Hey, I'm hosting my third games, and the first Disney Games!

(NOTE: I'm hosting what they need and where they are in the next link:)

Stats Tributes: Tribute Stats

(NOTE²: If the first Disney Games was a sucess, I'll make a wikia and the Disney Games 2)


This idea came to the nothing. I'm watching Snow White and the Hunstman and I have the idea: Disney Games. I search in Google and I find this image:


Instead of The Prince in District 12, I put one of Seven Dwarfs: Plick (name from the original Snow White):


The principal idea is: You are a mentor of one of these personages. When they die, you are out. Make smart decisions.


  • You can mentoring just 2 tributes
  • Please, don't put many spams. 1 is good.
  • You decide who you want
  • You have to choose 1 girl and 1 boy
  • You have to send messages to they everyday, or your tribute dies!
  • NOTE: I'll put the training scores after all tributes are chosen

Sign Ups

District Character User
1 Aladdin CatchingFire1236
1 Jasmine
2 Shang
2 Mulan Justafox
3 Milo
3 Kida
4 Eric
4 Ariel
5 Hercules FinnickisBOSS
5 Megara
6 Naveen
6 Tiana FinnickisBOSS
7 Tarzan
7 Jane
8 Charming D8lover
8 Cinderella
9 Beast
9 Belle
10 Quasimodo
10 Esmeralda D8lover
11 John Smith
11 Pocahontas CatchingFire1236
12 Snow White
12 Plick



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