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  1. This film will show a mature language and sexuality mentions.
  2. Don't fight with other users.
  3. Please comment if you liked it, or no.
  4. There will be kills and deaths, so if your character dies, it is not my fault.

Chapter One

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins

Spot lights on me and I am ready to break

A VDA’S Production

I’m like a performer

The dance floor is my stage

With some users’ help

Better be ready

Hope that you feel the same

All eyes on me

In the center of a ring

Like a circus

The HG Wiki Film

When I crack that whip

The Berktown High School is shown

Everybody gonna trip

Just like a circus

Matt: What’s up, Adrian?

Adrian: Nothing too special, Matt… and you?

They cross the hall entering in the sciences class.

Matt: Same. I have to find something to do this weekend.

Adrian: Are you thinking in the same thing that I am thinking?

Matt: What are you thinking? Penguins?

Adrian: You are stupid or you just pretend?

Matt: I don’t know.

The teacher enters in the class

Teacher: Hello, students.

All students: Hi, Miss Lunai!

Isabella Lunai: Are you animated for today? It’s Friday!

Jason Vance: Yes and by the way, I want to invite everyone here to a party in my house.

Gavin Adams: Who wants to go with me to the party?

Felicia Prenkins: I will.

Filecia Prenkins: No, I will.

Adriana Tamara: No, I will go with Adam.

Filecia Prenkins: Shut up, little bastard.

Gavin Adam: Let’s relax girls…

Adriana Tamara: What you called me?

Filecia Prenkins: B-A-S-T-A-R-D.

Adriana Tamara: I will kick your head now.

Adriana jumps on Filecia and Felicia yells, Gavin invites Ally Peterson and she agrees.

The alarm rang “Buzz!” and the students go out the room.

Everyone is commenting the Jason’s party, except for the Prenkins twins, Adriana and Dustin Adams. The students go out the school, talking with everyone.

Ally Peterson: Who wants to go to the pizzeria? Come on! Let’s eat some pizzas!

Andrew Donohoe: It’s a good idea!

Charlie Neilson: I agree, let’s go!

Charlie laughs and he calls Arianna Snadle to the talk.

Arianna Snadle: Hi, my boy… What you want?

Wesley Lisin: We are going to the pizzeria.

Charlie Neilson: Shut up, Wesley! I was talking the surprise.

Arianna Snadle: A surprise? To me?

Charlie Neilson: No, to Britanny! It’s her birthday!

Arianna Snadle: Oh…

Alice Peyton: HELLO!

Many students: Alice!

Alex Wood: Alice, do you want to join the pizzeria with me?

Alice and Eleanor begin to laugh.

Alice Peyton: Are you kidding with me? I will go with Matt!

Adrian Levenhire: By the way, where is Matt?

Charlie Neilson: We can go without him!

Alice Peyton: I agree.

Jacob Vulix: So, let’s “vo”!

Quinn Away: Go! Can you say go?

Jacob Vulix: “Bo”?

Charlie Neilson: We have to bring him to the pizzeria?

Harvey Free: I think so…

Gavin Adams: Can we go to that damn pizzeria?

Chapter Two

(Everyone is arriving in the pizzeria, when Adriana runs screaming and yelling something bizarre.)

Alex Wood: What’s happening, Adriana?

Adriana Tamara: (shows her desperate face) I lost my gold necklace. I will kill who stole it.

Adrian Levenhire: I think I know who stole it.

Andrew Donoe: Shut up, Adrian!

Wesley Lisin: Yeah, shut up right now!

Adrian Levenhire: Ok, ok.

(The screen shows Adriana’s necklace in Charlie Neilson’s hand)

Arianna Snadle: Wait, Charlie.

Charlie Neilson: (He hides the necklace on the pocket of the pants) What, love?

Arianna Snadle: Wait… (She takes the necklace off his pocket and extend it) What it is?

Adriana Tamara: My necklace…

(At this moment, the boss of the pizzeria arrives)

Steve Colucci: What the hell are you doing here?

Adriana Tamara: This idiot stole my necklace. (She points to Charlie)

(Ally and Gavin are kissing like crazy for lips and the Prenkins twins watch it in silence)

Ally Peterson: Come on girls, call Alice for the pizzeria.

Sutton Yates and Brittany Sparow: Ok, but we don’t know where she is.

Alice Peyton: I am here… I think…

(Everybody enters in the pizzeria running and everybody fills the tables)

(On the book’s club…)

Dustin Adams: Quinn, can you teach me how to do this chemistry exercise?

Quinn Away: Sure, I can do it a lot of things with you.

Dustin Adams: (He approaches her lips) Really?

Quinn Away: (She approaches his lips) Obvious.

(They two share a fast kiss)

(On the skate park…)

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