Hello, As you may know I like to write some games and that's why I made this new games. My previous one failed so I am hoping these won't fail. If they do that's a bummer. I will just need the basic twenty four tributes and these games will be full games.

The Twist

The twist will be the following. All of the twenty four tributes are divided in groups of six. These four groups get scattered over four mini arenas. In each arena they have to fight untill there are three tributes left that are alive. The final three won't be the victors, no. In the other arena's there are also three survivors. All of the survivors will be put in one arena. In this arena the final twelve will fight till dead and the last one standing is the victor of these Hunger Games.


  • I am allowing three tributes per person. You can only have on career tribute.
  • Reservations last for three days.
  • Don't hate me because I will kill your tributes.
  • Use my form, make sure everything is in it. You may add extra information.
  • These Games are just fun, don't start any drama here.
  • I don't go to links and profiles.
  • I got the right to not accept your tributes.
  • Please support me with writing.
  • People can volunteer, if they volunteer mention this in a backstory with a good reason. Careers are obvious but if a girl from District Ten volunteers to become a career I will have my doubts.

The Tribute Form







Weaknesses(min. 2):



The Tributes

District Name Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses
1F Mercury Shifter 17 Whip & Lasso She has a powerful arm, and a great accuracy when it comes to thowing. She is quite fast, and is generally strong. She is quite well-rounded, as she did train for the games. Being a career she has trained to bash out her weaknesses, but some still remain. She isnt that good a swimmer, and has no real use for combat weapons. She has a bad neck, which does slow her and reduce her ability to do stuff.
1M Nitro Shifter 17 Axe & Sword He is very strong, and loves hand to hand combat, and close range combat. He is a great climber, due to the strength in his arms. And paticularly loves boxing. He isnt that good a runner, prefering to stand strong and fight. He cant swim, never tried and was always scared to try. He isnt that smart, and doesnt know anything about survival skills.
2F Airyn Forest 17 Throwing knives and spears She is a fast and speedy swimmer. She can swim up to 40 yards at a time. She has a useful knowledge of edible plants and has very good aim. She can throw from 60 yards and still hit her target. She is also very good at tracking people down and sneaking up at them. Lastly, she can manipulate people to her will. She has no skill at climbing trees. She always falls and struggles to find sturdy branches to hold her. She is also very bad at coping with her fears and she can panic leaving her vulnerable whenever that happens.
2M Mason Spartan 17 Wooden Staff He has a high endurance which he obtained from his uncle's repeated beatings. His skills with a staff is like second nature and it helps him find out what his surroundings are. His feelings of touch, smell and hearing are all heightend and he relies on all of these, being able to identify plants through the way they feel and smell and what kind of animals are near by the way they smell and how they sound. Although his staff helps him find out his surroundings, he still has a hard time finding out where he is or who he is talking too. He also trusts easily and he can easily be manipulated.
3F Logical Queen 15 Intelligence, throwing knives Very smart, fast, plant knowledge, camouflage  Insomnia (trouble sleeping disorder), hand-to-hand, near-sighted without her glasses
3M Buzzy Tee 12 Stinger He is good at plant infection since his friend teaches him also he is also a Good at Thorwing weapons like an Awl when he Thorws somthing at the target he rarely misses and finally he is also very clear. He is weak with out his wings if he gets them chopped of or hurt he is just a big lump of nothing also he can't even run since his legs are thin and he can't eat real food only certain plants or honey.
4F Jessica Walter 14 Bow & Arrow, Knife Speed & Agility, Accuracy, Intelligent Leading Others, Climbing, Plants Identification
4M Hail Destro 16 Trident & Sickle A great swimmer and very strong, and good at Hand to hand combat but prefers weapons. Also very likeable. He is very dependable on others, and wouldnt survive well on his own. He also isnt a great runner due to a muscular problem.
5F Sierra Peridot 15 Sword, knife Strong, quick, agile, good swimmer Can't climb, hand-to-hand combat
5M Snake Slither 15 His poisionous bite, throwing knives He has trained for the games all his life, so he´s very strong and prepared. He has done people manipluation operation when he lived in the Captiol, so he has poisonous fangs to bite and kill with. He is good with any weapons, but prefer his teeth for close combat and throwing knives for long range. He is sneaky and elusive, so he´s an expert to cook up crazy mind games and strategies. He is neither fast or agile, and has serious problems with climbing. He can´t fend for himself in natural envirements, so he´ll have to rely completely on supplies. He is arrogant and scary, and only really dumb tribute
6F Avala "Ava" Poppythorne 16 Mace & Throwing Axes Climbing trees, using her weapons, swimming, dodging attacks. Bossy
6M Orion Clifton 16 bow & arrows, knife Climbing, Hunting, not afraid to kill, can make anything a weapon
7F Terra Skylar 14 Throwing axes, throwing knives/bow and arrow Strong and fast, good swimmer, good aim, running Sensitive, being called a freak
7M Ransom Overman 17 Double-Bladed Axe, Sledgehammer Ransom is very alert. He can sense a change in the situation and he can pay attention to tiny details. He has powerful swinging arms and endurance. He is also a great hunter and climber as he primarly lived by himself. He is also pretty good at plant indentification. Ransom isn't a fast swimmer. He has a hard time dealing with long-ranged weapons and he has a big fear of fire after what happened in the past.
8F Pinea Nummit 15 Machete, Throwing Knives Plants Identification, Agility Brute Strenght, Fire Starting
8M Lucifer Shivers 17 Whips, Swords

Lucifer is a magnificent, fast runner/sprinter. He can sprint for twenty minutes non-stop, and he doesn't even break a sweat. He can swivel around objects quickly and elusively, and can easily stop himself when needed to. Lucifer is a great fighter, he's trained in martial arts and kung fu, and he was the first in his kung fu class to earn himself a black belt, he's extremely deadly, and one lethal pound of his fist is enough to knock someone unconsciousness. Lucifer is incredibly strong, and he can lift and throw around objects that are 10-80 pounds. He's deadly, especially in a fight.

Lucifer isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, or in other words, isn't the smartest of the bunch. He thinks differently to others, and he's always lost in his thoughts. He's also an awful climber, as he usually slips, and finds it hard to hold onto things with his bulky hands. He's also very fragile when it comes to girls, he's not very confident.
9F Raven Newall 15 Spears Can climb trees and swing on vines, can go without food for a long time. Doesn't know how to interact with others, her speech isn't the best.
9M Rye Kuna 14 Knife Tough skinned, doesn't fall for tricks, smart, doesn't get attached. Not comfortable with people being around him, touchy people, people, and his sister.
10F Serina Frostswords 15 Crossbow Serina has always been very agile and quick It was a requirement when you were hunting foxes, as they tended to try and flee, and Serina would have to aim and shoot fast to get a right hit in. Serina is also very stealthy for more than one reason. She would be a thief and steal from the richer people in District 10. It was dangerous, and Serina knew that if she were caught she was dead meat, however she was never caught. Also when she hunted foxes, she would sometimes prefer to stalk her prey, rather than to kill quickly, which has also trained her stealth. Serina has starved ever since her mother was killed and eventhough her job trained her physically, she never really got a lot of muscels and such by it, so her strength is pretty bad, and she would not do very well in hand-to-hand combat, unless she would be able to use her agility to her advantage, but that is kinda hard for her if she were to be wrestling with someone. Also her rough past has taught her not to trust anyone so she has a hard time getting an alliance.
10M Derek Gown 18 Whip,Axe He has an extremely high endurance due to waorking hard back at home. He won't be a victim to a simple knife attack. His swinging arm (right) is strong and he can handle two weapons in each of his hand. Meaning he can hold an axe while at the same time, he can use his whip. He isn't a good climber. He spent his entire life on flat ground, giving him a fear of heights. He also isn't a great swimmer. He puts too much strength on to his right arm, making it hard for him to keep his balance.

Yuna Besaid

15 Spears, awl Healing plants, charisma, also she's very intelligent and can keep a cold head in heated situations (like doing surgery if something goes wrong). strength, it's really hard for her to kill anyone, if she gets really attached to a 12-year-old ally or anyone she really likes she might sacrefise her own life for them
11M Tyson Ashford 16 Trident,Pitchfork Very strong, couragous, Swimming, Hunting Climing, being quiet, Is afraid to kill smaller children, trusting others
12F Bianca Morrowind 17 Sword, snares She is very caring and protective, so many unsecure tributes would want to ally with her. She is both fast and agile, and can scale any three. She is an expert at handeling herself in natural envirements, and has great knowledge and skill with snares. She is alos fairly good at swords. She isn´t the strongest girl, and she is a little frail and whispy. She is very trustful and caring, and may be a little to subtile agains betrayal. She attrachs trouble like a magnet, and she has no skills in any other weapon other than swords and snares.
12M Logan Peterson 16 Awl, Club Even know that Logan is super skinny he is still strong so he is good at hand too hand combat and also do other strong stuff also he is really smart since he knows Survival skills and finally he can't feel no pain because he has been hurt so much times but only when He runs it hurts. Logan is a slow runner he can't run that we'll because its legs are all bloody and it will hurt when he runs also Logan is bad at Climbing because he is scared of heights and finally he is bad with swimming.

The Tribute Gallery


District One - Nitro Shifter

The bright and warm sun light came through my curtains, shining right in my face as I wake up. My blonde hair is a mess and by bright, blue eyes give me the sleepy impression. I enjoyed the warmth of the sun for a few seconds before I got up to wake up my sister and leave for the training center for the last training of this week, reaping day is today. Tributes going into one arena to fight till death. Mercury and I have been training for these games all of our lives, hoping to volunteer when we turned eighteen and become victors.

I slowly opened the door, ignoring the cracking sound of it. As I walked through our hall way the door next to my room opened and my twin sister, Mercury, stunning like always came out of her room. Her huge smile on her face, her perfectly white teeth almost making my blind because of their light, the light that they reflect. Her long blonde hair in a ponytail, the way she always goes to bed and her sparkling blue eyes looking in mine.

‘Good morning, Mercury!’ I said and smiled at her, I got the same teeth as her, bright and beautiful.

‘Good morning. Ready for some breakfast?’ She said, not even looking away from me. She walked downstairs first with her long blonde hair jumping behind her head. She sang, not really loud, barely loud enough the hear it but I loved it.

The silence downstairs is killing me, not another living person there if you don’t count Mercury but she is singing. My parents, both still asleep, not even fearing their lives of their children because of one thing. We are from a career district. People always volunteer, always did and will most likely happen again today. The smell of baked eggs and bacon penetrated my nose, the best breakfast ever. Mercury stood there, preparing our breakfast as I walked over to the fridge, grabbing the bottle of milk and pouring it in two glasses. As I sat down at the kitchen table Mercury placed the plates on the table.

‘So, we aren’t volunteering this year, aren’t we?’ Mercury said, staring into my eyes and not even eating her breakfast. Her eyes burnt their way into mine and I need to answer.

‘Of course not! I always tell that I am volunteering when I am eighteen.’ I said, kind of shocked that she still needed to ask this. We ate our breakfast silently and quickly went upstairs afterwards. We were both going to train some more just before the reapings. I walked into my room, packing my bag with my sport clothing and my reaping outfit. We won’t return home until after the reaping. I walked downstairs to find my sister already there, ready to leave and we left, letting our parents sleep.

The both of us enjoying the morning sun, warm and bright. The beautiful trees with their stunning , green leafs.  The training center, white like always. No one is there, only the two of us. We entered the building and separated our ways to the changing rooms. I quickly took of my clothes and put on my sport outfit, a basic white t-shirt with a black shorts.

I walked out of the changing room, running over to the sword station to practice my sword skills. This robotic dummy was trying to attack me, like we always practiced on that because it would resemble the real deal. The smashing arms of the dummy, both weighing so much that it can easily crush your skull with a single bow. I raised my sword and started fighting it, stabbing and slashing as it would be the last time that I would do this. After nearly getting hit by his fist I managed to stab him, right in his face. My whole body was covered in sweat, which is good thing. I quickly did a sprinting program before I need to leave for a shower and to get ready for the reaping. As I walked out of my gym I could see that Mercury is already back in her changing room. I walked in my changing room and quickly took all of my clothes off and walked into the shower, a hot stream of water fell on my body as I wash it with the soap that smells like a forest, the awesome smell of the water. I turned the water down and quickly dried my whole body.

I opened my bag to find my beautiful white shirt and basic, black jeans. As I put them on my sister entered my room, looking stunning in her long, white dress, tight around the chest but wide around her knees. Her makeup put accent on her beautiful stunning eyes and her long, blonde hair were curled.

‘You look stunning!’ I said and I knew that my eyes were big, amazed by her stunning appearance.

‘Thank you!’ She whispered as she grabbed my hand, ready to leave for the reaping. The scent of her rose perfume surrounded me, an awesome smell for which I would die for. We both were outside again but now the sun was shining like it was noon, which it actually was. The District One streets were crowed now because everyone needed to go to the reaping, they wanted to know if their children are going in the games or not. In the crowd I spotted our parents and we silently walk to them. They looked  worried but they saw that we were good and they took us to the square.

‘Good luck.’ They said and left us because they had to watch from the sides. After the few more meters we had to walk Mercury and I also got separated. The peacekeepers took our blood and I walked straight to the front of the crowd, the place where the oldest children, more teenagers stood because of their chances of getting into the Hunger Games.

After a few minutes of waiting our escort appeared on stage, dressed in her golden clothes and her arms and necks are covered in her jewelry. Her hair was blonde but looked golden in the sun light that fell on her head. Her makeup, a white skin with golden makeup. Her high voice started to talk.

‘Welcome, Welcome!’ She said with a smile, her teeth were alter and were golden. She was obsessed with gold. ’I don’t feel like showing you the same movie like every year so I will tell you. Two of you are going into the Hunger Games as a punishment and entertainment for the capitol. That’s it.’ She said and she walked over to a colossal reaping ball, filled with the names of several girls from my district. Her hand went inside the reaping ball, losing half of her golden bracelets and she picked a name.

‘Mercury Shifter, dear. Come forward.’ She said with a girly smile as I saw my sister walk to the stage. Silence. Not even one single girl moving, ready to volunteer for her. My head spins, thinking if I should volunteer now or next year. Is the love for my sister bigger then my urge to volunteer next year? These are the thoughts that pop into my mind.

‘And now for the boys.’ The escort said, almost tripping over her own feet as she walked to the boy’s reaping ball. Her other hand disappeared in the box full of papers with the names of the boys on it. She took one paper but before she read it I already sprinted to the stage.

‘I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE!’ I yelled and I jumped on the stage, hugging Mercury tightly. She is shaking, knowing that only one of us will make it out alive.

‘And who are you?’ The escort asked with an slight annoyance in her voice.

‘I am Nitro Shifter.’ I said and the escort started to laugh.

‘I guess you volunteered to help your sister? Did you forget about the only one victor rule?’ She said and she started pushing Mercury and me into the justice building, waiting to go to the train station and go to the capitol to fight till the dead.

District Two - Mason Spartan

Twelve years ago, the last day that I could see a thing of this world, this world full of troubles. Our house, my parents and I, was set to fire. A family enemy did this. While I watched with horror, the last thing I ever saw in my life that now is imprinted on my mind. Fire. Burns were on my whole body but I couldn’t care about the burns. My parents. They died. That huge, wooden beam that was on fire fell down, falling right on top of them, not killing them instantly but they got trapped and the fire was melting their skin. Their screams and burns were horrible and then I lost my vision but no only my vision, seconds late I lost my consciousness, just the second I reached outside. Hours later I woke up in the hospital, seeing nothing and fearing the worst. When my fingers reached for my eyes I felt a gap, two gaps. They removed my eyes.  The burns on my body were recovered but that was the least. I would never see the world again, never see the beautiful green leafs in the spring and never see the smile of my friends again. A year went by and I finally got out of the hospital, to live with my uncle Theo. My dog, my new best friend, was the first thing my uncle gave me, a guide through the world full of dangers. None of my friends visited me ever again.

Suddenly I opened my eyes, an impulse of the human body. I felt the wet tongue of the dog licking my face. As my hand reached out to pet his head I heard the sound of the door opening, the door in my new home.

Training scores

Tribute Score
Mercury Shiter 8
Nitro Shifter 9
Airyn Forest 8
Mason Spartan 5
Logical Queen 7
Buzzy Tee 6
Jessica Walter 11
Hail Destro 9
Sierra Peridot 8
Snake Slither 6
Avala "Ava" Poppythorne 8
Orion Clifton 7
Terra Skylar 8
Ransom Overman 7
Pinea Nummit 6
Lucifer Shivers 10
Raven Newall 8
Rye Kuna 4
Serina Frostswords 7
Derek Gown 10
Yuna Besaid 7
Tyson Ashford 6
Bianca Morrowind 6
Logan Peterson 10

The Groups

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Mercury Shifter Logan Peterson Mason Spartan Buzzy Tee
Snake Slither Yuna Besaid Nitro Shifter Hail Destro
Terra Skylar Derek Gown Sierra Peridot Airyn Forest
Raven Newall Rye Kuna Orion Clifton Avala "Ava" Poppythorne
Serina Frostswords Jessica Walter Pinea Nummit Lucifer Shivers
Bianca Morrowind Logical Queen Ransom Overman

Tyson Ashford



Death Killed by How When
24th Biance Morrawind Terra Skylar Axe in head Bloodbath
23rd Snake Slither Mercury Shifter Knives in eyes and chest Bloodbath
22nd Raven Newell Serina Frostsword Arrow pierced Bloodbath
21st Logan Peterson Jessica Walter Arrow in head Bloodbath
20th Jessica Walter Logical Queen Stabbed in back Bloodbath
19th Rye Kuna Arena Drowned Bloodbath
18th Orion Clifton Nitro Shifter Beheaded Bloodbath
17th Mason Spartan Nitro Shifter Stabbed in head Bloodbath
16th Ransom Overman Nitro Shifter Stabbed in the back Bloodbath
15th Hail Destro Avala "Ava" Poppythorne Burned to death Bloodbath
14th Buzzy Tee Airyn Forest Stabbed in the heart Bloodbath


Tyson Ashford Lucifer Shivers Stabbed in the stomach Bloodbath
12th Terra Skylar Nitro Shifter Axe in head Bloodbath 2
11th Yuna Besaid Mercury Shifter Axe in chest Bloodbath 2
10th Nitro Shifer Serina Frostswords Arrow pierced through head Bloodbath 2
9th Pinea Nummit Airyn Forest Knife in head Bloodbath 2
8th Derek Gown Lucifer Shivers Knife in neck Bloodbath 2
7th Logical Queen Lucifer Shivers Chopped into pieces Bloodbath 2
6th Airyn Forest Lucifer Shiver Beheaded Bloodbath 2
5th Serina Frostswords Avala Poppythorne Arms cut off, bled to death Day Three
4th Sierra Peridot Arena Struck by lighting Day Three
3rd Lucifer Shives Mercury Shifter Neck bitten Day Three
2nd Mercury Shifter Avala Poppythorne Stabbed in the back Day Three
VICTOR Avala Poppythorne n/a n/a n/a

The Bloodbaths

Group One

Early in the morning, the first group ready to fight to death.  The six of them escorted into their tubes, waiting till their moment of survival of the fittest. The six of them: Mercury Shifter, Snake Slither, Terra Skylar, Raven Newall, Serina Frostwoods and finally Bianca Morrawind. They slowly rise to their plates, looking around in what kind arena they are.

The arena, a huge meadow, filled with different kinds of weapons to murder each other,  their first step into the Hunger Games. The time slowly ticks away. Mercury Shifter, focusing her eyes on this pack of knives, not lasso or whip to be found. Serina Frostswords, standing there while her eyes stare at this beautiful crossbow, her weapon of choice.  Bianca, the girl from district twelve looks around, finding a way to just escape this bloodbath until she sees the barrier, the transparent barrier which they can pass. Snake, focusing his eyes on the clock, when it is time he will just run in. Terra Skylar, standing there, looking around at other tribute’s reactions. The gong went off and Raven jumps of her plate, running to a spear.  Serina Frostswords who was standing next to her was able to retrieve her crossbow and is not loading it.

The bloodbath started. All tributes managed to grab their weapons and the fight could begin. Serina Frostswords is the first one to make a move, aiming for Mercury, the only tribute from a career district in this arena. As Serina presses the trigger Mercury dives away, dodging the arrow by only a few inches.  Terra Skylar sneaked upon Bianca who was standing there, watching how Serina reloads. Terra throws her axe, hitting Bianca at the back of her head. The blood splatters out of her head, covering the grass around them and Terra’s whole face, having blood in her eyes and mouth.

The sound of the first cannon sounded and all tributes stopped fighting.  They look around, seeing Bianca’s body and Terra covered in blood. Mercury is the first one able to remember that they are still fighting to death and takes her knives. Their blade shines in the morning sun. Mercury aims her knives at Snake Slither, the snake look alike. She throws her knives and everything seems to go in slow-motion. Her knives going direct to their target, steady and not turning around. The impact of the knives, one hitting snake in the eyes. The other one hitting him right where his heart is supposed to be. Unlike Bianca Snake only coughs up blood as he falls the floor, his chest hitting the hard ground first, pushing the knives through his body.

Another cannon is heard but the four remaining tributes stand there, looking at each other, knowing that only one more has to die. Raven Newall stood there, armed with a spear. She aims her spear at Mercury but faster than the light Serina shoots an arrow at her, which enters her head easily. Her blood flew out her head as she falls down to earth, death.

Mercury, Terra and Serina look each other in the eyes as they drop their weapons. They made their way into the top twelve and will be escorted to the capitol again, to rest and fix their possible wounds. The gigantic hovercraft appears, picking up the three girls.


Group Two

Six more tributes, ready to go into the Hunger Games. The six of them stand there, strong as they are, weak as they are.  There thick arena wear indicated that this arena would be cold and when they look around they are in a winter wonderland, standing on a frozen lake. On the edges of the lake snow was forming huge lashings. Not being able to escape the frozen lake.

A gong sounded, immediately all of the tributes jumped of their plates ,most of them slipping of the slippery ice. As they slowly get up again they try the same thing again, with now only Jessica Walter being able to run to the cornucopia’s mouth, the only place that is on a small island. Jessica grabbed a bow and arrows and starts firing arrows at the tributes that keep slipping. Her first arrow is aimed a Yuna, a Fifteen year old girl. Jessica releases her arrow from the bow, the arrow piercing through the air. It is almost entering  Yuna but Yuna slips, making the arrow fly over her and instead of hitting Yuna the arrow enters the head of Logan Peterson. He just got up, ready to run again but an arrow hit him, turning of his lights. The blood that was coming out of the wound poured on the ice, turning into deep red. Jessica started cursing when she missed the Fifteen year old.

Logical Queen managed to get to the cornucopia, grabbing her throwing knives. As she unpacks her throwing knives she sneaks upon Jessica Walter who is reloading her bow, ready to shoot at Yuna again. Logical quickly cuts the quiver of Jessica’s back before she throws her knife, the final blow. Jessica’s scream is heard as the knife enters her soft skin. The blood flowing out of the wound, covering Logical’s feet into the deep reed liquid. Yuna, still struggling on the ice, being the smallest threat of this arena, stares at the blood. Another death closer to the main arena, to become a victor.

Rye, the boy from District Nine is still there. Managing to go to the cornucopia, grabbing a spear and starts fighting with Logical Queen who pushes  Rye on the ice, sliding him away from her. Derek bumps into Rye and they start fighting. Derek throws away Rye’s spear. Derek’s fists are punching Rye’s face, which turning blue because of the injuries. Derek kicks him in the stomach, dodging a knife that Logical Queen threw at him. Rye was is now coughing up blood lies on the frozen lake, melting the top layer of the ice. Logical Queen throws one knife, which enters the ice and causes it to break. Derek Gown quickly runs away, making huge holes with the force he uses the run away. The ice around Rye is breaking. The ice cold water is coming out of it, entering the arena. Rye slowly sinks into the ice cold water, freezing and drowning. He screams pierce through everyone’s ears. Yuna, crying because of all the deaths that just occurred. Rye is under the ice know and a few minutes later his canon is heard. The hovercraft appeared to take the remaining tributes back to the capitol.

Group Three

Early in the afternoon, the another group of tributes is in the arena. People are eating their lunch while watching children, maybe their own, fight till death. The tributes are standing in a canyon, in the pouring rain causing rock slides and mud. Nitro seems to be the strongest tribute, being from a career district and volunteering for his sister. Mason, blind and probably the weakest. Sierra, wanting to survive, Pinea, small but willing to live. Ransom and Orion, both ready to jump into the arena and kill.

The gong sounded and all tribute jumped into the mud of the arena, getting stuck and hoping to not fall, to be sucked into the ground. Nitro, the boy from District One is the one that escapes the mud first and reaches out for his weapon, a sword. As he seems Orion, struggling in the mud but in sword distance. He raised his sword and with one blow he beheads Orion, his head rolling in the mud and the blood mixing with the mud and the rain. His headless body falls down and gets easily sucked up by the mud.

Pinea just runs to the other side of the cornucopia, hiding from the strong tributes that possibly will kill her. On her way to the other side of the cornucopia she grabbed a machete, her weapon to protect her from the danger. Thunder is hurt and the screams of fighting boys. Sierra is nowhere to be found, probably hiding inside the cornucopia, hoping that no one enters it. Sierra is in fact hiding there, holding her sword close to her body, being able to stab, slash or run when someone enters.

Mason is still standing on his plate, hearing all the screams. He is terrified to move because of his blindness. The rain is pouring into his face. The cold wind almost blowing him of his plate but he knows that he needs to grab a weapon to just survive for a little bit more. As he slowly climbs of his plate he bumps into Nitro, who is holding his bloody sword. His clothes covered in mud but only Mason doesn’t see it. Nitro raises his sword and stabs Mason in the head, like he was just a doll, a doll that should be destroyed.

Screams were heard. Huge rocks were rolling down the canyon. Pinea is standing on the wrong side of the cornucopia. She needs to run to survive the rolling stones. A huge rock falls down, crashing in to Pinea who is now stuck under this rock. Her cries and screams are heard through the whole arena but no one want to save her. As Nitro searches for the final tribute to kill, he sees that Pinea is lying beneath the rock, taking her as his next target but when he is about to walk towards her he hears Ransom running to him, raising an axe that he found somewhere. The axe falls down, hitting Nitro in his shoulder but the impact wasn’t big enough. Nitro fakes that he falls to the ground, still holding his sword as Randsom starts to dance and scream that he survives Nitro gets up and stabs him in the back, going through his whole body and finally killing them.

The surviving tributes are pickup, Nitro wounds will be cured and Pinea’s legs will be restored before the go into the main arena, the real arena.

Group Four

Late in the evening the final group is being escorted into their arena, as their plate rises they see a huge room, filled with candle lights. The fire of the flames giving a dark effect in the room, tribute barely seeing each other but they know they are not alone, their presence is there. They feel it. All tributes standing there, waiting till the gong goes and ready to grab a weapon. The gong went off and the first one to sprint away is Hail Destro, running through the dark.

Ten seconds later Hail bumped into a tribute, weaponless but the other tribute wasn’t armed either. Avala lies on the ground, weaponless and ready to be killed by this career tribute, but she suddenly remembers one thing. She kicks Hail in the stomach and quickly gets up, grabbing a candle and throws it on Hail, whose clothes are started to catch fire. Slowly Hail burns to death, trying to stop the fire but it is spreading to fast.

Buzzy Tee stood there, watching how Hail burns to death. His stinger glowing in the fire. As Airyn Forest sneaks up him he get scared and runs, runs away to somewhere save, hiding in a corner of the room. Airyn stalks him, wielding her sword, the only weapon she could find in this dark room. Buzzy keeps running around, running like he is going to die and he trips. Airyn catches up and raises her sword. Stabbing him right in his heart. Buzzy screams and the room echoes the sounds of his scream.  A thin stream of blood is coming out of Buzzy wound, pouring slowly on the flower while Airyn looks around for another victim, another death.

Lucifer ran through the room in complete darkness, finding a machete, hoping it is enough to kill some tributes. Lucifer saw the burning body of Hail. While he walks to that for the warmth of the fire he spots Avala, the blonde girl, terrified. Lucifer walks towards her, not killing her because he can see she is afraid. He tells her to hide there as Airyn arrives, ready to kill Lucifer with her sword.

Airyn slashes her sword, aiming for Lucifer’s body but Lucifer easily blocks it with his machete. The spraks are flying of the metal hitting each other.  With the force that came free from the impact they both drop their weapons, diving to the ground at the same time. Lucifer now wielding the sword, ready to be stronger than Airyn. They keep fighting, fighting like lions, sometimes even use the limbs to confuse the other.

Meanwhile Tyson found his way to a weapon, a huge knife to be exact. He walks around, seeing Airyn and Lucifer fighting. He quickly sneaks up Airyn, who keeps dodging the sword attack from Lucifer. As he is almost ready to stab her she dodges the sword of Lucifer, who now stabs Tyson instead of Airyn, killing him. Airyn stares at Lucifer, seeing that they will face each other again in the main arena.

Day Two - Bloodbath

Lucifer Shivers

As my stylist kisses me goodbye, my plate rises of the ground, into the ceiling. A few seconds of total darkness when lights doom up above me. The warm sunlight touching my skin. A bright sunlight, shining from the top of the hollow tree. Gigantic with only four exits. In the center of this tree lays the huge golden cornucopia, the horn of plenty, stocked with weapons and surviving tools. A huge tridimensional image appeared, which explains what this arena is.

‘Weclome, You are the brave tributes that survived the first bloodbaths. Congratulations but now the following bloodbath is about to happen. As you see there are only four exits. Each exits will shut down after one tribute passes through them. The one that don’t make it out on time will be staying in this hollow tree until the last one is standing. I might warn you, the only place of supplies is here at the cornucopia. Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favour!’

Sixty seconds to go, until the tribute either sprint away to exits or quickly grab supplies. While I look around I see no one from my previous bloodbath, knowing that all of them are on the other side of the cornucopia.

Thirty seconds, several tributes making uncomfortable moves. Other focusing their eyes on the exits or supplies. In exact the same second I decide to run in, grab weapons and supplies and run for the nearest exit, hoping to not kill anyone.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 GONG!

As the gong sounds I am running of my plate, grabbing the nearest backpack and just a few more meters for a weapon. I am risking it to grab this perfect sword. Strong, sharp with a beautiful dark blue handle. Shining in the sun, waiting for me to grab it. My fingers stretch to grab it, not failing and as I turn around I want to run to the nearest exit, my feet automatically start to run.

As I am nearing the exit, this girl Avala sprints past me, holding nothing more than a simple backpack, probably filled with enough food to survive for at least a few days. As I reach out to step her in her back she enters the exit, my sword also entering it and disappearing just before a wooden wall falls down and blocks the exit, knowing that Avala has now a sword and her supplies and that I am here, standing weaponless and being an easy target now.

Running back and grabbing a knife, just to be armed and someone tackles me from behind.

Mercury Shifter

The beautiful, bright sunlight falls on my hair, making it shine. I am a natural beauty and I am going to show them I don’t only have the looks but also can win these games which would mean my brother has to die. I love him and don’t want him to die but only one of us comes out of this. As I look around for my brother I see him, standing only a few plates next to me. He points at me and at the backpack that is lying in front of me, afterwards he points at the exit, saying that I have to flee.

The gong sounded and like every tributes sprints for their weapons and bags. As I run I can see my brother run in to the cornucopia’s mouth, coming out with two axes and a backpack. I grab my backpack and run to the exit, waiting for my brother to appear. As I stand at the side, waiting till he returns he bumps into this tribute, a girl from District Seven, who is also wielding an axe, sharp and huge. Nitro drops his backpacks and starts fighting with Terra Skylar, both strong and armed. Slashing through, hoping to hit each other’s arms or legs, or even better their heads.  Terra, fast and easy to dodge attack but not being able to attack because Nitro can’t stop using both of his axes.

A scream is heard and an axe chopped of Terra’s arm, covering Nitro in the thick, red blood. Terra screams and cries while she falls down to the ground, hoping that somehow her wound can heal. Nitro, good as he is raises his axe and buries it in Terra’s immediately in Terra’s head, making her suffer for just a few seconds.

Nitro runs to me, giving me one of the axes and we hug in joy. Enjoying the few moments that we can be together before we get separated again. A tribute, the girl from District Eleven tried to run into the exit, hoping to flee with her supplies and her awl but I push Nitro away. Easily burying my axe into her chest. The blood splatters out of her and disappears in the exit while her lifeless body falls to the ground. Kicking her lifeless body away from the exit.

My brother and I start hugging again, telling each other to run for an exit. Nitro told me to take the one we are standing and that we will meet out in the arena, somewhere. As I hug Nitro I see and arrow, flying through the air and not even a second later the arrow pop out of Nitro’s eye. Hurting his brains and piercing right throw his eye. Serina Frostswords, the girl with the crossbow takes her supplies and runs out of the bloodbath, entering another exit while I am standing there with my brother’s death body in my arms. I grab his axe while the tears are rolling down my face. I grab his backpack and run through the exit, making room for only one more tribute left to be in the final five of these games.

Airyn Forest

The bloodbath has been going on for a few minutes now, three tributes already managed to escape. I run in to the bloodbath, grabbing nothing but a set of throwing knives, knowing that I will be too late for just the easy exit. I unpack my knives, holding one of them in my hands, like I am used to.  My terrific aim, knowing that I will hit my targets. I raise my sword and aim for this small girl, the girl from District Eight who is about to leave. I throw my knife, making it fly through the air but before the girl can enter the exit the knife got buried in her head, killing her with this single blow.

Her lifeless body lies on the ground, laying there, someone ready to take her supplies and run. The girl from District Five, Sierra Perdiot runs to the girl’s body, grabbing the knife and taking it out with the squashing sound. Her blonde hair, waving around her head and a bright pink backpack, hanging on her back as she enters the exit, filled with white lights.

That moment is when I realized that all of the exits are closed now, that every single tribute here has to die or I won’t survive. As I look around I see Derek Gown fighting Lucifer, both strong. Lucifer, only wielding a knife but Derek, having a sword, many times larger than the knife. Lucifer seems to do some weird dance, just dodging the slash of the sword. Every time Lucifer is able to stab Derek manages the block his attack with his sword. I stare and watch while the of them are fighting. Suddenly a screams was heard and Derek drops his sword, not only his sword. Three of his fingers are cut of in the block of the knife. Having them lying on the dirty floor. Lucifer shows no mercy as he raises his knife and buries it right into the neck of Derek, the blood coming out if like a bullet out of a gun. Derek slowly falls to the ground, facing his face down.

Logical Queen tried to hide inside the Cornucopia as I walk into her direction but Lucifer beats me, entering the cornucopia with the sword he just claimed from Derek. A scream is heard and the sound of someone getting slaughtered like a beast.

A bloody sword slowly comes out of the Cornucopia, seeing that me and Lucifer are the only tributes alive in this part of the arena, being only two survivors of the mass bloodbath as the other fled and not participated. I throw one of my knives, which Lucifer easily dodges by just taking one step out of the way. He raises his sword and aims for my heart. As he stabs I dodge, but he cuts my shoulder, starting to bleed. The pain it causes, I ignore it, ready to stab Lucifer but before I am able to retrieve the knives I dropped , I feel a sharp blade cutting through my neck, being beheaded, being so close of entering the top five.

Day Three

Avala Poppythorne

As I open my eyes I hear nothing, no sounds of birds or other animals. When I look around I see practically nothing but barren land, not even a plant to see. Just a hard and dry rock ground. The hot sun burns on my skin which already starts turning red. My backpack filled with food, enough for a few more days and a very limited water supply. As I walk away I remember something, the wooden tree, the only living thing in this arena excluding the other tributes, Lucifer’s sword. Did it fall though the exit with me?

I walk for ten minutes, back to the direction I came from, seeing the gigantic tree with something lying in front of it, shining in the bright sunlight. My long, blonde hair which used to be in a ponytail falls before my face, covering my sight. As I put it out of my face I see a tribute nearing me, dooming up out of nowhere. I start to run, grabbing the sword to be armed if she wants to hurt me. A crossbow in her hand. Only one tributes uses it as her weapon, she is vicious. She killed tributes with it. Serina… Strong.

Serina comes close but she doesn’t lift her bow which is strange. What does she want from me? My life so she can become a victor? Her fire red hair, shining light out in the bright sun. Her scars make her look tough as nails. Her small body, yes she is small but somehow she doesn’t look frail.

She comes to stand next to me, as I heighten my sword, ready to react to any attack but Serina drops her crossbow. Stating that she doesn’t want to fight but she wants something else.

‘What do you think about an alliance?’ Serina askes me while she stares in my eyes with her beautiful dark-grey eyes. She slowly moves her arm to me, indicating a hand sign.

‘I guess I don’t have choice.’ I say and I push my hand into her hand, forming an alliance. The second one in these games but the only one that is still alive. I don’t trust this. Knowing that we are in the Hunger Games, down in the top five. It feels like Serina can read the insecurity of my face but she ignores it.

‘Let’s head that way’ Serina says, pointing her crossbow to a huge piece of emptiness. I nod to her and as she walks away I raise me sword, slicing her arms off. Serina starts to scream, altering every tribute since there is no barrier to bounce sounds back. Her screams go through bone and marrow and a pool of blood is forming around Serina’s body. Alliance betrayal. My life is worth more than hers. I just had too. I take her supplies and her still loaded crossbow, may be usufull in the future, when I am out of reach of this beautiful sword.

Mercury Shifter

In a few hours this arena drastically changed. From the first so dry ground and the hot summer air to this huge mud pool and a pleasant cold. It’s raining hard. The ground beneath my feet starts to slip away and I try to move around, wielding nothing but an axe. When I slipped a few minutes ago I lost my backpack, nowhere to be found again. The mud that covered my face and clothes. Back in District One I would love a mud mask but here, no. It is about survival now. Dark clouds appeared above my head. Seeing in the distance a little figure dooming up.

Sierra walks around, also covered in dirt but not knowing that I am there as the moment I see her I drop my axe and lie down on the soft floor. The dark cloud looking dangerous like most of times with dark clouds. Even the strongest tribute may fail surviving the weather.

I close my eyes, fearing the worst from the weather as I hear the loud sounds of thunder, the clouds bumping to each other and causing the forked ray of electricity to fall down from the sky, unto the arena, maybe hitting a tribute of two. My blonde hair is now covered in mud, camouflaging my whole body now, no tributes to see me.

The sound of a meteor impact is heard and a blinding flash of lights, followed by the sound of a girl screaming, screaming as loud as she can. As I open my eyes and look at Sierra, standing there, covered in a bright, yellow light. Almost seeing her bones through the light. Her hair catches fire and as the lighting disappears her body falls to the ground. Still on fire as I watch the remains of Serina slowly burning away into nothing but a bulk of ash. Nothing is left. Nothing.                                                                                                                                 

Lucifer Shivers

A light flash appears and covers me. I am blind for a few seconds but when I open my eyes again I am standing there, on a big, open field. My body recovered from the wounds and my weapon with a strong grip in my hand. Two other tributes, Mercury Shifter and Avala Poppythorne are standing there, both armed with weapons but Avala, armed with not only a sword but one loaded crossbow. Standing at her place she aims her crossbow at me, and when she pulls the trigger I dive to the ground, missing the arrow barely by just a few inches.

I scream thing that will probably be censored on national television. I raise my sword, Mercury her axe and Avala takes her sword and we all run to the centre of the meadow, knowing that one of us will return home, home wherever that may be. I raise my sword. The battle of the tree of us begins. It seems like no one has one target. We are all just stabbing, scratching and kicking each other. My first broke Mercury’s nose. The crack from the nose was loud and clear and the blood was coming out of her nose.

She screams and pushes Avala out of the, way pushing her to the floor. Her blonde hair waves behind her and the gasp to air is heard. Mercury throws her body at me, also pushing me to the floor as she starts to bite me. No weapon and if she let her hands go she will just die. She is strong for a girl. Probably because she is form a career district. She lets her body fall down, hear head next to my neck and she opens her mound, biting in my neck as I feel the sharp pain of a knife cutting through my neck. Mercury gets up, her mouth covered in blood as I slowly dies because of the wound.

With my last breaths I watch Avala stand up and raising her sword. She stabs Mercury right in the chest but that is something I never saw because the second I closed my eyes my life was over. An endless black tunnel but at the end my new life will start. Dead but not dead. My soul may have left my human body but I will only die when people have forgotten me and with these games being on national television, no one will forget me.


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