/Knives
7 Opal Remmington 16 Dagger
7 Veronica Driftwood 17 Bow and Arrow/Knife
8 Aaron Coin 18 Strenght/Knife/Axe
8 Clay Maya 18 Strenght/Maces
8 Pulse Nerron 16 Electricity/Wires
8 Joshua Lucc 18 Strenght/Leading

Patrick Scaife

12 Hiding/Dagger
8 Silken Dimity 16 Throwing Knives/Bow
8 Tyta Alladore 14 Whip/Blowgun
8 Alaska Nole 18 Mace
8 Marrah Levion 15 Scythe/Edible Plants
8 Erika Myer 15 Knifes
9 Fin Whittle 14 Sword/Axe
9 Blake Whittle 13 Mace/Throwing Axe
9 Andy Pillars 18 Machete/Spear
9 Jako Monkor 17 Sword/Whip
9 Keaton Sparrow 14 Leading/Mace
9 Allie Whittle 16 Bow/Throwing Knives
9 Hanna Whittle 15 Throwing Knives/Spear
9 Hope Whittle 14 Spear/Mace
9 Lexi Whittle 12 Knife/Bow
9 Clear Waters 15 Dagger
10 Wagner Mourt 17 Knife
10 Justen Miller 17 Fire/Climbing Trees
10 Cole Pearson 14 Sword/Axe
10 Humbert Pandolf 15 Throwing Maces
10 Lauro Barett 16 Knife
10 Munna Alexia 15 Speed/Spear
10 Judy Emerald 14 Axe/Mace
10 Redina Ianson 14 Axe
10 Peyton Moriarty 13 Knives/Axes
10 Karina Latts 14 Knives/Spear
11 Estabon Hulio 18 Sword/Sickle
11 Xavier Peterson 16 Sickle Sword
11 Shade Berf 16 Harpoon/Charisma
11 Aishah Devisa 15 Spear/Strenght
11 Brad Pier 15 Knifes/Hiding
11 Maryjane Silverstone 17 Knives/Camouflage
11 Lauren Hill 12 Knives/Spear
11 Malice Marraway 17 Knives/Machete
11 Mondi Bakerman 18 Swimming
11 Honey Checkford 15 Axe/Edible Plants
12 Albert Saint 18 Strenght/Hand-to-Hand
12 Jacob Mellark 14 Traps/Hand-to-Hand
12 Marlen Slete 17 Strenght/Dagger
12 Nick Lovizio 12 Bow/Knives
12 Linnus Madrid 16 Speed/Edible Plants
12 Layla Brooke 17 Sword
12 Torrie Status 12 Edible Plants and Insects
12 Buttercup Mellark 12 Sight/Intelligence
12 Sami Freemont 16 Bow and Arrow
12 Olympia Axehead 15 Axes/Glaive
13 Jason Hugghes 15 Blowgun/Whip
13 Jason Washigton 12 Speed
13 Brice Mac 14 Torch
13 Lucio Karmen 14 Intelligence/Traps
13 Spudnik Morris 17 Martial Arts
13 Eva Petra 15 Knives
13 Madge Abermitch 14 Axe/Bow and Arrow
13 Jeanviev Klariza 12 Strenght/Dagger
13 Louise Derren 13 Explosives
13 Charisma May 18 Bow/Blowgun
C Draco Wells 17 Trident
C Kiko Thuyama 12 Knives
C Kadu Molitern 12 None
C Joe Croon 18 Speed/Nunchucks
C Lion Harry 12 Knives
C Michelle Torres 16 Blowgun/Net
C Chelsea Torres 13 Blowgun/Knives
C Felicity Jones 15 None
C Oona Cree 16 Whip
C Amythyst Daliah 17 Speed/Bow/Camouflage


The main idea change, but your vote no. Each day (expect the first day) the arena will be a special thing. The transform happens at midnight. Check it out the chart below:


Day Arena Water Flat High
2 Windy Area Windy Lake Meadow Mountains
3 Caves Rain Water Flat Caves Big Caves
4 Lake Lake Mud around the lake Mountains
5 Woods River Woods Big Trees
6 Blackness Invisible River Invisible Meadow Invisible Mountains
7 Beach Ocean Beach Sand Mountains
8 Rocks Lake Desert Big Rocks
9 Underground Plumbing Underground Nothing (It's underground.)
10-13 City Ruins Plumbing Streets Skyscrapers
14+ Castle Fountain Ballroom Stairs


The paisage changes, but the design still the same. Cornucopia in centre, a flat area, a water source and a high area. You have to send a message saying to your tribute where he/she has to go.


District 1 - Maybelle's POV

I'm with the other girls that are sixteen years old. By my side, but very far, is Jonathan talking and chatting with the other boys. They laugh, and Jonathan makes a sign showing his muscles. For sure he will want to volunteer and I can't stop it. I hope that he is slow and lose the chance. But he has five chances to volunteer. I’m here just in the hope.

“Let’s begin!” The escort crosses the stage and starts to talk in a pink microphone. She is very bright and my eyes can’t see her. All I know is that she begins to talk with a deep voice. “How you know, in these Games ten people from this district will be chosen.” This is the terrible fact. “First the adorable girls.” My hands intersect and form an instrument of luck. “Violet Purple!”

A girl with seventeen years comes out and nobody volunteers in her place. Why? The fact that these Games will have 140 tributes. I don’t know why, but I'm feeling strange. Fear maybe.

“Now the second lady!” My hands intersect again, and work it again. “Dennise Frelbur”. Poor little girl, I guess that she have just twelve years. I’m feeling a strange feeling for this girl. She needs to be protected. “I volunteer!” What!? Who!? A girl comes out of my square and walks into the stage. “What’s your name, darling?” The girl takes courage “Ariette Malice”

Two girls sent. Who will be next? My luck instrument, my hands crossed, sends me another sign of luck. “Amanda Throne.” Poor Amanda. I know her from our school, she is very popular and everyone likes her way to live. She walks into the stage, and many screams are heard. Now, rest two girls and five boys.

“Now the fourth lady!” I whisper and cross my own hands while I cheer for my luck. “Ingrid Frey!” Yes! Now my chances grew and maybe I back home today. But my legs are shaking while the idiot escort says: “Now the fifth and final girl!”

I whisper many times: “Not me. Not me. Can’t be me.” But I forget to cross my hand and my luck down. “Maybelle Samillia.”

District 1 - Jonathan's POV

Oh no. Maybelle was reaped. I have to volunteer and save her life. While she walks into the stage, she looks at me with a mixed face. I almost fall over my own legs, I got to protect her. The escort laughs and starts to talk in her microphone: “Now the boys!”

I’m ready and I know what I must do. I have to volunteer in place of this kid. And this moment is now. “Ruan Fellip” I try to scream, but another boy shouts: “I volunteer!” He runs onto the stage and grabs the microphone. He pushes the escort and shouts again in the microphone: “My name is Maroon Cutter!”

Maybelle’s face closes and she looks at me again. I below my head and my thought change. I will be quick and I will save Maybelle. “Now the second young man!”

I have to be fast. Fast. Fast. Fast. “Fre…” The escort can’t talk the entire name. “I volunteer!”

I cross the square and I can’t look at the other’s faces. I look to Maybelle, her head goes side by side with a sad look, and this is her way to say “no”.

She embraces me and the escort calls me for the microphone. “My name is Jonathan Backdon.” I shout while Maybelle release a little whisper. “And I am the male tribute from district 1!”

The escort laughs, and calls other three unlucky boys. Maybelle and I change looks many times, and I can’t say all the things that I want.

At the end immediately, Peacekeepers invade the stage and they stab the escort to death. We were surprised and terrified. The girls look to the side and a boy named Royce tries to harm the Peacekeepers. Immediately they call us for a train.

District 2 - Rose's POV

When my friend begins to tell me the story that happened in the District 1, I get scared. Why the Peacekeepers killed him? She shows me the cell phone with the picture of a friend from District 1 with the dead body on the stage. At this moment, our escort invades the stage with a concerned face. Will they kill her?

“Ok. Ok. Let’s begin our fabulous reaping.” While she speaks, I start chatting with my friend about what happened in District 1. She tells me that the tribute that attempted to harm the Peacekeepers was almost dead by the other Peacekeepers. “First the ladies!” Her voice seems more nervous.

“Suellen Ronny” I don't know her, but I know that she will win. “I volunteer!” My friend, Veronica, pushes me and walks onto the stage. I catch myself, because none of us mentioned a volunteering. “Tell everyone your name!” The escort’s voice back to normal. “Veronica Sunstone!”

The escort release a whisper, and back to the microphone. “Our next girl is…” Not me, not me! “Nichole List!” Yes, I hate Nichole. She is popular and all the students prefer her.

My luck goes away and the escort says: “Our next and third girl is Rose Jubely!” Oh no, it’s me. My thought actually is: “Volunteer! Anyone can volunteer?”But, when I see I’m on the stage and Veronica is laughing. “You’ll die!” The first thing that I think is: “Well, you’ll die too.”

The other two girls, Azariah and Jamelle, are enormous. The escort starts talking nervously during the end of the girl’s Reaping. “Ok!” Many Peacekeepers invade, and one shouts: “Stop!” All girls look to a Peacekeeper with five criminals. They are the boys. “They are the chosen.” One boy grabs Azariah’s head. He almost kisses her. She pushes him and he falls upon a peacekeeper. He shouts: “Action Three!” Then, the other Peacekeepers grab a twelve years girl and shoot her. She falls down dead. The boy that almost kissed Azariah, called Dusk, screams by his sister. The other criminals scream and our escort takes us to the train.

District 3 - Clark's POV

My cellphone receive lots of pictures about what happened in the other districts. In 1, an escort was killed. In 2, a small girl. I show all the photos to my friend David and he tells me that many female killers who were in prison of his father were released and taken by the Peacekeepers. What the hell the Capitol is doing here? Freeing the killers to kill us? Before other possibilities invade my mind, the escort comes on stage and immediately calls five killers.

“What’s your name?” He asks to a girl with a cut near the eye. “Camilia Demsorita.” The escort claps the hands and says: “Welcome, you are on the Hunger Games.” The killers shout and try to harm the escort, but the Peacemakers hitting them with clubs. One killer is bleeding and speaks in the microphone: “My name is Cora Lessing.” I know her, she killed my neighbor. Other girl rises and the Peacekeepers make her speak into the microphone. “My name is Inna Hearty.” Other girl approaches. “And my name is Miley Hians." I know her too. She exploded a laboratory last summer. The last girl is carried out by the arm up to the microphone. “My name is Daisy Smith.”

The Peacekeepers pointed weapons for the girls and the escort starts talking again.

“Now the boys!” The escort laughs, but a Peacekeeper points a gun in his back. “The first is… Cody Baya!” A little boy cries and the Peacekeepers pointed a gun at him. He enters the stage with a fake smile on his face.

“Now our second lucky boy.” Lucky? I’m not lucky! Why? Cause I was reaped. “He is Clark Westover!” My mouth releases an acid sound that makes my back hurt. When I cross the stage, the escort looks at me with a happy face. A killer girl calls me. “What?” “Good luck!” I smile and a Peacekeepers guide me to the side of the small boy. He is nervous.

Other three boys are called quickly. The escort runs to the train with hurry. A big white screen appears and the President Josue laughs while he shows videos of killers being killed in various ways. The girls start to scream, but the Peacekeepers takes us to the train.

District 4 - Kelly's POV

We are on the beach. The best place in District 4. The President is so cruel; he uses our respect to the beach as a way to transform the Reaping into something terrifying. My friend Rachel loves that place. She met the love of her life on this beach, and now the two are vulnerable to the Reaping.

When our escort arrives, blood appears on the sand. “Hello, guys!” People get desperate, and many screams are heard into the palm trees’ area. Many rebels are with the weapons and the bodies of dead peacekeepers.

“First the ladies!” The escort seems excited and tries to draw attention to the stage, but all boys and girls observe the armed rebels. Suddenly, the escort’s voice switches to a rough voice and he shouts into the microphone: “Action Three!” Then, many Peacekeepers invade the beach and catch the rebels. We have moved our heads to the stage, but we can hear many shots and requests for life. “Our first lady is…” When I see, the Peacekeepers invade the stage and kill the escort with many shoots at her body. Our Head Peacekeeper Matt begins to dominate the Reaping. He laughs often and sometimes he coughs blood. “Our first lady is Cascade Fen!” A surprised girl appears from the middle and starts her walking in the stage’s direction. She up the stairs and Matt coughs blood on her.

“Okay. Your next girl is…” At this moment, a Peacekeeper kills another rebel with two shoots. “Addryanna Vox!” While she walks, the eighteen-year girl blinks several times to my direction. What…

“And our next girl is Danielle Campbell.” Danielle is my cousin's neighbor, and according to him, she is the person most prepared for these Games. She is rude and good with tridents and nets. “And your fourth girl is…” I can’t look at the stage; a rebel is killing a Peacekeeper behind me. “Kelly Nicole!”

It’s me. It’s me. When I walk onto the stage, Addryana whisper some words to me. I can’t understand. “And our final girl is…” Matt shouts. “Brooke Lawman.” The girl named Addryana yells "now" to me, but I don't move. She tips Matt, but immediately a peacekeeper shoots on her back. Matt coughs more blood and back to the microphone. "The responsibility of this lady transforms her sister Drina Vox in a tribute.” The girl is taken by the Peacemakers to the stage. She screams, but a peacekeeper covers her mouth with a stuff that I don’t know what is.

“Now… Welcome to the boys!” Many Peacekeepers bring several rebels tied by the hands. “Hahaha! This is funny!” Suddenly, a screen appears and the president Josue shouts: “Action Three!” Three Peacekeepers kill Matt with various tridents in his chest. The new Head Peacekeeper take us to the train.

District 5 - Katelyn's POV

While I search for my brother, a girl that I don't know calls me to her side. I look at my brother, he's talking with friends. I answer the girl's request; maybe I never look at her face again. “What’s your name?” The girl talks with hurry. “My name is Katelyn. Katelyn Danita.” “My name is Katie Sundapple.” “Why you are nervous?” “Nothing!” The escort enters in the stage, and she embraces me. “Welcome, welcome!”

Suddenly, the escort explodes alive and her blood falls in our faces. A crazy crowd begins to scream. Boys push the girls, and the desperate girls scream. Katie pushes me into a puddle and ran like mad. A white and bright screen appears from the nothing. President Josue is on the screen, talking with us.

“This was a simulation.” He starts to laugh. “The death of the escort was planned. All the people who tried to escape will be reaped.” This is good, I haven't tried to flee. They will save me.

Suddenly, two Peacekeepers grab me by the arms and begin to drag me to the stage. "I have not tried to escape, guys. I swear for my life.” The Peacekeepers laugh and ask me: "So why you're all dirty of mud?” Oh, no! When Katia pushes me into the puddle, I was dirty of mud. The Peacekeepers take us to the train.

When I arrive in the train, Katie asks me: "So… is everything ok?"

District 6 - Stewart's POV

While I go out from inside the car of my father, I see a small boy. I know him from the factory cars. His name is Farse Ridge; he is accompanied by a poor boy that doesn’t have one of the legs. My friend Fernand calls me to our square. We are with other fourteen-year boys. He tells me that in all districts there was a death. Mainly on the District 4.

Our escort does not have ears and his nose is crooked. My friend calls this "Capitol fashion.” He coughs and gives us a good welcome. “First, the ladies!” While he picks a name that ball, a noise is heard. “Cassandra Castle!” The other minutes, I nap. The escort calls other three girls and crosses the stage to catch the last name of the girls.

When he opens his mouth, a rocket missile comes toward him and kills him. Smoke and fire invades our noses. My friend dropped a laugh, and I do the same.

A new robot escort invades the stage and begins to dominate the Reaping. “And your final girl is…” The robotic voice is boring. “Carol Alter!” I don't know her personally, but I've seen her using more than one hundred different weapons.

The robot shouts a robotic scream. “Our first boy is…” My friend laughs and a name is read. “Ferd Hard.” Sorry, but this name is awful. The worst name that I’ve ever heard. My friend continues laughing, this time loud.

“Our next boy is…” The robot makes a quick pause. “Stewart Wilson!” To my surprise, my friend doesn’t stop the laugh. "Haven't you heard? I was reaped!" "I don't care! You’ll be dead anyway." Two Peacekeepers arrive and take me by the arms. "Bye, my friend!" While he disappears from the crowd, my anger rises. The other three boys are called. But my anger makes me deaf and dumb. While the Peacekeepers take us to the train, my former friend passes in my front with a smile on his face.

You’ll be dead anyway, this thought echoes in my head.

Death Chart (Pre-Tournament)

Rank Name, Age Dist. Killed How Killed by
140th Nina Camberlit, 16 5 Burned alive Black wall
139th Inna Hearty, 14 3 Knife in mouth Humbert (10)
138th Lauro Barett, 16 10 Knife in heart Silken (8)
137th Silken Dimity, 16 8 Blade in back Violet (1)
136th Humbert Pandolf, 15 10 Sword in neck Cholo (2)
135th Patrick Scaife, 12 8 Rock in head Erik (3)
134th Linnus Madrid, 16 12 Exploded alive Black wall
133rd Davidson Cruan, 17 4 Arrow in eye Veronica (2)
132nd Mondi Bakerman, 18 11 Broken neck Clay (8)
131st Lucio Karmen, 14 13 Arrow in back Veronica (2)
130th Brad Pier, 15 11 Knife in head Blake (9)
129th Blake Whittle, 13 9 Knife in belly Julliana (6)
128th Julliana Peas, 13 6 Exploded alive Black wall
127th Daisy Smith, 16 3 Knife in heart Cascade (4)
126th Gilliam Farse, 16 7 Died by knife Cascade (4)
125th Andy Pillars, 18 9 Killed by mace Alaska (8)
124th Baez Rocca, 13 4 Eaten alive Wolves
123rd Opal Remmington, 16 7 Eaten alive Wolves
122nd Camilia Demsorita, 17 3 Knife in temple Nick (12)
121st Alaska Nole, 18 8 Knife in belly Charles (4)
120th Munna Alexia, 15 10 Burned alive Jacob (12)
119th Kiko Thuyama, 12 C Skull broken Pulse (8)
118th Jason Washigton, 12 13 Burned alive Volcano
117th Nichole List, 17 2 Burned alive Volcano
116th Albert Saints, 18 12 Burned alive Volcano and Nichole (2)
115th Cody Baya, 13 3 Launched in stone Jonathan (1)
114th Maybelle Samillia, 16 1 Axe in neck Chelsea (C)
113rd Chelsea Torres, 13 C Exploded alive Black wall
112nd Michelle Torres, 16 C Dead by knife Karina (10)
111st Miley Hians, 17 3 Launched in stone Jonathan (1)


Hope's POV

60... 59... 58... 57... 56... I look to my brothers; Fin (9) and Lexi (9) are the only ones that I can see here. In my front, a enormous sand hole with a bridge of sand. This can broke anytime. 44… 43… 42… 41… It’s already 40 seconds! I need to make a plan. I need to save my brothers and grab, at least, water. My palns are hard this year. There will be 140 tributes. Maybe I will die. Maybe not. 29… 28… 27… 26…

Carol's POV

25 seconds! My hope is a backpack in my front. I can grab it, but the other tributes are bigger than me. Can I survive? I don’t know! 19… 18… 17… I see many knives in top of a blue backpack. I’m really awesome with throwing knives. Specially, here in the arena. 11… 10… 9… Is the final countdown! 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…! Then, Claudius shouts: “It’s open the 54thAnnual Hunger Games.”

The Games

Day 1 - Bloodbath

Gamemakers' Room

“We have to separate the tributes in seven Cornucopias. When 35 are dead, we take others to the real Cornucopia.”

"But they are already in the main Cornucopia."

"When the GONG is heard, you bring they up here. You can do this?”

“Obvious, sir!”

“Good, this will be awesome Games!”

Cornucopia 1

Silken's POV

GONG! My legs start to enter in the bridge, but some bizarre strength from the sky takes me by my arms. Is a hovercraft! When I see, I’m in another metal plate in another Cornucopia. By the sides, just blackness. Nina (5) breaks the silence and runs up the darkness behind small trees. She flies back, burned. BOOM! One cannon is heard, and this wake up some tributes. I scare myself and I fall in the front of my plate. Suddenly, a scream. I look away and I see Inna (3) being killed by Humbert (10) with a knife in the mouth. He laughs while she coughs blood. BOOM! Danielle (4) starts a sword-fighting with Percy (5). He grabs her by the hair and then, tips her. Someone throws a spear at his direction. He flees without a destiny. Finally I get up, and I can feel a blade running behind me. I down and I am able to pick up a small knife. The tribute runs behind me, but I throw the knife. It shoves in his heart. Is Lauro (3). He coughs blood and… BOOM! He dies. Again, I feel a blade running behind me. I have no time, she strikes in my back. The blackness takes over. A foreign cannon are heard. BOOM!

Violet's POV

Poor girl. But this had to be done. I have to kill someone. Humber (10) is hunting a girl from 11. She makes a quick blowgun with poison darts. One hits Humbert (10) in the leg. He falls, but not dead. She runs, but a tallest boy from district 2 shoves a sword in his neck. BOOM! Immediately, a sound is heard. “Congratulations!”. Other hovercrafts appear and take us out of here.

The Fallen

Nina Camberlit - District 5

Inna Hearty - District 3

Lauro Barett - District 10

Silken Dimity - District 8

Humbert Pandolf - District 10

Cornucopia 2

Linnus' POV

GONG! I try to run, but some strength from the air takes me by my arms. Is a hovercraft! My eyes close fast and when I open, I’m in another metal plate in a different Cornucopia. Around the Cornucopia, just a black wall. I look to my front; Erik (3) and Patrick (8) are in an intense fight. One punches and the other, kicks. This happens for a minute. Then, Erick (3) grabs a rock and breaks it in Patrick (8)’s head. BOOM! While he closes the eyes, Erick (3) flees. In the Cornucopia, just weapons. Veronica (2) grabs a bow and suddenly, she looks at me. As a prey with fear, I get up and I run without thinking in the black’s direction. Bad idea. Because I am exploded. BOOM!

Veronica's POV

Stupid boy! At least, I don’t cost my arrow. I laugh and I see Davidson (4) on the ground a guy called Lucio (13) on top of him with a knife in the hand. I prepare my bow and I shoot with the best sight ever. The arrow hits Davidson (4) on the eye. BOOM! Lucio (13) runs, but I am faster. While I run behind him, other cannon are heard. BOOM! Mondi (11) is on the ground bleeding on the neck and Clay (8) is celebrating. I prepare again my bow. The arrow is released…. And hits in Lucio (13)’s back. BOOM! Yep! Now rest other… “Congratulations!” What? From the nothing, other hovercrafts appear and take us out of here.

The Fallen

Patrick Scaife - District 8

Linnus Madrid - District 12

Davidson Cruan - District 4

Mondi Bakerman - District 11

Lucio Karmen - District 13

Cornucopia 3

Allie's POV

GONG! My legs start to move, but for some reason, a hovercraft grabs me by my arms. Suddenly, I’m in another metal plate in another Cornucopia. In the big golden horn, just knives. Nobody moves. Total silence. Or no. Suddenly, Brad (11) flies in Julliana (6). He grabs her by the hair. She cries, but he continues. The other tributes are surprised and picky. “Do you like this?” he screams. Blake, my brother, throws a knife in the head of Brad (11). BOOM! He coughs blood at Julliana (6). Julliana (6) embraces Blake (9). She smiles, and, shoves a little knife in his belly. I scream, but it’s too late. BOOM! She runs into the forest. I go behind her.

Cascade's POV

While the two girls run by small forest toward the black wall, the other tributes are looking to me. BOOM! One person dies. Something inside me, tells me to run. And I do, I run up to the Cornucopia and I reach the knife. Safe, I look at the other tributes. Allie (9) returns with blood in the face. “She explodes!”. I throw the knife at her, but she downs and the knife reaches Daisy (3) in the heart. BOOM! A confusion happens and all tributes run towards me. My desperation transforms in a death. I throw the knife at the first person I see. It’s Gilliam (7)! BOOM! “Congratulations!” Well, I survive this first battle.

The Fallen

Brad Pier - District 11

Blake Whittle - District 9

Julliana Peas - District 6

Daisy Smith - District 3

Gilliam Farse - District 7

Cornucopia 4

Opal's POV

GONG! I start to run, but an unknown strength grabs me by my arms. I close my eyes for a second and when I’m seeing, I’m in arena again. Many tributes surround the Cornucopia, full of weapons. How my mentor advises me, I hide myself in a little tree. From the twigs, I can see Andy (9) being killed by Alaska (8) with a mace. He coughs and suddenly… BOOM! Many wolves, not mutts, appear from the forest. Anyone could attack me now, but for some reason they don’t do this. Charles (4) grabs a bow with patience, and then he grabs several arrows. He points the arrow, and shoots. One wolf is killed. The poor wolf falls dead on the ground with blood escaping from his body. The other wolves go crazy and begin to attack the Cornucopia. Charles (4) and Charisma (3) manage to escape, but Baez (4) can't. The wolves eat him with anger and strength. BOOM! A wolf looks at me. I'm scared and I fall from tree. The wolf doesn’t think twice: he begins to attack me. BOOM!

Alaska's POV

This Charles (4) is crazy. He almost kills me. I have to kill him. I grab my mace and I watch him with Charisma (13). She argues with him, and gives him a slap. This is my chance. When I start to run, something caught my attention. BOOM! Camilia (3) is on the ground with a knife in her temple. Who kills her? Ah, was Nick (12). He is small, but very dangerous. Back to my focus, kill Charles (4). He sits in a rock and I run towards him. I jump to hit my mace in him, but something cuts my belly. His knife! He laughs and a “Congratulations!” is heard. Then, my cannon. BOOM!

The Fallen

Andy Pillars - District 9

Baez Rocca - District 4

Opaz Remmington - District 7

Camilia Demsorita - District 3

Alaska Nole - District 8

Cornucopia 5

Pulse's POV

GONG! When my legs jump into the grass, a strength from the air grabs me by the arm. Instead of running, I get scared with the size of the Cornucopia. Is small. Too small. The distance between the tributes is only two feet. Jacob (12) pushes Munna (10) in a black wall around us, BOOM! She burns alive. Atana (5) is running in circles. Kiko (Cap) pushes me into the ground. I take his legs and I tip him with my own hands. I start to punch him, and he starts coughing up blood. In a moment, he coughs blood at me. I punch him with anger. His skull breaks and a horrible popping noise are heard. BOOM! Goodbye…

Albert's POV

Nichole (2) and I form a quick alliance. The cornucopia has no weapons, and we must kill them alone with our hands. The black wall illuminates and a small mountain appears. A robot laugh is heard. Lava! Lavas come out the mountain. Now will be an endurance contest versus the volcano. The other side forms a beautiful meadow and Buttercup (12) flees into the meadow. Her brother yells: “No!” But the girl runs. She enters in the meadow with a smile in her face. BOOM! BOOM! Two deaths. Who? Who? Only one hand of Jacob (13) can be seen. The other burned body is from Nichole (2). I start to run towards the meadow, but a hand breaks me down. Nichole (2)’s hand – I don’t know how – pushes me to the ground. I can feel the lave entering in my body. BOOM!

The Fallen

Munna Alexia - District 10

Kiko Thuyama - Capitol

Jason Washigton - District 13

Nichole List - District 2

Albert Saints - District12

Cornucopia 6

Maybelle's POV

My eyes are in a search for Jonathan (1). Where is he? GONG! I start to run, but a hovercraft grabs me. I wake, and surprise: I’m in another Cornucopia. Jonathan (1) is holding Cody (3) by the hair. Jonathan (1) launches him in a stone. The boy makes a weird dance and dies. BOOM! I am surprised and happy with Jonathan (1). This death can bring sponsors to him. He looks at me and opens a smile. I run towards him with the open arms. He runs up to me, but I feel an axe running in my side. Jonathan shouts: “Warning!” What? At this moment, an axe hits my neck. I look to Jonathan, with an angry face. Good luck. BOOM!

Jonathan's POV

Damn. Chelsea (Cap) kills Maybelle (1). She looks the axe, with a surprised face; she was terrible in training in axes throwing. She starts to run, but a black wall appears from the nothing and explodes her alive. BOOM! Michelle (Cap) and Miley (3) are in a fight for a blue backpack. Gold (7) is on the ground, bleeding. Karina (10) is talking with Hanna (9) about the Capitol fashion. Chesire (5) runs in a strange direction. She grabs Miley (3) by the hair. Michelle (Cap) tries to kill her, but Karina (10) throws a knife in her direction. Michelle (Cap) falls. BOOM! Hanna (9) laughs while Chesire (5) and Miley (3) are fighting. I put an end in this. I grab my sword and shove in Miley (3)’s back. She stills alive, but she feels pain in the back. Chesire (5) runs. I grab Miley (3) by the ear. “Bye bye.” I tip her on a rock. BOOM! “Congratulations!”

The Fallen

Cody Baya - District 3

Maybelle Samillia - District 1

Chelsea Torres - Capitol

Michelle Torres - Capitol

Miley Hians - District 3

Changes in Rules

Now the Games changed to a Tournament Games! Seeds:

First Round

In this round, I'll put just the results (Many fights):

Maroon Cutter (1) vs Amythist Dalilah (Cap)

Jonathan Backdon (1) vs Oona Cree (Cap)

Renton Lecord (1) vs Felicity Jones (Cap)

Royce Deneath (1) vs Lion Harry (Cap)

Wilbur Flight (1) vs Joe Croon (Cap)

Violet Purple (1) vs Kadu Molitern (Cap)

Ariette Malice (1) vs Draco Wells (Cap)

Amanda Thorne (1) vs Charisma May (13)

Ingrid Frey (1) vs Louise Derren (13)

Charles Lopez (2) vs Jeanviev Klariza (13)

Cholo Werdair (2) vs Madge Abermitch (13)

Dusk Flares (2) vs Eva Petra (13)

James Will (2) vs Spudnik Morris (13)

Josef Mars (2) vs Jason Hugghes (13)

Veronica Sunstone (2) vs Brice Mac (13)

Rose Jubely (2) vs Olympia Axehead (12)

Azariah Canatori (2) vs Sami Freemont (12)

Jamelle Peterson (2) vs Buttercup Mellark (12)

Clark Westover (3) vs Torrie Status (12)

Dylan Mack (3) vs Layla Brooke (12)

Eric Myer (3) vs Nick Lovizio (12)

Johnny Wes (3) vs Marlen Slete (12)

Cora Lessing (3) vs Honey Checkford (11)

Jared Holland (4) vs Jacob Mellark (12)

Ryden Ethfour (4) vs Malice Marraway (11)

Cascade Fen (4) vs Lauren Hill (11)

Charles Marcus (4) vs Maryjane Silverstone (11)

Drina Vox (4) vs Aishah Devisa (11)

Danielle Campbell (4) vs Shade Berf (11)

Kelly Nicole (4) vs Xavier Peterson (11)

Brooke Lawman (4) vs Estabon Hulio (11)

Percy Vest (5) vs Karina Latts (10)

Gabriel Slaver (5) vs Peyton Moriarty (10)

James Medorra (5) vs Redina Ianson (10)

Hugo McDonny (5) vs Judy Emerald (10)

Mercury Silver (5) vs Cole Pearson (10)

Katie Sundapple (5) vs Justen Miller (10)

Katelyn Danita (5) vs Wagner Mourt (10)

Atana Sundai (5) vs Clear Waters (9)

Chesire Farraway (5) vs Lexi Whittle (9)

Ferd Hard (6) vs Hope Whittle (9)

Stewart Wilson (6) vs Hanna Whittle (9)

Jaser Leif (6) vs Allie Whittle (9)

Farse Ridge (6) vs Keaton Sparrow (9)

Rom Dill (6) vs Jako Monkor (9)

Cassandra Castle (6) vs Fin Whittle (9)

Maye Brennett (6) vs Erika Mayer (8)

Lyvia Weba (6) vs Marrah Levion (8)

Carol Alter (6) vs Tyta Alladore (8)

Hellio Faria (7) vs Pulse Nerron (8)

Tommy Randy (7) vs Joshua Lucc (8)

Justin Rodriguez (7) vs Clay Maya (8)

Gold Michael (7) vs Aaron Coin (8)

Bindy Ashton (7) vs Veronica Driftwood (7)

Priscilla Grimoire (7) vs Peyton Krey (7)

The Gamemakers favourite in this round was: Felicity Jones. She is immune to the next round.

Second Round

2nd Round Death Chart

Rank Name, Age Dist. Killed How Killed by
55th Peyton Krey 7 Arrow in neck Amythist (Cap)
54th Bindy Ashton 7 Punched by rock Jonathan (1)
53rd Royce Deneath 1 Dagger in forehead Gold (7)
52nd Wilbur Flight 1 Hammer in heart Clay (8)
51st Tommy Randy 7 Hook in neck Violet (1)
50th Draco Wells C Punched Pulse (8)
49th Carol Alter 6 Exploded alive Alone
48th Marrah Levion 8 Punched Ingrid (1)
45th Erika Myer 8 Yo-yo in throat Jeanviev (13)
46th Cholo Werdair 2 Pieces of glass Finn (9)
45th Rom Dill 6 Axe in skull Crazy fan
44th Spudnik Morris 13 Chair in face Keaton (9)
43rd Jason Hugghes 13 Exploded alive Black wall/Alone
42nd Stewart Wilson 6 Arrow in stomach Veronica (2)
41st Rose Jubely 2 Eaten alive Wild dog
40th Sami Freemont 12 Eaten alive Wild dog
39th Atana Sundai 5 Racket in head Buttercup (12)
38th Katelyn Danita 5 Face scratched Clark (3)
37th Justen Miller 10 Bullet in neck Peacekeeper
36th Mercury Silver 5 Sickle in neck Nick (12)
35th Hugo McDonny 5 Mace in head Percy (5)
34th Johnny Wes 3 Knife in neck James (5)
33rd Ryden Ethfour 4 Mace in head Percy (5)
32nd James Medorra 5 Rock in head Cora (3)
31st Peyton Moriarty 10 Axe in back Jacob (12)
30th Estabon Hulio 11 Dart in the leg Lauren (11)
29th Kelly Nicole 4 Shooted Charlie (4)
28th Aishah Devisa 11 Sword in neck Danielle (4)

Amythist (Cap) vs Peyton (7)

The two girls enter in the room accompanied by two peacekeepers. They enter in a white room, totally white. In the middle, a big crossbow and a quiver with six arrows. 30… 29… 28… Amythist (Cap) breathes and focuses on the weapon. They are in a white podium near the sides of the room. 21… 20… 19… Peyton (7) looks to the side looking for something. Amythist opens a smile. 13… 12… 11… Peyton raises the head and begins to breathe many times. Amythist keeps smiling. 6… 5… 4… 3… Last chance! 2… 1… GONG! Time for fight.

Peyton runs and grabs the crossbow. Amythist falls on the ground and starts to crawl towards the left side. Peyton laughs and prepares to shoot. Amythist stands and runs towards her. Peyton shoots two arrows. The first: fail. The second: hits Amythist in the knee. Amythist pushes Peyton and grabs the crossbow. She shoots. The arrow hits Peyton in the chest, but she doesn’t die. “Die, die!” Amythist shouts. Peyton closes her eyes and Amythist shoots again. This arrow hits Peyton in neck. Now she dies. BOOM!

Jonathan (1) vs Bindy (7)

Jonathan (1) and Bindy (7) enter with a smile in their faces. The two tributes won in the first round. Now, they want to repeat this fact. 30… 29… 28… They are in a big area, that looks a little forest with trees and a small lake, and they are stopped in a big metal podium. 17… 16… 15… In the center, they can see a big sharp rock surrounded by little stones. 8… 7… 6… Bindy releases a little whisper. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

Jonathan flies and grabs the sharp rock with ease. Bindy runs toward the small lake, but Jonathan grabs her by the leg and then, he tips her. She begins to bleed in the nose. Jonathan says with pleasure in the voice: “You go far, girl.” She breathes. “But now it’s your time to go.” He punches her using the big rock. She coughs and… BOOM!

Royce (1) vs Gold (7)

The two boys enter in a big green area with flowers and meadows around them. 30… 29…28… Royce (1) is surprised with Gold (7) laughing and smiling. 24… 23… 22… In the middle of the room, a bright dagger appears. It is shining. 14… 13… 12… Gold looks the dagger with a smile in the face. Royce repeats it. 9… 8… 7… Royce makes a run position. 3… 2… 1… GONG! Here we go.

Gold and Royce run toward the dagger, but Gold stumbles and Royce picks up the dagger. He smiles and Gold begins to crawl towards the walls. Royce throws the dagger, but Gold diverts and runs towards Royce. He pushes Royce to the ground, and Royce starts to bleed. Gold grabs the dagger and tries to shove it in Royce. Finally, the dagger enters in Royce’s forehead. BOOM! Gold smiles again.

Wilbur (1) vs Clay (8)

Wilbur (1) and Clay (8) enter in the area, and suddenly, the escort sends a message for a Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper enters and grabs a big hammer. "Here's your weapon for today! Good luck. " 22… 21… 20… The Peacekeeper goes out the area, a big blue circle. 14… 13… 12… Clay laughs and his focus is the hammer. 6… 5… Wilbur opens a rude smile. 3… 2… 1… GONG! Now!

The two boys begin to run, but Clay is faster. He grabs the hammer and Wilbur runs to his podium. Clay starts to chase Wilbur. Finally, Wilbur falls on the ground near the light blue wall. Clay holds his hammer with strength, and… He hits Wilbur’s head with this hammer. Wilbur falls, but he doesn’t die. Clay grabs the hammer again and this time, he hits Wilbur’s heart. BOOM! Clay laughs.

Violet (1) vs Tommy (7)

Tommy (7) laughs while the Peacekeepers take the two to the arena. Violet (1) breathes. 30… 29… 28… They are in a big lake and the water hits their knees. 23… 22… 21… While the clock advances, the water begins to rise. In the middle, on the roof, a sharp hook shines. 13…12… 11… One problem, Violet is weak at the swimming. Her luck goes away. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

They begin to swim towards the middle, but Violet is slow and Tommy arrives at the middle. He tries to grab the hook, and Violet arrives at the middle. She pulls Tommy to the water by the legs. Tommy begins to drown. Violet jumps and grabs the fishing hook with ease. Tommy appears from the water, but Violet shoves the hook in Tommy’s neck. BOOM! The water down.

Draco (Cap) vs Pulse (8)

Draco (Cap) enters in the arena looking at Pulse (8)’s face. Pulse, by the way, is smiling and he are scaring Draco. 30… 29… 28… The Draco’s mind enters in a collapse. How a person who can die any minute can stay so calm? Pulse is a monster. 19… 18… 17… In the center, a pink hat is shown. This is nothing. They have to kill with their own hands. 14… 13… 12… Pulse is calm, but Draco is shaking. He is with afraid. 8… 7… 6… Last chance to breath. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

Draco runs towards the wall, but Pulse is hunting him. He grabs the hat with his left hand. While he runs, Draco stumbles. Pulse punches Draco with the hat. Draco is coughing and Pulse doesn’t have mercy. Pulse ends with this battle fast. He punches Draco in the neck. BOOM!

Charisma (13) vs Carol (6)

The two girls enter in the pink circle called ‘arena’ for the tributes. They enter in a big metal podium surrounded by a pink floor. 28… 27… 26… In the middle of the circle, a big pink axe is shown. Charisma (13) whispers. 18… 17… 16… Carol (6) tries to run off the podium, but her legs are thrown in the air. BOOM! The explosion pushes Charisma to the wall. She starts to bleed, but two Peacekeepers enter and take her from the arena in fire.

Ingrid (1) vs Marrah (8)

Ingrid (1) and Marrah (8) enter in a big arena, a golf campsite. 30… 29… 28…They are in sand holes on the ground surrounded by a green grass. In the middle of the golf site, has a brilliant golf club. 20… 19… 18… Is the weapon of this fight? A golf club! The Gamemakers are crazy, but it’s okay! 12… 11… 10… Marrah is focused on the weapon and Ingrid also is preparing for this fight. There are her last chances to flee. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

Marrah runs and grabs the golf club with ease. Ingrid pushes her to the ground and she starts to punch Marrah with the golf club. Marrah begins to bleed seriously in the head, but Ingrid doesn’t stop. After three minutes of pain, finally Marrah dies. BOOM!

Jeanviev (13) vs Erika (8)

Jeanviev (13) is running until the door. Erika (8) is with fear, begging for mercy to the Peacekeepers. 30… 29… 28… They enter in a closed arena with many red walls around them. In the center of the big arena has a yo-yo. 23… 22… 21… The yo-yo is yellow and black, very bright. Erika (8) starts to shout in her podium, and Jeanviev (13) is laughing of this scene. 11… 10… 9… Erika breathes a possible last time, and Jeanviev keeps laughing. GONG!

They go out the podium running towards the yo-yo. Jeanviev arrives first and he brings Erika down. She tries to flee, but Jeanviev hits her back with the yo-yo. Then, she grabs the yo-yo and she starts to choke Erika using the yo-yo’s line. Erika begs for her life, but she just keeps laughing. To finish the job, Jeanviev grabs the yo-yo and he shoves in Erika's throat. She cannot breathe. BOOM!

Cholo (2) vs Finn (9)

Cholo (2) enters in the arena with a little fear in the stomach. Finn (9) entered too. 30… 29… 28… The Peacekeepers opens the arena’s door with a weapon covered in a big yellow bunting. They show the precious weapon. It is a beer bottle! 19… 18… 17… The bear bottle has no liquid inside, but it is very dangerous. Cholo is celebrating, while Finn is shaking. 11… 10… 9…Cholo is excited for the fight. GONG!

They start to run, but Cholo stumbles on an enormous rock. Finn grabs the beer bottle and it almost breaks in his hand. He holds the bottle and he breaks it in Cholo’s head. A glass piece enters in Cholo’s neck and the other glass enters in his eye. BOOM!

Dusk (2) vs Rom (6)

Dusk (2) and Rom (6) are walking towards the arena and a crazy fan invades the area with an axe in her hand. She shoves it in Rom’s skull, breaking it. BOOM! Dusk begins to run, and the Peacekeepers begin to punch the stupid girl.

Keaton (9) vs Spudnik (13)

Keaton (9) looks at Spudnik (13) with a sad face. Keaton (9) extends his hand and Spudnik (13) hits it with a punch. 27… 26… 25… They are on a big and circular blue arena. Keaton (9) breathes many times. Spudnik (13) watch the weapon, a big metal chair. 20… 19… 18… Now, Spudnik (13) prepares himself putting his left foot in his front. Keaton (9) shouts: ‘Good luck!’ and Spudnik (13) laughs. 7… 6… 5… Last time to the preparation. Well, it is gone. GONG!

They go out their podiums, running to the center. They begin a fight for the metal chair, and Spudnik cuts Keaton’s finger with his nail. He starts to laugh, but Keaton pushes him down and grabs the chair with the two hands. He counts starting with three and closing with one. Then, he hits the chair with strength in Spudnik’s face. BOOM!

Allie (9) vs Jason (13)

Allie (9) is asking the Peacekeepers about her siblings, but they don’t hear her. They enter in the arena. 29… 28… 27… Jason (13) hits his chest with his own hand to prepare. Allie (9) looks at it with a scared face. Jason (13) smiles at her, and she replies. 21… 20… 19… They look to the center of their big arena and a big bicycle wheel. They look at it with a smile in the face. Jason (13) says that he will win and Allie (9) starts to laugh really loud. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

Allie (9) runs out her podium with speed and she grabs the wheel. Jason (13) begins to run to the opposite direction, to a big black wall. He stops when he sees the big force field in it. He looks behind, to Allie. He has two choices: a long death in a girl’s hands or a fast suicide in this big black wall. Allie throws the wheel, but it is too late. Jason jumps on the force field, instantly killing him. BOOM!

Veronica (2) vs Stewart (6)

Veronica (2) and Stewart (6) are entering in the arena with no talk. The Peacekeepers push Stewart (6) to inside, because he is with afraid. 22… 21… 20… They are on big wood podiums, unlike the others, in a small and circular jungle. They have to swim to reach the center. 16… 15… 14… And in the middle, they will find the precious weapon. A pink and beautiful bow and arrow. Stewart (6) begins to shout, and Veronica (2) is confident. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

Stewart runs, but Veronica brings him down and she grabs the precious bow and arrow. Stewart begs and he starts to yell: “This… This… This is unfair. You are skilled in archery, they are planning everything. They hate me.” Veronica smiles. “Shut up, stupid boy! These Games are unfair, this battle is unfair… Blah, blah, blah! Let’s end with this fast. I have to get out of this horrible place.” She shoots the arrow and it hits in Stewart’s stomach. Stewart says his last words: “Say to my mom… I love her!” “Nope, I do what I want. Now, shut up and enjoy your death.” BOOM!

Rose (2) vs Hope (9)

Rose (2) and Hope (9) are entering in the arena when something too crazy happens. A wild dog is released in the room and it eats a Peacekeepers. The both girls begin to run, but the dog flies in Rose’s back. Eating her alive. Hope flees. BOOM! The dog is still released.

Sami (12) vs Chesire (5)

Chesire (5) is a little nervous with this fight. She will enter in top Twenty-Eight out of 140 tributes if she won. 25… 24… 23… Sami (12) is nervous too. But he hides his interior, keeping the fear inside. Chesire (5) is talking alone about her home, the district 5. 16… 15… 14… She talks about her life and her friends, and Sami (12) gets sad with her backstory. Sami (12), then, starts to talk about district 12 and how he was reaped. 3… 2… 1... GONG! The battle begins.

Chesire and Sami are like “I don’t care about this fight” and talking about their sad lives. Sami tells about why he takes tesserae and Chesire is keeping up with the tributes chat. The Peacekeepers are getting nervous and they have an idea. They take the wild dog released in the previous fight and they release it in the arena with Sami and Chesire inside. The dog attacks Chesire, but she diverts. Then, he attacks Sami by the back and Chesire doesn’t help Sami. BOOM!

Buttercup (12) vs Atana (5)

Buttercup (12) asks the Peacekeeper about her brother, like Allie (9) did about her siblings. 27… 26… 25… Buttercup (12) and Atana (5) are in a big and green arena with confortable walls. They can’t run, but they can hide in it. In the center of this big area, the weapon is shown by the Peacekeepers; it is a big tennis racket. 11… 10… 9… Buttercup (12) looks at it, paying attention. Atana (5) is too nervous, and she can’t see what Buttercup (12) is doing. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

The two terrified girls run to the center, wanting the tennis racket. Buttercup (12) grabs it faster, but she falls on the ground. Atana (5) doesn’t know what to do. Run? Hide? Steal the tennis racket? Punch or kick Buttercup? She explodes inside, falling on the ground. Buttercup enjoys the scene, and she begins to hit the racket in Atana’s head, making she bleed. The racket goes red (blood) and Atana’s face is over. BOOM!

Clark (3) vs Katelyn (5)

Clark (3) and Katelyn (5) are entering in the arena with the face looking down. 27… 26… 25… They are on a big and triangular arena with gold and diamonds in the side. Clark (3) is looking everything with a surprised face, but Katelyn (5) is paying a lot of attention in the weapon. 18… 17… 16… The precious weapon is a… big water cup. It is full with something strange that looks like orange water. Katelyn (5) is ready to the long battle, but Chad (3) is a little nervous with it. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

They go out their podiums and they start to run towards the center with speed. Katelyn grabs the cup first, but Clark pushes her down and he jumps on her face. She starts to yell, but he doesn’t give up. He scratches her face and she falls on the ground. BOOM!

Dylan (3) vs Justen (10)

Dylan (3) and Justen (10) are talking with a female avox when a Peacekeeper crazy appears. He tells: “Good night! Good night! Good night!” And the Peacekeeper begins to shoot. One bullet hits the avox in leg, killing her. The second bullet hits Justen in the neck. BOOM!

Nick (12) vs Mercury (5)

Nick (12) is walking a little slow, to the arena room, but he is always looking to behind. 26… 25… 24… When he and Mercury (5) entered in the big blue arena, the Peacekeepers locked them in the arena, without any exit. Mercury (5) begins to yell immediately, and Nick (12) shouts to her: “Shut up, please.” 15… 14… 13… The weapon of this fight is a silver sickle. Mercury (5) is yelling to the camera. Nick (12) is concentrated in the sickle, he can’t wait for start. 5… 4… 3… Mercury (5) stops the yell. GONG!

Just Nick is running in the direction of the sickle and Mercury is just watching this scene. Nick grabs the sickle with ease and Mercury begins to shout again. She runs in circle, screaming like a crazy chick. Nick is saying: “Stop, stop…” but Mercury can’t listen. He runs towards her and he brings her down using his hand. He extends the sickle in her direction and she moves her head to the left side. Nick doesn’t think twice. He slices her neck with the sickle. BOOM!

Johhny (3), Cora (3), Jacob (12) and Percy (5) vs Hugo (5), James (5), Peyton (10) and Ryden (4)

The Peacekeepers invade the arena hall to pronounce an important note: The next fight will be a team battle between eight tributes. Each team will have four tributes and the fight will be over when all tributes of a team are dead.

Johnny (3), Cora (3), Jacob (12) and Percy (5) are in the first team. They are entering in the arena together as a team. 26… 25… 24… Hugo (5), James (5), Peyton (10) and Ryden (4) are in the second team. Ryden (4) is in the front followed by his team partners. They entered in a big and white arena. In the center of this arena, four weapons appear. A big axe, a sword, a long knife and a spiky mace. Percy (5) is looking at the mace. 15… 14… 13… Cora (3) is paying attention with Johnny (3) and Jacob (12) is breathing. Hugo (5), James (5), Peyton (10) and Ryden (4) are talking about some strategies to grab the weapons. 6… 5… 4… The teams change looks for the last time. GONG!

All of the eight tributes are running to the middle, except Peyton who stumbles on her podium. Percy is the first to arrive and he grabs the mace and smashes it in Hugo’s head. BOOM! Ryden grabs the sword and he starts to hunt Cora. James slices Johnny’s neck with the long knife. BOOM! Ryden brings Cora down and he is ready to kill her, but Percy pushes him down. Percy breaks his head using his spiky mace. BOOM! James tries to flee or hide, but Jacob saw this scene and he shouts Cora’s name. Cora looks at James fleeing and she throws a rock in his head. He falls, bleeding. BOOM! Peyton runs and pushes Percy to the ground, grabbing his spiky mace. She laughs, but Jacob shoves the big axe in her back, killing her instantly. BOOM! The winners are: Cora (3), Jacob (12) and Percy (5)!

Estabon (11) vs Lauren (11)

Estabon (11) walks on the hall with a fear in the stomach. He will confront Lauren (11), his district partner. 24… 23… 22… Lauren (11) enters in the arena looking at Estabon (11)’s face and she gets confused with the strange expression in the face. They are on a gigantic arena with many high trees around them. It is their way to see the district 11. In the middle of the arena, on the top of a tree trunk truncated in the center, a blowgun is bright. 14… 13… 12… In the blowgun’s left side, seven poisonous darts. Lauren (11) looks at it with a smile in the face; Estabon (11) opens a little smile on his face. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

They are dashing off their platforms when a big fireball hits a big tree near the middle. Estabon gets scared and he falls on the ground near his podium. Lauren laughs and grabs the blowgun. She prepares to shoot one dart, but another fireball crosses the arena and hits Lauren on the feet. She stumbles and her legs are bleeding, burned. Estabon crawls in her direction, but with a thought in the head: divert the fireballs. The third fireball hits one tree and it falls on Estabon. He begins to yell for mercy and Lauren grabs the blowgun. She shoots one dart, but it hits the tree. Estabon tries to flee, but Lauren shoots one dart in his leg. BOOM!

Kelly (4) vs Charlie (4)

Kelly (4) and Charlie (4) are talking with each other. They are planning a way to stay alive. 26… 25… 24… They entered in the arena and they begin to kick the Peacekeepers. Charlie (4) steals a gun from a tall peacekeeper. Kelly (4) laughs at him, saying: “We did it. We won.” Charlie (4) laughs back and says: “Or no.” He shoots in Kelly (4) and she falls on the ground, bleeding. BOOM!

Aishah (11) vs Danielle (4)

Aishah (11) walks towards the arena holding her new token. A piece of dried leaf that she won from the sponsors. 23… 22… 21… Danielle (4) smiles when she sees Aishah (11) playing with the dried leaf like a little kid. The two tributes are in a triangular and golden arena full of weapons everywhere. In a wall, an axe. In another, a long sword. On the left side, twelve throwing axes and six throwing knives. In the ceiling, a mace. 15… 14… 13… Danielle (4) pays attention in the axe, while Aishah (11) plays with her new token. 3… 2… 1… GONG!

They run off their podiums and Aishah’s token falls on the ground. She backs for it and she grabs it. When she turns her head, an axe of Danielle flies in her direction. Aishah diverts, falling on the ground and Danielle yells. Then, Danielle grabs the sword and walks in Aishah’s direction. Aishah begs for mercy, but Danielle laughs and slices Aishah’s neck using her sword. BOOM! Danielle grabs Aishah’s token and breaks it in several small pieces.

Second Change in Rules

Now, the Games will be in a big arena (like a regular Games) and the tributes will be divided in nine different teams with three persons in each group.


The tributes are divided in teams with color names. The teams are random (

(Soon the teams...)

Name Team
Jonathan Backdon blue
Violet Purple white
Ingrid Frey white
Dusk Flares blue
Veronica Sunstone green
Clark Westover orange
Dylan Mack yellow
Cora Lessing purple
Charles Marcus blue
Danielle Campbell orange
Percy Vest red
Chesire Farraway green
Gold Michael silver
Clay Maya black
Pulse Nerron yellow
Finn Whittle silver
Keaton Sparrow black
Allie Whittle silver
Hope Whittle black
Lauren Hill white
Jacob Mellark green
Nick Lovizio purple
Buttercup Mellark red
Jeanviev Klariza purple
Charisma May red
Felicity Jones yellow
Amythist Daliah orange

Pre-Games (Teams Meeting)

Percy's POV

I am in the green sofa and three Peacekeepers invade the main room calling for Chesire and I, the only remaining tributes from district 5. They take us by the arm and they drag us to a big room with a blue and technologic circle. We can see all the remaining tributes there, except for Felicity. Oh… I can see her now. She is talking with a Peacekeeper.

“Welcome, young tributes!” says a strange voice. “You are the last twenty seven tributes in the Super Games. You should be proud.” It continues.

Chesire whispers something in my ear, but I can’t understand because this strange voice is talking loud.

“You will be separated in groups. Each group will have a color name and three tributes in. The rules are simple:

Number One: If a tribute dies, the group of this person will lost healthy and they will feel pain every night, while sleep.

Number Two: The three tributes will not be tied or something like that. They will be free, but they will wear a t-shirt with the respective color.

Number Three: If a person tries to take off or rip the t-shirt, the tribute will be dead at the same moment.

Number Four: A good rule was accepted. Four tributes will win this, but they have to be from different districts.”

Oh my god, the third rules change. This is a record. I want to know who will be my team partner. Maybe Chesire or the district 2 killer girl, Veronica. The strange voice yells and names begin to appear with the color in the name. I am cheering for someone special!

Nick's POV

My name appears on purple. I hate this color, but it is ok. Now, I want to know who my team partner is. Purple… Purple… Oh, I am seeing. Cora Lessing from district 3 and a girl called Jeanviev Klariza from district 13. Where are they? I cannot see from here.

Amythist's POV

Please a good color… Please a good color… Yes, I am in team orange along with other two tributes. A guy called Clark Westover from district 3 and… Yes, a Career! Danielle Campbell from district 4! Yes, my team is great. I can’t wait to the real Games, haha. I am so excited!

The Team Games - Death Chart

Rank Name Dist. Killed How Killed by
27th Pulse Nerron 8 Arrow in back Charisma (13)
26th Dylan Mack 3 Stabbed with dagger Nick (12)
25th Lauren Hill 11 Dagger in throat Felicity (Cap)
24th Clay Maya 8 Trident in chest Gold (7)
23rd Dusk Flares 2 Knife in belly Veronica (2)
22nd Allie Whittle 9 Arrow in neck Veronica (2)
21st Cora Lessing 3 Mace in head Percy (5)
20th Clark Westover 3 Sword in back Jeanviev (13)
19th Amythist Daliah C Trident in leg Danielle (4)
18th Gold Michael 7 Arrow in neck Veronica (2)
17th Charles Marcus 4 Axe in belly Jacob (12)
16th Violet Purple 1 Sword in the legs Finn (9)
15th Danielle Campbell 4 Mace in head Percy (5)
14th Keaton Sparrow 9 Headache Alone
13th Jonathan Backdon 1 Mace in skull Percy (5)
12th Finn Whittle 9 Knife in eye Nick (12)
11th Hope Whittle 9 Stabbed with dagger Felicity (Cap)
10th Charisma May 13 Sliced Jacob (12)
9th Jeanviev Klariza 13 Arrow in heart Chesire (5)
8th Nick Lovizio 12 Stabbed Felicity (Cap)
7th Chesire Farraway 5 Arrow in body Veronica (2)
6th Ingrid Frey 1 Bited in neck Mutt
5th Jacob Mellark 12 Arrow in belly Veronica (2)

The Team Games - Day 1

Cornucopia Bloodbath

Buttercup Mellark (12)'s POV

I freeze myself when the number gets low slowly. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... GONG! I dash off my platform, wanting a backpack. I grab a spear, but Pulse (8) pushes me down with his own hands. He is ready to kill me with the spear, but a thrilling sound of a heavy weapon hitting a wall is heard. Pulse (8) falls to the ground with an arrow in the back. Charisma (13) smiles, calling me to the alliance. I run with her, but we flee without Percy (5). I can’t see him.

Dylan Mack (3)'s POV

Oh my god, one of my team partners is dead. I try to run towards his corpse, but I feel a blade flying in my direction, by the back. It hits my leg. I fall on the ground and Nick (12) finishes the job, stabbing me twice.

Keaton Sparrow (9)'s POV

I run alone to the forest, but in the way I grab several throwing knives. I think in grab a red backpack, but Danielle

(4) is next to the backpack.

Gold Michael (7)'s POV

I saw Felicity (Cap) slashing Lauren (11)’s throat with a dagger. I grab several camouflage paints and a big trident. I start to run, but Clay (8) appears from the nothing and immediately, I throw the trident in his chest. He falls dead on the ground with the chest bleeding. I retreat the trident and I grab Clay (8)’s backpack. The forest is my direction.

Finn Whittle (9)'s POV

Forest or the lake? Forest or the lake? I can’t decide it! I will select the lake. There is water and many supplies. I run at the lake with nothing in the hands.

Veronica Sunstone (2)'s POV

I run at the Cornucopia, searching for a bow and arrow. I see one, but Dusk is using. I have an awesome idea. I grab a knife and I start to talk with Dusk (2), my district partner, asking for an ‘alliance’. He says ‘no’ and I stick the knife in his belly. I grab the bow and I run to the grass field, searching for my team partners Chesire (5) and Jacob (12). Chesire (5) looks me and she runs in my direction. She shouts ‘Warning’ and I jump on the ground. I prepare my bow and shoot one arrow. It enters in Allie (9)’s neck.

Jonathan Backdon (1)'s POV

I call Charles (4) to the forest, and he runs with me towards it. In the way, he grabs a big and green backpack.

Percy Vest (5)'s POV

I run towards the center of the Cornucopia and I grab the only mace in the arena. Cora (3) saw it and she shouts at me. I remember her of our time in the teams’ battle, but she didn’t hear. I have no choice. I bring her down by the legs and I hit Cora (3)’s head with the mace.

Amythist Daliah (Cap)'s POV

Jeanviev (13) stabs Clark (3) in the back with a sword. I start to run in the opposite direction, and I grab a piece of plastic in the way to the lake. My legs are a little tired and I feel a strength pushing me to the ground. It is Danielle (4)! She is holding a trident and I begin to crawl like a small kid towards the forest. Danielle (4) laughs and she throws the trident at my direction. I try to divert, but it hits my leg. I fall on the ground and the blackness begins to appear.


Charisma May (13)'s POV

I put my backpack in the tree while I sit on the tree, talking with Buttercup (12). BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Nine tributes killed in the bloodbath. This is a good number, eighteen tributes are still alive. Buttercup (12) whispers and she closes her eyes.

‘What is happening?’ I ask.

‘My brother, Jacob and our team partner, Percy. Are they alive? Did you see them?’ She asks. I move my head negatively and she looks to the ground. I grab my backpack and open it. I grab an apple and I give it to Buttercup (12). She eats it and I lay my head on the tree, relaxing.

Danielle Campbell (4)'s POV

I am the last in team Orange. This is good, but I am feeling a lot of pain my stomach. I am lying down on the grass field, with my trident in my left hand. The red backpack that I got on the bloodbath, a wolf eats. I kill him, but I lost all my food and my supplies. All I got right now is this trident. I crawl, using all my strength, towards a big tree. I hold the tree, but my leg is hurting too. I lay on the tree, and I realize that I forgot my trident in the grass. I crawl back while the Capitol symbol appears on the sky. I fall on the ground, looking to the sky. Who is died? I will know now. The first face to appear in the sky is Dusk, from district 2. Then, appears Dylan and Cora from district 3. After their faces, Clark’s face begins to appear in the sky. He was my team partner, but now he is dead. He left me, alone. Clay and Pulse from district 8 and Allie from district 9 are also seen. Lauren from district 11 appears and after her, Amythist from Capitol appears. My other team partner. My strength backs when the Capitol symbol disappears. I grab the trident and I sleep here. Here, in the middle of the grass field.

Day 1 Stats

Name Dist. Location Odds
Jonathan Backdon 1 Lake 35-1
Violet Purple 1 Lake 41-1
Ingrid Frey 1 Near Cornucopia 29-1
Veronica Sunstone 2 Forest 4-1
Charles Marcus 4 Forest 33-1
Danielle Campbell 4 Forest 22-1
Percy Vest 5 Cornucopia 12-1
Chesire Farraway 5 Forest 18-1
Gold Michael 7 Forest 36-1
Finn Whittle 9 Lake 30-1
Keaton Sparrow 9 Forest 19-1
Hope Whittle 9 Forest 24-1
Jacob Mellark 12 Near Cornucopia 21-1
Nick Lovizio 12 Forest 11-1
Buttercup Mellark 12 Near Forest 14-1
Jeanviev Klariza 13 Near Lake 19-1
Charisma May 13 Near Forest 7-1
Felicity Jones Cap Cornucopia 18-1

Day 2

Chesire Farraway (5)'s POV

Veronica and I are talking about some strategies to win these Games and kill the other tributes. Veronica received a sponsor letter saying that she should not kill a guy called Percy (5). She asks and I say: ‘I don’t have any idea’. She backs to our campsite and she grabs her bow and arrow. I ask what she will do with this and she smiles. ‘Calm, relax. I will find Jacob (12).’ Oh, what the scare! She takes me by the hand and we start to walk inside the forest. She grabs a rock in the way; I have no idea what she will do with it. We hear a noise coming from our right, she looks at me and instantly, she begins to run in the noise’s direction. I start to follow her with the rock that she grabbed in my left hand. When we arrive at the noise’s place, we find Gold (7). He smiles at us, swinging his trident in our direction. He throws the trident in Veronica’s direction, but she diverts. I jump on his back from behind and he starts to get confused.

Jacob Mellark (12)'s POV

I am seeing Chesire (5) on Gold (7)’s back while I run towards the fight. He pushes Chesire (5) to the ground without mercy. I yell and I extend my knife at his direction. Veronica (2) throws one arrow and it hits Gold (7)’s neck from behind. BOOM! Veronica (12) breathes and says: ‘Finally we found you.’ I smile at her, but she screams: ‘Get down.’ I jump on the ground and a blade flies in my direction. I turn my head and I see Charles (4) and Jonathan (1) with axes in their hand. Chesire (5) starts to yell, and she runs to her campsite. Veronica (2) prepares her bow, pointing it in Jonathan (1)’s direction. Charles (4) breaks with the silence throwing the axe at my direction. I bend myself to the tree, making my hands bleed. Veronica (2) shoots an arrow and it hits in Charlie (4)’s leg, but he doesn’t die. Jonathan (1) flees, but he throws the axe and it cuts Veronica (2)’s shoulder, but she doesn’t scream. She just says ‘Good luck’ to me and tells where the campsite is. I have to kill Charles (4), because she is backing to the camp. I grab Charles (4)’s axe and I shove it in the belly. BOOM! I run behind Veronica (2), helping her with the bruise.

Finn Whittle (9)'s POV

My abdomen begins to hurt, and my thought is: ‘Gold is dead now.’ I get up feeling pain while I start to walk to the lake. There, I find Violet (1) drinking water and her backpack with the sword is on the ground. I smile and I steal the sword with agility. I run in her direction and she starts to run like a crazy girl. In one place, she stumbles on a rock and her body is on the ground, waiting for the final blow. I slice her legs using the sword while she starts to cough blood in my feet. BOOM!

Percy Vest (5)'s POV

I grab a blueberry on a strange tree. I look at it with doubts. Is it poisonous? I don’t know. I throw it on the ground while I continue my journey searching for Buttercup (12) and Charisma (13). In the way, I find a blue backpack on the floor. I get it, but I see the area. No one is here. Who owns this backpack? Suddenly, I hear a bizarre noise in the trees’ area. I start to walk in the opposite direction, but I cannot ignore this second noise coming from my left. I walk towards the noise and I see Danielle (4) on the ground with the two hands in the stomach. I think that she is with a lot of pain. She crawls at my feet and she says to me: ‘Please kill me. I can’t hold this pain in my stomach. Please kill me!’ A thousand of thoughts are invading my mind. I can help her. I can kill her. I can ally with her. But this wish is special. If this pain is so hard, maybe the kill is the best answer. I reply to her: ‘Ok. I will you with my mace. Close your eyes.’ She breathes and says: ‘Alright.’ Then, I grab my mace and smash her head using it. BOOM! Her wish was accomplished.

Keaton Sparrow (9)'s POV

I am feeling a lot of pain my head after Clay’s death. It is unbearable. Hope is feeling the pain too, but she is feeling it in the legs. My mind is just blackness, totally darkness. I think that is my time. I will die here on the grass, smelling the flowers. I lay my head on the ground and I feel my ear starting to bleed. Slowly, my eyes begin to close and my head begins to hurt. The last thing I hear is: ‘No’ that Hope whispers in my ear. It is too late, Hope. The Gamemakers won. BOOM!

Day 2 Stats

Name Dist. Location Odds
Jonathan Backdon 1 Near Forest 31-1
Ingrid Frey 1 Cornucopia 31-1
Veronica Sunstone 2 Forest 5-1
Percy Vest 5 Forest 10-1
Chesire Farraway 5 Forest 16-1
Finn Whittle 9 Lake 23-1
Hope Whittle 9 Forest 23-1
Jacob Mellark 12 Forest 14-1
Nick Lovizio 12 Forest 11-1
Buttercup Mellark 12 Near Forest 12-1
Jeanviev Klariza 13 Lake 16-1
Charisma May 13 Near Forest 13-1
Felicity Jones Cap Cornucopia 14-1

Day 3

Nick Lovizio (12)'s POV

A warm breeze wakes me up. As my eyes start to open, I start to see my supplies lying down on the grass. I grab my knife and I start to think in the real Games when the Hunger Games announcer starts to speak loud:

“Congratulations, Top Thirteen! You are so far. To celebrate this awesome fact, the Gamemakers and I are planning a feast. Yes, a feast. Where everything that you need is in your front. It is not mandatory, but you have to go to the feast, it is your last chance to kill some tributes! Again, congratulations and good Hunger Games. May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.

My thought changes and I start to run with the knife in my left hand, looking for the Cornucopia.

Buttercup Mellark (12)'s POV

Charisma (13) and I are the first ones to arrive at the feats. Charisma (13) is holding a bow and arrow and I am holding my backpack. Charisma (13) shares a complicated plan: We split up to attack the other tributes and we back to our campsite. I agree with it and I run on the way to the left side of the Cornucopia field. I see Jonathan (1) running in my direction and I start to yell to all the sides. While I run to the big horn, Charisma (13) heard it and she begins to trip in Jonathan (1)’s direction. Jonathan (1) swings the sword at her, but she diverts. Charisma (13) stands up and tries to shoot one arrow, but Jonathan (1) brings her bow down. She despairs, but a mace breaks Jonathan (1)’s skull. BOOM! It is Percy (5) arriving.

Hope Whittle (9)'s POV

I saw my brother running in an axe’s direction. I run in his direction, but he can’t realize me. I start to yell his name, but he didn’t hear. Suddenly, a knife flies in his eye, killing him instantly. BOOM! I start to shout like a crazy while Nick (12) retrieves his knife. He sees me, but I start to run to the opposite direction. When I am arriving in the forest, a dagger flies in my face. Felicity (Cap) jumps on me and begins to stab me repeatedly with her dagger. BOOM!

Ingrid Frey (1)'s POV

I arrive at the Cornucopia with no weapons. I don’t have any weapon to use against the other tributes. I grab a sleeping bag and a water canteen. I run towards my old campsite, but someone appears in my front. I bring it down, and the person falls on the ground. When I kick the belly, I realize that this person is Charisma (13). I steal her bow and I start to run without a direction. From the lake, I can see her being sliced in the neck by Jacob (12). BOOM!

Chesire Farraway (5)'s POV

Veronica and I are running and trying to attack some tributes. The only one that is still here is Jeanviev (13), Jacob (12) flees with her sister and Veronica (2) and I are in this big alliance. Jeanviev (13) is grabbing a dagger, but Veronica (1) throws one arrow. She diverts it, but she falls on the ground in a rock. Veronica (2)’s shoulder begins to hurt and she gives me the bow. I have to shoot it. I prepare myself pointing the arrow in Jeanviev (13)’s direction. I shoot the first arrow and it hits the ground. Veronica (2) laughs, but I throw the second arrow. Now the arrow hits Jeanviev (13)’s hand. The last arrow is shot and it hits Jeanviev (13)’s heart. As she falls, Veronica (2) takes the bow from my hand. BOOM!

Day 3 Odds

Name Dist. Location Odds
Ingrid Frey 1 Lake 19-1
Veronica Sunstone 2 Forest 4-1
Percy Vest 5 Forest 8-1
Chesire Farraway 5 Forest 12-1
Jacob Mellark 12 Forest 9-1
Nick Lovizio 12 Near Cornucopia 12-1
Buttercup Mellark 12 Forest 10-1
Felicity Jones Cap Cornucopia 11-1

Day 4 - The Final Day

Felicity Jones (Cap)'s POV

We are the Final Eight. I am almost winning. I start to think in my reminiscent opponents. Ingrid (1), Nick (12), and the alliance of Veronica (2), Percy (5), Jacob (12), Chesire (5) and Buttercup (12). I think in relax here in the Cornucopia for all day, just waiting for the deaths. It will be impossible! Nick (12) enters in the Cornucopia’s grass field and I hide myself on the top of the Cornucopia. I look at him; he looks confused and searching for something. Maybe supplies or weapons… I don’t know. All that I know is: I have to kill him. I prepare myself grabbing my dagger and putting my backpack in my left arm. I jump off the big gold horn running in his direction. He looks at me and he picks up his knife on the ground. I throw my backpack on the ground, preparing for the battle. I jump on him and he starts to go crazy, moving his head. I shove the dagger in his mouth and he shuts up. I hear a sound of many footsteps coming in my direction. I stab Nick (12) and I run to the horn, searching for a place to hide. BOOM! Nick is dead, now we are just seven.

Veronica Sunstone (2)'s POV

We arrive at the Cornucopia and we see Nick (12)’s body lying on the ground with the neck bleeding. Someone killed him, who was? Ingrid (1) or Felicity (Cap)? Percy (5) tells us to go out here. The hovercraft wants to grab Nick (12)’s body. We move away on the forest, splitting up. Jacob (12) is with his sister. Percy (5) is alone and I am with Chesire (5). I have to kill her now. My mentor sends me a letter everyday saying to don’t kill Percy (5), so… I have to kill Chesire (5) and Percy (5) will win. I change looks with her, she seems a little tired. She lays on the ground, relaxing. I grab my bow, silently. I point the arrow on the bow, preparing myself. I look at Chesire (5)’s eyes shining on the sunlight. I close my eyes as I shoot the arrow. I hear, with the closed eyes, a sound of a weapon hitting a body. Then, a loud whisper and… BOOM! She is dead. I lost my team partner and I killed her. The pain invades my shoulder, but I sit on the ground grabbing a medicine for it.

Jacob Mellark (12)'s POV

We heard one cannon. And I feel a blade flying at my direction. Immediately, I bring Buttercup (12) down while Ingrid (1)’s knife flies until reach a tree. ‘Are you ok, Buttercup?’ I whisper. She moves her head saying ‘Yes’ and I hear a scream from away. We run until there and we see Ingrid (1)’s body on the ground with a bite in the neck. BOOM! ‘A mutt killed her’ says Buttercup (12). We walk searching for Veronica (2), Percy (5) and Chesire (5). Oh no… I’m remembering. Just one of the district 12’s tributes can win this. Buttercup or me? I don’t know who I will choice. She is smiling, poor one. She can’t remember this sad fact. We walk until our campsite, where we see Veronica (2) and Percy (5) chatting. Chesire (5) isn’t here. Where is she? I ask Percy (5) and he says that Veronica (2) killed her. Buttercup (12) tries to punch her, but Percy (5) stops it saying: ‘She saved my life.’ I look at the sky. It is now. The time of the decision. Buttercup or me? This thought invades my mind again. Well, I will prefer my sister. She is younger than me, and she deserves this life. I whisper in Veronica (2)’s ear: ‘Can you kill me fast?’ She smiles and says: ‘Are you saying that I am bad? Obvious!’ I smile at her. She extends her hand and I shake it. She grabs her bow and tells Percy (5) to take Buttercup (12) to a hunt. He moves his head and pushes her to the forest. Veronica (2) looks at me and says: ‘Are you sure?’ She asks. I reply: ‘Yes. I am ready. Shoot the arrow!’ She prepares the bow and shoots it. The last thing that I see is the arrow in my belly. BOOM!

Percy Vest (5)'s POV

I tell Buttercup (12) about the Jacob (12)’s plan and she starts to yell. A ‘Congratulations’ is heard and a hovercraft appears. Then, the only thing that I remember is me opening the door and seeing my new sister on a Peacekeeper’s arms. I embrace her whispering: ‘I promise that you never ever will enter in a Hunger Game. It is a promise!’

Congratulations to the Victors!

Veronica Sunstone and the creator Jsm13athome

Percy Vest and the creator Jsm13athome

Buttercup Mellark and the creator Tsteen

Felicity Jones and the creator Violent Delights

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