The Shifting User Games are games made by Wes and Jade. So these are gonna be different than any User Games you have seen before... Much different!

The Info

The concept

So the SU Games are games (duh) where users submit themselves into whatever district they want. Then they get reaped, training, etc. But once they get into the arena is where the real fun starts. The arena will be a place which is constantly changing and onetime could be a desert but on the next update could turn into a bunch of volcanos. The arena isn't the only thing which can be shifted though. You can shift yourself. Your tribute is in this arena and for them to survive you must order me or Wes to shift your tribute into whatever you want.

But there is a twist in this too! You can only shift your tribute three times! If you want to shift your tribute any more times then you must make the tribute pay in blood. So if you wanted your tribute to shift again because the current arena puts them at a disadvantage, you would have to cut off their arm or something in order to allow for their shift to take place.

This is The Shifting User Games!

The rules

There are going to be simple rules.

  • You can only have one tribute and it must be yourself. So the tribute must be based on yourself.
  • You can only shift your tribute three times without inflicting damage to them.
  • No complaining if you think me and Wes are being unfair if we kill your tribute.
  • Have some fun and let your imagination go wild! You will be able to transform your tribute into anything.

The template

Personality (optional):


District Name Age Weapon
D1F Caylin reserved
D1M Jack "Vinny" Quaid 18 Spear, Knives
D2F Jade Dansin 15 Sword and Axes
D2M Asher Smith 13 Axe, Spear
D3M Erland reserved
D4F Emma reserved
D4M Alex Brookes  13 Knives
D6F  Claudia Niall 14 Hot Glue Gun
D7F Julia reserved
D7M Wesley reserved
D8F TD reserved
D9F Anna reserved
D10F Mia babe
D11M Misyt reserved
D12M Kekai reserved

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