Well, Hi! This is my first hunger games, so i need your help for any direction or whatever. Since my tributes never (so far) winning any hunger games. I think what about i make one,


After the first rebellion, in penance of their uprising, each district shall offer up a male & female between the ages of 12 & 18, who picked up at public reaping. These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of the capitol and then transferred to a public arena where they will fight to the death, until a lone victors remains. 395 years passed and this pageant is known as "The Hunger Games"


1. Two tributes per user or more if this games have less tribute. That must include this template:


Age: (12-18)

District: (1-12)




Appearance: (Lunaii required, but if you posted real life or just describe i will make the lunaii of them)



Weaknesses: (fears not included)


Bloodbath Strategy:

Alliances: (It can be filled later)

2. You don't have to give advice, but let me know if you read this like comment "GO!" or anything else. If you are unactive,

that make your tributes has a higher chance to die

3. I will go on reaping, training score and games, i have problems with english so correct me if i wrong

4. I would not update this game daily, so don't be "Is this dead" or whatever

5. Respect to other User, don't fight in comment

6. Don't get mad to me if i killing your tribute, because 23 will end up with die

7. Make an interesting tributes, that make her/him get a higher chances to winning the games. But, no matter if you won't

8. No wikia contributors, i'm sorry but it can confused me. So make an account, and...

9. Enjoy The Games :D


District Name Age Fav Weapon User
1M Nile Sebek 17 Metal staff, scimitar Icanhasnofriends
1F Purity Knight 17 Throwing knives, sword Icanhasnofriends
2M Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya 17 Greatsword, throwing knives, trident Tehblakdeath
2F Scarlett Winters 17 Trident, throwing knives, trap Conspiracykiller825
3M Orlando Johnson 15 Dagger, throwing knives MyWorld
3F Clare Greysare 18 Sword, axes ViniciusDeAssis1999
4M Konami Aretino 14 Fangs, trident, crossbow Tehblakdeath
4F Annelie Elvander 18 Crossbow PumPumPumpkin :3
5M James Desmond 15 Machete, trident, poison Conspiracykiller825
5F Amethyst Glow 16 Blowgun, sword, fists Pippycat
6M Zavier Nemesis 14 Sword, bow and arrows Yoonie
6F Bernice Amias 13 Knife, throwing knives, traps FrostyFire
7M Kordan Caden 14 Throwing knives, bow and arrows Kongaroo5496
7F Roselea Seedlock 16 Throwing axes ViniciusDeAssis1999
8M Connor Smitherson 14 Scythe, hand-to-hand combat HaraiGoshi345
8F Lacey Despin 12 Bow & Arrow, knife, slingshot Pippycat
9M Ace Sida 15 Knife, dagger, throwing knives Jrussell01
9F Michaela Aldridge 16 Sword, Throwing knives MyWorld
10M Eli Winersin 14 Axe, sword, spear YourFavoriteSalmon
10F Eliza Herader 14 Axe, bow, knife YourFavoriteSalmon
11M Raid Laced 12 Anything Thereal opian
11F Sophia Batkill 14 Axe, dagger Rayplayzlol70


Falk Avian 13 Bow and arrows Yoonie
12F Irelia Birdhouse 16 Blowdarts, throwing knives Rayplayzlol70


Careers Alliances: Purity Knight (D1), Nile Sebek (D1), Scarlett Winters (D2), Annelie Elvander (D4)


D2, D6, D7, D8, D11, D12 Alliance: Akumai Kubaya (D2), Zavier Nemesis (D6), Kordan Caden (D7), Roselea Seedlock (D7), Connor Smitherson (D8), Sophia Batkill (D11), Falk Avian (D12), Irelia Birdhouse (D12)


D3, D4, D11 Alliance: Orlando Johnson (D3), Konami Aretino (D4), Raid Laced (D11)

D5, D8, D10 Alliances: Amethyst Glow (D5), Lacey Despin (D8), Eli Winersin (D10), Eliza Herader (D10)

Leader: Eliza Herader (D10)

Loners: Clare Greysare (D3), James Desmond (D5), Bernice Amias (D6), Ace Sida (D9), Michaela Aldridge (D9)

Tribute Gallery


Cornucopia: The cornucopia will placed in the middle of the arena (as usual), but for the 395th Hunger games there will be cornucopia with 7 pieces horn, which containing many different items.

First one (The biggest one), contains bags, warmths, weapons, medicals, and other items

Second one (The second-biggest one), contains bags, warmths, weapons

Third one (The second-biggest one), contains bags, warmths, weapons

Fourth one (The second-smallest one), contains bags, warmths

Fifth one (The second smallest one), contains bags, warmths

Sixth one (The smallest one), contains bags

Seventh one (The smallest one), contains bags

And the arena itself, will divided to 5 section (exclude cornucopia)

Forest: Surounding cornucopia, a normal rainforest, safe for hiding, but danger for stay. There will be three mutts in the forest section, Tarantula mutts, can eat you alive by it's big size. Ant mutts, can make you fainting for 3 days. Frog mutts, once you touch them you will be poisoned and died in 1 hour. Rain will be there for every 2 days, this rain will make Tarantula mutts wake and make them hungry, don't make a surprise move is the best way you can save from them. After the rain, there will be a beautiful rainbow that can make you amaze. But, be careful the rainbow will spread a poison powder, make sure you don't see the rainbow

Desert: Surounding forest, a desert, take a big part of the arena. You can only see sand around you, the only water is inside of cactus, only if you wanna walk in very hot desert, which can burn you alive. There will be two mutts in this section, Scorpion mutt, and cobra mutt. Scorpion mutt can make you halucinate for 3 days and if you didn't drink water in 3 days you might be died. Cobra mutt, very dangerous it fangs contains a poison that can make you feel burned alive, make you feel you dead, then you can't breath and then you dead. Scorpion can appear anywhere and anytime, don't make surprise move, and make sure you bring bottle of water with you. you will find later in the games how cobra appear

Meadow: Surounding desert, a low grass spread. There will be four cave in this section. Two cave will filled with a mutt, another one filled with a mystery trap and one cave is safest place for hiding in the arena. First mutt is bat mutt, will screamed for 1 hour and can make you deaf. Doesn't make you kill but make you deaf that's the point of this mutt, second mutt is lions, which can eat you alive. And the third cave will revealed later in the games. A meadow itself is safe from mutt, but gamemakers must be place many trap in here, so just careful

Lake: Surounding meadow, a deep lake that can change them colour, from red in first day, green in second day, blue in third day, black in fourth day, and very clear water in fifth day. Feel free to fishing here, but i suggest you to fishing when the water is very clear, because when it's not a clear water, there will be some mutts, when the water is red, there will be piranha mutt. when the water is green there will be alligator mutt, when the water is blue there will be dolphin mutt with deathly fangs, when the water turn to black, there will be sharcodile (it head are shark but the body is crocodile) mutt

Beach: Surounding lake, very outside of arena, beautiful beach, with colourful sand from red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple something like that. Muttless but it very possible to find other tributes, the only mutt is crab mutt. that can chopped you to the death. Crab will just appear when you screaming, so just be sure you don't scream. In here you can collect many coconut, and fishing, or make a sand building. There will be one small hut, that every 2 days will sent a capitol food here


Each Tribute have $150

How to Increased it

1.Training Score,

1 = $5

2 = $5

3 = $10

4 = $15

5 = $20

6 = $30

7 = $40

8 = $50

9 = $75

10 = $90

11 = $105

12 = $120

2. Killed someone, will give you + $30

3. If you survived one day, they will give you + $20

4. If you reached top ten, will add you + $20 , top seven + $30 , top five + $40 , top three + $50


Food/Waters Supplies

  1. Empty Bottle - $15
  2. Bottle of waters - $80
  3. Dried Fruits - $45
  4. Fresh Fruits - $75
  5. Fish - $50
  6. Fried Fish - $80
  7. Chicken - $55
  8. Fried Chicken - $85
  9. Dried Meat - $60
  10. Roasted Meat - $90
  11. Soup - $90
  12. Bottle of Milk - $80
  13. Bottle of Juice - $75
  14. Loaf of Bread - $45


  1. Arrows (12) - $45
  2. Axe - $90
  3. Baton - $65
  4. Blowgun - $70
  5. Bow - $85
  6. Coil/Wire - $120
  7. Daggers - $55
  8. Darts (10) - $30
  9. Knife - $45
  10. Mace - $80
  11. Net - $120
  12. Rocks (5) - $10
  13. Short Sword - $150
  14. Sickle - $100
  15. Slingshot - $75
  16. Spear - $175
  17. Spiked Mace - $125
  18. Sword - $200
  19. Throwing axes (10) - $110
  20. Throwing knives (10) - $100
  21. Trident - $175
  22. Whip - $90


  1. Blanket - $90
  2. Coat - $100
  3. Jacket - $90


  1. Sleeping Bag - $125
  2. Rope - $75
  3. Camouflage Paints - $150
  4. Potion (Heals any pains) - $450

Tribute Sponsors

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2

Nile Sebek (D1)


Purity Knight (D1)



Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya (D2)


Konami Aretino (D4)



Scarlett Winters (D2)


James Desmond (D5)



Orlando Johnson (D3)


Michaela Aldridge (D9)



Clare Greysare (D3)


Roselea Seedlock (D7)


PumPumPumpkin :3

Annelie Elvander (D4)



Amethyst "Am" Glow (D5)


Lacey Despin (D8)



Zavier Nemesis (D6)


Falk Avian (D12)



Bernice Amias (D6)



Kordan Caden (D7)



Connor Smitherson (D8)



Ace Sida (D9)



Eli Winersin (D10)


Eliza Herader (D10)


Thereal opian

Raid Laced (D11)



Sophia Batkill (D11)


Irelia Birdhouse (D12)



I will do 6 reaping from 6 district.

District 1 - Nile Sebek P.O.V

I woke up and found myself in this bed. I had think this a day, a week, a month. I silence for a while. "Nile!" my mom call me loudly. "Nile Sebek, Your breakfast is ready" I know she think i am a mute people, but i didn't. I just won't talk, I'm the chosen one, Sebok had choose me. Why'd you think i got this golden eyes? I then walk downstairs, and eat my mom's breakfast.

Two hours again is reaping, and i still train on my backyard. I use my staff to wield the grass, i know it's silly but somehow it's useful. "Hey... you know what more silly than a donkey?" I realize that there's a group of people watching me, I know them, Adam, Mindy, Aurora, Gloss and Marvel. They're always bully people. "What?" says Marvel. You know? i wanna say YOU ALL is more silly. But i didn't do that since i won't talking. "Someone who train himself on his backyard with a silly staff knowing that himself maybe die on hunger games" says Adam with annoying voice. I ignore them and keep train myself "Don't worry kids, we will volunteer for you" says Gloss. They laughed while they leave me. Finally...

I look at the clock, oh no i must be late. It's about fifteen minutes again until the reapings. "You've better prepared for reaping, nile" my mom says. I just nod, agreeing. I prepared myself, i thinking it again, think about volunteering. I've done prepared myself for this games, and i'm seventeen years old, enough to competing the games.

I quickly went to District 1 square, and walked to seventeen years old area. Along with others, include Marvel. God, i hate his face, i want to kill him later. "Welcome... welcome to the 395th annual Hunger Games, First i want to introduce myself, i'm Gabonet Fletchers. Your Brand new escorts" I look to him, he wears a purple tuxedo with green curly hair, and over on makeup. "Before we begin, i have a very special film brought to you by the capitol, here's the film..." I watch this four time before. I Got Bored for this. "...This is how we safe our future" Finally the film is end.

"Shall we begin?" District 1 citizens cheers and clapping, agreeing. "OK then, as usual ladies first" He went to girl's reaping bowl and take off a slip of papper. He goes to microphone and shouted "Glister..." he can't continued because i count there's 10 girls raised their hands up, signed they want volunteer. "OK, calm down ladies. I'll be choose one of you" He says. I think that will be hard decision.

"How about you?" It's look like she choose one of the seventeen years old area. I can see her a blonde girl walk up to the stage and stand beside Gabonet, "What is your name, honey?" He says. "My name is Purity Knight" She says with flirty voice. "OK, and now we selected for the boys" I take a deep breathing, "I VOLUNTEER!" it's seemed i am the first one to volunteer. Everyone around me stares at me. They stares like can't believe that i'm volunteer. "Oh that was quick volunteer, Ok then let's go up boy" Gabonet says. I go up stage and stand beside him. "What is you name?" He says. "Nile, Nile Sebek" I says.

"OK, District 1 Let's give applause to Purity Knight and Nile Sebek to represent District 1 as The 395th annual hunger games tributes" He shouted. I can see my parents shocked, but i'll do my best to win. We shake our hands, i know her. She is popular for throwing knives in academy. She found the dead body of one of the trainer in there. But somehow, i'm sure she killed him. Then, Gabonet escorted me inside.

District 2 - Scarlett Winters P.O.V

I woke up myself in this midnight, knowing that today is the reaping day. I went to the roof and look up at the sky, I see many stars up there. I closed my eyes and remember when i was younger, i was on my bedroom and can't go outside. I cried there, and my father hitted me. I laughed. I remember again when i coming home late, they ignored me just like i'm a puppy, worst than that, a shadow.

I laughed again, remember when i pretend to be an escort. I escort my father, kidnapped him and planned to kill him. I cutting off his body parts, and hit him. And finally he died. I laughed again and i smile, i kill all my family member. But It wasn't my fault. It was them fault. They threated me like their puppy, or worst than that shadow. Then, i open my eyes and look at the clock. It's about nine hours again until the reapings.

I prepared myself but not for the reapings but for meet my boss. I work for him as contract killer. I don't know what this is coming from, but i'd just love to kill someone with my hand. I met him in his office. "Boss?" i greet him. "Oh, Scarlett get in" he says, "What do you want in this early morning?" he continues. "Today is reaping day, right? so..." I'm so nervous, to say it "So?" he asked me again. "OK" I take a deep breathing "Can you rig my name in that reaping bowl?" I stares at him, hopefully he can. "Just that? hahaha..." He laughed. "Is there wrong?" I say confused. "No, nothing could be simpler" He finished his laughed. "Ok, thank you boss" I said with happy voice. "Don't mention it" He says as i leave his office.

I walk in District 2 street with smile on my face. Knowing that in probably seven hours, i will represent District 2 as tributes. When i arrive at home, i see at the clock just five hours again until the reapings. I just hope my boss doing what i want. Since the reapings was just five hours again, i try to sleep first. I wake up and look at the clock, 1 hours again. Oh my god, i must be late. I take a bath and dressed in pretty blue dress. I've done prepare, then i walked to District 2 square. Along with other seventeen years old girls. I look around for a while, there's no those four people. Four people who recorded me killed my father. Useless people.

"Welcome, Welcome District 2 citizens, welcome" I surprised by District 2 escort, Ischyri Lapperback. "Yes, you're right i am your one and only escort, Ischyri Lapperback... Before we begin lemme show yall our very special film" I look up at her, she wear a dress something like pajamas, i laughed slowly. "...This is how we save our future" Oh, The film is never been short as that.

"OK, Let's continue to the girls" She says as she walked to the girl's reaping bowl. She take off one of those papper slip. She continues to her microphone. She read it slowly "Scarlett Winters" I smile and walk through others people citizens. I walk up to the stage and stand beside Ischyri. "And now for the boys" she walked opposite way to the boy's reaping bowl. she picke up one slip of papper and read it "Akumai Kubaya".

I looked at the boys as he walk up to the stage. A black haired boys with green eyes. "District 2, let's give applause for this two citizens, Scarlett Winters and Akumai Kubaya to represent District 2 as The 395th annual hunger games tributes" she shouted. As we shaking our hands, i try to remember Akumai, Oh i remember, he went to jail and made a quitely popular video called "Top 5 Things The Districts Hate About Panem" then, Ischyri escorted us inside.

District 3 - Orlando Johnson P.O.V

I awaken by the sound of lightning. It seemed District 3 is not going well with reapings. I just hope it will rain when reapings. And Capitol will not doing District 3 reaping, and the answer must, no at all. The reapings would still held and freaky weirdos homo's called 'escort' would come and choose one of us in that stupid bowl called 'reaping bowl' and say the might-be-dead homo's called 'tribute'. It Hunger Games, rain or not they would still hold it.

I go outside for a while to refresh my mind. I sit on the chair in front of my house, I stare at my house with poor gaze. I know my family is poor, with the additional burden of hunger games make my parents burdened mind. I just want to help them but i just 15 years old. I closed my eyes, and sleep away.

'"Orlando" I hear a sweet voice, it seemed similar. But i just sleep again. "Orlando Johnson" I feel something holding my shoulder, and shake it trying to wake me up. I open my eyes and see my mom. "What do you do in here?" she ask me, i look to her "no, just sleep away. where are you going mum?" She already wear her work outfit. "I uh... I wanna work til reapings son" she says. "On reaping day, again?" I actually know what she will answered, she always leave when reapings. "yes, but don't be worry it just take a short time. We would there on reapings" Ugh... i hate this. "If you want to eat, i already make your breakfast in table, i already prepare your reaping day outfit in my room, if you want to..." "sshhh... i know mum" i interrupt.

"OK, take care yourself son, me and your father wanna go now. See you" She waving her hand to me, i replied with waving too. I get inside my house and see the clock. I have been sleep for 3 hours. And it's about a couple hour until reaping. I look at the table,  a couple of bread and milk. I ate my breakfast, and take a bath.

I go to my parent room and find my clothes. A dyed yellow colored shirt and brown pants. I wear it and go to the hall of justice. Signing up and stand with others 15 years old boy in 15 years old and boys section. "Hey, Orlando" i look for that sound, and i found in 16 years old section. It's one of my friend, we doing a conversation until "welcome district 3, welcome" the sounds interrupt us. I see in the stage, A boy with pale skin, grey lipstick, purple eye shadow, with a yellow suit, weirdos. "Ah, i see let me introduce myself first, my name is Algikos Diammo, District 3 newest escort"

"Before we begin, you know what would we do right?" i hear some people laugh but no all. "The film brought to you all the way by the capitol, here it is" I watch this 'special' film, already 4 times. More boring every time i watch this. "OK, let's continue to choose one courage female and one courage male, start from the female" as he step to the left stage and pick one papper and he continue to his mic. "Clare Greysare" i look up at the screen and see a brown-haired woman from section 18 go upstage.

"Lets continue to the boy" now he walk to the male's reaping bowl and pick one papper and continue again to his mic. "Orlando Johnson" is my ears wrong? is he just say my name? "Where are you orlando johnson?" no... can this become more horrible, i go upstage and see my parents is come and their are shocked. I was think if i win a game, i will turn into a drunked man, i won't it happen. "you two can shake hands" he says, as i see Clare, i didn't get anything from her, i don't know her. "District 3, we present you the 395th annual hunger games tributes, Clare Greysare and Orlando Johnson" i mouthing 'goodbye mom,dad' just before we escorted inside.

District 4 - Annelie Elvander P.O.V

I didn't sleep this night, why... why i must sleep? in the facts i must work from morning until midnight fulday, it's rule, it's my parents rule. They become crazy, they abused me, they make me a slave, they might even don't know my name again. Since probably 8 years ago, when my foster sister, Laura sacrificed herself to save me from the wave. They very loved her make me jealous. I locked on this room, this early morning i must escaped from this house.

So, i planned escaped. My room is locked from out there, so one way to out is just small window in the top right of this room, but that just fit to a cat, another way to escape is wait for the door open, attacked my parents and runaway from this house. But, first i must prepared all posibility. My parents might held the weapon, such as knife, or baton, so i must prepared weapon and some kind of shield. I make a small blowgun that made from straw and the dart from the needle. And i make poison from some animals and plants that i found from this room and near window. I know how to make one poison, i just hope this can work, because i never apply this. I check it, i already have weapon, but i not yet have shield. I broke my table that made from wood. and i think it's enough. I wait until the door is opened.

I even not have clock in this room. sucks. I wait maybe 2 hours and then i hear the footsteps. I pick my handmade blowgun and my handmade shield. I hid beside the door. and when the door opened i must ready to shoot and runaway. The door now is opened, i put the needle inside straw. I'm ready to shoot. I can see my father, i aim at his neck. i take a deep breath and *whoosh* the needle fly straight and stabbed right at his neck, i can see my father fall. It's mean i must go now i take my shield and out of the door. I can see my mother in front of me, but i push her to the ground by my shield.

I can escaped, but i can see my mom followed me. For a while, i remember this. This is similar as that tragedy. When I look Laura followed me. I then wake up from that flashback memories and i fall because my feet hit a stone. I bleeding, but i don't care i see my mother still chase me. I quickly stand and continue running. I don't know where will i go. But all i know i must escaped from my mother.

I take a rest for a while, in the beach. i can see the sunrise. how beautiful it was. i hear cracked behind me, i look behind and see my mom with knife, what's horrible "Where are you going, little darling?" my mom says in evil voices. "What do you want from me evil?" I say in hopeless voice. My mom try to stab me but i dodge and tackle my mom, my mom fall to the ground and i keep running back to the town, i don't know where am i going. I run to the center of the town, hall of justice. all i've seen people queue in a row, i think for a while. This is reaping day i remember, i can see the film. "Now let's us pick our courages woman". She go to girl's reaping bowl.

I look back and see my mother's running, i'm under pressure now. I know, i must volunteering. It just the best way now. "Mia-" "I VOLUNTEER!" i interrupted her. I run to the stage, but my mom held my hand. "You can't, little darling, you can't" She said. "Help me please!" I scream with a hopeless voice, again. Then two peacekepeer divert me from my mom, and guards me to the stage. "Whooo, i think that was fabulous drama right?" District 4 escort says, i look to her a pretty girl. By looking at her, she might be at the age of 20. "What is your name darling" She ask me. "please don't call me that, my name is Annelie Elvander" I replied "and who is that woman?" she ask me again. I look to my mom with empty stare "I don't know her" I look at my mom.

"OK, and let's continue to the boy" I keep looking at my mom. And then She Back to mic. and read the pappers she had choose "Joe-" "I VOLUNTEER!" Someone from the crowd shout it loud. We look for where that sound coming from. And then, A blue-haired boy from the 14 age section go upstage "What is your name boy?" She asked him "My name is Konami Aretino" He says. "District 4, we introduced you to representate District 4 as tribute in The 395th Annual Hunger Games, Annelie Elvander and Konami Aretino everyone" she says, i look at my mom once again and i don't want to see her again, forevermore. And finally, i free from my mom when i escorted inside.

District 5 - James Desmond P.O.V

Some people is well sleep tonight, but i think it's not so useful for me. Today, i mean 9 hours again is reaping. No, i'm not scared. How can i scared? My father is 'death'. They was tell me on TV. Actually, i don't so much cared about it. But, the way that they tell us... such a big liar. I hate them, i hate capitol, i hate president, i hate everyone who involved this case. Their words still stuck in my mind "Today the President made a socking discovery when he found a dead body inside his bedroom. He believes the victim is a missing father from District 4. They are just waiting for the DNA testing to come back" Now i'm alone in this District 5, with my new worst life. Not even better than my life before, in district 4. It isn't about the condition of the district but it's about my family. I wondering are they fine in district 4? or they 'suicide' like my father? i leaved District 4 for about 3 or 4 years. I don't have any friends even just one in here. what a suck. I don't know again what should i do. I go outside to see the stars. And i start to close my eyes.

It feel like i back to my past. When all Desmond are together watched hunger games. I look on my father and we're bettin on whom will win. one year i win and another year my father win. It so funny remember how we show our expression when we lose or when we won. Then everything goes black. black, nothing we can see. I try to find a light and instead i wake up and see my father staring me from the door and i can see my body was on the bed, sleeping. Curious, i try to follow my father but when i walk closer to him, my father away. then i start run but my father is more away. Then my father is gone in the dark. It's look like a drama but that's the real. The lights is show again, this time i see my other family, Eric, Mike, Nick, Kyle, Melissa, Alannah, and Hanna is ready to kill by peacekeeper.

I see them from the back of President's chair. "Now" said the man in front of chair, i think that is the president. The peacekeeper was killed all my family now, i'm angry? of course i am. I see a sword near me, so i grab it an hold it on my right hand, then i stabbed the chair hoping the president die. But no, not at all his head is rotate 180 degrees. Horror, very horror. He look me with bleeding eyes and bleeding stomatch. He take out his gun and aiming at me, He pulled the triger, and then BOOM! I open my eyes, and luckily i'm still alive. "That was a dream James, that was a dream" I say to myself.

I go to kitchen to drink some water, then i go back to my room. I see the History book. "James, I knew your father better then anyone. We were best friends for our whole lives. Look this will be the last time you see me. I have to escape before they come for me as well. Your brothers and sisters already know what has happened and are getting ready right away. You have to get out, James. They are coming for you and there is no way that you can survive. Your father was a great man and don’t you forget it. Though, he had a weakness just like anyone. He was power-hungry. That night that your father left, he snuck on a train heading towards the Capitol. He broke into the President’s mansion and was so close to completing his mission. He had taken the President hostage. He wanted to rule Panem himself. Though your father had missed a crucial detail. That day, there was a meeting that all District mayors had to attend. The District 2 mayor had stayed late to have dinner with the President. He had heard the commotion that your father had made. The District 2 mayor caught him and they took your father hostage. Torturing him for answers. Though our source in the mansion tells me that they finally got what they wanted and killed your father. Now they’re coming for all of us and will wipe out the whole of District 4 to do so. I have arranged a hovercraft for your family to be moved away from District 4. Everything is set. Now run home pack up your life and be ready to say goodbye." That words make me crazy.

God, why are you created me. Why you make my life so complicated. While i think, i look to my clock. Damnit, 15 minutes again and i not yet take a bath. I quickly take a bath and wear my reaping clothes. I let my wardrobe in a mess. I look again to my clock, 2 minutes again. I quickly wear my shoes and run as fast as i can to justice building. Fortunately, the mayor doesn't sit on there yet. I'm check in and stand in 15 years old section. With many unknown yet people. I think this, what about volunteer this year? but i think again that's not the best idea i will do it when i am 17.

"Welcome, our lovely District 5, welcome" The escort came with a ball dress, i mean when i say it's ball, she totally round. The female escort the same as last year. "I am Levi Una, Your last year escort" ah i remember her name is Levi or the people here nicknamed here 'the brainless girl'. Last year she wore a beautiful dress, yes i lie. She wore a bubblelights on her head and dancing like insane girl. weirds. "The film, i have a special films brought to yo all the way by the capitol" Ok, that film again, got bored.

"Finish? ah finish, let's pick the girl first" she go to the girl's reaping bowl and take out a slip of papper, and call out loudly "Amethyst Glow" It took a minute to see the purple haired-girl go to the stage. Lets continue to the boy, she go to the boy's reaping ball, and then "OUCH" she fell, she fell oh god how terrible she is. Why capitol doesn't changed her to other escort? Or the capitol want district 5 never win the games? god. "I'm sorry, the male tribute is James Desmond" She call out loud my name. Was she call my name? yes she was. God, if i had to pick. I chose to volunteer last two years. I mean This escort, forget it. I go to the stage and shaking hands with Amethyst. "District 5, your 395th Hunger Games tribute. Amethyst Glow and what's your name kid?" she is very careless "James Desmond, ma'am" "Amethyst Glow and James Desmond" we escorted inside the building. 

District 6 - Bernice Amias P.O.V

Training Scores & Odds

Name District Training Scores Odds
Nile Sebek 1
Purity Knight 1
Akumai Kubaya 2
Scarlett WInters 2
Orlando Johnson 3
Clare Greysare 3
Konami Aretino 4
Annelie Elvander 4
James Desmond 5
Amethyst Glow 5
Zavier Nemesis 6
Bernice Amias 6
Kordan Caden 7
Roselea Seedlock 7
Connor Smitherson 8
Lacey Despin 8
Ace Sida 9
MIchaela Aldridge 9
Eli Winersin 10
Eliza Herader 10
Raid Laced 11
Sophia Batkill 11
Falk Avian 12
Irelia Birdhouse 12

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