Millions of years ago, When the earth was created. Nowadays no one knows for sure how the earth was created.

Earth was created by a group, a group of mythical creatures look the same as normal humans, they breathe the same air.

But they fought, a massive clash which banished them from earth, leaving only not mythical creatures, the human kind, behind.

And now, 2014, The group has returned to earth, split into two groups, Angel and the Demons.

Their powers are even stronger than before and nobody knows what happens when they fight again, total destruction is the specualation.


So, I finally had an epic idea (thanks to Gruff) for a new blog. I have been thinking and thinking. So, This will basically be the return of Angels and Demons to earh. A fight will start again and catastrophes happen


  • Nobody can join unless I invite you
    • This is because I don't want to write something user based of people I don't know
  • Everybody has a perfect body, which is known that Angels and Demons (Fallen Angels) have
  • I decide the looks
  • Don't cry if you aren't invited
  • Two people from each side will be Archangel or Knight of Hell.
Angels Demons
Gruff Sam
Liza Emma
Anna Chandni
Mia Erlend
Cass Joan
Oli Jade


Face gallery

Divinity has never been so important

Enlighten the fallen

Los Angeles - California - 11:47 AM

Despite it being a really special day in the history of mankind, Gruff sat down in a dark room somewhere in down town Los Angeles. Gruff is one of the four original angels, immortal, invincible and the most powerful of their kind. Only one thing can murder the angels, and that is pure magic. Magic that the student are still learning. Magic that might kill them without any practice. Gruff was meditating when suddenly the sound of high heels was heard, tearing down the silence.

Liza walked in. One of the other four originals. They were there when the first battle of earth was there. She seemed to be wondering why It was all dark in the room but she didn’t  bother screaming it out. She was dying to tell her news to Gruff, her fellow archangel.

‘Gruff, Have you heard it already?’ Liza questioned Gruff while her voice went high pitched. Gruff awoken from his meditation.

‘What is so important to break my meditation session, Liza dear?’ Gruff answered with a really low voice. Many girls have melted away for it but somehow Liza never fell for it.

‘The demons, you know, the ones we fought millions of years ago. They returned to earth, claiming their “property” again. Earth where we fought for so hard, trying to keep it peaceful and not turn into a direct hell. Have you noticed that several earthquakes were on places where nobody has ever encountered an earthquake? Demons are growing stronger. They are out for blood. They want us gone and enslave the human race.’ Liza said in one breath. She seemed quite surprised she got all of that out in less than twenty seconds.

‘Remember what the old books told us. Once evil shall rise again and the good shall overcome.’ Gruff whispered.

‘We must summon our allies again. You know, the children we have put on this earth. Five angels, created by magical powers.’

‘But how do we track them? I mean, they could be anywhere on earth.’ Liza answered in panic. Her life had been torn apart when her lover Colin was torn apart by magical powers many years ago.

You might not have thought of this but Gruff and Liza are both around the 5 billion years old. Their angel gen has made sure they would never age further. No health concerns.

‘Patience will bring them’ Gruff answered as he walked over to the bookshelf. He grabbed the oldest and the book that was covered in a lot of dust. He blew the dusts off.

‘This will guide us through it.’

‘The Book of Enlightment?’ Liza seemed to be doubting her partners mental state again but she accepted it. Overall, he has been smarter and wiser than Liza ever was.

Gruff ignored everything Liza said. One ear in, one ear out. Gruff turned page after page. The actual three minutes of silence felt like ages, millions of years.

‘Here it is.’ Gruff said melodic. Liza quickly threw her piercing stare over Gruff’s shoulder.

‘Ooh, Of course.’ Liza said and she immediately ran off. The tapping over her heels were heard.

Liza walked over to a door, an old wooden door with an ancient lock. Liza placed her hands on the locks and whispered a few words:  Aperi modo delectari. A golden light flashed out of the key gap and the door unlocked.

Liza searched the room until she found some small emerald. She hold it in her hands. She closed her eyes and focused all of her powers on the emerald. The emerald started to shine.

Gruff who sat downstairs on the floor was suddenly bathing in a green light. His necklace with an emerald pendant suddenly started to glow, a sign of reuniting.

Cass and Anna, girl who remained friends through, both conceived by magic powers. Both had emeralds, one a emerald necklace, the other an emerald ring. That exact moment, when Liza cast the spell they were drinking coffee at Starbucks.

‘Have you seen Jeremy’s new haircut?’ Cass said, looking to a boy the table next to them. She waited for Anna’s reaction but instead of a reaction Anna’s face turned all pale. Cass didn’t notice a thing until she looked back. Her smile was still on her face until she saw Anna.

‘What’s up?’ Cass said while she was a little bit scared. Anna never acted this strange before. Anna lifted her arm and pointed at Cass’ ring.

‘You remember the words we were supposed to say when our emerald started glow?’Anna whispered so that nobody here them. Angels were like humans. They look the same, they smell the same but they are invincible and immortal and have eternal youth.

‘Yes, I do. Let’s go.’ Cass grabbed Anna’s hand and without paying they ran out of the Starbucks. The first alley they saw they ran in.

Ad quam nos perducat qui fecit nos’ They both said and one light flash occurred and they were gone. No one was left in the alley but the emptiness.

Mia was walking in the park on her own. She barely kept her emerald with her. She saw it as something unnecessary.  The odds of danger occurring again where so small. She ignored the signs that she should actually come and visit her archangels.

Out of nowhere, Liza appeared in front of Mia.

‘Did you lost something?’ Liza said as she swings a golden bracelet infested with emeralds in front of her face. Mia looked at Liza with a shocked face.

‘Ehm, yes, ehm… I can explain it.’ Mia said. Her face turned red. She was ashamed. Her authority basically told her she was bad, real bad.

‘We got no time to waste. Just grab my hand and we’ll see what happens.’ Liza said, she didn’t wait for a reaction for Mia. She grabbed her hand. In her head Liza did repeat the magical formula. They disappeared. Dissolved into the air.

Zach was cruising down the streets. Proudly wearing a new pair of sunglasses. Nothing occurred to him. No danger, just an ordinary day. He expected nothing. He was planning on meeting a friend. Just the basic stuff, catching up. When he felt that something wasn’t right. Her looked at his watch. One terrific piece of magic. It was once from the Archangel but it was given to him to keep. A mysteriously green light was coming from his watch and all he remembers is this say a word. He whispered the words. A green light surrounded him. A Zach disappeared. Disappeared from the earth it seemed. People stared and wondered. Where just a guy was standing, was now emptiness. Not even a footprint showed that there was actually someone standing there before.

Oli was just minding his own business when Mia and Liza appeared out of nowhere.

‘What the actual…’ Oli said but Liza quickly placed her hand on his mouth.

‘Shh. I got no time to explain. We need to meet each other. It is important. All of our lives are at risks. Yes, I know we are immortal, immortal from normal human death causes but magic can kill us. We are saving each other. We got each other’s backs. You’ll have to trust me. Grab my hand and I’ll guide the two of you to the your destination.’ Liza said. Oli doubted for a second but he grabbed Liza hand. Not even a second later, again covered in a green light.

Liza opened her eyes again. She was standing in the dark room with Gruff. Not only Gruff this time. This time Anna, Cass, Oli, Mia and Zach jointed them. 

‘Children of the good, I have to tell you something’ Gruff said and cleared his throat.

‘Evil has risen again. We are all in great danger. We must unite.’

Chicago - Illonois - 15:27 PM

A small new tattoo shop was opened in Chicago. Despite it not being really busy there were two employees. Sam and Emma were sipping from a huge cup of coffee. Their return to earth didn’t went by unnoticed. Last night, like ball of fire fell out of the sky and put really high force, right in the center of Europe, causing several buildings to collapse. Hundreds of death and panic everywhere but in a blink of the eye they already disappeared again. Chicago is their home town.

‘We came back to claim what belongs to us.’ Emma said with confidence and took another sip of her hot coffee. The hot coffee would have burnt through someone’s throat when they are not divine, yet Emma didn’t even squeak.

‘Yes, I know, I know.’ Sam answered and raised his eyebrows, follow by a sigh.

‘We must gather around an army, an army to fight.’ Sam said and his eyes lit up.

‘Yes, But we lost all of our allies back then. You seem to forget that we are the only ones left of the originals. Everyone died. It is currently seven against the two us.’ Emma said with a doubting tone in her voice. She knew that they were on their own.

‘I got the perfect idea.’ Sam mysteriously laughed out. He had most the ridicule ideas but most of the times they actually worked out. They never had failed so far, despite they were the only people living on the Mars.

‘We just use our powers. Remember when we were alone, about a thousand years ago. We controlled the local communities with ease.’ Sam said and he showed his perfect white teeth.  His black nails were dark as the nights as he stood up.

‘By the end of today, we can have 5 allies. We have to get them. We can only afford five. Our powers will weaken for a few hours. Once we reach more than 5, some probably will be rebellious against us.’ Sam said. Emma stared and wondered. She had done this before and she knew what the process cost.

Joan was walking down the streets of downtown New York. He was just whistling and appreciating the new clothes he bought.  The only fact is that he didn’t know what was about to happen to him. He seemed to enjoy the day, a faint sunlight touching his skin was enough pleasure for him. Suddenly he was bathing in a red light.

‘Wait, The red light districts aren’t here.’ Joan whispered as he grew a little scared. Some say they saw him wet his pants but that isn’t relevant for this story. Out of nowhere, Sam appeared in front him. Sam’s eyes had turned all black with red irises. Joan stood there. He had no way to run.

‘Look into my eyes.’ Sam whispered with a demonish tone in his voice. Joan immediately obeyed. He was mesmerized. Sam, his new master. He would serve them. Sam opened his hand and suddenly moved into Joan’s chest, right where his heart is supposed to be. Sam made a fist inside Joan’s chest. Joan fell to the ground.

After two minutes he woke up. He eyes were not the usual green he used have, no, they were red, blood red. His body was not what it was used to be. He felt powerful. Forces he never experienced before.

‘Welcome to the Order of Despair’ Sam laughed as he sent Joan of to the little tattoo shop.

‘Stay there.’

Emma had teleported herself to Paris. Paris, the city a lot of people would only dream about. Emma walked past the Arc d’Triomphe. No one interesting was there. No one. No one that could survive their attempt to alter their beliefs. But there she was.

A girl with blonde hair. She looked fierce. She looked strong. Emma felt the connection. She is the one. She will be one of us. Emma ran up to her and pretended that she bumped into the girl. The girl fell to the ground.

‘I am so sorry.’ Emma said, actually convincing the girl of Emma’s own fault. Emma reached out to get the girl up her legs again. In this process Emma looked the girl in the eyes. A magical connection was made between them. The world around them dissolved and the soul of the girl slowly turned black.

Emma took the purse of girl. She found her passport.

‘So Jade, Welcome to our faction. You seem powerful.’ Emma used her magical powers. Jade dissolved in the air and within in a blink of a second Jade stood in the tattoo shop.

Sam and Emma communicated through their brains. They have been together for so long they knew their weaknesses and strengths.

‘Two down, another three to go.’ Emma thought and the message arrived in Sam’s head.

‘I’ll meet you in Salem. We will find two people here. Strong people I rely on them. I know we can survive and claim earth. Our army is strong, especially the girl you just retrieved. She seems powerful. A good demon with lots of strong powers.’ Sam answered Emma’s thoughts.

Chandni and Justin were walking down streets of Salem. They are lovers. They are holding each other’s hands. Not caring about the world around. They didn’t knew they would end today.

‘You remember the day I met you?’ Justin asked Chandni as he placed his lips on her cheek.

‘Of course I do. ‘ Chandni answered and giggled. She turned her face around and placed her lips on Justin’s lips.

‘Well, Ain’t this freaking charming.’ Sam said as he appeared out of nowhere in front of the lovebirds. His eyes terrified them. A sound, a huge boom. Emma stood behind them.

‘Nowhere to run today. We knew about your affair Justin.’ Emma said. It was a lie but it worked. Chandni freaked out. She started to punch Justin.

‘HOW COULD YOU? I TRUSTED YOU!’ Chandni screamed but without even realizing it Emma glanced at Chandni. Chandni fell to the ground, just like the poor boy in New York. She woke up, black eyed. Justin who swore he literally saw Chandni’s soul flowing out of her mouth and turning black tried to run but Chandni beat him. She used a black force, it looked like a black thunder coming out of her hands. It hit Justin right in the back.

‘Silly boy.’ Sam said as his hand disappeared through Justin’s back. His heart turned black, like his soul turned pitch black too.

Chandni took Justin. They were pressed against the wall together, next to each other. Emma used her mind control ability. Chandni and Justin disappeared as a they were struck by a lightning.

Chandni and Justin opened their eyes to find themselves in a tattoo shop with Jade and Joan.

Erlend wandered through the streets of Chicago. He just moved here and he was ready to explore the city. He walked by a small tattoo shop. For ages he had been trying to get a tattoo and now would be his chance. He walked inside, which eventually caused his downfall.

‘Hello?’ Erlend said and Joan’s face appeared out of nowhere.

‘Hello, You are here for a tattoo?’ Joan said, really innocent, maybe too innocent.

‘Yes…’ Erlend said. Joan signed that Erlend should follow him. They went to the back of the store. A group, Jade, Emma, Sam, Justin and Chandni were already standing there. The door behind them slammed closed. Erlend got scared.

Jade pushed Erlend to the ground. Jade jumped on top of Erlend.

‘So, this is our latest addition.’ Jade whispered and moved her tongue across her teeth. She glared deep into Erlend’s eyes as his eyes slowly turned into pitchblack.

Emma stood up.

‘We are here again. This time we claim earth!’ Emma yelled as she started to laugh real loud.

‘But now the most important thing of our ritual. All of your take your shirts off.’ Emma said and everyone immediately obeyed (excluding Sam ofcourse). Emma had her nails, she heated them with her powers. Her skin didn’t burn but her nails turned hot, they turned that kind of orange when something gets hot. She made a small symbol on everybody’s shoulder ignoring how hard they screamed. The screams pierced through bone and marrow but they ignored it.

‘Now you are official part of us.’ Emma said.


Los Angeles - California -  4:52 AM

The group of angels all woke in the same room. It was a white. Bright white walls with the sunlight coming through the windows, illuminating everyone’s skins. Gruff always woke up hours before the others. It has become a regular custom of him. Always, around 5 am in the morning he wakes up. Today might be the most special day. Angels will start training again. They’re in war. Afraid that they might lose this time.

Gruff poured himself a cup of milk. He took a croissant of the table and opened the newspaper that always got delivered. One sip of his milk and he immediately spat it out again. The headlines of today were the following: NEW YORK ON FIRE! NOTHING TO BE SAVED! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DIED IN THE FIRES.

Gruff ran towards the sleeping room and banged a gong. Everybody straighted his back and sat in their beds.

‘What the actual f---’ Oli muttered. He was used to a good night of sleep, not waking up at 5AM. Everyone slowly got out of bed excluding Liza. The moment she was abruptly awoken she immediately jumped out her bed and got dressed.

‘Gruff! What happened? Are we under attack?’ Liza said and panic was heard in her voice. Gruff walks over to Liza and places his hand on her shoulder.

‘No, we are not under attack. But, New York is gone. Nobody is left in New York. According to the latest rumors a group of 7 set fire to New York yesterday. Now all what is left of New York are ashes.’ Gruff said and he looked around. Everybody seemed shocked.

‘So, we must fight those seven I figure?’ Cass said, she seemed a little bit annoyed. She had thick black rings around her eyes.

‘We aren’t even prepared enough to fight. Our enemy is apparently growing stronger and stronger and we didn’t even start training yet.’ Anna answered Cass. Anna followed Liza’s example. She immediately got dressed. She didn’t bother calling her hair.

‘So, how can we train? We don’t even have weapons.’ Mia whispered like she was afraid someone else would hear her.

‘Well, Yes we have.’ Gruff answered Mia. ‘If you all would politely follow me please.’

Gruff started walking across the whole building. At the other side of the building there was a hidden elevator, hidden behind a portrait of woman carrying a baby. Gruff opened the doors.

‘Quick, get in.’ He said and literally pushed Zach in the elevator. Once all of the seven were inside he pressed the buttons. They went down, down to cellar deep under the ground. When the doors opened again they were standing in a huge room. It looked kinda similar like a gym. There were all kinds of attributes to train with. Weapons, machines, everything.

The eyes of the angels looked like they were small kids in a candy store. They couldn’t to start their training again.

‘One note in advance.’ Liza said ’Some of you will encounter powers they thought they didn’t possess. So don’t get shocked when shoot an arrow that it gets caught on fire or that a lighting strucks out of your hands.’

‘Liza, would you be so kind to show us what we are expecting?’ Gruff asked Liza and Liza nodded Gruff. Liza wore a white light shirt and pair of jeans. She walked on bare foot. She ran over to the archery station and grabbed a beautiful white bow with golden tips. The arrows were made out white wood with golden feathers and a golden arrow head. Liza loaded the bow. She shot and hit her target exactly in the middle. She took another arrow, and she hit the other arrow. Exactly in the middle again, splitting the older arrow in more than one piece. Everytime Liza shot an arrow some kind of light followed the arrows.

‘Do you see the light around Liza’s arrow?’ Zach said in awe. He had never experienced something this amazing yet strange.

‘Liza is very advanced in the art of Angels defense and magic. She is deadly for a human and even more deadly for demons. That light is the light of the Eternal. It makes demons disappear when they get hit. But one must not rely on this.’ Gruff said and smiled. ‘Now it is your turn.’

Zach immediately ran off to a dagger station. He picked a silver dagger. He started training on a dummy. Nothing special. Just a boy with a dagger.

‘Don’t hurt yourself darling.’ Liza said as she warned Zach for overheating.

‘Your power will eventually show up.’

Zach continued his training. Next to him Mia had run over to the bow and arrow station. She knew close combat wasn’t her thing. She is a ranger. Her sight had always been terrific so far. She shoots one arrow which came a few inches to the right of the middle.

‘Well done Mia. You don’t see a lot of rookies actually being this good already.’ Gruff answered. Mia shot another arrow and while she shot it and freezing breeze came out of her mouth, freezing everything around her in a near area of 3 feet.

The whole group stared in awe. The first power of one of us has come above the table. Mia had shown potential. She is strong and dangerous now. She isn’t last in the group, no, she just became first.

Oli had run over to the axe station. He wielded a beautiful and sharp, silver axe. He swung it around, chopping through dummies. Arms were flying everywhere. Powers were yet to be discovered.

Meanwhile Cass had joined Liza for a quick lesson of archery. Cassandra shot an arrow but it went horribly wrong. The arrow went over to Zach would managed to set the arrow on fire with just his thoughts.

Gruff raised his eyebrow since he was quite surprised that two powers already shown themselves and the worst was those were each other’s opposites. Fire and Ice.

Anna wandered around the training room. She barely had touched a weapon and she didn’t even bother trying to train. She was afraid but there was something about her. Her power was showing through. She stared at Liza who was facing her with the back. Anna transferred her mind and soul into Liza’s body. She controlled her. Many didn’t notice it. Anna was controlling two bodies.

‘Isn’t this amazing!’ Anna said through Liza mouth. She transferred back to her own body as Liza was a little bit surprised that she had moved a few steps without even remembering it.

They trained all day. Only a few powers had shown by now. Mind control, Ice control and Fire control.

‘It is time to call it end of the day.’ Gruff yelled above the many hard noises. He just threw some spears and they all hit their opponents in their hearts. Gruff had powers, many more than other realized. He and Liza were the archangels. They possess all powers. They can do whatever they want but it costs a lot of energy.

Everyone went upstairs to eat their dinner and to relax afterwards. They sat down and started to eat from their lasagna. Out of nowhere hard sounds were like drums but a million times louder. The doors started to shake and one door even flew open. Everybody fell of their stairs because of the forces that entered the room. There were people standing in the doorway.

Chicago - Illonois - 1:14 PM

An typical winter’s day in Chicago, cold and with snow pouring out of the sky. A group of seven wanders through the streets of Chicago, finding their way home back to their safe zone. Jade was playing with of her powers, her power was pyrokinesis. She allowed small flames to grow on her hand, turning big by every second. Sam was walking in front didn’t notice however  Emma saw it. She created a water flow with her magical powers and sent it right into Jade’s hand. The flame went out and the water flow froze immediately around Jade’s hands.

‘Stop it. You don’t want us to be seen with our powers. We will be freak shows.’ Emma swishes, flicking her hair back in the wind. The group reached their small tattoo shop. The day before they were all marked with a special symbol burned into the flesh of each of the demons.

Sam immediately wandered of the back of the shop and wasn’t seen for a few hours. These hours went by very slow. Jade was still waiting for her hands to unfreeze. Joan ran off to another room with weird sounds coming out of the room. When he came back he walked somewhat troubled. Meanwhile Chandni was singing along with the Seven Wonders and performing this small dance. Justin started running around in circles aimlessly while Erlend was watching Bernadette and Bernard Version Six.

Emma was looking around, watching the other demons for not doing something stupid. Hours went by when Sam finally got out of his dark room.

‘We must confront the Angels today, or we will wait her forever till they make the first move.’ Sam sighed and he opened an old book.

During the old, dark and cold days there was prophecy. The prophecy told the human kind once 7 demons and 7 angels returned to earth there would be a clash but no clash could happen until they turned one person anywhere on earth into one of them. They both had to gun for the same person and the one that eventually gains an ally would start with the first attack.

‘But before that we must work with the Angels. Yes, I know. We have to work with our own enemies but we will be rewarded. World domination will be on our side after all of this.’ Sam cackled while Emma stared and wondered at Sam.

The demons all started their small training which only allowed them to train a bit. After the first few seconds it already turned out that Chandni was able to control the energy waves while she shot her arrows through several apples. Joan was able to levitate which isn’t very usefull in a fight but anyway, he took it for granted.

The demons continued their training for about ten more minutes. They were all exhausted but Emma brewed some kind of potion which immediately rejuvenilled the demons. Justin ran in circles again like he had nothing else to do and Chandni got bored of it. She pushed him aside with her powers. Her powers formed handcuffs around his writes. Those handcuffs were attached to the wall where Justin now was tied to. Chandni giggled a left the room.

The demons excluding Justin dicussed their plan of attack. They came to the conclusion that they basically had to leave right now and surprise the Angels with a visit. Everyone put on their coats and their boots.

‘I got an awkward feeling we are forgetting something.’ Joan said, still troubled walking. Everyone looked around but eventually Erlend found out what it was.

‘We are missing Justin. Where the actual ducks if this boy now?’ Erlend said while Chandni turned red as a tomato. She ran off and came back with Justin a few seconds later. Emma twirled around in circles, blowing some teleportation magic which hit every in the chest. Everyone slowly dissolved in the air and they were standing in a white room somewhere in Los Angelos.

The angels slowly backed towards them.

‘What are you all doing here?’ Gruff screamed at them. He aimed his handpalm at Sam who remained silent and stood still.

‘Remember that foolish prophecy?’ Jade screamed. Her hands were finally unfrozen as she already started a fire in her hands again. Gruff seemed like the only one that wasn’t shocked by this.

‘I remember the prophecy as the day of yesterday.’ Gruff said. ‘Which poor human being would you want to grant this terrible life?’

‘I got so my targets.’ Sam said and he sent a beam of floating ice towards Liza who barely managed to tower a wall of fire in front of her.

‘She is an archangel. Everyone here is a divine creature. You are clearly looking at the wrong place.’ Gruff said and remained calm, however the rest of the angels freaked out. They did send all kinds of powers to the demons who all dodged them, excluding Jade who got hit by a flying frog in her face. The frog was sent from Oli was managed to get control of animals and being able to summon them at any time of the day.

‘STOP IT! NOW!’ Liza screamed. Her voice was 10000 times louder than normal. She froze everyone into the position they are right now which caused very strange positions like Justin lying on top of Joan.

‘We are only going to solve this in one way. One of each faction goes out to find the person. They  will aim their shot at the same person at the same time. When the person wakes up she will immediately run to her faction, that’s how easy it is.’ Liza said. She pointed at Mia. Mia was choosen to prove her worth.

‘Fine, Jade, you can go for the demons.’ Jade’s eyes turned round as coins when she realized that she was the one elected to be their representive.

Mia and Jade ran off outside and ran through the streets of Los Angelos. Both of their eyes immediately locked on this girl. Not even a second of hesitating Mia shot an enegy beam out of her hands and at the same time Jade shot a thunder out of her hand. A girl was hit by two things at the same time it seemed. She fell to the ground and remained there.

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