The Fandom Games - A normal Hunger Games, but instead of tributes from districts, we have tributes from fandoms.

So Callam had the idea that we should have the Tardis as the cornucopia and then that kind of escalated to these games. Dani's also writing and maybe Alice too.

The arena will be made up of elements from each fandom, for example, the regions of Pokemon will make up the arena, the cornucopia will be the Tardis, etc.

Instead of using tributes, we will be using characters, so you will submit your favourite character from a fandom.

Rules etc.

  1. If you die, "It's the Hunger Games, deal with it." - Dani
  2. 4 tributes per person, maximum, but they have to be from different fandoms.
  3. You may choose whoever you like as a character out of a set fandom.
  4. No arguing over stuff
  5. If you read these, write "Death by sheep shagging"
  6. You must pick an existing character from a fandom, but you can pick any character.
  7. Reservations last 12 hours
  8. No Pokemon, jsut their trainers
  9. These games are copyrighted by us, we came up with it and Dani and Alice helped and stuff so yeah.

People Writing

  1. Mia
  2. Callam
  3. Dani
  4. Alice

With Gruff for ideas.

The Fandoms

  1. Sherlock
  2. Doctor Who (DW)
  3. Studio Ghibli (SG)
  4. Supernatural
  5. YouTube (YT)
  6. Hunger Games (HG)
  7. Percy Jackson (PJ)
  8. Game of Thrones (GoT)
  9. Pokemon
  10. The Avengers
  11. Lord of the Rings (LotR)
  12. Harry Potter (HP)


Fandom: Character: Gender: Main Weapon: Allies: User:
Sherlock Irene Adlers Female Seduction Sherlock Liza
Sherlock Sherlock Holmes Male Smart and sexy sleuthing Irene Sam
Sherlock Moriarty Male Being a massive back stabbing douche Everyone, for a while Gruff
Sherlock Mrs Hudson Female Broom Sherlock,  Gruff
DW The Beast Male Himself None Colin
DW The Skin of Cassandra Female Moisturiser Anyone in DW but Rose Emma
DW Captain Jack Harkness Male Gun or sexiness (both work) Rose Liza
DW Rose Tyler Female She looked into the heart of the Tardis Jack Sam
SG Chihiro Ogino Female Katar Haku, San, Sophie Dani
SG Haku Male Being an awesome out of control dragon Chihiro, Haku, San, Sophie Mia
SG San Female Spear, Dagger, wolf-brothers Haku, Chihiro, Sophie Anna
SG Sophie Female Cleaning and Hats Haku, San, Chihiro Erlend
Supernatural Dean Male Crossbow His brother Kaeghan
Supernatural Kevin Tran Male Magic, spell casting, forsight People he trusts Gruff
Supernatural Jesus Male Magical powers Everyone Gruff
Supernatural Sam Winchester Male Crossbow Dean & Kevin Gruff
YouTube Joey Graceffa Male Trident Careers or any other YT Joan
YouTube Jack Harries Male His cheekiness Finn or any other YT Oleh
YouTube Finn Harries Male His accent Jack or any other YT Emma
YouTube Brittanny Matthews Female Sarcasm Trisha Capaletti Caylin
Hunger Games Foxface Female Knife, stealth, traps None Kaeghan
Hunger Games Clove Female Throwing Knives Careers Sam
Hunger Games Thresh Male Rocks, large rocks None Colin
Hunger Games Darius Male Gun/whip Red heads or D12 Morgan
Percy Jackson Leo Valdez Male Trusty Toolbelt Any fellow demigods Colin
Percy Jackson Beckendorf Male A sword/ anything he can make himself Only certain people who ask before Morgan
Percy Jackson Thalia Grace Female Spear, bow, knives Demigods or any PJ person Anna
Percy Jackson Clarisse Female Electric Spear Careers/ Strong people Joan
GoT Khal Drogo Male Arakh The Daenerys Callam
GoT Daenerys Targaryen Female Her dragon/knives Drogo Wes
GoT Ygritte Female Bow and Arrow GoT people Anna
GoT Arya Stark Female Sword GoT people Adrian
Pokemon Iris Female Fireeeee Any trainer or someone good with dragons Emma
Pokemon Misty Female Starmie Ash Sam
Pokemon Ash Ketchum Male Empty pokeballs Misty Justin
Pokemon Lance Male Fire/dragon like stuff Anyone from Pokemon Morgan
The Avengers Hawkeye Male Crossbow, bow and arrows Anyone Wes
The Avengers Thor Male Mjolner The rest of the Avengers Erlend
The Avengers Captain America Male Shield Any of the Avengers Justin
The Avengers Scarlet Witch Female Probability and magic Any of the Avengers Jasmine
LotR Gimli Male Hammer The Fellowship Gruff
LotR Legolas Male Bow and Arrow Someone from fellow ship of the ring Wes
LotR Aragorn Male Sword Gandalf Alice
LotR Gandalf Male Magic Other wizards - Hermione Joan
Harry Potter Luna Scamander Female Magic/spells Loads of people Erlend
Harry Potter Molly Weasley Female Kitchen Knives Her family or the order Wes
Harry Potter Scabbers Male Teeth Meh Jojo
Harry Potter Hermione Granger Female Magic Anyone but Harry Kaeghan

Death Chart

Name: Fandom: Killer: When & where:
The Beast Doctor Who Self Destruct Pre-bloodbath (Day 1)
The Skin of Cassandra Doctor Who Cables Bloodbath (Day 1)
Foxface The Hunger Games San Bloodbath, grassland (Day 1)
Luna Scamander Harry Potter Finn Harries Bloodbath, grassland (Day 1)
Hawkeye The Avengers Arya Bloodbath (Day 1)
Mrs Hudson Sherlock 10th Doctor Mutt Tardis (Day 1)
Brittany Matthews Youtube 10th Doctor Mutt Tardis (Day 1)
Rose Doctor Who 10th Doctor Mutt Tardis (Day 1)
Hermione Harry Potter Dalek Forest, clearing (Day 2)
Joey Graceffa Youtube Geodude Mountains (Day 2)
Jack Harries Youtube Dalek Mountains (Day 2)
Finn Harries Youtube Dalek Mountains (Day 2)
Sam Supernatural Dalek Forest, clearing (Day 2)
Kevin Supernatural Dalek Forest, clearing (Day 2)
Dean Supernatural Dalek Forest, clearing (Day 2)

The Map

Fandom Games Map

The Map

The Map is based off Sinnoh and the Tardis is the cornucopia, if you can't guess by the first part. If you aren't familiar with Pokemon, you should be. Just look up the Sinnoh region and it will explain what is going on and what each of the towns and cities are like. The tributes will be able to go anywhere though, so the muddy green areas (like the area the Tardis is on) stands for grassland. Dark green is forestry and light green is marshy. The yellowy orangey coloured routes are just paths. The light, bright blue stands for lakes and drinking water. Medium blue is fairly shallow but not for drinking and dark blue is sea.Towns are the blue dots and cities are in red. More is in the cities but the towns are safer.

Part 1: The Bloodbath

Jack Harries' POV

I groggily prop myself up on my elbows, hopelessly fighting against my eyelids and waiting to properly wake up. I spin round, expecting to be greeted by my 'Turn that frown upside down' poster, exactly what I need to see first thing in the morning. Instead of being greeted by my poster, a transparent glass tube. Confused, I rub my eyes free of sleep and gracelessly get to my feet. I find myself  enclosed within a tarnished room, a single light-bulb crudely hung from the ceiling and a set of clothes neatly folded by a contrasting panel, metallic painted with a shiny feel that radiates wealth.

I figure that the only way to get out of the room must be to put on the clothes, so I swiftly change, awkwardly hiding myself incase there are cameras planted somewhere.

The glass tube refuses to open, so I slouch against the grimy walls until the panel shifts, revealing a man, who towers over me, despite being tall myself, although his most prominent feature being his long sloping nose that sticks out like a banana stuck upon his face. His skin looks as if he's walked straight out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory with an orange complexion and green hair.
I shrink back as he approaches me, two men clad like Storm-troopers accompany him, bearing some sort of futuristic weapon. I begin to question my sanity as he stands before me and speaks up, "Jack Harries. London, United Kingdom. Welcome to the games. You will be fighting against people from other….walks of life, you shall kill or be killed. Step into that tube and your life will be changed forever, win and expect fame and fortune, lose and die. Also, don't step off your plate" He finishes with a creepy wink.

I smirk, who is the guy and what the hell is going on? "Haha, I'm just gonna call the police now…." I awkwardly turn towards my jeans strewn across the floor, reaching for my empty pockets.

"Get in the tube, Jack."

The storm-trooper guys take a step towards me, shooting me threatening looks. "So what if I don't?" I reply, I'm not going to do what he wants. Who does he think he is? They lean forward, grasping onto my arms and yanking me up off the ground, then with a vigorous shove, the tube doors glide open and they cram me inside.

With minimal resistance, after they aim their futuristic weapons towards me, the tube begins to rise, squeaking as it edges up in fragments.

Foxface's POV

A bronzy coloured domed room surrounds me and about 40 others, all crammed into with me. Wires drape themselves around the room with shiny nodules sticking around the walls, in the middle of the room is a what looks like a control panel, similar to what I would've seen in District 3. A hologram like tube in the centre and flashing turquoise lights by a series of various buttons and levers. Still unable to get over this resurrection, I try to stop myself from throwing up. A return to the very thing that killed me in the first place. Deciding to take the same path as before, I wait out the countdown.


Checking out the competition, Clove stands opposite me, snarling, while Thresh stands next to her, which she doesn't seem as happy about. I don't recognise any other people, perhaps previous tributes. After all, the orange guy did say this was a games… Although some of the tributes don't look within the age range.


As the countdown nears five, I brace myself, ready to flee and grab something useful on the way out. With little space due to the amount of people, I know the bloodbath will be gory, and it looks like the alliances are already determined.

One almighty creature stands taller than all the rest, as it shifts around on it's plate, clearly too big for the room and , I begin to wonder how he fit through the tube. As he thrashes he makes one vital mistake. Falling off his plate. I shield myself and crouch in a ball as a flash blinds the other tributes, the tributes around it flinch as the cannon fires, I immediately flee after collecting a pack of daggers and a backpack, not stopping to check the contents, I make it to the door unscathed. The first one to escape, I turn my head as I sprint out across a barren grassland to catch sight of a blue box, 'Police Box' imprinted on the front. Puzzled as to how a room of that size could fit within a box like that, I pause, until I see a team of children accompanied by a raging dragon emerge from the door.

Chihiro's POV

Through the chaos ensuing around me, my hand manages to find Haku's and we escape together, crouching in despair behind the clouds of dust spouting over the heads of countless men raging and thrashing against each other for the best supplies that lie strewn around the room. One of the cables dangling from the walls swings down with a gash cut down the middle, open wires slash through a metal frame with some creepy face stretched over it, a hiss follows as the skin cries, "MOISTURISER" and topples over on it's side.


I flinch again at the sound of the canon reconating through the dome and squeeze Haku's hand as we near the door, cowardly sheltering myself under his arm. A girl, older than me with big round eyes and slightly greying hair rushes towards me, followed by a tall girl with a red mask, thick white lines and orange circles ringing her eyes and mouth, I sink even further into Haku, fear controlling me.

The tall girl scowls as she lifts her mask up, the older one smiling calmly, "Alliance?" she asks, I nod and Haku replies with a grin, swiftly exiting as he does so. I squeal when he starts squirming, bright light rocketing from under his skin and taking shape of a dragon before he can react. I hop on his back and invite the other girls to sit with me, Haku rears and his eyes glint in the sun, reflected in his eyes is a large backpack, to which the masked girl springs off Haku's back with incredible force, landing beside the backpack and rocketing back, while in awe of her agility, I cling onto Haku as he springs forward, one redhead already sprinting through the perishing grassland glares up at us and shields her eyes from the sun, a large flourescent yellow backpack makes her prominent and blows her cover. The masked girl passes the backpack to the older one, upon opening a sleeping bag topples out and she snatches it up and folds it neatly, "Cleaning is my specialty. I beg your pardon, I didn't catch your name."

"Chihiro, and this is Haku." I mumble as I speak and she introduces herself as Sophie, the masked girl being San. San grabs two of the five daggers stored in the backpack, with incredible precision, she chucks them down towards the redhead, both landing a direct hit. An eerie smile creeps upon her face and I clutch onto Haku. Blood spurts out like a water fountain and showers the spurts of grass scattered over the grassland. I turn away and force the tear back that streaks down my face.


Clove's POV

A stream of delight starts to creep upon my body, the second time I've got what I wanted. A full pack of throwing knives.Drawing one, I catch sight of a person, short, dirty blonde ragged hair that looks as if someone chewed the ends off, pig like brown eyes and an obnoxious sneer. This girl looks strong, capable of taking on someone like Thresh.... I cautiously approach her, not sure of her business and I keep my knife at hand, gripping onto it tightly, I confidently begin to speak, unsure of the reception I'll recieve. "Hey, allies? You need me."

"Oh really? I don't think I'll need you whe-" I cut her off by firing one of my knives at the head of a skinny, rat-like man that scampered towards this towering hulk of a girl, a knife between his teeth and an axe raised above his head.


The girl spins round to see his corpse heaped on the ground, the axe lodged in the center control panel.

"C'mon, there's not enough time to be standing around." Not giving her an option, I retrieve my knife and decide to flee, unusual for me, but with types like the six foot shirtless beast like man prowling round with claw marks on his chest, I decide I look like too easy of a target.

Joey Graceffa's POV

I'm still in the Tardis when two guys approach me. "Hey, I'm Jack and he's Finn" they pause and then continue. "Team?" I nod and introduce myself. We grab the remaining supplies, Jack has a few spears and throwing knives, Finn wields a gun and I have a sword and some daggers. We walk out of the door and someone throws a small knife at me, scratching my arm. "BITCHES SKANKS AND HOES" I yell and two girls run away laughing.

Jack, Finn and I walk for ages and out of boredom I start hopping. "Hoppity hop hop" I mutter. I spot a bleach blonde haired girl lying under a tree and tell Finn, who shoots her a few times. She writhes on the floor and then a cannon sounds, sounding her death.

We keep walking and eventually come to a house which looks like the ones from Pokemon. We walk in and stuff everything from the fridge into our backpacks. The desolate feel gives me the creeps and I take Finn's gun then exit the house I pass a couple of deserted buildings then slowly creep up the path towards a sign, surrounded by weeds that sprout round the sides. "Oreburgh City" reads the sign, it's negligent appearance freaks me out, along with the fact that not a soul has been seen the whole way here. I decide to take a stroll through the grass, maybe get some ideas for a new video when I feel something scratch at my leg...

Hermione's POV

I gather Molly and Scabbers round me and they both hand me what they managed to collect from the dome room, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, vegetables and more muggle food. We also have one wand, which I'll be taking of course, six balls decorated with red that seem to clip onto our belts and one whip.

Arya's POV

Good thing about being an 11 year old girl is that nobody attacks you. Which is perfect for me. Using my speed I make it to the centre and grab Needle. It brings a pang of sorrow through my bones as I remember Jon. And Robb and Mother. I will avenge them. I spot a man with a stern face, short brown hair and darting eyes. He stands only a few paces to my side where he is rifling through supplies looking for something, from the look in his eyes when he finds a quiver of arrows I assume he wants a bow. I run to him and pretend to sob.

"Please, help me. I'm scared" I say in my most innocent voice. He bends down to protect me and I shove Needle right through his throat and retract her just as fast and thrust her into his chest. Blood gushes out of his throat onto my face and I whisper to his readily whitening face.

"Valar Morghulis" as his blood trickles down his throat bringing dark splashes of red onto his skin which is as white as the snow in Winterfell. I hear footsteps behind me and see a woman with hair as white as the man's skin, she is beautiful and at the same time a burning ferocity lingers in her eyes. She is accompanied by a large man, nearly as tall as Hodor. He has copper skin, thick black hair running down his back to his thighs which is tied in a braid with bells in it for some reason. The woman looks down at the dead man and says.

"Valar Dohaeris" with a grim smile. I instantly take a liking to this woman, something about her makes her seem strong. She bends down to my height while the Monster scans the rest of the people fighting over weapons.

"My name is Daenerys. But you can call me Dany. And this is Drogo" the monster gives a nod to me and dodges a spear thrown by a girl with stringy dirty blonde hair. She withdraws as Drogo chases after her. Dany asks me to join them after they were impressed with my skills at dealing with the dead man. I readily accept and charge after Drogo to hunt more prey.

Sherlock's POV

Bleach. Bleach, salt, clay pot and a pipe. I run around with Irene. She's are blabbering about getting weapons but seeing as we didn't get any supplies water is the most important thing right now. We found a stagnant pool of water and seeing as there were animal skeletons surrounding it I deducted that the water was unsafe to drink. However we did find a small town nearby where I thought of this plan. Irene bursts round the corner holding a bottle of bleach and a clay gardening pot. After a few minutes of scurrying I find a salt shaker half full inside a shop. I tear a garden hose from someone's back garden and set off towards to pool. 

"Why on Earth are we collecting all these Sherlock?" she quizzes and I shush her.

I place the salt inside the clay pot. Shit, I need a source of heat. I rush back inside and pick up a camping stove from inside a shop which could be very useful indeed later on. I place the pot with salt above the stove and let it heat it for a good amount of time as Irene moans about something. 

"Please, for the sake of the entire populace of wherever this place is. Shut up." I jab at her and continue my work  after the salt has fully thermally decomposed. I quickly add the bleach and grab the pot off the stove which is warm to the touch but I block it out and shake it around. The hydrochrolic acid produces by the breakdown of salt, reacts with the sodium hypochlorite to make a yellow gas which seems out of the pot, I quickly put the hose into the mixture and the other end into the pond and walk a good 100m away before deeply inhaling again. The chrloine dioxide purfies water, and although it may not taste nice. It is clean water to drink. One step closer to being able to win this charade.

Clarisse's POV

The kid with the good aim and I walk side by side towards white and red building. "I'm Clove" the kid chirps. I grunt "Your new name is kid from now on". She gives me a death stare.

"Fine" I sigh. Clove and I walk into the building and are greeted by an empty desk. I yell out a hello and Clove rolls her eyes.

"What's your problem" I sneer at her.

"Nothing, nothing" she replies giving me a friendly punch on the arm. I stare at her and she stares back. 

I push my hair out of my eyes and charge through the building, looking for people who may be hiding. "There's no one here Clarisse" Clove yells at me and we leave the building.

We go off route and trudge onto the grass, the ground slopes down dramatically and Clove gets onto her side and rolls down, yelling and laughing while I trudge after her. "You're not taking this very seriously" I say. 

"Dude I've died before, I don't really give a shit anymore" she replies.

"You've died before?" I ask.

"Yah" she replies, pausing. "I've been in these things before, that big guy Thresh killed me".

"How are you alive then" I say.

"I don't know, all I know is I want to kill Thresh, and since we're besties now, I was thinking you could help" Clove tells me. I don't reply and we keep walking through the meadow.

Misty's POV

Ash and I walk on the dirt path together "Misty" he yells at me. I look at him and he's holding 6 pokeballs. He throws 3 at me and I laugh "How'd you get these?" I ask. "Um, they were on the floor" he replies.

We walk past a sign, and I turn back to read it. "Sandgem Town" it reads. I stare at it.

"Um, Ash" I call.

"Yeah?" he shouts back.

"I think we're in Sinnoh, come look at this sign!" I yell at him.

He looks at me and pulls me over to the grass. We walk for a while and then we come accross a wild buneary. Ash goes to see it and it jumps on his face. I yank it off and one side of Ash's face is competely torn off. I throw a pokeball at the buneary and it stays inside. 

We keep walking and come to a lake. We both jump in and Ash attempts to clean his face. I go to the side of the lake open the backpack we got, revealing a pack of throwing knives, a pack of daggers, bandages, dried fruit and meat and a water canteen. 

I wash Ash's face and wrap it as best as I can with a bandage. We fill up our canteen and continue on.

Rose's POV

A middle aged lady, a doll like girl and I stayed behind in the Tardis. "Alliance?" I ask them quietly, the middle aged lady nods, but the doll like girl cocks her head to the side "The fuck did you just ask me" she says.

"I asked for an alliance. No need to be rude," I snap at her.

"Oh sure, I would apologize, but I really don't give a fuck," she sneers. 

After a few minutes of sitting in silence, I hear a the door open. A disgruntled, decaying version of the 10th Doctor appears and my jaw drops. "But I thought you..." I pause "I thought you regenerated."

He gives me a crooked smile, turns back to the middle aged lady and cuts her throat.  "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" I scream at him. The doll like woman utters her last words

"Cunt," before she suffers the same fate.

He runs over to me and looks me in the eyes. His breath ragged like he has breathing problems. "What happened to you?" I stutter before he opens a hatch, and pulls out a large, bloodied axe and slams it down onto my head.

Aragorn's POV

I watched closely from a distance the strange blue box with the words POLICE BOX imprinted on the top. I wonder what could be going on in there... Hmm... Well Arwen gave up on me anyway so I'll go inside and see if anyone's interested in an alliance. And by alliance I MEAN THREESO- I mean survival group. Haha, yep, definetely mean that. Ok let's get walking.

I looked around to check if anyone was headed my way, confirmed I was alone and jogged towards the blue box. Suddenly, the blue box started to fade and make strange sounds. I ran even faster, I wouldn't let the blue box get awaxy. I sprinted and was only inches away from opening the door when... it faded. It disappeared into thin air and I stomped my foot on the ground angrily. Dammit.


The No Shit Sherlocks

  1. Sherlock Holmes
  2. Irene Adlers
  3. Mrs Hudson

The Supernatural

  1. Sam
  2. Dean
  3. Kevin
  4. Jesus

Kiki's Killing Service

  1. Haku
  2. Chihiro
  3. San
  4. Sophie

The Sexy Crew

  1. Joey Graceffa
  2. Finn Harries
  3. Jack Harries

You GoT A Problem?

  1. Khal Drogo
  2. Daenerys Targarygen
  3. Ygritte
  4. Arya Stark

Rick Ghastly

  1. Ash
  2. Misty

The Drag Queens

  1. Lance
  2. Iris

The Avengers

  1. Hawkeye
  2. Thor
  3. Captain America
  4. Scarlet Witch

The Fellowship

  1. Gimli
  2. Legolas

That's What I'm Tolkien About

  1. Gandalf
  2. Aragorn

What The Bludger You On About?

  1. Molly Weasley
  2. Hermione Granger

The rest of the tributes are on their own.

Part 2: The Games

Thresh's POV

Stumbling through the grassland and approaching the town beyond the marshy earth that sucks my heels into the sludge. With every step the sludge creeps deeper up my ankles and seeps further into my boots, but I persevere until reaching wooden bridges connecting steep mounds scattered over marshy pits below. I climb a set of bricks to reach the bridges and use the opportunity to check for any opponents.

Having died once already, I don't really mind having another battle, or dying again, if I just get brought back to life. In the distance I can hear the cries of a female voice, joined by two more masculine screams. Apart from the terror coming from the west, nobody seems closeby, so I amble on further. Rooftops protruding out of of clusters of trees project smoke that billows over a my head.

Nearing a small, plain house with a purple painted roof, I cautiously kick down the door then check behind me for entering, yielding a rock I picked up from next to the door. A weird cheeping noise sounds from behind me and I spin round to see a fluffy white thing hopping round the clearing. A squirrel like creature with a blue stripe and a goofy grin bounces towards me. Unsure, I edge sideways then back into another building. Larger this time with stairs leading off and a large desk beside me, being cornered by the squirrel, I run off into an open archway that holds a muddy park decorated by trees and lakes.

I trip into the mud and my vision is shrouded by grass, although the squirrel has disappeared, but replaced by a weird blue, hairless beaver. Mud is encrusted all over it's body and it's creepy stare psychs me out and I slowly wade through the mud, occasionally twisting when I get stuck.

Jack's POV

Finn and I yelp in fear when we see the rock with arms clasp onto Joey's leg, wheras he lets out a high pitched shriek of delight, scooping the creature up in his arms and hugging it like a fluffy puppy. "It's geodude" he exclaims after Finn and I back off slowly.

"Jack, Finn, we're in Sinnoh, like, Poke-" He is cut off by 'geodude' who smacks Joey in the face with his jagged fist, then uses them as feet to walk off.

Joey lies collapsed on the floor and I lean over him as Finn stutters, "Is he dead?" 

Hermione's POV

As I aimlessly wander around a massive forest filled with pine trees reaching up to the sky and as wide a the horizon I spot upon a clearing. As I enter the usual cacophony I had become usened to dimmed suspensefully as I approached what looks like a giant metal pepper grinder, made of chrome and gold with small semi-spheres dotted along. As I approach I feel an overwhelming desire to touch the strange object. Almost as if the metal sang to me, enticing me to just simply touch it. As I reach my left hand out to touch it I ready my wand in my right. My skin contacts with the metal and a searing pain races up my fingers and into my arms. The muscles spasm out as the nerves in my skin register the blistering heat eminating from the thing. A dull monotone screenches.


The Genesis ark then rises into the air 20 feet, 30, 40 until it is a small blur against the overhead sun beating down. When it rotates and panels begin to unlock and open up. A creature flies out of the pepper grinder and is the same shape if not for three prongs extended one from the top and the other two like arms. It pans it's visions across the immediate area and focuses in on me and decends. As I begin sprinting away more creatures fire out of the ark at high speed. I turn and see that the dalek is millimetres from landing on me and crushing me. 

"Wingardium levi!" and then the massive metal contraption lands on me. First it cracked all my ribs, which further puncture into mylungs and cause massive internal bleeding and almost incomprehensible pain. The dalek then completely crushes my ribs and a rib punctures the left atrium of my heart and I slowly bleed to death, speechless, powerless. And alone.

Finn Harries' POV

Jack and I debate on what to do before deciding that Joey needs help. Between the two of us we drag him towards a cliff face and prop him up. He has tons of blood pouring out of his head, so Jack takes of his top and we wrap it around his head. In the distance I can hear a dull whining but it must be the wind. Finn and I considerate what we can do, most of which ends badly or with leaving Joey. We're just about to give up when Jack suggests that we build a kind of rock-igloo and stay there for the night and it's as good a plan as any. So as I turn to grab some stones Joey starts mumbling about something. His frantic mumbles get louder and louder until he points at something and I follow his finger and see a strange blue bolt flying toward me.

Dean's POV

Sam, Kevin and I are trecking through some forest walking around going nowhere. Sam and I have been arguing about what we should do for the past few hours, I say we go on the attack, best defense is offense and that shit right? but Sam thinks we should just find a place and settle for a while to get a plan sorted properly. As we argue I can see Kevin slowly having his brain roasted by the back and forth jibes my brother and I share. As we travel I pick up some berries along the way and eat them as I walk, they're pretty nice and a orange-ish colour. Eventually we come to a clearing and I spot a girl being crushed by some massive metal thing. I run over and lift the contraption off. The girl is long since dead, her ribs completely caved in. As I turn to tell Sam I hear a dull ring

"EX-TER-MI-NATE" and a blue-white light flashes past my head and hits Sam square in the chest and he collapses to the ground in a spasm. As I rush to his aid the machine move's it's aim to Kevin. The same flash happens and he hit the floor to, smoke puffing from his head. I turn to the machine and know I'm next, no way out. I run at the machine and intend on taking it down with me some how.

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