Guys, I'm bored. My Fan Games are in the signups, so I want to make a blog to put my deaths and kills! Hahaha!

It's an alternative version!!!!


Careers: Marvel, Glimmer, Cato, Clove, and D4Boy

Alliance 1: D3Girl, D3Male, D6Girl and D8Male

Alliance 2: Katniss, Peeta, Rue and D7Female

Alliance 3: Thresh and D10Male

Alliance 4: D4Girl and D7Male

Death Chart

Rank Name/District Killed how Killed by
24th District 9 Male Knife in back Marvel (1)
23rd District 6 Male Beheaded by a sword Cato (2)
22nd District 10 Female Knife in the abdomen Clove (2)
21st District 8 Female Machete in the face D5 Male
20th District 4 Male Axe in the head D10 Male
19th Foxface (5) Dead by knife Glimmer (1)
18th District 5 Male Knife in body Glimmer (1)
17th District 3 Male Sword in the neck D8 Male

Day 1 - The Bloodbath


All the tributes are running towards the Cornucopia. The first tribute to arrive in the golden horn is Clove. She grabs a backpack full of throwing knives. Marvel grabs a long dagger on the ground and he starts a search for victims. The district 8 male appears and pushes Marvel on the ground, and he grabs Marvel's dagger. The district 7 female grabs an axe that she finds on a crate. Cato grabs a sword while Rue flees to the forest along with Katniss. Marvel shoves a long knife in the district 9 male's back. BOOM! Clove throws one knife int he district 10 female's leg. She falls. Cato beheads the district 6 male using his sword. BOOM! The district 6 female is seeing the scene, but she just flees onto the Cornucopia. Clove starts to cut the district 10 female's belly with her knife. She shoves the knife into the girl's abdomen. BOOM! The district 8 female grabs a crate, but she is too weak to drag it. She needs help. She asks the district 8 male, but he brings she down. Foxface and the district 5 male are attacking the other tributes together, the famous 'Double Attack'. Foxface grabs the district 8 female by the hair and she tips her on a rock, the district 5 male threads the girl's face with his machete. BOOM! The district 9 female is fighting with the district 3 male. The district 3 female is watching the big fight, and she runs towards the fight. The district 10 male shoves the axe in the district 4 male's head. BOOM! Peeta flees with a backpack in his left hand. Foxface and his district partner are laughing and smiling, but they don't see Glimmer come behind them and pushing them down. Glimmer cuts Foxface with a knife... BOOM! and then, she slips the knife in the district 5 male's body. BOOM! The bloodbath is over.


The Careers (Marvel, Glimmer, Cato, Clove, D4 Girl and D7 Boy) are near the lake, searching for other supplies. Clove is eating an apple and the d7 boy is cutting the tree with an axe. Glimmer gives a blueberry to Cato, but he gives it to the d4 girl. She refuses, pushing Cato down. He gets angry, and she runs holding a little backpack. The d7 girl follows her with his axe.

The D3Girl, the D3Male, the D6Girl and the D8Male are inside the forest, walking towards some water source. The d6 girl asks for a little pause, but the d8 male wants to continue. The district 3 pair says: "We need a pause!". The d8 male sits.

Katniss, Rue, Peeta and the D7 girl are talking inside the forest.

Thresh and the D10 male are hunting animals for food.

The d9 girl is alone in the forest, with no supplies.

Day 2 - The Cannons are Exploded!

The D3Girl, the D3Male, the D6Girl and the D8Male are hungry and they need water. The d8 male wants a big search for water, but the d3 girl shouts with him: "We cant! We are over!" In this moment, a big and silver parachute falls from the sky in the d8 boy's hand. He opens the parachute written: "Now, kill them!" Inside the parachute, a long knife. The d6 girl and the d3 girl start to run without a direction. The d3 boy tries to escape, but the d8 boy slices his neck with the sword. BOOM! He laughs.

In the Cornucopia, the Careers are preparing the weapons to a big search for tributes. Marvel will go to the north, Clove will go to the south, Cato and Glimmer will go to the east. After long hours, Marvel finds

Capitol Favourites (in Order)

Dist. Name
1 Glimmer
2 Cato
2 Clove
10 Boy
1 Marvel
8 Boy
7 Boy
12 Katniss
11 Thresh
6 Girl
4 Girl
3 Girl
9 Girl
11 Rue
7 Girl
12 Peeta

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