Well, I will brind you: the adventures and life of Wiress. To her games till the Third Quarter Quell.

Part I: The Girl

Chapter 1

"Hello, District 3! Are you ready to the 60th Hunger Games?" Jally's voice invades our ears. I'm near Zoey, my best friend and she is hugging me. The reaping here in the district 3 is technically a massacre and specially for us, the fourteen year old girls. "It's time to select the lucky young boy and young girl that will represent the district Three in the Sixty Hunger Games! First our adorable girls."

Jally crosses the stage to grab a name inside a big reaping ball. She smiles when she approaches the microphone to say: "The lucky girl that will represent this district in the 60th Hunger Games is..." She releases a little whisper. Me too. "Wiress Tromagnet" She shouts in the microphone.

I freeze myself while Zoey gives me a little push.

I start to walk onto the stage with calm and slowly. Jally takes me by the arm and she drags me to the middle of the stage. She gives a slap in my shoulder, and walks towards another big reaping ball. She approaches the microphone to say: "And our lucky boy is... Alec Sparkys" A fifteen years old boy, with ashen askin and a dark black hair appears from the crowd, sobbing.

Jally laughs while the boy rises on the stage and Beetee, an old victor and our mentor this year, speaks with us. "Congratulations! Or no..." He speaks with sadness in the voice.

Colbia, another victor, gives me a congratulations and she takes us to the car. Jally enters too.

Jally begins to ask some stupid questions and I answer all the question using a simple: "I do not know, Jally Whiteresse"

Chapter 2

I entered in the train and Beetee enters too. I sit on a big and red sofa. Beetee offers a strange tea and I say 'no'. He embraces me pushing my hair down my shoulders.

- Are you okay? - He asks me.

- No, but I will be alright soon. - I reply without a second thought.

- It is good! The Capitol hates boring tributes. - He says to me with a smile in the face, I smile at him.

At this moment, Colbia and Alec enter in the train holding two metal dishes. One has a roast goose, and the other one has a raw meat. Alec seems like a hungry boy, but I don't say nothing. Beetee pulls a chair and Colbia sits down in it. Alec sits on the chair in my left, while Beetee sits in my right.

- So, what are your skills - Colbia asks to us.

- What do you think? It's obvious! We are skilled in technology. - Alec yells with rage and anger in the voice, making me scared.

- Well, I am good with knifes and... slingshots! - I say

- This is good, - replies Beetee - usually the district 3 tributes are killed because they don't know how to use a good weapon.

- Like me... - begins Alec

- Okay, let's shut up and eat this damn food. - Colbia shouts. - Okay? We will have much time to spend in that type of talks.

I ate all my lunch with three pair of eyes looking at me. Colbia is impressed and Beetee is laughing very low. I get up and I grab a little knife.

- Check this out! - I throw the knife hitting the Capitol's television and making it explodes. Beetee and Colbia are clapping hands to me, but Alec is serious and angry.

After the lunch, Jally invites us to watch the reapings. Well, I can memorize some people:

The beautiful pair of district 1. The girl is tall and blonde, while the guy is smart and with a light brown hair. These green eyes make me sick.

The brutal girl from district 2. She looks like a big building, wanting to kill me.

Our reaping is shown, and one announcer says it to my face: "I give two days to her. Two days is the limit."

The enormous boy from district 4. His blonde hair with deep blue eyes doesn't help very much in my principal focus: kill him.

A little girl from 6. She looks like a little mouse.

The scared boy from 7. He looks like: 'OMG! I'm in the Games'

The tall pair from district 8. They are the deadlier pair, for sure.

The fat girl from 10. Well, she is VERY fat.

The young boy from district 12. He has twelve years and with his dark red hair, he looks like a little fox.

Chapter 3

Beetee looks at me and Alec. Colbia whispers in his ear something and he calls our attention.

- How'd you know, you need allies in the arena, right? - Beetee asks us.

- No, - Alec talks - we don't need allies.

Alec goes out the room like a crazy and he smashes the door with a kick. Colbia drinks her tea and she enters in her room saying "good night" to us. I'm alone with Beetee. But I like him. And he is my only chance to survive in that cold and hopeless arena.

I get up and I walk towards my room, but I say good night to Beetee. I jump on the bed and I sleep like an angel in that place, wearing the same outfit.

...Two hands are touching my skin. I wake up. It is an Avox. Our avoxes is a smart girl and a shy boy, but this one is different. I can't believe! Is Alec!...

Colbia slaps me and I lay on the pillow. She asks If I still need help, and I say yes. She speaks that I was having a bad nightmare all night.

I walk to the room and Jally appears from the nothing. She takes my hand and she brings me to the train's window. She asks if I want feel the smell. The Capitol smell. I say: 'No, thanks.' and I leave the window's area. When I arrive on the main room, Alec is waving to the Capitol peoples. I look at Beetee. He puts the glasses below his eyes, looking directly to Alec's expression. I laugh a little loud and it calls Alec's attention to me.

- So... You have a plan? - Alec asks me.

- No, I'm not thinking in this right now. - I answer.

- But is better you go thinking in a good plan. - Beetee says.

- I have just one right now... Survive the Capitol! - speaks Alec

- I will think later, - I say - now I will enjoy the Capitol!

Chapter 4

I opened my eyes and a strange thing happens. I am surrounded by four bizarre peoples. One tall boy is cleaning my feets using a little shower. Another boy, taller, is talking with a fat women about how they will wear me. I cough and they turn their heads to me.

- Finally, she wakes up - says the fat women, walking towards a big metal flange and grabbing a big syringe with a light pink liquid. - Drink this. - she orders me. I drink the liquid with fear in my throat. A strange pain invades my stomach.

- Relax, little baby. - says the tallest man. - We are your Prep Team. Our destiny is you, so don't mess up. I am Fulvio, that guy is called... - he points out to a tall man - Gabrieltoskyuvielar, but you can call him using a simple Gabi.

- And I am Verada. - says the big women, interrupting Fulvio's word. They begin to smile and Fulvio slaps Verada. They begin to fight, but Gabi stops the fight saying: - Tutae is coming!

A skinny woman wearing a long golden dress and big pink shows called Tutae appears. She is using diamond earrings and her pocket bag is made of ruby and emeralds.

- Oh my god, guys! The traffic jam to here is super full! The Hunger Games is the worst time to drive a car. - She says. - She is prepared? - She asks my Prep Team.

- Yes, yes, yes. And now we can go to the prep teams' party. Bye, Tutae. And good luck, little baby, you are a good person to dress up. They laugh and they run like penguins. I smile and Tutae hears. She looks at me with an angry face. - They are laughable.

An avox invites the stylists to an enormous dinner. She pushes me and she runs to the big door. I look at her, surprised. She laughs and says to me: - I will prepare you tomorrow to the chariots!

What!? The chariots rides?

Chapter 5

The chariot rides are our first chance to meet the other tributes. I am crazy to see Alec's reation looking all the other tributes. He is coughing, a lot.

Tutae and his stylist, Manuiel, are talking about the Capitol's parties to the stylists and the prep teams. She looks at us with a scared face. Seems like she forgot us here. Manuiel takes a drink and walks towards a big table with foods and drinks on top. Tutae is thinking in a drink. I can see it. Alec don't care. He is just coughing and looking the other tribute's faces.

A digital alarm wakes she up. She puts us in a big chariot with black ponies pulling the chariot. She says: - Good luck! - And she walks towards the table to grab a drink.

The District One's chariot is beautiful and their jewels are amazing. Then, the district 2's chariot goes and it is our time to enter in this enormous hall. We entered in the chariot rides, and our black clothes now are a

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