aka Fitz

  • I live in District 8
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am The Tracker Jacker
  • WeirdTributes

    Well, Hi! This is my first hunger games, so i need your help for any direction or whatever. Since my tributes never (so far) winning any hunger games. I think what about i make one,


    After the first rebellion, in penance of their uprising, each district shall offer up a male & female between the ages of 12 & 18, who picked up at public reaping. These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of the capitol and then transferred to a public arena where they will fight to the death, until a lone victors remains. 395 years passed and this pageant is known as "The Hunger Games"

    1. Two tributes per user or more if this games have less tribute. That must include this template:


    Age: (12-18)

    District: (1-12)



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