Ages ago, eras ago. There was a country called America. Everything went fine, but suddenly women were put on fire. Claiming that they weren't witches, but the crowd around them told otherwise. They were burned to death, while most of them being innocent. Nowadays the true witches who remained uncovered due to their magic powers remain and are slowly rising again untill the Capitol found them. A living community in the woods of District 7. They were forced to battle to death in a terrifying arena. They each will represent an element, with a total of five and will be able to use these powers, but not in a strong way. They won't be able to kill each other with the fire or water they might get as element. No, they use it to confuse, attack with small flares, using the water for their own watersource etc.


I think it is kinda silly to have rules but I'll figure they are there.

  • No hate when your tribute dies
  • Maximum of three tributes per person. All have to be from a different element.
  • The backstories are all the same
  • No links or on  my profiles, pictures must be uploaded on the wiki.
  • Use the form and say 'The unforgiven witches'
  • Note, using magic costs a lot of power.






Real life picture:

These are compulsory, adding a backstory wont help since they all share the same backstory.

The Witches

Element Name Age Weapon
Body & Soul Victoria Winters 18 Rapier
Body & Soul Cleo Salazar 16 Throwing Knives
Body & Soul Flavia Heart 17 Scythe, Dagger
Air Oriole Pax 17 Throwing Knives, Steel Claws
Air Blairus Windlace 16 Cresent Sword, Throwing Stars
Air Renee Atro 15 Bow, Mace
Earth Alexandria Montage 16 Axe
Earth Constance Ramos 12 Throwing Axes
Earth Marissa Gaia 16 Sickles, Daggers
Fire Ignacia Crimson 18 Hatchet, Spear
Fire Klariza Zhung 13 Bow & Arrow
Fire Sorcera Spectrus 17 Crossbow, Daggers
Water Nerida Virtue 16 Trident, Knife
Water Genivieve 'Geni' Hallius 18 Spears, Net
Water Briza Laos 15

Crossbow, Net


Dark green is nothing but a thick forest, full with mutts that will easily kill the witches. The Purple is the part of the body and soul. Visions, fake and real are here. Minds might be twisted.The blue is just a huge lake, formed in that triangle shape. The red is an fire invested land. Volcanos everywhere and lava streans. The green is just a huge plain field. With a lot of rocks and moss. The light blue area consists of a huge meadow with a lot of strong air blasts.

Witch Gallery


Ignacia Crimson

Slowly raises the platform I was standing on. A stream of the hot sunlight fell on my skin. Warm and gentle. I blinked for a second and there we were. Fifteen of us, all controlling different powers but we were here, to fight for our lives. Survival of the fittest, the weaker will fail. As I observe my fellow  witches I noticed a small girl from Asian descent from the fire element. Probably the first to die I thought.

Suddenly a gong bangs and everyone starts to run to the golden horn right in front of us, the golden horn which shines beautifully in the bright sun.

As one of the first to reach the cornucopia I locked my eyes on a silver and sharp hatchet. I locked my hands around its handle and I started looking for my first victim. While I was looking for my first victim I noticed there were no other supplies then the weapons that are laying here.

I see this small girl, a year of twelve I think. She managed to grab a pack of throwing axes. Her back is facing me. I run over to her.

‘Need any help? What’s your name?’ I asked in my nicest voice.

The little girl quickly turned around.

‘Y-y-yes, I am Con-con-stance.’ She stutters. One flash of silver and a spray of blood for this first victim of this murder spectacle. Constance is no longer part of this.


Death Killer How
Constance Ramos Ignacia Crimson Hatchet slit through neck

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