Violent Delights

aka Ellie

  • I live in Your garbage can, inside the discarded tuna.
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is Fangirling, waiting to meet people who I probably will never meet.
  • I am A fangirl who loves YouTube and books.
  • Violent Delights

    Hello. This is not a normal Games, so look at the rules below.

    I make the tributes, because, you sponsor them, and it is your job to keep them alive.

    Up to two sponsors per tribute.

    No cussing or spazzing at me if your sponsored tribute dies. You can be sad, but please, don't go crazy.

    I will have 24 tributes, and two victors. (maybe more)

    You can sponsor up to 3 tributes.

    No stylists, escorts, gamemakers or mentors.

    Name Age & Gender District Personality Lunaii
    Karin Lovehearst F, 16 1 Karin is silly, fun and happy, and nerdy (in a good way) but she can get angry and mean.

    Dashiell Karnegie M, 18 1 Dashiell is a loner and doesn't really like being around people.

    Alla Freda F, 17 2 Alla is kind, and happy, but she is snappy if you tick her off.


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