Hello People! 

Well. I just came up with an idea that I'd like to present to you. Survivor with our chat users! Based on the Dutch Survivor.


  • You can only claim one spot
  • You only have to include your name. The name you use on chat.
  • Be active on chat.
  • After every round you will need to vote. Vote on chat by pming me (wesolini).
  • Say something like Dark Magician Girl is awesome
  • Twelve spots, fist come first serve.
  • Conspiracy is allowed, betrayal is even more funny x3
  • Being vote out means you are not allowed to vote anymore.
  • Only people in this can vote!
  • Most of these games will be based on excluding the voting system.
  • Merge will happen when three people returned.

The Survivors 

Name Day of Elimination
Mia First Day, returned on thrid day.
Atelda Third Day
Jackie  Day Four
Erlend Day Two


Akecheta Eyanosa
Vinny Dani
Atelda Mia
Erlend -----
Claudia Jade
Emma Jackie
Caylin Julia
Lily -----

The Map


This is the map of survivor. The islad on the left is the victor's island. Blue is water, Green is jungle, light green are palms trees. Yellow is the beach. Grey is a mountain.The challenges take place on the loser's island. There is a small stroke of beach on it.

Immunity coins

I won't keep a list here. I have it in my word. You can ask to me how many coins you got. These coins can only be used when you are going into elimination. Each coin you enter will take one vote away on you.

But with the twist of the chance of you returning all immunity coins are now worthless.

Day One


A plane just went up from the airport of New York. Twelve brave people are going to an inhabited island, one of Indonesia’s many islands. Lily, a girl. She joined survivor. Will she be our sole survivor? Or is Vinny it? We won’t know.

The door opens and a girl with long, blonde hair walks to our lovely survivors. Anna, the girl who presents survivor.

‘Hello, You brave people. Today you all will be dropped on this island. With nothing but yourself and your team mates. On the island you will learn who are in your tribe and who are not. But this plane isn’t landing anywhere in Indonesia. No. You all will jump out of the plane with parachutes!’ Anna says with a grin on her face. Anna isn’t afraid of anything.

‘So, Get up all of you and grab a parachute!’ Anna says while she grabs hers. She waits till everyone has one and instructs them how to use it.

‘Just pull the cord!’ Anna says while a terrified Emma almost pees her pants. Anna opens the door, making place for other’s to jump first. Anna grabs Emma by her shoulders and throws her out of the plane. The other’s stare at Anna and quickly follow Emma. Erlend, the last one to leave the plane trips over Anna’s feet and is falling down with his head down. Anna closes the door and lands with the plane on the island next to the survivor’s island.

Anna takes the boat to find all survivors on the island. Some did land on the island, like Emma who was there first but Claudia and Jackie are not that lucky. Their heads are covered in sea weed and they seem not to be amused.

‘Welcome to our lovely nameless island. The Island you will stay for the coming days! Well, You see this survival tour. You all follow it to find a bag with your name on it. It will contain your tribes name. While you are doing this you can find immunity coins. Take them but you can’t have more than five per person. Ready? Those who are in the team with the lowest average place of finishing will go to the tribal council.’ Anna says and she fires a gun, indicating they can start running.

Jade is the first one to make it to the parcours. Grabbing her first immunity coin. She runs over the wooden bridge with holes in it. She walks over the wooden bar that moves and swims through a small pool. After swimming through it Jade climbs up a rope ladder, almost falling but she manages to grab it. Jackie is following her quick and they both are on the ladder. They run over the wooden plate and see that they have to jump into the sea to get to their bags. Without any hesitation Jade pushes Jackie of the plate and follows her. They are the first two people to arrive at their bags.

‘I got Eyanosa.’ Jackie says with Jade highfiving her.

Lily, Mia and Dani try to climb to rope ladder but they bump into each other. They start kicking each other because one of them has to get on it. Lily and Dani are still fighting when Mia sees the possibility the climb the rope but she falls back on the floor. Caylin and Emma quickly run to the ladder, climbing it and being the third and fourth to reach it.

Time goes by and all contestants have found their tribes. Anna looks at them.

‘I see you all survived. ’ Anna says glaring at Mia, Dani and Lily. Bruises over their bodies already.

‘I am sorry to tell you this but the first team going into Elimination is….’ Anna says, building up some suspense. ‘Team Eyonosa!’. The team with the red flag stares at each other. Jade and Jackie both made it to the bags first but they lost. Erlend does a happy dance because he won’t have to vote on people and kisses Atelda on her cheeks because of his happiness.

Tribe Council

Anna stood there already, waiting for the survivors to come. In front of her, a jar, black as the night but small. Enough for six slips of paper. The six survivors appear.

'Welcome on the first tribe council. One of you will return home now. But who?' Anna askes. Nobody answers. 'Well! Write your choices on a slip of paper and give them to me.' Each of them gives Anna a paper. 'I'd like to know if anyone wants to use their coins?' Anna says and Jackie and Lily raises their hands. Lily walks to the front and gives one coin to Anna while Jackie gets three coins to Anna.

Anna takes one paper out of the jar. She reveals the slip of paper and in a messy handwriting the name Lily appears. 

'But this won't count.' Anna says and tears the paper in two pieces.

The next slip of paper is taken and it reveals to be Jackie's. Anna tears the paper again.

The next slip of paper, in a beautiful handwriting reveals that it is Mia. Mia's impression on her face turns worse then ever.

Another paper, Dani. 

Anna takes another paper. Jackie's name again but Anna destroys it.

Another Jackie is drawn. Anna tears apart the paper.

'Julia, Jackie,Jade and Lily. You are safe! You can all vote another time.' Anna says as Mia and Dani look at each other.

The four of them enter another slip of paper.

Anna reveals them quickly. 'Mia, You got three votes. I am sorry but you are send back home.' Anna says while the group hugs Mia.

Day Two


Both camps appeared on the beach for the next challenge. Anna stood there with a few bags in her hands.  Six to be exact. She looks at the tribe and then sees Vinny and Erlend, both covered in brushes and scratches. Anna looks at them with her eyebrow raised.

‘What happened to you?’ She asks and Vinny starts to speak.

‘We had some food, barely enough for all of us. Just a few grams for us. I looked away for one second. Just one second and that asshole next to me took my food, my slice of bread and then the fight occurred. ’ Vinny said not smiling but almost crying. His stomach is heard and Erlend stands next to him with a look of disbelief.

‘First of all, It wasn’t me. Emma, she sat next to you. If you actually paid attention you saw me looking to the same direction as you. Emma snatched it. Secondly, I totally won our fight. You know. I easily beat your ass.’ Erlend says smiling. Emma who stood there, having her mouth wide open. The pieces of bread still between her teeth.

‘That is interesting´ Anna says without showing any emotion. ´But now we will have the challenge. As you can see Mia got eliminated yesterday. So from Akecheta one person can´t compete.´ Anna says but Caylin already ran to the side before they could decide what would happen.

´This will be a team challenge, well for four of you. Other two will be alone. The goal is to answer as many question correct. The first one to reach three correct answers will receive one bag, containing a puzzle. The first one to solve it will get one point. In the paired team one person will do the question the other the puzzles. Clear? Lily and Dani. You start. You will go against Atelda and Vinny.´ Anna says.

Round go by and it is a tie currently. Both solved two puzzles in the same time. Now, Lily and Erlend are left. Both needing to solve the last puzzle. Minutes go by. Erlend who is hallway but he lost one piece of the puzzle. Lily, almost finished. In a few seconds, Lily suddenly starts to scream.

‘I GOT IT! I GOT IT!’ Lily screams and her tribe starts dancing, dancing like they never did before.

‘Congratulations Eyanosa! You won! You will be enjoying a nice dinner this evening and you will get a clue about the hidden immunity doll. The other’s will go into a tribe council this evening.’ Anna says.

Tribe Counsil

The sunny day that it was that day turned into a gloomy and rainy day. The survivors of team Akecheta sit in the wooden hut, waiting to vote for each other. Anna stares at the group, smiling by knowing the fact one of them will be eliminated in a few seconds.

‘So, People. You had a fight today.’ Ann says laughing so loud when she sees the bruises on the arms of Vinny and Erlend. Emma sits next to them, shaking because of her nerves. The tears are almost rolling down her face but she manages to keep them away.

All of the survivors walk to the jar, put their papers in it.

‘Does anyone to use a coin or more?’ Anna asks. Erlend hands Anna two coins, Claudia hands Anna one so do Atelda and Emma. Anna places them in her pocket and places her hand in the jar.

Anna reveals the first name. Erlend. Anna places the slip in the torch next to her.

‘That was one coins Erlend.’Anna says and she takes another slip with the name Atelda on it. Anna also burns this one.

‘There goes your coin, Atelda.’ Anna smiles evily.

Anna grabs another slip with Caylin’s name on it.

‘Aaah! The first one that remains here.’ Anna says, placing that slip in front of her.

Anna takes another slip.

‘Another Erlend!’ Anna places the slip in the torch again.

‘It looks like Caylin is getting eliminated.’ Anna nods

Anna takes another slip.

‘Erlend!’ Anna says and Erlend turns pale.

‘The last one.’ Anna takes her time and Emma screams. She is in the next round.

‘Caylin, I am sorry.’ Anna says as Caylin bursts out in tears.

‘But you will be missing Erlend because he is going back home!’ Anna says and Erlend walks away.

Day Three


Both tribes come to the beach, standing in the burning sun and their foot burning because of the hot sand.  Anna comes out of the forest, having a huge jar in her hands. She places the jar on a table and looks around.

‘Welcome to your third challenge but first I want you to know this. Every two challenges someone will get to pick a piece of paper from this jar. This jar is filled with the names of voted out outcasts. They will get a chance to reappear and fight for sole survivor. The other will need to stay at an island until the merge appears. Are you not in the merge and on the loser’s island? Then you will be eliminated. Everyone has a chance of returning. ’ Anna says, smiling and shaking the jar.

‘So,  Atelda. Come over here. You have to honor of selecting one of our voted out’s to return. Is it Erlend or Mia?’ Anna says and she points at Atelda. She nervously walks over to the jar. Her hand disappears in it and with a moment of hesitation she picks a slip of paper. She hands it over to Anna.

‘I forgot to say you that from both tribe someone can return. It just depends on who is on the isle but for now Mia is returning as she reveals the slip of paper.’ Anna says. A small boat appears on the sea and Mia is sitting in it. Ready to return to her game.

‘Welcome back Mia!’ Anna says as she watches Mia hugging her fellow tribe members. ‘Today you will have an immunity challenge. In front of you see two boxes. These will have 6 holes in it. You have to throw bags of sand in it. Those bags of sand are there.’ Anna says and she points at a huge construction in the sea.

‘Every round two of you will go there and grab two bags of sand. They return and the following two can start. Eyanosa camp. You will have one person sitting out this round. One of you five will have to throw these bags in the holes . Discuss it now. ’ Anna says and tribes start to discuss.

‘I am not doing this challenge.’ Jackie says and she walks over to Anna.

‘Okay! The rest of you can start. NOW!’ Anna says and Atelda and Emma sprint into the water, followed by Jade and Lily. Atelda is a fast swimmer and makes her way to the construction first. She climbs on it, retrieving two bags and jumps back in the water. Meanwhile the other three made it to it as well.  Emma trips and falls with her head down into the water but Lily and Jade are catching up on Atelda. Emma quickly recovers and makes her way to the beach. Dani and Mia are already swimming and are almost at the construction when Vinny and Claudia are swimming. They swim as fast as they can and are able to catch up with them because Dani fell back in the water. They swim to the shore. Vinny hands his bags to Caylin who starts throwing them.

Caylin’s first bag falls in one hole as Dani and Mia return. Julia starts throwing them too and her first two bags are in the holes.

‘2-1’ Anna screams but Caylin keeps throwing, having two more in the holes. Julia has a little struggle but manages to recover quick. She throws in another three bags. Caylin throws and misses twice. Julia throws another bag and it also misses. Caylin throws two bags and those are in. Julia throws her last bag and it falls in the hole.

‘Congratulations Team Eyanosa! You win immunity! To Team Akecheta, I will see you tonight at the tribal council.’ Anna says

Tribal Council

Tribal council is there again. Anna stands there already while she holds the beautiful jar. Next to her a table filled with papers and one pencil. The cast aways walk toward the wooden benches. Atelda sits the most to the left. Emma walks in but forgets that there is a stair and she trips, falling with her face right into Claudia’s feet.

‘Smells nice, don’t they?’ Claudia says and pushes her toes in Emma’s face. Anna wants the attention and starts calling their names.

‘Welcome… back. I wasn’t expecting to see you return so soon. Well, You are experts now. I won’t have to explain what is happening. Vinny, you can vote first.’ Anna says as Vinny walks away. He writes a name on the paper and puts it in the jar. A few minutes go by and everyone voted.

‘It’s time to reveal who is going to meet Erlend.’ Anna says and places her hand in the jar.

‘The first name is Atelda.’ She says and she shows the paper.

‘The second one is also Atelda’ She says and she the paper again.

‘The third name is Claudia!’ Anna says with more excitement in her voice. ‘2-1, One more vote for Atelda and she is out.’ Anna says. She places her hand in the jar again.

‘The second person to be on the special island will be Atelda’ Anna says as she reveals the name.

Day Four


The sun shines, the sand still burns but most of the cast aways stand in the water which is cool. Anna appears out of the forest and her hair is shining in the sun, like pure gold. The cast aways find their courage to stand on the sand and look at Anna who opens her mouth.

‘Hello! As you may have noted Atelda got eliminated yesterday. She got 4 votes against her. As you can see the tribes are now divided as 4-6 because of this the tribe of Akecheta can kidnap one person. One of you come forward to pick the name of your new tribe member. ‘ Anna says as Emma walks towards her. Emma’s hand disappears in the jar and she picks on piece of paper. She quickly runs back to her place next to her fellow team mates.

‘Lily, You are our new tribe member.’ Emma said as she opened the paper. Lily walks to her new tribe, having a pale face. She just got attached to victory and now she is in the tribe that lost two of the three challenges.

‘Your challenge of today will be here. Behind you, you sees two canoes. Big enough for three of your tribe members. Three of them go in there and will paddle to the place where this chest is laying on the sea bottom. Next to those flags. Retrieve it and race back to the shore where the remaining team members need to solve the puzzle on it. The first one to open the chest and be able to place the token on this table will win this challenge. The winners will get immunity. Time to discuss your strategy.’ Anna says and gives the tribes two minutes to discuss. Anna blows her whistle.

‘Everyone ready? ’ She says and she says that they can start. Jade, Mia and Dani sprint to their canoe, followed by Lily, Vinny and Claudia. They paddle to their chest. Lily, Vinny and Claudia are the first ones to make it to their chest. Claudia stays in the canoe as Vinny and Lily dive in the water. The canoe of Jade, Mia and Dani is laying on his side and Jade, Mia and Dani are laying in the water, far behind their chest. Vinny and Lily hold their chest and put it in their canoe. Jade finally manages to get the canoe on the right spot and dives, retrieving her chest on her own. When she returns she places the chest in the canoe.

‘Damnit!’ She screams when she sees that the other tribe is almost at shore. They place their chest on the shore and Emma and Caylin start working on the puzzle. A Jig Saw Puzzle. They places the pieces and are able to open it.

The other tribe just arrived but they can’t even lift their chest out of the canoe as Caylin places a immunity token on the table.

‘Congratulations Tribe Akecheta. You won immunity! Eyanosa, I will see you all at the tribal council this evening.’ Anna says.

Tribal Council

It is night. Anna is standing about her gigantic desk as the cast aways walk toward her, each of them holding a torch symbolizing their lives at the Island. Anna waving her silver blonde hair in the summer breeze. Anna looks at the cast aways who just placed their torches in their holders. Everyone sits down and Anna starts to talk.

‘Hello Team Eyanosa. Welcome back to the tribal counsil. Today one of you will get eliminated. I hope you enjoyed your new team. To make a long story short. Please vote now.’ Anna says and she points at Julia. Julia walks to the jar and places her vote in it.

Five minutes go by. Anna takes the jar and places her hand in it. She takes a while to open the jar.

‘The first vote is on…. Mia’ Anna says and she places the slip of paper next to the jar.

‘The second vote is on Jade.’Anna says and she places the slip of paper above Mia’s paper. Both girls look frightened at each other.

‘The third vote goes to Dani.’ Anna says and three of the girls look at each other. They don’t have a clue what is happening.

‘The fourth vote goes to Jackie.’ Anna says and she is lightly shocked.

‘The fifth and finale goes to Jackie. I am sorry Jackie but grab your stuff and leave for now.’ Anna says as she points at the boat that will bring her to losers island.


These wont continue so I let decide who won this season.



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