So this is Le Prom 3! This time, it's like the first. Which you can read here and was followed by this. This prom isn't your average prom. It'll have the usual dates and awards, but with a twist at the end. This is the 3rd in the series of Prom Games. Le Prom 3 follows on from the 2nd, but this time there will be 14 categories. The winner and runner up of each category will be thrown into the games and fight to the death.


  • Vote for anyone but yourself. We're taking this seriously though.
  • Don't vote for guys in the girls category and vice versa.
  • If you vote improperly and don't change it when asked, we'll kick you out of prom.
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People Writing

The Games

  • There might not be the traditional number of tributes, because people may get multiple awards.
  • The POV's will be as detailed as possible.
  • Complain if you want to die.
  • The 2 names in BOLD and itallic text on the Nominees chart will be the ones going into the games.
  • If you read these, write Death By Spoon.

Dates and attendees:

Attendee: Their Date:
Oli Miscy
Wes Kiki
Ryan Gruff
Lily Caylin
Erlend Anna
Claudia Julia
Kaeghan Emma
Berry Jade
Colin Liza
Luka Cass
Callam Alice
Dani Mia
Kekai Joan
Ben Jay


The 16 highlighted in bold below, are the ones going into the games.

Category: Third place: Second place: Winner!
King Charles Oli Wesley
Queen Mia, Dani, Jade Kiki Anna
Anti - King Oli Wesley Erlend
Anti - Queen Lily Dani Emma
Hottest Male Erlend/Ryan Callam Oli
Hottest Female Emma Dani Kiki
Most Inspirtational Kiki Ryan Anna
Best Personality Erlend/Anna Mia Julia
Best Mod Dani Mia/Ryan Anna
Best Writer Wesley Erlend/Anna Ryan
Most likely to be a pervert Alice Lauren Erlend
Most likely to be a teen mum/dad Wesley/Annie Lauren Erlend
Joker 6 people who have stuff already. Oli Kekai
Weirdest Wesley Erlend Lauren

Prom Outfits

  • Alice
  • Anna
  • Annie
  • Ben
  • Berry
  • Caylin
  • Claudia
  • Colin
  • Dani
  • Emma
  • Erlend
  • Gruff
  • Jade
  • Jay
  • Joan
  • Julia
  • Kaeghan
  • Kekai
  • Kiki
  • Lauren
  • Leafy
  • Lily
  • Liza
  • Luka
  • Mia
  • Miscy
  • Oli
  • Ryan
  • Wes
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Part 1: Prom

Dani nudged the door open and emerged from the bathroom, having just gotten changed into her Prom dress. Mia, already propping the doors open, waiting for the Prom guests to arrive, spun round, then complimented Dani's outfit with a smile, while eyeing up her blue ribbon that pulled the whole outfit together. "You're finally wearing a dress!" 

Dani shot her a sideways glance, then leapt up onto the stage, admiring the work the two had put into the hall's appearance over the day. Mia joined her shortly, after spreading the crimson cloth over the tables and laying out bowls of punch.

Oli and Miscy were the first to arrive, strolling hand in hand through the doors, her long, dark hair flowed as she walked and Oli gripped her hand. His palms were sweaty and his voice quivered slightly as they talked, but Miscy just smiled, knowing she couldn't imagine Prom with anyone better.

Wes and Kiki were second, Kiki giggled and caught sight of Dani and Mia, then led Wes over, who awkwardly towered over the three. He clasped two swords in his left hand, as if about to fight and had a stern expression, despite his delight at Kiki's acceptance when he'd asked her to join him for Prom. He hadn't imagined standing in a corner with a group of giggling girls.

Ryan and Gruff appeared next, it seemed as though they had been drinking before they'd arrived, Gruff mumbling and leaning on Ryan slightly, for support. Neither of the two had seemed to make an effort with their hair either, leaving it tousled and dishevled. Although, both were dressed properly and Gruff carried a long staff; the others scared as to where he'd put it...

Lily, Caylin, Erlend and Anna all arrived at once, bounding into the prom hall and heading straight to dance, Anna edged away towards Kiki, Wes, Dani and Mia, and joined in with the laughter. Once Erlend noticed Anna had left, he crept over to the punch bowl, reached his hand into his pocket and glanced around, splashing a container of something into the bowl and hastily mixing it in, then stepping away to a safe distance.

Claudia and Julia immediately made their way to the punch bowl, out of breath from cycling fifteen miles in dresses . Claudia let out an exhausted groan and drank two cups, then collected a third for Julia, who sipped it calmly, adjusting the rose that rested on her belt.

Kaeghan, Emma, Berry and Jade arrived together, as the second they reached the Prom hall's doors, Berry eagerly latched onto Jade's hand, dragging her over to where Lily and Caylin were bouncing around with Erlend. Emma shrugged and followed, before Kaeghan knew what was happening. The seven of them were cut off when a classical piano interrupted the upbeat, guitar solo previously playing. They simultaneously spun round to see Annie hugging her knees in the corner by the DJ, sobbing with mascara stains smeared over the red velvet dress she was wearing.Kaeghan bounded over and switched the song back, causing Annie's blubbering to escalate until she was rocking back and forth.

Colin and Liza stood to the side of the room, until a slow song began, then he gripped both of Liza's hands and pulled her into the middle. A few people awwwed, until Berry ran up and switched the song, making Colin and Liza shrink back to the side, where they sipped punch.

Callam ran over to the snacks laid out by the punch bowl, dragging Alice with him by the hand. He began rummaging through the haribos, until he found a ring. He scooped it up and held it out to Alice, who was cut off by Joan scurry past, snatching the haribo. Over the top of his suit, he had put on a dress, with a dirty blonde wig pulled over his mop of hair.

Luka and Cass arrived shortly after, Cass marched over to Ryan as soon as she set foot in the building, snatching Kekai's whip as she went. Luka scurried beside her, trying to calm Cass down. Ryan was engrossed in conversation when Cass made her first strike.  The second brought him down to his knees, and the third left him huddled in the fetal position. Satisfied, Cass spat, "It's alright, I don't fuck with beginners. If you're that easy to beat, I wouldn't want you anyways." then flounced off.

Ben and Jay were the last to arrive, Ben approached the punch bowl, to be greeted by Claudia and Julia, Claudia stared at Ben, with dilated pupils, while slurring, "Tryyy some off thhee punchh." Ben paused to watch Claudia skip over to dance while chanting "Wee-snaw" then moved onto the haribos.

Erlend laughed as he watched all the people who had drunk punch. Claudia was slurring as she sang "Wee-snaw" to Julia, who, under the influence of cocaine, was stood on the stage, singing songs from Les Mis, to Annie's delight; who was still curled up in the fetal position.

The thundering feedback of the micrpohone deafens the crowd of teenagers. Annie being closest to the speakers nearly goes into cardiac arrest and start wailing louder than before until Kiki being the good Samaritan goes over to her and coaxes her out from the fetal position and takes her to the girls bathroom to get cleaned up. Mia begins talking about how glad she was everyone was before Dani interrupted "enough of that, blah blah blah, winners of awards, blah blah, here's the sheet of winners" before she throws it in the air dramatically and storms off stage obviously upset by something. Mia delicately bounces on the balls of her feet after picking the discarded sheet up from the stage. She flicks the curls of her hair from out of her face before opening the envelope and reading the names of the winners and close runners up deserving of an award "Wes, Jade, Anna, Erlend, Lily, Emma, Callam, Oli, Dani, Kiki, Me, Julia, Ryan, Alice, Kekai and Lauren" Slowly but surely a few of the winners or runners up get to the stage but not many can be bothered. After about a minute all are present excluding Annie and Kiki who are still in the bathroom and all collect a trophy from behind the stage and get an adequate at best round of applause.

After a few minutes of some songs and people dancing and being hyper. Ryan, obviously feeling empowered from the punch storms up to Cass and begins shouting at her about what had happened early. Cass obviously being the weaker and smaller of the two, and without the aid of a whip, backs down from Ryan's challenge, to which he puts a smug face on. To which is his downfall as Cass shouts in his face "Ryan, you are a misogynistic, feral and rude excuse for a person. You are a waste of flesh and bone and I could have you any day in a fight". Ryan is about to walk away when Wes shouts from the back of the room "Ryan you pussy!". Ryan now realizing that he cannot back down without losing a lot of his well fought reputation pulls his hand back and unleashes a powerful backhanded slap across Cass' cheek which sends her back a few feet. Instantly Jay and Colin fly in to Cass' aid and push Ryan back into Wes. Obviously the presence of Jay, Colin and Cass is too much for Ryan and he slinks away with Wes like a puppy with his tail between his legs.

After this very short but very tense excuse for a fight Cass runs through the hall and goes out the fire exit into the back area of the venue which has a botanical garden. Luka runs following after her with the intent on calming her down.

Ryan, still fuming from his half victory half defeat sulks in the corner with Wes. Callam and Alice are DJ'ing. Kiki and Annie are back in the hall and everyone else is either dancing or in a group talking loudly or joking. Cass and Luka are outside in the garden.

Mia tugged Dani towards the rotting door to the ladies' room. Shoving her in, then following her. "What's wrong?" Mia dropped her usual tone of voice to confront her, who shot the other a dirty look. After an exchange of glances, Dani opened up, scowling, "Ugh, Callam saw Erlend spike the drinks and was like 'YOU'RE ORGANISING THIS THING, HOW COULD YOU LET THAT SHIT HAPPEN? EVERYONE IS AS FUCKING LOOPY AS A ROLLERCOASTER!' So I said 'Shut up grandad.' But, what the fuck?"

Mia shot Dani an accusing look through the mirror, while fixing her hair; she sighed, "Dani, build a bridge, and get over it." She walked away, leaving Dani to sulk, before she emerged back in the prom hall, just in time for the bonfire.

Meanwhile Cass and Luka are in the gardens and Cass is fuming about her recent confrontation with Ryan and Luka is trying to calm her down. Erlend, after drinking too much punch runs out the back door and vomits into a rose bush while muttering about something to do with giraffes from Switzerland. Cass and Luka ave transitioned from Luka trying to calm Cass to a full blown argument. Erlend hears te loud voices and crawls on all fours round a corner and sees Cass and Luke begin to wrestle. Just as Erlend thinks that his night can't get any better, booze, fun and now watching Cass' dress nearly being ripped off by Luka. Just as Erlend wishes he'd brought some punch with him Cass loses her temper and pushes Luka as hard as she can. Unfortunately, Cass did not see the row of stairs 6 foot ahead of her. Luka spins and flips down the stairs with a sickening cacophony of crunches, thuds and cracks. Her body lands in a twisted mess at the bottom.which just so happened to be less than 6 foot away from Erlend. As Cass runs down see if Luka is ok Erlend reveals himself and shouts "WHAT THE FUCK CASS?!". He is swiftly silenced by Cass covering his mouth with her hand. "Listen Erlend you little shit. I saw you spike the punch earlier, I took photos too. Don't make me accidently tell everyone and show them, ok hun? Now I'm about to let you go so don't scream or I will not be such a sweetheart". Slowly Cass lets Erlend goes and then Erlend suggests "Let's burn the body, but it in the bonfire and nobody will ever know it was you!" muc to Cass' delight she gleefully agrees and they darg the body to the heap of wood massed in the middle of the garden. "You'd better burn whatever booze and drugs you but in that punch too Erlend". Erlend shrinks and throw a few small plastic bags of a white powder and pills into the wood and then runs into the hall and comes back out carrying the punch container and dragging a backpack full of clinking noises which can only be assorted alcoholic drinks. After leaving the alcohol, drugs and corpse hidden in the centre of the wood pile they both retreat back to the hall and try not to break down.

Eventually everybody leaves the hall to watch the bonfire. Wes walks down to the bonfire and studies it before producing a small mettalic lighter. He lights it and throws it on the bonfire and slowly walks away like he is trying to be an action hero but fails spectacularly to everyones amusement. Which is further heightened when he trips over and falls straight on his face and everyone bursts out laughing. However, what Cass and Erlend had forgot is that alcohol is very flammable and occasionally explosive. The flames just start to lick around the centre of the bonfire when a monolithic explosion rips through the chunks of wood and Luka's body. Flames spread all over the garden and reach the hall where the lights still pulse and music still blares. Unfortunatly Kaeghan is in the wrong place at the wrong time and a thin shard of wood flies from the explosion and pierces him just above the right rib and pins him to the wall behind and his head hits the wall with a sickening crack which leaves half his brains hanging out. However, potentially even more unlucky are Ben and Jay who both get hit by the same spiralling piece of wood which hits them and crushes them against the wall. The wood however is on fire and so are they. They are simultaneously burnt and crushed by the large block of wood. Instantly everyone runs for protection by running inside of the hall which is now burning very quickly. As bits of the roof cascade down on the teenagers, Liza trips on a chair leg and a large ceiling tiles about 4 foot wide and a foot high falls on her legs and crushes them so fast that she can't even feel the pain. As she screams for help Colin turns and takes a table cloth and hauls it over his back and wears it round his face like a gas mask.He reaches for her hands and tries to pull her out. Once he realises that it is hopeless he tries to lift the panel. He begins to make progeress towards it and lifts it a few millimetres before collapsing back down from exhaustion. Colin turns to Liza and they are both crying. Their friends bodies little the floor and some are missing limbs, some are crushed entirely. And then the building collaspes and they are entombed forever.

Part 2: Training

Oli's POV

Flickers of light filter through my eyelids as I start to regain consciousness, soot and ash engrained into my skin and the stench of burning flesh, along with, roses? Propping myself up on my elbows, I notice the shackles around my ankles, some of my friends chained up around me. Although, the room's interior is furnished like a prison cell, the colours are a blend of deep red and ash grey. I only register the man behind me once his thunderous growl roars into my ear.

"Hello, children." I whip round to see a man with sprouts of rainbow coloured hair, a magenta suit and indigo crocs. I can't help but stare, my eyes burning at the colour explosion. I hear a muffled yelp, clearly from my twinny, but the man grabs my arm first.

"I suppose you may be wondering why you're here. Now then kiddies, you're gonna go into a big arena, and kill each other, got it? And I'm arranging it. If you refuse, I'll kill you, m'kay?"

Callam's POV

After the weird multicolour dude finished his speech about us all killing each other we were lead through a wide arched door into a room. As the overhead lights flick on I see that the room is basically a circle cut into 9 sections, the entrance we came through and 8 sections with a person in each and varied supplies. One has bows and spears, the other has just treadmills and weights. The guy who spoke earlier has gone and another guy has replaced him.

"I am the head trainer at this facility, what you have here is a centre to train yourself to your physical best for the games. There are 8 sections, they are Speed, Strength, Short ranged weaponry, long range weaponry, Hand to hand fighting, Survival skills, hunting and endureance" He says pointing in a clockwise manner to each one.

"At the end of 3 days training you will be brought in here individually. You will be given half an hour each to prove your skill at all 8 sections and the judges will rate your skill out of 100 which will determine the betting odds for you.". Everyone looks around in angst at the brutal assortment of weaponry .

"There are 16 of you and 8 stations, 2 per station after an hour and a half you rotate. PAIR UP AND GET A MOVE ON KIDDIES" instantly Alice is by my side and we see everyone slowly pair off together. Some are obvious like Dani and Mia and Kiki and Oli but I pay no attention to the rest. After everyone has picked a station Alice and I are left with hand to hand combat. I realise that people are paired because you have to work against each other. So I'm going to have to wrestle Alice. We both enter a circular ring like sumo wrestlers use.

"Well Callam, you're screwed. I know Kung Fu" Alice says with a sly grin.

"Yeah, well I...I..... I'm bigger and older than you" I reply with a wink and training begins. Painfully.

Dani's POV

Mia and I walk towards the knife throwing station, Mia picks up a sharp, long knife and throws it at the target viciously. It hits almost exactly beside the center and Mia goes to collect it.

I pick up a shiny knife and throw it, but it goes backwards, hitting Wes in the leg "Oops" I whisper slyly into Mia's ear. She giggles and I turn around and wink at Wes, who's staring at me in disbelief. 

"That's what you get for the period jokes" I mouth at him.

Mia and I take turns throwing the knives at the target, we're both quite good, meaning our alliance will be strong in the games that weird rainbow guy mentioned.

I look over at the hand combat station, where Callam is struggling against Alice. She pins him to the ground and laughs in his face and says "Told you I was stronger"

Mia stops throwing knives and stares at where Kiki and Oli are talking to the rainbow guy. Kiki is laughing and giggling as if she's having a good time, but as he turns to walks away, her face goes straight as she picks up a sword to challenge Oli with.

Wes' POV

Ryan stands laughing at my wounded leg. "Shut up" I shout at him. "Kitty got claws" he laughs. 

"Dani is fucking crazy I swear." I whisper to him after the trainers finish bandaging up my leg. "Oh shut up, you deserved it" he says.

I stare at Erlend who's dancing with a spear in his hand. He pins it up against Kekai's throat and yells at him to sing with him. Kekai begins to nervously sing and Erlend removes the spear "Good boy!" he says as he pats Kekai's head.

Ryan resumes to laughing again and I shoot him a death stare "If you're so amazing why don't you show me your skills" I shout at him 

He replies with a simple K and picks up a massive weight, throwing it into a rack of knives. I try not to act impressed and he sassily walks up to me and snaps his fingers.

"I'd like to see you do better" He smirks, obviously making a joke out of my hurt leg.

Jade's POV

Feeling adventurous, I duck behind a plant and anticipate Emma to find the snare I'd set out. She doesn't. She steps into the noose I'd laid out and dangles by her leg from a thick branch, screeching and thrashing around amongst the grass, skimming her dark brown locks that tumbled to the ground, still left in our prom outfits, her grassy green dress hung below her head, her face concealed, but sure to be red.

Hoping nobody saw, I let her down with a thud. Spitting in my face, she flounces off to find another partner, leaving me stifling my laughter.

Hopefully I'll have shot at these games, if I can set traps.

Wes hobbles over to me, "Jade. How about you, Ryan, Lily and I form an alliance? We'll be elite." This proposition sounds good, and, seeing that I'll have to kill my friends, I would rather backstab them than anyone else. I agree, trying not to sound too cunning, for this is just the start of my plan.4

Alice's POV

4 and a half hours later and after hand to hand fighting, survival skills and hunting. Callam and I face endurance which I know is both mine and Callam's weakness. I may be fast though Callam is just an all rounder to my knowledge. It turns out that endurance consists of 45 minutes non stop on a treadmill and 45 minutes or push ups, sit ups, pull ups and every other kind of up possible. The 45 minutes of running was pain to me and I had to stop 3 times, Callam stopped once and that was just to go to the bathroom so maybe he isn't so bad at endurance. Next was all about muscle though, and though Callam might have better stamina I must have better muscle endurance casue I'm stronger. The first challenge was to do a pull up and hold it as long as possible. After the first 20 seconds I began to struggle but Callam just stayed there with a gleefull smile on his face. A minute and my arms were numb and in all kinds of pain and 10 seconds later I let go. But Callam was just hanging there smiling still. Eventually I get pissed off and flip him a finger to which he starts doing pull ups just to rub it in. And he finishes it with a one-armed pull up.

"Fucking show-off" I wink and kick him in the shin. Obviously Callam and I are allied but who could we trust? Anna? Kiki? Anyone? In a fight to the death can you really trust anyone? Even your best friend?

Kiki's POV

Lunchtime. Callam, Alice, Dani, Mia, Oli and I sit on a table eating whatever this grey slop is and talk about the events of the day. Alice is bragging about beating 7 shades of a something out of Callam in wrestling but then Callam just keeps saying endurance so I am guessing he trounced her at that. Everyone just keeps talking and talking like this is normal, like it's ok we're going to be killing each other in less than 3 days. I just can't take it anymore. I excuse myself and walk to the girls bathroom and splash some water over my face. It's all horrid, I don't want anyone to die. Not after prom, not after all those dead bodies. I don't know how 16 of us got out alive. I can remember some flash backs, Anna crawling low to avoid smoke. Wes and Ryan lifting debris off Lily and Callam nearly getting killed by a falling plant pot. Imagine that, killed by shrubbery. Then again, I'd rather that fate than ours. I think about how maybe if we get Ryan and Wes to team with us we could have a chance of winning and then I realise I am thinking aloud. Suddenly Anna walks out of one of the cubicles and says "Yeah, maybe they'll join you. And maybe the wolf will lay with the lamb" and she walks out after washing her hands. And all I can think about is how earlier I pitied those who died earlier. Now I hope they pity us. But then I hear a whisper in my head, you'll need more than pity.

Anna's POV

As we come to the end of each of our respective training stations the weird croc wearing guy reappears and tells us to follow him in our pairs. As we follow in a side by side line he takes us through the door we entered and then the floor begins to sink. All of it, like an elevator. And 8 doors are revealed. 

"Each pair gets a room, get some rest kiddies. You'll need it" the man says. Practically while he is still talking Lauren runs for a door dragging Lily behind her. Next is Callam and Alice who walk side by side and he holds the door for her and she thanks him while blushing. Eventually only one room is left and Julia and I walk in to find an apartment I'd expect to be in magazines. A designer kitchen, two king sized bedrooms with en suits and servents EVERYWHERE. I could get used to this kind of living, well, that is if I wans't going into a fight to the death in just over 2 days.

Alice's POV

Oh my God. This place is amazing. Seriously, Callam and I have spent the last half hour burely jumping round one of the master bedroms smashing each other with pillows. Eventually we tire out and end up somehow discussing out tactics. Callam informs me that he doesn't have many skills but those he does have can be used well together if in the right situation. It's at this point i realise he wants me to share my tactics when I realise I don't have any. I've never been one for preperation and although now is the time to start I can't be bothered. 

"Anyway Alice, night. I'll see you tomorrow" Callam says as he gets up from the bed and walks out. I call to him

"Callam? Come back" I see his head pop round the door and I know what I want to say. 'Don't go. Stay. With me. I'm afraid that I won't be able to stop. Not even now.' 

"Night Callam" I say and smile as he walks out and she walks in. As she always does, calling at night. Filling my head with whispers. Whispers in the dark.


The 16 tributes, who found themselves in a new place named 'the Capitol', were paired and thrown into training, training to kill their friends. The alliances were clear though and the tension between them was building. The transition from teenagers, to tributes happened almost instantaneously, once they got into training.

The games were rapidly approaching, after only a day of training, it was only a matter of hours before they were to be forced to step-up, into the arena. An arena fairly familiar to them, though...



'Careers' (i.e. the 'elite')

  1. Wesley
  2. Ryan
  3. Erlend
  4. Jade - Kekai
  5. Lily

Awesome Rainbow Pegacorns

  1. Mia
  2. Dani
  3. Oli
  4. Kiki
  5. Callam
  6. Alice


  1. Emma
  2. Kekai - Jade
  3. Julia

Lone Wolves (i.e, alone)

  1. Anna
  2. Lauren

Day 2

Head Gamemaker's POV

The tribute all file out of their rooms and into a single file line. Of course I was watching this all on massive holograms in the control centre. One of my nameless colleagues leads them through to the training centre while telling them about the new rules we have implemented. 

"Right then kids, due to the restlessness of out benefactors we have decided to accelerate your training, you will have 5 hours to do as you wish. Then lunch and then your provate sessions and tomorrow you begin the games. Here are some rules for you. You will be put in an arena and you are to kill each other until one remains, each of you has a sponsor and your sponsor has 100 of our currency which you don't need to know about.BUT if you kill one of your chums here you inhereit all of their money to add to your own. AND just to spice things up. If you kill your partner of the past day. Your money will be doubled. So let's pretend little Dani here butchers Mia. She keeps her 100, gains Mia's 100, and then it is doubled to 400. So kids I'm assuming you want to know what these numbers can get you. Weapons, Food, Water, Tools, pretty much anything to keep your little deliacte hearts beating. There will also be a few twists to come later cherubs but don't you fret darlings. Plenty of time for that" and with that he leads them into the training centre as I think to myself as friend sizes up friend. As they wonder if they can kill their closeest friend for personal gain. Like moths to a flame.

Lily's POV

Well after all the bullshit about killing people and fictional money I seem to have an appetite for slicing some dummies heads off so I strut straight to the short range station and Ryan of all people joins me. He doesn't even look at me like he is above me, and he literaly is because I'm short and he's tall.

"Don't look so worried Lily" He says as he unsheathes a scimitar "I'm not going to spar with you."

Instantly he shoots me a look of pity. Fucking egotistical bastard. I see what Cass meant now and I can't help but give him a death glare and start to hack away at a dummy's face pretending it is his fucked up mess of a face.

After about half an hour of practive Alice approaches the station and Ryan invites her to spar with him obviously seeing more of a challenge in her than in me. Ryan easily takes the lead and forces Alice to the defensive. He arcs his blade wide and she lunges inside to which he replies by kicking her square in the chest so she flies backward about 5 feet. Alice reluctantly gets to her feet and I realise half the room are watching them. As Ryan forces her on the defensive again Alice learns her mistake and rolls under his swipe and digs him in the back with her elbow to which he predictably is enraged. After a few close cuts and punches Alice looks completly drained and Ryan elbow her in the face and spins and swings to decapitate her when a spear is pressed to his throat. 

"Leave her alone. Now." Callam is standing a few feet behind Ryan and the tip of the spear nicks Ryan's throat and blood trickles down. He steps back and Alice gets to her feet. If this is what people are like when training then the games will be hell.

Erlend's POV

I can only think one thing as Callam looks intent to kill Ryan. Alice looks hot covered in cuts and bleeding. Anyway I focus again on trying to use this bow, it's really hard. They've told us to keep our bow arms relaxed but if it's relaxed how can we draw the string? I'm having no luck here so I move over to wrestling and drag Lily from her sword practice to wrestle with me. She reluctantly accepts which I take to mean that she wants me. So I let her get the better of me and as she goes to pin me I smack her on the ass with a large smack. She instantly recoils and slaps me. Hard. Just as I'm trying to decide whether she's playing rough, hard to get or just doesn't like me she gets up and and sits on my face and just as I try to enjoy this a large noise like ripping sounds from all around my head and a vile smell hits me like a concussion. I can't breathe. It feels like the smell is squeezing my trachea and then I black out.

Kekai's POV

A pang of jealousy shoots through me and I see Lily sit on Erlend's face, so I turn my attention towards my speed, one station I haven't tried yet. This one is my strong point, I storm towards the track set out to the side of the room, then thunder down the track, panting as I go. I smirk as a couple of people watch me and Erlend recovers from Lily's 'attack'. Erlend winks at me and my stomach melts slightly. As my attention is on Erlend, I collide with the wall. An ear-splitting crunch rings through my ears as a waterfall of blood cascades down my face. Pannicking, I pull myself up off the bloodied floor and ignore the laughter. I recieve a sympathetic look from Kiki, but to my left, Erlend and Jade are practically pissing themselves.

Emma's POV

I grimace as a fountain of blood explodes from Kekai's nose, then try to conceal my laughter as he passes me at the survival skills station. A few berries are scattered around the table, raspberries, blueberries and something called nightlock, it looks tasty, so I take a small bite, confused as to which is the right one to eat. I laugh as it tickles as it slides down my throat. Anna approaches me slowly, concerned at the red stains around my mouth. She cautiously checks the table, then jumps at me, immediately grabbing my waist and shoving my stomach, until nightlock spills out of my mouth, I gag, then spin round, "Why the fuck did you do that? What was that for?" I shout, inbetween gagging. Anna stutters, "But, Emma, it's poisonous..." She flicks open the berry guide and points to a yellow box with a hazard sign. I feel my face grow white and my head feels light...

The Games - Information

Training Scores

Alice - 57/80

Callam - 61/80

Dani - 69/80

Mia - 55/80

Oli- 66/80

Kiki- 40/80

Erlend- 71/80

Kekai- 68/80

Ryan- 72/80

Wes - 71/80

Lauren- 38/80

Lily- 67/80

Anna- 65/80

Julia - 57/80

Emma- 51/80

Jade- 67/80


The arena is going to be basically the Earth, but 1/500 of its size. Some places have been removed for simplicity and antartica is also a place to go but is not on the map as we couldn't fit it in. Each of the 7 continents has it's own ecosystem, mutts and weather patterns very much similar to modern day. Obviously the black is water. 
Prom Map


1) If you are dead, the games are not over for you. Once a day a random person from the original 28 participants will be resurrected. The tribute will be decided by vote. The voters will be the people who are already dead. You may not vote for yourself and you cannot vote more than once. At the same time as voting for someone to be resurrected you must vote for a living tribute in the games, if the resurrected kills this tribute they are back in the games. If they do not kill them within 2 days they will die and be permanently out of the games. The easiest way to do this is just say 

Revive: (Insert dead tribute here)

Target: (Alive tribute here)

2) Killing the person you trained with doubles your money. The tribute pairings are

Alice Callam
Dani Mia
Oli Kiki
Erlend Kekai
Ryan Wes
Lauren Lily
Anna Julia


3) You may send your tribute counterparts advice but don't make it unrealistic, you are each in charge of your own money. A list of items will be put up after the first day of the games so that you don't try to cheat the system and try to send things during the bloodbath. The bloodbath will be strange so do not expect to get everything you want. I'd recommend having a country or continent in mind when you write advice.

Part 3: The Games

Julia's POV

We're all called to the training centre by the croc dude, anticipating the games. He gathers us into a circle and produces a wooden crate filled with some kind of masks. We each stare at our own, puzzled as to why we'd need them.

"Right then kiddies. Time for some fun!" He cheers with a cheesey tone and a wide smile that hangs on his face like a hammock. We exchange glances and all put our masks on, laughing at how stupid we look. Despite the tension between alliances, everyone manages to get along.

Croc guy scuttles over towards a red switch, all of us still stood on red circles. A flash clouds our vision and my body tickles, sending shivers up my spine. I shudder and flick my eyes open to see a mixture of swirls and stars. Flinching, I can feel my body start to levitate and I adjust to the gravity, or rather lack of. A long rope is fixed to my belt, the other end loosely knotted to a circular platform, raised over a space station. All 16 of us are there, so I figure, the games have begun.

Trying to get a head start, while everyone else is in a daze, I untie my rope, then watch it disintergrate. A flood of panic knocks me down and I scrabble around in a swimming motion, grabbing for something to hold on to.

The croc dude's voice sounds as I do so, "Hey! Stop that! Wait until the countdown is over. You'll have 60 minutes of air, then you die. May the odds be ever in your favour."

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, 50

Confused, I scrabble in the air, the others staring at me, saying their final goodbyes. They've given up on me already.

Lauren's POV

49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40

I smirk when I see Julia's stupidity, then try to figure out my own game plan. A bunch of things, tied down to the platform are stacked in a dilapidated pile. Little pods are placed round, big enough to sit in, with a number etched into the side. 1 to 16, one for each of us. Except Julia might not need one now.

39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, '29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20

Too impatient, I hold my breath as I re-adjust my mask, a blast of mixed gases hit me in the face and attack my nose, clogging my airways and suffocating me from the inside.

19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 109, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

As I finally re-gain my breath, a gong resonates and I hoist myself along the rope towards the stacks of weapons and food, the others doing the same, except for Julia. It's Callam that gets their first, his endurance training really paying off. He grabs a gun, and an armful of supplies, then places them inside a pod. He tugs Alice's rope closer to help her, then they escape together. The 'elite' alliance are the next to make it, but they don't leave, unable to truely fight anyone, they stand guard of the supplies, threateningly bearing weapons as a warning.

I reach the platform, then attempt to float to the back of the supplies, taking something to survive with. Yet Lily gets there first. She leaps towards my mask, her fist piercing the glass. I gag at the lack of air, an explosion happening in my throat. She then whips out a gun, fires towards Julia, still meandering round the platform. Within a second, Julia's body flops and limply floats, then Lily looks towards me, with one wink, she fires.

Jade's POV

As the last to leave, us 'elite' gathered the leftover supplies and put them into the escape pods, only five minutes of air remaining. The pods were furnished with a large, glistening red button, set into a dashboard, identical to one found in a car. A tracker, doubled as a watch slots out of a compartment in the dashboard, a map of the Earth is printed over the screen with red dots, symbolising my friends.

We press our red buttons in sync with each other and a flash transports us. A white haze appears before me, battering my pod. I hastily check the tracker that displays  Antarctica in massive red letters. Wesley appears in India, Ryan in Alaska, Erlend in Brazil and Lily in the outback of Australia. "Well, I'm fucked." I mutter as I glare into the blistering winds before me.

As the blizzard calms down, I check my tracker, another red dot bleeps around a 100 meters away from mine. I glare out of the window to see a figure trekking towards me. Kekai.

Callam's POV

Well that was fucking eventful. After we got in the pod we decided to wait and watch because the pods looked strong enough. After about 15 minutes of watching everyone try to float into pods we decided to leave. Alice being the dope that she is didn't know how to get us out until I pointed out the giant red button. Moments later we are encased in darkness with the smell of dust and damp. It seems like all power to it has gone because none of the lights come on nor a display. Luckily we grabbed our trackers earlier. I wait a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the light and I see a torch just outside the pod. Not an electric torch like an old fashioned wood burning thing. So open the hatch of the pod and grab it and take the matches I got and light it. Instantly I see we are in a long tunnel supported by arches. At the end one way is a dim light cutting through the air while particles float through. Down the other are a bunch of cages with benches in.

"Where the fuck are we?" I mutter. and walk toward the cages. Scraps of metal lie rusted on the floor. Even the hilt of a sword in one corner. I slowly walk the other way with Alice behind me. I emerge from the damp corridor and instantly am blinded by the piercing sun overhead. I see nothing but sand and a kind of elevated seating area ahead. I walk about 20 feet forward and I see that I am in the centre of a circle of sand. With stands overlooking me and I finally realise where we are.

"We're in fuckin' Italy" I say to Alice. She looks puzzled. 

"How'd you know?" she quizzes me. I point in a circle to the stands surrounding us.

"This Alice. Is the Colosseum. And we're a long way from home."

Erlend's POV

Fuck. Fucking fuck from fucking Fucksville, Fuckania. Brazil. Why? It's hot and sweaty and just to piss me off some more I'm got dropped in the middle of a rainforest. With no water. And sweating my balls off. The noises are the worse though. Clicking noises and scurrying. I've been walking for about an hour when it starts to get dark and I realise if when the games started it was midday roughly judging from when I got here then it shouldn't be getting dark this early. Maybe it's the seasons or more likely it's. Fucking rain. Rain drops pelts me. Dousing my body with warm water which just makes everything worse. I sit down leaning on a tree. The clcking noises start to intensify. 

"What is that fucking noi-" I begin when two giant fangs lung at my head from my side. And when I say giant I fucking mean it they're both easily a foot long and dripping some purple gunk. Before I can even react I'm on my feet running. Vines and branches whips my face and arms as I run. The scuttling of legs and clicking gets louder and louder and I can feel them close to catching me when I break through the canopy of dense vines to see a massive river of muddy water and I dive in without hesitation. I swim 10, 20, 25 feet and look back. Sitting on the shore is a hideous giant spider. 4 feet high and roughly the same wide. Hundreds of eyes focus on me and it leans back as if to leap when a ball of purple saliva fires from its hideous maw and I duck but it glances my right shoulder and sticks on impact. I instantly feel a searing pain and swim with the fuctioning arm to the other shore and tear off my shirt and stare in horror...

Wes' POV

Right then. With the alliance basically split completly apart from maybe Lily and I. I decided since I have so many supplies in my pod from the Cornucopia that it would be best for me to just establish a base. After scouring the streets for a base I decided the best place to be would be a super market because it has food and everything I could need. Unfortunately there aren't many supermarkets and I have to walk miles before I even see a sign for one when I realise my idiocy. I CAN DRIVE. I spot a car dealership down the road and think about taking one of the sport cars but the fuel consumption is massive and not a lot of space means not many supplies. I end up deciding on a Range Rover and drive back to my supplies and pick them up and load them into the trunk. After pulling up outside the super market I decided the best place to store everything would be the place nobody would look. I put all the supplies in the changing rooms of a clothes shop and go shopping for a better outfit than this...

Kekai's POV

"Who's there? Jade, is that you?" I ask stumbling through the snow. 

"Stay where you fucking are Kekai" she shouts from out the pod and points a gun at me. Shit. Bad fucking move, of course Jade was with the Elite guys of course. Well I'm fucked.

"Allies?" She shouts to me over the roaring wind. I instanly smile from relief.

"Sure" I shout and walk towards her and her points to her pod and says something about carrying supplies. I pick up as much as I can and attach it to a big bag that's in the pod and carry it out. After about an hour of silent walking I decide to try and bring the mood up a bit and just start to say crappy jokes that I know. Eventually Jade seems to be pissed off so I grab her on the shoulder and turn her around. She pushes me over, pins me and shoves the barrel of a pistol in my mouth before I can even react.

"Listen shithead. I've got a really fucking short fuse so don't push it. Ok sweetie?" She beams with a grin and pulls the gun out and aims it between my legs and fires. The bullet misses by millimetres.

"I won't miss again" she says and puts it back in the holster and walks away and I slowly get to my feet and follow brushing the snow off me.

Erlend's POV

Fuck. Shit. Holy shitting fuck. Holy fucking shit. My shoulder is covered in little boils. A mixture of green, purple and red. And it really fucking hurts. I stumble through the jungle and suddenly my vision goes hazy and distorted. I collapse next to some dilapidated tree trunk. It's hurting badly now. Throbbing echoes of pain shoots up my body and through my chest. I haven't been able to feel my right hand or wrist since about an hour ago. My entire right arm is turning green and the veins underneath are prominent and purple. The dull throbbing sensational eventually reaches my head and creates the mother of all migraines. It's nearing to night now anyway and I think this is as good a place as any to stay the night. I curl up next to the tree trunk and try to escape the pain.

Alice's POV

"We're a long way from home." No shit.

What the hell is the Colosseum or whatever anyway? And how does he know? These games are gonna suck if I can't keep up with whatever Callam does. How was I supposed to know the big red button opened the pod? I mean, have you never read a horror book? You never push the red button! Ahh whatever. Not that Callam's annoying or anything, quite the opposite, I mean I guess you could say I was irritating, he basically saved me from Ryan. That bogging frocker. I'm gonna kill him when I get my hands on him. Well, if I ever do. 

I was still in my thoughts when I heard someone screaming in gibberish. Callam stopped abruptly in front of me, causing me to smack my head on his back. I craned my neck and looked in front of Callam and saw a random butt-ugly stranger yelling in italian. Callam blinked at him as if by saying what the hell did you just say? Okay, I must admit, I spoke a little Italian, and that was only cuz I spoke Spanish. 

"Perdere! Signoria, ti piacerebbe che ti dicessi il futuro??" I rolled my eyes, just another stupid fortune teller on the street. I tugged on Callam's sleeve.

"Come on, let's go," I said. Callam looked at me spectically and then shrugged, walking along. The Italian Man kept shouting at us as we walked off.

"Perioclo! Uno di voi morira! La morte e in mezzo a voi!" he screamed. I lightly kicked Callam's shin as to tell him to go faster, and we sped up, the screams getting fainter and fainter. After about 5 minutes of walking, he turned to look at me. I raised an eyebrow. "What?" I asked.

"I understand italian you know," he said. "He said one of us will die." There was a sudden silence and I laughed, half afraid and half not convinced of this bullcrap. I shrugged my shoulders and grinned.

"No need to worry, I'll protect you when the Boogeyman comes to get you, no matter the cost," I said winking. Callam looked the other way with a smile.

"I'm counting on that."

Gamemaker's POV

"AND WE HAVE A WINNER" I shout jubilantly. 

"YOU MY FINE CAPITOL PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN CASSANDRA TO BE REVIVED!" an earpiece tells me that a target has been chosen as well and while I wait for the cheers of the live audience to slow I hold a finger up to shush them

"HER TARGET WILL BE" I pause for suspense

"RYAN!" And the crowd makes a near deafening noise.

Cass' POV

I am alive. I shouldn't be. Deep inhales of breaths rack through my lungs and fill my body with life. I lie still for minutes trying to control my breathing. I never took death to be so painful. The last thing I remember was wisping tendrils of smoke all around me the sound of cracking and people sobbing. I slowly open my eyes to bright colours of pink, orange and green. I am in the middle of a dense forest and I can hear a beeping noise coming from my right. A small machine is there with a picture of Earth and flashing red dots. A small display brings up some text.

Cassandra. You are in a fight to the death with your former friends.

You have been brought back to life by the votes of the people enjoying this event. You must kill RYAN within 48 hours or you will return to your previous state. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Well fuck. Ryan, the one person I want to kill most. I sit up and start clicking on the red dots and they flash up information. Callam and Alice in Italy. Wes in India. Erlend in Brazil. Anna's in New York and then I see two red dots practically on top of one another in the far west. I click on one and it gives all my details. And then I click the other. 

Name: Ryan

Age: 16

Training Score: 72/80

Odds: 7/2

He's less than a mile away and judging by the night sky he's asleep. I decided I will get no better chance than this and slowly begin to walk the way that the device is pointing me.

After about a kilometer I come to a small cabin which looks like it belonged to a hunter or something. I check inside for a gun but have no luck. However I do find a rusted shovel and several skinned rabbits and a large military backpack. I suff the rabbits in the bag and begin hiking the final distance to my target.

I see a small fire burning to my far left along with a mettalic pod of some kind and I see Ryan resting at the base of a tree with a blanket pulled over him. I decide that surprisng him without getting too close is my best bet.I decide I should climb the try he is leaning on and drop down. I'm about 15 feet above him and I take in as many details as I can. He has plenty of supplies and even a gun. His hand is resting on it though just to his right. I decide that the gun is a bigger threat than he is. I decide that the hand needs to go and I ready my shovel. I jump 15 feet down onto him and the shovel pierced straight through his right wrist and severs his hand completly. Unfortunately for him my foot when I jumped landed right on his bollocks and so he scream more in pain from that then his hand. I grab the gun quickly and point it at his face.

"But Cass you're de-" BANG.

I never liked his voice.

Kiki's POV

Overall I think I got sent to the best place. I ended up just on the outskirts of London. Because I'm on an island I can see on the tracker if people are coming to shore and if they are I can stop them so I can defend this area well. 3 people are dead already. I've been checking the tracker every 5 minutes to see if someone else is dead. There were 16 of us at the start. Then 14 got here. Cass came back to life and now Ryan is dead. So that's 3 kids who didn't deserve this and now lie in dreamless early graves. This whole thing is horrid but there is only one way for me to win this and that is an alliance. I already have one with Dani, Mia and Oli but Callam and Alice are making their way towards everyone so they could be a threat or may have a deal with someone else. Everyone's odds are on the readouts so I consult mine and they are not good. It changes between 150/1 and 200/1 so I'm guessing I'm a long shot, a very long shot. Bad thing about being in England though is no guns. So I scoured houses for weapons and now brandish a set of long knives and an assortment of hammers I got from a kind of workshop. I haven't checked the tracker in about an hour now so I consult it and count the dots.

Callam and Alice in Italy. 2. Kekai and Jade in Antarctica. 4. Wes in India. 5. Cass, Anna and Emma spread through North America but nowhere near each other. 8. Me. 9. Lily in Australia. 10. Dani, Mia and Oli are all in Europe heading towards each other. 13. And that's it. But hang on, 16 originally. Add Cass to make 17. 2 died in space, and then Ryan died when Cass came back so it should be 14 right? I spend a few minutes deciding if my maths is right and I come to the conclusion it is. But I can't remember who's died.

Erlend's POV

A restless night. The clicking noise is louder than ever but I constantly check and no spiders are near. I give up on trying to sleep and just rest under the tree and try to tend to my arm. The boils have got bigger and now itch but I try to resist because it might make it worse like chicken pox. Eventually I decide that it can't be that bad if I scratch it and I scratch all over with my left and hand and it feels sooooo good. After a few minutes I am satisfied and slump against the tree again and just as I start to feel safe and drift off I feel the itch come back, but this time more like a tickling sensation. I go to scratch it and recoil in pain when I see blood dripping from my right wrist, I haven't felt anything from there since earlier so maybe I snagged it on a rock or something. I take my shirt of to see the boils now stretch all down my arm but..but...they're moving! Holy shit they're moving up and down my arm I hear the clicking noise from earlier right next to my ear. I turn slowly and see a bloody and pulpy mess on my shoulder and the head of a spider emerging from my shoulder. Instanly another spiders bursts out my wrist. This starts a chain reaction of spiders hatching out of my arms until there is almost nothing left. I am left in shock as these spiders hatch and I realise that I litterally cannot move. The spiders have paralysed. Just like they do their prey. And then I close my eyes. And pray it's over quickly.

Kekai's POV

I'm gonna die out here. I'm gonna die in the blistering wind beside and abusive she wolf who will probably devour my brains when I die.

Every few moments, ripples in the snow whizz by my eyes, distracting me long enough for Jade to notice and scold me.

A coastline eventually comes into view, with what looks like a boat moored by the side. I skip over to it, Jade reluctantly following, luckily her gun still in it's holster. I haul the bag into the boat and place one foot in, as Jade points out that there are no oars. I shift my weight back into the foot still on the ground and sigh.

"Kekai, get in and push me." Jade jumps into the boat and folds her hands behind her head, gun gripped tight with white knuckles. My eyes widen, and as I'm about to protest, a ripple in the snow darts through my peripheral vision. A growl resonates as the wind calms. A white fluffy thing emerges from the snow drifts and scampers towards me. It looks like a bunny, so I reach out to pet it, however Jade's wide eyes tell me not to.

As I withdraw my finger, the bunny pounces, sinking it's teeth into my skin and staining it's coat with blood. I howl in pain as it starts to swallow, then raise it to my eye, an ashen bone protrudes from a fleshy stub. Another snap and my nose seeps blood, staining the crisp white snow, I stand defenceless, having never received pain like this. With one shot, Jade quells the bunny's behaviour, it limps and buys me enough time to jump into the water, now eager to relieve the pain in my finger and get the hell out of Antarctica.

Blood weeps from my poor finger, with no sympathy off Jade, I keep going, treading water to reach a new area, as fast as I can. The numbingly cold water causes my legs to start weakening as we near the coast of South America. Jade seems satisfied and pushes me the last 100 metres, while I bandage my finger up and tend to my nose.

As we moor on the coast, relieved at the rejuvinating warmth of South America, we're greeted with a shrill cry, echoing over the beach and halting the both of us, dead in fear.

Mia's POV

All I know, is that I'm somewhere in Europe heading towards Oli and Dani. Kiki, the other quarter of my alliance is stranded over on Great Britain. Oli's rapidly approaching me, heading from Germany, so I must be in Poland, Dani hovering between Italy and I.

I whisper some form of thanks to the gamemakers that we're placed so close together, making forming our alliance so much easier. Although that must mean they have something instore with us, plus we don't have many supplies between all four of us.

Within an hour, Oli bounds up to me, dragging a tattered cloth encasing our supplies, as he reaches me he flings the cloth to the side and attacks me with a hug. I stagger back slightly and smile, then we walk together, to find Dani.

As we approach near the Polish border, the wind brushing through the bare trees with their leaves shed hastens. A strange aura enters the air and the hairs on the back of my neck prickle up like tiny spears. I convince Oli to take out a weapon, so we both arm ourselves with daggers, unsure of what's about to happen, and no doubt something will.

As the wind dies down along with my guard, a fierce noise pierces the air, something familiar from home, yet I can't place my finger on it. The noise resonates through the air, twice this time. I scan around me as Oli stares up, his eyes widen and he drops the supplies and breaks into a run, taking my hand as he goes. I don't have enough time to question him before a pigeon swoops down and plucks at my head, I duck and keep sprinting, Oli panting beside me.

In rays of confusion, I turn my head to catch a glimpse of our pursuers, a blood stained mutated pigeon, ruffled feathers fall off as it rapidly flaps behind us, gaining on us. I grip my dagger tighter and we draw to a halt, turning round to see three more, each bearing distinct wolf like teeth decorated with blood splatters. I point my dagger out in front of me, squinting slightly and fearing their jaws, Oli copies me and lashes out as the first pigeon propels closer. A gash opens up on it's left wing and it twitches as it falls towards the ground.

I jump to collide with the second and puncture it's torso as it scrapes at my hand. An arrow zips through the air towards the third, knocking it into the fourth and letting them flop dead.

An unfamiliar arrow skims past my head and lands in the ground next to me, to which I whip round, instinctively yielding my dagger.

To our relief, Dani forces a smile and lowers her bow, an arrow toppling out of quiver along with a jar of nutella that she surreptitiously shoves back in. We scramble over towards her, then make plans to meet up with Kiki, who is heading towards the channel. Picking up the pigeon meat, after half of our supplies are mutt food, we amble towards Britain.

Anna's POV

Streets paved with leaves and dust criss-cross over the city, so I hopelessly and cautiously follow them. Aimlessly walking in hope that I'll find food. All of the convenience stores are locked, and I can't bear to break into someone's property.

In the hope that I won't come across someone else, who may try to attack me, I traipse towards a lofty, shabby looking building with deteriorating foundations. The only building which is open. I quickly scan the area over both shoulders, then hesitate before going in. No weapons and little food, due to Lily's patrol round the cornucopia, I quickly realise the area is a multi-story carpark and hungrily frisking every car there.

The top floor oversees New York, impossible not to recognise with the highlighted monuments down every street. While inspecting the glorious view before me, my hearing reduces to nothing and I miss the footsteps approaching me from behind, firmer and stronger with every step. Although I twist round in time to see Emma's ashen face, emotionless and drained as she extends her arms enough to let me stumble backwards, tipping me over the edge. With an instinctal thought, I grasp for Emma's hands, feet scrabbling at the edge, we both tumblr through the air, plunging into the concrete slab breaking our fall, below.

Kiki's POV

Another two gone. Tears well up in the corners of my eyes as I remember my friendship with both Anna and Emma, even though it doesn't mean much, I bless their souls before continuing through the east of France. I'm close to the others, but too close to Callam and Alice. Unsure of what's about to happen, I keep armed; not that I'd ever kill anyone.

Vibrations keep rolling through the earth beneath me and sending jolts ot panic through my body, but I soon forget about it when I see dim, blurred figures approaching me from the twists and turns of Switzerland's steep mountain villages. Clutching my easiest-to-throw knife in my right hand so my knuckles turn almost as white as my ashen face, I stand my ground, ready to threaten, whoever it may be, yet run if I'm in any danger.

As the figures get closer, I see the unmistakable silhouettes of Oli, Mia and Dani. Dani shouts my name, Oli drops his supplies and tackle hugs me and Mia follows Dani, who prizes Oli away. The four of us then look around, slightly unsure of what to do next. Mia decides that we should find somewhere to camp, maybe get supplies and hopefully wait out the competition, afterall, Switzerland's mountains should give us somewhere to reside and we'll know if anyone is coming our way.

Jade's POV

Kekai whines as another cry echoes throughout the forest. He quickly hops back in the boat and urges me to join him, forgetting about his 'injuries'. Feeling slightly sorry for him, I pull out a gun and urge him out of the boat, hoping this way he'll do what I want, making it safer for the both of us.

"Right then, Kekai. Follow me." I tickle the trigger of the gun, his eyes widening with fear as he scoops up half of the supplies, me taking enough to survive, but not enough so that I will have to put the gun down.

The cries get closer, urging us to hurry and steer clear of the rainforest. As they near us, they morph into pig like croaks, causing me to giggle slightly, hiding it from Kekai, but still gripping my gun just as tight.

Who knows what's here after the bunny episode.

I decide that these pig frogs can't be that bad, but we steer clear of the rainforest. Meandering round the coastline, we find a track that zig-zags round, the occasional snake slithering before us is the only thing barring our way, but snakes taste good.

After trekking until the sky tells us it's time to settle down and the coastline nears to start restricting us, we collect kindling and I order Kekai to weave us a shelter. The horrified look on his face as I rest my finger on my gun's trigger again forces a smirk out of me.

"Kekai, I won't actually shoot you." I pause, unsure of how to continue, "I guess you're okay."

Kekai exhales and I toss the gun to the side, finishing with, "But seriously, shelter. Now."

Lily's POV

Perfect. Brilliant. Australia, hot, boiling, barbie filled Australia. With some luck I would've been dumped in the ocean, dammit I'm so close to the shore, why this out of all places? I don't even have a partner. Oh what the hell, I don't need a partner, I'm fucking brilliant on my own. I don't need another annoying brat to tell me what to do and what not to. Yeah I'll tell you what you shouldn't do, you shouldn't fucking speak up or cut your fucking head off.Where am I supposed to go anyway? There is absolutely no one here. No one to kill. I'll have to make my way to Europe. Hurra.   

I started making my way through trees, the shore only a few meters away. When I reached the steaming prickling sand, I squinted my eyes from the sunlight and placed my hand above my eyes. I could just faintly make out a long white and red figure on the shore, making its' way across and near the crashing waves. With a few steps forward I finally realized with a jolt of surprise what it was.I sprinted towards the ocean, legs burning and sand kicking behind me, dust forming in front of my eyes. The sun was shining  bright and I couldn't see where I was going. The white figure was starting to sink into the blue and I ran even faster.

Only a few feet away now... 3.... 2... 1... My feet crashed agains the water and I was slowed down. I jumped and caught onto the white figure, which was in fact a red and white boat. I clammered on top of it and quickly searched for any supplies. Food, water and warm clothing we're all stuffed underneath a wooden plank. I grinned. I searched inside and outside the boat, for any signs of holes, leaks or weak spots. None. Only bad chipped paint and horrible designs. I sat back and relaxed, watching the blue sky, headed towards Europe, where soon, I would get my first kill. And silently, I was thinking, my last.

Oli's POV

I'm the first to notice the figures slinking through the darkness towards us, Kiki and Mia dampen the fire and Dani and I take out our weapons, I quickly scan the tracker. Alice and Callam. We don't know why they'd come for us, they don't seem like the type to pursue kills, plus I'd always gotten on well with Alice. As they draw nearer I tense up, they also have their weapons drawn, yet they hold a relaxed posture and a loose grip. Dani speaks up after we stare at them and them back us for a minute or so, "What do you want?" Her harsh tone is met by Alice's softer, calmer one.

"Erm, allies?" Dani's expression isn't readable, but Mia quickly cuts in before the rest of us can refuse,

"Yeah, come sit round the fire." I guess they'll be useful allies, but a group of six could attract attention from the careers, especially considering most of us would be useless in a fight.

The darkness still floods the arena despite the fact it should be 10AM. The others seem to be taking advantage of this though, so I decide to go hunting, being one of the most reliable, I let Callam know I'm going, then gather up a few weapons. The thought of abandoning the others crosses my mind, I'd make it by myself and I'd probably stand more of a chance, but I convince myself that my friends need me.

Having crafted a makeshift spear and getting stung three times by wasps, I make my way into the forest, dragonflies glide through the air and grasshoppers chant around me, in a mocking tone. A few fireflies light up my path as I jog through the forest, holding out my dagger for protection, I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but food will do. I pass numerous bushes and stop at an orange tinted bush with red berries, I begin to pick at the berries and swear as I carelessly drop the dagger into the bush. I fumble around on my knees for a minute and grasp a cold, hard branch, I grip onto it and try to climb the tree next to the bush, more berries hang loosely further up so I reach out towards them, forgetting about the dagger.

The branch suddenly jerks upwards and tosses me off the tree into a patch of stinging nettles. The branch rears it's head, revealing a stag, foam frothing at it's mouth and building up around it's cheeks, red eyes pierce into my soul and never leave until it's antlers slash through my neck.

Dani's POV

I'm getting really pissed off with Switzerland, we're in the mountains and there's absolutely nothing to do, so we all sit around in silence, apart from Callam and Alice who are having a mini sword fight with twigs.  I guess I must have spaced out because I had no idea where Oli went. "Hey guys, where's Oli" I say loudly, everyone is clueless except Callam. "Went out hunting" he shrugs and slips off into the trees. "Kiki, coming to look for Oli?" I say a while after Callam leaves, she nods and we walk off into the dark and after around 20 minutes of nothing, we come across a stag in an orange bush eating what appears to be Oli. In the bush next to him is a dagger covered in blood, Kiki covers her mouth, obviously disturbed. I stare at it, having to pull Kiki away who is almost in tears.  When we get back I tell Mia about how his throat looked how it had been slashed by a dagger, and how there was one covered in blood next to him in the bush. She thinks Callam killed him because he was the only one who knew where he was, so we go back and confront him...

Alice's POV

I giggle a little as Callam jabs me with a stick, I retaliate and poke him in the ribs, when Dani and Mia march up to Callam, I smile at them as they approach him, but their glances glaze over, I hastily ask to brighten up the mood, "Where's Oli?" They ignore me and each grab one of Callam's arm, he doesn't seem phased by it, especially since we're all a foot shorter than him. He doesn't resist and I can't help but latch eyes onto the glisten of a knife, protruding out of Dani's back pocket and what looks like our only gun in Mia's. Then I think of Callam, a twig. I dart over to find a sword and duck behind a tree, Mia and Dani stand in front of Callam, Mia stretching on her tip-toes to hold a gun to his head.

I can hear faint whispers from the three of them, someone urges, "Don't bullshit us, we know you did it." Callam refuses to admit anything, until Dani shoves him further against a tree, whipping her knife out against his neck.

Callam begins to tell his story, that Oli left and never returned, Dani, despite usually getting on with Callam, presses the knife in more, Callam's breathing pace quickens and I can feel the tension, he could so easily kill them, I think, before seeing Mia's finger on the trigger. I step forward and cautiously creep round behind Mia, her gun being the biggest threat. Callam glances at me from the corner of his eye, surprised the two haven't sensed my presence.

I step closer to Mia, screaming and watching the two spin round, long enough for Callam to snatch the gun and hold it out to Dani's head. Mia, unarmed dashes just smirks, pointing out that there are no bullets, we ran out. Kiki emerges from behind a tree, quizzically glancing from each one of us, unsure what to make of the situation.

I dart over to Mia, about to pounce on her, as I lunge towards her,  drop my sword and she sprints off, Dani is the fastest to react and snatches it up off the ground, to which I chase after Mia, defending Callam with my life.

Kiki's POV

Caught in the middle of the civil war of The Awesome Rainbow Pegacorns, I awkwardly back away towards the campfire, the image of Oli's mangled body, being devoured by a stag replays in my head, a loop of disgust continuously haunts me until I crouch down and cover my ears from the muffled yells of Dani and Callam. Soon my lunch is on the floor and I find a knife, wishing that maybe there were no blades and we could go back to before the games. When we were all friends and nobody would be hurt.

I remember all my friends, then glance towards the tracker, not many of us left. Dani, Callam, Lily, Wes, Jade, Kekai, Mia, Alice and I. I'm left in a place designed for me to brutally murder my closest friends and, and my twinny. I give in and let the tears shed and trickle down my face, collapsing my head into my hands and letting everything out, I pick the knife up.

Plunging the knife into my chest hurt less than I thought, but the pain seemed to be prolonged, until I was just numb and batted my eyes closed, my last sight being the patchwork sky that enveloped the arena.

Mia's POV

Fatigue soon broke through after being chased for miles by Alice, heading south towards the coast of Italy, it's clear that Alice won't give up without a fight, pure exhaustion slows me down and must have the same effect on Alice, as we feel tremors reverberate through the arena, providing shudders to spread through the 'tectonic plates' and group them closer. We both stop dead, suddenly forgetting about the drama in the alliance, or what was the alliance. Alice turns towards me, fear evident in her eyes, we halt in fear. An earthquake?

I can feel the ground shift beneath my feet, the tremors still pulsing and throwing me off balance, the perfect chance for Alice. As the tremors get stronger and more frequent, cracks become more significant, running along the ground and pointing at us accusingly, as they grow wider and the earth shifts more, I catch Alice trip through my peripheral vision, her foot wedged into a crack, as a red liquid oozes out. Lava. Suddenly I feel my legs buckle and I stay paralyzed in fear, inside I'm urging myself on, to leave, but the tremors get worse, pushing Italy towards America, suddenly everything seems clearer and closer, the tremors die down, but the lava doesn't.

Rivers of lava start to ooze out as Alice pleads to me, I have mercy and help her up and we sprint away, still exhausted after out chase before. Neither of us bear weapons, so if we were to run into anyone, we'd be doomed, but so would they. The lava threatens to lick at our ankles as we draw nearer to Spain, a crooked land that once resembled Earth lies before us, I realise that it must be Pangea, something we learnt about in class, the tracker now holds a new image, displaying us at our original locations, yet the continents are merged as one.

Alice shouts at me to run faster, lava finally catching up to us and starting to form waves, when Alice begins to run away from me, I scream over the sudden change in wind, "Where are you going?" Alice's speed heightens and I realise, she's heading back for Callam. I follow, hoping it may be safer there.

A wave of lava sweeps over us as we reach the border between France and Switzerland, I let out a shrill scream as the lava seeps through my skin, Alice still continuing ahead of me, until she suffers the same fate.

Callam's POV

After a while of running I get tired, so I stop, thinking Dani gave up on chasing me. I sit down and a few minutes later she towers over me with Alice's sword in her hand. 

"Everyone knows you don't stop when someones pursuing you, idiot" She sneers at me. I just stare at her and her face goes blank.

Lily appears behind a tree, flicking her eyes between me and Dani.

You gonna kill me or what" I say and Dani presses the tip of the sword into my throat. She stands still for a minute and then quickly pulls the sword up, and slams it into my head.

Lily's POV

I run out from behind the tree and tap Dani on the shoulder. She turns round and hits me in the stomach with the butt of her sword. "Well well" I cough "turning on your friends I see". 

She growls at me, "You don't scare me Dani" I say. She replies with "Piss off".

"Or what" I say, "You gonna kill me like you did to Callam". She looks down and mumbles something, "What was that" I reply. 

Her eyes flick up to me "I said" she pauses "Never challenge someone with a sword when you're unarmed" she smirks and brings her sword down onto my shoulder.

I fall to the ground, she gives me a look of pity and plunges her sword into my chest.

Wes' POV

Satisfied with my survival, making it down to the last 4, I decide to leave India, the only way I can win is if I get a kill, and Dani looks like my best bet at the moment. I load up my Range Rover and sink into the seat, thinking of how everyone else must envy my luxorious position, except for the fact that I've been devoured by mosquitos and run into several mutant elephants, but nothing that a gun can't take care of.

With the car, I cover twice the ground that anyone else could, and within an hour I'm driving up the steep slopes that envelop some place in Africa, not far from Dani who ambles along towards South America, but still only in Spain. I step on it and skid down mountains at 110mph, trying to stop myself from crashing.

A stream of swear words tumble out my mouth like the car tumbled down the mountain. Rotating through the air like a yoyo and screaming like I'm on a rollercoaster, I finally land upside down, dents cover the exterior and smashed glass from the windows is scattered over the seats. The car seems to be unharmed though, so I slowly keep going, until I reach the border between Africa and South America. Somehow, Dani managed to cross the stretch of Ocean between Spain and Africa and all four of us left are aligned. Unsure of the reception I will recieve from Kekai and Jade, as the career alliance probably isn't valid anymore, I hang around and decide to target Dani first. Making a small camp amongst some trees, I aim to make a hammock for myself, which ends up as more of a matt.

I sleep lightly and wake up at the sudden stirring in the bushes, I check the tracker. Dani. As fast as I can, I sprint to the car and back up, then rev the engine, about to flee, when I see Dani's figure appears halfway up a tree, like a sloth hanging from the branches. My headlights reflect off her eyes as I slam the car into the tree and laugh as it falls down, crushing Dani. She screams and as she's pinned to the ground, I pull out my knife and cautiously step closer, unsure if she's armed with a gun. Her arms are firmly pinned to her sides under the tree and she seems to accept her fate.

As Dani begins to open her mouth to sass me, I cut in, stabbing my knife into her skull and then hopping away, leaving my knife embedded in her skull. Then I feel the satisfaction of my first kill.

Julia's POV

A sweep of air brushes through my lungs and I croush with my head in the dust, spluttering until I regain enough strength to look up, I can't remember anything from before, except I was shot by Lily. Staring down at my stomach, a crimson stain soaked into my clothing forces a gasp. I stumble as I try to push myself up, when I notice my surroundings. sun shimmmers down over the lake that surrounds me, a small mound of dirt in the middle of the lake is where I stand, I look towards my wrists and see a tracker on the right one. A red button is displayed, I cautiously click it and a message pops up.

Julia. You are in a fight to the death with your former friends.

You have been brought back to life by the votes of the people enjoying this event. You must kill KEKAI within 48 hours or you will return to your previous state. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

I sigh, Kekai was always my friend, and now, I have to murder him... The tracker displays Pangaea with red dots scattered over South America, my dot is blue, I click on it and it comes up with a few stats about myself, I'm positioned in a lake somewhere in Africa.

Before I can even find Kekai, I have to figure out how to cross the lake. I slowly submerge myself in the water and begin to swim to the shore, unsure of what may lie beneath the water.

Nearing the bank, I shove myself up and kick my feet, when I feel something wrap around my leg. I stop dead, and slowly twist my head to look at a green tentacle, looped around my leg and digging in, gasping and crying out, I hack at it, slamming my fists into the tentacle and trying to shake it off. A rustle in the bushes makes my ears prick up, unable to see who or what it is, I pause. An engine whirrs in the distance and I glance to my tracer as the tentacle pulls me deeper into the water, my legs fully submerged, Wes appears behind me, he grasps onto my arms and fights against the tentacle, pulling me out and stretching my skin. I'm not afraid to scream until I realise that Kekai and Jade could find us, possibly only miles away. As Wes drags me further onto the bank, I don't think about his motive until I'm free from the tentacle that creeps up the bank, chasing the both of us.

Wes pulls out his knife and I flinch, until he slices the tentacle in two, leaving it writhing on the bank, a wave of water then skims over our heads, concealing a green creature, barely visible, I sprint away from Wes, who trails behind me, he takes me towards his Range Rover and we hop in, "Alliance?" He asks me. Although it's the last stage of the games, I agree, I'll need all the help I can get to kill Kekai.

We drive for a few miles until we reach a rainforest. Wes gets out and signals for me to be quiet, we take weapons and a bottle of water each, I have a spear and Wes carries his knife and a gun.

Kekai's POV

Jade and I sit in silence round the fire, until I break it with another joke, "Hey Jaaddeee, what do you call a nosey pepper?" Jade just stares at me and continues poking the fire, "Jalapeno Business!" I give an awkward laugh and go back to sorting our supplies. No sign of Wes or Julia since the screams, which sounded like Julia, but could've been Wes. As the darkness draws in we decide to sleep, Jade taking guard first for once. I think we're getting on better, so maybe I can win....

"Who do you think Julia is targeting?" Jade speaks up as I make my way over to the hammock.

"I don't know, hopefully neither of us." Jade nods and I walk away, leaving my trust with her.

A strong shove tips me out of the hammock I'd crafted the day before, I groan and complain at Jade, to see Julia staring down at me, her soft voice greets me, "I'm sorry Kekai." She whispers as she drives the spear into my heart, wimpering as she hears my cries ring out through the arena. 

Jade's POV

When my guard shift is over, I go to wake Kekai up. "Wake up idiot" I whisper, and when he doesn't reply I shake him. I feel something warm and wet on my hand and lift it to see blood.

"That fucking bitch" I say silently to myself.

I go to find Julia, she couldn't have gone far. After about an hour of walking I come across her and Wes, both of them sleeping. "Aw" I say quietly as I take out my gun. "Julia" I whisper tauntingly. She turns to look at me and freezes. 

"Revenge" I say in her ear "You know, maybe you should have a guard" I continue and she just looks at me. 

She starts screaming for Wes as I hold the gun up to her head, a loud shot is heard as I run off as quietly as possible. I can hear Wes shouting behind me, I laugh out loud.

Wes darts in front of me, and I lunge for his feet, aiming to grab him and push him into the river, I clutch at his ankles as he reaches for the spear by Julia's feet. I grasp the knife by his 'bed' and run, Wes trailing after me. I use the knife to slash away at the occasional branch and hesitate as I approached a clearing. Behind me, Wes, before me, a cave.

Rainwater trickles down the sides of the cave and it gives a hollow echo to each breath I took, I have no other choice but to go in. Stalagtites and stalagmites decorate the interior with the occasional bat fluttering round in the darkness. Wes follows behind me, I sprint further in, unable to see now and relying on spatial awareness, slowing as I go in further, Wes' footsteps seem to slow down too. I reach my hands out in front of me and continue running, desperate to escape him in this circumstance.

As I hammer into the wall at the back of the cave, fear travels up my throat, constricting it, panic then takes over as Wes runs closer, having no idea the wall is there, or I am either. I stick my knife out and laugh as it plunges into his stomach, until he slams against me, squashing me against the wall. I pull myself away and wipe the blood from his stomach on the wall, and yank the knife away. Squinting through near darkness, I can see him squirm in agony and writhe on the ground, a bright light then fills my eyes, I squint and cover my face as the cave opens up, revealing the patchwork sky in the arena.

May I present to you, Jade, the winner of the games! Congratulations Jade.

The croc guy's voice fills the arena with a congratulations message before everything goes black.

The Death Chart

Name: Who by: How: When:



Bloodbath (Day 1)

Lauren Lily Lack of air, shot Bloodbath (Day 1)
Ryan Cass Shot Forest in Alaska (Day 1)
Erlend Spider Mutts Eaten Alive Amazon Rainforest (Day 1)
Emma Anna Pulled off a building New York carpark (Day 2)
Anna Emma Pushed off a building New York carpark (Day 2)
Oli A rabid stag Throat slit Swiss Forest (Day 3)
Kiki Kiki Stabbed in the chest Swiss Forest (Day 3)
Cass - Infection New York (Day 3)
Mia Lava Burnt France (Day 3)
Alice Lava Burnt France (Day 3)
Callam Dani Stabbed Switzerland (Day 3)
Lily Dani Stabbed Switzerland (Day 3)
Dani Wes/tree Stabbed ad squashed South America (Day 3)
Kekai Julia Speared South America (Day 3)
Wes Jade Stabbed A cave (Day 3)
Jade - - -

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