So this is Me, Dani, Callam and Alice, for Le Prom 4! Part of the Le Prom series, I guess. It started with Le Prom! then there was Le Prom 2!, then Le Prom 3! and then this. It'll have the usual, of awards and dates, but with an actual twist this time.

This prom is based around horror, like Saw (Incase you didn't get the references). As with all of the other proms we have hosted, the attendees shall die. As these are Prom games. There will be some categories that the attendees will nominate other users for, to win an award.

Brief Plot

The attendees will have to compete in saw like games to recieve their awards, then the award winners will be transported to a different setting, where it will be a contest of survival. However, the winner may not win.


(The same as in previous proms)

  1. Vote for anyone, except yourself (It helps if they are active on chat).
  2. Don't vote for guys in girls' categories and vice versa. We're actually taking this seriously.
  3. If you vote improperly and don't change it when asked, you'll be banned from Prom.
  4. Don't vote for banned or blocked people, or users who hardly come on.
  5. Be active on chat and easy to contact.
  6. The people writing are normal. You can ask us and nominate us and stuff :3
  7. Be annoying and we'll kill you or leave you out.
  8. There will be swearing and stuff. Don't like it? GTFO

People Writing

  1. Mia
  2. Dani
  3. Callam
  4. Alice

Possibly some guest writers. Don't ask to be one though -.-

The Games

  • There might not be the traditional number of tributes, because people may get multiple awards.
  • Complain if you want to die horribly and slowly.
  • If you read the whole of this, write Death By Spoon.
  • You will die. It's the Hunger Games, deal with it. - Dani
  • Comment
  • With the awards, if someone doesn't vote, we'll randomise it using the already nominated.

Attendee Form









Hottest Male:

Hottest Female:

Best Personality:

Best Mod:

Best Writer:

Biggest Flirt:

Most Arrogant:

Most Popular:



The Attendees

Attendee 1: Attendee 2:
Mia Gruff
Dani Kiki
Marlene Joan
Jade Ryan
Justin Annie
Alice Cass
Callam Berry
Kekai Claudia
Colin Liza
Miscy Oli
Wes Caylin
Paul Emily
Kaeghan Zach

The Awards and Nominees

As with last time, the ones in bold go through.

The people with multiple awards had their entry rolled over to the next person, unless they already had one and so on, and it's arranged so we have the maximum amount of people. I think. If you don't understand, the people in bold will, so it doesn't matter.

Category: 3rd Place: 2nd Place: Winner!
King Wesley Ryan Oli
Queen Kiki Jade/Anna Mia
Anti-King Kaeghan Wesley DBD
Anti-Queen Annie Dani Berry
Hottest Male Gruff Oli Callam
Hottest Female Anna Dani Kiki
Best Personality Kiki/Mia Anna/Erlend Alice
Best Mod Mia Anna Dani
Best Writer KEAP/Kekai Joan Ryan
Biggest Flirt Wes/Joan/Erlend Jade Callam
Most Arrogant Wes/Oli Jade Callam
Most Popular

4 people with stuff

Anna Cass
Joker Wes/Erlend Cass Alice
Weirdest Lauren KEAP Erlend

Part 1: The Prom

Mia, Dani, Alice and Callam paraded round the hall, checking that everything was perfect for the upcoming prom. The brick walls were covered with black paint and flourescent stars were pasted all over the ceiling, the stage designed in the same way. The floor was carpeted also black and food and drinks were shoved on a table at the back of the hall. Bowls of punch were lined up along with packets of crisps and various sweets, those red cups that are in every American teen party were stacked by the punch bowls. Dani snatched a bag of haribos, then strode over to the Callam, who was temporarily acting as DJ.

Mia and Alice shuffled out of the bathroom after just getting changed into their dresses, then they walked over to the stage, calling Dani up and testing the microphones as one by one, couples herded in the hall and met up in clumps. Some awkwardly stood in the corner and chatted with one another, others walked straight to the dance floor and danced with Jade who was alternating between aggressively twerking, and grinding on Ryan; but a few of the girls crowded round Callam, who ran away as they attempted to rip off his clothes lick his abs.

Berry walked over to the punch bowl and began to take a cup, when a blonde haired figure knocked past her singing Tik Tok in a voice that sounded like a dying parrot. Berry gripped onto the figure's hair, which slid straight off it's head to reveal Joan, in a dress and bald cap. Two melons fell out of the dress and Joan gave Berry a sideways glance, snatching the wig and flouncing off towards the girl's bathroom. Berry just shook her head and re-joined the crowd dancing in front of the stage.

Kaeghan was stood by the sweets, picking through and selecting the chocolate when Oli and Miscy strode towards him, Kaeghan moved away, questioningly and in fear of Oli's presence, despite being the taller of the two. Miscy shot Kaeghan an apologetic look and linked arms with Oli who was followed by a cluster of people who, as the music shifted to a slower, calmer piece, didn't want to slow dance.

A few couples remained though, those being Colin and Liza and Jade and Ryan, the latter only there because Jade had pinned Ryan down and was trying to hump him while shouting something to do with Elephant cum. Colin span Liza round and under his arm while stepping away in a subtle attempt to steer clear of Jade.

Dani, Kiki and Caylin giggled together in a corner, leaving Wes to awkwardly stand beside Caylin, once again in an attempt not to look like he was on his own, but not to look like a pedophile either.

Justin walked in with a massive grin on his face, whilst Annie trailed behind him muttering something about missing her shows. They had gotten a few feet from the door before Cass strutted in wearing massive high heels and a short dress, her arm around Alice. Cass paraded around the hall and Wes directed his attention from the giggling to Cass. "SHE'S GOT HEELS HIGHER THAN YOUR STANDARDS" Caylin screamed at him.

Joan stumbled around trying to fix his wig and his melon boobs. "Rude" He hissed at Berry as he flipped his hair and walked away. 

Oli walked up to the punch table.  "Hey O-" Berry was silenced by him holding up his hand. 

"No." he replied. "Only truly worthy people get to talk to the soon to be king."

"How do you know you're going to be king."

"Isn't it obvious, I'm perfect" He said checking his nails

"Yeah whatever" Berry sighed, giving Miscy a pitiful look.

Oli turned away "Walk" he commanded his date. Miscy shuffled along beside Oli, obeying his orders.

Colin and Liza were still dancing, Annie was lurking nearby and could hear all of the lovey things Colin was saying. "I think I'm going to puke" she said running to the bathroom.

Mia, Dani, Alice and Callam had gathered on the stage.

"ALL OF YOU SHUT UP" Dani shouted tapping the microphone. 

Mia took the microphone. "We're announcing awards now".

Just as she was about to say the first winner, everyone started dropping to the ground.

"AW SHIT" Callam yelled, clutching his hair.

Soon everyone in the room had "fallen asleep" and the lights went out.

Dani was the first to stir, seeing Mia, Callam and Alice lying closest to her, she began by shaking them awake. Each person gave a confused sigh as they stretched their bloodshot eyes open. As they got to their feet in a hypnotic stumble, they walked towards a panel in the wall, incapable of controlling their own movements, and unaware of what was about to happen.

The rest of the prom guests lay "sleeping" as Alice led the way to an ill-lit staircase with a charred door standing at the top. The door stuck firm as they slammed against it until Callam kicked it down to reveal a one way glass corridor. 15 doors were scattered around the long hallway, marked with crudely painted capital letters.

"Oliver, proceed to collect your award." Mia spoke in a monotonous voice as she tapped at a button that rolls the door with K stamped on it down into the ground. Oli stumbled out and lets his eyes adjust to the sudden light, feeling relieved, he began to walk towards the award held in a tank of green liquid.

The diamond encrusted K that floated at the top of the tank is surrounded by green acid that slowly eats into the award. Oli was forced to kneel beside the tank, his hands bound with rope and his calves clasped by the chains that stuck out from the floor and held him in place.

Mia began, "You must collect the award from the tank. If it, or you, are destroyed, you fail. If you collect the award using only your mouth, you live." Oli stared up at where the voice seemed to be coming from in fear, confused as to why his friend would betray him like this, but the acid ate away at the award, so Oli pin-pointed the award and lowered his head towards the liquid.

Careful not to touch the award with anything but his teeth, he struggled to get a grip on it and it sank further into the water to bob back up again. As if bobbing for apples, he grabbed the award inbetween his teeth and felt the flesh on his chin fizzle and an immense pain dart throughout his face. He spat the award out and the chains and rope fell to the ground as bursts of pain covered his chin and mouth.

He slowly lowered his head, and barely gripping the award with his teeth he swung his head and tossed the award onto the ground.

"Well done Oli, you have collected your award" Mia said, "Now please make your way to the room at the end of the hall".

Oli shuffled towards the room, and entered just before Kiki stepped into the glass hallway.

"Kiki, proceed to collect your award." Mia recited, tapping the button that rolled down the door marked with HF.

Kiki stepped into the room, and was faced with a glass container filled with millions of live bugs, the glittering HF award was barely visible beneath them.

She climbed in and squeeled, but managed to retrieve her award and get out.

"Congratulations kiki, please make your way to the room at the end of the hall."

Jade walked into the room marked BF. She struggled to see in the pitch black room, and heard the door slam behind her.

Mia spoke clearly over an intercom "Jade, you will need to find your award in the dark, but if after 20 minutes you cannot find it, it will be destroyed."

Jade dashed towards the direction of the award, but tripped and stumbled into a pit.

"You're going in the right direction Jade, or are you?"

The room spun and threw Jade out of the pit.

After a while Jade grabbed onto her award and the lights came on. "Congratulations Jade, please make your way to the room at the end of the hallway."


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