Welcome, one and all, to Werebeast1's First Annual Hunger Games! Well, if submitting a tribute, plz add Name, District, M/F, Age, Skills, Weaknesses, Strategy, and History. (token if you want)

Disrict 1-By Brony12

M-Syr Wrath

F-Bliss Creme

District 2-By Anon...

M-Mason Brown

F-Alice Brown

District 3



District 4-By Panther12

M-Mark Ripple

F-Hope Sea

District 5-By Daimon Cray


F-Tara Deirdre

District 6



District 7- By Mockingjay5

M-Marko Flame

F-Snow Timber

District 8-By Tacosalad1127

M-Lego Minifigure

F-Dora the Explorer

District 9-By Team Peeta

M-Bryce Ocelot

F-Ivy Curldem

District 10-By DMaddoxx

M-Venta Jaes

F-Parker Fernx

District 11-By Earth12

M-John Grass

F-Rose Ash

District 12-By InsertRandomnessHere

M-Zarren Finch

F-Nadia Pierce

Will add arena and mutts n stuff once at least half of da tributes are submitted.

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