Hey guys, I'm trying a new type of Games. Check the introduction and rules for major details. 


In a close future, the planet Earth is attacked. No by extraterrestrials, no by a terrorist attack. Ceres. The dwart planet localizated on the inner Solar System, the largest asteroid in that place. Its rotation was changed by a large asteroid and Ceres begun a path to the Earth. Several scientists tried to alert the population about Ceres, but no one believed. Until the time...

...the time when Ceres reached the Earth, directly on the Indian Ocean. All the Asia was completely destroyed by the dwarf planet, and the same happened to the east side of the Europe and the Africa and in all the Oceania. The large tsunamis destroyed houses on the west side of the Americas and the population died due the large volcanic eruptions, the floods, and even the hurricanes. Sandstorms, earthquakes, expanding deserts and more tsunamis. It contributed with the total destruction of the Earth.

Excluding one part. A small island unknown by the ancient population survived the attack. Sperare. The hope of the people without house. So, all the population gathered on the Amazon rainforest and the living parts on the North America swam and reached the island Sperare. There, some ancient indigenous were living and they were surprised by the new habitants.

Many years later, some earthquakes reunited all the survived parts of the planet into Sperare. The indigenous leader was murdured, and all the people who lived there were spanked and raped. And a new government arrived there. The Regency! The grandson of the president of the European Union, Malioh Gabrietu entered as the new president of Sperare.

He separated Sperare into thirteen districts as Panem had, and there are the same industries as Panem too. And the wealthy districts still wealthy, while the poor ones still poor. The only indigenous alive are spread around districts 11 and 12, but they miss the time when they can do what they want.


1. You have from now until December 7 to submit tributes. You can post as many tributes as you want, but I will take from 1 to 4 tributes per person.

2. Sorry, but I will not go to profiles. You can copy it here or send me a link.

3. You have to follow a template to join:


Districts: (You can post as many as you want, in order of preference)





Appearance: (lunaii or typed or real pic)






Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Token: (optional)

Alliance: (optional)

4. Don't be mad at me if your tribute dies or it was not selected.

5. If I made any mistake, you can tell me anyway.

6. The tribute can be new or old, I really don't care XD.

7. Be aware, maybe I will use some "adult" language.

8. Congratulations to you if you read the all the introduction and the rules.

9. There will be reapings, and then group training, private sessions, interview and then, the Games. 


District Name Age Weapon User
District 1 Male Luminol Miller 14 Voice, Fists DrewlovesKuinn
District 1 Female Amanda Hawks 16 Knives, Sword Bluefire16
District 2 Male Josh Eagleye 17 Sword, Spear Bluefire16
District 2 Female Keandra Hamilton 17 Katana, Sword Clove the best
District 3 Male Kaeden Humphrey 13 Trident Ninja~Toast
District 3 Female UST Module 6.0 18 Knife, Dagger TBWTPT
District 4 Male Finn Allstroke 18 Trident, Sword Moviepopcorn123
District 4 Female June Lock 16 Bow & Arrow Bubbashelb
District 5 Male Zhapp Kabal 14 Traps Kanine400
District 5 Female Renata Alcanmia 15 Axe, Trident TheDeadlyOne
District 6 Male Zac Watt 14 Spear Beetee19
District 6 Female Crystal Sapphire 15 Knives Wesolini
District 7 Male Klaus Trudeaux 15 Bow & Arrow ~PopTart~
District 7 Female Kay Ocenight 16 Bow & Arrow, Axe Eleni12
District 8 Male Dakon Erick 18 Wire, Spear Write46747
District 8 Female Katriona Greystone 18 Throwing Axes, Sword Annamisasa
District 9 Male Pamline Falcone 18 Axe, Mace TBWTPT
District 9 Female Mara Knox 17 Spear, Trident Lily!
District 10 Male William Love 14 Mind Moviepopcorn123
District 10 Female Kylie Jones 16 Mind, Mace Cloveismywife
District 11 Male Shen Seraph 16 Sickle, Throwing Knives ThePandaAssassin
District 11 Female Cassandra Goldsmith 16 Throwing Knives, Dagger Annamisasa
District 12 Male Pyro Vuldren 12 Dagger, Knife TBWTPT
District 12 Female Alith Galianna 13 Scythe Write46747
District 13 Male Dimitrius Graphite 12 Axes, Hammers AxedFox
District 13 Female Alexandra Stevens 14 Bow & Arrow, Knife Annamisasa

Tribute Gallery



Luminol Miller (1), Amanda Hawks (1), Josh Eagleye (2), Keandra Hamilton (2), Finn Allstroke (4), Shen Seraph (11) [PENDING]

District 5, 12 and 13 Alliance

Zhapp Kabal (5), Alith Galianna (12), Alexandra Stevens (13)

District 5, 7, 10 and 12 Alliance

Renata Alcanmia (5), Klaus Trudeaux (7), Kay Ocenight (7), Kylie Jones (10), Pyro Vuldren (12)

District 4, 6, 8 and 9 Alliance

June Lock (4), Crystal Sapphire (6), Dakon Erick (8), Mara Knox (9)

District 8 and 13 Alliance

Katriona Greystone (8), Dimitrius Graphite (13)

District 6, 10 and 11 Alliance

Zac Watt (6), William Love (10), Cassandra Goldsmith (11)


Kaeden Humphrey (3), UST Module 6.0 (3), Pamline Falcone (9)


District 1 -

Luminol Miller's POV

This is a new day, a bad day. Since the installation of the "Hunger Games" here in Sperare, I am training a lot for the day if or when I get chosen to represent this district. All the kids here were training all the year in some "career academies" and I was one of them. I have to make my district proud of me, and make my daddy look at me with different eyes.

"Where is your father?" A voice booms outside of the door of my restroom. Quickly, I wear the nicest clothes that I found on my personal closet. I need to be as prettier as possible, because the Regency will see me and I need to be prepared. "Luminol?"

I open the door and I see Bruce with a sleep face. I walk off the restroom and he repeats his question. "Where is your father?"

"Working as always," I respond in a clear voice.

He whispers loud and we both walk silent towards the kitchen. My mother is preparing some food for me and Bruce enters in the washroom. My mother gazes at me while I keep looking at the open curtains of the window balancing due the warm breeze.

My mom serves some meal for Bruce and I and we two eat it in silence, waiting for the hour where the Regency will select two new tributes of our district. We finish our meal quickly and my mother wears a jacket on me. I say 'good-bye' to her while I walk off my mansion. It seems so unreal... I will be so eligible as the other poor kids of my district. This is unfair.

"So Luminol, you will volunteer?" Bruce says, taking long strikes walking.

"Probably not," I murmur. "I do not care about the reaping, actually. All I want to do is see my father again. The last time that I saw him was two weeks ago."

"Look, we arrived." He says while I take my jacket off and I put it on a Peacekeeper table. Once we enter on the reaping square, Bruce walks humming some things while I follow him. We make our way towards a zapper lady and he extends his finger. Our fingers get pricked while we two walk together towards the section of the boys with fourteen years. I see a glimpse of the reaping stage, and I see my father sitting on a high chair with a Regency bizarre woman chatting with him. She is putting a lot of make-up on and dressing some special clothes and two peacekeepers push her up on the stage.

"So, welcome District 1! Hello everyone!" She yells on the microphone and I realize that she is extremely bizarre. She is wearing some pink and black clothes, while her hair is glossy and dark blue. Her eyes are dark purple, and it is extremely hypnotic. "My name is Chloa Mermanta and I will be the district 3 escort for the next 25 years." Our escort is emotionless and her voice seems mechanic as a robot.

"To start the wonderful reapings, I will select one lucky girl to represent this district on the 1st Sperare Hunger Games." She says while her hand rifles onto a big and crystalline bow standing up next to her. She retrieves off a paper and she starts to read it slowly. "Am-Am-Amanda Haw-Hawks!" A girl with smooth and straight brown hair walks to the stage looking at the ground while two young girls start to cry loud. She stands up next to the escort while she puts her hand on the boy's bowl.

"Now, let's select the young boy! I can't wait..." The escort says, grabbing a paper with a name written there. My fingers cross immediately while I change looks with Bruce and then, with my father. He mouths something that I can't understand while the escort yells.

"Luminol Miller!" Oh... Oh no. I keep on my place, waiting for volunteers, but slowly I start to lose the last hopes. Three tall peacekeepers rush out the stage and one of them grab me by the arms. My father protests with the head peacekeeper and I arrive at the stage. I hear some cries on my side and I see my father. He sprints in my direction and locks me in a tight hug. All the words he forgot to say to me in these fourteen years were resumed by this hug. My father's hug.

"How sweet..." The escort says, emotionless as always. Her tone of voice is making me sick. Finally, two peacekeepers make my father leave me alone and I walk to next to Amanda. The audience starts to boo in protest while the escort shouts at her microphone. "Let's applaud the district 1 tributes of this year, Amanda Hawks and Luminol Miller." The silence invades the district while an old man standing up outside the square starts to hoot. The district begin to boo with him while the peacekeepers take us off the stage.

Quickly, the peacekeepers race with the car and they put us on a high building, called the Justice Building. I enter on a cold room, as I try to understand what just happened.

District 2 -

Keandra Hamilton's POV

The light of the sunset invades my clear small chamber. My eyes start to flutter again and I open the eyes slowly. The window of my bedroom is making the sunlight transform into a shadow of my mother. She is holding my hand and I never leave her. I slap my own face and the scene disappears suddenly. My two hands finds my wet face and I take all the sweat off.

I get off my messed bed and I realize that it is not the big and clean bed that I had before the death of my mother. Now it is just a big piece of timber with a thin mattress over it. I put a torn blanket over my bed and I walk off the room. Today is the reaping day. 

"Keandra?" Booms a empty and low voice through the hallway of the foster home. This voice is a little weird, and it seems mechanic in my opinion.

"I am going, Yulio!" I ask, walking athwart the strait hallway of our house. I reach the main room of my adoptive family's home while I look around. My parents were too young when I born, so they installed me on this house with a foster home taking care of me. They received me back when I was eleven years old, and they teached me some special things and training, while my father always teached me how to use katana swords. When I was fifteen, my mother died during the birth of my brother, who died too, and my father started to drink and he got poor quickly. He put me on this adoptive family again and I never saw him since that time.

"What you want with me?" I ask while I realize that all of my step brothers and sisters are watching me. They are wearing their nicest clothes, while I am wearing the same clothes I slept with.

"Today is the reapings," Oh my god, what the new. I know this, it is obvious. I just grin evilly and Yulio, my step father, wears a dark suit and he calls everybody to the car of the family. All the other kids walk up in my front on the row and I just ignore them. I like them a little, but I will never forget my father and my mother, they were really good for me. I can not let it go.

We all step on to the car and I go with them towards the reaping square. I just look through the open window and all the other kids yell and play around. Once we arrive at the reaping area, I dismiss myself off the chat with the other children and I go up to a place with the zapper lady. I get my finger pricked quickly and I search around for any sign of my father on the outside crown. But I can't see his face there. A peacekeeper slaps me by behind and he pushes me to the reaping crowd. Silently, I walk to the 17 years old girls section. I am used to be sarcastic and funny, but today is the day that I will try to show my father that I can do great during these Games and bring wealth and happiness to him again.

I just wait for the escort coming up on the stage using a dark blue shirt and some bright pink pants. His Regency style is not bizarre like the other ones from that place, so I just ignore his visual. "Hello, hello!" He yells and we all trun the attentions to the stage. "Welcome, District 2! I'm very proud of be representing this district during the 1st Sperare Games. Some peoples don't know, so I will tell to everyone that my name is Michael Blite and I will be representing District 2 for the next 25 years!"

Surprising me, the crowd goes wild with his perfomance and I just clap hands to follow the other people. The escort starts to smile happily and a peacekeeper pushes him to the microphone again. "So, let's finally begin with the reapings! First, let's a pick a girl's name to start!" He yells, putting his hand on a big crystalline bowl. She shakes in excitement while she pronounces the name.

"Mari-" He begins to say, but it is not necessary.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I yell off loud, along with a whole bunch of brave girls. I keep my hand, jumping and the escort points out in my direction. 

"You, with the brown hair!" Immediately, I run off the section and I walk up to the stage with a happy smile on the face. The cameraman's take some pictures of me, while I climb the stairs to arrive at the stage.

"What is your name and age?" Michael asks me while I grab his microphone in my direction. I adjust it while all the district stares at me.

"Keandra Hamilton, 17 years old", I scream at the microphone, responding. He grins at me while he approaches another big reaping bowl.

"Don't forget the boy!" He yells, picking a paper off the bowl. He opens the paper slowly and I feel the tension along with the rest of the district.

"Mi-" The escort starts to say, but he is stopped.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Just one tall blonde-haired boy shouts on the crowd and the escort grins evilly. The boy looks around to see if everybody is checking him. He smiles looking around and he walks up to the stage with a confident look stucked on the face.

"Yes, another volunteer! What is your name, sweet boy?" Michael asks the blonde boy and he smiles again and he puts his mouth on the microphone.

"Josh Eagleye!" The boy responds.

The escort claps hands for we two. At this moment, Josh holds my hand and I look at the outside crowd again. I see a glimpse of a tall and tanned man, holding a bottle of beer. "Let's give a round of applause to the district 2 tributes, Keandra Hamilton and Josh Eagleye!" I look at the man for the last time, he is staring at me and suddenly, he opens a wide smile. I grin too, and I realize that the man is my father. I try to get off the peacekeepers' arms, trying to reach my father. The peacekeepers make strenght and put me on the car while I change looks with Josh.

District 3 -

Kaeden Humphrey's POV

I wake up to the sound of the wind beating up on the window of my bedroom. I warm my hands and legs, putting them under the blanket. I look at the sky through the glass of the window and I see the grey sky shining over my restroom. Today is the reaping day. I do not know if it is a coincidence or not at all, but every single reaping day, the sky goes grey and the rain starts to drizzle. I walk off my bed, towards the big closet on my bedroom. I took some normal clothes and I wear them quickly. Although, I will go to the forest now, I need to be prepared for the reaping, which will happen in some hours. I rush down the stairs to find the main room of my humble house. My parents are sitting on a table.

"Kaeden! Finally you woke up," My father says, as he opens a wide smile. Yesterday I slept here, but I don't like to live in houses, I like to stay with the other wild animals on the forest. They are fliendly and nice with me, and I never tried to harm one of them.

"Yeah, I'm returning to the forest now. So I want to hug you two before the reaping," I say, openning my arms and extending in the direction of my parents. My father and my father embrace me tight and I slap their shoulders. My mother grabs a metal plate.

"Your breakfast," she groans extending the metal plate.

"Don't worry about that," I say, as I nod to the door. I get off my house and I see the empty street. No kids playing here, no adult people arguing with them. Just the grey and scary sky and my footsteps are decorating the street. I pass by many houses and none of them is open. The windows are closed with curtains or simply, broke up. I walk more and more between the streets and finally, I find. The fence with no electricity is under my nose. I look around to see if any peacekeeper is next to me, but I realize that I am alone. Immediately, I jump over the fence and I run through the forest.

The first animal that I see on the forest is a deer running through the woods. I don't know what, but that deer reminded me of Lucky, my old friend. I don't know where she is right now, if she is died or no. I sit underneath a tree and I remember that I forgot to eat some breakfast. I see a high tree some steps away and I run towards it. I climb the tree quickly as my friends who are monkeys and I grab an apple. I sit on the treetop and I start to eat the apple silent. 

I hear a strange noise coming from behind me and I turn at that direction. My best friend, which is a beautiful tracker jacker places on my left shoulder and it starts to sleep there. I look at my digital clock wrapped on my left arm and I see that the reaping will start in thirty minutes. I jump off the tree and I start to run, with my tracker jacker following me. Everybody in the path looks at me with a weird look, but I just ignore them. The ride to the reaping square takes a long while.

"Yeah, we arrived!" I murmur to myself, breathing many times like a crazy for air. My tracker jacker flies to a table and places over it. The zapper lady just grins and I get my finger pricked. The tracker jackers follows me until the section with the other boys with just thirteen years old. All the boys run away while I walk up alone to the center of the section.

The reaping starts quickly and I turn my attention back to the stage. The crowd gets in silence in a blink of an eye when the escort comes up on the stage. Her face is covered with blue and bright green make-up and her face looks idiot. I think she is dressed with a long yellow dress covered with a lot of pearls around, but I don't have sure. Her skin is bizarrely colored, so I don't know what is textile and what is her skin.

"Welcome, welcome!" She yells on the messed microphone. Our escort is totally weird, but she has something that makes me like her a little. "My name is Huntiava Fluerenea and I am really happy that I will represent district 3 for the next 25 years." She continues her annoying speech, and everybody here is very bored with her perfomance. Although, she continues.

"So, let's start these reapings selecting the lucky girl who will represent this district on the Games!" She screams, slowly walking across the stage to stand up next to a big glass bowl. There are a lot of papers and she puts her hand or thing that she has on the arm and pulls off a paper. She slides the name to her face and she extends her mouth on the microphone.

"Linde Garetuo." She murmurs while a small girl starts to walk to the stage.

"I VOLUNTEER!" A mechanic voice comes off the girl with 18-years-old section and I see one tall girl coming off that area. She has artificial wings decorating her back and she walks up to the stage, looking to the ground. The escort puts the microphone next to her.

"What is your name, darling?" The escort asks and the shy girl replies.

"United Structure Transference Module 6.0," The tall girl responds while the crowd goes silent. We all look at her with wide eyes, wishing what she is. "But you can call me UST if you want," she says, trying to break the ice. Finally, the escort grabs the microphone again and slips a name out the boy's reaping bowl. All I wish is that my name is not in that paper...

"And the lucky boy is..." She starts to announce and the angel/robot girl coughs. "Kaeden Humphrey!" She yells off in the microphone and I move my legs slowly to outside the section. Surprising me, the district begins to clap hands for me. I am surprised, I never thought that anyone but my animals saw me hanging around with a tracker jacker. Oh well, I think they saw me.

The escort walks some steps to behind while my tracker jacker starts to follow me. "Oh my god, it is a tracker jacker." Says the girl, with a painfull voice. Feeling that same that I do, my tracker jacker flies out my shoulder and places on her shoulder.

"How you can make it be friendly?" She asks, showing an excited voice. Immediately, I shrug my shoulders while the peacekeepers announces our names at the microphone. I see the escort running away off the stage and entering on the limousine. The peacekeepers take me by the arm and my tracker jacker returns to my shoulder. The weird girl sits next to me while they close the door.

District 4 - 

June Lock's POV

I jump again and I feel the warm breeze of the forest rushing against my body. I soar from tree to tree, but I feel my heart racing everytime that my foot leaves the gross treetwigs. Just few people of my district know about this secret forest outside of the fence crossing the tribute around. I always go here to grab some food for my family, because my mother is extremely fragile and un-prepared for this. I jump again and somehow, my leg does not find the next tree, making me stumble to the ground.

Suddenly, I feel my body reaching the muddy water on the ground of the forest and I feel my clothes getting wet and dirty. When I am almost being suctioned by the mudpit, I manage to stand up slowly. All my clothes are completely dirty and I have sure that I will not wear this during the reaping's. Oh my god! The reaping's day! Suddenly, I hear the first reaping bell booming some meters away from the fence. I cross the electric fence using my great flexibility and I manage to reach in the district early. I hurry up  to my house, where my mother and my sisters are waiting for me.

"WHERE YOU AT ALL THIS TIME?" My mother immediately shouts while I am openning the front door of my house. She stares at me, nervous.

"Picking up some roots for the breakfast," I reply, trying to calm her down.

"We already eat the breakfast," My older sister Julie replies while I look at the table. All the metal plates are completely empty, except for one. I look at the floor, ashamed.

"It's ok, honey. You were just trying to help us," My mother speaks at me. Since the death of my father, my mother became very petite and fragile, but she was always teached me how to manage the easiest weapon of my father. A bow. Since that training, I always cared about my family and I can do what is needed to bring at least few food to this table. My mother usually makes the breakfast based on the roots that I grab on the forest, since I have fear to take berries and they be poisonous.

I eat my breakfast silent and I make my away back to the door. When I am almost reaching the knob, my sister yells from behind and I turn away. Julie is just thirteen years old, and she is very fragile. I could not resist if she gets chosen today.

"Can I go with you?" She stammers at me and I open my arms.

"Sure!" I scream while she runs and hugs me with strenght. We march out our house and we make our way through the streets. Our house is considerably next to the beach where the reaping's usually happen, so the ride takes just few minutes. We walk down, rushing on the stairs to reach the main area of the beach. I admire the landscape while my sister and I walk to the ceremony which is almost beginning. My sister gets her finger pricked and I point it out to the section with the other girls of her age. She plants a kiss on my cheek and walks ashamed to her section. The zapper lady pricks my finger too and I join the noisy crowd on the beach. I walk with the other girls with sixteen years old to a wide section where I can relax for a while. 

Then, the escort enters on the stage and the reaping's finally begin. The visual of the escort is normal, if we compare to the other Regency people. The escort is sexy and muscled, which is strange for a Regency human. He is just wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. 

"Hello, District 4!" The escort shouts and the girls start to get crazy. I don't know if they are this way because the reaping is happening or because the escort is gorgeous. "As some of you know, my name is Decob Hurtia and I will be your escort for many years."

"Let's start off with the girls, right?" He asks, putting his hand on a big bowl with a lot of paper's ready to be pulled off. He finally announce the name.

"Julie Lock" Decob shouts. Immediately, the crowd goes silent and I can hear the light footsteps of my sisters while she walks over me. Something on my heart makes me go off my section and carry her to behind. Some Peacekeepers rush in my direction.

"Alright, I VOLUNTEER!" I yell out loud while my sister sobs behind me. The Peacekeepers take me to the reaping stage and I head up towards the escort.

"What is your name, darling?" He says, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

"June Lock..." I reply and all the district goes silent again. The escort embraces me with strenght and I try to look again at my sister, but I can't.

"Oh, alright. I think it is time to reap the male tributes now." Decob stammers on the microphone while he rifles his hand on the big bowl.

"Ma-" Decob begins to announce the name of the boy, but a whole bunch of brave boys raise up their hands and I nod at them.

"I VOLUNTEER!" The bunch of boys scream together while Decob surveys his hand over the boys. He points out to a 18-years old boy with a brown hair and he heads towards the stage with a wide smile on the face. I ignore him, because he is not sweet as me.

"Name?" Decob asks while the boy grins again.

"Finn Allstroke." The brown haired boy responds with a tough and cruel voice. I facepalm myself as I try to understand why my district partner is stupid.

"Well, that ends with the reaping's. Let's give a round of applauses to the district 4 tributes, June Lock and Finn Allstroke!" Decob shouts while the district goes wild suddenly. Well, I think that this year, finally we will have a chance to show Sperare that our district is good.

Some Peacekeepers rush at our direction and we head together into the train's direction. I think that I heard my mother crying.

District 5 -

Renata Alcanmia's POV

I wake up to the sound of a loud noise coming from the main room of my house. I release a little whisper to myself, trying to forget that I have to train for one more day. I put my head on the pillow again, trying to recover again, but I simply can't. I move my body off the mattress and I walk up over the window of my bedroom. From here, I can see all the exiled area. Everybody who was exiled by District 5 is here, just waiting for the reaping's. It is the only time when you can get off here to see the main area of the district. I walk to outside my bedroom groaning and I rush out the stairs.

"Finally, the incredible girl woke up!" My uncle Cain yells while I see what they were doing. My other two brothers are wearing karate outfits and they are trying their kicks with my uncle. He just grins at me while I walk towards my older brother.

"You trained a lot today?" I ask to him, whispering on his left ear. He opens a wide smile, like he is extremely excited hearing this question.

"Sure," he replies, releasing a shy smile at me. "I don't want to get killed by life like our brother." He finishes the word, sobbing. I embrace him while that scene repeats on my mind like a crazy flashback. My youngest brother being attacked by a wild wolf and I here, unable to help. I get completely frozen when I saw that, and I just helped him after some minutes. Happily, I was mentally able to kill off the wolf using an axe, but I always blamed myself of my brother's death. If my axe found the wolf quickly, my youngest brother would be alive and smiling with me. Since that date, my family always train a lot, because some wild animals can attack our house at the exiled area. This is kinda sad.

I take my arms off my brother and I head up towards the kitchen. Alone, I prepare some unknown meat that my uncle has hidden on the cupboard and I put it all on a small and metallic plate. I nibble my rapid breakfast away from Cain and my brothers. I don't want to goodbye myself again like I did with my neighbours when I got exiled on District 5.

After I finished my quick breakfast, I put my finest clothes on my body and I finish combing my hair. I need to be as most beautiful as I can, because I will see District 5 again just in the next year. There is no reason to go to the reaping's with my brothers, but I have to go because some Peacekeepers will follow us.

Cain calls everybody to the car and he drives it quickly to the exit of the exiled area. A Peacekeeper examinates everything we are wearing or using in the body, and they release us. Two special Peacekeepers will follow us in motorcycle and watch us during the reapings. Cain drives quickly and we arrive at the square very soon. I see that the square is already filled, so I just run off the car towards the zapper lady, totally bored. I push the girl on my front and I get my finger pricked.

I file myself out on the 15-years-old girls section. I move my head on the boys section and I see my brothers of 18 and 14 smiling and looking around as me. I turn my attention back at the reaping stage. Soon, the pathetic escort carries on the stage with a bright smile stucked up on the face. She is wearing a short and strapless navy blue dress and her face is covered with strong pale make-up and a red lipstick. She moves on her throat while the crowd goes silent suddenly.

"Wel-Welcome District 5!" The escort stammers and the crowd begins to laugh. She gets angry quickly and stomps towards the girls crystalline bowl. She or it puts her hand over the crystalline ball. She grins while she announces the name.

"Just remembering that my name is Bala Muraty for the ones who does not know," she yells while I cross my fingers. I can't be reaped, it would depress my family more than they actuallly are. "Renata Alcanmia." Bala announces while I stay at my place. I take a long breath while the peacekeepers who were watching me take me by the arms. Everybody gazes at my surprised face while I reach the stage.

"Now, let's pick and announce the male tribute." Bala speaks while she crosses to the other side of the stage. She slips out a paper and reads it slowly.

"Zhapp Kabal." She states and a boy with brown and yellow hair similar to mine walks up sobbing to the stage. I have to confess that he is not the best district partner, he would die early during the Games. It pratically means that District 5 is trusting just on me.

"Let's applaud the district 5 tributes: Renata Alcanmia and Zhapp Kabal!" Balla shouts to the crowd and they stay silent for a while. Bala and some peacekeepers take us into a limousine and we three head into the Justice Building of my district.

District 6 -

Zac Watt's POV

I wake up early on the morning and I keep up on my bed for a very long time. I sit on my bed and I facepalm myself, cleaning my sweat off. Yesterday I had a busy day. My band, High Amplitude, played at the most important club of the district, and I got loads of money. Somehow, I can't bring my sleep back because the reaping 's day is today and this fact repeats on my mind.

I shiver off the bed and I wear some slippers quickly. I walk off the bedroom and I head towards the main room. My cousins are chatting and eating the breakfast without me. They are ignoring me as I am invisible, so I just walk off my house even with night-suit at my body.

I enter on my personal limousine and the driver heads me towards the mayor's house. The driver is sweet and nice with me, and I like him.

"So, Tulio, are they waiting for me?" I ask to Tulio, the driver.

"Sure, sir Watt!" He replies, on an excited voice. Well, my fathers were killed during an explosion at the factory when I was just eight years old and I moved to the house to live with my cousins. Although I liked them, I spent most of the time playing with the mayor's two sons. We three formed a band and I was the drums player. On the start, we were not professional and we made music just for fun. But one day, the mayor posted one of our songs at the CapitolTube and now, we are very famous around all the Panem. Since that date, we perform the anthem at the reaping's every single year.

The limousine arrives at the mayor's house and I enter by the main door. There are a lot of cameramans taking pictures of me and I like it. I like being the center of the attention.

"Hey, Zac!" The oldest mayor's son, who is the guitarist, greets me and everybody on the house waves at me. They head me directly to the band bus, where I see my drums on the right side. The mayor's sons discuss with their father while the train bus and the mayor's limousine head together to the reapings area. Most of the residents start to clap hands and yell for us while we approach the reaping area. We all unload into the district plaza and the mayor walks up with the peacekeepers to the stage. After his speech, the Peacekeepers escort us to the stage and we all start to play the Capito anthem at the stage. Everybody in the district likes us a lot, but they hate our perfomace of the anthem. Maybe, because they hate the Capitol.

We finish the song and one of the peacekeepers leads me to my section according with age and gender. The escort is excited due our perfomance. She is extremely pale and she is using a red lipstick. Her dress is completely dark. I just know that her outfit combines with the cemetery feeling that we all are feeling.

"Hollo, District 6!" What the hell is "hollo"? Her tune of voice is extremely annoying, so I try to cover my ears with the hands while she is talking. "My name is Carolinne Masuno and I will be the district 6 escort for the next twenty-five years, well, at least, I hope." 

"Now, let's start the reaping choosing the girls!" She screams and skips to the girls reaping bowl where a lot of papers are spread. She slips one paper and she drops it on the ground. An avox helps her, and she finally announces the name. 

"Crystal Sapphire." Immediately, all the people on the plaza begins to yell, including me. We all hate Crystal, because she is cold and extremely mean, so we are extremely happy that she will probably die during the Hunger Games. She heads to the stage and stands up next to Carolinne.

The crowd continues yelling, and the escort tries to speak on the microphone. "So, now it is time to reap off the lucky boy." She continues, but no one is paying attention. We will never see Crystal's face again.

"Zac Watt." Immediately, the crowd does the inverse. They got silent immediately and some fangirls try to knock off the peacekeepers and set me free. Well, the district will never see Crystal's face again, but I will sadly work with her during the Games.

I head towards the stage while I see some fans of the band crying and the mayor's sons discussing with the peacekeepers. I walk up in the stairs, shaking and shivering. I stand up next to Crystal, but she ignores me like I am nothing.

"Let's applaud the District 6 tributes: Zac Watt and Crystal Sapphire!" The crowd is full with yells, some of happiness and some of sadness. One peacekeeper is crying and he hugs me. I cross eyes with my driver Tulio while he begins to shout like a crazy.

District 7 -

Kay Ocenight's POV

I am about to close the hospiital that I have on my house, and the old woman who I was taking care goes away with a wide smile on her face. I immediately lock the glass door while I see the last injuried people driving away from my hospital, oops I mean house. I converted my tight house into a small hospital where I am the only doctor working, but my young brother helps me usually. I enter in the actual house, and I head towards the bedroom of my brother. He is sleeping on his mattress, but sweating and with tears dropping off his eyes. How coud I forget it? Today will happen the reaping and we both will attend it. He is just twelve years old, the minimium age to get vulnerable for the Hunger Games.

I need to do my daily resource and I grab some plants and roots for my brother. Actually, I have some died rabbits stocked on the kitchen where just my brother and I know about, so we will have something to eat during the breakfast. I plant a kiss on my brother's cheek and I head towards the house of a seller of meat. I go through the empty part of the district and I arrive at the house of a seller of died animals. Usually, I hunt animals and search plants by myself, but I can't do it today. I trade the clothes of when I was a baby for some dried fruits. I make my way back to my house, where my brother stares at me.

"Thanks God, you are alright Kay. Never leave me again." He talks while I, quickly, open the door of my house. I hug him for a long time. When I feel his warmth hitting my body, I remember about our family. Our mother died when my brother was born and my dad was an alcoholic and crazy man who blamed me over my mother's death. I always tried to help my brother, and I always tried to ignore my father. One day, when I came back to home from school, I saw my father dead on the kitchen with a note. The note was saying that he had killed himself because he did not stand me or my brother anymore, I immediately got very mad with my father but I had to do everything to don’t destroy mine and my brother’s life. She didn’t tell anything to anyone because she didn’t want her brother and her to go to the orphanage. I always knew that I would not stand in there. So, I started to work hard in the forests and at home, I work as a doctor. So I found a way to keep myself and my brother healthy for a while. I never wanted my brother to be like my father was.

"Wear you up, we need to go the reaping." He whispers to me and I let the dried fruits with him. As he eats in silence, I put a light brown dress on my body and I walk up through the streets with my brother at the left side. We two head silent to the district plaza. I make my way with him to get my finger pricked, and he walks up silent to his section.

I go to my section and I realize that some adults outside are looking at me with a smile on their face. I wave at them, and they turn their attention to the stage. Immediately, I pay attention at the escort arriving with a dark red hair and some purple make-up. His eyes are extremely mysterious, because they seem like they are completely white. Bizarre.

"A special welcome for all the ones who are here today." The escort shrieks and he continues her annoying speech. "My name is Niñao Tufaoere, and I will be the escort of District 7 for many years." I actually think that the escort is not bizarre as the other persons from the Regency. 

"Let's start off selecting two lucky girls!" He screams and walks across the stage to near the girls reaping bowl. He puts his hands on the glass ball and he slides two papers with name to his hand. He takes a long breath, and finishes the annoucement of the name.

"Kay Ocenight." Oh no. I got reaped. Now, what my brother will do? All the hopes of my brother are in my return, now he will need to go to an orphanage. I am too worried with my brother that I forget to walk to the stage and two tall peacekeepers rush out to my section. They start to drag me up to the stage and I see my brother with tears in his eyes while I mouth: "Sorry"

"Wonderful reaping for now, but we need to pick the boys, right?" I close my eyes and I open it quickly, trying to wake up off this nightmare. I catch the hair of my brother some meters away and all that I wish is the fact that he will not be stupid and volunteer for me.

"Klaus Trudeaux." Oh great, he is not my brother. I never felt so happy seeing someone getting chosen for the Hunger Games, but now I do. I don't hate Klaus, but I am feeling so amazing for not being my brother. Some Peacekeepers look at Klaus while he walks towards the stage, but they don't do anything. Klaus seems a bit scared and I see a girl similar to him screaming.

"Congratulations to the district 7 tributes! Kay Ocenight and Klaus Trudeaux! That is all for this year, but hopefully, I will see you next year." The escort finishes to talk while he pushes us towards the train station. Some Peacekeepers escort us, but they ignore Klaus.

What Klaus did?

District 8 -

Katriona Greystone's POV

I wake up slowly while the dusk continues on the air of the outskirts of District 8. Immediately, I let out an angry groan whie I push myself off my bed. I fall on my knees while I take the mattress off and I hide it behind my personal closet. I stare at the empty window, and I can see the electric fence surrounding my house. I live on my own hut in the outskirts of District 8, so usually, I see some stupid boys and girls trying to run through the fence and dying, electrified.

I wear the first outfit that I see in my front, some textiles sheets with many scars and the clothe is ripped out in many points. My shoes have deep holes and I look myself at the mirror. I am a monster, and everyone knows it. Everybody in the district thinks that I am very masculine and tomboyish and no one would think that I am a female. My hair is the only thing that keeps a feminine side on my body. I finish my session of seeing myself, because I am starting to get depressed.

I walk off my little stand and I head towards the main town of the district. Everybody who lives in the outskirts were extremely bullied or were exiled by the head peacekeeper. Well, I moved myself due the sad thing that happened when I was leacing at the community home. 

Walking and walking. I keep walking through the silent streets of District 8 and I pass through the street of the community home. Suddenly, I hear a howling coming from an innocent girl. I turn my head at the windows of the community home, and I see the same boys who were challenging me beating up on a small blonde girl. She is twelve years old, and her hair reminds me of someone. Someone who I never forgot and I will never forgive myself for letting he die.

Johannes. Poor Johannes.

I will explain how it happened on the past. When I was just seven years old, I was moved to a community home. Although the goverment was the official ruler of the home, I quickly learned that it really was not the goverment, it was a group of strong older boys. After six years where I tried to avoid them, I saw one of them beating up my old best friend, Mary. Immediately, I got mad and attacked. Even as 14 years old, I was physically strong and I had the element of surprise with me so I beat the boy up. After that, I was considered the main target of the other boys and they begun to chase me. That was when I started to train. One of the boys tried to beat me up, but I was much stronger and I beat him. However, I continued to train. Once, when I was seventeen years old, four boys attacked me and I beat them all up. After that the boys left me alone, and me would beat the boys whenever they would try to beat up someone else. But the boys still wanted revenge... and sadly, they got it. A 12 years old boy, called Johannes, had grown on my heart after I once helped him against the mean boys. Johannes got so thankful for myself that he bought pastry from the bakery for me, using the rest of his money. I never had anyone thank me for saving them, and I, immediately, liked him. But one day the blame dropped on me, the group of boys cornered Johannes when I was away, and they beat him up for hours when one of them accidentally pushed the nose-bone through Johannes' skull punturing his brain and killing him. On the other day, I found the body of Johannes lying in the gutter. I knew it was my fault, and I knew that this happened to Johannes because of my actions. I stopped protecting the younger kids, and I let the boys take over the communety home and I moved myself to my own little hut in the outskirts of the districts.

I run away and I let the girl being harmed up. I head towards the reaping plaza and I see the District 8's residents filling the crowd of the reaping area. I make my away up the zapper lady, and I get my finger pricked quickly. She points out to the girls section which is the near the stage. I walk silent to the girls section and I stand up next to some annoying girls. The escort arrives and I realize her style which is extremely weird, she is wearing dark green bras and pants, but she has no make-up, except for a purple lipstick. I would consider her as a Regency person, but not that bizarre.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome! Hello District 8! My name is Turanavamienurere Matulaitatoe, but you can call me just Tutu!" The escort shrieks while I start to think that the girl screaming is better than her voice. "I know that just few of you are excited for this, but I don't care. So let's start off with the reaping's announcing the girls who will compete on the Games."

She slowly goes across the stage and she stands up next to a crystalline bowl. She slides two papers with names off the girls reaping bowl and adjusts her microphone. Now it will get loud. She breathes and announces the girl's name slowly.

"Katriona Greystone." I hear some laughs coming from the boys section and I turn away to see some boys grinning evilly at me. I control myself and I walk up towards the stage. I rush up the stairs and I stand up next to the crazy escort.

"Oh, nice... Nice... Well, now it is time to reap off the boys." She speaks on the mic and goes forward to another bowl on the other side of the stage. She returns to the center of the reaping stage, just to finish the announcement of the boy's name.

"Dakon Erick." Immediately, a boy with dark hair walks off his section and I see one young girl crying of sadness. The boy has some few scars, but nothing too worse. I remember him. I think he lives next to my house, on the outskirts of the district. Poor one, I bet that he had a sad past just like me. He climbs the stairs and he stands up next to me. We both are tall and strong enough to make District 8 have a victor.

"Well, it finishes with the reaping. Now, let's give a round of applauses for Katriona Greystone and Dakon Erick, the District 8 tributes!" The escort screams, but the crowd keeps silent. They do not open their mouth and just keep staring at us.

The Peacekeepers escort Dakon and I and we all head towards the train station. Dakon is mentally disturbed, I think. We two will make a serious wound on these Games, I can feel it. I think that District 8 will finally be proud of us. Well, I think.

District 9 -

Pamline Falcone's POV

I wake up to the sound of some sparrows singing on my window. This is the day that my dreams will come true. Today, one lucky boy and one lucky girl will be forced to compete in a "Hunger Game". One game that some young people will kill themselves, and I can't wait to finally kill a girl from District 1. It is my goal since the date that my sister died, and I have sure that I will be able to revenger her death and kill any girl coming from that damn district, the 1.

Alright, I will tell you my sad history. I always was shy as a kid, and I never liked to be around other kids. But, I literally loved being with my sister, and we lived deep in the forest so I never got the chance to make any friends. When I was just thirteen years old, my sister was called for a job in the Regency though, and I was put through the pain of watching her compete into a mini-Game where some ten unlucky kids had to kill each other. My sister did decently well, making it through without killing anyone. But sadly she placed 5th when the district 1 tribute, who by the way was a girl, killed her. Immediately, I got sick and now, I want to revenge her sister anyway. This year I finally trained a lot, and moved to District 9 along with his family, now only my dad since my mother commited suicide, and lived here. This year I will volunteer, vowing that I would not return, probably, but that I would kill the 1 female and revenge my sister.

I get off my bed and I put some shoes that I find on the floor. I put the nicest clothes I've ever had on my body and I rush out the stairs to reach the main room of my house. My father is sleeping on his bedroom, so now I have a chance to train all alone. I grab the wooden mace that I have hidden behind the cupboard of the kitchen and I head towards a special room where I train. There is one of my sister's big dolls. I place it on the center of the room and I begin to hit it with the mace. I keep tossing the mace at the doll, wishing it could break up apart in the middle. I keep training for hours until the time that I feel someone coming from behind.

"What are you doing?" My father asks, glaring at me. He crosses the room and takes the wooden mace off my hand. His hands wraps my shoulders.

"Why, son?" He asks, looking at me in the eyes.

"You will not understand, father." I begin, staring at his miserable eyes. "My best friend in the world got killed and I can't let her death be forgotten by the rest of the world. She loved me a lot, and I simply can't let she die without a revenge." I murmur, sprinting away from the room and walking off my house. I run through the empty streets of the district and I finally reach the reaping plaza. I take a long breath and I make my way towards the zapper lady. She gets my finger pricked and I go to my section according to gender and age.

The escort is completely bizarre. He is wearing a pink t-shirt and some bright green pants which change the color every single step. It really does not surprise me, because I would imagine anyone coming from the Regency wearing that type of outfit.

"Welcome, District 9!" The escort begins his speech, and adjusts the mic. "My name, as many as you know, is Robertho Carle and I will represent District 9 for the next years." The escort continues while I look at the crowd outside the plaza and I see my father searching for me.

"Let's finally start these reaping's, let's pick the girls off now!" Robertho shrieks while some avoxes enter on the stage with a big glass bowl. Robertho puts his hand on the girls reaping bowl and he slides off just one yellow paper. Slowly, he announces.

"Mara Knox." The escort shrieks while one girl emerges from the dense crowd. She is wearing dark clothes and she has an extreme black make-up. Something tells me that she is goth or something like that. Well, not that bad compared to other type of persons.

"Now, it is time to decide the boys who will participate," Robertho screams at the microphone and he walks up to a big crystalline bowl with many names inside. He slips out just one paper and prepares himself to announce. However, I'm ready.

"Marco Paolo." He says while one small boy walks off the 12-years old section. Well, I will not just try to revenge my sister, I will save one life.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I yell while the boy is almost passing over me. I exit my section and I put my hands up. The boy thanks me quickly, while peacekeepers take him off the scene. I march towards the stairs with all the district staring directly at me.

"Oh my god, this is good. I never expected a volunteer from these districts. But now boy, tell me your name." The escort says, putting the microphone next to my mouth.

"My name is Pamline Falcone," I stammer while the escort claps hand alone to me. Suddenly, some Peacekeepers enter on the stage and they announce our names. They take Mara and I off the stage while the crowd goes wild.

What the-

District 10 -

Kylie Jones' POV

It is cold here on my bedroom. The window is broken up and the cold breeze is making me shiver under the thin pieces of blanket that is covering me. Alright, I give up. It is not time to keep asleep. Today is the reaping's day, but my father and my mother work like today is a normal day. I have to go with them to the scientists special house and then, I will go to the district plaza. Seems a normal day, like every single day in my life. Help my parents and then, go to the district square and see people around. Sounds good as always.

Slowly, I creep down the stairs and I reach at the kitchen of my house. My mother is already wearing her white scientist coat and my father is already on the car of the family. My mother looks at me and she heads up in my direction with a worried smile on the face.

We two cross eyes for a while, she is waiting for me to start up with the conversation, but I can't. I will talk to her if she starts the chat. "So, what is up Kylie?" She asks, breaking the ice stucked up on our faces. Immediately, I open a smile. I love to chat.

"Nothing. What ae you and dad doing right now?" I ask her while she finishes putting the dense coat on her body. She puts her hand on my shoulder.

"We will go to the laboratory, and you will stay up here waiting for the reaping, right? But I promise that I will be there when it starts." She whispers at my ear and I nod in agreement. She extends her diamond pendant and I palm it quickly.

"You can stay with it. It is my gift for you," She says, while she walks off the house and slams the door behind her. Immediately, I return to my bedroom.

I open the closet and I wear some normal clothes for the reaping's. I finish combing my hair in a blick of an eye and I put the diamond pendant around my neck. I replace the shoes and I put one brand new. I get off my house with a smile on the face and I make my way through the silent streets of District 10. Usually, many kids play here on normal days, but today is a special day. Maybe, I am the only one in the district who is already thinking at coming back to my house.

I arrive at the reaping plaza and I see the Peacekeepers already starting to prepare the place to the reaping's. I see an empty bench and I walk towards it. It reminds me of my routine here in the district. Sometimes and if I want, I would just sit on any bench in the town plaza and watch people walk over me. I barely can tell how people are feeling based on how they act. And I really hope to do it today, but I imagine that the people are confused and excited as I am.

I sit on the bench and I watch the first kids arriving at the plaza. All of them look the same, heads down and fingers crossed. I can feel that they don't want to be reaped, just like me. I don't see any surprise on their reaction, but I get surprised when I see a pair of siblings coming to the plaza. The girl seems experient and very skilled, but she is extremely worried about the reaping. But the boy... He is small and young, and everybody can see that he did not train for this, but I don't know... I feel that he wants to volunteer, participate in the Games, but I seriously don't know the reason. After their turn at the zapper lady, I stand up and I march out towards her. I get my finger pricked and I walk up towards the section with the other sixteen years old ladies. We wait for some minutes until the time that the escort finally enters on the stage.

Horrible. This is how I can describe our escort. She is like a cow wearing pink. Her skin is totally white with some white sheets. Her eyes are similar to a cow's and she is wearing boots. But she has a long and bright pink dress with a shiny pink make-up around her face. Totally stupid.

"A warm welcome to everybody on District 10!" The escort screams as expected. "Let's start the most special time of the year, the reaping's." Obvious that it is not the most special time. I try to enter in the mind of the escort and discover what she is thinking, but I can't. Maybe, the make-up is blocking my mind.

"My name is Lireava Munueva, and I will be the escort of District 10 for the next years. But, let's start it off reaping the lucky girl who will compete on the Games." She shrieks and walks across stage to reach the girls reaping bowl. She grabs one paper and reads it slowly.

"Kylie Wilson, oops I mean Jones." Lireava shrieks and I walk off my section and I start to walk towards the stage. But one thing repeats on my mind; why the hell she called me "Wilson"? I stand up next to her while she returns to the mic.

"Now, let's reap off the boys!" Lireava screams and she walks to next to the boys crystalline bowl. I catch a glimpse of the boy who I saw coming on the plaza with his sister. I am feeling that he will do something stupid, but I don't know what.

"Matto Junata." Lireava announces, but someone screams loud.

"I VOLUNTEER!" I turn my head at the boy and I see his hand. He walks off his section and his sister starts to scream like a crazy. He just ignores her and some Peacekeepers follow him to the stage. The escort claps hand alone and extends the mic.

"What's your name, dear?" The boy opens a smile.

"William Love." The boy speaks and the crowd goes silent. No one expected a volunteer coming from our district, why he did it? He is so stupid... His sister continues crying on the crowd, and he does not pay attention at her. What a good brother.

Then, some Peacekeepers enter on the stage and they take us off the stage towards the exit of the plaza. I take a look on my bench for a last time, when one Peacekeepers pushes me to the train hall. William enters with a smile on the face and stares at me. We two cross eyes, but no one starts the conversation.

District 11 -

Cassandra Goldsmith's POV

I wake up and I hear many howl's coming from underneath the tree where I was sleeping. I stare at the dark sky. The sun is almost rising on the horizon, as the moon sets. The clouds are dark and the thin rain falls over the treetwig where I am. My clothes are wet, and the rain water is making my hair be straight. Usually, my hair is messed up a lot, because of my life in these woods. I look at the ground and I see my best friend coming, so I pull myself off the treetwig.

"Aww", I murmur while my leg finds the hard ground of the forest. The yellow eyes of my friend wolf becomes sad and she comes towards me. She howls something else to me while she licks the wound, exactly how she did on the first time that I met her. The other young wolves come running in our direction and they surround me as my friend heals my leg.

"Tha-tha-n-nks", I stutter low to the wolf and she opens a wide smile. Looking at her puppy eyes, I remember the first time I saw her...

"Cassandra..." Some boys were creeping me outside the school, when I was going home. One of them was with a wooden club at one of the hand's. They were following me during the path, but I did not think they were planning on attacking me. But sadly... they were. 

When I was almost reaching at my house, one of the boys punched me on the left cheek making me fall on the sidewalk. Blood was pouring out my mouth while the boys started to laugh like crazies. I would run or fight run now, but it would be stupid coming from me. My parents did not care for me, so does everybody. It is almost impossible that someone will help me. So, instead of trying to stop with it, I leave they do what they want. One of them grabs me by the hair and I start to yell in panic. "Calm down, Cassandra. We will not hurt you." The leader of them said it out on my ear while the other ones begin to laugh again. He throws me at the ground again and they begin to drag me towards the outskirts of the district. Sometimes, one of them kicks me at the belly, but I try to bear out with the pain. 

They lock me inside of a small house with no one inside. I start to panic and slam on the door, but they do not open. So, I shout: "YOU ALL ARE IDIOT GUYS!" and the repentance comes on my heart. Immediately, I run away and I hear the door openning again. "Let's see Cassandra. Let's see!" The leader of them shout while one of them grabbed me by the arm. He put me in the center of the house and all of them spit on me. I thought it would be the worst thing that they could do, but I was wrong. 

Suddenly, the leader kicked my head, throwing me to the floor. Another one kicked my stomach, and I felt the oxygen letting out my body. They begun to hit me with hard punches and kicks, and one of them even broke up a chair on my head. Suddenly, the leader finished the job. He kicked me directly on the heart, making me stumble and faint. The guys thought I was died, and they ran away celebrating. So, after their leaving, I joined all the rest of my strenght on my arms and I dragged myself to the woods. I passed out again, and one wolf came by me. It healed me and since that date, this wolf is my family. She had cubs, so now the pack is reunited again. They are everything I have, and everything I need.

The reaping bell chimes through the forest and it breaks up with my thoughts. I force myself to stand up and I remember that todya is the reaping day. It is the first time I will go to the district ever since my entrance on the woods. I think that everybody there will get very surprised with my return, because they all think I'm dead, forgotten on the graveyard.

I give a good-bye to the wolves, kissing just right above their nose. My "mother wolf" and I walk through the forest. She will follow me during the path to the district, but she will not leave the forest. And I wish it was not mandatory my presence on the reaping's. When we arrive at the edge of the forest, I wave at her as she blinks. The way to the plaza takes just few minutes and I immediately, marchs out towards the zapper lady. She looks at me with a surprised look and she gets my finger pricked. While I walk through the halfway to find my section according to gender and age, some girls look at me with scared eyes and I turn my attention at the boys. I see the boys who bullied me gazing at my movements, while the leader of them faints. Some boys try to help him, and I grin immediately. Even though, it will not revert what he did with me before.

The escort adjusts his microphone and he gives some slaps on the throat. This is why I can't understand the humans. That man is wearing some green sheets of texile around his abdomen and his pants are horrible with orange highlights. I am almost puking on the floor while the escort clears his throat for the last time before the start of the reaping's.

"Welcome, welcome District 11!" That Regency man shouts in a bizarre voice and I cover my ears. They do not deserve to hear this. "My name is Marcino Lowerpol and I will be the escort of you during these reaping's." I let my hands drop to my waste and the escort continues.

"Now, let's reap off the lucky girl," Marcino announces while he walks across the stage to find the girls reaping bowl at the left side. He returns to the microphone and opens the paper slowly. I don't know why, but I cross my fingers. "And the girl is..."

"Cassandra Goldsmith." Oh good. It is not me. All the girls start to look at the sides and most of them point out to me. I start to walk off the girls section, but some Peacekeepers rush out the stage and grab me by the arms. They take me to the stage and I wonder to myself why they are doing this with me. My name is Ko-u-me, not Cassandra whatever. The escort grins.

"Well then, let's pick the boy." Marcino speaks while he crosses the stage to reach at the boys reaping ball. I turn my attention at the boys section and I see most of the boys who bullied me laughing off my face. Then, I remember about my family back in the forest. Probably, they will never see me returning to there. At this time, they are already asking to themselves why I am not back. Marcino slides one paper off the boys reaping bowl and he clears his throat again.

"Lindoo Evans." Marino announces while a small boy comes through the hallway. Suddenly, I feel that something will happen.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Screams three boys. Marcino gets excited immediately and balances his hand searching for the volunteer. He smiles and points out to a boy with white and spiky hair. He walks up towards the stage alone and I vomit at the stage.

While some Peacekeepers take the vomit off the stage, the boy comes and stands up next to the escort. I can feel that he will not last long during the Games. 

"What is your name, dear volunteer?" Marcine asks while the boy opens a smile again.

"Shen Seraph." He says while some big boys claps hands for him. However, the rest of the district is still silent as always. I never knew that they would have some respect for me. 

"Let's give a round of applauses for the district 11 tributes; Cassandra Goldsmith and Shen Seraph." The escort says and I still don't knowing who the fuck is Cassandra Goldsmith. Then, some peacekeeper come on the stage and take us to a limousine.

No one will ever remember me anyway, well, except for the wolves pack.

District 12 -

Alith Galianna's POV

I am sitting on the couch of the main room of my house, just waiting for the time to go to the reaping's plaza. I seriously hate this day, I can't believe that the Regency thought in a type of "Game" where innocent kids have to kill each other. This is simply disgusting.

"Hi, darling! Are you alright?" My gentile mother enters on the room with a smile on the face. Actually, she is the only one in the family who likes me since El's death. My older brothers and my father hate me so so bad that even the Hunger Games seem good for me.

"I am fine as always." I respond. Even though, I am not fine since the time when El was in my side. I remember the day of her death like it was yesterday. Until when I was five years old, my life was mostly happy. I lived with my two twin older brother's, Lem and Tick, and her twin sister, El. But when El and I started to work on the family farm, tragedy struck. El loved the rolling fields of grain, and didn't mind the periodic Peacekeeper inspections, but I hated it all. I managed to convince my twin sister to come with me on a rash plan to break out of District 12. We broke out on a dark night, holding torches even thought they were trying to sneak away under the cover of darkness. Not surprisingly, the plan failed. El and I were caught by Peacekeepers as they neared the main road. But for some reason, I did not give up. I dropped the torch, starting a fire, and grabbed El's hand, and ran away. The Peacekeeper took out his gun and shot. The bullet went through the ring of fire, and it was a speeding ball of flames that slammed into El. It killed her instantly. I begged for her life again, but it was too late. Then, I was brought back home. I had killed her twin and brought my family to shame, as they had been quite respected, so no one but my gentile mother liked me anymore. My damn father and brothers would beat me up, and give me the hardest jobs. If it wasn't for her mother, I would have been driven to suicide.

"Great," my mother continues while she breaks up with my thoughts. "Take this food, it will be good for you!" She says, extending a metal plate with a loaf of bread and pineapple juice over it. I extended my hand to grab it, but suddenly my brothers appeared.

"NO!" Lem shouts while they run towards me.

"SHE DOES NOT DESERVE THE FOOD THAT WE GOT!" Tick continued, beating up with his hand on the metal plate, throwing the food at the floor.

Immediately, my mother catch the loaf of bread and she gave it to me. I palm it and I ran away out of my house and I open a wide smile to her. She is my best friend on the world, and I will never forget what she does for me, even though, I killed her other daughter. I grab the bread and I stay on a sidewalk of a house. I eat the bread quickly, trying to reset my memories of what just happened.

After finishing my quick breakfast, I make my way towads the district plaza. It is not an enormous path, but it takes some time to arrive there. I arrive at the plaza and I see that the crowd is already filling the sections. I walk towards the zapper lady, and I get my finger pricked. Immediately, I search my section and I stand up around some rich girls who just ignore me. Then, I catch a glimpse of the escort rising up on the stage. She has an extreme orange and dark redmake-up, with a green hair and dark skin. This is why most of the District 12 residents are laughing; her bizarre style.

"Welcome welcome welcome!" She repeats while she opens an evil smile on the face. "As many as you know, my name is Terea Lopuexa and I will be the escort of District 12 for some years." She continues, but with no emotion on her voice.

"First of all, let's pick the lucky girl!" Terea shrieks while some avoxes enter on the stage with a big crystalline bowl. The escort marchs out towards the girls reaping bowl and rifles her hand inside the bowl. She moves it for many seconds and then, selects a name.

"And the lucky girl is..." My finger cross, trying to get luck. "Alith Galianna." As some girls push me off the section, I remind of the good things that the Games can bring along. It is my chance now. To win for my mother and especially, for El. With my possible victory, my brothers will forgive me again. And I think I will forgive myself for letting El go out that night with me. After my thought, I make my way towards the escort and she continues with a long smile on the face.

"Now, we need to reap off the boy!" Terea announces while I take a look on the boys. Most of them live on the poorest part, so probably, District 12 will not make a great perfomance. The escort slides off a paper and reads it really slow.

"Fran-" Terea begins, but she is stopped by a boy.

"I volunteer..." says a small boy with like just twelve years old. He has not that big excitement that the other volunteers would have, so I really don't know why he volunteered. He walks up to the stage and I give a friendly slap on his shoulder.

"What is your name?" Terea asks and the boy keeps staring at the ground, trying to divert his face off the Regency cameras.

"I WILL NOT ASK AGAIN, TELL ME YOUR FREAKING NAME RIGHT NOW!" Terea shouts on the microphone and the boy gets scared.

"My name is Pyro Vuldren..." he whispers on the microphone and Terea announces our names to the silent crowd. Then, some Peacekeepers invade the stage and grab Pyro by the arm with no mercy. One female peacekeeper escorts me towards the train station.

District 13 -

Dimitrius Graphite's POV

Today is another dreary day for our district. But today, there are no catastrophes, terrible rains, or heavy snow. It is worse than this. It is the reaping day; the day where one boy and one boy will be taken to the Capitol to fight against other kids. This is insane, even if we compare to the usual of the Regency. I start to open my eyes slowly, and I hear something. I roll myself off the bed and I put some shoes. Today is warm and hot, and I am getting sweat quickly.

"Hey Dimitrius," says my cousin, Claudia just when I walk off my bedroom. She looks at me with an evil smile and I just stare at the ground while she keeps hurting me with the eyes. She surrounds me and gives me a supposed friendly slap on my left shoulder.

"Are you deaf?" She asks again and raises up my head.

"Hey Claudia. How are you going?" I stutter while she begins to laugh of my face. I cannot understand why the rest of the family is cheeky and sly as me, instead of sneaky and vicious as Claudia is. I think she had a random DNA when she was born.

"You are funny wearing these clothes." She comments, pointing out to my shorts and ripped off shirt. She keeps laughing for a while.

"It is hot, I can't wear heavy clothes." I say and she starts to walk away. "Duh!" Suddenly, I feel the repentance repeating on my mind while she rolls her eyes towards me.

"What you said?" She says calmly. I can agree with everyone. Her calm voice seems scarier than her usual one. She marchs out in my direction and I start to walk away quickly. Then, she pushes me on a corner and puts her hands around my neck. On the start, she does not press me against the wall, but she eventually does so. I try to my best to release myself off her necklock.

She starts to put her fingers deeper and deeper on my neck and my face is getting red quickly. I am almost dying on her arms, but someone shouts. "Claudia and Dimitrius, it is time to eat some breakfast." A female voice says while Claudia releases my neck and rushes down the stairs. I crawl through the hallway and I try my best to camouflage the scars of her fingers on my neck.

"Oh honey, what happened to you!?" My mother shouts while I arrive at the main room of our house. Claudia looks at me with a vicious expression and I think on what to tell. My family trusts on Claudia more than on me, so I have to lie right now.

"Nothing, mom" I say putting my hands over the scars that Claudia made on my neck. "I just stumbled over the mirror and the glass made these scars. Sorry, I will try to have more warning tomorrow." I say as she grabs some medicine and spreads it on my neck.

"Oh Dimitrius, sorry for hearing that," Claudia comments, faking a smile. I exit my house without eating the breakfast and I sprint towards the reaping plaza. I do not want to stay on my house no more today. But it would be good if Claudia be reaped today. I see a table and the zapper lady gets my finger pricked. I line up with some boys with my age, the youngest ones, and I camouflage myself between them. After few minutes, the escort finally appears on the stage with a bizarre look. He is wearing a green outfit, and some dark blue make-up. His eyes are pink and it scares me a bit. It opens a smile quickly and I see the gold teeth's shining up his mouth. I just wonder one thing; what the hell he is?

"Welcome to the reaping, District 13! I hope you all enjoy this day and may the odds be even in our favour." He comments, laughing wickedly. "My name is Mirster Wright and I will be the District 13 for some years." Mirster finishes his introduction.

"Let's finally start with this and reap off the lucky girl!" Mirster shrieks and walks across the stage to slip off one paper out of the girls reaping bowl. I cross my finger, waiting for the name of "Claudia Graphite" to appear in that paper...

"Alexandra Stevens." The crowd goes silent quickly while a pale girl emerges from the crowd and walks to the stage. Claudia starts to smile of her traumatized face, and I do not understand why I am not similar to her, maybe because she is evil.

"Now, it is time to decide the boys!" The escort announces it loud and walks again towards another big reaping bowl. Mirster takes one the first paper that he finds and reads it slowly on the microphone. As I cross my fingers, my hopes go away.

"Dimitrius Graphite." Damn it! I keep on my place, waiting for any volunteer to take my place. Then, I lose my hopes and I go walking towards the stage. The crowd gasps, because I am have just twelve years old, and just one people is happy. I can say the owner of this smile in any place or anytime. Claudia. Why I was reaped and she keeps good? It would be the inverse.

I make my way to next to the escort and Alexandra, and the peacekeepers end up with the reaping. I take a last look on the crowd and I see that grey-skinned girl laughing.

"So Alexandra, sorry for the reaping." I say, trying to be friendly.

"Call me Alex." She says, openning a smile.

Group Training

Day 1

Crystal Sapphire - D6

I wake up and I wear my training outfit quickly. I am acutally on the my district room, just waiting for the training to start. Zac (6) is somewhere away. I hate him; he literally has no chance of winning these Games. But I have a great chance, and I would love to see the stupid people who bullied me back on District 6. I want to destroy with their bodies so bad...

I walk off my bedroom and I see the empty district floor with just Zac's drunk stylist laying on the couch. Zac and the escort are probably going to the gymnasium without me, and I am not surprised with their actions. I step in the elevator and I press "Tributes Gym". I move downwards quickly and I open the door with no emotion on the face, and everyone stares at me.

All the tributes walk away when I am walking and they all stand up away from me. That is how I like; everyone fearing me. Ones of them seem nice and sweet, and keeps looking at the ground. For another hand, there are some intimidators. I take a look at they all while they move on the circle. The tributes from 1 seem somewhat okay for me, but they for sure are the weakest ones between the career tributes. The boy from 2 seems strong, as the girl looks good too. Well, the district 3 tributes are bizarre. One of the boys is being surrounded by one tracker jacker and he has a long green hair. However, the girl is most bizarre. She is wearing artificial wings, and she has pink eyes. Then, I see the district 4 tributes. The boy looks good in my opinion, but the girl is not the best career ever. Anyway, the girl from 5 seems a threat, and the boy is pretty weak. Zac (6), my district partner, is a idiot; physically and mentally. The district 7 tributes literally suck this year, but there is something in their eyes that get me scared. The district 8 tributes are very strong and they seem a big threat. The girl is a monster, and the boy is one too. The boy from 9 surprises me and I think that he would be a good career recruit if he even tried. The girl seems weak, just weak. The boy from 10 are like normal for me, but none of them seem as a huge threat. The boy from 11 is tall and seems strong, as the girl is bizarre and wild. Looks like a beast... The district 12 tributes are somewhat okay too. However, the boy from 13 is young, but he looks strong. And the girl is extremely pale and elusive.

None of them is good to ally with, so I just stand up on my place watching the movements around while the head trainer enters on the gymnasium with heavy footsteps. He is not bizarre like the escorts, but he is extremely annoyed, just like I imagined him to be.

"Welcome to the training. My name is Robyson and I will be your head instructor of you." Robyson shrieks while I roll my eyes and he continues his long and boring speech about the survival skills station and how we cannot attack other tributes during the training in group and after some minutes, he finally talks my favorite words. "You are all dismissed to walk around."

Amanda Hawks - D1

All the tributes start to run around the gymnasium, filling the empty sections around us. Some of them are like desperate for alliances and I divert all of them, trying to stay off the center of the attention. I make my way towards the weapon pile and I feel someone slapping my shoulder.

"Hey, what weapon do you want!?" Asks Josh (2). His blue eyes shine on my direction and I immediately open a smile. I don't know why, but I like him someway. 

"Anyone, but... hmm... I want a sword." I mutter while he takes a long and sharp sword off the weapons rack and extends it on my direction. I grab the sword and I put it next to my body. He walks away and I follow him like Kaeden (3)'s tracker jacker.

"Should we make a career try-out?" Finn (4) asks and we all cross eyes.

"Well, where is June?" Keandra (2) asks while Josh (2) and I see June (4) walking away of the weapon station and going away. I take a look on the careers.

"We need someone to replace June on our team, so just one of the tributes should be allowed." I say, and the careers nod, searching for someone in this gymnasium able to enter in our alliance. I see no one interesting, but the district 8 tributes.

"Who do you think is good and trustable?" Luminol (1) questions.

"For sure, Shen. Well, the girl from 5, the district 8 tributes, and the boy from 9 seem very good too, but for sure, Shen can be outsmarted by us," Josh (2) comments and we all nod in agreement. I wave at Shen (11) and he looks scared. Josh (2) and I walk towards him and he gives a footstep to behind.

"Would you join the career alliance?" I ask, a bit shy.

"Sure!" He replies immediately and walks with Josh (2) and I towards the weapons station. He shows his abilities with a scythe and we all clap hands for him. His district partner gazes at us with her beast eyes and she turns away in a blink of an eye.

Pyro Vuldren - D12

I am on the knot tying station with Kay (7). She seems trustworthy enough for me and she is not very social, just like me. We did not close our alliance, so we let it open to anyone who wants to ally with us, even though, I think that more people joining is impossible. We stare at the rope and the trainer does not spend a lot of the time on us, he is showing to the boy from 1, Luminol (1), how to cross some lines of the rope to make a tight and good enough knot, which surprises me.

"Done!" Kay (7) exclaims while she shows her tight knot to the trainer. He makes a positive expression to her and he nods away to Luminol (1). The career boy tries his best to finish the task, but he never does it. Kay (7) gets angry and lets a groan get off her mouth.

"That know is very good," I say and she smiles.

"Look over there!" She shrieks while the girl from 10 walks up towards the knot tying station with Kay's district partner and the girl from 5.

"Hey guys!" The girl from 5 shouts. "My name is Renata!"

"Oh hi Renata," I say, nodding away. Kay (7) stares at them and her district partners turns his attention away like I did before.

"Do you want an alliance?" I ask, shy.

"Sure!" Kylie (10) shouts and opens a bright smile. "This is Renata and Klaus, and I am Kylie!" She continues and Kay (7) and I nod in agreement.

"What are you doing?" Klaus (7) questions us and Kay (7) teaches him to make tights knots and such. Renata (5) and Kylie (10) sit next to me. Well, our alliance is great. One girl extremely strong, someone who is not very shy, and people who usually lived on nature. My alliance is better than I ever imagined; and I can't believe that I made very good allies.

Dakon Erick - D8

I need to call attention. The Careers were looking at me and I think that they see me as a huge threat. So I need to keep it up with my fame of being a threat. I look at the other tributes and most of them seem good enough to fight against me.

The boy from 13 is at the tree climbing station, and he is somewhat bad on it. He keeps trying to climb the tree, even though, he stumbles most of the time. He seems good enough to fight with. I march towards him and I push him to the ground.

"What!?" He asks, falling over the ground.

I keep walking while he crawls away like a small prey. The career tributes watch the scene in silence while I keep creeping him out.

"Shut up!" I shout, putting my hand on his neck and standing him up. I start to choke him against the fake tree and some peacekeepers hurry out around.

"Stop please," he murmurs and I grin.

"He said to stop!" A female voice shouts and pushes me to the ground. I spit my arms and them begin to bleed out. Katriona (8), my district partner, scares me while she clears the neck of the small boy from 13. I get up and I stay face-to-face with Katriona (8).

"He is half of your size." She shouts. "You ashamed me; you ashamed District 8! This boy did not do anything to him, well on the Games you can target him, but not now" She continues with her speech and she hugs the boy from 13. They two walk away towards the throwing tridents section.

The career tributes laugh of my face, while I facepalm myself. I lost my fame, at least, for now. On the actual games, they will see my true face.

UST Module 6.0 - D3

The first training day is almost ending. All of the tributes are spread around the gymnasium and I paralyzed next to the gauntlets, where the girl from 11 and the girl from 13 are preparing themselves. The girl from 13 does average, and the girl from 11 does awesome. I have almost sure that she lives on the forest, and for sure, trains using treetwigs as her "gauntlets".

Both of them seem good to ally, but none of us is really interested on each other. They keep on the gauntlets without saying any word. Then, I walk towards the edible animals and insects section and I stay examinating what I will probably face on the arena.

"Hello, tributes!" One tall woman says, arriving at the training center. She is wearing a gamemaker outfit, so I have almost sure that she is the one who is controlling us. 

"I have something to announce," she says and I sit on a chair. I need to hear what she is going to say. "We noticed that there are many tributes who will go alone into the arena, and the Gamemakers hate it. So to increase the chances of a loner getting killed soon, each alone tribute will receive a semi-mechanic indigenous. The indigenous will be boring and annoying, and try anything to destroy everything you are doing. Oh and another thing, if the indigenous dies, the loner dies along. This is all for today, tributes. Stay aware and good luck to you all on the arena. Enjoy training!"

I paralyze. I will need to ally with someone. This is good, because I want to create an alliance, but I am so shy to ask it. The tall woman goes away and the tributes immediately sprawl and run around the training center and I hurry up to meet my district partner.

"Hey Kaeden," I say and the tracker jacker flies off his left shoulder and laps on mine.

"Hey... ummm... I don't know what to call you," he says, staring at the ground.

"Call me UST, I know it is extremely weird, but I have no fault." I retort.

"Ok UST, can we be in an alliance?" He asks, extending his hand on my direction. The tracker jacker beez and I shake his hand.

"Sure!" I reply, excited for the alliance.

Suddenly, we hear some footsteps and we nod to the side. Zac (6) is standing on our front, with a shy smile on the face.

"Can I join your alliance?" He asks.

"I don't have su-" I begin to say.

"Of course, we need one more in our team, right UST?" Kaeden (3) asks. Well, just him and I would be a good team, but with Zac (6), it will be better.

"Thanks guys." He says, hugging Kaeden (3) and I.

Then, we hear a buzz and all the tributes exit the training center. I literally can't wait for tomorrow and the second day of training.

Day 2

Pamline Falcone - D9

The elevator slowly slides down off the district floor. Mara (9) seems confident about the training; she and I will make an alliance with the stronger tributes to fight against the career tributes on the arena. I know that all of the secret training that I did during all of this year will finally worth it and I will show my techniques and my abilities to the other threats of the Games. I was planning on go totally solo, but since that bizarre twist against the alone tributes, I have changed my mind. I need to focus on my victory to return to my district proud and show that my sister did not die in vain.

After some seconds, the elevator door finally opens and Mara (9) and I step off the elevator towards the gymnasium. We are early compared to the other tributes, and basically, just few of the tributes are training right now. Just all of the careers, June (4), Zhapp (5), Crystal (6), the district 8 tributes, William (10) and Alith (12) are actually on the training center. Mara (9) goes to the throwing knives section and she nods at the girl from 6 staring at the career alliance.

"She is good for a future alliance," she says to me while she picks up one knife and I go to meet up with Crystal (6) who is welding a long knife.

"Hey Crystal." I say, greeting her up. She keeps with a serious expression, and does not seem excited enough for joining an alliance.

"So, do you know that the loners will have a bad chance on the arena, right?" I ask her and she nods in agreement. "Can you join our alliance with Mara (9) and I?"

"Hmm... I have no options, but agree, so that is alright." She says, emotionless. She would not be very friendly, but at least, she is skilled and prepared for the Games. We two cross the training center while Zhapp (5) and ALith (12) stare at us in the path.

"Don't invite them, they are weak." Crystal (6) comments while the pair walks by us.

Then, we enter on the throwing knives station and I put my hands up to Mara (9) sees me. She nods and realizes my presence on the section, so she comes with June (4) and Dakon (8) at her side. Oh my gosh, what she did with them?

"Crystal is in our alliance now," I assure her.

"Good, Dakon and June are entering too," she retors. June (4) waves at me and gives me a warm hug while Dakon (8) just shrugs his shoulders and gazes at me.

Yay! Allies!

Zhapp Kabal - D5

My alliance is at the fire starting section. By my alliance, I meant Alith (12) and I. We are an alliance since the first day of training, and now we hope that more tributes will join of us, mostly because of the new twist that was announced today.

"What you want to do now, after the fire starting lesson?" ALith (12) asks and I extend my head across the training center; searching for sections which can help us during the Games. I see a big pool on the center of the gymnasium, but no one is going there.

"Hmm... a swimming lesson would be good." I reply to her while she finishes her fire starting task using two sharp rocks that the trainer gave her.

"Yes, I know how to swim, but not very much." Alith (12) retorts, smiling at me.

"Great idea, kids." The trainer pipes in and we look at him, he grins happily and sits next to us. He grabs a wild leaf and tastes it. "You never know what you will face on the arena, and I heard that the gamemakers will put a lot of water in the arena, because few of you know about it and do not want to try swimming." He says, going away and I shout one last word at him.

"Thanks!" Then, Alith (12) and I stand up and go forward to the swimming big pool on the center of the gymnasium. I stare at it, I never tried to swim, but I think it will be good for us. We see a pale girl coming on our direction and we smile at her.

"Do-do yo-y-you wan-want an alli-alli-alliance?" The girl from 13 stutters while she stares at the ground. She seems good enough for the alliance, so good.

"Of course!" I reply.

"Yeah," Alith (12) says.

"Oh thanks," the shy girl continues. "My name is Alexandra, what are yours?"

"Mine is Zhapp from 5 and she is Alith from 12," I say while she smiles again and we three wear our swimming outfits. Swimming will be good to learn.

Keandra Hamilton - D2

The alliance which was supposed to be the "Anti-Careers" are breaking apart. Pamline (9), one of the biggest threats, left the alliance and the alliance with the tributes from 3 and the boy from 6 is over too. I think the  boy from 6 will find other allies, but the district 3 tributes will not find someone to go with them during the actual Hunger Games. 

Finn (4) and I are at the weightlifting station and he is somewhat good at it. Then, he calls me to try to the station, but I refuse it. I am not a fan of fighting or techniques using my bare hands. I prefer using a katana or a sword then my hands with nothing on them. Then, I look over to the right side and I stare Luminol (1) alone at the rock climbing station. He does not pay any attention at the other career tributes and the biggest threats and just continue trying to climb over an enormous rock placed on the center of the gymnasium. Some meters away from them, at the wrestling section, there are Amanda (1), Josh (2) and Shen (11). Amanda (1) has no problems facing the instructor, however Josh (2) and Shen (11) almost destroy the poor trainer while they fight against him. Well, the career alliance could be better.

Finn (4) tosses his two heavy disk to the ground and I keep staring at the other tributes who will be at the career alliance with me. Probably, it is time to switch stations and try something new like camouflage and plants identification, but the careers would laugh if I go try stations that the outlying tributes do. So, I just look behind me and I see Finn (4) coming in my direction.

"What are you doing?" He says while I point out to Luminol (1) falling off the rock and big stone he was training at and Josh (2) fighting with an instructor.

"I was paying attention at them," I assure him. "They may are planning something against the rest of us, so we should stay alert about them."

"Yeah, the traitor could be anywhere," he says while I look to him again.

"He could even be you!" I shout at him and he opens a smile.

"Or... you!" Finn (4) shouts back. Wait, am I the traitor!?

William Love - District 10

Koume (11) and I return to the traps & snares section, maybe because the other tributes will not pay attention at us here. My alliance with her has not been a great thing, because both of us are extremely shy and un-social. Although, she reminds me of the girl. Back on her district, she was spending more time on the forest than on city. Exactly how my sister did every single day. Alright, we have to admit that our alliance is not the best one between all of the tributes, but it is not the worst one. Koume (11) slaps my shoulder and she points to the boy from 6 walking in our direction.

"Do you want to prank with the career tributes?" He asks, in a voice of excitement. I cross eyes with Koume (11) and she just nods away, heading to the camouflage station. I do not need her anyway, Zac (6) will be my new lab rat today...

"Yes, what is your plan?" I question him excited and he shrugs his shoulders.

"Hmm... you know... I though you had one plan for us. You are so intelligent..." He says while I panic. How he knows that I am strategic? I take a look on the other tributes and hopefully, none of them heard what he said, so I just leave it out.

"No, I am not. I am a dumb!" I discuss with him and he smiles.

"Don't lie to me, William! I saw you drawing plans on a paper while everyone was paying attention at the head gamemaker announcing the twist," He says, grinning. Alright, so Zac (6) is not the dumb lat rab that I thought I got. Damn it!

"Okay, you caught me. I have a plan, but we will need ropes and wires," I retort while I pick up some wire from the traps station. 

"Alright, what it is?" He asks me.

"Just follow me and watch," I reply while we grab the rope and wire and head to the weapons rack, where the careers are discussing about something. I whisper on Zac (6)'s ear what he needs to do and he goes through the pipe of the gymnasium. Then, I approach Amanda (1) slowly by behind and I wrap the rope around her sword. I nod to Zac (6) and he pulls it off her hand with the rope while I run away. The sword makes a curve in the air and finds Josh (2)'s leg!

"WHAT THE-" He shouts before he faints out.

Dimitrius Graphite - D13

The boy from 2 leaves the gymnasium on a peacekeeper hammock and the girl from 1 follows them and the boy from 1 goes with her, comforting her on the path. The other career tributes gasp and nod away, searching for the ones who did it. Just the anti-career alliance is currently suspect, but they were at the tree climbing station, which is far way from the weapons rack. I cross eyes with Katriona (8), and she just whispers of relief. She shows up her watch and I realize that we can go to our district floors now. We have to be here from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but we can stay on the other time, but just if we really want to keep it up training. Katriona (8) points to the elevator and I nod in agreement.

We two go to the elevator and I press the button of my district floor. Katriona (8) is very cool with me, and I am very surprised about her. I thought she was exactly like Dakon (8) with me, but she changed her threading personality to a cute and sweet one. I like her as she is my cousin, ugh. Even with the sweetest girl in the world, I keep thinking of Claudia. Ugh.

"The elevator arrived," She says while she exit the elevator and goes to the eight district floor. The path to the 13th floor is quick and I take my shoes off and jump on the couch. I turn on the television and appears the Capitol residents screaming and yelling about he Games of this year.

"What are you doing this early?" My drunk mentors appears with a bottle of wine on the district floor. He was contracted by the Capitol to represent our district as "mentor". However, he will be taken off the job if we have a victor this year. He sits right next to me and I sit on the couch. I grab my shoes and I start to leave the district main room, but he pulls a conversation.

"You need to train!" He shouts with a rough voice that sounds half mechanic, half drunk. I turn away at him while I see Alexandra (13) entering staring at the ground.

"Oh my god, two stupid ones on my team. I think I already lost," He shouts while she runs in panic towards the restroom.

"Don't insult us!" I shout while I throw a knife at his leg and he crumples and many peacekeepers invade the district floor. Well, I think I got a kill...

Day 3

Klaus Trudeaux - D7

My entire alliance is at the camouflage station, as Renata (5) paints some swallows on Kai (7)'s face. Kylie (10) designs her left arm as a treetwig and Pyro (12) is putting some black and dark red make-up around his face. The other tributes that are looking around really does not pay many attention at us, even though, we are the biggest alliances around. We are not very strong physically, however, our minds are better than the other tributes'. Pyro (12) once tried to throw a knife into Renata (5)'s heart, but she dodged in the time. Although, he says that it was a mistake and will not repeat.

I take a look on my left side, far far away. I see the weapon rack some steps away from the camouflage station and I see the career tributes leaving it and heading to the fire starting station. Josh (2) is with a big wound on his leg, however, it does not seem very awful. It has a large and Capitol band-aid over the sword wound and Amanda (1) is usually helping him up.

"Guys," I shout to my alliance and they all stare at me. "Let's go to the weapons rack station, the careers left and we can finally work with weaponry," I comment and they all nod in agreement. They throw the camouflage paints off and wash their faces at the restroom of the station. The camouflage instructor dismisses my alliance and we five walk away.

We arrive at the weapon station and each one goes for its favourite weapon. We have seen Renata (5), I think she is the strongest one in the alliance, but I have no sure. However, we discuss for a short time and Pyro (12) goes first. He swears that he will not throw a knife into someone, so we relax while he picks up a dagger and slices off the neck of the dummy stucked up on his front. The dummy neck opens a large cut, and it would cause death in a human's body. We clap hands for him, while he leaves and Kai (7) enters on the dummy station with a bow and a quiver of arrows. She places an arrow on the bow and aims at the dummy. She releases the first arrow, which enters on the dummy's left eye. She gasps and shoots another at the dummy's "heart". She goes off while Renata (5)'s time arrives. She takes off an axe and bounces it on the air and throws it on the dummy. The axe hits its bullseye and the dummy falls to the floor of the gymnasium. Wow! Pretty good. She leaves and my turn is announced. I take Kai (7)'s bow and I pull off a quiver. I place three arrows and I toss the three at the same time. One hits the abdomen, one hits the right leg and one hits the forehead. I whisper and Kyle (10) comforts me. Renata (5) tries to weild an axe, but it is too heavy for her. She drops it on the floor and starts to wrestle with the dummy, punching it on the center. I have to confess that it is pathetic, and now I know that Kyle (10) is the strongest one on our alliance. Well, it was very good knowing my alliance.

Shen Seraph - D11

The career alliance left the weapons station and another alliance is there right now. We all head towards the fire starting station, which is the only one we are interested for. I have been trying to show my skills to them, but they keep looking at me as I am the weakest one on the alliance. But I know that I am better than all of them and I will show it on the arena. I can't wait to finally enter on the Hunger Games and be able to destroy each small heart of poor tributes.

"Why are we here? I doubt we will need to use it on the arena though," Finn (4) exclaims and we all stare at him immediately. He grabs one stone and throws at the weapons pile, tossing down many spearheads and arrowheads on the gymnasium's floor.

"Don't stress right now, Finn!" Keandra (2) shouts. "We never know what we would face on the arena, so just shut your mouth and learn some things with the instructor. Or go to another place, we seriously do not care about you now." She finishes while he stomps away.

"Where is he going?" Luminol (1) questions, worried.

"Don't horry, he will come back soon. He will realize that we are his only chance of getting out the arena alive," Keandra (2) explains and we turn our attention back to the fire starting lesson. The instructor grabs some rocks and start to teach how to make a decent fire using just two dark stones or two treetwigs that we can find around the forest.

"Don't we need matches?" Josh (2) asks the trainer and he grins.

"No, but if you have one, it would be very useful on the fire starting," The instructor continues, teaching us how to make fire with stones and twigs. Being from District 11, I have a power over them. I learn how to start fire really quick and all of them clap me.

"So, can I try my skills with the sickle now?" I ask the career tributes.

"We don't mind," Keandra (2) says at me while I walk away towards the weapon station again. Being from District 11 has its positive things.

June Lock - D4

My alliance is training through all of these days of training. Pamline (9) left us yesterday, but we actually don't care a lot. Our alliance have been training to make a great perfomance during the individual training sessions. I get down the fake tree I was climbing and I jump on the floor. Mara (9) and Crystal (6) are working on the edible bugs section, while Dakon (8) and I were training tree climbing. We never know what we would face during the Hunger Games, and I have a lot of experience on it, so I hope the arena will be a forest or any natural paisage. I would love this type of arena.

"The day is ending and the private session is coming out soon," Dakon (8) comments. "Should not we call the other members of the alliance to a quick conversation?" He questions while I turn around and watch the girls picking some poisonous bugs to eat. The instructor always exclaim that the bugs are poisonous, but they disagree everytime.

"I do not think so... The training is ending and they have to know about survival skills," I retort to him and he shrugs his shoulders. I hug him softly and he opens a shy smile. It is weird, I never though Dakon (8) would smile, but he did. The Games could change someone.

"Attention! Attention! All the tributes! Are you listening me up?" The head trainer Robyson yells using a intense microphone and all of the tributes nod in agreement. He clears his throat up quickly and continues with his "important" speech.

"So, training is over." He shrieks and all of the careers hurry up, taking the lead of the row of the tributes. Mara (9), Crystal (6) and Dakon (8) give goodbye to me and walk away, entering in the crazy crowd of tributes next to the elevators around the gymnasium. "Go back to the district floors, and prepare yourselves for the individual training sessions, which will happen in two hours."

Tributes enter the elevator in group of four, and all of the careers go first at the first ride's. I am in the last turn, with both tributes from 7 and Renata (5). They don't look at me through all the journey and my district floor is the first one to arrive. I walk away without saying any word to them and I go directly to my private bedroom. Finn (4) cross eyes with me while he goes to the kitchen.

"I hope my private session will be good," I whisper to myself.

Private Training

Amanda Hawks - D1

The other twenty-seven tributes and I are sitting on a row of chairs, with each chair already decided by district and gender order. It means that I am the second to go, just after Luminol (1). All of the tributes are already waiting for their private sessions, so we should just wait. The avoxes call Luminol (1) and after some slow minutes inside, he walks off the gymnasium with a confident smile on the face.

"Amanda Hawks." A mechanic voice booms through the waiting hallway. I stand up with a brave smile on the face and I cross the hallway as the other tributes gaze at my expression. I really do not have sure if they think I am the strongest, and they think I am underestimated. I have to change that, or I will probably be the first option of target coming from the other tributes. I walk into the gymnasium, slamming the double door. The Gamemakers stare at me while I take my way towards the center of the gymnasium. One of them is already drinking, while the others just pay attention at me.

"I'm Amanda Hawks, from District 1!" I announce while they nod in agreement, except that woman who is supposed to be the head gamemaker. I run to the dummy section and I take one of them. I align it on my front and I start to kick and punch it repeatedly. I try to make a loud noise, so the other tributes will think that I have the best individual session. Then, I look around and I see a fake tree near the swords station. Oh well, I think I just got a good plan to oversmart the other tributes and get a high score. I take one sword off the pile and I check the sharp blade once. Then, I start to climb the tree with the sword placing on my left hand while I take few minutes to arrive at the treetop.

I grab the sword and I jump off the tree with the sword at my hand. While I am falling, I swing around and stab a branch with the sword, catching me on the air. Immediately, I jump over the branch using just my legs and I stay over the treebanch. The gamemakers keep looking at me while I jump and I let the sword drop off my hand. The sword finds the floor with the non-sharp side pointing at my direction. I place my left foot over it while I blink to the gamemakers. They applaud me slowly and I walk to the front of them.

They dismiss me and I exit the gymnasium with a smile, which is more confident than before, on the face and I cross the hallway back to the elevator.

Now, I just have to hope for Josh (2).

Josh Eagleye - D2

After few minutes, Amanda (1) leaves the room with a bright smile on the face. She crosses the hallway running happily and I get happy for her. If I do not win these Hunger Games, I want Amanda (1) to do so. She is the one who deserve the most leave the Game as a winner. I just hope we two will get some sponsors before the Cornucopia bloodbath.

"Josh Eagleye." I silently panic. Everybody is expecting me to do a great perfomance there, and I can't disappoint they all. I stand up and I limp slowly through the hallway while the other tributes look at the enormous band-aid on my leg. I still don't know who did it with me, but he or she or whatever will feel the pain that I felt on their stomach when the Games begin. I walk into the training sessions room, and the gamemakers look at me with a lot of attention. Oh well.

I need to start with something that uses my intelligence and my strenght at the same time. What would be? "I'm Josh Eagleye, from District 2!" I say while I reach the center. The head peacekeeper nods and I search around for something. I see a long piece of rope next to the knot tying station and I think on something. Oh my gosh, just thought of something. And it envolves a very old movie. I see four mobile fake trees around the gymnasium and I use my strenght to push two of them to make a parallel line. I wrap the rope that I got in a tree branch which is on the center of the two fake trees, right on where they meet each other. I grab one dummy and I put him on one tree and I take one spear. I climb the tree without the dummy and I put my arms around the rope, trying to don't slide off the rope. Good luck to me.

Then, I jump off the tree with the spear at the hand. The rope that I put between the two high trees makes me trip directly to the other tree and I use my spear as a shield. When I approach, I stand on the branch while my spear enters on the dummy with strenght and speed enough for a fatal movement and it falls off the tree, breaking up apart on the gymnasium's floor.

I slowly turn off the tree and the gamemakers dismiss me. I wave at them while I walk off the gymnasium, opening the double doors.

Yay for Tarzan!

Kaeden Humphrey - D3

After few minutes, UST (3) exits the gymnasium, staring at the ground as always. She takes a look on me, and I open a shy smile. If I don't get a great training score, I want UST (3) to get. She would represent District 3 better than me on the arena. I don't really care about training scores, but it may give more sponsor and Capitol people cheering for me during the Hunger Games. And also, I am going alone. It means that the indigenous will slow my odds down, so I have to do a good perfomance.

"Kaeden Humphrey," The mechanic voice booms through the loudspeaker and I get up from my chair. I take a long breath and the other tributes who are waiting stare at me. I slowly walk through the hallway and the other tributes actually do not look very interested on me. I open the double door of the gymnasium and I gaze at the Gamemakers. We are still on District 3, but they already look drunk and not interested on us.

I look around and see a metallic trident next to my foot and I think in something quickly. "My name is Kaeden Humphrey, from District 3!" I shout and that female peacekeepers sighs. I run immediately to the weapons pile and I take that trident off. I place it on my left arm while I think in someone interactive to do with tridents and plant identification. Hmm... what should I do!? I take a look on some poisonous berries and I think in something. I run to the plant and berries identification section and I take many berries off them. I call a trainer who is next to me to help me during the perfomance. I explain what I am going to do to him and he follows me back to the center of the gymnasium again.

I grab more four tridents and I wait for the instructor. The trainer begins to shoot some berries at the air and I throw some tridents at them. All the three sharp points of the five tridents grab just poisonous berries and their poisonous filling slide down the wall. The trainer nods happy at me and the gamemaker seems interested about it. They dismiss me and I walk off overall content.

Well, I think I have hopes.

Finn Allstroke - D4

June (4) just left the gymnasium and she has a confident smile shining bright on her face. She seems happy about her perfomance, which is not good for the career alliance. For some odd reason, that June (4) traitor is on the anti-careers trying to get us down. I do not understand why she would do that, since she was born in District 4 and possibly brought up to be a career tribute like me. 

"Finn Allstroke." Finally! I get up from my bench and I stomp towards the gymnasium. The other tributes probably see me as a big threat, and I have to keep as a threat until the Games begin. At least, my hard work for these eighteen years will worth it. I kick the double doors and it makes an incredible noise inside the gymnasium. The gamemakers look scared at me and I stomp with rage in my way towards the center of the private gymnasium. This will be interesting.

I need to show my skills at weaponry and they probably already know that I am strong physically. I take a look on some dummies some meters away and I open a confident smile. "I am Finn Allstroke, from District 4." While I show myself, few gamemakers start to sleep again. I ignore the asleep ones for a while and I take a sword off the weapons pile. I run to the dummy's direction and I stab the chest of it with the sword. Then, I spin on my own feets and take its head off. Still not satisfied, I keep doing the job. I dig the sword through the dummy's belly and then, I stab the legs. The gamemakers look like my perfomance is usual, so I watch out the weapons pile some meters away from me.

I pick one trident and I drag another dummy to the center of the gymnasium. I plunge the weapon through the dummy's stomach with strenght enough to rip the dummy in two parts. The two parts of the dummy collapse to the ground and then, I throw the trident with strenght on another dummy, just to show them off that I can manage to hurt two people with a few space of time.

They dismiss me and I run off the gymnasium. I head to the elevator and I press the number of my district. The ride takes few time and I arrive at my district floor. I can't wait for the scores announcement.

Zhapp Kabal - D5

I shake a little while Renata (5) goes out the gymnasium, with the old same expression on her tired face. I take a look on her going away on the elevator and I cross my eyes again to the doors of the gymnasium. Basically no one in these Games is actually thinking that I am a huge threat on the arena. I think I know how to change that, but for some reason, I don't want to change it. I, somehow, have better odds while the career tributes don't aim on me for the beginning of the Games than if I get a high score.

"Zhapp Kabal." The mechanic voice rings on the loudspeaker, breaking up with my thought. I get up and start to shake a little and the other tributes around watch me doing it. I walk slowly to the gymnasium and the other tributes stare at me during all my way into the gymnasium. I burst through the gymnasium's double doors and I run to the center of the room.

I see the gamemakers taking a look on me, while the other ones are drinking or eating. How nice. "I am Zhapp Kabal, from District 5!" I announce it loud and the female head peacekeeper makes a positive nod in my direction and I turn away to see rope and wire.

I take one big piece of rope and I start to make some basic traps around the gymnasium where I am. I remember to get the rope and wire very tight before finishing them, and all the gamemakers start to get bored about my perfomance. I would try to show other skills, but I think that they would count survival skills fair enough to an average score. I keep doing the traps and snares around the gymnasium at some fake trees, and then I pretend that I fall off the tree.

Some doctors enter on the gymnasium immediately and they try to run towards me, but they get trapped by my snares. I open a huge smile and I look the Gamemakers for one more time. They do not seem bored as the beginning, but they don't seem excited either. I sigh, knowing that my score will not be the best one out of the tributes, but at least I tried.

I exit the gymnasium and I run to the elevator alone, without seeing on the other tributes faces. I really don't want they to look my score now.

Zac Watt - D6

Crystal (6) leaves the gymnasium with a creepy smile decorating her face. She looks a bit weird and her look remains the fearful one. She crosses the gymnasium and she does not look at any tribute in the path. Crystal (6) enters on the elevator. Everybody, even my fans in District 6, knows that she has more chance of surviving than I have. I try hard to be better than her, but the chances of me getting a score lower than her's are gigantic. All I can do is simply hope.

"Zac Watt." The mechanic voice announces and I sigh of stress. Time to try to get some sponsors. I get up from my bench and I head slowly towards the gymnasium. No one is even paying attention on me, but... why!? I think they see Crystal (6) as a huge threat on the arena, and me... I am simply... normal. I am not a weakling, but I am for sure not the biggest threat at all. I push the double doors of the gymnasium, putting my body in the attention of the gamemakers' eyes.

"My name is Zac Watt, from District 6." I shout while I walk to the center of the gymnasium. I see just some knives at some dummies some steps away and I turn my attention again at the weapon rack. I know I can do many things with my charm, and my skills with a spear can make me get a great score. I run towards a mettalic spear with the lenght of my body and I place it to throw it. I aim at a red dummy some meters away and the spear finds its bulls-eye. I take another spear and it flies away landing exactly below the first spear. So with that, I think in a plan. I know some of technology, so it will work.

I run to the dummies and slowly, I turn up their speed. They seem like they are walking in my direction. I turn up seven of them and they start to "walk" fast in my direction. "Sorry, fans. But I have to do it," I shout and the gamemakers turn the attention at me again. I throw one spear, and it finds the first dummy's head, ripping it off the body. The second lands at the abdomen of another, and it makes the other two behind it crumple to the ground also. The third spear crosses two dummies' abdomens and they fall on the ground. I take the last spear and I aim on the last dummy. I throw the spear over my arm and it flies until it hits exactly on the dummy's heart. As it falls, I sigh of relief. I was better than I thought early.

I look the Gamemakers and the woman who is the head gamemaker nods, dismissing me. I smile and cross the halfway of tributes staring at me. 

I hope I was better than Crystal.

Kay Ocenight - D7

I start to shiver of afraid while Zac (6) exits the gymnasium with a confident look. I can see some gamemakers taking off spear from dummies inside the gymnasium. I fear of afraid again, my private session is the next one. I think about my home, about District 7. I wonder where my brother is and how he is getting food to him. Maybe, my patients on my small hospital are taking care of him for a while. Or forever. I still don't know if I have strenght enough to win the Games.

"Kay Ocenight." I start to shake for myself, feeling afraid. I can't disappoint my district, and I know I will do it if they put me on that gymnasium. I get up slowly and Klaus (7) comforts me. 

"Don't worry, you will do great." He says slowly and I open a smile. Klaus (7) has been more than a district partner for me, he is a friend now. He gives me a weak push and I head slowly towards the gymnasium. I open the double doors of the gymnasium and I find myself in the center.

The Gamemakers stare at me and I wave at them. They begin to laugh like crazy and I control myself to don't swear over them. "My name is Kay Ocenight, from District 7." I stammer and they keep laughing. Oh well, my private session could not be less good. I look a bow and a quiver with some arrows some meters away. I gasp of relief. At least, I can show them my archery skills, which will for sure make my score be bigger than it is right now. I walk quickly to the weapon rack and I take off a silven bow with a strong rope. It is not the type of bow that I usually use when I hunt animals, but I think I can work with it. I take off a yellow quiver with twelve arrows and I go to the dummies station.

I slowly out the arrow in the position to shoot and I aim at a dummy's heart. I release the arrow and it hits the dummy's stomach. Well, it was close. I smile, pretending that I was aiming for the stomach and I think that the Gamemakers thought that I was aiming it. I rip the second arrow through the bow and it hits one dummy's bulls-eye. I take the third arrow and it flies towards another dummy, reaching its leg. I start to shoot random arrows at random places at the dummies, just missing one of them. Well, it is enough. I did what I know to do, and now I have to hope for a good score.

I look at the gamemakers again and they dismiss one, with just two of them keep laughing. I stomp out of the gymnasium and I see Klaus sitting on a bench.

"How it was?" He asks me.

"Well," I say. "It was better than nothing."

Katriona Greystone - D8

I look at Klaus (7) leaving the gymnasium, probably worried about his perfomance. I gasp and the other tributes stare at me. Ever since I entered on the Regency, people think I am the biggest threat in the arena. And I know that some tributes are even better than me, but I have to keep with my fame of the biggest threat. I am probably receiving many sponsors and even, Capitol fans, and it can help me a lot inside the arena. I take another slow breathe before being called.

"Katriona Greystone." I get up and everybody stares at me, except for Dakon (8). Since I stopped him from beating up on Dimitrius (13), he has not talked with me for an obvious reason. I may destroyed his fame of badass in the front of the career tributes and the other tributes, so he hates me for that. I give a quick stare at him and he makes an angry expression. It is awkward to say, but I have a slightly thought that the district 8 tributes are somehow... enemies in the Games.

I enter through the double doors of the gymnasium and I head to the center of the gymnasium. The Gamemakers watch my walk and all of those who were asleep wake up immediately. They, for some incredible reason, ignore the water and the food and turn all the attention on me. Oh well, this is very surprising for them. "My name is Katriona Greystone, from District 8." I say with a creepy voice and they change worried eyes. The head gamemakers nods at the weapons and I grin at her.

I turn away to see a wrestling instructor looking scared at me. I open a smile, knowing what I have to do for now and to take a good score. I call the instructor to the center of the gymnasium, most exactly where I am. He walks slowly in my directiom trying to don't get injured. "Can we fight?" I ask him and he looks at the female head peacekeeper. She opens a smile and nods in agreement. He moves his head positively and I walk with him to the wrestling section. The battle begins and I immediately take him by the legs. He tries to escape from my attack, so I push him to the air, above my back. He shrieks of afraid and the gamemakers don't do anything. They probably expect that the instructor, which is taller and stronger than me, may revert my attack. But he probably will not. I remain on my attack, until putting him on an armlock. He starts to panic with the legs and the gamemakers wtach we, and they get worried. The instructor begins to get purple and he faints. But I will pretend that he died to creep out the gamemakers.

Some doctors enter in scene, but I stop them and I grab a camouflage paint. I put my hand over his heart, pretending that it stopped, and then I begin to paint his abdomen with red. "This is how everyone gets after fighting with me," I say, dismissing myself. Doctors hurry up and try to take care of the instructor. I high-five Dimitrius (13) and I think for myself.

I can't get a bad score.

Mara Knox - D9

Dakon (8) exits the gymnasium, looking overall confident and a bit happy. He does not seem skilled the way Katriona (8) is, but he for sure, is another threat on the arena. Behind District 8, District 9 is probably the best one in skill terms. Pamline (9) is extremely strong and intelligent, skilled as well. With my power, we would be unstoppable. But he ditched my alliance for some dumb reason, so I really don't care about him right now. Because I truly don't give a-

"Mara Knox." The mechanic voice calls and I get up from my bench. I walk slowly forward the gymnasium with a crazy expression on the face. I remember to put black lipstick one more time and I put it again on the right dark boot. The tributes stare at me like I am crazy, a strange person. I flash my middle finger at all the tributes while I head slowly to the gymnasium. All the tributes gasp while I walk in their front, until I reach the double doors of the gymnasium.

I head to the center of the gymnasium, and the gamemakers watch my movement. "My name is Mara Knox, from District 9." They tell me to go anywhere I would like and I nod. I rush, immediately, to the weapons station, where I see many weapons that I could use in battle and to show them that I have some skills. I take off a metallic and long trident. I prepare myself to do the best perfomance I will do in all my life. Well, because everybody knows that I am here to get a good score, and I will do it.

I slowly grab one trident and I aim at some dummies exactly fifteen steps away. I throw the trident, which lands exactly at the dummy's neck. It is not enough, for me. Then, I take out eight spears and I aim at another dummy next to me. I throw the first, that connects on the lower part of the dummy. Then, I spin and toss two spears at the same time. One stabs the head of the dummy and the other hits on the stomach. I throw another one over my head, and it lands on the dummy's forehead, pushing it to the ground. I throw other two spears at the same dummy and the two spear pass across the dummy's belly, ripping it off apart. The gamemakers enjoy my perfomance, and I leave the gymnasium satisfied.

I walk through the hallway of tributes sitting on a bench while that weird boy from 10 is being called for his individual perfomance.

I enter on the elevator and I go back to my district floor. Those spears hitting the dummy remains on my mind and I keep laughing of it.

Kylie Jones - D10

I hear some crazy noises coming from the gymnasium while William (10) remains there, showing his skills. I hear one male scream coming from inside the gymnasium. It is too tough to be William (10)'s, so I don't really know what is happening there. After some minutes with the wild noises, William (10) exits the gymnasium with some blood on one of his hands and other covering his another hand. I hear some doctors taking care of someone inside the gymnasium, just as they call me.

"Kylie Jones." The mechanic voice calls me and I get up from my bench. William (10) walks by my side and he gives me a cold stare in the way. I turn away, not wanting to look into his eyes. As he walks away, I head towards the gymnasium. I probably will receive a score lower than William (10)'s, but whatever. I seriously don't care about it right now. I push the double doors of the gymnasium and I see blood spread aroundn the floor, around many dummies. I look at the gamemakers, and they still seem surprised about William (10)'s individual session. They nod at me and I panic.

"My name is Kylie Jones, from District 10." I say, looking the blood around my boots. I take a breath and the female head peacekeeper sighs, extending her arms around the gymnasium. I nod and go forward to the plants identification station. There is a virtual book over a transparent table and the head trainer of this trainer explains to me what I have to do. Basically, I have to say which plant is "edible" and which plant is "poisonous". The head trainer turn up the machine and the images begin to fly in my direction and I have to press the right button immediately after the image's launchment.

On the start, I feel myself nervous, so I usually get wrong the images, even though I know about them. So then, I start to relax slowly and the right answer appears in my hand magically. I do all the plants quickly, pratically in no time and the head trainer nods at the Gamemakers, showing that I did very good. I take a look on the gamemakers, that look extremely tired, even though they are just on the tenth district. I wonder to myself if I should just one more thing just to make my score get bigger, but I think for one more time, hmmm... no right now. I am actually satisfied with my perfomance.

"I am done," I say calmly to the gamemakers and they cross eyes quickly. The head gamemakers nods to the gymnasium's exit door and I exit the gymnasium, knowing that my score will not be the biggest one, but not the lowest one.

I come back to the district floor and I enter immediately on my bedroom. I, somehow, want to see my score so bad.

Shen Seraph - D11

The girl from 10, Kylie (10), walks off the gymnasium. She seems satisfied about her perfomance, but it is not enough to win a good score. I am with the career alliance this year, so everybody, mainly the careers, expect me to have a good score. All the careers possibly got a score between eight and twelve, and I can't be lower than them. They will think I am the wimpy one out of the alliance. I panic in silence, waiting nervously to my name be called by them.

"Shen Seraph." The computer generated voice booms through the tribute halfway and I get up from my bench. All the tributes look at me, and I keep walking towards the gymnasium, trying to don't show that I am probably more nervous than the other tributes are. As I keep advancing towards the double doors, I hear some tributes whispering about me. I wish I could hear what they are talking about, but I can't. So with that, I just acelerate the step to reach the gymnasium.

I walk to the center of the gymnasium and I nod to the Gamemakers. "My name is Shen Seraph, from District 11." I shout and they look at me. They just nod to the weapons station and I open a confident smile. I run to the weapon station, taking off some sharp throwing knives. I walk slowly to the dummy, and suddenly, I start throwing knives wildly at it. The first one flies to the stomach; the second to the bullseye; the third to the leg; the fourth ends the series with a hit on the heart. I smile again, running back to the weapons station to do another thing. The first part was amazing!

As I dig through the weapons searching for something to use, I see a sickle on the pile and I take it off. It is sharp and encurved, with a blade which shows the light in it. I examinate the point and I smile. This is time. I rush back to a dummy and I start the job. I firstly stab the dummy at the center, and using my strenght to open a big hole on the center of it. Then, I spin around on the same place and I inject the sickle with strenght on the dummy's neck, ripping it off apart. I take the dummy's head and I grab a red juice that an instructor is serving for the tributes who need to drink something and I throw it over the dummy's head. The red juice slows down through the head, making it be red.

I leave the head at the ground and I dismiss myself, stomping. I leave the gymnasium, and all the tributes look at me. I did better than I expected.

Pyro Vuldren - D12

That creepy girl from 11 slowly exits the gymnasium, staring at the ground. She slowly walks through the hallway of tributes sitting in the bench. I take a look on the tributes that remain here. Just me, my district partner Alith (12) and both tributes from district 13. Most of the tributes already perfomed individually to the gamemakers, so I have sure that at least half of the gamemakers are already sleeping on their place or drinking and eating Capitol food like crazy people.

"Pyro Vuldren." The female computer generated voice announces and I take a long breath before getting up from my seat. Alith (12) waves at me while I pass by her in the hallway. The district 13 tributes watch my walk and the boy grins at me. I look again at the double doors of the gymnasium, just few meters away. The time to show my skills has arrived. And I have to get a good score, it will increase my chances of leaving the arena alive. I push the door of the gymnasium and find myself in the center.

I look at the gamemakers. They are exactly as I imagined before. Half of them are sleeping, while three or so are drinking some wine and eating a strange meat that I never saw before in my life. But anyway, the head female gamemaker keeps staring at me. "My name is Pyro Vuldren, from District 12." I announce and they sigh. I rush to the weapons station, approaching a sharp dagger with an incurved base. I take it and place on my left hand, before turning away to see a dummy next to me. I slowly walk forward to the dummy, taking long steps. As I reach the dummy's side, I immediately stab the center of it with my dagger. I look the gamemakers, and they do not seem surprised with my perfomance.

So then, I go to the weapons rack again and I take another dagger from there. I come back to the dummy and begin to stab it repeatedly, creating many holes on it. I keep stabbing, with left hand, then with my right. I keep doing the movement of left, right, left, right, left, right for some minutes and then, I stop. The dummy is full with holes, so I know what to do. I take a long time of air and then I blow on the dummy, making it fall easily on the gymnasium floor. 

"I think I'm done," I say to them and the female gamemaker nods to the door of exit. I exit the gymnasium with a serious expression the face.

"Alith Galianna," The computer voice announces and I high-five Alith (12) quickly. I walk to the elevator, pressing the button of my district.

Alexandra Stevens - D13

As I look to my right side, I see the entire hallway of tributes totally empty. Well, somewhat empty. I still have to go, and Dimitrius (13) is currently inside the gymnasium. I shiver of fear while Dimitrius (13) exits the gymnasium with a confident smile on the face. He looks at me and he nods positively. I almost open a smile. It is was the closest thing to a smile ever since before the death of my sister, Amy. But I have to forget it for a while, at least during my individual session.

"Alexandra Stevens." The mechanic female voice booms through the empty hallway and I immediately get up from the bench. Dimitrius (13) nods and gives a positive smile. I walk by his side, and I slowly continue walking towards the double doors of the gymnasium. All the things I learn through these three days of training comes back to my mind while I slowly burst out through the gymnasium doors. I slowly walk to the center of the gymnasium, while the gamemaker seem very bored.

I take a look on them, most of them are already sleeping and drinking beer. "My name is Alexandra Stevens, from District 13." I announce, screaming. They all look at me and I stare at the ground again. Why I did this? So shame on me right now... I look slightly again at the head gamemaker and she points out to all the stations of training behind me. I take a long breath while I examinate all of the sections, trying to discover something to show my skills off. Hmm... climbing and stealth.

I slowly walk to the tree climing station and I see a fake wall just in my front. It has some sharp places to put the hand over, where I can properly climb. I take another long breath, before starting to do this. I start to climb the fake wall quickly, doing that in few seconds. Then, I wrap my two foots on two holes on the wall, and then, I push the rest of my body to the front. I stay upside down, and I start to climb down the wall uing just my legs. The gamemakers look surprised with my perfomance, even though, I know I am not getting the highest score between all. Then, I make a pirouette and I fall to the ground, slightly sliding my right foot on the cold floor. None of them seemed to care about that, so I just remain on my position.

I look at them and the head gamemakers nod to the door. I nod in agreement and I rush to the exit of the gymnasium, running away towards the elevator.

As I press the button, I remember of what will come next. Interviews...

Training Score/Odds of Winning

District Name Score Odds
1 Luminol Miller 8 14-1
1 Amanda Hawks 9 10-1
2 Josh Eagleye 10 7-1
2 Keandra Hamilton 10 5-1
3 Kaeden Humphrey 6 29-1
3 UST Module 6.0 5 41-1
4 Finn Allstroke 11 3-1
4 June Lock 9 12-1
5 Zhapp Kabal 6 33-1
5 Renata Alcanmia 5 39-1
6 Zac Watt 8 17-1
6 Crystal Sapphire 8 17-1
7 Klaus Trudeaux 6 32-1
7 Kay Ocenight 6 34-1
8 Dakon Erick 8 14-1
8 Katriona Greystone 12 3-1
9 Pamline Falcone 10 6-1
9 Mara Knox 9 13-1
10 William Love 11 5-1
10 Kylie Jones 6 36-1
11 Shen Seraph 9 15-1
11 Cassandra Goldsmith 4 47-1
12 Pyro Vuldren 6 33-1
12 Alith Galianna 5 38-1
13 Dimitrius Graphite 8 17-1
13 Alexandra Stevens 6 34-1


Luminol Miller - D1

Josh Eagleye - D2

UST Module 6.0 - D3

Finn Allstroke - D4

Renata Alcanmia - D5

Crystal Sapphire - D6

Klaus Trudeaux - D7

Dakon Erick - D8

Mara Knox - D9

William Love - D10

Cassandra Goldsmith - D11

Alith Galianna - D12

Alexandra Stevens - D13


Basic Rules

Every sponsor starts with $500 per tribute.

You can sponsor a tribute who is not your's, but you will earn just $200 to sponsor that tribute.

You can't switch after the start of the Games, but you switch any time before it.

How to gain money

Each kill, the tribute earns $50.

If the tribute reaches the top 14, he/she earns $25.

If the tribute reaches the top 8, he/she earns $50.

If the tribute reaches the top 4, he/she earns $75.

Sponsors Table

Sponsor Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3

Luminol Miller (D1)



Amanda Hawks (D1)


Josh Eagleye (D2)


Clove the best

Keandra Hamilton (D2)



Kaeden Humprey (D3)



UST Module 6.0 (D3)


Pamline Falcone (D9)


Pyro Vuldren (D12)



Finn Allstroke (D4)


William Love (D10)



June Lock (D4)



Zhapp Kabal (D5)



Renata Alcanmia (D5)



Zac Watt (D6)



Crystal Sapphire (D6)



Klaus Trudeaux (D7)



Kay Ocenight (D7)



Dakon Erick (D8)


Alith Galianna (D12)



Katriona Greystone (D8)


Cassandra Goldsmith (D11)


Alexandra Stevens (13)



Mara Knox (D9)



Kylie Jones (D10)



Shen Seraph (D11)



Dimitrius Graphite (D13)


Green means this tribute is alive.

Red means this tribute died.

Pink means this tribute won the Games.

Item List


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Dagger: 80
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Crossbow: 160
  • Bow: 120
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun: 50
  • Darts (x12): 25
  • Machete: 80
  • Whip: 85
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25
  • Shurikens: 250

Food & Water

  • Water: 60
  • Milk: 40
  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Soup: 80
  • Dried Meat: 90
  • Raw Meat: 50
  • Complete Refection: 200


  • VDAHeal (Instant Relief): 400
  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 50
  • Sleep Spray: 95
  • Iodine: 25


  • Sleeping Bag: 170
  • Blanket: 160
  • Parka: 250

Special Items

  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Lighter: 100
  • Snowshoes: 100
  • Wooden Shield: 110
  • Arrow Armor: 75
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700


  • Camouflage Paints: 100
  • Net: 50
  • Wire: 75
  • Backpack: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Plastic of piece: 20
  • Rope: 30
  • Empty Backpack: 50
  • Raft: 275
  • Paddles: 100
  • Poison: 75
  • Matches: 45

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