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  • I live in Sin
  • I was born on July 23
  • My occupation is an angel
  • I am living in the land of Gods and Monsters
  • Wesolini

    Millions of years ago, When the earth was created. Nowadays no one knows for sure how the earth was created.

    Earth was created by a group, a group of mythical creatures look the same as normal humans, they breathe the same air.

    But they fought, a massive clash which banished them from earth, leaving only not mythical creatures, the human kind, behind.

    And now, 2014, The group has returned to earth, split into two groups, Angel and the Demons.

    Their powers are even stronger than before and nobody knows what happens when they fight again, total destruction is the specualation.

    So, I finally had an epic idea (thanks to Gruff) for a new blog. I have been thinking and thinking. So, This will basically be the return of Angels and Demons to earh. A fi…

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  • Wesolini

    Lost in the woods

    December 22, 2013 by Wesolini

    What seemed to be a fun party down in the woods ended up terrible for this group of people. They were lost in the woods, haunted woods. Terrible things started to happen and only few will survive this. Good luck to those who find their way to survival.

    Basically user of our lovely chat will be lost in the woods. But there are some magical forces working against the lovely group.

    • I must know you from chat
    • No swears and stuff
    • Ages are somewhere between 18 and 30
    • Fear must be something not abstract, like spiders or needles. Seeing someone die is abstract.



    Biggest fear:

    Name Age Fear
    Sam 21 Joan
    Jade 20 Dark, Heights
    Emma 24 Sam
    Joan 24 Pilar

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  • Wesolini

    The Unforgiven

    October 20, 2013 by Wesolini

    Ages ago, eras ago. There was a country called America. Everything went fine, but suddenly women were put on fire. Claiming that they weren't witches, but the crowd around them told otherwise. They were burned to death, while most of them being innocent. Nowadays the true witches who remained uncovered due to their magic powers remain and are slowly rising again untill the Capitol found them. A living community in the woods of District 7. They were forced to battle to death in a terrifying arena. They each will represent an element, with a total of five and will be able to use these powers, but not in a strong way. They won't be able to kill each other with the fire or water they might get as element. No, they use it to confuse, attack wit…

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  • Wesolini

    The Alea Games

    August 7, 2013 by Wesolini

    Dear people who are reading this,

    This will be my new games, and I am going to everything. I just want 15 tributes, no districts.

    I just want a gender, an age, a weapon, a name and a real life picture. The name has to be interesting and not that common.

    In this universe careers don't exsist. Enter one and you will immediately be eliminated from these games. I just want you to add my template which I will list later on. Now, I will skip through everything and start at the bloodbath but I will do random training scores and the odds that are tied with them. So, let's say, you tribute has the odds of 1-20 to winning, I will enter your tribute 20 times on a list which will later go in A tribute with a score of 1-5 will be ente…

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  • Wesolini

    The Claritas Games

    July 16, 2013 by Wesolini

    Dear Districts,

    As we are speaking, every year two tributes from each district will be send into a massive bloodshed but this year is different. I will only and only allow 12 tributes to be in the games, meaning that from each district one tribute will be choosen. Hold on, claritas means clarity or brightness. The tributes will be placed in one, white box. Gigantic, enough to fit a cornucopia and weapons and twelve tributes in it. They will be surrounded by a white light. Just a white box.

    • Use my form. Any other things than my form will not be accepted. No extra info etc.
    • You can enter both genders for a district.
    • These will be very short, like a over in a few days.
    • Two tributes per person.
    • Post Leo Est Optimum if you read this.
    • If you don't have…

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