Dear Districts,

As we are speaking, every year two tributes from each district will be send into a massive bloodshed but this year is different. I will only and only allow 12 tributes to be in the games, meaning that from each district one tribute will be choosen. Hold on, claritas means clarity or brightness. The tributes will be placed in one, white box. Gigantic, enough to fit a cornucopia and weapons and twelve tributes in it. They will be surrounded by a white light. Just a white box.


  • Use my form. Any other things than my form will not be accepted. No extra info etc.
  • You can enter both genders for a district.
  • These will be very short, like a over in a few days.
  • Two tributes per person.
  • Post Leo Est Optimum if you read this.
  • If you don't have a real life picture, you simply can't enter these.
  • NO RESERVATIONS, unless you are Cass who just left when I linked







Real life picture:

Taken: D1,D2,D3,D4,D5, D7,D8 D10



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