I am bringing a super-special Games to you all, mainly the ones that participated in my Hunger Games before. Read the rules and enjoy the writing!

These gonna be awesome!


1. First of all, these Games will be in depth (reapings, group training, personal training, interviews), so be prepared to long stories.

2. The chosen tribute is a victor or a runner-up, so no submitions this time. I will explain it better below.

3. If a victor or runner-up has a inactive user, you will be able to mentor them. I will say some users that (I think) are inactive. If you are in the list and you can sponsor your tribute, tell me.

4. Like always, do not get mad if or when your tribute dies. Here is the Hunger Games, and many tributes will die. This is normal.

5. If you don't want your victor competing here, IT IS YOUR PROBLEM! HE/SHE WON MY GAMES and I do what I want.

6. The old district partners of the victors and runner-ups are their district partners. You will know better about it during the reapings.

7. Get ready!


If you will sponsor a tribute, you must check it out my previous Games:'s_Revenge


The Head Gamemaker Vinicius was revived. He commanded many Games, including the 51st, 52nd, 53rd, 54th, 223rd, Brazilian and the Fan Games. The victors and runner-ups of these editions will be back to compete again in a Games.



District Name Age Games User
District 1 Female Starsburst Infinity 17 Fan Games Dedejacob
District 2 Male Clay Ferintino 15 Brazilian Games Pierulesnotyou
District 2 Female Veronica Sunstone 18 54th HG Jsm13athome
District 3 Male Ronan Swift 13 Fan Games Flynn77
District 4 Male Tide Watercrest 17 52nd HG Mysims
District 4 Female Mist Evans 15 Fan Games Annamisasa
District 5 Male Percy Vest 17 54th HG Jsm13athome
District 6 Male Dylan Goyth 18 Brazilian Games AsherMizzou
District 6 Female Addriana Marsk 16 53rd HG Annamisasa
District 8 Female Bellaline Sword 16 51st HG CrazyKiss
District 10 Female Nerezza Wood 16 Brazilian Games Grimreaper8080
District 10 Male Dwayne Crupnick 15 100th HG Fawkes and Dobbys
District 12 Female Anastasia Louisa 17 52nd HG TheKatnissEverdeen
District 12 Female Rose Brooke 25 52nd HG CatchingFire1236
District 12 Female Buttercup Mellark 12 54th HG Tsteen
District 12 Female Melanoi Jet 16 100th HG TBWTPT
Capitol Female Felicity Jones 15 54th HG Violent Delights
Capitol Female Kira Tempora 18 223rd HG Cloveismywife


District Name Age Games User
District 1 Female Pearl Nite 17 51st HG Wiki Contribuitor
District 2 Male Alexander Jameston 17 52nd HG AshtonMoioLover
District 4 Male Jason Oceanwater 14 Brazilian Games ErosDistrict1***
District 4 Female

Maysilee Abadeer

14 223rd HG BloodHunter99
District 7 Male Nils Ebenholz 16 100th HG Ougi-kun
District 7 Female McKeena Eclina 15 Fan Games Pierulesnotyou
District 12 Male Jacob Mellark 14 54th HG Tsteen
Capitol Female Jessica Proper 16 53rd HG Brynn1999

The tributes with *** have inactive mentors, so you can sponsor them. If are you with a *** and you are active, tell me please.

Tributes Gallery


User Trib 1 Trib 2 Trib 3

Starburst Infinity (1)


Dylan Goyth (6)



Clay Ferintino (2)


McKeena Eclina (7)



Veronica Sunstone (2)


Percy Vest (5)



Mist Evans (4)


Addriana Marsk (6)



Bellaline Sword (8)


Alexander Jameston (2)


Violent Delights

Anastasia Louisa (12)


Felicity Jones (Cap)



Kira Tempora (Cap)


Ronan Swift (3)



Maysilee Abadeer (4)


Pearl Nite (1)



Buttercup Mellark (12)


Jacob Mellark (12)


Thresh Is Best

Tide Watercrest (4)


Rose Brooke (12)



Jessica Proper (Cap)


Nerezza Wood (10)


Fawkes and Dobbys

Dwayne Crupnick (10)



Melanoi Jet (12)



Nils Ebenholz (7)


Item List


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Bow: 120
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun And Darts (x12): 75
  • Machete: 80
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25


  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Dried Meat: 90
  • Raw Meat: 50
  • Complete Refection: 200


  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 50
  • Sleep Spray: 95


  • Water (1 canteen): 70
  • [Promotion>>>] Water (2 canteens): 125
  • Iodine: 25
  • Sleeping Bag: 170
  • Net: 50
  • Wire: 75
  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Blanket: 160
  • Snowshoes: 100
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700
  • Backpack: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Plastic of piece: 20
  • Rope: 30
  • Empty Backpack: 50
  • Matches: 45


District 1 - Starburst Infinity's POV

That announcement of the twist was weird. I was died, and suddenly… I am alive! My body is similar to the one that I own when I won the Fan Games. I walk towards a big mirror next to the door of my restroom, and slowly, I remove my old make-up to use a new one. Today is the famous Reaping day, but it is not usual like the old ones. Today is different. The victors and runner-ups of all the Games commanded by the Head Gamemaker Vinicius will be in the arena again, because Vinicius was revived by the Capitol.

“Hello, Starburst. Are you ready? The reapings will start soon…” A bizarre person from the Capitol says and I realize that I do not remember her name. So, the last moments before the Games start to repeat in my mind. She is my old escort, the one who helped me when I represented my district in the Fan Games.

“Are you…” I begin to say, trying to remember her name. She opens a smile, while I open one smile too.

“It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the reapings. Get ready as fast as you can,” She says, slamming the metal door of my restroom. I sit on the chair, looking at the mirror again. While I finish putting my lipstick on, I hear some footsteps coming in the direction of my restroom. I ask for more five minutes alone and my stylist backs to the main room. I ask to myself where my old escort is, but I can’t answer this question.

I sit on my bed, taking off my old pink underwear. Quickly, I dress a bright and short pink dress and I put the blue part of my hair in the front of my face, falling over my eyes. Now I am ready.

Someone knocks the door and I open it. The stylist appears with four tall Peacekeepers behind her. She holds my hand and I realize that her hand is cold, but very soft. We start to slog in the direction of the empty street of District One. My stylist is shaking of afraid and I ask why she is feeling fear.

“These Peacekeepers are so tall…” While she finishes the quote, I start to laugh like a crazy and she releases my hand. We cross the street to enter in the old Justice Building of District One. The last time that I saw it was in the day of my death, few hours before. I remember the time that I entered here for the first time as a victor. I was feeling the most important girl in the world. That day was almost a dream!

“We arrived, darling. Now sit on this couch while we wait for the Capitol train.” My old stylist orders and I sit immediately. I lay my head on the pillow at my left and I extend my legs to the couch. I start to sleep, but I feel someone calling for me. “Wake up, Starburst,” my stylist says and finally, I open my eyes. “The train arrived at our station.” I get out the couch and two Peacekeepers take me by the arm. They walk with me until the arrival of the train. When I step in the train, I feel someone looking with cold eyes at me. No, is not just one person. They are three persons.

“Starburst!” While someone yells my name, I start to remember her face when McKeena killed her. It is Goddess Spark! I hug her, feeling her warmth transport to my body in a strange way. Maybe I liked her, but I forgot it during the Games.

“Why are you here? You were not a victor, neither a runner-up,” I say with shiny eyes. She smiles and she nods to the side where Theo and Lilian are looking at me.

“We will be your mentors. This year, the victors and runner-ups will go to the arena, right?” She asks at me and I nod in agreement while Theo embraces me for behind. “We were your district partners, so they revived us. But with one condition. If you die, we die together. If you live, we will stay with you.” I feel their lives against my shoulder and I take Theo off my backs. I say hello to Lilian, and I enter in my bedroom, alone. I slam the door behind me, closing me off the world.

Now, I have to win. Win it for me. Win it for them.

My mind backs to the normal and I open my door, and when I get in the main room, I see my old district partners chatting. They open a smile at my direction, and somehow, I open a wide smile too.

“So, do you like this train?” Lilian asks and I sit on the couch, between Theo and Goddess. We start to joke and laugh, but mainly chat about my life post-victory. Slowly, I start to lay my head on Theo’s shoulder and I keep it going. But I stop when my stylist enters in the main room shouting like a crazy.

“WE ARRIVED!” She yells and I cover my ears to protect them. We stand up, walking in a row. I am the leader of the row, followed by Goddess, Theo and Lilian. We step off the train and I look Pearl, the runner-up of the 51st Hunger Games, talking with the Peacekeepers. It is she and I. The district one tributes of this year.

District 2 - Veronica Sunstone's POV

I feel someone looking at me and I turn my head to the direction of the window of my restroom. I see the open window and I lay my head on the pillow. I am too lazy to stand up right now. Percy called me last night to talk about the twist and stuff. Seriously, I don’t care about the fact of the Hunger Games, but I care about Percy, Felicity and Buttercup. Now, they are like my family. But the life would continue, right?

“Vera, come here. Are you excited for the reaping? It will happen in few seconds.” My old stylist Rennia enters in my bedroom, asking about it and I take my head off the soft pillow that I bought on the Capitol after the Super Games. By the way, I hate the nickname Vera.

“Who asked you?” I reply to her and she goes away. I am almost sticking my middle finger to her, but I am too lazy to do it right now. I start to lay my head on the pillow, trying to get my sleep back, but I can’t. Simply, I can’t. Slowly, I start to get up my bed, always watching the digital clock to see if I am late or not. I am looking my boring escort, caring about the hour and the reaping.

With just my underwear on my body, I walk to the main room of the mansion that I am by now. I was revived to participate in these special Hunger Games. Just the victors and the runner-ups of the 51st Games, 52nd Games, 53rd Games, 54th Games, the Fan Games, the Brazilian Games and the 223rd Hunger Games can participate. Well, the district partners will be back, but they will be selected as mentors.

“Finally you woke up. I was almost throwing water on you.” My old escort says and Rennia, my stylist, enters in the main room with a black dress on the left hand. She extends it to me.

“Wear it now.” I look at her, thinking in something decent to do, but just one thing comes in my mind.

“Wear this, bitch!” I yell, extending my middle finger at her. The escort laughs of it and the escort throws the dress on the ground. She kicks it repeatedly and she gets out the main room saying: “Go to the Capitol with this underwear, if you want.” I will do it.

I sit on the couch, besides my old escort. I can’t remember her name, and I don’t want to ask her about it. Maybe, Rennia will say it to me later. By now, all that matters is the reaping that will happen in few hours. I try to pay attention at my breakfast, but the last moments on the arena repeats on my mind. Myself killing Chesire with an arrow, my shoulder hurting, Jacob asking for Buttercup’s life, the end of the Games…

I am feeling awkward.

The escort gets off the couch, grabbing my hand. “What will happen now?” I ask to her and she points out to four Peacekeepers coming in our direction. “They are a little fat,” I whisper to the escort and she laughs. Two Peacekeepers take her by the arms and they three walk at my front. Other two Peacekeepers try to grab me too, but I avoid them, saying that I want to walk alone.

We get off the mansion in a big and black car. For the windows, I see the full streets of District Two claiming for my victory on these Games. Well, I am one of the favorite victors of my district. From the Games that will be again in the arena, Clay won too. And Alexander was the runner-up of the 52nd Hunger Games. We three will be back in the arena, and maybe I will not ally with them.

I see the words ‘Train Station’ and I point it out to my escort. She yells and the man who is driving the car stops. Rennia is on the other side, she is angry with me due the middle finger stuff. Stupid woman!

The escort holds my hand and we walk together to the train where Clay and Alexander are waiting for us.

“Finally, she arrived.” Clay says, embracing me. I get it off immediately, walking fast to my new bedroom. I open the door and I slam it to close. Then, I get scared. “AAHH!” I see nine persons sitting on a couch in my front. I whisper their names while I back to the reality.

“Charles… Cholo… Dusk… the little James… Josef… Nichole… Rose… Azariah… Jamelle… All of them are back.” They smile at me, talking their names in a low voice. Jamelle and James are the only ones that stand up to hug and greet me. The others are looking at me with an angry face. What I did? The only one I injured was Dusk. I killed him. I am feeling a little weird because of it. He looks at me, and I get scared. I say goodbye to everyone and I back to the main room.

“Did you see your surprise?” Rennia says, laughing of my scared face. Then, I slap her with strength and she falls on the ground.

“You liked your surprise?” I prepare to say, but the escort finishes the word for me. “Bitch!”

District 3 - Ronan Swift's POV

“Ronan, it is time to get up.” Says a voice few meters away from me, slowly, I get off my bed, putting some soft shoes on my tired foots. My old escort is standing up at my front and she extends a Capitol cup. I am almost sleeping again, but I grab the cup and I drink the liquid inside.

I feel a strange tea running down my throat and my escort smiles. I ask what it is this tea and she tells that it is a medicine.

“Medicine to what?” I ask, drinking some water to take the tea’s smell off my mouth. She smiles again, saying: “For do not sleep. You will not sleep for hours, honey.” She says, getting off my restroom. I think in punch her to the death, but it seems too mean to my personality. I am sweet and kind; I will not waste my words with a crazy escort.

I look at the calendar at my side, and I remember that today is the reapings. I was revived and my body is similar to the one I had when I won the Fan Games along with Starburst and Mist. I think that the district partners will be back too, but I fell asleep when the president was talking about it. I walk to the main room, where my escort and stylist are chatting about how the Capitol food is good.

I look at the window on the wall of my new mansion, and I see some poor persons asking for food. I walk in silent to the kitchen and there, I grab twenty loafs of bread. I walk to the door, but my stylist stops me when I am stepping off the house.

“What do you think that you will do?” She says grabbing the bag with the twenty loafs of bread.

“A thing that you can’t do,” I say, taking the backpack off her hand. “Helping the people that need of it.” I step off the mansion and the poor persons cheer my name. I wave at them, delivering some bread to the old persons and the kids. They cheer my name again, and a tear almost falls over my cheek when an old lady whispers in my ear:

“Yo…yo… you ar… are the best vic… best victor of all… all-time!” I hug her and she gives me a small computer chip. “Can… you… us… us… use it a… as token?” I look at her miserable eyes, and I remember the baby girl who gave my token on the first Games that I participated. It is her. It is her ninety years older.

“Sure,” I reply while she releases a weak smile at my direction. I back to my big mansion, where my old stylist and my old escort are chatting on the couch. I sit on a chair, but my escort takes me off. She grabs me by the arm, while three Peacekeepers arrive at my mansion. They grab my stylist and escort by the arms and we start to walk to a car in the parking lot of my house.

We spend just three minutes on this quick ride. My escort opens the door of the car and I get out of it. I see many Capitol cameras focusing on me and I enter on the train. My escort immediately sits on a pink and soft chair while the stylist approaches me and she asks if I want to see a surprise. I nod in agreement and she opens the door of my new restroom.

I walk inside and I see a girl with sweet eyes looking at my surprised face. Her long hair falls over her shoulder, and the surprise invades my belly. The name of this kind person is tight on my throat, and I can’t resist. I yell with all the words:

“Tammy, you are back!” She runs at my direction and we hug for a very long time. She is back! My love is back! My life is completed! We split up, but I realize that she is not with her usual smile.

“What is going on?” I ask, embracing her again and locking my hands around her waist. She looks at the ground, saying:

“The Games! If you lose, I will die together. If you win, I will stay with you.” She says with a sad face. I hug her, and she starts to cry.

“Don’t worry, Tammy! I will win it for us. I promise!” I yell and the escort enters in our restroom, scared. She sees us crying and hugging each other and she walks away. I know what Tammy is feeling. She knows that I will not win these Games. It is almost impossible. But I will keep at her side until the day that I will enter in these Games.

We split up again and her pink lips take me out the reality. Immediately, I kiss her and she replies it, kissing me with love.

Love. The only thing that can help me in that arena.

“We arrived, guys.” Says the escort, grabbing Tammy by the hand. We walk to the train room and the escort makes a little row for us. I will be in the front, and Tammy will be in my back. The escort leads us to the door and she steps off the train. I hold Tammy’s hand and we jump off the train with the hands crossed as a signal of our love. I see that our train was the third to get in and I see Starburst next to the train of District One!

“Come here, Tammy!” I say taking her to where Starburst is. Starburst talks with her and I hug Starburst. It is your first encounter in years…

District 4 - Tide Watercrest's POV

I am in the same bedroom as Jason Oceanwater. He was the runner-up of the Brazilian Games and he is one of the selected tributes to this year’s hunger games. The girls, Mist Evans and Maysilee Abadeer, are in a different bedroom. Jason and I were selected to sleep here last night, and we will sleep in the Capitol today. I am pretty excited to back on the arena, because the district four tributes did pretty well after my death.

I put my head off my Capitol blanket and I look around the restroom. The clock is standing at my front, and I can see it anytime that I open my eyes. At the side of the clock, the calendar pointing today as the reaping day appears. I get off my bed, putting the shoes on. I realize that I fell asleep naked and I run to the closet to grab some clothes. I open it and I start to grab it slowly. I grab new underwear and I prepare to use it, but I have a surprise.

“Tide?” Mist says, opening the door of my restroom. I get scared and I let my underwear fall on the ground. She sees me, naked and I grab the underwear on the ground. She gets away and I wear the underwear. I wear a small short too and I get out my restroom.

I open the door and I see around the main room of the house that I am. No one is awake, just Mist. She looks at me with a smile and I remember that I have to talk with her about the naked stuff.

“Are you dressed?” She says with the closed eyes. I smile at this scene, and I take her hand off her eyes. She smiles and I sit down next to her.

“I think yes…” I say, putting my head next to her body. I do not know if she is feeling the same that I do, but I think that a love interest is next to happen. She gets out her chair while she sits on the couch. “Are you ignoring me?”

I get out my chair too and I sit at her side on the couch. She asks what I am doing and I lock my hand on her right hand. She turns her head to the side, but I whisper some words in her ear. “Just if you want to stay with me,” I say, moving my head on her hair. “I will not order you.”

Then, something that I was not waiting for happens. She lays her head on my shoulder and I open a smile. She likes me, I think. And I like her too.

The escort and the stylist get in the main room and she takes her head off my shoulder, but our hands keep locked. Maysilee’s old stylist and Jason’s old escort were called to represent District 4. I know the escort; she was helping me when I was revived. They start to laugh and Mist goes out the couch. Maysilee wakes up and she sits on my side. She nods to Mist eating her breakfast in silent.

“Why you are not helping her? I know that you like her and she likes you. Why are you in separate places?” Maysilee says, and she gets off the couch. I think in Maysilee’s words. Yes, I like Mist. Why am I ignoring her in the front of the other persons? This is not love, neither a passion. I look at my side and I see Jacob walking off our bedroom. I nod to the table where Mist is eating and he walks towards me.

“What you did to her, boy?” He says sitting on my side.

“Nothing. I just ignored her when the escort and the stylist arrived. I was thinking that our love was a secret by now.” I say and he starts to laugh very loud. I look at Mist and I see her and Maysilee chatting about a thing. Maybe me. Or the Games. I think it is me. “Never do it again. A girl always wants a relationship. And you ignoring her, the girls like when we assume it to everyone.” says Jason, leaving the couch.

I will do something to impress her now. I hope she likes it.

I get out the couch and I walk towards the big table on the center of the hall. I sit next to her and Maysilee claps hands to us. I lock my hand on her long and red hair. She releases a shy smile and Jason smiles from away. He and Maysilee nod in agreement and I look to Mist again. Her dark blue eyes lost in mine and I forgot the hall around me when I kiss her. Her soft lips are locked on mine, I will not leave her.

The escort slaps my shoulder, but I keep kissing on Mist. I will not leave her. Suddenly, I feel someone bringing me to the floor. I see my stylist with anger and Maysilee discussing with her. Mist laughs of my scared face and I laugh too.

The escort stops the fight between Maysilee and the stylist and she escorts us to the door of our temporary house. I hug Mist and we walk with the embraced arms until the door. The escort shows us a pink limousine and the stylist runs to see it. She is the first to get in, followed by Maysilee. Then, I walk on the train with Mist on my arms. We sit on the car and our limousine begins to move. The car moves for few hours and we arrive at the train station. The escort gets out, calling for us.

“You four enter in the train. I will go in few seconds. I need to talk with that driver,” the escort says, and we walk on a crazy row to the train. We enter in silent on the train while the stylist shows the room of everybody. I walked in my bedroom and I see Karen, from my Games, sitting on the bed. I wave at her and someone knocks the door. It is Mist!

“Can I stay here? I am feeling weird because I murdered all of my district partners!” I nod in agreement and she enters on my bedroom. She talks with Kauren that goes away. I open a smile at Mist and she smiles too.

“Finally we are alone,” I say, jumping on the bed and kissing Mist. I don’t care about the Games; all I want is see Mist’s face every single day. But I see that Mist is not too excited as I am, is she really loving me?

District 5 - Percy Vest's POV

I sit on the couch in the front of the television of the mansion that I am for tonight. My escort goes out the room, and she wishes me a ‘good night’. I have no idea why she thinks that today will have a good night. I will be back in the arena. Along with Veronica, the sweet Buttercup and Felicity. Wait, Jacob will be back too. We five. The Super Games tributes will be back. At least, I will see them again.

I look at my side, looking for a thing really interesting to do. Oh! My cellphone is here! I will call to know how they are today. But I have sure that they are not excited like Veronica was when the Super Games started. I search through the numbers of my cellphone. The Capitol registered in my cellphone all the numbers of the past victors, escorts, stylists and the Caesar’s number. I think he will be back too.

The first number in the long list is Buttercup Mellark. I do not know why the Capitol’s avoxes registered her number first. It is not in alphabetical order, neither Games order. Maybe they know that Buttercup was my closer friend after these terrible Games. I take a bit of courage and I call her number. So, the cellphone starts to vibrate and she replies.

“Hello, Percy!” She says on the cellphone with an excited voice. I get scared. Why is Buttercup with that voice? She hates the Games!

“Why are you so excited?” I talk in a low voice on the cellphone and I hear a quick laugh.

“Jacob is back! I am playing with him and all the other district 12 victors!” She yells and I remember that district 12 had five victors or runner-ups in these Games. But all the ones that I remember are Anastasia, Rose, Buttercup and Jacob. Who is the fifth one?

“Tell me the victors’ names, Buttercup.”

“Me, Jacob, well he was a runner-up, but he is back. The others are Tasia and Rose from the 52nd Hunger Games,” Well, I know them. They won two years before my Games. And Rose is a dual victor, she won a past Games and she was reaped to the 52nd Games as a victor. Well, she won it too. “And Melanoi Jet!”

Wait! Who is Melanoi? I get confused and I ask it to Buttercup. “Oh, you didn’t meet with Melanoi. She won forty-eight years after us. In the fourth quarter quell. I was alive at that time, but you died few years before, due a car crash. Do you remember?”

“Yes. I remember the car crash,” I feel a little sick when we talk about death, but I skip it quickly. “But let’s change the topic. I don’t want to talk about it.”

She murmurs something and she ends up with your conversation: “Sorry, Percy! I have to sleep now; I realized that I am just 12 years old again.” The call turns off and I see who I will call now. I have to sleep soon, so I will call just for one person now. So the words just let out my mouth: “Veronica”.

I search for her number and I call for her really fast. I think in something cool to say, but all I say is:

“Vera! How are you?” She didn’t reply for a while, but all she says is:

“If you call me it again, I will slit your throat off!” Then, she finishes with the call. I do not get angry with her, if someone calls me Percyahoo again, I will cut their throats off too.

Slowly, the sleep starts to enter on my body and I lay my head on the pillow of the couch. I try to forget the reapings that will happen tomorrow, that Veronica and Buttercup will enter in the arena with me again. These things are awkward. But I forgot it slowly and I sleep on the couch, the next minutes, I can’t remember.

“PERCY, WAKE UP BOY! WE ARE LATE!” My old escort yells and I get scared. I jump off the scared, hitting with my head on the cold ground. My old escort helps me when I start to stand up and I thank her. She tells me about how will be the reaping and the fact that my district partners will be back as district partners. I shrug my shoulders and four Peacekeepers approach us.

Three of them surround the escort and the stylist arrives at the room. One Peacekeeper escorts us and they point it out to door. I walk in the front of them and I head them to the door. When we arrive at the entrance of a big and yellow limousine that is waiting for us, the escort goes crazy and she enters in the car screaming.

I enter in the car and I sit with my old stylist at my left side. The car moves for a long while and suddenly, the escort starts to yell like a crazy. She gets off the car running and she yells along the road to the Capitol’s train station. She continues yelling and my stylist whispers: “She is pretty crazy!” Yeah, I agree with that.

“Let’s go guys, THE CAPITOL is waiting for us,” She yells and the stylist helps me when I raise the stairs of the train. When I step in the train, I see other nine persons looking at me. Wait! I know them.

“Chesire!” I yell, while the girl who was my ally past Games embraces me. She points to the other district partners. Gabriel, James Medorra, Hugo, Mercury, Nina, the girl that died first, Katie, Katelyn and Atana. They wave at me and I walk alone to my bedroom.

The next minutes, I stay in silent while we arrive at the Capitol. I step off the train first and I see a girl with red hair next to the district 4 train. She turns her head to me and I open a wide smile. I think I am in love with that girl. I need her name!

District 6 - Addriana Marsk's POV

I sit next to my district partner, Dylan. He is eighteen years old and he looks like a high threat. He is very nice too, but he likes stay in silent some times. Two female avoxes enter in the room that we are and she extends a big cup to us. Dylan recuses, and I do it too. They back to the enormous kitchen behind our house. Well, it is not our house, but we are here until the time of the arrival of the train.

I just woke up and I think that my new stylist, she was stylist just for Dylan, and my old escort are sleeping on their restrooms. I look to all the sides, searching for some fun. I am bored! I see the television at my front and Dylan is holding a remote control. I ask him if he can give me it and he extends the control at my direction. I grab it quickly and I turn the television on. Dylan murmurs something and we see some DVDs next to the couch.

Dylan gets off the couch and he puts his hand inside the box full with DVDs. He nods at me and he shows me the titles of the DVDs. “51st Hunger Games,” He says and I nod in agreement. He grabs the DVD and the entire box. He sits on my left side and he puts the box on the floor next to my foots. He puts the ‘51st Hunger Games’ on the dvd player and I grab some popcorn on the kitchen. After some minutes preparing ourselves to watch, we sit on the couch.

“Welcome to the 51st Annual Hunger Games!” Says the Capitol announcer while Dylan and I cross the eyes. These Games happened two years before the one that I won. It cuts to the reapings’ scene and we watch the guys from the career districts volunteering, and Dylan skips the dvd to the part of the district six reaping. Our tributes were really bad during these Games. I close my eyes while I hear the reaping of the district 6.

A guy called Marson volunteers, while another boy and two girls are called. I remember of Marson, I was cheering for him during the top sixteen of tributes. Unfortunately, he placed 14th, because a boy from district 4 killed him.

“Do you want to see all the Games?” Dylan asks to me and I refuse it. He smiles. “So, do you want to see my Games?”

I look at him with a surprised face. He is crazy, no one likes watching the Hunger Games again. I never ever will watch my Games again, because I don’t want to remember the face of the other died tributes. He keeps smiling at me and I turn my head to the television. It will be good to see if my district partner is really good or not.

“I agree.”

“Great choice, girl!” He yells with an excited smile and he searches for the dvd with ‘The First Brazilian Games’ as title while I grab more popcorn on the kitchen. I back to the couch with a confused face and I see the television’s screen starting to shine. A bizarre masculine voice booms at the sound of the television.

“Welcome to the First Annual Brazilian Games!” The reapings of the other districts are fast, and just the faces of the tributes are shown. The announcers of the Capitol skip it to the reaping of district six, because Dylan won.

“Who was that girl?” I ask, pointing out to a blonde girl with a wide smile on the face. He grins seeing her face again. I will never do it if I see Brann’s face again.

“Her name was Unity,” He says giggling. “Unity Poweth!” I realize that she was pretty good and she was eighteen years old. The district six tributes of that year were great…

Then, the screen cuts to some highlights of the group training and I see Dylan and Unity smiling with the tributes from states/districts 7 and 9. “We were the fighters,” He says, stopping with my thought. “Unity and I were the leaders of the group, because the others were weaklings.”

The training scores and the odds of winning appear on the white screen and Dylan claps hand to the boys and girls with a score higher than seven. I see Dylan’s score. “Seven,” I whisper while he grins again. Unity’s score was seven too, but her odds were lowest. I talk with Dylan about the other threats and I hold my breath while the countdown to the bloodbath starts. It reminds me of my Games.

The deaths are a quite boring, but the first death was made by Unity. The only time I saw Dylan was when he stole a backpack from the runner-up of that Games, Jason. In the second day inside the arena, Dylan killed a boy with a trident on the chest. “Are you good with tridents?” I ask to him and he shrugs the shoulders. “Obvious!!” The top sixteen started.

During the third day, the Gamemakers released some mutts on the arena and a lion mutt killed Unity. Dylan closes his face and I calm him down.

The escort enters in the room, turning the television off. She holds my hand and we walk together to the train station that is next to the house that we were for a while. I walk in silent through the train room and the escort points to a restroom at my side. It is my bedroom. I enter in with heavy footsteps and I see Brann sitting on my bed. He embraces me and I smile. He died on the bloodbath, but he was so sweet with me before the Hunger Games…

“We arrived, guys.” Says my old escort, while I get out the bedroom with Brann. I will be in the front with Dylan at my side. Behind us, our district partners. I see Unity. She looks a bit crazy for me…

District 7 - Nils Ebenholz's POV

District 8 - Bellaline Sword's POV

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