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The 74th Hunger Games -- Prior Events

I'm making the alternative 74th HG Games, and I will make the prior events to the Games like reapings, train rides, chariot rides, training and interviews.

I will make of all the districts, except for Twelve.

District 1

Reapings - Marvel's POV

I wake early. I wear an outfit that I found on top of the bed and I go down the stairs. When I arrive at the main room, Zoey (my little sister) is eating a little apple, alone.

-Zoey, what is happening? – I ask with sadness.

-Please don’t leave me alone, Marvel. I need you – she says, looking at my eyes

-Where are mom and dad? – I ask

-Well… - she whispers – They are working. What is new in this?

-Nothing. – I reply

I hug her and she releases a little whisper in my ear:

-Please, you have to win. Win for me.

-I will try.

I leave my home and walk to the square of my district.

The reaping is very fast and it happens in a blink of an eye. Jally Naberts, our escort this year, calls a girl called Frencha Denespeere to the stage, but a beautiful and blonde girl called Glimmer volunteers in her place. Then, she calls my name. I run onto the stage, happy. In the end, I see Zoey’s face crying. I have nothing to do, just whisper:

-I will try, Zoey. I will try for you.

Train Rides - Glimmer's POV

I lay my head in the pillow when Gloss enters in the room. He gives me a little apple and he sits on a big metal chair. Then, he starts to look at me.

Chariot Rides - Marvel's POV

Group Training - Glimmer's POV

Training - Marvel's POV

Interviews - Glimmer's POV

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