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  • WeAreFewhale

    Le Prom 5! (Again)

    August 10, 2014 by WeAreFewhale

    Ok we're doing another prom and we agreed we'd try and finish this time

    This prom is based around House of 9, if you don't know what it's about you can read the plot here. Althought it's called House of 9 there will be around 14 people going in.

    1. Vote for anyone, except yourself (It helps if they are active on chat).
    2. Don't vote for guys in girls' categories and vice versa. We're actually taking this seriously.
    3. If you vote improperly and don't change it when asked, you'll be banned from Prom.
    4. Don't vote for banned or blocked people, or users who hardly come on.
    5. Be active on chat or easy to contact.
    6. The people writing are normal. You can ask us and nominate us and stuff :3
    7. Be annoying and we'll kill you or leave you out.
    8. There will be swearing and stu…

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  • WeAreFewhale

    Le Prom 4!

    July 30, 2013 by WeAreFewhale

    So this is Me, Dani, Callam and Alice, for Le Prom 4! Part of the Le Prom series, I guess. It started with Le Prom! then there was Le Prom 2!, then Le Prom 3! and then this. It'll have the usual, of awards and dates, but with an actual twist this time.

    This prom is based around horror, like Saw (Incase you didn't get the references). As with all of the other proms we have hosted, the attendees shall die. As these are Prom games. There will be some categories that the attendees will nominate other users for, to win an award.

    The attendees will have to compete in saw like games to recieve their awards, then the award winners will be transported to a different setting, where it will be a contest of survival. However, the winner may not win.

    (The s…

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  • WeAreFewhale

    The Fandom Games

    July 10, 2013 by WeAreFewhale

    The Fandom Games - A normal Hunger Games, but instead of tributes from districts, we have tributes from fandoms.

    So Callam had the idea that we should have the Tardis as the cornucopia and then that kind of escalated to these games. Dani's also writing and maybe Alice too.

    The arena will be made up of elements from each fandom, for example, the regions of Pokemon will make up the arena, the cornucopia will be the Tardis, etc.

    Instead of using tributes, we will be using characters, so you will submit your favourite character from a fandom.

    1. If you die, "It's the Hunger Games, deal with it." - Dani
    2. 4 tributes per person, maximum, but they have to be from different fandoms.
    3. You may choose whoever you like as a character out of a set fandom.
    4. No arguing …

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  • WeAreFewhale

    Le Prom 3!

    June 1, 2013 by WeAreFewhale

    So this is Le Prom 3! This time, it's like the first. Which you can read here and was followed by this. This prom isn't your average prom. It'll have the usual dates and awards, but with a twist at the end. This is the 3rd in the series of Prom Games. Le Prom 3 follows on from the 2nd, but this time there will be 14 categories. The winner and runner up of each category will be thrown into the games and fight to the death.

    • Vote for anyone but yourself. We're taking this seriously though.
    • Don't vote for guys in the girls category and vice versa.
    • If you vote improperly and don't change it when asked, we'll kick you out of prom.
    • Don't vote for banned or blocked people, or people who hardly come on and aren't well known.
    • Be active on chat and easily…

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  • WeAreFewhale

    Le Prom 2!

    February 2, 2013 by WeAreFewhale

    So this will be the second Le Prom! Basically this time it will be a Not-That-Fancy-Gala in the Capitol. Most of the attendees will be the reconstructed forms of the dead tributes from the first Le Prom! With different names and stuff of course. Some tributes will be new. The only way you will get these is if you read the epilogue of Le Prom! These will not turn into games. It will be a galla/ball at the Capitol as said before, that will turn into a zombie apocolypse.

    1. Dani
    2. Mia
    3. Alice
    4. Callam

    1. You can vote for anyone but yourself.
    2. Don't vote girls for guys' categories and vice versa.
    3. If you vote improperly and don't change it when asked, you will be banned from prom.
    4. Don't vote for banned, blocked people, or ones that hardly come on.



    Hottest …

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