Dear people who are reading this,

This will be my new games, and I am going to everything. I just want 15 tributes, no districts.

I just want a gender, an age, a weapon, a name and a real life picture. The name has to be interesting and not that common.

How does it work?

In this universe careers don't exsist. Enter one and you will immediately be eliminated from these games. I just want you to add my template which I will list later on. Now, I will skip through everything and start at the bloodbath but I will do random training scores and the odds that are tied with them. So, let's say, you tribute has the odds of 1-20 to winning, I will enter your tribute 20 times on a list which will later go in A tribute with a score of 1-5 will be entered 5 times etc. Then I will random pick on name from the list by using The tribute that is picked will be killed and thus eliminated from these games.


  • It is all faith, so don't be mad at me.
  • Two tributes per person, so one of you is doomed to have one.
  • Don't bash when your tribute dies.
  • No reserves. I ask for almost nothing so I don't want people to reserve
  • If I get one piece of extra information you will automatically be eliminated from these games.
  • So, Use my form.
  • When you have read this, I would like you to post La Erite De La Verite
  • Only 15 spots.
  • If I get like 10 females in my games, I will eliminate a few of them so people can enter males instead.

Tribute form





Real life picture:

Don't forget to read the rules.

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