Hi! So these are my first try at a Hunger Games here so I'm sorry if I do anything wrong! Hope you like 'em!

Things you need to read first

President Clara stood behind the pedestal as the crowd quieted down their cheering. She begins her lengthy speech, beginning with the Dark Days and ending with the second rebellion and last year's victor. 

"Now, as we near the second thirty-sixth Annual Hunger Games, we will draw a twist." She motions a young girl with blonde hair to the podium. The girl has a box filled with multicolored sheets of paper. The crowd goes silent and Clara reads the twist.

"This year, there are actually two twists!" The crowd excitedly cheers. Clara clears her throat and reads the first twist. "This year... there will be not two, but four tributes from each district, one female and one male!" She exclaims, eliciting a roar of applause from the Capitol citizens. "This is to show that for each deceased Capitol citizen, there were two dead rebels in the second rebellion." Clara reads the next line on the card and chuckles.

"What is it?" somebody yells, and everybody nervously and suspiciously whispers.

"Why, this twist says that it will be revealed once the tributes are reaped!" 

Sighs of relief come from the crowd as well as nervous laughs.

"Thank you, Panem!"


  • Only six tributes per user, please! It might be raised higher if necessary. Only up to three of these four may be Careers. (1, 2, 4 / Career Alliance)
  • No reserves because it gets confusing.
  • You have to be active. This includes answering polls, giving advice, and just cheering on your tribute(s)! Failure to do so after two days after an update results in the killing of any tribute(s) you may have.
  • Please give me Lunaii dolls for the gallery ^^
  • Tell me how you like my writing please!
  • If your tribute isn't suitable for the district or I just don't like him/her, I might decline them. (This also includes unfinished tributes >.<)
  • To show you read these, please say "I have read the rules and accept the punishments if not followed" in your comment!


District Gender Name Age Weapons User
1 M
1 M
1 F Alexandrite Bohamia 14 Bow and Arrow, Sword, Knife Marinalacrosse
1 F Anais Morrisa 16 Warhammer, Flail, Spiked Whip Pippycat
2 M Uzi Kystrel 15 Machete, Throwing Knife, Trident Tehblakdeath
2 M
2 F Carmine Morrisa 16 Warhammer, Mace, Flail Pippycat
2 F
3 M
3 M
3 F Zoey Proasheck 15 Axes, Katana, Throwing Knives Tehblakdeath
3 F
4 M
4 M
4 F Daenerys Kystrel 17 Bolo Knives Tehblakdeath
4 F
5 M
5 M
5 F Nichole Peyton 15 Knife, Dagger Nlby001
5 F Honeysickle Ash 13 Sword, Axe Marinalacrosse
6 M Zulfikar Zambrano 14 Wrench, Hammer Nlby001
6 M
6 F
6 F
7 M Jayson Huff 17 Axe, Hatchet Nlby001
7 M
7 F
7 F
8 M
8 M
8 F
8 F
9 M Jacob Antio 14 Scythe, Throwing Knife, Bow Pippycat
9 M
9 F Calliope Antio 17 Curved Sword, Crossbow, Mace Pippycat
9 F
10 M
10 M
10 F Ava Zachard 18 Poison Darts, Manipulation, Claws Marinalacrosse
10 F
11 M Tim Thorburn 16 Sickle, Knife Nlby001
11 M
11 F Kim Thorburn 16 Scythe, Sickle Nlby001
11 F
12 M
12 M
12 F
12 F
13 M Radiant Tayz 16 Throwing Knives, Fists, Knives Tehblakdeath
13 M
13 F Aeralene Ekiert 18 Machete, Throwing Star, Curved Sword Pippycat
13 F Sharpe Cindre 12 Knife, Crossbow, Sword Tehblakdeath


Tributes who are leaders are underlined and bolded. Tributes who are co-leaders are underlined. Tributes going through initiation are marked with italics. Deceased tributes have a line through them.

  • Alliances marked as OPEN are available for all tributes to join.
  • Alliances marked as OPEN/PRIVATE require tributes to go through initiation before joining. (Said tributes are marked with italics)
  • Alliances marked as PRIVATE are only open to specific tributes and must be approved by the creator.

CAREERS (OPEN/PRIVATE): Uzi Kystrel (2), Daenerys Kystrel (4), Honeysickle Ash (5), 'Ava Zachard (10')

ANTI-CAREERS (OPEN): Alexandrite Bohamia (1)

MORRISA ALLIANCE (PRIVATE): Anais Morrisa (1), Carmine Morrisa (2)

ANTIO ALLIANCE (PRIVATE): Jacob Antio (9), Calliope Antio (9)

THORBURN ALLIANCE (PRIVATE): Tim Thorburn (11), Kim Thorburn (11)

ALONE: Jayson Huff (7), Sharpe Cindre (13)

UNDECIDED: Zoey Proasheck (3), Nichole Peyton (5), Zulfikar Zambrano (6), Radiant Tayz (13), Aeralene Ekiert (13)

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