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  • You can only claim one spot
  • You only have to include your name. The name you use on chat.
  • Be active on chat.
  • After every round you will need to vote. Vote on chat by pming me (wesolini).
  • Twelve spots, fist come first serve.
  • Conspiracy is allowed, betrayal is even more funny x3
  • Being vote out means you are not allowed to vote anymore.
  • Only people in this can vote!
  • Most of these games will be based on excluding the voting system.
  • Dont vote in the time limit, one vote will casted against you
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Tribes will be decided by a schoolyard pick. will decide which two persons will get to pick first.  Females will have to pick males, males have to pick females. This will make an even team of  4 girls and 4 boys.

RANDOM.ORG GAVE ME TO FOLLOWING NAMES: DUSTIN AND LIZA. You can start picking other tribe members. One per person and of the opposite gender. After you choose the next tribe will go. The newly picked person will choose the following person of a tribe etc.

Dustin and Liza play Rock, Paper, Sciccors. Liza shows rock will Dustin shows paper which say, Dustin can start picking first!

'I am choosing... that Lady in the purple dress.' Dustin says and he points at Anna Meehan.

Liza looked around and her eyes fell on this boy. 'I am picking you!' Liza says as she points at Colin Donaldson.

Anna Meehan starts looking around and looks at Kekai, the one she spoke with before. 'I am picking Kekai Mariano.' She says.

Colin Donaldson lets his eyes rest on every cast away for a second. 'I choose the pretty lady over there.' He stays staring into Emma's eyes.

Kekai looks around and finds his eyes laying on his beautiful woman. 'Julia, come over here babe!' He says.

Emma looks around knowing that she would pick Jason. 'Jason, you're my new tribe mate.' Emma says.

'I am picking you.' Julia says and nods at Kaegan.

Jason looks around. One girl is smiling at him. 'I pick the smiling girl.' Jason says.

'Lily is the name!' She says.

'I am picking Caylin!' Kaeghan says.

Lily looks at the person who stood next to her. ' I like you, come over here.' She says and Gareth walks over to his tribe.

Caylin looks around and she picks: 'You!' Her finger aims at Gruff.

'Erlend, come over here.' Lily says.

'Berry, Come here. Now.' Gruff says and smiles at the beautiful Berry

'Do I really have to pick Olivia?' Erlend whispers.


Yel Sew
Dustin Liza
Anna Colin
Kekai Emma
Julia Jason
Kaeghan Lily
Caylin Gareth
Gruff Olivia
Berry Erlend


Day 3 - Immunity Challenge

The early afternoon of the third is here. The absolutely, beautiful, muscled and blonde show host Wesley stands in the sun, waiting till both tribes come to their challenge. One for one the tribe members drip in. The Yel tribes with their green buffs and the Sew tribe with their purple buffs.

'Welcome to your first immunity challenge! After today one of you is going home already. In front of you is this course. There are thin planks, about three feet above the ground. You need to run over it one by one. Six of your tribes members will run over this to collected bags of puzzles pieces. When all six bags are returned to the stars the bags will be opened by the two remaining tribe members who will solve the puzzle. The winner wins immunity and won't go to tribal council tonight. When one of you falls of the planks you need to return to the start and wait till you're up again. I'll give you a few minutes to strategize.'  Wesley says.

After a few minutes the teams decided who would do what.

'Team Yel, who are doing the puzzles?' Wesley askes.

'Berry and Julia will do the puzzles' Caylin says.

'Same question for you, Sew.' Wesley asks again.

'Olivia and Lily will do the puzzles for us.' Liza says.

'At my sign one for one you can run to retrieve your puzzle pieces. 3,2,1 GO!'  Wesley says.

Erlend immediately runs away, leaving Kekai who started for tribe Yel behind. Erlend managed to retrieve his bag of puzzles pieces in only a few seconds and is back at the start when Kekai just grabs his back. For tribe Sew Gareth starts to walk on the planks but when he is half way the planks he falls of the plank, needing to return for the start and giving Yel a huge advantage. Anna grabbed her puzzle bag already when Colin starts running on the planks. He makes it and meets Gruff when he runs to the start. Gruff is extremely fast and grabs his back. Emma starts to sprint and makes up a lot of time, grabbing her bag. Jason runs to retrieve their bag, Meanwhile Kaeghan returns with their final bag. Berry and Julia start working on their puzzle as Gareth runs to take their final bag. He grabs it and return save.

Berry and Julia has a quarter of the puzzle done when the Sew tribe starts. After untying the bags Sew quickly recovers being half way through the puzzle at the same time as Yel. A few nerv wrecking minutes.

'Fuck.' Olivia says she sees that one puzzle pieces is in the wrong place but she is too late to recover it. The Yel tribe won immunity.

'Congratulations Yel! Here is your immunity idol!' Wesley says and he hands the immunity idol to Berry who is jumping up and down.

Day 3 - Tribal Council

The Sew tribe sits down.

'People, you can vote'  Wes says as he points at the urn.

A few minutes go by as Wesley retrieves the urn.

'First vote goes to Lily.' Wesley says.

'Second vote goes to Olivia. 1 Lily, 1 Olivia' Wesley says

'Third vote goes to Lily. 2 Lily, 1 Olivia' Wesley says

'Fourth votes goes to Olivia. 2 Lily, 2 Olivia' Wesley says

'Fifth vote goes to Lily. 3 Lily, 2 Olivia' Wesley says.

'Sixth vote goes to Lily. 4 Lily, 2 Olivia' Wesley says

'First person to be voted out of Survivor: Caramaon is Lily. Grab your torch. Wesley says

Day 6 - Immunity Challenge

Both tribes arrive at the beach where a huge buidling like structure is standing. Wesley, even hotter than he ever was stands there.

'Welcome Yel and Sew! First look at the new Sew tribe!' Wesley says and looks at Anna's face. She is shocked.

'Anna. You are clearly shocked. Tell me?' Wesley asks her.

'I didn't expect Lily to go so soon. I acually thought that Olivia would be out.' Anna says.

'Okay, For today's challenge three of you will tied to this water wheel. One of you will spin the waterwheel. The three tied to the water wheel need to collect water with your mouth and spit it out in a tube which will go down to a bucket. Once the bucket is filled puzzle pieces will drop and can the remaining three start working on their puzzle. Time to strategize!' Wesley says.

A few minutes of strategize go by.

'Yell, Who are going to be tied to the water wheel and who is going to be spinning it.?' Wesley asks.

'Berry, Gruff and Caylin will be tied to the water wheel. Dustin will spin the wheel and Kekai will be sitting out..' Julia says.

'Jason will be spinning for us while Gareth, Olivia and Emma are tied to the waterwheel.' Erlend says.

A few minutes later the Sew tribe is leading. Their bucket is almost full. Emma takes one big blow inside the tube and the bucket falls. Yel seems to be struggling but they manage to get water in the tube.

Sew already started working on their puzzle, having it almost finished when the bucket of Yel falls.

'WE GOT IT!' Liza screams.

'That's right! Sew wins immunity!' Wesley says.

Day 6 - Tribal Council

'Welcome Yel tribe. Today you will face your first tribal council. To make a long story go short please start voting.' The beautiful blonde boy said.

Wesley retrieves the urn to find out that the votes are in it 

'First vote goes to Anna!' Wesley says

'Second vote goes to Julia' Wesley says

'Third vote goes to what the hell. Kaeghan.' Wesley said

'The Fourth vote goes to Dustin' Wesley says and makes an o.o face.

'The fifth vote is Anna!' Wesley says

'The Sixth vote goes to Julia!' Wesley says

'The seventh vote goes to Kaeghan' Wesley says

'Second person voted out of Survivor: Chat is Julia. Grab your torch.' Wesley says.

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