Name: Jack Sean

Gender: Male

Age: 14

District 12

Hieght 5'9

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, poison, and hand to hand combat

Backstory: He grew up in the seam as a child and his father was a coal miner and mother had no job. One day his father grew terribly ill and before he died he went out with Jack to the woods to teach him to hunt for if he died. He taught him to shoot a bow and if the arrow didnt kill the animal how to poison them. One night when they were home his father fell dead from the sickness. He greived for months. Then out of nowhere his mother died. So he was left orphan at age 12. He was tortured and beaten by the other orphans at the orphanage. So he had no friends. His only friend he had was a prairie dog that slipped into the backyard every afternoon. He told the prairie dog all of his roubles  and he named him Bill after his father. Sadly one day the other orphans killed Bill. So he beat up the leader of that group. And he was feared. He was beaten so badly by the other kids he developed a huge ugly scar and now he wears a maroon and black mask, he made out of a special material, to cover it. One reaping day he was reaped and after h got up there he hear snickers from the other orphans in the crowd, so he had said "And to all of my orphan buddies go to HELL B####ES!!!!" And after that he was dragged into they Justice Building.

Description: Before he got the mask people said he looked alot like Peeta Mellark from the 74th & 75th Hunger Games. Now he only wears the mask.

Personlity: nice to people nice to him, not bossy, if you threaten him watch out.

Strengths: swimming, Bow and Arrow, Mental Strength, hand to hand combat, and quickness.

Weakness: Afraid of people seeing his scar, trust issues sometimes mostly trust people who lived in orphanage, and strength.

Token: his mask

Alliances: with John Lewis and other orphans that are nice.

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