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  • I live in second star to the right, and straight on until morning.
  • My occupation is I volunteer as tribute!
  • I am the girl on fire.
  • WayfinderOwl

    The Unexpected

    There, in each district, everyone had gathered in the square, all eyes on the giant TV above the justice building. Each one of them wracked with fear, at what horror may befall their children. The aging face of their president appeared on the screen, with his cruel eyes of a mad man seemed like he was looking out at them all.

    "There will not be a Games this year. Everyone, go home, dine and be merry. Remember, the Capitol is always watching." The screen went blank.

    Every stood there, bewildered. They did not know what to do. Dare they cheer? Where the games over for good?

    Instead, the people of the districts returned home with a happy heart, for their children would never be in danger again.

    But, they were all deceived. For, ther…

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