So this will be the second Le Prom! Basically this time it will be a Not-That-Fancy-Gala in the Capitol. Most of the attendees will be the reconstructed forms of the dead tributes from the first Le Prom! With different names and stuff of course. Some tributes will be new. The only way you will get these is if you read the epilogue of Le Prom! These will not turn into games. It will be a galla/ball at the Capitol as said before, that will turn into a zombie apocolypse.


  1. Dani
  2. Mia
  3. Alice
  4. Callam


  1. You can vote for anyone but yourself.
  2. Don't vote girls for guys' categories and vice versa.
  3. If you vote improperly and don't change it when asked, you will be banned from prom.
  4. Don't vote for banned, blocked people, or ones that hardly come on.

Sign up sheet



Hottest female:

Hottest male:





Best writer:

Best personality:

Best mod:



Most likely to be a stripper:

Dates (If you're beside the person you're going with them)

Mia, Dani, Alice and Callam are obviously all going, but only Dani, Callam and Alice have "dates". 

Attendee 1 Attendee 2
Wesley (Matt Thombs) Oli (Lou Chet)
Andy (Jay Leep) TMG (Daisy Sun)
Vinny (Ronnie Carpe) Anna (Anna-Belle Fletcher)
Kekai (Kai Asher) Charles (Ryan Niol)
Kaitlyn (Robin Thombs) Manner (Darren Cotten)
Alice (Pandora Miku) Adrian (Sam Perth)
Lily (Gertrude Maya) Kiersten (Jasmine See)
Puck (Phie McFhale) Callam (Benji Bill)
Annie (Anne Hathel) Dani (Lana Jile)
Annabella (Foxxie Fyre) Zack (Zap Zoom)
Jade (Kat Seeku) Luke (Andret Mar)
Gruff (Griffin Toll)

Emily (Iseult Samiee)

Mia (Morghan Umbredth)


There were ties in these so we used this to work out one winner. Thanks to Wesley and Ryan for counting votes.

Category Runner up Winner!
Hottest Female Dani Anna
Hottest Male Ryan Callam
Queen Mia Anna
King Vinny Ryan
Anti-Queen Ranger Dani
Anti-King Ryan Andy
Best Writer Vinny Ryan
Best Personality Anna Mia
Best Mod Mia  Ryan  
Joker Dani Lauren
Weirdest Wesley Lauren
Most Likely to be a Stripper Annabella Wesley

Gala Outfits

Part 1: Arriving At The Gala

All of the people attending the gala were crammed in one small mansion, in the west of the Capitol, the girls rushed around fixing their hair and make up. Some of the boys such as Benji and Lou were slumped on the couch eating crisps in their gala outfits. "GET UP" Phie screams in Benji's face. He smiles and looks her up and down. "You look wonderful". Phie blushes but soon gets over it and screams at him again.

Lana, Morghan and Pandora walk in. "Pandora, Lana, you're wearing dresses" Anna-Belle says. "Yeah" they both say at the same time. Gertrude and Jasmine stumble past the leather couches, trying to avoid tripping over furniture and Benji's feet. They flop onto the couch and then they hear the loud beep of a limosine horn. "I'M NOT FUCKING READY OH MY GOSH" Foxxie screams. Everyone not already downstairs crash down the stairs and stomp outside. People dash for the limosine. Everyone gets in, fighting to get into the small door first.

Around 30 minutes later

People claw at the door, scrambling out like lobsters. As they enter the elegant marble building they are greeted by a cheery President Snow. "GERTRUDE, LANA, PHIE, ROBIN, ANDRET...." He goes on to list all the names and then screams "IT'S SO GREAT TO HAVE YOU HERE MY LITTLE DARLINGS!" People rush in and scramble to sit beside their friends. 

"Welcome one and all to the great gala of the centuary!" Snow screams into Iseult's ears, his loud happy voice echoes around the hall. Other people attending look in the direction of him and snigger, holding their elegant gloved hands over their mouths. 

Ronnie, Jay and Ryan laugh and clink their glasses filled with posh wine a little too loudly. While Jasmine, Lana and Gertrude have a quiet conversation about the wacky host, President Snow. Snow walks up behind them and buzzes Jasmine's waist, she jumps about a metre and screeches like a banchee. 

"Now now my dear Jasmine, no need to be afraid of Uncle Snow," he says in a loving, yet creepy voice. Gertrude stares at him, looking him up and down.

"Mr Snow, would you be so kind as to LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE?!" she screams, each word getting louder and louder until she's shouting at the top of her lungs.

"Gertrude my darling, no need to be like that" Snow says, making fake sobbing noises. "Just go away," Lana says. 

"Fine," Snow cries, running over to Benji and hugging him tightly. "WOOAAHHH!" Benji screeches, reeling from the impact of Snow's body. He hasitly shoves Snow off to land in a chair.

Snow gives a slight wimper then picks up a microphone, he calls out to the crowd before him,

"EVERYBODY SIT DOWN!" Then he gives a sharp tap at the microphone, sending a shrill echo throughout the hall.

The guests all seat themselves on golden spray painted chairs around matching tables, cloaked with royal red cloths. In true Snow style, red roses are scattered onto the tables as decorations and party favours, each guest recieving one at their chair.

Capitol style waiters parade into the great gala hall, displaying their own rose styled clothing, they display golden trays, thei contents concealed by matching lids, the waiters flick the lids off revealing golden leaves spread round the tray, topped with mounds of red sprayed burgers; shaped into roses. Another set of waiters join the first, in the same attire, they place trays with food that the guests have never even seen before, down onto the tables. They bow and exit hasitly as Snow gestures to a band in the back of the room, who quietly provide background noise for the chatter of the guests.

Zap slowly bites into one of the plump red burgers. A few seconds later he starts to jitter and squeal. He sprawls on the floor and slowly turns into what a pale, hollow eyed zombie.

He stumbles towards an unexpectant Kai who is chattering away, and bites down on his neck. A few seconds later everyone is aware and running away, screaming and crying.

"Oh my," Snow whispers "You put horse meat in the burgers, didn't you?" he shouts at the head cook. "THAT STUFF IS POISONOUS, ONLY FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS!" he squeals.

"NOW ALL MY GUESTS ARE GOING TO DIE, AND POSSIBLY ALL OF PANEM" He cries, shoving his head into his hands.

Part 2: The Zombie Infection

Crowds of people, girls stepping on each others high heels and boys running into each other after having too much alcohol stumble everywhere, trying to to get away from about 9 bawling pale, hollow eyed zombie waiters, surrounding the dance floor. Their skin had lost all it's colour, and water so it was ragged and stale and smelled horrible. There were round purple bags under their eyes and some of them had ripped up their dresses and spilled punch and food over them, after bumping into tables repeatedly. 

"HOLY RABIES! I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE WATCHED THE WALKING DEAD!! AHHH!" Matt screeched, running in circles like a maniac.

A milk pale zombie threw itself onto Benji and tried to eat his face off, Benji thrashed and kicked and screamed. "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" he bellowed, punching its' ear. The zombie let out an ear piercing howl of blue murder and bared its' teeth at him, its' ragged yellow teeth. Benji took the chance to throw it off him and stagger under a table, out of sight. The zombie growled in frustration and went on to find another victim, before-

"AIN'T NOBODY GONNA MESS WITH MY DATE!!" an angry Phie yelled in the zombies ear and kicked its shoulder with such force that if flew off, hitting Pandora's face. She sat up, grabbing what had hit her and screamed, throwing it up into the air and scrambling out of the floor, trying to get blood off her face, her hair shaking wildly.

"YUCKYUCKYUCKYUCK!!" she squealed, running around in circles. 

Meanwhile, Phie was trying to rip off a zombies' head, Benji was getting drunk under a table, and Gertrude was... Dancing with zombie-form Kai? 

"Wow, I thought my dress was cool, but that's like totally hot. Red is soooo last year," she hiccuped, swaying around the dance floor, around the chaos with Kai, he looked a bit like Edward Cullen, his face looked the same, a bit paler but not all the water had been sucked out of his body and he looked kinda.. sexy. 

Kai shrugged and then nodded. Gertrude's jaw dropped. "SO YOU THINK MY DRESS ISN'T COOL ENOUGH FOR YA?!" she shrieked, overdramatically. Kai's expression didn't change. He shrugged again, then pushed her away, stuffed his hands in his pockets, and began to slowly make his way across the chaos in slow motion as an explosion took place behind him with the DJ. Gertrude started to cry and ran after him. 


Outside, Jasmine, Sam and Robin we're laughing and chatting, they heard the screaming and rolled their eyes. "Ugh, it's Lana's birthday party alllllll over again," Jasmine slurred, hiccuping, with a red cup in her hands. Robin nodded. 

"I agree, what's taking Phie and Darren so long in there?" she replied, attempting to not seem worried. Sam shrugged.

"Maybe they're hooking up," he suggested, emotionlessly. Robin gasped and threw her cup in the air.

"THAT CHEATER! I'LL STOP THEM RIGHT NOW!" she said, holding up her index finger and charging to the black sleek doors. She threw them open and stormed in.....

Back at the Gala

Darren pushed Phie against the wall, ignorning her obvious protests to his advances as Robin charged in, "Oi, Darren?" Darren swung round, eyes widening and heart racing, Phie responded with the same shock, swiftly shielding her face and making an exit. Robin interrupted her and shoved her back against the wall, almost imitating the way Darren had done before.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? YOU CHEAT!" Robin screeched while looking back and forth between Phie and Darren. Darren muttered under his breath and attempted to duck undeer Robin's arm, halted by a quick slap round his jaw, he recoiled and returned the slap causing gasps from Phie. The other two scrabbled and scratched at each other, as Phie gasped again, but not at the cat fight. A colourless, limp body edged it's way into the room, dragging parts of ripped clothing behind it and murmuring under it's breath. It latched eyes on Robin and pawed at her dress.

Robin span round, clearly too stupid to realise it was a zombie, she cried, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? You have the nerve to interrupt us, looking like that?" She bitch slapped the zombie as it pawed at her face. "You sicken me, get out!" She followed this up by punching it's face, with a hollow thud, it fell to the gound. Robin panted and turned her attention back to Darren.

Phie sped out of the room, horrified as she turned the corner to see the zombie invasion surrounding her, at least 10 other people had been infected and Capitol citizens were either running round like a headless chicken or fighting the zombies, ultimately infecting themselves.


Lana, Jasmine, Pandora, Morghan and Phie start running as fast as they can to get away from the crowd of crusty zombies chasing them. Darren and Benji run behind them. In an attempt to save the girls and himself, Benji shoves Darren into the crowd of oncoming zombies. Darren's screams and cries make Benji feel almost guilty, but he shrugs it off. If he wanted to survive, he had to sacrifice some things.

'This should keep that crowd of zombies busy for just enough time to get us to safety,' Benji thinks to himself. He screams something at the girls and they turn around. 

"See that block of flats over there?" he hurridly whispers. "We're going to hide on the roof of that, but we'll need to lift a lot of furniture to baricade the door and the windows on the bottom floor." 

The girls and Benji run off, trying not to attract too much attention, they ran into a few brainless people on the street that had attempted to run away but they went past them. Jasmibe threw up once, but that didn't matter. They succesfully got to the flats and set off to seperate houses.

After around 5 minutes they finally baricade everything, to gaurantee safety. They go into the homes and fill bags with food and water, enough to last for at least a year. They also grab pillows, covers and a bunch of clothes. After this they run up to the roof as quickly as possible, making sure they had guns too, just in case.


Matt and his sister Robin get into a nearby jeep, running away from the crowd of zombies, frantically. Matt starts up the engine, making sure they have enough gas. "So where are we going?" Robin asks quietly.

Matt didn't turn around, instead he just cranked the engine and got them going on the road. Robin inched forward from the passenger seat. Matt pushed her back and growled something under his breath. Robin cocked an eyebrow as they skidded down the road, hitting a few bumps down the way. 

"Matt, are you okay?" Robin asked, concerned. He seemed a bit drowsy, and his eyes were twitching uncontrollably. Matt nodded and kept his eyes on the road, his hands started to slide down the wheel and his eyes were getting droopy. He started to giggle and hiccup. Robin put a hand on his shoulder and Matt barked at her, growling, as white saliva drooled out of his mouth. Robin gasped, and Matt cocked his head to the side, twitching.

Robin whimpered. "Matt, stop it," she demanded, gaining a bit of self-control. He didn't. He turned back to watch the road and turned on the radio, 'Uprising' by Muse playing. Matt swayed back and forth and started to do crazy turns with the car, getting in the way of other cars. Robin screamed and lunged forward.

"MATT STOP! STOP!" she screeched, reaching for the wheel.

"GLAAAAARRFFFF!!" Matt bellowed in return. When Robin lurched forward, she realized Matt had been holding a bottle of strong alcohol between his thighs, suddenly, realization hit Robin.

Too much alcohol will make you go rabid and.... And... Then... It'll wipe your brain... Then...

With the others...

Meanwhile, Griffin, Sam, Foxxie and Iseult were desperately trying to seperate themselves from the crowd, running away from the gala. Iseult's dress was almost in shreds, her makeup was smudged and she herself, looked like a zombie. If you hadn't been with her at the time, you would have thought she was one of them. Foxxie was panting and out of breath, they had run away at an incredible speed, heading for town, but even there, the zombie infection broke out, and chaos started before their eyes. 

Foxxie gasped for air and nearly collapsed, balancing herself on Griffin's shoulder. "Wait," she panted. Iseult grumbled and pulled at her skirt, unpatiently.

"Hurry up! If those things catch up to us we're dead," she spat, angrily, watching as a dot of black on the canvas came closer. The town was almost black, all the house lights we're on, illuminating the town square, alarms were sounding and people were running, screaming, frantically, looking for their loved ones. 

Sam cleared his throat. "Undead, you mean," he said, sarcastically. Iseult shot him death daggers and Sam simply shrugged. Foxxie shook her head and looked up.

"She's right, you guys have to leave, now," she demanded, but she clearly didn't want to be left alone. You could see the fear in her eyes. The terror. Griffin shook his head.

"No way! We're not leaving you," he snapped, and glared at Iseult as she crossed her arms, with a pleased look on her face. Iseult scoffed and flipped her hair.

"Well I'm not staying here to get killed, or turned into a zombie, so, hasta la vista," Iseult said, and turned around. Griffin opened his mouth to protest, but before he could say anything, an axe swooped over Iseult's head, not even giving her time to scream, and her head rolled, falling to the ground. Foxxie was about to scream but Sam covered her mouth.

Someone else screamed for her. Kat.

Kat instantly dropped the axe and tears rolled down her face. She began to stutter.

"I-I-I.." she began. "I thought she was one of them!" she cried, and put her hands over her head. "She looked like one! She did! Oh my god... Oh my god..." Kat began to pant and sweat, Andret put an arm around her and pulled her into a hug as she cried into his chest. Andret looked over at Foxxie.

"You okay?" he asked. Foxxie nodded, exhaling air and standing back up.

"Yeah, fine..." She looked over at Iseult's assaulted body, then back to Andret, then she looked at her surroundings. The burning city. The crying children. The frantic parents and teenagers, looking for safety. Finally, she made eye contact.

"We need to get out of here."

Part 3: The Not so Gamey Games

Back near the gala, Anne, Daisy, Lou and Anna-Belle were hacking away at zombies with random things they found. Anne used red punch, which she recently found out burned their skin and blinded them. Daisy stuffed random desserts into their faces and used karate moves to hurt them before splitting open their skulls with forks and taking out the brains, which she stuffed into her purse for examination. She was a geek after all. 

Lou was wildly climbing on the chandeliers, screaming like tarzan and throwing fruit and food at the zombies like a maniac and hollering random words while repeatedly drinking vodka. Lastly, Anna-Belle had taken out a .22 from her purse and was accurately shooting at any zombies that came near her as she inched towards the bright green exit. 

"WATCH OUT!" Daisy bellowed at Anne as a flying zombie lurched at her, jumping from the ceiling. Anne quickly swung a pack of potatoes at its face and it went flying into the wall, making a huge crater in it. The zombie growled and started to faintly try to go towards Anne, but was failing terribly, wailing side to side. 

Anne threw herself at it and began to punch, and kick, and holler, and punch, and kick...

Daisy looked around in panic, them being there and risking their lives wasn't helping at all, it just meant some were being distracted while others left in flocks towards the town. It risked almost all of the citizens of the Capitol, the Capitol was huge, and if this went on any further, soon enough, it would spread through out all of Panem, all the Districts, and that would be the end of humanity as they knew it.

"ANNE!" Daisy bellowed, over the ruckus. Anne looked up, strangling the zombie.

"What?" she asked, irritated.

"We need to go, now! The others might need help! They're heading towards the city!" Anne sighed and left the unconcious zombie on the ground, and nudged Anna-Belle, nodding at the door. Anna-Belle shot one more zombie before running outside, crashing through the exit. Outside wasn't any better, zombies were crowded everywhere, their faces gnawed off, their tuxes and dresses sploffled with blood and gore. Some had their lips ripped off, leaving only rottening yellow and orange teeth, they were limping, mumbling uncomprehendable things, some of their limbs, meat and flesh had been ripped out, probably eaten and some were even screaming, pulling at what was left of their body. 

"Nos sumus noctis ambulatories."

Anna-Belle froze. 

With the Others

"Are you insane?!" Jasmine shrieked. Phie cringed and looked around, still doubting the barred windows and doors would hold off the zombies. Morghan saw Phie's worried look and gave her a nudge on the shoulder. 'It's ok,' she mouthed. Phie nodded, giving her a tight-lipped smile. 

"Jesus Jazz, calm down," Lana snapped. "The zombies will hear us." Pandora moaned and shook her head, then lightly slapped Lana on the shoulder and glared.

"For the last time, they're not zombies," she growled, rolling her eyes. Lana shot daggers at her and Morghan came in the middle, before they started a riot. 

"No need to start a fight," Morghan chirped, happily, but you could hear the wariness and stress in her voice. Her eyes dulled down as Lana pushed her away rudely, she stared up at Pandora who was at least a head taller than her.

"It was your imagination, you're insane," Lana spat, angrily. Pandora didn't seem amused, she just watched Lana with a bored expression. 

"I know what I saw, I'm not insane, not like them," Pandora replied, trying not to let her anger out, but the vibration in her voice was obvious. Rage. Lana's gaze hardened and she shook her head.

"Zomb-" she started, but immediately stopped when Benji eyed her and nodded at Pandora, who was still watching her. "They," she corrected, "can't talk." Benji didn't react, Morghan hesistated but her expression gave nothing away, Phie gave a doubtful look and Pandora cocked an eyebrow.

"I know what I saw," she repeated. Lana growled in frustation, she then crossed her arms and relaxed, as Benji placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Calm down," he muttered. 

"Can you prove it?" Lana hissed. Phie huffed out a puff of air and Lana then realized what she had said. 

"Sorry Lana, I think you just told me to go search for a talking Walker," Pandora said, mockingly. Lana scoffed and laughed with a snort.

"Oh a Walker, is that what we're calling them now?" she snorted. Pandora nodded and Phie shrugged, clearly not very amused.

"I watch a lot of The Walking Dead," Pandora explained vaguely. Benji spoke up this time.

"Pandora is not crazy, but I also don't believe that she saw a 'Walker'," he said, using his fingers to quote Walker, "talking. It's just, it's impossible." Pandora stomped her foot in frustration and Lana clenched her fists.

"WHY WOULD I LIE TO YOU WHEN I GET THE TINIEST PIECE OF INFORMATION THAT MIGHT JUST HELP US SAVE OUR FUCKING LIVES?!" Pandora practically bellowed in rage. Phie, Morghan and Benji exchanged glances, mumbling a few uncomprehendable things. After a seconds pause, Morghan spoke up.

"Pandora might be stubborn, sometimes a bit crazy, stupid and sarcastic, but she's certainly not a liar," she pointed out, kindly. Pandora didn't exactly take it as a compliment.

"Gee thanks," she mimicked. Morghan looked down sadly and Lana resisted the temptation to slap Pandora. Instead, she glared at her and pointed at her furiously.

"You know what?"she grinned, mischeviously. Pandora smirked. "Why don't you leave with your little theories of your own, leave us alone, and get the fuck out of our sight. You're only more luggage to drag along with us," she spat, rudely and kicked her knee, furrowing her eyebrows, her eyes squinting. Before anyone could object, Lana pulled out a small knife that she had stolen from the gala, and pointed it directly at her heart. Morghan, Jasmine and Phie gasped. Benji's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Pandora was certainly surprised, but was trying hard not to show fear or shock. It was definetely working.

With the others

"ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?!" Lou bellowed, throwing even more fruit at crowding zombies. Anna-Belle, Anne and Daisy were by the door, warding off zombies, trying to convince Lou to get down and escape with them to the center of the city, somewhere safe. Daisy was yelling constantly at Anne to just run, because Lou had had too much vodka and he would be too hard to carry along.

Anne shook her head. "No! I'm not leaving him!" Anna-Belle and Daisy glanced at each other and then nodded, clearly thinking the same thing. Daisy patted Anne's shoulder and shrugged. "Sorry bud! You're on your own!"Anna-Belle and Daisy burst through the doors, sprinting through crowds of screaming people, children, a few zombies and tripping over dead bodies.

Anne was defenseless, she waited a few seconds before yelling out one more cry. "LOU! PLEASE!" Lou stared off at Anne for a few seconds, the zombies suddenly stopped, and watched Lou. Anne didn't have time to be confused, because suddenly, Lou jumped down from the chandelir, walked towards Anne, and that was when the zombies began chaos again. They all bawled and groaned and went straight for Anne and Lou. Lou grabbed Anne's hand and they ran through the doors, Lou's hand was dead pale and freezing cold. It was as if Lou knew exactly where he was going, he sprint in one dark direction, Anne in tow, then spotted a red Jeep, threw Anne in beside him and cranked the Jeep up, pulling out a pair of keys out of his pocket.

Anne watched blanky as Lou furiously drove away from the riot, his eyes twitching uncontrollably and his knuckles as white as milk. Anne didn't say anything, but she did quitely check her pockets for a weapon to use againist him just in case. He was drunk after all. Unfortunately, Anne didn't actually have any pockets. Hey, you go to a gala that's supposed to be fun and end up with a long gala dress that you had to rip half off because it was so long in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and end up with a drunk wacko in a red jeep running away from hamburger infected zombies in the middle of the Capitol filled with crazy people with bright puffy outfits, way too much makeup and ridiculously long eyelashes and the one thing you have to ask for are pockets!

Anne was snapped out of her racing thoughts as Lou mumbled something and then grunted. Anne stared at him with a horrified look on her face. She didn't dare move or talk.

Back in the riot

"No crap," Sam muttered sarcastically as he, Foxxie, Griffin, Andret and Kat sped through the dark burning streets of the Capitol. Foxxie, pushing all that she had into running, Kat still sobbing about Iseult's murder, Andret soothing her telling her it was ok, and Griffin in the lead, obsessively yelling at them to hurry up. 

"Come on!" Griffin shouted. "There's a Taco Bell around here! We can stop there!"

Foxxie rolled her eyes and trudged along. Andret smirked. "Taco Bell in the zombie apocalypse. Go figure," he snickered, and Kat punched his arm.

"I'm hungry," Sam whined. Griffin's pace got faster.

"THEN MOVE IT!" he practically bellowed. With that, the 5 disappeared into black bliss.

With Matt

Robin knew she was going to die. The second Matt accelerated, the car got faster, faster, faster, until the point when Robin had no choice but to jump out. She could either wait until Matt crashed and burned the car, or jump out now with the slightest chance of survival.

Robin tumbled on the ground, to find herself lying in the path of a massive crowd of zombies, she scrambled up clawing and crying, and ran in the opposite directions of the zombies.

Robin heard a loud bang and looked up, seeing a wire from a pylon flailing around, it touched a puddle on the ground, and a shock went through the ground, Robin collapsed and she knew that she was going to die.

The pylon exploded and send metal and wire flying everywhere, it caused a chain reaction and all of the pylons around it exploded, everyone on ground level got caught in the explosion, leaving only Pandora, Lana, Benji, Morghan, Jasmine and Phie alive on the roof. 

Phie heard creeking by the door, and suddenly a crowd of zombies burst on to the rooftop, Phie, Lana and Morghan jumped off of the roof, knowing they'd die anyway and they'd rather die that way than be eaten by zombies. Benji, Jasmine and Pandora were left on the roof, but instead of trying to put up a fight they just stood and let the zombies infect them.


President Snow paces between the rows of bodies "How could I let this happen" he mumbles "All I was trying to do was have a nice ball" His assistant, Katie whispered that they could do the restore, he disagreed, but Katie had him wrapped round her little finger.

"You are Natasha Falconer" Katie said to Kat Seeku. Kat repeated her name and Katie told her to move along. 

"You are I-" Katie paused and noticed the twitching figure infront of her "Shit" she whispered, knowing it had gone wrong again. She recovered and said "You are Iona Miller" to who was once Foxxie Fyre. 

She went through everyone, noticing their nervous twitching and their mutations. She went to tell Snow, but from the look on her face he could already tell that it had went wrong "We can't keep doing this, Katie, this is the third time it's went wrong"

"I know," Katie whispered, "but" he stared at her "we can't let them keep dying either".


Infection Chart

Name: Infected By:
Zap Zoom Horse meat burgers
Kai Asher Zap Zoom
Darren Cotten Crowd of zombies
Matt Thombs Alcohol
Jasmine See Crowd of zombies
Pandora Miku Crowd of zombies
Benji Bill Crowd of zombies

Death Chart

Name: Killed by:
Iseult Samiee Kat Seeku
Robin Thombs Electrocuted
Lana Jile Suicide
Morghan Umbredth Suicide
Phie McFhale Suicide
Gertrude Maya Explosion
Anne Hathel Explosion
Ronnie Carpe Explosion
Jay Leep Explosion
Foxxie Fyre Explosion
Kat Seeku Explosion
Griffin Toll Explosion
Lou Chet Explosion
Daisy Sun Explosion
Anna-Belle Fletcher Explosion
Ryan Niol Explosion
Darren Cotten Explosion
Sam Perth Explosion
Andret Mar Explosion
Kai Asher Explosion

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