Yo People,

My new games. I will actually do full games now and I don't people can claim 24 victors. I promise :3


Well, These will be just basic games but District Zero and Thirteen will be included. Everyone has the same odds of winning although names that I like will probably have higher changes of winning.


  • I am allowing three tributes per person.
  • Reservations last for one day.
  • Don't hate me because I will kill your tributes.
  • Use my form, make sure everything is in it. You may add extra information.
  • These Games are just fun, don't start any drama here.
  • I don't go to links and profiles.
  • I got the right to not accept your tributes.
  • Please support me with writing.
  • Advice is not compulsory, I'd prefer you supper my games and cheer for your tributes.
  • To make sure you read this please say Wesley is awesome :3

Tribute form

I won't need more. If you feel like adding anymore go ahead but I might not use it.





Appearance: I demand a real life picture. Other wise I wont accept :)

The Tributes

District Name Age Weapon
0M Locke Platinum 17 Axe, Mace
0F Luna Comette 13 Nunchucks, Throwing Axes
1M Cliff Mason 18 Spear, Machete, Dagger
1F December DeClare 17 Scythe
2M Zephyr Brawn 17 Club, Mace
2F Kiara Viper 18 Steel claws, Daggers, Pickaxes.
3M Sean Host 16 Wire, Knives
3F Icelia Wintersmith 17 Wire traps, Bow & Arrows


Reserved by Lily (Rabe) x3
4F Horizon Deep 16 Trident, Knives
5M Jay Ramsey 17 Sword
5F Celeste Ryder 12 Knives
6M Axl Lockhart 17 Mace
6F Kayda Freim 12 Wire
7M Thorn Darkwater 18 Axes
7F Thistle Wisteria 15 Natural weapons (like poisons)
8M Jack Silk 16 Bow & Arrows, Spears
8F Shae Summerfield 15 Dagger, throwing knives. blowgun
9M Juro Dudley 15 Pitchfork, Whip
9F Quinoa Soal 16 Scythe, Kama
10M Cross Adams 18 Cleaver, Sword
10F September Rollo 18 Saber Claws, Bow and Arrow
11M Logan Lerman 17 Throwing Knives, Sword
11F Maya Kenneth 14 Bow & Arrow, Slingshot
12M Luca Everwood 16 Bow & Arrows, Axes, Traps
12F Paula Twoson 15 Bow & Arrow, Awl
13M Shadow Titan 17 Gun
13F Willow Firethorn 17 Sword, Throwing Axes.

Tribute Gallery


Well, People seem to like the escort idea :3 Male escorts are possible :D





Appearance: Real life! Some really good escorts appeared

Reaping style: (how does she reap the tributes? a huge speech or quickly?)

Distict Name Age
0 Tanya Bahamas 27
1 Serinity Fabberboof 47
2 Diamond Twinkler 31
3 Tessa Falcon 23
4 Pansy Moonlight 25
5 Arabecca Newtrotter 45
6 Felicity Flow 23
7 Osprinion Geralds 29
8 Tanquine Uniqe 32
9 Cassius Scaevola 45
10 Artemis Lucceius 29
11 Barack Obema 18 (he says, actually 51)
12 Silver Light 22
13 Tallius Latro 25

Escort Gallery


District Zero  ~  Tanya Bahamas

Night has fallen, just like any other night in District Zero. The people are the most active at night because of their district’s industry, astronomy. Most of them work at night observing the stars and the different planets. Reaping day is today, always tribute get reaped during the nights, just because they want it.

I shake my beautiful, rainbow-colored hair out of my face. My pale skin almost seems to glow in the darkness surrounding me. My green lipstick actually glows in the dark because of the neon effects in it. Today I will selected two lovely tributes from District Zero, ready to die. District Zero has only recently been discovered, discovered is the wrong word, recently brought back on the Capitol. They serve the Capitol now and know the consequences of sending their children into the Hunger Games, the biggest event of all.

The square, in front of the Justice Building is covered in the light that the huge fire torches shine out. Lots of children are there already, praying it will be over soon. They stare at me when I pass by, whispering things about a certain clown, a clown I never saw before. Their eyes follow me walk toward the stage where the reaping balls are already. Filled with slips of paper with names on them, every child between the ages of twelve and eighteen are in this balls. A guy on the stage signs to me that I can start this, start reaping tributes as they are called after today.

I slowly climb on the stage and thousands of eyes are staring at me, fear that can be read on most of the children’s faces. They fear dead, like I care. I just want a good show like any other Capitol resident.

‘Welcome to the reaping of the Annual Hunger Games. Because nobody got time for a stupid movie about rebellion I will skip that so we can start reaping our beloved tributes, ain’t that cute?’ I say with my high capitol accent and a girly giggle. I walk over to the reaping ball of the girls, grabbing a paper which I almost tore apart in two pieces. I read it and stare for a second into the crowd, enjoying the fear of all the girls.

‘Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, we got a winner. Luna Comette come forward please.’ I said and I look in the crowd for any movement. A small girl with long, brown hair makes her way to the stage. My face would probably look bad, the disappointment.

‘Hello, Please stand over there. DON’T TOUCH ME!’ I yell as she wants to shake my hand. ‘Your beloved male counterpart, hopefully a little bit stronger and handsomer than you will be…’ She says while walking to the male reaping ball. Her hand goes in and picks a piece of paper, a doomed male is reaped and will fight with this girl.

‘Locke Platinum, Please come forward.’ I say and a handsome boy from the crowd comes to the stage. Tall and blonde. Handsome is the word to describe him.

‘Look! That is not disappointing.’ I say as I give him a hug. His muscle close to my body.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, May I present you this year’s tributes, Locke Platinum and ehm… What was your name again dear?’ I said and take both of them into the Justice building.

Serinity Fabberboof

I walk through the sunny District One. The sun warming up everybody. The rainbow high in the sky, having all of is colors, something they love here. Everywhere couples kissing each other. One girls, wearing nothing but a bikini top and a daisy duke. A few minutes later I spot the same girl, kissing another dude. Says enough about her I think. Children running around, little children, not the twelve year or older children. They know what day it is and are fearing the worst, really the worst. Being in the Hunger Games and giving the Capitol a show.

District One, also known as one of the career districts. Their reapings is in a few moment. We are just waiting for every possible tribute to arrive. The ones that get reaped most likely won’t even go into the Hunger Games. Every year dozens of people volunteer to be part of the Hunger Games. Winning them is their pride. I go into the Justice building to quickly get dressed. Pink, my favorite color. Outside I hear the crowd from District One coming onto the square, meaning that they are ready for the reaping. As I walk outside I smile.

A crowd like I have never seen before in my life. Thousands of people just looking at me. Some fear it, some love it. The smaller children are standing close to their parents, holding their hands waiting for their siblings to return home.

‘Welcome, You can choose. A long or a short reaping? Okay. Short reaping. Skip the movie boys. We got no time for that.’  I say, without even waiting for a reaction from the crowd. No one dared to stop it because they would fear that I would reap them.

‘Ladies, get ready. One of you is going in the games. Like now.’ I say and my hands disappeared in the reaping ball but even in the same second I got the note in front of my faces, reading what name it says.

‘Olivia……’ I scream in the microphone but lots of voice scream I volunteer but one special one. One girl screamed I reap. So special.

‘Who did shout I reap?’ I ask and a girl raises her hand. ‘You come here now.’

The girl, wearing nothing but the bikini top and the daisy dukes walks upon the stage, the girl that I saw kissing every dude in District One.

‘Can you please tell us your name?’ I asked her, staring at her outfit.

‘December DeClare’ She says.

‘Let’s continue, our male tribute is….’ But even before I even touched the papers in the ball they start screaming. I VOLUNTEER.

‘Can I pick one? Oooh Please let me pick one!’ December screams and I nod in agreement, just to shut her mouth.

‘Cliff Mason, I see that you want to reap, come over here. You are chosen by my.’ She said, me hating how she says stuff.

‘Cliff Mason is December’s male counterpart. Shake each other’s hand and I want a applause ’ I say and the crowd starts to clap and I escort them into the Justice Building, ready to go into the games.

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