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  1. Support me
  2. Advice is not mandatory
  3. Don't hate on me when your tribute dies
  4. No reservations.
  6. 3 tributes per person.
  7. Don't add more than the template. If you do no tribute will be accepted.
  8. I don't go to links or profiles.
  9. Only games. Will do training scores.

Tribute form





Appearance: Must be a lunaii uploaded into this wikia.




Alliances can be determined by the mentors.

District Name Age Weapon Trainingscore Place
1M Topaz Grace 17 Katana, Knives 10
1F Raquel Leoni 15 Bow and Arrows, Knives 10
2M Zephyr Brawn 17 Club, Mace 10
2F Melania Goldensun 16 Claws 11
3M Hertz Engine 16 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes 6
3F Minitel Drone 15 Technology, Screwdriver 7
4M Thomas Quince 16 Trident, Net, Spear 9 22nd
4F Imogen Night 14 Dagger, hand-and-a-half sword 9
5M Yuma Ivory 14 Traps, Cleaver, Knives 5
5F Kitty Daylight 14 Bow and Arrows 5 25th
6M Brann Clatch 18 Sword, Spear 7

Lillian Pierrot

17 Knives, Meteor Hammers 9
7M Cloud Lightning 17 Trident, Spiked Mace, Katana 8
7F Odessa Roehr 13 Trident, Dagger, Axe 4
8M Dome Citadel 16 Hatchet, Icepick 7
8F Victoria Noxio 18 Crossbows, Blowgun. 7 20th
9M Cylan Ruckweed 17 Sword, Throwing Knives 6
9F Nicolette Hacienda 17 Sword 8
10M Tempest Carmello 18 Swords, Tridents 4 19th
10F  Vivan Incomstanti 16 Knives 7 26th
11M Torak Wrenn 14 Spear,scythe 9 23rd
11F Persefone Graditude 15 Bow and Arrows 12
12M Spark  Pyrrhus  14 Hand to Hand, Knife 8
12F Raena Tranh-Thuy  18 Bow, Axe 7 24th
13M Halo Anyon 17 Knives, Throwing Knives 10
13F Willow Firethorn 17 Katana, Throwing Axe 9 21st


Minitel Drone

The morning of the Hunger Games, the last moments with a person who isn’t in the Games. My stylist hugs me.

‘I will see you in a few days.’ My stylist whispers in my ear. The tube closes and I am going up. The plate rose and I feel a summer breeze. I open my eyes and we are standing on a beautiful meadow. Filled with nothing but his emptiness excluding the Cornucopia. In front of me the Golden Horn, the horn of plenty, the horn of supplies. Weapons, Weapons and a few backpacks. The countdown starts.




The girl from District Two, ready to run into the cornucopia mouth.




My ally is on three plates next to me, pointing at the emptiness behind me. I quickly look over my shoulder to find that there are some hills.











A gong is heard. I jump of my plate. I run to this awl, laying on the floor ready to be grabbed by me.  The girl from District Ten runs past me, grabbing a pack of knives but she gets tripped by the District Two girl. The girl that was ready to run. Melania, holding claws, wearing them. Vivian turns around holding a knife in her hand. She raises her knife and cuts through Melania’s tribute outfit, cutting her leg. A scream and a stream of blood. Melania gets mad and her claws race through the face of Vivian. A puddle of blood forms around Vivian’s body. Her eyes scratched out and laying on the floor. Nothing. Her last breath filled with pain. I have been watching too long. I run to the backpack and I turn around. I turn around to see my District partner fighting a girl. Hertz wields an axe, throwing axe to be exact. Kitty Daylight, the girl that I seemed to like during training wields a bow but without arrows. Hertz raises his axe. Kitty tries to block the axe with her arm but Hertz’ axe slits through her wrist easily. Her hand lays on the floor while the blood is splattering out of her arm. She cries. Hertz and I run off, run to hills.

Topaz Grace

The bloodbath going on, tributes hacking in each other, dodging attack and the weater couldn’t been better. No rain, no hail and no snow. Just sunshine. Melania was fighting a girl, obvious she won but the knife of the dead girl ran across her leg, forcing Melania to retreat inside the cornucopia. I run after, finding her searching through the bags, hoping to find the magical ointment from the capitol.

‘I’ll cover  you.’ I yell at Melania, raising my katana in the sunlight. A bright light reflects from the blade. Right in the eyes of the girl from District Twelve. She just grabbed an axe. Her aim locked on my chest. She runs to me, looking at nothing but me. In the run she raises her axe, smacking it down. I clamy take one step out of the blow to just dodge the axe falling from the sky. The axe enters the hard around, getting stuck. Raena’s face, fear drips of it while she sees me coming to her. I raise my katana. A flash of silver light and Raena’s head rolls on the floor. The beautiful, silver color blade is no covered in the red blood from this girl, nothing but blood.

As I hear the screams of Melania I turn around to find her being threatened by the boy from District Eleven. He raises his spear, ready to stab Melania in the face but I throw the knife from my pocket into his head, saving Melania.

‘Have you found that fucking ointment already?’ I scream at her as she opens the last backpack. She takes a small bottle and covers her wound with the ointment inside it. So lightly water vapor comes the wound and Melania gets up again. She places her claws good and runs back in the bloodbath.

Melania starts to fight as I run in to find a new knife for myself. I see a girl with a bow aiming at me. The girl from District 11. She releases the arrow from the string. I dive to the ground to only hear the scream of my fellow career. Thomas Quince got hit by the arrow, right in his back. He slowly falls to the ground as a great, round spot appears on his back. His last breath was blown out and he is silent as the grave. The girl from District 11 smiles and grabs a backpack, ready to leave the bloodbath.


Tempest Carmello

The spilling of blood, the blood bath. People die, people died and people will die. As I look around, while running towards the horn of plenty. I can see people dying. Girls losing their hands, a boy shot in the head with an arrow. Blood everywhere. Career regrouping and looking at their new targets. Like predators, looking for their prays. My eyes lock on the girl from District Four. She grabbed her daggers and ready to pierce them in the back of the girl from District Thirteen. A scream was heard and the girl from District Thirteen falls to the ground, with the dagger stuck in her back. The career girl retrieves her dagger and a puddle of blood forms on the back of the girl from thirteen. Her last breaths, painful. The tears roll down her face as she knows her life is over.

I grab a sword and looking for a possible target. The girl from District Two, Melania, is standing with her back towards me. The perfect time to take out a career girl. I sneak upon her but the boy from two, seeing everything.

‘Melania, Take a step to your left!’ He yells at Melania as I struck down my sword, missing her shoulder by a few inches. Her massive claws are now facing me. Her powerful weapons and our fight starts. Her wild arm movements. I raise my sword to block her attacks but one of her nails pierces into my skin, making a cut wound on my arm. Blood streaming out of it but I won’t give up. As my sword raises again, ready to stab her. When I make the stab move she dives to the ground at the right moment because the girl from Eight was about to stab her with a knife. Victoria Nixio has now a sword in her stomach, cutting her guts into two pieces. She screams and I stare at this scenario for a few seconds. The screams of Victoria are terrible and catches me off guard for a few seconds. A few seconds to long but the sharp claws of Melania are cutting through my back. Wounds appearing on my back and Melania uses her final blow. Cutting through my skin, right into my longs. She rips them apart and I fall to the ground, next to the death girl. Waiting till I get killed, to be away from this pain. The pain that is killing me. Melania laughs evil as she walks away. I close my eyes slowly, feeling the life fade away and then it is over. Nothing but the dark.

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