Welcome to a fanfiction of mine, showing the hypothetical 76th Hunger Games, with Capitol kids as participants.


The crowd is loud and intense. The noises are literally surrounding me, everywhere I look I see people. The square is overcrowded, and it feels like I am about to stumble in someone. 

It's the reapings for the 76th Hunger Games, and the Capitol square was not built with this in mind. At the districts, they already built the squares thinking of how many kids would be attending the reapings every year. But this is something new to us, the Capitol kids. We didn't even know how the reaping day could be so terrifying and wicked. This is probably the worst nightmare I've ever had, but the sad difference is that I will not wake up. Because... well, it's happening. There's no way to go back.

"Hello, Capitol people. I'n extremely happy to be here." The escort says in a loud voice, and everyone turns their head to the stage. Much for everyone's shock, the escort is not someone unknown and is not wearing Capitol clothes. Instead, the simple outfit shows clearly who she is. And I think that by now, everyone figured out that.

Johanna Mason.

Her eyes still give me chills and her head is now covered by a long straight blonde wig, probably because her hair is still short after they shoved it. I guess all of the rebels left the rebellion with a physical scar, and Johanna's most notable one probably was her hair.

"I have been expecting this for months. And it finally came. Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games!" She says, obviously in a sarcastic voice. Everybody knows that Johanna literally hates the Capitol and everyone who lives here, so she was literally waiting for this moment when we will know who are the unlucky Capitol kids who will be sent to the arena. Now, I understand how the kids back in the districts felt when an animated Capitol escort appeared into the stage and started to talk about how the Games were great.

"Alright, so how everyone here knows, I will be hosting the special reapings this year. I will be reading the name of the twelve boys and the twelve boys who were lucky enough to be selected into the 76th Hunger Games. I will be giving a number designation for every chosen tribute. Good luck to all of you, cross your fingers!" Johanna continues her speech, with an even more sarcastic ton in her voice.

"Ok, let's start with it." She says and from the lateral of the stage two Peacekeepers arrive as it is revealed that they are actually pushing a small wooden table with a big crystal ball full of paper strips. The wooden table is left besides Johanna, and she extends her hand, penetrating into the ball. Her hand shakes inside the ball, and then, it emerges from the crystal ball with a strip.

"The girl number 1 is..." Johanna says with a little pause. "Cynthia Snow!"

Oh, how surprising. The President Snow's granddaughter was the first reaped tribute. Johanna releases a whisper followed by a quick large grin, and then she turns to the small girl emerging from the crowd. Her long brown hair falls to her back, and her face has a worried look in it. She must be around twelve or thirteen, I'm not sure though I think it is thirteen.

"Welcome Cynthia, you can't imagine how happy I am to know you were lucky enough to participate in these Games." Johanna says, again sarcastic. She won't stop being ironic until this whole thing ends.

"Alright, so... the boy number 1 is Armani Brendan!" A red-haired boy who looks like he is eighteen emerges from the crowd and climb the stairs to reach the stage. If I'm not mistaken, Armani's father was a head Peacekeeper in some district, but I don't remember which one. Anyway, Armani seems extremely tall and fierce compared to Cynthia's small stature.

"The girl number 2 is... Rochelle Reynolds." An extremely pale girl emerges from the crowd and shyly places herself next to Armani and Cynthia. I also know Rochelle, not personally, but from seeing her and her mother - who was a Gamemaker - at the television some times participating in reality show's.

"The boy number 2 is... Trip Greenoak." A boy with dark green hair surges and rises into the stage. He looks like he's fourteen years old and if I'm not mistaken again, his mother was a Gamemaker until last year.

"The girl number 3 is Gabi Bannette." Oh, the daughter of the most famous actor of the Capitol. He has been defending the idea of the Hunger Games ever since he appeared on TV, but I guess he just changed his mind since his little daughter is now participating in these.

"The boy number 3 is... Jayden Murray." Alright, who is him? Out of all of these tributes who were already selected, he is the only one that I don't remember. But... wait, I thought that they would be selecting only the children of powerful Capitol people, and this is why I was relaxed. My family lives in the poorest area of the whole Capitol, and I thought that they would be wasting space putting me inside the arena. But I guess not. I guess all of the Capitol kids are vulnerable to this.

"The girl number 4 is... Selena Crane." Oh, this one I know perfectly. Her long and wavy black hair would be recognizable for me even in a matter of kilometers. Selena was the most popular girl in the school, at least until after the 74th Hunger Games when her father was killed. The rumours said that she spent her whole time training martial arts and weapon techniques, even though I don't know if it's true.

"The boy number 4 is Gabriel Yale." Again, I don't know him and have no idea of where he came from. "And the girl number 5 is Samantha Breath." Another one who I don't know.

"The boy number 5 is... Wade Burns." Finally, a familiar face. Even though I wished that I didn't see his face. He is the son of one of the Gamemakers who worked at the Third Quarter Quell, and he always was a spoiled kid. He is extremely selfish and arrogant. He is probably the only person in my school that I sincerely hate.

"The..." Johanna starts to read and then realizes something that makes she open a shy smile. "Oh, look what a coincidence. The boy and girl number 6 are the Crawford siblings, Linda and Lirio." Everyone in the crowd releases a whisper as the two sixteen years-old twin siblings emerge from the crowd and head to the stage. Their father was actually a very rich man, but his true job was never revealed. He could be a Capitol's spy agent. I don't know.

"Moving on, the girl number 7 is Virna Huntboyd." A small girl, who seems to be twelve years old, rises to the stage. I also don't know her, but judging by the reaction of the crowd, she might have an important family that I simply didn't know.

"The boy number 7 is Bryan Foster." Another small person also emerges from the crowd, but he actually seems to be around thirteen years old. Judging by his surname Foster, he could be the son of one of the most popular singers in the Capitol. If yes, then well, he already has people cheering for him as his father has a lot of fans.

"The girl number 8 is Kamille Garcia. And the boy number 8 is Wesley Safiro." Two unknowns, but both actually seem fierce.

"The girl number 9 is Kiera Lane." A small girl in a pink outfit surges from the crowd. Her blonde hair and heavy pink make-up weirdly combine. She is probably the daughter of a stylist, considering that her clothes and make-up are surprisingly professional.

"The boy number 9 is River Watkins." Oh no. No, this can't be happening. Not River. Please tell me this is not happening. My best friend just got selected to participate. But he is just as poor as me! He is not wealthy, his family is pratically miserable and he even participated in uprisings against the government of President Snow. I can't believe this is happening.

As Johanna calls the girl number 10 called Yasmim Flore to the stage, I still look to my friend climbing the stairs to reach the stage. His face is covered of fear and his body is literally shaking. He looks terrified, and I can't do anything to save him.  I just wish I could be there to wish him luck and tell him to calm down.

"The boy number 10 is Nikolas Carroll." I facepalm myself, I can't watch this anymore. I continue looking to innocent kids being selected to enter the arena and it's sad to know that all but one will be alive when this thing ends. The Games are disguting; now I know the real feeling of how the tributes felt during the reapings back then. And I used to be excited watching them.

"The girl number 11 is Delilah Payton." As one more girl rises to the stage, something hopeful hits me. I wasn't chosen yet, and there is just one more female spot left. The chances of me being chosen as the girl number 12 are extremely low, as there is still lot of strips in that bowl (even though everyone knows that those stripes already have pre-selected names).

"The boy number 11 is Tatum Schmidt." A tall and dark-haired man emerges from the crowd with a wicked expression in his face. He rolls his eyes as he makes his way through the crowd.

A point of hope hits my body. It's time to announce the last female tribute of the Games, and my name hasn't been called yet. I must escape from these.

"The girl number 12..." I cross my fingers and close my eyes. Please, it can't be me.

"Is..." The suspense is almost killing me.

"Fuchsia Terranova."

As my name is called, my body collapses to the side.


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