Hey guys. Probably, my second Brazilian Games are failed. So, I'll introduce the Fan Games. Read the intro and the rules, please!


In an alternative Panem, the districts are ruled by characters of the Hunger Games series. It's thirty-six districts and each one have to send one tribute (male or female).


  • Just three tributes per person!
  • The tribute have to show the president's skills, like: Stealthy - from district Foxface.
  • These Games are fast: the reapings, the interviews and the Games.
  • You have to sponsor your tribute.


I will go on pages. Reservations for 1 day!

Tribute Chart

District Name Age G Weapon User
Marvel Theo Harpond 18 M Spear KillNoMercy
Glimmer Starburst Infinity 17 F Archery Dedejacob
Gloss Lilian Rose 18 F Throwing axes AxedFox
Cashmere Goddess Spark 17 F Mace AxedFox
Cato Sammy Rewtro 18 M Axe AsherMizzou
Clove Jasmine Viper 16 F Poison Tiger Lily29
Brutus Sam Flager 18 M Sword AsherMizzou
Enobaria Eros McKinley 14 M Teeth ErosDistrict1
Beetee Ronan Swift 13 M Knife Flynn77
Wiress Tammy Daisy 15 F Blowgun JWW
Finnick Stella Bass 14 F Spear Mr. Clove14
Mags Sally Nabert 17 F Trident AsherMizzou
Annie Mist Evans 15 F Trident Annamisasa
Foxface Alexander Cubiatee 18 M Steal, knife Pierulesnotyou
Blight Bryn Wateroat 17 M Axes D7AllTheWay
Johanna McKeena Eclina 15 F Throwing axes Pierulesnotyou
Woof Sammy Cleare 17 M Slingshot 8thYear
Cecelia Ivan Texture 15 M Axes ErosDistrict1
Thresh Mark Stlyes 16 M Rocks CoolCato
Rue April Sunoaks 14 F Sling Annamisasa
Chaff Josh Grains 16 M Hand-to-hand ErosDistrict1
Seeder Casper Gostum 14 M Blowgun IHeartHG
Peeta Dimitri Jennieyld 16 M Strenght KillNoMercy
Katniss Swan Wapato 16 F Archery ShimmeringFire
Gale Leo Angulino 15 M Archery Brocky292
Primrose Amelia Cotton 15 F Awl Annamisasa
Greasy Sae Silk Houme 18 F Spear IHeartHG
Madge Lily May 13 F Knife Dedejacob
Haymitch Claude Chavez 16 M Knife ShimmeringFire
Cinna Danielle Anners 15 F Axe/Archery Polinarose
Portia James Will 16 M Spear JWW
President Snow Logan Waterson 18 M Sword IHeartHG
Seneca Crane Jackson Salmon 15 M Whips Tiger Lily29
Prep Team Isabelle Anners 13 F Blowgun Polinarose
Effie Diana Swan 16 F Archery CrazyBlueTrib
Coin/Boggs Dave Lenann 16 M Spear Polinarose


The arena will be forty-five different sections with many traps (they are activated when the tribute says: 'Capitol'):

  • 1-4: Factories will explode and sharp diamonds will fly in the tributes.
  • 5-8: Many soldiers mutts will spank you and maybe, kill you.
  • 9-10: Many trees and plants will shock you with a high electricity.
  • 11-13: A big tsunami will appear.
  • 14: A energy bomb will explode.
  • 15: Crazy cars will appear from the nothing to kill you.
  • 16-17: A area with many trees. These trees are mutts that will eat you.
  • 18-19: Heavy clothes will rain from the sky.
  • 20-25: Carnivorous plannts will eat you.
  • 26-33: Land mines will explode.
  • 34-39: Buildings will explode in your direction.
  • 40-45: A nuclear bomb will explode.



Lilian Rose; Starburst Infinity; Goddess Spark; McKeena Eclina

Old District 11 and 12 alliance

April Sunoaks; Amelia Cotton


Jasmine Viper [Clove]

Clove invades the little stage holding a small and red microphone. She is excited, we can see this. She begins to talk in the microphone:

"Hey, people! Are you ready to the Fan Games? Let's make me proud!" She shouts and the whole district explodes in a loud scream: "Clove! Clove!"

She smiles and yells: "Good. I like this. Let's start?" A girl dressing a white dress enters with a big reaping ball with our names. She grabs one paper and speaks: "And our tribute in the Fan Games is..." She breathes. "Mia..." I scream without a second thought: "I volunteer as tribute!" She laughs.

Ivan Texture [Cecelia]

I'm looking for my brother when Cecelia enters in the stage holding a little baby in her arms. She is laughing. A Peacekeeper enters and gives a microphone to Cecelia. She releases the baby and begins to speak with us:

"Okay, how'd you know... The Fan Games are close! And we have to select one young boy or girl to represent our district in these Games." I found my brother playing and running. I take him by the arms. He is holding my legs. "So, let's start with this horrible thing."

Two Cecelia's sons are bringing the reaping ball and Cecelia crosses the stage to grab a name. She puts her left hand in. She grabs one paper with a name written. Please, don't be me.

She releases a sad whisper and shouts: "And our tribute in the Fan Games is... Ivan Texture! Ivan is our tribute!" My brother is holding my legs with strenght, but two Peacekeeprs grab him. I say: "Please, mercy with him."

Cecelia calls me to the stage. I walk towards the stage.

Training Score/Odds of Winning

District Name Score Odds
Marvel Theo Harpond 8
Glimmer Starburst Infinity 8
Gloss Lilian Rose 9
Cashmere Goddess Spark 8
Cato Sammy Rewtro 10
Clove Jasmine Viper 7
Brutus Sam Flager 9
Enobaria Eros McKinley 6
Beetee Ronan Swift 5
Wiress Tammy Daisy 4
Finnick Stella Bass 9
Mags Sally Nabert 6
Annie Mist Evans 6
Foxface Alexander Cubiatee 7
Blight Bryn Wateroat 5
Johanna McKeena Eclina 5
Woof Sammy Cleare 3
Cecelia Ivan Texture 5
Thresh Mark Stlyes 9
Rue April Sunoaks 11
Chaff Josh Grains 8
Seeder Casper Gostum 4
Peeta Dimitri Jennieyld 7
Katniss Swan Wapato 7
Gale Leo Angulino 6
Primrose Amelia Cotton 5
Greasy Sae Silk Houme 7
Madge Lily May 5
Haymitch Claude Chavez 11
Cinna Danielle Anners 4
Portia James Will 6
President Snow Logan Waterson 11
Seneca Crane Jackson Salmon 7
Prep Team Isabelle Anners 3
Effie Diana Swan 6
Coin/Boggs Dave Lenann 7


Every user starts with R$1000 to sponsor just one tribute. Each kill, you gain R$100. If you want to be a sponsor, tell me in the comments.

User Tribute Money
Pierulesnotyou Alexander Cubiatee 950
Flynn77 Ronan Swift 1010
Dedejacob Starburst Infinity 1020

Day 3

  • April Sunoaks = Plastic piece (40); Rocks (25); Bread (40); Water (150); Knife (50). Total: 305
  • Alexander Cubiatee = Throwing Knives (100); Night-vision Glasses (250). Total: 350

Final Day

  • Ronan Swift = Throwing Knives (100); Knife (50); Bread (40). Total: 190
  • Starburst Infinity = Band-aid (80). Total: 80

Items List


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Bow And Arrow (x18): 100
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun And Darts (x12): 75


  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 100
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Dried Beef: 100
  • Raw Beef: 80
  • Complete Refection: 200


  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 80
  • Sleep Spray: 95


  • Water (2 bottles): 150
  • Iodine: 65
  • Sleeping Bag: 190
  • Net:50
  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Blanket: 160
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700
  • Backpack: Small (110); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Plastic piece: 40
  • Rope: 70
  • Empty Backpack: 70

Death Chart


Place Name District Killed how Killed by
36th Theo Harpond Marvel Stabbed with dagger Marvel
35th Casper Gostum Seeder Neck cutted Eros McKinley
34th Jackson Salmon Seneca Crane Knife in back Seneca Crane
33rd Josh Grains Chaff Spanked Gamemakers
32nd Sam Flager Brutus Sword in abdomen Brutus
31st Bryn Wateroat Blight Land mines Gamemakers
30th James Will Portia Land mines Gamemakers
29th Dave Lenann Coin/Boggs Land mines Gamemakers
28th Isabelle Anners Prep Team Dart in hand Sammy Cleare
27th Sammy Cleare Woof Little knife Lilian Rose
26th Silk Houme Greasy Sae Stabbed in temple Claude Chavez
25th Mark Stlyes Thresh Axe in the head Johanna
24th Jasmine Viper Clove Axe in body McKeena Eclina
23rd Sammy Rewtro Cato Axe in neck McKeena Eclina
22nd Eros McKinley Enobaria Axe McKeena Eclina
21st Stella Bass Finnick Trident in chest Mist Evans
20th Sally Nabert Mags Explosion Mist/ Gamemakers
19th Dimitri Jennieyld Peeta Car mutt Gamemakers
18th Danielle Anners Cinna Car mutt Gamemakers
17th Diana Swan Effie Car mutt Gamemakers
16th Ivan Texture Cecelia Train mutt Gamemakers
15th Logan Waterson President Snow Knife in neck Alexander Cubiatee
14th Swan Wapato Katniss Knife in the back Alexander Cubiatee
13rd Claude Chavez Haymitch Knife in throat Haymitch
12nd Tammy Daisy Wiress Sword on face Thresh
11st Lily May Madge Spiky mace Goddess Spark
10th Leo Angulino Gale Tree on the back Lilian Rose
9th Lilian Rose Gloss Knife in back Alexander Cubiatee
8th Alexander Cubiatee Foxface Arrow in forehead Starburst Infinity
7th Amelia Cotton Madge Buildings Ronan Swift/ Gamemakers
6th April Sunoaks Rue Buildings Ronan Swift/ Gamemakers
5th Goddess Spark Cashmere Axe in throat McKeena Eclina
4th McKeena Eclina Johanna Arrow, trident and knife Ronan Swift, Mist Evans, Starburst Infinity

Second Twist!!

The new Panem president crosses the stage and grabs a silver microphone:

"The second and last twist in the User Games is: each tribute will have an anti-tribute and in these Games, the anti-tributes will be their mentors. Example: If you are from my district, I will enter in the arena wishing kill you."

The Games

The bloodbath is big, but enjoy!

Day 1: Do You Hear the Blood?

Bloodbath - Overview

Three… Two… One… Its open the Annual Fan Hunger Games! The anti-tributes are faster and they arrive at the Cornucopia with ease. The careers are approaching, and Marvel sees your tribute running in his direction. He grabs a dagger and stabs Theo Harpond many times on the ground. Theo dies instantly. BOOM! The other careers are fleeing onto the Cornucopia with fear. Diana Swan runs and grabs a camouflage paint, but Effie saw it. Effie runs behind her, holding a club. Diana grabs a little crossbow with her left hand. Diana shoots one arrow and it hits Effie’s eye. Effie falls on the ground, dead. BOOM! Portia and Cinna are running behind Danielle Anners wanting to kill her. Danielle finds an axe on the ground. Eros McKinley cuts Casper Gostum’s neck using his teethes. BOOM! Gloss and Cashmere are grabbing supplies. Danielle Anners shove the axe in Portia’s head… BOOM! and the girl slices Cinna’s neck with it. BOOM! Johanna is chasing McKeena Eclina with an axe. Mark Stlyes is throwing rocks at the tributes. One hits Coin wrapped with Boggs in the eye. She falls and Boggs tries to push Mark, but the boy is clever and kicks Boggs’ belly. Then, he breaks the rock in Boggs’ temple. BOOM! Peeta is looking for Katniss. Clove grabs a bag full of throwing knives, but her tribute Jasmine Viper steals it. Jasmine grabs a knife and throws in Clove’s direction. It finds Clove’s nose. BOOM! Jackson Salmon grabs a sword and he confronts Starbust Infinity. The girl brings him down by the legs and she runs with a smile in the face. Seneca Crane finds Jackson on the ground and he shoves a knife in Jackson’s back. BOOM! Tammy Daisy and Ronan Swift flee together toward the forest. April Sunoaks grabs a little backpack and runs to the forest, but she doesn’t see Rue chasing her with Katniss and Peeta. Swan Wapato threads Woof’s neck using his axe. BOOM! Cecelia sees and she drags Woof’s body to the Cornucopia. Ivan Texture runs towards her, pushing her and stealing her supplies. The Prep Team is together and using a ‘Triple Attack’ against the tributes. But Sammy Rewtro is holding a sword when he looks at it. He first cuts Octavia’s leg. BOOM! Then, he shoves the sword in Flavius’ neck. BOOM! And last, he slices Venia’s face using his long sword. BOOM! Chaff is fighting with Josh Grains at the area written ‘Six’. Josh says Capitol and many soldiers appear from the nothing, spanking Chaff and his tribute. BOOM! BOOM! Glimmer is with Finnick searching for their tributes. Stella Bass is running with Sally Nabert and Mist Evans when Mags and Annie appears from the nothing, holding big tridents. Stella throws her trident in Annie’s chest, making she coughs blood and falls to the ground. BOOM! Mags tries to escape, but Mist grabs her by the hair and starts to kick Mags’ head repeatedly. BOOM! Brutus shoves the sword in Sam Flager’s abdomen. BOOM! Bryn Wateroat, James Will and Dave Lennann are running onto the section written ‘Twenty-six’ and Dave says: ‘I hate the Capitol!’ Many land mines are activated, making them explode. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Isabelle Anners opens a crate and she finds ablowgun it with seven poisonous darts. Sammy Cleare pushes her down and throws one poisonous dart in her hand. BOOM! He is laughing, but Lilian Rose approaches and kills him using a little knife that she found on the grass. BOOM! President Snow and Greasy Sae are fighting for a backpack in the area written ‘Twenty-two’ and Snow says: ‘The Capitol will revenge my death’ and many carnivorous plants begins to eat their miserable bodies. BOOM! BOOM! Silk Houme is celebrating for her life, but Claude Chavez jumps off a tree and stabs her in the temple. BOOM! The bloodbath is over.

Aftermath Statistics - Overview

The Careers (Lilian Rose; Starburst Infinity; Goddess Spark; Sammy Rewtro; Jasmine Viper; Eros McKinley) are near the Cornucopia in front of the big river and with supplies and weapons.

Tammy Daisy and Ronan Swift are walking inside the forest, looking for food.

Stella Bass, Sally Nabert and Mist Evans are following the river.

April Sunoaks and Amelia Cotton are hidden in a tree. They need weapons to survive, because Peeta, Katniss, Rue and Primrose are chasing them.

Danielle Anners, Diana Swan and Logan Waterson are walkings in circles without any food or water.

JMark Stlyes, and McKeena Eclina are in the section 7 and Johanna is chasing them.

Alexander Cubiatee is in the section 18.

Dimitri Jennieyld is in the section 19, needing a backpack.

Leo Angulino is in the section 27.

Swan Wapato is in the section 34, preparing his aim.

Lily May is in the section 39.

Day 2 - The Surprises are Coming!

April Sunoaks' POV

Amelia and I are sitting underneath a tree, eating some berries that I find early. She is trying to help me, but I want to take care of her. I trust her. We are talking about my district and how Rue is good and a likeable people. Now, she is sick and very crazy. The Capitol is changing her. Amelia says a little loud and we hear many steps running behind us. I climb in a tree when I see Amelia climbing a little slow. She is weak. I get down and I push her to a twig, making my leg be shown. I see Katniss, Peeta, Primrose and Rue running in our direction. Amelia is shaking, and I hold her hand. I see a tree similar to ours and I have an awesome idea. Amelia jumps off the tree and starts to run towards that tree. I jump to the tree using the twigs. Amelia points out a deep line and a number in the three. ‘Two’. I yell ‘Capitol’ and many sharp diamonds begins to fly in Katniss. She falls on the ground with a diamond in the neck. BOOM! Other diamond, bigger, flies in Peeta’s eye. BOOM! But Primrose and Rue are still running in our direction. I grab a rock on the ground and I throw. One hits Rue in her foot. She falls on the ground, making Prim falls. Prim starts to punch Rue. BOOM! She looks at me and a big knife made in gold flies in her back. BOOM!

McKeena Eclina's POV

Johanna is chasing Mark Stlyes and I. She finds us. First, she shoves her big axe in Mark’s head and he dies instantly. BOOM! Then, she tries to bring me down, but I divert and I push her to a rock. I garb her axe and I throw. It hits Johanna’s brain. BOOM! She is falling, and I take the axe off her brain. I begin to walk, searching for supplies or even an alliance. I found what I need. The Careers are talking near the lake when I arrive. Jasmine Viper runs in my direction, holding a knife. I divert and slice her belly. I start to shove it in her body. BOOM! Sammy Rewtro runs in my direction too, but I run towards a tree. He is approaching and I throw the axe. It threads his neck. BOOM! The Careers are surprised with me. Eros McKinley calls me to a fight. If I won, I’m in the Careers. If he wins, well I’m not in. He grabs two knives and he throws one in me. I jump to the side and I grab the knife. I’m opening the eyes when the second knife arrives at my leg. I yell and I throw my axe. BOOM! I hear the cannons and the ‘Congratulations’ of the Careers.

Sally Nabert's POV

Mist, Stella and I are lying on our campsite when the Capitol’s symbol appears and the dead tributes are shown. Mist is on her sleeping bag and Stella is sleeping with her trident by the side. I sleep for a while…

BOOM! When I wake up, I have a surprise. Mist is holding Stella’s trident in the left hand. Stella is on the ground, with a big hole on the chest. Mist runs to another section and I beg for mercy. She says: ‘Sorry, but no!’ She yells: ‘Capitol’ and runs towards the forest. I feel the ground shaking. AN EXPLOSION! BOOM!

Ivan Texture's POV

Diana Swan, Dimitri Jennieyld, Danielle Anners and I are in a big section written ‘Fifteen’. Danielle murmurs: ‘The Capitol is hating us.’ Suddenly, a big yellow car appears and throws Dimitri on the air. BOOM! Diana and Danielle are fleeing, but a pink car runs over them. BOOM! I yell: ‘No’, but it is too late. A big metal train is hitting me on the head. BOOM!

Not on-scene deaths

In the beginning of the day, Foxface, Gloss, Wiress, Beetee and Seeder were killed just for fun by the Gamemakers.

Day 2 - Statistics

The Careers (Lilian Rose; Starburst Infinity; Goddess Spark; McKeena Eclina) are near the Cornucopia in front of the big river and with supplies and weapons.

Tammy Daisy and Ronan Swift are walking inside the forest, without any food.

April Sunoaks and Amelia Cotton walking in the arena.

Leo Angulino and Lily May now are an alliance, and they are in the section 28.

Mist Evans is following the river, stopping in any section.

Alexander Cubiatee is in the section 22, chasing Swan Wapato.

Swan Wapato is in the section 22, running from Alexander Cubiatee.

Claude Chavez is in the section 15, needing a knife or something like that.

Logan Waterson is almost dying with hunger.

Day 3 - A Death Race!

Alexander Cubiatee's POV

I grab my throwing knifes that my sponsor send me. I’m walking and searching for Swan Wapato. In the ground, I find a corpse. It is skinny and thin. I kick the body and a person with the bones showing me whisper for me: ‘Help me. I need water.’ Stupid boy. I shove my knife in his neck and he dies with ease. BOOM! I walk ten meters and the hovercraft appears with the guy’s body. I’m walking, just silence… Or no. Claude Chavez jumps off a tree in my front and he smiles at me. ‘Where are you going?’ At this moment, a knife flies in his ear and he starts to bleed. Haymitch appears. A guy called Swan Wapato shoots his arrow in Haymitch’s leg. He falls and I throw my knife in Swan’s back. BOOM! Claude and Haymitch begin a fight for the knife and Haymitch grabs it. He slices Claude’s throat. BOOM! Immediately, I throw my second knife and it hits in Haymitch’s head. BOOM!

Mist Evans' POV

I’m following the river when I hear a scream. When I arrive at the place, Thresh is cutting Tammy Daisy’s face with a sword. BOOM! A desperate boy grabs one knife and he shoves it in Thresh’s temple. BOOM! He looks at me, scared. And he flees. Well, this was a little bizarre, but… I have to keep walking.

Lilian Rose's POV

We are stopped near the river and a tree written ‘Twenty-eight’. Starburst is eating an apple and she talks about who is left. I don’t know, but I heard six cannons today. The day was great to the Gamemakers. Goddess says that she saw two people running in the forest. We begin to run onto the forest. In one moment, we find them. Leo Angulino and Lily May are locked in our trap. Leo grabs a bow and he shoots one arrow in our direction. I divert, but it hits in McKeena’s deficient leg. She starts to yell. Lily is trying to flee, but Goddess breaks her head using a spiky mace. BOOM! Leo shouts and he throws another arrow. It hits nothing, just a little tree behind us. He starts to kick the ground with strength. Starburst throws an arrow. It hits Leo in his belly. He falls, but he doesn’t die. Immediately, I throw my axe. He diverts, but the axe cuts an enormous tree. The tree falls in his back. BOOM! I ask if McKeena is alright, and she tells that she needs a medicine kit. We don’t have one.

Not on-scene deaths

In the beginning of the day, Gale, Cecelia, Marvel and Seneca Crane were killed just for fun by the Gamemakers.

Congratulations to the top 9!

Day 4 - The Celebration!

Starburst Infinity's POV

McKeena received a medicine kit and she starts to smile. We are talking about some strategies for today, but Claudius’ voice invades the Cornucopia.

“Congratulations, top 9! To celebrate it, all the rest of the anti-tributes will be dead NOW. Congratulations again and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.”

Well, a good new. This is good for now. Now we are just nine tributes in the arena. The end is close. Very closer. A guy, I guess that his name is Alexander Cubiatee, invades our campsite with several throwing knives in one backpack. Lilian Rose tries to flee, but he throws one knife in her back. BOOM! I run and I manage to grab the bow with safety. Now he is looking at me. I prepare myself. And when he throws the knife, I shoot my arrow. The knife hits my shoulder, but I don't feel anything. But he feels. The arrow is in his forehead. He is falling, bleeding. BOOM! Goddess laughs and we grab his backpack.

Ronan Swift's POV

Oh, Tammy is died. I’m feeling so bad… Nothing can support my pain in this moment. I lay my head on the grass while I hear the birds singing and many steps coming in my direction. Wait! Many footsteps coming in my direction! I get up and I start to run onto the forest, without a direction. I found a big section with many buildings inside. I run and I enter in a green and big building. I saw a big plate written ‘Thirty-four’, so let’s wait to see what will happen. I hear other steps. These are light steps. I go out of my hiding place to notice the movement out there. I see little legs moving to every side. A strange dust invades the building. My nose begins to itch, and I sneeze. Then, the little tributes begin to run in my direction. I start to run in the opposite direction. In my way, I found a long knife on the ground. I get down grabbing the knife, and I hear a rock flying in my back. I divert immediately. Two girls, April Sunoaks and Amelia Cotton, are in my front. They are ready to kill me. So, I look at my left side and I see a plate written ‘Thirty-five’ and I have an awesome idea. I say: ‘Well, bye-bye’ and I jump to other section shouting ‘Capitol!’ and the section in my front starts to explode. A big building falls in Amelia’s little body. BOOM! April tries to run, but another building falls, killing her instantly. BOOM! Well, I am in the top 5!

Day 5 - The Final Day!

Goddess Spark's POV

We, the Careers, are in our campsite relaxing and waiting for the other tributes. Now we are on the Top Five, a good place for the district Cashmere. McKeena Eclina is eating some meat e Starburst Infinity is preparing her bow. A thought runs through my mind. I have to kill them to win. It is my only chance. Silently, I picked up a knife that is in my bag. I get up, but Starburst calls me. I run to her meeting and she shows me a little chicken that she kills. I say: “Well, we have food now.” She looks at me with a strange face. She begins to examine me and I know that is the moment to end with it. I grab my knife and I get it, but I feel something cutting my legs from behind. I fall on the ground, and Starburst begins to run. McKeena throws one axe in my direction and I feel it entering in my throat. BOOM!

Mist Evans' POV

I grab the backpack full of my sponsor gifts. I heard one cannon, and this is good. We are just four now. I’m walking in the Cornucopia’s direction, but a voice invades the arena:

“Congratulations, final four! We have a great surprise for you: Instead of just one winner, these games will have three victors. But with a bad condition: the last dead tribute has to be killed by the tree at the same time. If that doesn't happen, only one victor will be allowed. Good luck and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.”

Yes, I can win. I have to find the rest of the tributes. I run towards the Cornucopia, cheering for a big ‘reunion’ here. When I arrive at the Cornucopia, Ronan is fighting with McKeena and Starburst is with a big leg injury. She is putting a band-aid in it. But my principal focus right now is Ronan Swift. He is the weakest tribute now. I have to kill them with Starburst and McKeena helping me. I walk towards Starburst and I tell her about my plan of kill Ronan. She agrees and she grabs her bow. I prepare myself grabbing one of my tridents. We see Ronan and McKeena rolling and fighting. McKeena puts a knife in his neck, ready to kill him. I shout: ‘Now’ to Starburst and she shoots one arrow, while I throw my trident. Ronan is fast and he puts McKeena in his front. The weapons reach her stomach. Ronan grabs one knife and shoves it in McKeena’s belly. She falls. BOOM!

Starburst Infinity's POV

Oh my god, I am a winner. I forget all the differences when I hug Mist Evans. She smiles at me, while Ronan is celebrating. A hovercraft appears and it grabs us. I enter in the main room and Glimmer embraces me. “You weren't dead?” I ask. She laughs and says: “It was a mutt, not me." I see Ronan embracing Beetee and Mist screaming with Annie. We are the victors!


Mist Evans

District Annie


Starburst Infinity

District Glimmer


Ronan Swift

District Beetee


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