Ok... So we have decided to make a prom. It'll have dates, nominees and at the end, a twist. After all the POV's and nominations are done, there's gonna be a games, there will be 12 categories, so the winner and runner up of those categories will go into the games and fight and stuff. The POV's on the prom will be detailed and hopefully it will take a while to complete, so we can make it extra good. In the end the nominees will be narrowed down to a certain amount. There will be swearing and stuff. We are taking this fairly seriously, so we have rules 

People writing

  1. Mia
  2. Dani
  3. AxedFox
  4. Callam


  1. You can vote for anyone but yourself.
  2. Don't vote girls for guys' categories and vice versa.
  3. If you vote improperly and don't change it when asked, you will be banned from prom.
  4. Don't vote for banned, blocked people, or ones that hardly come on.

The Games

  • If someone is already a runner up we will go to the person with the third most votes.
  • There will be 24 tributes, because some people will sneak in
  • District 12 is destroyed in this.
  • The POV's will be as detailed as possible.
  • The 2 names in BOLD and itallic text on the Nominees chart will be the ones going into the games.

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Best writer:

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Dates (If you're beside the person you're going with them)

Attendee 1: Attendee 2:
Jade Luke
Vinny Anna
Ryan TMG


Wesley Fox
Oli Kaitlyn
Loren Alice
Ian Rissa
Manner Vegivampa
Sarah Gene
Kiersten Zack
Cass John
Annie Lily


Category Nom 2 Nom 1 Winner!
Hottest female Anna Mia Alice
Hottest male Luke Ryan Callam
Queen Alice Annie Anna
King Wesley Vinny Ryan
Anti-queen Alice Lauren Kaitlyn
Anti-king Oli Wesley DBD
Best writer Anna Ryan Vinny
Best personality Lily and Alice Dani Anna
Best mod Zack Ryan and Luke Anna
Joker Jojo and Dani Wesley Lauren
Weirdest Wesley and Zakel Oli Lauren
Most vain Luke Callam Ranger

Part 1: Arriving at Prom

Jade and Luke's POV

Luke's POV:

I drive up outisde Jade's house and wait for her to come out. I see the door opening and her stepping out, she has a light green dress that sways around her knees on. Her hair is tied back in a messy bun and as she gets closer to the car she smiles at me. I smile back and open the door for her to get in. She gets in and I start driving, it's really quiet. I speed up and Jade yells at me to stop before I kill us both. I laugh and she glares at me, seriously. She slaps me and I swerve the car to the side jokingly, this time she laughs and lightens up. We pull up outside the prom and hear the music booming... We walk inside and stare at the ceiling, which is covered in tiny stars. There's lights and a disco ball lighting up the dark room, because the theme is 'Starry Night'...

Jade's POV:

I finish putting on my make-up and add the finishing touches to my outfit. I walk down the stairs and open the front door slowly. I see Luke's car sitting outside and I walk down the stairs. I see Luke staring at me and I walk round to the other sid eof the car, where he opens the door for me. We drive in silence and he speeds up, I scream at him to stop before he kills us and he just laughs. I slap him and he swerves the car, I laugh and lighten up, bu I'm still worried incase he does something really stupid. Then when we pull up outside the prom we hear the crappy music playing. We walk inside and see all the tiny stars on the ceiling and all the lights and one massive disco ball lighting up the otherwise pitch black room.

Vinny and Anna's POV

Vinny's POV:

I gaze at Anna, in awe of how pretty she looks, when a cold blast of air sweeps her off her feet and she tumbles down onto the ground. I smirk but hold in my laughter and get out of my car to help her up. She smiles at me and I smile back then we get into the car in silence. Suddenly she breaks the silence, "Vinny! We won!" I chuckle at that, a joke of ours, then i drive a bit slower to listen as we submerge ourselves in the sound of each-other's voices. We reach the prom late, but it's worth it to talk to Anna.

Anna's POV:

I feel like I'm dreaming as I slowly step down to Vinny's car, it's all so perfect. One last step, I mustn't go wrong. Before I take the final step, I look down at my dress, tight fitting and cream, then I see my hair in tight curls cover my face before I collapse onto my back. I gaze at the sky, stars fill it, but then I realise what had happened, I see Vinny peer over me, clearly subduing his laughter. He reaches out his hand and gives me a mischievous grin before we get in the car. We chat endlessly until the blue neon lights come into view, the doors are wide open and we make our way into the hall. The hall is dark apart from the blue twinkly lights looming over our heads, they represent stars, the atmosphere is quiet and subdued, refreshments lie by the far wall and a platform is placed to my right, where I see Jade and Luke standing. I clutch onto Vinny's hand and watch him blush slightly as I do so. We walk over to Jade and Luke who greet us with wide smiles, the atmosphere lightens up, as the only people who are there are us four and a bunch of random people.

Ryan and TMG's POV

Ryan POV:

I drive up to TMG's house and wait for her to come out. Her front door opens and she steps out and her dress sways around and her hair keeps falling into her eyes. She trips and I burst out laughing. I hear her say "It's NOT funny", and I keep laughing. She huffs and gets into the car. I stare at her and ask if she's ready to go and she says yes. I drive slow, and she yells "If you went any slower I could just climb out the car while you're driving" i speed up and we see the doors open wide and hear the music. We go closer and I have to sqauint my eyes because of the bright lights. We go inside and TMG runs away over to the others, and I trail behind. I hear them yelling and laughing...


I walk down the stairs infront of my house and my light blue dress swishes about my knees. My hair keeps falling into my eyes so I can't see properly. I trip over one stair and I hear Ryan laughing from inside his car. I say "It's NOT funny", but he keeps laughing. I huff and get into his car, which smells like chicken. He stares at me and asks if I'm ready to go. I say yeah and we drive off. He goes slow and I yell at him "If you went any slower I could just climb out of the car while you're driving". He speeds up a lot and we finally see the massive doors open wide, and hear the booming music. We get closer and see the lights, and then we both get out the car. We walk in and see Anna, Vinny, Jade and Luke standing drinking punch. I run over and Ryan trails behind. Everyone yells hey at the same time and we all burst out laughing...

Callam and Jojo's POV

Callam POV:

I brush my hair back and smile at myself in the mirror, I look amazing, with a lilac shirt, a black skinny tie and black jeans. I hear Jojo pull up outside my house. I walk down stairs and open the door. I see Jojo in his car and I smile at him. I walk to the other side of his car and get in. We talk a lot on the way to the prom, and then we see the open doors and the bright lights. And hear the crap pop music playing. I search for my Ipod and listen to some better music, while combing my hair. Jojo and I walk into the massive room and we see Anna and Vinny talking to Ryan and TMG. Luke and Jade are over at the punch table. Mia and Dani aren't here yet, but there's a lot randomers dancing and laughing. I walk about and a guy bumps into me and touches my hair. I scream at him and stab him with my comb, and he slumps to the ground. Jojo stares at me and I say "Oops"...

Jojo POV:

I drive up outside Callams house and a few moments later he bursts through the door with a dazzling smile. He gets in the car and we talk all the way. Then we see the lights and the doors open wide, with music booming. Callam puts his Ipod on then we get out the car and go inside. We walk up to Anna, Vinny, Ryan and TMG while a bunch of random people dance and laugh. I see Luke and jade over where the punch is, laughing and drinking. A guy bumps into Callam by accident and touches his hair. Callam screams "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING PEASANT. DON'T TOUCH ME!" and stabs the guy with his comb. I stare at him in shock and he looks up as the guy slumps to the ground, unconscious and nearly dead. Callam looks at me and bites his lip and says "Oops"...

Mia and Dani's POV

Mia POV:

Me and Dani are in the changing rooms at the back of the prom hall. I go into a cubicle and slip on my indigo dress that comes just below my knees. My hair is straight down my back, and I look in the mirror to aply the finishing touches of my make-up. I walk out and look at Dani, who has black skinny jeans and a band t-shirt on, with her long hair wavy. I stare at her and tutt. She bursts out laughing and says "You know I don't like dresses"... I laugh and we walk out into the prom. We stare at the neon lights and the music booms into our ears. Dani runs over to the DJ and I see her punch him. I laugh at her... We walk over to Anna and Vinny, Ryan, TMG, Callam and Jojo.

Dani POV:

I walk into a cubicle and pull out my clothes. I slip on my band t-shirt and my black skinny jeans, and leave my hair loose and wavy. When I walk out I see Mia with a indigo dress and her hair loose and straight down her back. She stares at me and tutts. I say "You know I don't like dresses" and Mia just laughs. We walk out into the prom and the lights nearly blind me, the music is crappy and I run over to the DJ and yell at him to change the music. He says no and I punch him, and then he changes it to MCR. I laugh and walk back to Mia, and we walk over to our friends who are laughing their heads off at something.

Wesley and Fox's POV

Wesley POV:

The screech of breaks causes me to clutch my hands over my ears, then I hold down the horn of my car to signal to Fox. I chuckle as Fox opens her bedroom window and throws a hairbrush at the bonnet of my car. A few minutes later she emerges from her door, I gasp as she gets in and smiles at me, I let out a greeting and reved the engine of my car then I take off as fast as I can and laugh as we swerve round corners and Fox holds onto my arm. There is no time for talking as we go so fast, although there's time for singing. I switch on the radio and sing to Candy, Fox bursts into fits of laughter and I laugh along, pleased to entertain. Fox's dress flows in the wind as I open the windows and then her hair sways in the wind. Finally we reach the prom hall and we get out the car, I reach for my cigarettes to take into the hall but Fox slaps my hand and I relcutantly put them away. We walk hand in hand to the prom hall and I gaze around, quickly catching sight of my friends laughing in the corner, I make my way over and Fox drags behind.

Fox's POV:

I do one final swipe of mascara and grab my brush when I hear a loud screech which makes my skin crawl, then a long hard parp of a car horn. I instantly know who it is. I peer out the window then lob my brush onto his car bonnet and grin, then I hurry down stairs in a frantic rush and grab everything I can. Wesley greets me and we set off. I can't help but burst out in fits of giggles as Wesley sings, then I fall to the side and clutch Wesley's arm as I fall side to side becasue of Wesley's bad driving. Finally we reach the prom hall and I slap Wesley as he tries to bring a cigarette, I grin in triumph when he puts it back then takes hold of my hand. The moment we get into the hall he drags me to our friends and I hungrily glance at the refreshments table.

Oli and Kaitlyn's POV

Oli's POV:

I finally pull up at Kaitlyn's house on my bike, I grin as I look down at myself and I think about how cool I look. Then I get up and ring Kaitlyn's doorbell, she walks out in a tight red dress and her face is plastered in makeup, I grin through my teeth and help her onto my bike. She gives me a fake smile, before exclaiming, "Is this your bike? Because it's sooo lameee." I feel a pang in my stomach, hurt by her comment but I hand her a helmet and she shakes her head, of course. She'd want her hair to stay nice. I shrug and drive off, catching her off guard a little and, to my amusement she almost falls back. After a few minutes of listening to her blabber on in my ear I pull up at the hall. The lights glisten like stars and they're reflected in Kaitlyn's eyes. We walk into the hall together and catch sight of our friends blabbering, so I instantly race over to Lauren and stare at her tight blue top..

Kaitlyn's POV:

As soon as I am out my door I see Oli's bike, I deflate a little and sigh. Then I put on a smile before asking, "Is this your bike? Because it's soooo lameeee." I see the hurt on his face and his eyes lose that little sparkle the they usually hold. Then I get on his bike and refuse his offer of a helmet. I mean, seriously? I spent two hours doing my hair. The bike is clearly meant for one person and one person only, but I don't complain. As we set off i slip back a little and let out a little squeal, but continue to hold onto Oli. My dress flares in the wind as we speed down the roads and my hair masks my face, after minutes of trying to keep my hair off me we halt at the prom hall. The bright blue lights are the first things I notice, then I am dragged off by Oli to our friends before I have time to blink.

Alice and Loren's POV

Alice POV:

I walk up outside Loren's house and wait for her to come out. I ring her doorbell like 50 times and I hear her screaming at me to stop. I burst out laughing and the door opens. It slams off the wall and I say "Aw... something wrong Loren?" and she just stares at me. Her hair is wavy and she's wearing a light blue t-shirt and white jeans, she looks amazing. We walk to prom and the wind blows my hair into my face. There's an uneven paving stone and a trip slightly, but I manage not to fall. Loren smirks and I punch her. I walk slightly infront of her and I see the doors open, and hear the MCR booming. I laugh and squint my eyes as I get closer because of the bright lights shining in my eyes. I walk in and Loren runs up yelling at me. I look at her seriously and we both burst out laughing. I see our friends in the corner and we walk over to them...

Loren POV:

I hear the gravel crunching under Alices feet as she walks up to my house. She keeps ringing the doorbell and it's pissing me off, so I scream at her and I hear her chuckling. I open the door and it slams off the wall, leaving a dent. Alice looks amazing. Her hair is tied into a high ponytail, she's wearing a light purple dress that flows around in the wind. I stare at her and we start walking to prom. The wind blows her hair everywhere and she trips, but doesn't fall. I smirk and she punches me in the chest. Alice goes infront of me and soon we hear the music, and see the doors swinging open and shut in the wind. The bright lights hurt my eyes so I put my hand over my face. I hear Alice laughing and then she runs in. I catch up and yell at her. She looks at me with a serious face and we both laugh. We see out friends in the corner, laughing and acting like idiots and we walk over to them...

Ian and Rissa's POV

Ian POV:

The screech of my car must have alerted Rissa as she flung the door open immediately and hopped into the car. There was an awkward silence and we sat like lemons. I started to drive away, unable to think of anything to break the ice. I scan my brain, desperate for inspiration when I suddenly blurt out "Hai, I'm Ian and I'll be your date for the night." she gives me a look that says no shit. But the conversation starts, we chat about prom and nothing in particular and I wish to be anywhere else. By the end of the journey we settle in and I enjoy Rissa's company, her emerald green dress compliments her hazelnut coloured eyes and she has a beautiful smile. She smiles when she talks to me and I work up the courage to grab her hand as we leave the car and enter the prom hall.? Rissa looks to the ceiling and stops to gaze at the star like lights that reflect in her eyes, her whole face lights up in wonder, then we walk over to the punch bowl and I pick up a cup. I try to be casual and I fill her glass, then I try to fill mine, but I fail miserably ending up with the a glass worths of punch on my trousers. I swiftly rush to the bathroom before anyone sees and I try to clean myself up, head in hands.

Rissa's POV:

I listen out for Ian as I was ready early, then I finally hear him pull into my driveway and I bound out of my house and down to his car, it smells funny and is painted orange, but I like it's quirkiness. The road stretched out ahead looks too long and so is the silence. Finally Ian speaks and I give him a dirty look, then I shrug it off and we submerge ourselves in conversation. As we arrive at the prom hall we walk hand in hand to which I blush, trying to hide the red tint on my cheeks, when we walk into the hall I stop dead in my track to gaze in awe at the beauty of the hall. The lights make me nervous and the realisation that I am finally at prom sinks in. We walk to the punch bowl and I eagerly accept a cup off Ian and he serves me my glass. Then I wait for him to get his own, but maybe I shouldn't have as although he tried to hide it he spills the glass down his trousers, then sprints away leaving me stood idly and quietly laughing at him. Suddenly I feel awkward and self conscious stood by myself so I go to greet some people standing by the stage, they welcome me and I explain Ian's situation. But maybe I stretch the truth a little...

Manner and Vegivampa's POV

Manner POV:

I walk up to Vegi's house, cos I don't have a car. I knock her door and she opens it. I look at her, her hair is shiny and fluffy. She's wearing a white flowy dress. She stares at me with a serious face and her eyes feel like they're burning into me. I look away, nervous. I hear her sigh and I look up and smile at her she looks at me and says "You are so lame. Can we GO?" I stutter "U-um... yeah, sure". I take her hand and she stares at me and bursts out laughing, she pulls her hand away and says "What the hell do you think you're doing? When did I say you could touch me?". I slap my forehead. I'm getting nowhere with this girl. We walk in silence and she suddenly runs ahead and yells "I'll race you!" I start sprinting but I can't catch up with her. I give up and when I finally get to the doors I'm out if breath. She rolls her eyes, goes in and immediately goes over to the refreshments table. She demands that I get her some food, but not a load of shit that'll make her fat. I grumble something under my breath and she says "EXCUSSEEE ME?" I look at her and mumble an apology and she nods...

Vegi's POV:

So, those hosts were pairing people up and I got stuck with this lameo 'Manner'. I hear him knock on the door and I go to answer it. I stare at him, looking him up and down. He's nothing special, just an average guy, he's not really dressed for the occasion either. He's just wearing a plain white t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He looks away and I sigh. He's sooooo stupid. I look and him and say "You are so lame. Can we GO?" he stutters "U-um... yeah, sure". He takes my hand and I stare at him and laugh, when I stop laughing I yank my hand away and say "What the hell do you think you're doing? When did I say you could touch me?" I see him slap his forehead, we walk silently and I run ahead and yell "I'll race you!" I hear my high heels clopping on the hard pavement, and his shoes hitting off the concrete. He stops and I hear him panting. I roll my eyes and I walk in and go to the refreshment table, I say to him "Get me some food. No shit though, I don't want to get fat". He grumbles something and I say with a sarccastic tone "EXCUUSSEE ME?". He mumbles "Sorry" and I nod at him...

Gene and Sarah's POV

Gene's POV:

I slowly drag my feet to Sarah's door, I'm nervous as I was paired with Sarah by the hosts, but my nerves die down as I push the doorbell. Sarah flings the door open a minute later and smiles at me making my stomach flutter. I gently lift her hand from her side and kiss it gently while caressing her palm, she shudders slightly and grabs a clutch bag. I gaze at her, her body is slim and her skin is pale, her body wrapped in a salmon pink dress, then her hair cascades down her face and masks her expressions from me, so I reach over and tuck it behind her ear, to which she resists and lets it fall free once again. I sigh slightly and then slip my arm round her waist as we walk down the pavement, for a second I fear rejection, but she leans into me and I try to make conversation and walk with swag down the street. Sarah removes my arm from her waist as we reach the prom hall and step inside, we walk straight over to our friends laughing in the corner, then I slip my arm round her shoulder and hug her close against me. She seems to like it...

Sarah's POV:

When I flung my door open I almost flinched as Gene grabbed my hand and kissed it. I shuddered at his touch then reached for my pink clutch bag, with my taser.
I reluctantly let Gene put his arm round my waist and try not the pay attention to the way he is walking. I thought maybe I accidentally tased him. He blabbers on in my ear about things I couldn't care less about, then we arrive at the prom hall. I quickly remove his arm in embarrassment, then I move away to greet my friends, hoping Gene doesn't follow as he creeps me out. To my dismay he follows me like a dog and slips his arm round my shoulder then pulls me closer, I see Anna smirk at my grimace. Gene is oblivious to everything, then I remember something I learnt in self defence classes. I touched Gene's right had lightly with my left then gripped it tight, then flung it over my head and bent it back, he screamed in pain then I moved his arm so he followed it round in circles. Tears streamed down his face do I released my grip and he ran off to sulk in the corner. Satisfied with my work, I walked over to grab some punch, smiling to myself...

Zack and Kiersten's POV

Zack POV:

I get in my car and drive round to Kierstens house. I beep the horn and she bounces down the stairs, her light link dress bobbing around her knees. Her hair is curled and she looks beautiful. She gets in the car and I stare at her, she asks if there's something wrong and I stutter "N-no". She laughs and we set off. I try to take a short-cut but we soon get lost and it's so dark I can't even see where I'm going. I hear the car screech and feel it tipping foward. Kiersten screams and I tell her to jump out the car and run. She does what I tell her and I do the same. We walk along the sand path in silence. She huffs and groans, because her shoes are annoying her. We finally get back to the street and see the doors, and hear the music and the people laughing and yelling. I see a few people over by the refreshment and punch tables, but Kiersten and I walk over to our friends in the corner, swerving around dancing people. We hear Alice, Callam, Jojo and Dani yelling and laughing, and we walk over. Alice and Dani notice us first and yell at us to come over. Anna notices us and shouts "Hi!"...

Kiersten POV:

I'm sitting on my bed in my room and I hear Zack beep his horn. I run out and jump down the stairs, and I feel my dress bobbing about. My hair goes into my face and I almost fall. When I get into the car I notice Zack staring at me and I ask if something is wrong. He stutters "N-no" and I laugh. We start driving and he takes some sorta short cut, but in a few moments it's pitch black and we cant see a thing. The car makes a creeking, screechy noise and starts to fall foward. Zack yells at me to get out and I do what he says, he does the same. We hear the car fall into the pit and I groan. My shoes are annoying me and when we finally get back to the street we see the doors and I mumble "Thank god". Zack doesn't hear me though. We walk in and we hear the music way louder than it was outside, but we can still hear people yelling and laughing. We walk over to Alice, Jojo, Callam and Dani, who we notice first cos they're making so much noise. Alice and Dani shout at us to go over and we do. Anna looks over and screams "Hi!". From the sound of her voice she's enjoying herself...

John and Cass' POV

John's POV:

I am dressed to impress. I HAVE to impress Cass, as I am lucky enough to be paired with her by the hosts. She's drop dead gorgeous and I have to pull this off. I hired a limo and bought some champagne, then I knock on her door. She emerges with a dress down to her ass and and reaching halfway up her chest, highlighting her breasts. She is covered in fake tan and her face is caked in inches of makeup, yet she still looks stunning. She gives me a small grin then bats her eyelashes so I almost melt. I grab her hand and help her down the stairs in her six inch heels. She steps into the limo, flashing her bum as she gets in, then I join her and pour the champagne. I have a chauffeur drive us the whole way so I can chat with Cass, but to my dismay she sits texting her friend the whole way. I awkwardly sit in my seat, trying to start a conversation. We reach the prom hall and nothing has been said, so I help her out of the limo, getting another good view of her bum. She sways her hips as she walks to the prom hall and then she finally puts away her phone, I chase after her, desperate not to lose her. But too late. She signals a 'go away' with her hands then she walks over to Callam and presses her body against him, running her finger down his chest and flirting with him. A pang of jealousy floods through me ad tears prick behind my eyes. Callam pushes her away slightly and walks back to Jojo, Alice and Dani, yet Cass follows, giving me one last look before sticking her middle finger up at me. Then I let my tears flow down my face and I can taste the saltiness in my mouth as they fall.

Cass' POV:

I answer the door to see a stretch limo with John standing by it, my first instinct is to hug him, but my job is to get laid and to do that I gotta be slutty. I swish my hips and flash my ass and I get into the limo, then I produce my phone and ignore John, texting who ever will reply. John pours me champagne which I drink within second then I get a refill. John stares at me as I text, clearly expecting more, but then we arrive at the prom hall. I flash again then I sway my hips and try to look sexy as I walk to the prom hall. I scan the crowd to look for the hotter guy I can see, then I catch sight of Callam. I can feel John's presence behind me but I ignore him.? I shoo him away and then I try my best to flirt with Callam, knowing he'd fuck any girl that breathes. Then I hear a little whimper from John. I need to get this little shadow away, so as Callam tries to go to Dani, Alice and Jojo I shove my middle finger up at John. A waterfall practically explodes out of his face and he runs off into the corner. Then I am left on my own to prey on Callam...

Annie and Lily's POV

Annie's POV:

I walk back and forth in my room, deciding what to wear. 'This is a life changing descision' I think to myself. I decide to wear a white dress and heels, with my hair back in a bun. Simple. I walk downstairs and go out the door. There's a taxi waiting for me and I get in, I demand the driver take me to the location of the prom and he stutters "Yes m'am". I huff and it's so silent I feel like screaming. We finally arrive and I rush out of the taxi without paying, the guy knows he wont get anywhere arguing with me, so he just drives off. I walk in and then I see everyone over in the corner, split into small groups. I go over and stand in the middle and look awkward, waiting for someone to notice me, and how fabulous I look. Alice screams "Annie! When did you get here?!" I stare at her and everyone turns to look at me. They all laugh and start yelling and jumping around again, and I just stand there, looking awkward, waiting for Lily...

Lily's POV:

I walk out of the door and my flowy black dress blows about. My hair is just plain down and blowing everywhere in the wind. I walk down the street and I almost twist my ankle because of my heels. I keep walking and see the doors and the bright lights, I walk in and Annie waves franticaly at me. I walk over and we laugh and dance randomly. Alice, Dani and Callam all look at us and Dani says "We haven't seen you in like a month, where were you?!" I sigh and say "Long story".... Annie and I walk over to get some punch and we hear Alice and Callam laughing their heads off, and see everyone jumping about and acting crazy...

Part 2: The Prom

Luke and Jade's POV

Luke's POV:

I stand with Jade, Anna and Vinny, they're blabbering about a load of random shit and I'm just standing there, waiting for something to happen. I see Mia and Dani get up on stage and Dani taps the microphone, which makes a horrible noise. She grins and says "Can we start now? Is everyone here?" She waits for a reply and stares into the crowd, then someone shouts "Yeah". She says "Okay" and Mia takes the mic. She says "Now, everyo-" She's cut off when she see's Callam dragging something out the door. She yells "Callam, what are you DOING?" He looks startled and shouts "Nothing!" Dani walks down the stage steps and runs over to Callam. She looks shocked and I hear them bickering in the silent hall "You can't just dump it Callam, they'll find it, there'll be an investigation!". "Well I can't leave it here either, just trust me Dani". Callam walks out with the thing he was dragging and Dani gets back on stage. She takes the mic from Mia and says "Now, everyone, get your date, or whoever, it's time to dance!" She runs up to the DJ and he changes the music to some random dance song. Dani goes around giving people punch and handing out refreshments, Mia does the same. I see Callam come back in and he runs up on stage. He looks at the DJ and signals at him to play something, he obviously had this planned. Callam starts singing to 'Bitches' by Hollywood Undead and everyone bursts out laughing and cheering. When he's finished, Mia throws a fake rose onto the stage and he picks it up and puts it in his mouth. Everyone laughs and then the DJ puts the dance music back on. I ask Jade if she wants to dance and she says "Yes". I say "Haha. No" and walk away. She huffs and I walk back and say "Joke".We dance and then I go over to the refreshments table and stare at all of the different flavours of punch and all the food. I walk to the stage and walk up the steps, I sit crossed legged and watch all the people dancing. Mia comes up and kicks me in the back and I jump. I turn around and stare at her and she laughs as she walks away. I try to get up and trip on a loose floorboard. I go flying off the stage and crash into a table with a chocolate fountain and like a million different fruits on it. I groan and wave my arms about dramaticly. I'm covered in chocolate and fruit. Jade comes up and laughs at me and I walk to the bathroom to clean up. I see Ian sitting with his head in his hands, I think Rissa told me that he wet himself. I laugh and say "Aww. Did Ian wet himself?" and he looks up and says "No, I spilled punch on myself. It looks like your covered in unicorn shit" I stare at him and clean myself up. Luckily I brought a spare set of clothes, so I change into them. He sits on the counter with the sinks and I feel his eyes burning into my back as I walk out, and back over to Jade. Callam and Jojo walk past. Dani and Mia are up on stage joking around and demanding randomers clean up the mess I made. I hear Mia shout "Clean that up, or you're banned". A girl stutters "Y-yes si-, m'am!" And she cleans it up, she's covered in chocolate and fruit by the time she's finished. I walk over to the corner with Jade and we stand beside Anna, Vinny and Alice. Anna wobbles about and Alice is in? some kind of laughing fit. Vinny is looking at them like they're crazy.

I decide to avoid that corner of the room, so I shrug and slouch against the wall in the corner, minutes go by, Mia and Dani set up the refreshments again with a seemingly endless supply of punch, then Ian emerges from the bathroom. As if on cue, the whole of prom turn to glare at Ian, then one by one everyone bursts into fits of laughter, pointing at the "juice stain" on his trousers. Ian lets out a small wimper and runs back inside. The party resumes and I need some refreshments, I walk to the refreshments area and spy a few bottles of alcohol under the table. The bottles are clearly labelled "Wesley" but I ignore it and take a few swigs. It tastes strong, but I need more, I finish 3 of the bottles, then I need fresh air, the heat of bodies and the crush of the crowds makes me nauseous, so I stumble to the entrance and fling open the doors to be relieved by the fresh breeze. I hear a shout by Wesley followed by a smash of bottles, then another scream, but I proceed and ignore it. I begin to get hazy and my vision blurs, but I stay on my feet, I cross the road as I can feel my lunch in my throat. After I finish vomiting, I stumble across the road again, my vision is still blurry, but I catch sight of the oncoming headlamps before I black out.

Someone peers over me and my vision gradually returns to me. Jade helps me up and takes me hand, dragging me into the stuffiness of the hall.

Jade shouts over the crowd's chatter, "It's about to start, Luke!"

I reply to her, "What is?"

"The crownings! We could win something!" Jade gives me a massive grin and I turn to the stage. Mia and Dani stand in the center of the stage, they both pick up microphones and then tap them, an ear splitting screech echoes through the hall and the murmurs of the crowd die down. Jade excitedly squeezes my hand and I smile at her.

"IT'S TIME FOR THE CROWNINGS!" Dani screams down into the microphone and the whole crowd winces, so Mia sneakily flicks a switch to turn it off.

Mia shouts over the cheers of the crowd, "Now let's get started!"

Jade's POV:

I can't help but double over in laughter as I joke around with Luke, Anna and Vinny. I am so busy laughing I only just notice the announcement, prom has officially started! A surge of adrenalin courses through me, then Luke asks me to dance. We dance for a few minutes, then my throat gasps for punch, as we dance to the refreshments table, I help myself and watch Luke sit on the stage, with a slightly sodden expression on his face. Mia and Dani chuckle and laugh then Mia approaches him, then she playfully kicks him in the back, I guess to try and lighten him up and joke around, he stares at her and then gets up, but he trips, skidding off the stage and into the chocolate fountain which crashes down, plonking onto his head. He swiftly runs away to the bathroom and my heart goes out to him, but I move back to my Anna and Vinny who I see dancing together. I decide not to crash their little party, so I walk around for a bit looking for someone to dance with. I catch sight of Manner with Vegis, she stands tall, as he kneels and bwos down to her, he gives me a face signalling "Help!" So I casually walk over and pull him up to his feet.

"Hey Vegetable, leave Manner alone, ok?" I demand her to, then I murmur as I walk off "Bitch." Vegis pulls me around and throws a punch, but of course I am way too smart to get hit, I dodge and crouch, then I bounce back up, like a boxing kangaroo, as I throw punches wildly at her face until her nose bleeds like a waterfall. Then I flounce off, game over. Manner chases after me, "Wow Jade! That was EPIC!" I reply with a shy giggle then we proceed to the dancefloor.

Manner and I start to dance and Vegetable scurries up and attempts to slap me. I grab her hand and twist her wrist, then push her to the floor. I hear her whimper and and mumble that her dress is ruined. I say "Look on the bright side, red is totally your colour!" Vegtable flounced off and I laughed, Manner thanked me with a grin, hanging from ear to ear like a hammock and a warm embrace.

We danced for a few minutes, but it dragged on for hours. Eventually we decide to cool off by going outside and having a drink at the poolside of the venue. I sit there slowly sipping on a diet coke when suddenly a tall boy with ginger-ish hair runs towards the pool, rips his shirt off and dives head first into the pool with a Sploosh!

He surfaces and I see it's Callam and he's laughing his head off. I start

"Callam, get out, you'll get a col-" I'm stopped in my rant by Alice and Cass diving straight into the pool after Callam, they both surface and shake their hair around making water fly everywhere.

"HEY" I start "Stop it!" All three of them seem to smirk in a mischievous way and Callam swims to the pool ladder. He walks up to me and beams me a smile that I can't help but feel warm inside from. He extends his hand and says 

"No hard feelings" I extend my hand and all in a blur Callam wraps his other arm around my waist and hoists me off the ground, he sprints a few metres and dives into the pool and I am submerged in freezing cold water, my green dress instantly clings to me and the temperature suddenly drops. Cass and Alice are in hysterics,

"Oh, so that's funny? How's this then!?" I scoop a armful of water onto Alices head and she freezes in shock. Suddenly all 4 of us are engaged in an all out war soaking each other with water.

"I'm getting out" Callam says "My hair is going to dry down and THAT is not a prettty sight" He places a hand on the ladder and Cass pushes in front of him rudely, her dress has ridden up and she climbs out slowly giving Callam more than an eyeful. Callam lets Alice and I use the ladder and he just pulls himself out, we all towel off as we hear the announcement. Dani's voice booms over the tannoy 

"Everyone to the hall...NOW" we all quickly grab a towel each a holder next to the bar and walk inside.

Vinny and Anna's POV

Vinny's POV:

I'm standing near the back of the packed hall, kids are milling about holding drinks and chatting to their friends. Dani and Mia stand on stage, Dani leans forward and taps the microphone and a shrill noise blasts everyone into silence.

"Okay so if we're all here we will start. We will begin with Most Vain" Dani is handed an envelope by Mia which has 'VAIN' written on the back.

"The nominees are...Ranger....Callam.....and Luke" Dani pulls a golden card out of the envelope and turns it in her hands. "The winner is....RANGER!!!" A girl wearing a dress so short that it might as well not be there trots onto the stage and almost trips on her heels. Dani begins a description of the award

"This award is given to Ranger, for being the most narcissistic of all, congrats" Mia hands a small award with a massive 'V' on it which has pink diamonds all over. Ranger grasps it in her hands and grabs the microphone from Dani and says 

"Ohmygod thanks guyssssss! I don't know what narcissistic means but I know it's not a disease so I guess it means awesome, right?!" A dealthy silence is across the hall, all you can hear is an awkward cough from someone behind me and then suddenly Callam burts out "Come on, we don't have all day, some of us are trying to get lucky tonight, ain't that right Jojo babe" he adds a wink at the end and everyone erupts into laughter.

"Moving swiftly on... WEIRDEST PERSON"

Mia takes the mic and says "The nominees are Lauren...Oli...and tying, Wesley and Zakel" Dani hands her the envelope and Mia pulls out a golden card. "And... the winner is.... LAUREN!!!" She walks up on stage and smiles.

Mia says "This award is given to Lauren, for being the weirdest, perviest girl at prom!" Lauren takes her award, which has a big 'W' on it, with little blue jewels everywhere. She holds it over her head and screams loudly, then runs down the stairs and back to Alice.

Mia and Dani laugh and say at the same time "Now, onto hottest male"...

Dani says "The nominees are... Callam... Ryan... and... Luke" There's a pause and she gets handed an envelope by Mia, she takes the card out and says "And the winner is Cal-"


Everyone laughs and Callam looks down. He says "Oh yeaaah... My outfit is ruined... so..." He glances at his boxers again and runs up on stage.

Mia says "This award is given to Callam, for being the hottest male at prom". Callam takes his award which has HM in massive letters, with random coloured jewels everywhere.

He runs out and screams "STAAARRSSSS".

Someone shouts "This is fucking boring. Get on with it"

Dani looks at Mia and says "The winners are SNJHBFNJDKSKDD. LETS GO SEE SOME FUCKING STARS"

Someone puts up a note on the wall saying all the winners and 2 runner ups. He says the ones that are in itallic and bold are the ones going into the "Games".

Everyone crowds round and looks at the sheet of paper. Some sigh and groan and run out to see the stars. The man says "Would the winners, including Mia and Dani, please step this way and into that room" He points at a room near the back and walks away.

Mia and Dani sigh and Mia says "But I wanted to see the stars".

I see a few random people sneak into the room also, but I don't stop them.

Anna's POV

There are just over 20 of us in the room. The man disappeared as soon as we entered, there is a small stage with a dj set, basically it is a smaller version of the room outside, except here there are a few crates of beer stacked in the corner

"Sweeeet" Callam says as he picks up a bottle of beer and twists the top

"Anyone mind if I dj?" George pipes up, his anti king award in his hand, a massive A.K made of black diamonds. A general murmur of 'okay' goes up except for Cass who snuck in who just sneers at him. George puts some music on and shouts every few minutes about "Dropping the case" or something like that, but I'm busy talking to Vinny to bother listening to him. I'm in a group of 6. Vinny, Alice, Zack, Kierstan, Ian and myself. Well there is 8 of us if you include Cass and Callam but they are standing a bit further away involved in a deep conversation, Cass is flirting with Callam but he just shrugs it off and changes topic, Cass feels Callam's bicep and tells him to tense but he just walks of and says he needs to find some clothes. 

"What are you looking at?" Vinny asks intently. "Doesn't matter" I reply half heartedly. Callam is a nice guy and he doesn't need all this pressure after what he's going through. I think about going after him but he's hard to talk to when he's like this so I stand with the group and talk about random stuff for about 10 minutes. 

"Hey guys" Callam walks towards us while the music reaches a quiet point. He's wearing skinny jeans, a purple v-neck shirt and a denim jacket with the sleeves ripped off on top. Everyone chats and dances with each other for the best part of an hour with laughs and jokes non stop. We're discussing how much Ranger is a bitch when Callam dares Alice to do a backflip off the stage and she accepts without a seconds thought. She climbs the stage as the music increases tempo. Just as the music reaches its climax Alice jumps off the stage and flips backwards, she almost makes the full flip before she comes crashing to earth and lands on her ass as she over flips with the momentum. Callam bursts out laughing before finally offering a hand to lift her up to her feet. 

"I SO WON THAT BET" Alice shrieks, "NO WAY" Callam shouts, "you fell straight on your arse!" after another round of laughter and another dance to a new song everyone retires to the edges of the room to relax, even George slows the music to a gentler pace and Dani climbs the stage and shouts.

"KAROKE TIME. ME FIRST" Dani starts playing the backing track to an optimistic sounding song and slowly starts.

"My legs are dangling off the edge, the bottom of the bottle is my only friend" Dani starts to sway to the rhythm

"Oh god, Dani's going all depressed emo chick on us" Callam whispers. 

After another 4 minutes which I can say are the most depressing of my life Dani finishes her song and walks of stage with a smile while half the room is breaking down from the depression and then other half are asleep. Alice walks up to the stage next and picks up the mic in her hand. She stands still and poised. Lifts her head slightly as a slow track begins, I recognise it from somewhere.

"How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb" I turn to Callam and Vinny. 

"Another depressing one?" I ask curiously, Callam looks at me with a new found gleam in his eyes and says.

"So you'd think" he winks after and runs towards the stage where a massive group has formed into a mob of sorts but instead of fighting a single thing they fight each other.

"HOLY SHIT. MOSH PIT" Vinny shouts. Just as I see the nature of the mob I watch Callam dive in with a flying punch and land it on someone I dont know's face. About half way through the song when everyone is tired Vinny and I jump in. It's good fun and Alice finishes the song and dives into the crowd and is caught by Callam, Jojo and Ryan. 

Surprisingly I see Callam, Jojo and Ryan lower Alice and then Callam runs on stage and points at Dani to join him, he whispers something briefly and they both nod. A slow guitar riff starts the track and suddenly Dani burts out 

"WE ARE YOUNG, BUT WE HAVE HEART, BORN IN THIS WORLD AS IT ALL FALLS APART!" the words knock the wind out of me, Dani finishes her verse and Callam takes over in a less aggresive tone but equally powerful tone 

"I see the children in the rain like the parade before the pain. I see the love, I see the hate, I see this world that we can make" everyone is stunned into silence and then everyone surges forward to the stage and erupts in headbanging, dancing and some thing I can't even name. Everyone shouts so loud that Callam shouts as loud as Dani to be heard, everyone is going crazy and when the song ends everyone wants and encore but Dani needs to go somewhere and Callam seems like he's hiding something. 

"THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME" Jojo shouts to Callam, they fist bump and go and get a beer each.

Ryan and TMG's POV

Ryan's POV

"Urgh, this music and dancing is SO ANNOYING" I say to TMG, I have no idea how she got the nickname but it just stuck. The music FINALLY stops and I get up from the bench along the edge of the room and grab 2 coke cans, TMG and I won't drink for our own reasons, I finally take a breather from the terribly loud music and violent so called dancing and sit with TMG and start chatting about random stuff. Turns out we have a lot in common, and if I was wasn't gay I might have thought about it like that, but I am gay, so no point dwelling on it. 

"D'you wanna dance?" TMG asks me "Sure" I reply and we walk to the dancefloor and just dance to the song, suddenly the music stops and Ian walks on stage and some crappy techno pop tune comes on. 

"Oh for fucks sake, not more shit music"

Zakel sings in a stupid voice, which makes everyone burst into laughter. He screams into the mic "BUBBLE POP!" After he finishes Ranger climbs the steps, and almost falls, but recovers. She plasters a fake smile on her face and pulls her dress back down.

Ranger shouts at George to play a song and reluctantly, he does. Ranger turns away from the crowd and lowers her head.

"Sexy and I know it" starts to play, after the intro she jumps round and starts blasting out the song, swaying her hips and prancing around the stage.

After around 4 minutes she FINALLY finishes, and takes a bow, which causes her dress to ride up and show her ass... again. She blushes and totters off stage in her massive heels. Dani announces the time for 2 more songs before the slow dance at the end. Callam and Wes decide to do a solo number each. Callam asks Wes if he wants to go first. Wes simply shakes his head and Dani hands Callam the microphone. He climbs the stage and a backing track plays and I instantly know what comes nex-

'You had me hooked again from the minute you sat down' everyone turns to the stage

'The way you bite your lip. Got my head spinnin around' instantly everyone surges forward to the stage, Callam keeps singing. 

'Whoa oh, Trouble Troublemaker, that's your middle name' all the girls are swooning for some God awful reason, he's ok at best but the girls are loving it and singing along. Callam keeps going. 

'I know you're no good but you're stuck in my brain. And I wanna know. Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad?' Callam reaches into the crowd and pulls Cass onto the stage and serenades her, people start thinking it's an admission of love....until her pulls Ranger onto the stage as well. He sings to one girl while the other dances, he dances around as well but it's not as embarassing as earlier dancing done by some people. He keeps singing till the final chorus where he takes Cass' hand in his left hand, Ranger in his right. And twirls them both towards him. They both end up entwined with him and kiss him on the cheek. He lets them go, bows, and jumps off the stage to a bunch of high five's and brofists. 

Wesley walks up to the stage and you can see in10  his eye that he now has a lot to live up to. He stars playing a track that we all recognise and a chorus of groans escape.

'I AM COMING OUT I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW' Oh God, not again. He screams the song for another minute until everyone starts to boo. I see someone throw a massive heel and Wes ducks and runs off stage and the backing track halts as Wes sprints away with tears in his eyes out of a door. Tmg and I chase after him but get lost in the hallways surrounding prom which have our rooms for the night in. After a 10 minute search for Wes we can't find him. We decide to turn in and go to bed.

"Night TMG. Don't let the bed bugs bite'


(TMG is asleep so no POV)

Callam and Jojo's POV

Jojo's POV

'HOLY SHIT CALLAM THAT WAS EPIC!" I hit Callam with an epic brofist and toss him a bottle of beer. He nods in a appreciative way. He starts chatting about random stuff when Callam says

'What's going on there?' He points at the dance floor where it has split in two, Cass and Ranger stand screaming at each other, I can't make out what it is over the music so I run onto the DJ area of the stage and pull the needle off the track. A screehing halt and I hear Cass

"WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT BITCH, THAT SONG WAS FOR ME!" she pushes Ranger back a few feet and Kaitlyn catches her

"HE GOT ME UP LAST CAUSE YOU SAVE YOUR BEST TILL LAST BITCH" Ranger grabs Cass' hair and yanks as hard as she can. The entire room is divided into Team Cass vs Team Ranger. Cass has Alice, Dani, Vinny, Luke, Anna, Kierstan, Lily, John and Me as I jump down into the crowd. I join in the abuse, Team Ranger has Ranger, Kaitlyn, Annie, Sarah, Manner, Ian, Loren, Oli and Fox. Callam is just standing at the edge of the room pissing himself laughing. He doubles over and face turns red. 

"WHAT'S SO FUCKING FUNNY CALLAM?!' Cass and Ranger shout at the same time. He can barely breathe so everyone focuses back on the two girls. They both dive at each other and I yell. 

"BITCH FIGHT!" Cass dives at Ranger's stomach and tackles her and they roll around slapping and pulling each other hair. I see Kaitlyn take her shoes, presumably for stability but no, she takes one and throw it at Dani. It hits her left cheek and blood sprays into the air as Kaitlyn throws the second and catches the other cheek. Dani recoils from the shock and charges at Kaitlyn and proceeds to beat the living shit out of her. It's a mass brawl, kids are sprawled out and bloodied and beaten. After about 5 minutes of fighting which makes the mosh pit earlier seem like play fighting, everyone justs walks away, probably cause Cass has gone to the bathroom to clean herself up and Ranger ran away crying. I wipe some blood from my cheek and ask Anna to borrow her pocket mirror, she rumages in her bag and hands me a small circular mirror and I see the start of a black eye. I hand it back to Anna and walk back to Callam, he's recovered from his laughing fit and he comments on the eye.

"Yeah, well I look like a badass and you look like a pussy, so who's gonna get the girls now?" I say teasingly. 

"I will" Callam replies, and just to prove his point Cass and Ranger walk up and say with menace.

"Who was the song about Callam?" Callam just shurgs it off with that demeanor of his. "No Callam, tell us" Ranger says. "You really wanna know?" Callam says lifting an eyebrow. They both reply yes at the same time. Callam wraps an arm around me and says

"It was for my date, Jojo" and walks away with me leaving Cass and Ranger dumbfounded as we both break into hysterics. "I see why you were laughing earlier" I say. Callam replys simply, with a noise level that Ranger and Cass can bother hear.

"They really shouldn't flatter themselves, Alice is the one who got hottest female anyway" and as I look back, their faces are a mask, not just of make up, but of jealousy and anger. And I'm not sure who at.

Callam's POV

The music shifts entirely and everyone drifts off to find a partner. My Love plays and the volume rises as Alice walks across the dance floor, fixating her eyes on me as she comes. I meet her in the middle and she connects her arms around me and I do the same. I'm not much of a dancer so we sway to the music, all the other couples seem to be doing the same, I can see Vinny close his eyes and breathe into the scent of Anna's perfume, Jade shuts her eyes and rests her head on Luke's shoulder and I see even Manner and Vegi are awkwardly dancing, despite the episode earlier. Alice rocks in my arms and I smile at the content smirk on her face, everyone smiles and then a spotlight flashes onto the two of us, everyone's eyes are on us and I guess Cass and Ranger get jealous. They storm over, giving Alice a death stare, but I hold Alice tighter, the spotlight follows us as we parade round the hall, the hottest people in the room. Gradually everybody else slows and stops dancing, they gaze at us, obviously in awe of our hottness. The song fades to an end and I slowly let go of Alice, but she clings to me for a few seconds longer. Cass and Ranger glare at both eachother and Alice and I, I reach into my pocket and say "I've got something for ya" They glance at eachother and then back to me "THIS" I extend my middle finger to them and walk away, with Alice in tow. The spotlight widens and then the hall blacks out, a sweet scent emanates from my right as my knees weaken, the lights flash on again and a green smoke clouds my view, I can feel it on my skin as if it seeps into me. It fills my lungs and feels like it's drowning me from the inside. Screams and coughing fill my ears, but I have no time to react as from the corner of my eye I see a few people grab onto me, then I black out.

Wesley and Fox's POV

Wesley's POV

Urgh, my fucking head. It feels like an entire marching band is rehearsing in my head. I look around and feel my limbs numb. I slowly turn my head to the side and see a few people I recognise. Alice, Callam, Anna and Vinny. Everyone else has their backs turned to me so I can't tell who it is. After what feels like an enternity someone groans out.

"Where the fuck are we?" It sounds like Ryan but I can't tell. Everyone groggily finds the energy to get up. Instantly the younger kids start to worry. Shouting about random shit that doesn't matter. Callam, Ryan and I as the eldest end up having a heated discussion.

"Where the fuck are we?" Ryan says exactly as he did earlier.

I shurg with a reply of "No fucking idea" Callam seems to be thinking about something and after a few moments where his eyes flick around the room he says. 

"It doesn't matter where we are, we have to get everyone to calm down. If we don't keep everyone calm then someone will get hurt" that's the thing about Callam, as much of an arsehole as he can be, he can step back from a situation and always come up with a solution. "Right then" Ryan says. "I'll be the beauty, Callam is brains and Wes is muscle" Callam and I erupt into laughter which calms the room down to a general chatter. Ryan sulks away to talk to TMG and Callam nudges me forward and I shout over the crowd.

"Guys! We need to calm down!" Everyone turns and looks at me. That's a start I think to myself.

"We need to be logical, wherever it is we are. We can get out if we stay calm" Everyone has nods or smiles on their faces and I say

"We need to work as a team, wherever we are. Someone has to be in charge, or el-" Just as I try to finish my sentence a door opens at the other side of the room and in walk two men in all gray army fatigues. They stand side by side and make a gap between them and aims their rifles directly at us. One at me and one switching between Ryan and Callam. In walks a man who looks about 40, he has black thinning hair with tinges of gray at the edges and a harsh face with dark eyes. he conti

"Kids" He says in a booming voice.

"Welcome to the end" he breaks out in an ear to ear grin.

Tribute Gallery

Part 3: Arriving at the Capitol

24 hours later...

Oli's POV

We all get shoved off the hovercraft as it draws to a halt at a large open space, it's paved and high rise flats surround us a in futuristic pattern. We emerge into a massive cityscape with rising towers that pierces the sky. I'm one of the first off the hovercraft and we emerge into a solid grey square made from concrete. A wall faces us with a single door, the man from the train shouts 

"RIGHT KIDDIES, HERE ARE YOUR DISTRICTS" I have no idea what he is on about but he continues 

"DISTRICT ONE, CALLAM AND DANIELLE" They both walk forward and they walk inside the building and in the dim light from the door I see a massive circular room and I saw rooms 4-8 so I assume we each go into our door.

"DISTRICT 2, CHARLES AND MIA" I have seen them talk a few times but they look an odd pairing as they walk into the room, I note that Ryan walks first and doesn't hold the door for Mia which she seems not bothered by. He preceeds onwards with Ian and Alice, and then he shouts.

"OLIVER AND CASSANDRA, DISTRICT 4" I slowly walk forward and see Cass basically run through the outside door, I stumble after her and the door locks behind us, I walk to the door with a '4' on it which is painted in a bright  blue colour, I notice 1 is gold, 2 is grey and 3 is green but just as I look to 5 Cass pulls me in and I don't belive what is infront of me.

I stare at the blue room, shocked. There's blood splattered everywhere, and it's fresh. I grimace and try not to gag. I hear the man faintly yell "DISTRICT 7, LUKE AND RISSA"

There's two chairs in the corner. I walk over with Cass and we sit on the pristine white leather. I close my eyes and rock back and forth, trying to block out the smell of blood.

Finally after what seems like 10 hours I hear the man yell the final District.


I hear shouting and arguing and a slamming door, then what I presume to be Rangers massive heels clopping away from George.

A man in white uniform steps out and says "I am Sheldon, I'm a peacekeeper, you will be taking place in "The Hunger Games" in less than 3 days. You will be trained in the art of survival and then come the chariots, where you dress up fancy and parade yourself around"

Cass screams and Sheldon stares at her, she stops and he takes a deep breath, then continues.

"As I was saying. After the chariots you will be put into an arena, with your friends, 24 go in, 1 comes out".

He walks out and Cass breaks down in tears.

"Don't worry Cass... I'll protect you" I say, trying to keep the worry out of my voice"...

Ranger POV:

Me and George walk in to the bright pink room. He starts yelling at me to move faster, and then pushes me. I scream at him as I fall flat on my face.

I move my hands to get up and feel sticky, warm stuff. I scream and gag as I realize that whats on me is fresh blood.

George shouts at me to get up and I look up at him. He screams like a little girl as he notices the bright red blood. I get up and storm away, and nearly slip on the blood again.

In the corner there's two white chairs. We walk over and sit down, then we start yelling and screaming.




He's cut short by a man walking out. The man says "Hello, Ranger, and George. I am Gilbert. I'm your peacekeeper."

He's cut off by my sniggering. And he says "What's so funny?"

I screech "WHAT KIND OF NAME IS GILBERT" And I nearly choke laughing.

He rolls his eyes and continues "First you will be trained, then comes the chariot parade, you seem like you will like that Ranger"

He pauses and I nod, then he continues.

"After the chariots you will be put into an arena with your 23 other companions. You will fight to the death and only 1 will come out alive"

I stare at him and he slowly walks out, leaving me with George.


"Too bad" George mumbles...

Part 4: Chariots

Engelbert Trinkadink Sconesvillanious' POV:

"Hi! And welcome to the first annual PRRROOOOMMM GAAAMMEEESSSSS" I yell into the microphone, and a roar of appreciation goes up over the crowd.

"I am your commentator, Engelbert Trinkadink Sconesvillanious! Oh my god guys, you're going to L-O-V-E me!"

"Chariot time!" I screech into the mic while everyone cheers and shouts.

"First we have District One, Callam and Dani! Oh my... they don't look very dazzling this year, do they?"

"Dani is wearing dark grey skinny jeans, Pokemon patterned converse and an oversized band t-shirt!"

"Then we have Callam, who is wearing black skinny jeans, a white shirt with a gun thing and a skull, and a hoodie"

"Oh my god guys, give them a round of applause!"

Everyone squeals and screams and I have to shout to be heard.

"Next we have District Two, Mia and Ryan! Mia looks amazing, but Ryan hasnt tried at all! Do they even have stylists this year" I say and snigger.

"Mia is wearing a dark blue dress, with a black belt, and Ryan is sporting a white shirt and tattered jeans. They do not go together very well!"

"Ans a round of applause for District 2!" The sound of applause echoes throughout the building, the sound drilling through your skull.

"Oh wow, District 3!  Ian and Alice look stunning! Alice poses in a Pandora Hearts Alice cosplay costume. Ian waves both arms above his head, he wears a glam black sparkles suit." I sink back in my chair and sit back as I wait for District 4, throwing an applause inbetween.

The District 4 chariot speeds down so Cass' hair flows behind her, the D4 pair stand strong, tall and hand in hand before the crowds.

"District 4! Cass and Oli! Give em a round of applause!" I pause for effect, "Cass is wearing a short poofy purple dress that compliments her nicely, but everyone's eyes are on those heels! Her red lipstick really compliments the outifit and her face fits right in with us Capitol people, she could've spread a layer on with a knife! Oli stand calmly beside her, over shadowed but in awe of her sluttiness. He is wearing a silver tux with a rose in the button hole."

I get to my feet and lean over to see the on coming districts as a shriek pierces the air, a billion heads turn to stare at Cass, sat on the ground with a heel in her hand. A peacekeeper gets shoved over and the cheering stops, he scoops her up by her armpits and throws her on the back of the chariot. Suddenly the cheers start again and I turn to see the District 5 chariot... My eyes almost burn as I see the chariot, Vinny poses and waves, wearing a flourescent green mankini. I shield my eyes, but the crowd scream louder, loving it. But it's Anna that really steals the show.

"Now a round of applause for District 5! Vinny and Anna!" I cheer and throw my hands in the air, as Anna's tight, long black dress, trailing on the ground explodes into flames, horror spreads through the crowd, as Anna defiantly stares into the distance.

The flames suddenly die down, to reveal a shimmering white dress, flowing down her body and complimenting every curve. Anna smiles, as I give a running commentry on everything in the building. The crowd erupts into cheers, a mexican wave flows round the crowd and District 6 enter. They've got nothing on District 5 though.

"Kaitlyn and Zack! A round of applause for District 6!" I scream into the microphone, desperately fighting against the crowd who're drowning me out.

They're still ecstatic from Anna and Vinny, who i'm sure will get the most sponsors. Kaitlyn poses and blows kisses at the crowd, her hair flows in the breeze as the chariot speeds down the floor. Zack stands next to her, fairly subdued. All eyes are still on Anna, who twirls and spins to receive the crowd's admiration.

The District 7 chariot follows, "Luke and Rissa for District 7!"

The crowd goes cheers and Luke takes a rose out of his suit, he kisses the petals and throws it out into the crowd, the building vibrates and murmurs as the crowd go nuts. Rissa shyly stands beside him and clutches his hand. I give a short commentry over Rissa's dress, long and flowing in navy, it clings to every curve and compliments her figure.

Next the District 8 chariot rolls down the floor. Foxabella and Jade ride in it.

"Foxabella and Jade! Give em a round of applause!"

The crowd goes wild, Foxabella being a very popular tribute, as she is, well going through changes. She wears her hair down, so it cascades down her face, she hides behind it slightly, but stands boldly in view. Jade grins at the crowd, proud and tall. Both girls wear slightly boyish clothes, despite representing a District who make clothes. Foxabella wears a lime green skort, her top navy blue and pink striped, perfectly capitolised. Jade portrays an average district, a tight black dress, that flows outwards towards the bottom, rippling and flowing in the wind.

As the crowd roars I screech at the top of my voice "Give it up for Disssttrrriiccttttt 9!"

Jojo and Annie zoom out. My mouth gapes open as I stare at Annie "Wow! Annie is wearing a light blue dress that compliments her very nicely"

Her whole body glows brightly as the light catches the glitter dusting her from head to toe. "Jojo is wearing a white morph suit. A black tuxedo and a red tie, I must say, if he's aiming to look like Slenderman, he's really accomplished the look!"

Everyone stares in awe and suddenly the District 10 chariots come into view.

"John doesn't look very impressive, he's tried even less than Ryan! He's wearing a black t-shirt and jeans... But wow! Look at Lily. Her red dress flows around her knees. Her bright red lipstick shows the massive grin on her face. She looks simply marvelous!"

Here come Wesley and Lauren. "Lauren wears a t-shirt and skirt, her hair is dusted in shimmery stuff that makes it look kind of like a comet as the chariot speeds down the runway. Wesley has a white shirt, dress trousers and sunglasses resting on the top of his head"

"FINALLY" I screech over the screams and cheers of the crowd "HERE ARE DISSSTTRRIIICCCCCTT 12"

"George wears a monkey onesie looking absolutely hilarious. Then there's Ranger..."

I pause for effect, "Ranger is wearing a short pink skirt that could be a belt it's pulled up so high! A loose, unbottoned white shirt and massive pink heels. Her make up isn't too trashy, it compliments her outfit"

Everyone is in awe of her slutty ensemble.

As the last of the chariots pull in, President Snow starts to say the speech...

Part 5: Training

Foxabella's POV:

Training begins today, and I refuse to go, I mean, seriously. Who the fuck needs training when your me? Seriously dude. My mentor, Shadow, shoves me out of our door, but I rush back inside, while snickering at how weak he is. "Ugh!" He grunts as he grapples a flower pot from the table beside him. He clobbers it over my head and I fall to the ground with a disgusting dance. I clasp my head that trickles with my hot, syrupy blood, and he quickly drags me out of the room, and throws me into the elevator before blowing me a kiss. "Good luck sweetheart!" He says as the elevator doors lock me in this stupid chamber. After a few seconds of groaning and clutching my wound, the elevator doors rapidly fly open, and I quickly crawl out onto the training floor, where everyone else is, except for me, who has arrived late. Everyone's jaws drop as they spot my pulpy head now whirlpooling with crimson liquid, and a woman with long red hair and very pale skin rushes over to me. "Great, your just in time for the speech!" The head trainer bellows as she helps me to my feet. "Thanks," I audibly whisper into her ear. I stumble over towards Jade, my District partner, and she donates me a friendly smile. I return a simple smile and my jaw drops as I ring in the room. Shimmering, acuminous blades are located in every fragment of this room, and sturdy dummies fill the empty spaces. A few pure oaken hatchets with diamond blades catch my eye, I quickly decide that my first station will be weapons, knowing that I could do with a few extra tips with my throwing skills. The head trainer finishes her speech that I didn't hear one word of due to the blood flooding my ears, and I rush towards the Hatchet section without looking back.

Anna's POV:

I prance towards the camoflauge section and introduce myself to Carabella, the woman who runs the section. She has large, albino curls which fall to her waist, and her ocean blue eyes glimmer like diamonds. She reminds me of Foxabella, who is quite ignorant, but she's still great company. Carabella teaches me a simple tree pattern, and I try to recreate the bulky pattern which covers her arm. "Great work!" Carabella cheers as she compares the bark pattern to mine, and I must admit, I'm not a bad painter. She then gently glissades the paintbrush across her left arm, a damp blob of grass green paint shelters the tip of the brush. I watch in amazement as she creates a realistic grassy pattern across her arm, her fluid movements move me somehow, the elegance she portrays. Soon, I embrace her with a hug, and leave the camoflauge section, a big brighter than I was before. I take a look around, eagerly deciding which section I should visit next. The electricity section buckles my attention, and blissfully stride towards the chasm. I see that Lily also makes an appearance here, and she lightens me with a friendly smile, the smile of hers I have become to love. I quickly scale a sturdy tree and swathe some wire around it, the instructions I was given. I tie the net to the end of the secured wire and wait for one of the fake animals to passby. Spotting a motion from below, a bolt of a coruscating lightning strike belts the tree, and I drop the net. A scream comes from below, and I gasp at what I have done. I have captured Lily, and if I don't react in at least 10 seconds, she will be eletrocuted to death.

Lily's POV:

The net came out of nowhere, it crashed me to the ground. And that's when it came, the sickening shock blew through my body, and then came again. A repetitive motion, then, out of nowhere, Anna swung down from the trees faster than Tarzan, and sliced open the net with the slice of her twinkling knife. I spring from the unlocked net and fling myself into Anna's arms. I know that she was the one that caused this, but she was the one that saved me from this tragedy. I quiver in Anna's arms, and see everyone's eyes are locked on us, amazed by what has just occured at this moment. Anna presses her lip against my ear, "I'm so sorry," she almost purrs in a hushed tone, and you can definitely tell that she's probably more scared than I am. I break free from her hug, and nod with swiftness, and quickly amble away from the scene, wanting everyone to stop glaring at us. Soon, the attention on what has just been rendered dies down, and the room begins to capsize with laughs and friendly chats. I scuttle towards the archery section, and gaze in amazement as a dazzling arrow zooms past me and socks the target with impact. Wesley gravitates his argent bow plated with an ebony wave pattern and bounds towards me. "Wow, are you okay? I saw what happened." He verbalizes with concern, and I simply just nod my head. "You're good with that bow," I recite, "maybe you could teach me how to shoot?" "Definitely!" He clamors.

Callam's POV:

"Since when did Wesley become so nice?" Dani asks me as I thrust my sword through the throat of one of the dummies. "Dunno." I reply, not really interested in what she has to say. "You know I can read your mind dipshit!" She growls, staring daggers at me, clenching a golden dagger, sharper than a tiger's talon. "You can't!" I argue, knowing that it's impossible to read someone's fucking mind. "Whatever!" She screeches and storms off, then I watch as she repeatedly stabs a dummy frequently with her dagger. She then pierces the dagger through the crotch of the dummy and leaves it there, then runs off like nothing happened. What the fuck? I remove the sparkling sword from the dummies neck and slide it back into the rack before making a beeline towards the hatchet section and watch as Foxabella tosses her long blonde curls over her shoulders as she approaches me. "Wow, Callam. Have you been working out?" She purrs as she runs her fingers down my chest. "Haha. Yeah." I respond, acting as cool as possible. Foxabella leans against me, then presses her soft lips against mine when she's thrown to the ground, shrieking with fear. "Stay off him you runt!" Dani hisses as she kneels down besides Fox, and Fox carefully sprouts to her feet. "Excuse me?" She yelps, grabbing Dani by the front of her shirt. "I said, stay the fuck off of him you runt!" Dani yawps, then tackles Foxabella into a rack, sending blades to fly across the room in unison with Foxabella crushing her head on the floor. Trainers are rushing to the scene, and they make it just in time to see Fox sock Dani in the neck with a powerful fist, allowing blood to gush from Dani's mouth. The trainers quickly drag away Foxabella who kicks and screams, and medics are rushing towards the scene. Wow, a bitch fight over me. I think I'm going to like these few days.

Ranger's POV:

Bitches be like: Ranger's a slut. Bitches be like: Ranger's a fucking twit. Bitches be like: Kill that whore first. Well you know what? They can suck a fat - "Ranger, get out of my way!" A shout escapes from behind me. I twirl around and watch as Cass struts past me, wielding her hair as if it's a weapon. Dumbass. I hack up some flem from the back of my throat, and spit the back of her neck. Chuckling as she wipes it off with her bare hand, I stride past her, then step on her foot, causing her to stumble forwards and hit the ground with a thud. "Haha!" I rout, stepping over her and making my way towards the knife throwing section, where I see Ryan has also showed up here. "Um. Hey." I whoop, waving my flickering hair, letting his attention to flare on me. "Hey Ranger." He says as he lets the knife zoom from his hands, and I watch in boredom as it strikes the target with ease. "Haha, the only weapon I know how to use is a spear, and that's mostly for pole dancing anyways." I tell him, letting him chuckle. "You know, your not as bad as some people say you are." He says and walks back over to his targets. Damn, look at that hunk. I lick my lips as I watch him throw more knives. I whirl around and walk around the shining room. Nothing here really sticks out to me, so I quickly pay a visit to the edible plants section. It turns out, I'm pretty good with it. The trainer of the section, Somber, says I'm a natural, and I'm quite surprised actually, I've never really been incredible with anything. A lot of people mistake me for some floozy bozo, when really, I can be vicious. I can kill. And, I can win these games, dead or alive.

Mia's POV:

The horned, resplendent, talons attatched to my knuckles glimmer like coins, this tool, will no doubt be my weapon of choice when we arrive in the arena. Steel claws. As I spin around with full force, my claws rake the dummies chest open with a swipe of my claws, and the fake arteries splatter the floor in unison with me ripping the talons from the dummy. In the arena, I doubt I will even kill anyone. I mean, killing people that I know? I just can't. I unclip the steel claws from my knuckles and deposit them into the weapony rack. Now, where to go next? Rushing over to the spear throwing area, the trainer there introduces herself. Her name's Radiance, and I'm guessing she's a District 1 native, with her bouncy blonde swirls and forest green eyes. She teaches me a tricks with a spear, including how it's easier to kill someone if they're in pain, which means before letting the spear make impact, I should injure them first, by either belting them with the spear, or piercing at their skin. Then, Radiance teaches me a few basic throws, which I don't really get the hang of at first, but she still doesn't give up on me. My first throw was absolutely terrible, it missed the target completely, and I think I heard some people laughing from behind me. My second throw, it wasn't too bad, it only just hit the target, but unattatched itself from the target and fell on the ground, so on my third time, I need to throw with all of the strength I have. I quickly rush over to the target and pick up my spear. Walking back my throwing point, I see all eyes on me. I take a deep breath, then let the spear swing into action. The spear strikes the middle of the target with a smack and an applause from my fellow tribute lightens the room, and lightens my day.

Annie's POV:

Everyone begins to applaud for Mia, but I don't see the point. I mean, seriously. Hitting a target with a fucking spear, wow. That's never been done before. I finish the knot tying section with ease, then decide to show off my skills with bow & arrows. As I walk towards the Archery station, I watch as Alice slices one of the dummies in half with a quick swift of her scimitar. Finally making my way near the Archery station, I quickly walk in and greet the trainer, who's name is Throna. Throna is about to teach me how to shoot, but I briskly silent her and tell her that I'm already a natural with the bow and arrow. She simply nods and waits for me to shoot. I stand in position, and notch an arrow with satisfaction. I then tug back the string, and with a pinch, the arrow dashes from the bow, and makes impact with the middle of the target. I'm expecting people to cheer for me or something, but the room's voice level remains as it is. Whirling around, I'm stunned. Not a single fucking pair of eyes are drawn to me. I drop the bow and storm towards Mia. "Oh, hey An-" I shut her up by slapping her across the face. "Did you fucking see what I just did, Mia? I just hit the fucking target with an arrow, which is way more harder than hitting it with a spear, you agree with me, huh?" She nods her head, while clutching the side of her face. "But why did you slap me?" She asks. "Why the fuck not?" I recite and whip my hair in her face as I spin around.

Wesley's POV:

My arrow pierces through the target, not quite in the middle, but it would be enough to take a tributes' life. Lily repeats after me, using the same strategy as I do, left leg infront of right leg, and elbow back just so it brushes you ear. I watch in amazement as her arrow skewers the center of the target, this is her first time, how is that even possible? "Close enough." I say with ignorance. "Huh? What do you mean, I hit the fucking center of the target!" "Whatever." I say, completely ignoring her. "Wow. I thought you'd be proud of me, Wes." She says, then walks off. Meh, whatever. Never cared about her anyways. Now, alliances. I'm planning on starting a career pack, but it seems that Dani, Callam and Mia don't plan on joining one. Pfft, I'll make my own alliance. I wander around the room, then spot Cass and Oli talking to eachother, Cass is kind of a whore, so I quickly walk past them. Foxabella seems like a good ally, but she's really perverted, and would probably stab me in my back. Aelo, the head trainer, blows her whistle, then calls us to the dining room, where we would have lunch.

Oli's POV:

I lumber towards the large, oaken doors, then jerk them open with by fiddling with the platinum door knob. As I walk in, my jaw drops. Crystal chandeliers, pure golden chairs, man, some of the stuff here could go to the Districts that need it, seriously. I pull back a seat for Cass, she quickly giggles, then takes her seat. I watch as others sit down, some begin talking, some smash their heads on the table frequently, desperately waiting for our feast to arrive. Waiters stride around the tables, holding silver platters with rich, luxurious foods perching upon them. One of the waiters places a platter of marinated chicken in between Cass and I, and we feast in the chicken with enjoyment. The waiters run back into the room, carrying large champagne bottles, then as soon as one of the waiters puts it on the table, Ranger pounces on the table, then crawls towards it. She pops the cork off by hacking away at it with her teeth, then chugs down the bottle. Kaitlyn and Wesley begin to shout at her, then Ranger smashes the bottle over Kaitlyn's head, then begins to laugh like a maniac. Soon, the floor is drenched with Ranger's vomit, and she's dragged out of the room. "Ranger will not returning training today." Aelo lets us know, then tells the waiters not to serve anymore champagne. After the great lunch, I run back to the axe throwing section without thinking twice.

Rissa's POV:

Studying edible plants, I decide to take the test with the head trainer. He holds up a bundle of dark, plumpy spheres, which I'm guessing are a type of berry. "Um. Blackberries." I say with confidence. "Incorrect, these are Nightlock berries, and if the tiniest bit of this berry touches your tongue, you will slowly, and painfully die." He says, not even caring. Well, he's very encouraging, isn't he? He holds up something which I don't recognize at all, so I take a stab in the dark. "Hmm. Is it a Seashade?" "Correct! These crystal clear berries give you wrenching stomach aches, and they are located near streams, oceans, and any other destinations close to water sources!" He shouts with enthusiasm. It seems as if he's excited to see people die, which is really depressing. He flails his arms to his side, obviously wanting a hug. I quickly just jog off, and I can hear is welps. I walk over to the trident section, and grab a sea blue trident embroidered with crystals. I chuck it at the dummy with all of my force, and it connects with the dummies flesh. Rushing over to the dummy, I rip the trident out of it's chest, then spin around. Most people are studying weapons, where as others like Vinny, George and Jade visit the survival stations. I look to my left, and see Alice decapitating a dummy. I look to my right, and see Ryan impaling a dummy with his katana. I look ahead, and see Cass slicing open a dummies head with a daito. These people are vicious, and I'm just a girl who stays in the background, and I'm definitely not malicious like some of the people here. And soon, I wonder to myself. Am I cut out for these games?

Ian's POV:

I study the stations around the room. Each is filled with someone who has mastered it, everyone has a speciality but me, I'm not a jack of all trades either. I am small Asian boy with little chance of winning. But I can't give up. I notice a station with relatively nobody at it, only Callam and he s cross legged on the floor, meditating I think they call it. This station has been dubbed 'The Gauntlet'. It involves running and jumping onto platforms of varying length. It seems simple as I ascend the steps to the top, I set off at a steady pace when out of nowhere a massive black paddle smacks me in the sternum and I fly backwards off the elevated platform. I tumble down and my head is about to connect with the steps leading up when I hover in mid air. I think this is a Capitol trick when I look down and Callam is standing there arms outstretched and holding me, he puts me down and I whisper a thank you so that nobody saw my pathetic excuse for a run. I stumble through the sword training as Ryan twirls through the dummies in a red mist with a grim expression on his face. I hear a buzz and a red light blinks. I look to my left and see black silhouettes with red outlines and targets on the head and chest. I recognise this place. It's the knife throwing station! I look right and see Anna standing behind the line to indicate 10 metres away. She is blindfolded to test her skill. Oh God, she can't see me. She doesn't know I'm here. 

"Sto-" I recoil as my tongue is pinned to the back of my throat by 3 inches of steel. I taste blood, the iron and zinc taste, the world turns dark and red. Blood pours out my ears and all I hear is the gushing of my blood. And the slowing stop of my heart.

Zack's POV:

Oh my God. Holy mother of God. This is all real. The killing, everything. Anna murdered Ian, it was an accident but it happened. It's all real. I'm going to have to kill to live. Oh God. I don't want to have to kill people, not now not ever. I see the faces of everyone stunned into silence. Anna takes her blindfold off and screams. Callam runs to her to help but Vinny beats him there, Vinny shelters her from the view and walks her to a corner of the room. Callam lifts Ian like he did less than a minute ago and carriers him to a open door where the peacekeeprs usher him through. I wonder to the knot tying station and my hands take over, learning from what they did earlier they fashion the know I want. I climb the side of the gamemakers box where they are all looking stunned at what just happened. Nobody is paying me attention below and above they cannot see me. I eventually reach the other side of the box and climb higher. I reach the horizontal flap pole where the flag of Panem hangs. The darkness calls to me, whispers and chants. The siren song to end it. I tie one end of the knot, a noose, to the flag. I put my head in the other. I take one last look at my friends, I want this to be it, I can't do this anymore. I let the Siren win. I jump and with a crack. I die.

Training Scores!

Male (+ Jade) Score Female Score
Callam (D1) 11 Dani (D11) 11
Ryan (D2) 10 Mia (D2) 10

Ian (D3)

? Alice (D3) 11
Oli (D4) 10 Cass (D4) 10
Vinny (D5) 8 Anna (D5) 9
Zack (D6) ? Kaitlyn (D6) 10
Luke (D7) 8 Rissa (D7) 7
Jade (D8) 9 Foxabella (D8) 11
Jojo (D9) 8 Annie (D9) 8
John (D10) 9 Lily (D10) 7
Wesley (D11) 10 Lauren (D11) 8
DBD (D12) 10 Ranger (D12) 9


These won't be long! Interviews will be everyone in one interview!

President Paylor has made an appearance at the large, ocean blue skyscraper where the interviews were being held. Paylor, an independent, trustworthy President, called for her assistant. "Tempest!" Paylor bellowed, her large chant echoing the shady room. Tempest strided into the room, chest pumped out, head held high, this woman was very confident. Tempest's long, cascading platinum blonde curls draped from her scalp, and her jet black eyes stares into your sould. "Yes Paylor?" She asked, pacing towards Paylor with high, ebony shadowed heels. "I want you to sort these years tributes out, they could do with a few of your tips, couldn't they?" Paylor finishes, then ushers Tempest out of the door with a sharp snap of her finger.

Tempest clumped out of the room, then made her way to the elevator. With a blissful swing of her hand, belts the elevator's catch. The elevator doors breezed open, and Tempest stepped in, one hand clutching her coal-black clipboard, the other gripping a sable pen. Tempest pushed one of the buttons on the elevator's keypad, letting the elevator escalate. Tempest sniffed the air, a habit she has had for a very long time, an action that was never a good sign to anyone who witnessed this movement. The doors swung open, and Tempest cautiously stepped out onto the inky, glossy carpet. 

"Hello, tributes!" Tempest clamored, shining white teeth visible. The tributes, sporting suitable, pampered attire, turned their heads towards Tempest, then stared at her as if she was a meal. "I'm here to set things straight with you, sort you out, more like it. So please, just be yourself!" She howls, then walks over to the line of tributes. She stares at the tributes from 1, and for a very long time, before speaking. "You two don't seem very jovial, do you? Lighten up your mood, if you're like that during your interview, your odds for getting sponsors will be quite low." She recites, nudging Callam in the side of his arm.

She then walks past more of the tributes, examining them, some with disgust, some with enjoyment, when she stumbles past the pair from District 4. "Well, aren't you two just a pair of love birds!" Tempest blares, gaping at them with pleasure. "Oh, no, not at all. We're just friends!" Cass yelps, patting Oli on the back. "Oh well, that's a shame isn't it?" Tempest snickers, then walks past them. Tempest's jaws drop as she spies Anna, then hikes towards her. "Oh, darling your hair is just to die for!" Tempest verbalizes, stroking Anna's beelined blonde crest. "Why thank you!" Anna responds. "Maybe I'll get the medics to sculp you once you die, then I can make a wig out of your hair!" She renders, then walks past Anna, who's jaw hits the floor.

Tempest, lips puckered, stands near the tributes from 7, staring them up and down. "Wow. You two really need to lighten up, your frowns make me sick, just like your hair!" She says, pointing to Rissa's mane. Rissa hisses at Tempest, but Tempest just ignores her, then walks past her with a smirk on her face. "Oh, your dress is perfect!" Tempest barks, caressing Foxabella's dazzling dress, which was midnight blue, just like Foxabella's eyes. Foxabella simply just smiles, then casts a look over her shoulder. Tempest, after judging and complementing the tributes, reaches the tributes from District 11. "I'm glad to see that you're in a good mood!" She says, eyes locked on Wesley. "I wonder what your facial expression looks like when you're about to die in the arena, I don't think it will look as quite as happy as this one!" She finishes, tugging his cheeks.

After evaluating the tributes, Tempest leaves the room, silently chortling, knowing that's she has definitely sorted these tributes out. Kiersten, the Capitol's most well known interviewer, slicks back her shimmering hair, then rambles towards the tributes. "What a delightful bunch of kids! It's going to be great to know more about you guys!" She cheers, then strides onto the sparkling stage. The applaud from the audience rises, and Kiersten calls on the tributes.

Part 6: Interviews

All the tributes cluster onto the stage and sit down in the glittery swivel chairs. A few start to spin round and giggle. George sits in a huff as Rangers spins around laughing and smiling with delight. Kiersten raises her eyebrows and smiles "Come on now, it's time to get this show STARTED!" she cheers.

She walks up to Callam and asks him his question "Callam, how do you plan to win the games?" he smiles and winks while he answers "Charm".

Kiersten giggles and the crows errupts into laughter and moves onto Dani "Dani, what is your strategy for the bloodbath"

Dani glares at her for a moment and smiles. "That's an easy question: Kill"

The crowd cheers and Kiersten smiles and moves on "So Alice, how's the past couple of days in the Capitol been? What do you like the most?"

Alice says loudly "It's been great, my favorite part would have to be the rooms". The crowd is roaring by now.

Kiersten moves onto Oli "Oli, how would you describe your District partner?" Oli's jaw drops the floor.. "Uh.. there aren't really any words to describe Cass"

Kiersten winks and whispers "Nice save" and quickly moves to Cass.

"Now Cass, how would you describe the Capitol citizens" Kiersten recites, and everyone inches foward in their seats.

"Well Kiersten, they're simply magnificent, I think I really fit in with them" she shouts, winking to someone in the crowd.

"Anna! Vinny! This is a question that both of you can answer" she says grinning ear to ear. "If you were to come home, would you two still be friends, over everything that happens?"

They both talk at once "Obviously!" Kiersten laughs and walks to Kaitlyn

"So Kait, now Zack's 'gone' do you think you can win the games without him?"


She gasps and clasps her hands over her mouth, blushing. For once Kiersten looks unamused and shocked, moving on she glares ahead.

"Luke, Rissa, so you two didn't know each other before this fiasco. Do you think you've come closer?"

Luke breaths in and says "No, not really, we're not really friend to be honest"

Kiersten looks sorry for Rissa who's staring at the floor gloomily. She moves over to Foxabella and says "Foxabella my darling! So how has training been?"

Foxabella smiles and cheers "Appart from a few mishaps and such it's been pretty good!"

Kiersten looks at Jade. "What about you Jade?"

Jade says sadly "Well a lot of things happened... it wasn't like I expected it"

Kiersten shuffles a long "Jojo! Who put your outfit together?" Jojo looks irked and says "My stylist".

She looks at Annie hopefully, "And what about you Annie" Annie stares blankly "What Jojo said"

Kiersten has a glum look on her face as she walks over to John and Lily "You two look simply marvelous! What was the insparation for your outfits?"

Lily starts rambling about her dress Kiersten looks at her strangely and walks on "Ranger my dear! George!" She chirps "Aren't you two just so CUTE together?"

Ranger doesn't pay attention to what she's saying as she spins around in the chair pulling faces and fixing her hair

George shouts "WE ARE NOT A COUPLE" and the crowd errupts into cheers.

Someone says "Hey, where's Wesley and Lauren...?"

List of Weapons, Food and Supplies




Brass Knuckles





Daggers x 5 pack






Axes x 2 pack

Throwing knives

Arrow sheath x 12 arrows

Steel caws

Bagh Nakh






White copper sulphate


Sheet of plastic


Pain killers







First aid kit

Empty backpack

Backpack full of supplies






Waterproof Jacket


Toilet paper





Sleeping bag





Fishing rod




Insect repelent


Life jackets



Dried fruit

Dried meat




Bag of sweets


Bag of fruit

Bag of vegetables

Bag of berries








  • Oli
  • Cass
  • Jade
  • Kaitlyn


  1.  Lily, Annie, Alice
  2.  Foxabella, Ryan
  3.  Anna, Vinny
  4.  Ranger, Mia, Dani
  5.  Rissa, Luke, John


  1. Callam
  2. Jojo
  3. Lauren
  4. Wes
  5. DBD
  6. George


  1. Bears. Mockingjays. Rabbits. Foxes - Located in main island
  2. Walruses. Arctic Foxes. Seals - Located in tundra
  3. Insects. Camels - Located in desert
  4. Bugs. Mockingjays. Bears. Dogs. Rabbits. Deer - Located in meadow
  5. Tracker Jackers - Located in wheat field
  6. Deer. Rabbits. Bugs. Bears. Birds - Located in basic field

Part 7: Bloodbath

The tributes are elevated into the arena, their temporary habitat where they all had a license to slaughter one another. Infront of the tributes, the golden, glimmer cornucopia mounted with butchering tools and supplies was positioned infront of them, behind them, a ring of eletric crimson lava blissfully whirlpooled. Then the tributes's facial expressions darkened as they looked up. They were in a large, sturdy volcano. Some tributes stood tall on their plates, eager to spring from their plates and launch themselves into the fray, while others dreaded the moment that gong would sound.

Soon, sixty seconds flew by, and the gong rang out across the cornucopia. Ranger darted towards the cornucopia, then scuttled through the golden horn. Thinking quickly, her first priority was to get her hands settled on a weapon, and with this on her mind, grappled for a large, metallic hammer. She creeps outside of the cornucopia, when a pair of fists come out of nowhere, and sock her in the back of the neck. Ranger tumbles to the charcoal concrete, then hisses at the figure which would soon eliminate her. George, Ranger's own District partner, stood above Ranger, wielding a katana in one hand, and clasping a whip in the other.

Ranger scrambles to her feet, then hurls the hammer towards him. The hammer makes a beeline through the air, and lodges itself into the golden chamber, missing George by a hair. George grins, then belts Ranger across her neck. Ranger gasps for air as the second hit strikes her, and she stumbles backwards aimlessly. About to recieve the finishing blow, George is hammered to the ground. Lauren towers over him, then bulldozes her fists into his chest. "Stay down!" She clamors, then jerks her head towards Ranger. "We should toss him into the lava," Ranger chuckles, then catches hold of George's ankles. Ranger, dragging George towards the halo of lava, ordered Lauren to help throw his body into the steaming, lust liquid. Lauren snagged up George's head with regret, then revolved him into the flaming hot fluid, and watched in disgust as Ranger began to laugh like a maniac.

"You're disgusting!" Lauren screeches, then vaulted herself towards Ranger. Lauren clawed at Ranger like an enraged cat, until Lauren's head tumbled down her back, sprinkling Ranger with Lauren's own, sticky blood. Callam stood behind Lauren's limp carcass, carrying a blood saturated scythe, the blade that lopped Lauren's head off. Callam smirks with satisfaction, then rushes away from Ranger, off to slaughter more underlings. Meanwhile at the cornucopia, things were transforming into mayhem, with at least half of the tributes hacking away at eachother like their opponents were pigs. Vinny paced out of the cornucopia, wielding two argent knives, each 10 and a half inches long. Anna had been searching for a blowgun, but sadly Jojo had reached the peashooter before Anna did. Anna awkwardly tags along with Vinny, grasping a jet black axe. A devious Kaitlyn, cold and calculating, pounces on Vinny from behind, then pulls out an acuminous knife. Kaitlyn, one by one, trims Vinny's ears off while snickering with delight. Shen then rolls from his body, then as she springs to her feet, splits open his head with one quick drive of her knife.

Kaitlyn chuckles as his corpse cascades to the blood drenched surface, then whirls around, off to butcher more tributes. Kaitlyn's facial expression turns from satisfied to alarmed, watching as Anna comes sprinting towards her, a lethal, ebony axe secured in her grip. Anna knees Kaitlyn in her chest, sending Kaitlyn on her back. Anna stands over Kaitlyn, one leg on Kaitlyn's torso, pinning her down, the other on Kaitlyn's hair. "You know, I saw you kill him. It wasn't pleasant, at all, and It won't be acceptable if his face is in the sky, and your's isn't." Anna recites, then raises her axe, prepared for impact. "Tell Vinny I said hey." Anna finishes, then smashes the axe into Kaitlyn's lungs. Anna is splattered with Kaitlyn's blood, and she quickly wipes it off before running towards one of the bridges, an exit out of the volcano.

Foxabella rushes out of the cornucopia, carrying a bundle of supplies. A scimitar, a hatchet, a life jacket, a bag of sweets, and a pair of sunglasses. Foxabella slides the scimitar into her belt, deposits her bag of sweets and life jacket into her backpack, then quickly dwindles on the pair of sunglasses. Foxabella makes her way to one of the bridges, then begins to scale the wooden catwalk. Foxabella is about to make her way out of the volcano, when the bridge begins to vibrate below her feet. Foxabella realizes what's happening, then begins to run for the bridge, but she isn't fast enough, sending her falling 50 meters to the ground, along with the structure. Somebody cut the rope Foxabella thinks to herself as she rubs the back of her head, then sees Ryan from District 2, sword in one hand, and a clump of rope in the other. The rope that sent her falling. Foxabella is about to kill him with her hatchet, when he asks for an alliance. Well, he's certainly one of the best tributes in this arena Foxabella wonders to herself before accepting the deal. Jojo rushed towards Ryan, and Foxabella quickly warned Ryan. Ryan dodges the attack, and was confident he could kill Jojo, when a hatchet clipped the side of his neck. Jojo tumbled to the ground in a pool of his blood, and Foxabella ripped the hatchet out of his neck. "You know, girls can kill too." Foxabella tells Ryan.

The mayhem at the cornucopia has dived down, and Callam escapes with a sword, a scythe, a bag of dried fruit, a packet of bandages and a pair of binoculars. Callam quickly throws the stuff into his backpack dodges a spear thrown by Lily. "Darn it!" Lily screeches, then rushes back to her alliance. "I'll get him!" Annie growls before sliding an arrow into her bow. Annie fires, but sighs, watching the arrow puncture the air, missing Callam by an inch. Callam sprints towards a bridge, then exits the volcano with in two minutes. The malicious Dani sneaks into the cornucopia, then grapples for pitch black whip. Dani scavenges the area outside, then smirks as an alarmed John sprints past her, encouraging Dani to chase after him. John has no idea someone is behind him until the first lash strikes. John falls to the ground, a red mark across the back of his neck. Above him, the cold hearted girl from 1 twirls her whip around like a sprinkler. Dani clobbers the whip over John's head three times before rolling him on his back. "How many letters are in the alphabet?" She asks. "26." John answers weakly. "Great! Now, you will be recieving 26 whips!" Dani screeches, then clubs him in his stomach. After the full, 26 belts, John now lies limp on the ground, dented and drenched with blood, and Dani doesn't seem to care at all.

Part 8: The Games

Day 1

Dani, Mia and Ranger group together after the last of the gore, the grim, crazed look in Ranger's eyes that glints in the artificial sun fills the other two with regret. "I guess we'd better leave." Dani says, pursuadingly, eyeing the bodies of the fallen, sodden with blood. Mia nods as Ranger takes one last look, her crazed obsession for blood growing even further.

Anna sprints to the lake, stumbling over branches, but scrabbling back up, eager to be relieved of the bloodbath. Friends turning on friends. The second she reaches the lake she drops to the ground, sighing and sweeping the tears away. There's a soft sound of paws tapping along the ground before an orangey fuzz leaps out of the reeds, flying at Anna, clawing, slashing and thrasing around. Anna's axe rests a metre away, out of reach leaving Anna to fend for herself, weakly scrabbling along the ground to water's edge that would provide a sheild. Another orange fuzzy haze flies across, followed by rows of them, lining to form a circle round Anna, closing in, like a whirlpool. Anna dives from side to side, writhing in pain as the orange fox sinks it's teeth in, venom pouring out. A shrill shriek emits from Anna's mouth, before she drops to the ground, unconscious. The pack of mutant foxes amble away leaving Anna lying limp on the ground.

Alice shows off a sly smile, then dives towards a backpack, strapped to an unidentifiable corpse, lying limp on the ground. She tears the bag off, mumbling about justice in murder. Oli stands surveying the arena, his back facing Alice, begging to be attacked. She snakes along the ground and extends her arm, slowly and steadily, just enough to push him over the edge, leave him tumbling down into the molten lava swirling below. She curls her fingers around his leg, when Jade screeches, hurling Alice over the edge, she tumbles, rolls and scrambles onto the edge, clinging on and scratching at the rockface.

Jade turns to Oli, Cass stood behind, smirking in an 'I told you so' way.

"Careful, Oli" Jade scowls and motions him to follow, he walks a little behind the rest like a lost puppy. They head towards the west, until they reach the sea shore. The waves lap the sand and the salty sea stings the cuts in their feet. They scanvenge along the shore to discover an opening, jutting into a cliff face, water swills round the floor and a rotten boat, infested with woodworm. They pull it out and float along towards the west, waves lapping up into the creaking boat until it eventually smashes into the white island.

"ALIICCEE! ALLICCEE! ALLIICCCEEE!" Lily screeches into the distance, looking for her ally. Annie leans over the edge of the mountain as Alice clambers up to meet her. "ALICE! You stupid bitch! You almost died." Lily says accusingly. Alice just shrugs and they head down towards the lake...

Alice creeps over towards Anna's body, examining it and prodding it with her foot. "Dead, definitely dead." She calls out to the other two, Annie and Lily hoist her over their shoulders and toss her in the lake. Anna screams as she its the water and submerges, gargling and gasping, scrabbling and reaching for air, as the other three watch in horror. Anna scrambles to the edge of the lake, hurling herself at Lily and wrapping her hands round her throat, Lily grasps for Anna's throat in return, then ducks under her arm, punching Anna and gripping her in a headlock.

"Fetch the axe, Annie." Alice points to the axe as she says this, then Annie retrieves it, gripping it tight in both hands until her knuckles whiten. Anna wriths and struggles, twisting and turning and fighting against Lily's grasp.

Meanwhile, Rissa and Luke meander down towards the lake, they hear the murderous screeches and debate on getting rid of a few people, or hiding. They stumble over to where Annie stands, Rissa winces, letting out a small yelp as Annie raises the axe above her head. Luke gulps, "STOP! NOOO!"

Annie spins round and Lily loosens her grip, Anna sinks her teeth into Lily's hand, then flips Lily onto the ground, sprinting off into the distance. Lily growls and Alice snarls as Luke scarpers, Rissa trailing behind him.

Wes sprints away from the cornucopia, scooping up a backpack then a small bag of berries. He makes it to the east shore, then lies down in the sand, leaving his imprint for all to find. He opens the backpack eagerly delving his hand inside, empty. He swears and throws it down in rage, jumping up and stomping on it. He pockets the berries and lies back down in the sand, his eyes flicker shut and he fights them, but the sky darkens, the stars glisten and taunt him, he flickers his eyes closed and drifts off as shouts ring through the arena, getting closer every second.

Day 2

"Nuughhhhh... aaaaaghh..." Rissa mumbles in her sleep, kicking and thrasing as Luke grows impatient, shaking her and thumping her to get her to wake. Footsteps sound from outside their cave.

"For fuck's sake!" Luke mumbles, smothering Rissa's voice, then he pulls off his jacket, shoving it over her face and holding it down as she cries out, scrabbling at his arms and scratching his face, he covers her mouth with the material, shoving it down her throat. "Shut up!" Rissa gargles, drawing more attention to their hideaway from outside. A large furry creature stumbles around, as if in a drunken state, swiping at the cave, unable to enter. Luke ceases his grip and pulls his jacket away from Rissa's pale white face. Her eyes staring up at him, deep into his soul. He jumps back aghast, then grabs their backpack. Stuck in the middle of the blood thirsty bear pawing the cave entrance and Rissa's corpse.


Cass screams with joy, the boredom of the boat journey that stretched through the night has ended. The three moor the boat and huddle together, the island is sprinkled with snow, like frosting on a cake. Waterfalls fall round the island with ice caps and mountains to decorate. They sit together like penguins, a bag of nuts between them. Oli squels, he has a nut allergy so Cass and Jade taunt him with their food.

"Cass, get some more food." Oli orders, Cass nods dumbly then stumbles off into the snow drifts that has built up. It tumbles down to lay a blanket on their bodies, leaving their teeth chattering and they shiver.

Cass wanders off, with a knife, seeing what she assumes is a cat. "Here pussy pussy! C'mon lil kitty cat!" She beckons the cat over, stroking it's fur as it lunges over playfully, Cass scoops it up and nuzzles against it's nose. The 'cat' lashes out, anchoring it's teeth into Cass' nose as she yells in pain. The other two run to her aid, desperately yanking the artic fox off of Cass. "What the fuck Cass? It's an artic fox!" Oli teasingly prods Cass and she punches him the face. "Point taken." He says as he sulks.

Foxabella runs round in circles through the pristine green meadows, filled with flowers that painted them with colour and life. Ryan follows slightly numbly, but ecstatic all the same. He scoops up handfuls of flowers and throws them up in the air, the air with a slight green tinge to it. Foxabella screams and cheers, as the flowers rain down on him, she sits under the flowers that rain down on her and hugs Ryan, he hugs her back and creates a waterfall of flowers over her. Deer bounce around them in a ring, while Ryan starts to sing, "Ring a ring a roses! A pocket full of posies! A-tischoo A-tischoo! We all fall down!" They tumble onto the ground and erupt in laughter as the green hazy air swirls around them. The deer close in, fox and Ryan stand defensively, back to back. Fox looks each one in the eye, asking them for a challenge. She fearlessly lunges forward to stab one in the chest, blood streams out over the flowers, staining them crimson. The stench of the corpse travels along the island and the pair splutter and cough, covering their noses. They shake their heads, the green air floating away from them. Ryan splutters and scowls at the flowers sprinkled over him.

"What the... " Foxabella stares at Ryan who stares back, the green mist floating between them, as Ryan mutters under his breath. The mist changes from green to blue as Ryan processes his surroundings.

"The drugs stored in the air make it dense and dye it green, I reckon this is some sort of ecstasy." Ryan says, very matter of factly but with a throaty quality as he holds his nose. Foxabella breathes in the blue mist, enraging her and sparking her fists. She lunges at Ryan, rapidly throwing punches at his face as he grabs her fist, releasing the grip on his nose, the blue mist swirls around them as they brawl.

Ranger, Mia and Dani dock at an island, covered in wheat. The plants tower above their heads, each plant like a tree. They cautiously enter the maze like wheat, Dani in the lead with Mia slashing wheat down at the back, to leave them an exit. The towers of wheat around them cloud the sun's rays, little crevices allow a few beads of light to circualte around them, but they're submerged into darkness.

Callam scrambles onto the bank, watching over the beach. Wesley yeilds a long vine with a rock strapped to the end, he flings it around, practising by whacking plants, he jumps in the air, landing and moving like a stereotypical ninja. Callam chuckles and Wesley springs round, locking eyes with Callam.

Callam quickly draws his sword, springing up and pointing it at Wesley, who raises his vine. They both advance, mirroring each other's moves, chanting threats at each other and swearing. Wesley makes the first move, edging daringly closer, when Callam thrusts his sword out, missing Wes's nose by a hair, he flinches and Callam pounces, like a lion on a gazelle. His sword flies through the air, Wes' vine snapped in two. Callam pins down Wes' hands as he thinks, 'Wes'll be the hardest to overcome, once he's down, i'll have no problem killing the rest.' It's motivation enough and he raises his right arm, clutches Wes' hair and slams his skull into the soft golden sand.

Wesley winced, screaming in pain, he wriths under Callam who snarls slightly as he rams Wes' head down and rubs it in the sand, while lunging for his sword, he scrabbles around in the sand, feeling something furry as he does so, then he grips his sword. He braces himself, raising it over Wes' head and murming his line. Untimingly, Wes grins, slyly staring over Callam's shoulder, a paw rests on his shoulder, he slowly turned his head, the thing that could only happen in movies, happens. A bear hoists Callam up as he raises his sword, his eyes flooded with terror... and tears. He thrashes around in the bear's wrath as Wes scranbles backwards and onto his feet, fading into the distance as Callam thrashes round. He slashes the bear and submerges his sword in it's fluffy flesh. The bear roars and throws it's head back, hurling Callam into the sea, he splutters and scarpers away in Wes' direction.

Luke exhales sharply as the bear ambles away, Luke creeps out of the cave slowly, taking one last look at Rissa, then taking off in fear, of Rissa, the imaginary zombie. He ducks behind a bush, staring on at Alice and Lily, eating what looks like a chicken leg, he licks his lips hungrily, then stares down at his pack, empty. Lily stands up bravely, then ezclaims, "I'm going to pee behind that bush, don't look." Pointing in Luke's direction, he scrabbles towards  another bush, then watches Alice leave to perv on Lily, Annie lies by herself, floating between sleep and a hazy living nightmare. Luke sees his chance, tiptoeing over to where the three had set up camp, he surreptitiously scoops up a bird, drenched in green goo, which he assumes is mint sauce. A backpack lies unopened, but strapped to Annie's back. He hesitates, twitching slightly then he advances, gently pawing at it, then sliding one strap down her arm, it comes loose as she rolls over, Luke flinches, wimpering slightly, then he snatches the other side, Annie's eye dart open and she rolls over to hlance Luke making off with his arms full of supplies.

The light in the arena dims and flickers, like a lightbulb. Dani, Mia and Ranger settle, making a bed out of wheat. They silently lie together, Ranger in the middle, so Dani and Mia could keep an eye on her. Mia watches her like a hawk as Dani sleeps, they secretly take shifts as Ranger devises a plan to attack and disband. Mid-point through the long humid night, Dani glances behind her, rhen starts desperately scrabbling, waking the others from the ruckus. The wheat had risen, the knife used to cut it submerged in the sea of wheat, enclosed by the skyscraping plants the three panic. Arguing over which way to go, like children. The sea of wheat rustles in the wind, masking their cries as Dani and Mia start to plot Ranger's death.

"I'm going hunting!" Ranger screeches, crawling away from Dani and Mia. "But it's like 11! You're absolutely stupid!" Dani shouts back. "Whatever." Ranger mumbles, then storms off.

Day 3

Callam lousily saunters through the arena until he reaches a glimmering dock. His eyes widen as he locks his eyes on a boat, and not just any boat, a jet boat. He darts towards the boat, then slips on his life jacket. Steadily making his way into the boat, he starts up the engine, and soon, he's on gliding across the glistening water. As Callam perches on the edge of the boat, he sighs, then raises his scythe, which is drenched in blood. "I can't do it again, I can't take someones life again." He whispers to himself. He studies the argent scythe, the gleaming silver is studded with golden pebbles, barely visible from the crimson liquid. "If anyone is going to feel the wrath of this scythe, it's going to be me." He screams, then plunges the curved blade into his torso.

Ranger, who's in the bushes near the shore, watches as Callam spikes the scythe through his chest, then chuckles as it protrudes from his tailbone. He falls down face first, then the cannon blares across the arena. Ranger snickers viciously, then runs back towards her camp, pretending the act she witnessed never happened in the first place.

Around 8 hours later...

Dani and Mia wake up with the sound of someone rustling. Mia yawns and stares at Ranger who's jumping up and down in some bushes like a monkey. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU" Dani and Mia scream at the same time. She laughs and giggles, staring at them with crazy, bloodshot eyes.

"Woah, what happened to you?" Mia says trying to avoid Ranger's creepy gaze. "Come and I'll show you!" Ranger giggles, clearly happy. 

They walk along through crushed grass and eventually come out at a small, pale sanded beach. Mia and Dani stand, mouths gaping at a boat surrounded by a crimson pool of red sitting near the edge of the water, slowly bobbing around. 

Mia manges to stutter "W-who is that", unable to recognise the bloody, tangled figure. "WHY IT'S CALLAM OF COURSE. YOU SILLY BILLY!" Ranger screeches, cocking her head to the side like a maniac.

Mia and Dani stare at her in utter shock. Mia starts to cry, but Dani just says "You what?" and grins like Ranger. "You heard me" Ranger laughs.

Dani says "Why. Didn't. You. TELL. Us?!" Ranger looks at her and smiles "Well Dani, that would ruin the fun of messing with you and Mia, and everyone elses little heads".

Mia stops crying and glares at Ranger. "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE YOU STUPID BITCH".

Dani looks at Mia and they both nod, grin and then turn back to look at Ranger. Dani pins Ranger down and cuts her hair off, then moves to her ears, peeling them off with a knife slowly.

"THIS IS FUN!" Ranger screams, clearly losing her mind at last. Mia sighs and chops one of Ranger's legs off, allowing blood to spurt freely over her trousers. Her and Dani then break every finger slowly.

Ranger looks up to Dani and pulls out a knife, and cuts a joker like scar across her lips. Dani smiles and smashes her head off of the tree they're leaning on.

Ranger squeals and cries "STOP!" but Dani and Mia just laugh. "Why so serious", Dani says laughing madly.

Mia finds a rock and throws it at Ranger, causing her to screech. Then Mia chops her head off, and finally, her cannon sounds, then like nothing happened,  Mia and Dani leave.


Ryan and Foxabella make their way towards the basic field, where they quickly stop for a break before boating towards the tundra. Foxabella takes out a bag of dried meat, and quickly feast on the delicious aliment. Ryan takes a sip of his blazing coffee, then begins to speak. "Fox, I've really enjoyed spending these games with you.." Ryan tells her, then takes another cautious sip of his coffee. "Me too, Ryan. You've grown on me. I feel like I can tell you absolutely anything. I trust you with all I have." Foxabella says. "I trust you too." Ryan says, "Not only do I trust you, but I think I'm in love with you." He finishes, then chugs down the rest of his coffee. "I love you too." Foxabella confirms, then they slowly lean in for a kiss.

Haltingly, their lips meet, then calmly, their tongue's slip into eachothers mouths. Foxabella leans back to catch her breath, then as she leans in again, the blood sprinkles across her face. Foxabella screams as she watches in repugnance as a crimson, pulpy smile appears across Ryan's throat, and soon he falls face first on Foxabella's lap. Foxabella looks up, and sees Lily wielding her blood stained harpoon. Foxabella steps back, dodging the lethal plunge of Lily's harpoon. Lily cuts Foxabella across the chest, and soon, the cannon fires, and Lily rushes away. But the cannon wasn't for Foxabella, it was for Ryan, and soon, Foxabella would get revenge on Lily.

Foxabella gulps down a spoon full of medicine, then bandages up the slice across her chest. Luckily, it wasn't too deep, and Foxabella quickly plunges the syringe into her arm, then pumps the life saving liquid into her blood. This antidote would surely keep Foxabella alive for at least two more days, but if she doesn't get more antidote soon, she would be a goner. 

.  .  .

Lily chokes on her tears as the act of slitting Ryan's throat replays in her head. She didn't know what to do, and decided if she wanted to return home, she had to kill both of them. But unfortunately, she couldn't bring herself to finish off Foxabella, and quickly just swiped her harpoon across her chest. Lily wishes Foxabella soon died later that day, knowing she wouldn't dare face her again. Lily had already hollowed from her first kill, and she knows for sure it would take a lot for her to kill again. Lily obliviously munches on the loaf of bread she got from the cornucopia, and luckily it's still as fresh as a daisy.

"Hello, my little blossom," a voice sprouts from behind Lily, and immediately, she knows who it is. As Lily whirls around, she can already ring in the glimmering blade that's right behind her. Lily gulps as she locks her eyes on the large wood chopping axe that Foxabella clasps with two sturdy hands. "I picked out my biggest weapon, even polished and sharpened it for the occasion." Foxabella almost purrs as she maliciously eyes Lily with satisfaction. Lily drops the loaf of bread. To test her skills, Foxabella smashes the axe down on the loaf of bread, splitting it into two with one destructive swing. 

Lily takes a step back, then twirls around, prepared to run for her life. "Now, now, where do you think you're going," Foxabella hoots as she takes out an awl and rattles it into Lily's foot. Lily stumbles, then falls to the ground, screaming in scorching hot agony. Foxabella snickers, then shoves her two other awls into Lily's hands, pinning her to the ground. Foxabella removes a large halberd from her jet black belt, then clutches it in her left hand, her wood chopping axe in her right. "Prepare for the ride of your life!" Foxabella shouts, then raises the two deadly blades.

Out of nowhere, a rabbit springs on to the long, blonde swirls of Foxabella's hair, and it takes not even a second before slitting it in half with her wood chopping axe, which could have hit her side. More mutts arrive, vicious candy apple red bears and sable black blood absorbing insects. Soon, the venomous smirk on Foxabella's face curls into the perfect O shape as she lets out a noxious scream. The ebony shadowed wasp mutts fly into Foxabella's ears, letting large bulky spheres to grow inside of her body as they bury their stingers into her flesh. About two thousand wasps are inside Foxabella's body, and they each hold up to ten thousand stings a second, which wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the high tech devices of the Capitol. Foxabella wishes she was dead, because the blazing hot pain inside of her still isn't killing her. Soon, the crimson colored bears begin gnawing and munching on the arms of Foxabella's figure, while the rabbits slowly skin her from head to toe with their razor sharp fangs. Subsequently, the torture finishes, and Foxabella mouths the words "I'm sorry" to Lily before her heart pumps it's final beat.

As if called by the gamemakers, the mutts scramble away from the scene, leaving a frightened Lily behind. Lily can not believe what she had just witnessed, and wonders why the mutts didn't attack her. Lily rips the awls out of her hands with her teeth, then stumbles away, crying harder than she did before.

Day 4

Mia and Dani stumble from their creaky wooden boat onto the rough, crunchy snow. Mia trips over a rock covered in snow, causing Dani to laugh. She gets back up and they walk for what seems like forever, when they come to a small mossy shack. Dani walks in and gestures for Mia to follow, who is dithering behind her as if something bad will happen.

"Fine" she says grudgingly, then stamps into the shack making the floorboards creek. "So what do we do now?" Mia says, sighing.

"Well, we haven't slept in a day, and I think my cuts are getting infected" Dani says, pointing to her bloody face while searching through her bag for disinfectant. When she finds it she dabs it on her cuts, which makes her wince slightly.

"Well fine, you take first sleep and I'll keep guard" Mia chirps. "Fine" Dani says, pulling out a sleeping bag. "Wake me up if something happens, K?"

"K" Mia says laughing.

After about an hour, Dani wakes up to see Mia snoring on the damp floor. Mia flinches as Dani lightly kicks her. "Come on Mia, we gotta get moving" Dani shouts.

Mia sighs and tries to pulls herself up with the help of a shelf, but the shelf breaks and Mia falls onto the ground. Dani offers her hand and pulls Mia up. "Now, let's go".

Mia and Dani walk along the brittle snow, avoiding ice patches. Suddenly a massive yellow walrus rises up and stabs Dani in the chest. But she just stares at it blankly and laughs. 

Mia stares at Dani in shock and tries to tell her to kill it, but Dani shouts "Here Mia, take my token" She says as she chucks the necklace in Mia's direction.

The walrus roars and throws Dani into a near by ice cap. Mia here's a snap and then Dani shouts at her to leave.

Mia looks worried as she trudges away from the walrusses glare. She hears a cannon which she assumes is Dani's as she walks towards a ice cliff with a roaring waterfall.

She stares at Dani's token and takes out Callam's, holding them in her hands. She clasps them and jumps of the cliff, into the icey water. The shock hits her before she even hits the water and her heart stops beating

Her cannon rings through the arena...

The Feast

A harsh, reverberating call echoes through the arena, "Nine tributes remaining, only three will survive. When the sun sets a feast will be held at the cornucopia. And you will all be attending."

Luke stares into the gridded azure sky, a hologram of the Capitol seal hovering above him. Once the notice has finished he drops to the ground, dragging his torso through the muddy earth, staining his face brown and making the perfect camouflage. Every so often watching around him, eight people stand in his way of freedom and anyone of them could ambush him. A slideshow of the shouts of the others echoing around him, ringing through his head, the bear's snarl and the image of Rissa's corpse rotate round his skull. Stricken with madness, he approaches the volcano, holding the cornucopia.

Wesley yields his stick, raising it above his head and spinning round, incase of an ambush, he is the second tribute to reach the volcano, he gasps as Luke murmurs to himself, tears flooding down his face and Wesley questions his sanity. Knowing the best thing to do would be to tip him off the edge, he shrinks down in his skin, ashamed of himself, taking lives, although it's vital for his survival. As he plucks up the courage to push the younger boy in, someone else does it for him. Anna darts in, kicking at Luke's back, karate style and then she peers over the edge, waving to him as he plummets into the blackened, smoky lava sea. She darts out again, fast like a bird, swooping in and catching it's prey, then leaving like it was never there.


Wesley has to check the cornucopia, explore the yellow cone to find his pack, a crudely painted 11 marks his, then he sees a 7, Luke's, a little further back, he plucks it up and wheezes as he jogs away. His heart pounding and pulsating against his breath.

Anna crouches behind a charred bush, blackened from the spits of lava fired from the volcano's mouth. She peers over and watches Wesley scamper off into the distance, carrying two packs. She slowly moves around to the cornucopia, creeping up the the mouth and lunging for a pack, darting away into the open and scanning the open green space stretching out before her. Alice and Annie advance, trailing behind Anna, verbally abusing her as she sprints away into the distance.

Alice plucks up the remaining packs before anyone else does, greedily hugging them into her chest. She hurridly approaches the Annie and Lily, handing them the packs and leading them off after Anna. As they hunt her down Alice pulls her pack open, revealing a sparkling blue pouch, she yanks the silky drawstrings and a few packets tumble out, filled with poptarts. Alice screams and guzzles them down.

Anna crouches on the ground by herself, dipping her feet into the cool, blue sea, rippling into it's own little pools. Alice and Annie watch on, Annie sharpens her knives while Alice gulps, swallowing down the lump in her throat. Her stomach lets out a large groan, grumbling and moaning as Alice gags. Half digested poptarts flow out of her mouth, the icing glows in a purpley haze. Alice wheezes, gags then falls onto her back as Anna spins round, scanning the area Alice lies in. Suddenly unnerved by the presence lurking behind her. Alice lies flat on her back, imitating a starfish as Annie clutches her knife, readying herself for an attack.

Annie glances to her side, doing a double take at the purpley vomit Alice lies in. She scrabbles around to find the empty packets of poptarts and finds one left. Quickly checking if anyone's watching she hurls a poptart, watching as it bounces of Anna's head and sinks into the grass. Anna flinches, pivoting and scooping up the poptart then gulping it down in two bites. Jade, Oli and Cass gather round the cornucopia, scanning the area - empty. Oli climbs up into the golden horn then scrambles round, searching for his pack then feeling his face burn as he squirms, his torso is jammed into the small opening. Cass and Jade tugging his feet, Oli wriggles, sweating and furiously shaking. Eventually Cass and Jade give up, lighting a fire and letting Oli squirm.

The Riot

Jade clutches her knees while sitting round the fire, disappointed at the lack of kills made in the feast. Cass is curled up in a ball, while Oli's finally fallen asleep, his legs lie limp with lack of blood circulation.

Anna gags and falls to the ground, clawing at the grass and digging it up, regurgitating the purpley goo that lines her throat. Desperately fighting for air she claws at the air, grabbing and rasping for breath.

Wesley stands on his own, ripping open his packs and pulling out a bag filled with socks, mainly fluffy, spotty green ones. He tosses them over his shoulder, then graps a cold round bottle, filled with a red liquid, sloshing around the bottle and staining the sides red.

Annie grabs Alice's shoulders then shakes them vigourously, Alice chokes and gargles up the purple goo, spitting it in Annie's eye. Alice shakes her head imitating a dog, then leaps to her feet, back to normal. Annie leads Alice over to Anna, sprawled in a heap on the ground, Alice prods her with her foot, proclaiming Anna's death. They clear the area to let the hovercraft take her away.

After a few minutes of walking Annie turns to Alice, "I guess we better split up, there are only seven of us left and I couldn't kill you." Alice nods and they split their supplies. Alice is the first to break the silence that follows, "Bye, good luck." Then she walks away, turning back once to wave.

Wesley perches on a branch, gnawing on some bread, too tough to bite through. Alice wanders below, humming to herself then flinching as Wesley rustles the tree, frantically stuffing bread into his mouth. Thinking fast Alice calls "Wes! Allies?" Wesley nods, slightly stunned and Alice advances towards the tree.

"Hai Wesley." Alice pauses, then points towards Wesley's bottle, "What's that?" She cocks her head slightly and Wesley clutches it towards his chest defensively. Alice leans in closer, lifting a tag labelled 'Unicorn blood', she snatches the bottle and pulls out the cork, sniffing and examining the liquid, letting off a putrid smell of rotten eggs.  Pretending to gag she pulls her nose away and throws the bottle, it lifts off through the air, spilling blood onto Wesley's face. Alice chuckles and jumps down from the tree, sprinting away and Wesley screeches, his skin absorbs the blood and bubbles rise out of his pores, Wesley clenches his fists, shouting "I LOVE YOU EMILY, BRENDA, EMMA AND ERWIN!" He flips back, hurtling through the air, then landing on the ground. His skin fizzes, melting off the bones and submerges into the muddy earth crawling with mutant worms. They rise to the surface, wriggling over Wes' corpse and nestling in his bones.


Alice grimaces at the sight, but continues north to the cornucopia, where Jade watches Oli starve in the golden horn. She tugs at his legs, trying once more, but failing. She panicks as a voice lingers outside, humming and talking about poptarts. Desperate now, Jade finds a knife, knowing that the being outside will slaughter Oli is no-one does it first. Jade grips Oli's leg firmly, proclaiming, "Bye Oli, sorry." She makes one clean slice, cutting his waist out of the opening, then pulling his body down, he screams in pain and Jade closes her eyes, raising the blade above her and slicing downwards over his head.


His thick crimson blood spurts out onto Jade's pale face, coating her in guilt. She moves away from his corpse, shaking Cass awake and muffling her scream as she sees what was Oli. Jade staggers out, dragging Cass with her.

Alice catches sight of Jade's hair, swaying in the breeze and Cass' body slumped on the ground. Swiftly avoiding eye contact she darts around the back of the cornucopia, Jade slumps on the ground, guilt building in her stomach, swelling up inside of her until she felt like bursting. The image of Oli's severed corpse glued to her eyelids haunts her. She slowly tips her head into her knees and lets her tears stream round her, remembering prom. Her innocence and the shock, terror and horror she'd felt, being randomly thrust into the games.

Alice stares at Jade, foolishly crying in the middle of the arena, she siezes the opportunity, sweeping in to Cass, spread on the ground, unconscious. Alice scoops her up, bridal style and carries her to the lava, silently treading along the jagged rock face. She stares down the steep drop to the lava below. Drop kicking Cass into it. She brushes her hands together, ignoring the pang of guilt in her stomach, like being knifed.


The cannon snaps Jade out of her oppressive haze. Cass' dissappearance doesn't shock her, she grieves for a minute, letting the tears cascade down her cheeks, wiping the saltiness away from her lips. Uncertain of her fate and the sudden disappearance of Cass, she groggily drags herself south, towards the lake.

Anna splutters and spews up a final piece of poptart, then rushes towards the clear lake to purify her throat. Her thirst draws her into the cool murky waters. She submerges and lets the icy water cleanse her. A small figure suddenly emerges from the bulrushes, Jade. She seems oblivious to the world, slumping by the edge and dipping her feet in, a pack still strapped to her back. Anna holds her breath as she spectates, Jade dips her head under, holding it and swimming further into the centre, then puffing out, her body sinks to the bottom, then gradually rising, floating. Anna gasps slightly, at the obvious suicide attempt. Anna advances, swimming towards Jade then pressing her down under the water. She makes no attempt to fight and eventually the bubbles stop rising and Anna lets go. Jade's corpse floats along the surface, eerily nearing Anna, driving her out the water.

Lily staggers to the forest, taking refuge in a tree smothered in red liquid. She musters up as much strength as she can to reach the upper branch, taking hold of it she hoists herself up, she slumps onto the branch, blood trickling down her fingers and droplets falling down and seeping into the grass below. Three figures chase each other below, halting under Lily's tree. They all stop and stare up at the bloody scene. Lily sinks down and watches Anna produce a knife, her actions mirrored by Alice and Annie. Sweat pours down Lily's face, the heat in the arena must've reached the maximum, the four wince at the oven like arena. Desperate to finish this.

Lily slowly shuts her eyelids, then lets go.


The cannon explodes, shattering the force field into smitherines, glass shards streak through the air and the three descend to the ground, shards sever their tender skin, deep cuts cause blood to leak into a pool and a hovercraft floats down, resistant to the glass battering the sides...

Death Chart

Name + Place Killed by How
Ian: 24th Anna Knife to the throat
Zack: 23rd Self kill Suicide
George: 22nd Ranger + Lauren Thrown into the lava
Lauren: 21st Callam Head lopped off with a scythe
Vinny: 20th Kaitlyn Sculp split open with a knife
Kaitlyn: 19th Anna Axe in lungs
Jojo: 18th Foxabella Hatchet in the side of his neck
John: 17th Dani Whipped to death
Rissa: 16th Luke Smothered to death
Callam: 15th Self kill Suicide 
Ranger: 14th Mia + Dani Decapitation
Ryan: 13th Lily Throat slit with harpoon
Foxabella: 12th Mutts Tortured to death
Dani: 11th Mutts Neck broken
Mia: 10th Self kill Suicide
Luke: 9th Anna Pushed into the volcano/burnt
Wesley: 8th Alice Burnt with unicorn blood
Oli: 7th Jade Severed
Cass: 6th Alice Drop kicked into lava
Jade: 5th Suicide/Anna (Assisted) Drowns
Lily: 4th Suicide Broken neck
Annie: 1st N/A -
Alice: 1st N/A -
Anna: 1st N/A -

Epilogue (Written by Alice)

After the games, the three lucky winners are shoved into a small grey room, with three beds, one table and a few insects crawling on the ground. It reminded them of a cage. What would happen now? Weren't they the winners? Anna was perched up on one of the beds, sobbing into her knees, thinking about all the deaths and people she'd killed.  Annie and Alice were talking and laughing, grinning, and not paying attention to the fact they'd just been put into a room that they might not come out of for days. Months. Maybe years. After about 10 minutes of cries and talking, they heard screws and locks turning open. Anna didn't look up, she crawled into a dark corner where no one could see her. She was now whimpering and in a tiny ball. 

Alice and Annie looked up, and silence fell as President Snow and two guards, dressed in black uniforms, carrying machine guns walked in. President Snow grinned and waved off the guards, walking in, and closing the door behind them. Annie scoffed. "So? What now? Don't we get to go home?" She demanded. President Snow shook his head. "Yes, of course. I'm sorry, we just needed to... Take care of... Some things," he grinned wickedly and folded his hands. Alice rolled her eyes and stood up. "Can we go now," she moaned. Snow nodded. He motioned to the door. "Go ahead," he said slyly. Annie and Alice stood up, heading towards the the door. Anna looked up, to see Snow slowly closing the door. She ran towards it, just before it closed, and tripped, falling onto her back.

"Ouch," she mumbled and rubbed the back of her head. Anna staggered to her feet and stumbled. She stood up and looked around. Where did Annie and Alice go? There were two ways, one going left and one right. Everyone chose right, so she would choose left, but everyone knew that everyone chose right so theyd choose left, so she chose right. But that was probably wrong so she chose left.  Anna turned left and looked around, it was a straight passage way, with no ending. Just grey walls. She was about to turn back when she heard someone groaning. Her eyes widened. Oh no! Had she walked into something... Personal? She shuddered at the thought. She turned on her heels and slowly began to walk back.  "Shut up!" she heard someone hiss. Anna almost revolted. Oh Jesus, they were sick! Was someone being tortured in there?! Were they being... She put that thought at the back of her head.  "You're going to District 8," a faint voice chanted and Anna cocked an eyebrow. She turned back around and tip-toed forwards. There was a tall silver door, opened by just a crack, Anna peeked inside and saw... No.  She wouldn't believe it.  She gasped and almost fainted. It couldn't be! No! She refused to believe it. Could it be? Was it a dream? "Well looky what we have here," a voice slithered behind her. She froze and felt a cold hand on her shoulder. Anna turned her head and screamed. 

"JANE! SHE'S SEEN THEM!" the man in a black uniform, holding her, shouted. A young woman walked out of the room she had peeked in and shook her head.  "Oh dear, such a shame," she tisked and took out a vaccine.  "GET OFF ME!" Anna shrieked, thrashing and kicking. The man by the name of Tarik, covered her mouth and gripped her tightly. He stretched out her arm, for Jane. Anna's screams were muffled, as Jane plunged the vaccine into her arm.... 

Anna woke up in a small black room, lit by a flickering light that blinked every 5 seconds. She was sitting in a plastic chair, her hands placed in front of her on a smooth table. She snapped her eyes open and tried to stand up quickly, but chains held her down. "What the rabies?" she mumbled. The room consisted of 3 chairs, the one she was sitting in, and two identical ones in front of her, the lightbulb, the table, and a door. She looked around and tried to kick open the chains, picked the lock with her nail, it was useless. She sighed and slammed her head on the table.  That was when it all came back.  The dead tributes in the bright silver room. Jane, the young woman with all their names, covered in blood and goop. 

"Your name is Robbin Flynn, you're 16 years old and you live in District 6," Jane said to Kaitlyn.  "My name is Robbin," she repeated, braindead. She was dressed in a white night-gown and she could see scars running down her arms... And the wound of a knife on the side of her head. The one Anna had caused when she killed her. All the dead tributes were aligned, each one, being given a name and a district as each Peacekeeper took them away.  She was snapped out of her thoughts when the door was unlocked, and President Snow and Jane the nurse, walked in. They both took a seat in front of her and a guard closed the door. Snow cleared his throat.  "You've seen them," Snow stated.  "Seen what?" Anna asked, innocently. Jane laughed wickedly.  "Innocence wont get you anywhere darling, Tarik saw you," she grinned. Anna hesitated and didn't say anything. These sick, sick people.  

"I assume you're wondering what we're doing with them, and why," Snow went on. Anna stared at him blankly, an emotionless stare. Snow stood up and paced the room. "You see, when a tribute dies, we don't throw them away, we use them as scraps. Peacekeepers, extra tributes, volunteers, they can be anything we want them to be. We control them," he explained. "Once a tribute dies, the hovercraft comes and collects them. I'm sure you're fully aware of that, but why?" Anna gripped the side of the table, anxiously.  "Jane over here, revives them. She gives them a family, a name, a life, another chance. A chance to live," he grinned. Anna pulled back. Did that mean.... "Do you really think your name is Anna? Do you really think you have a family of 2 brothers and a sister? Do you think you have a talent for knives. No. We revived you. You, were just another victim," he hissed. Anna gasped and tried to scoot awayas far away from him as he could. He got nearer to her.  "Everyone you see here, they're going back to different districts. Their family, oh they'll never know." Anna's blood boiled anger.  "If you wanted them to live, why didn't you just send them back to their families?" Anna spat, impatiently. Jane shook her head. 

"That's the best part, we make them think they're dead. We let them weep. We let them drown in sorrow, and we watch them in agony," Jane smiled, a lopsided grin. Anna's jaw dropped open. These sick bastards. These motherfuckinging bitches. These... These... "Why are you telling me all this?" Anna whimpered, suddenly scared. Snow looked at Jane and nodded.

"Because you will be joining them, Anna-Belle Fletcher. Citizen of District 12," he stated. Anna gasped and started to thrash in her seat as five men in black uniforms stormed in, carrying chemicals and tubes and shots and packs of blood and other funky colors.  "NO! NO! LET ME LIVE! I WON! THIS IS UNFAIR! NOOOO!!!" she shrieked. Jane and Snow laughed and watched as they slammed her onto the table. 

Jane slipped on white bloody gloves and held a pair of clean silver tongs. She stood over Anna as they held her down. Jane lifted her shirt up, and aimed a needle at the center of her belly.  "Goodbye Anna, it was such a pleasure to meet you," she said mockingly, stabbing the needle into her stomach. The last thing heard, was the echoing screams of another dead tribute.  THE END!

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