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Top Hunger Games (created by users)

Hello! Many Games created by users and many users want to create a Game. In this blog, you will vote to your favorite Games created by a user all-time.

Vote System

To vote, you have to put the username + the blog name. Write your review and your vote to 5 till 10. You can vote in 3 separate topics: Best Twist, Best Bloodbath and Best End!

Best Twist

HeavyRotation - Katelyn.Danita's Magic Games

MySims - Cloveismywife's 200th Hunger Games

Nommyzombies - Rainbowshifter's Pain Games

Best Bloodbath

HeavyRotation - Katelyn.Danita's 103rd Annual Hunger Games

MySims - GlimmerandSparkles' School Games

Nommyzombies - MySims' 105th Hunger Games

Best End

MySims and District3forever - Nommyzombies' 56th Hunger Games

Heavy Rotation - Dedejacob's 1st Hunger Games

Nommyzombies - Trackstar's 57th Hunger Games

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