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  • Violet the Teddy Bear

    Hi! So these are my first try at a Hunger Games here so I'm sorry if I do anything wrong! Hope you like 'em!

    President Clara stood behind the pedestal as the crowd quieted down their cheering. She begins her lengthy speech, beginning with the Dark Days and ending with the second rebellion and last year's victor. 

    "Now, as we near the second thirty-sixth Annual Hunger Games, we will draw a twist." She motions a young girl with blonde hair to the podium. The girl has a box filled with multicolored sheets of paper. The crowd goes silent and Clara reads the twist.

    "This year, there are actually two twists!" The crowd excitedly cheers. Clara clears her throat and reads the first twist. "This year... there will be not two, but four tributes from eac…

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