NO RESERVATIONS I think the rules are quite obvious. Don't whine when you die and stuff.

Dont take it personally. When you take it personally I will ban you from all of my games.

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Tribute chart

District Name Age Weapon
D1F Jade 16 Twin Blades
D1M Dustin 15 Spear, Knives
D2F Emma 14 Katana
D2M Oli 14 Knives
D3F Julia 13 Axe
D3M Kekai


D4F Berry  18 Tridents, Nets, Spears, Bow and Arrows
D4M Toxic 14 Trident
D5F Liza 14 Bow and Arrow, Knives
D5M Colin 16 Throwing Knives, Baseball bat
D6F Claudia 14 Spear
D6M Erlend 15 Machete, Whip
D7F Alice 16 Sword
D7M Ben 13 Blowgun, Axe
D8F Mia 13 Dagger
D8M Lincoln 14 Javelins
D9F Cass 14 Spiked Whip
D9M Lucien 12 Knives
D10F Mary 16 Sword
D10M Kaeghan 13 Bow and Arrrows, Axe
D11F Kiki 14 Throwing Axes
D11M Gareth 13 Throwing Knives
D12F Anna 16 Crossbow, Knife
D12M Charles 16 Throwing Knives


  • Island
  • Hidden Path
  • Forest
  • Waterfalls

The Hunger Games

Day One

On the beautiful summer day, twenty four new tributes are gathered around the Cornucopia. All situated at plates that rise above a small lake with an island in its center. The Cornucopia shining in the sun. Each tribute plate is connected to the island but behind them there is a bridge, a bridge for their escape. The tropical summer breeze breezes through their hair as the a gong goes and twenty four tributes run in all directions.

Charles, the boy from District Twelve sprints across his bridge, reaching the cornucopia first. He gets hold of a set of throwing knives while the tribute come close to him. He takes one of the knives, which shines in the beautiful bright light of the fake sun. The handle made out of a dark red substance. While Mary, the girl from District Ten faces him with her back. Mary tries to find her weapon but with no luck. Ryan aims his perfect knife at the small back of Mary. A silver lighting through the sky and a fountain of red liquid when the silver flash hits Mary’s body. A soft scream and the fall of the girl.

While Charles run away with his ally Anna, his district partner Jade, the fierce career girl from District One gathers a set of twin blades, ready to slash through some people. The not paying attention boy from District Nine is facing her with nothing but his arms to defend him. Jade waves her long, blonde hair as she raises the blades. One move and the boy is gone. As Jade makes a quick downwards move with her arm, Lucien dives away, dodging the attack. As Lucien is laying of the floor Jade looks at him. She plays with her pray, cutting small wound onto his body before finishing him with the final blow in his face. A splatter of blood and pieces of brain flying everywhere.

Mia, the small girl from District eight with long, black hair wanders through the field of the cornucopia, searching for a dagger. The small girl walks through the field, hoping that nobody notices her. She ran across the career boy from two who just slit the throat of her district partner. Mia, terrified and covered in the blood of Lincoln runs with her eyes focused on the beautiful shining dagger that is laying in the grass. Ready to be taken by her. As close as Mia, only a few feet away when she is tackled down to the ground by Ben who raises his axe, ready to take a strike into Mia’s small body as Mia closed her eyes an axe flew through the air, hitting Ben in his head. The blood splatters out of his head, covering Mia in a new fresh load of blood but she lives. She opened her eyes to see Kiki standing there, her hand aimed at Mia. Kiki helped Mia get up.

‘Allies?’ Kiki asked and watched Mia nod. Mia grabbed her dagger and runs for the exit. While looking around her, she quickly snatches a backpack of the shoulder of Jade who becomes furious when she sees Mia leaving with her backpack.

Cass, the beautiful and stunning girl from District Nine, runs around the bloodbath with her long, curly blonde hair waving behind her. The smell of her rose shampoo spreading through the arena. She holds a whip, covered in spikes. Cass locked her eyes on the boy from District Ten who was desperately  searching for a backpack. Cass sneaked upon him, smiling like a devil to him before she raised her whip arm. The sound of whip hitting skins and the gore sounds of spikes entering warm flesh. The back of Kaeghan is ripped open and the blood flows over his body while he fell to the ground, spreading a puddle of blood beneath him and blowing out his last breath.

Berry locks her eyes on the beautiful blue trident with a golden handle. Her beautiful brown eyes stares the trident as she grabs the handle of it. Pure perfection. She whips her ginger hair back and forth and locks her eyes on her new target. The boy from District Six, Erlend who is gathering around supplies and a machete. Berry raises to him and pierces her trident into Erlend's shoulder, barely causing a wound. Erlend screams in pain. He takes out the trident in not even a second. He flees the bloodbath with the trident and his backpacks, leaving Berry alone and unarmed.

Liza, standing already at the edge of the bloodbath, waiting for Colin to come back from the bloodbath itself. Liza holds her beautiful, out of maple made bow with long and sharp arrows. She stands, ready to shoot at any second. Out of no where she spots Colin running around with a set of knives, still in it's plastic but he is chased by the career from District Four. Liza releases the arrow from the bow and watches it pierces through the sky and entering the eye of the career from District Four. Colin grabs Liza's hand as they run of to the mysterious forest.


Just after the bloodbath, really, only a few minutes. The career regrouped and discussed their plan. Sticking together with only suffering one loss but a great loss.

‘We should go tribute hunting now!’ Oli said, ‘Now they are still near the Cornucopia and we can easily make up the time we are behind on them.’

‘But what about the Cornucopia itself? Wouldn’t other tributes sneak upon here and take the supplies while we are gone?’ Emma asked and whipped her hair back and forth.

‘Two of us will stick around here I guess, the other’s will spread out and fight the tributes.’ Cass said and filled backpack with food. She runs off as first with holding her spiked whip, ready for some tributes to be whipped to dead.

‘I guess Emma and Dustin will stick around while the rest of us go hunting.’ Jade said and running of with some food and her twin blades.

Oli started to sprint, sprint away hoping to find some tribute, ready to kill them with one single move. Running through the bamboo forest which is getting tighter and tighter when there suddenly is this path, nothing but this path. A voice out of nowhere appeared and Oli listened to it but made the hairs on his arms stood tall.

Seperated from the mass

All alone in the blue

Sometimes alone,

Sometimes in Groups.

Solve this riddle and be save from this arena.The mysterious voice said. The silence is unbearable when the voice stops while Oli thinks and thinks about the answer.

‘Islands?’ Oli whispered as he waits for his early demise in these games but instead, the voice sounded again.

‘Correct, You are allowed to pass this without any fears, nothing to scare you, nothing but yourself. You will make it for atleast another day, save from the Arena. Gather your supplies and leave.’ The voice said as Oli walked into the bright light off the path. Seeing nothing but the pure white of the light.

Kekai and Julia, still running from the terrifying bloodbath, having nothing but the sword that Kekai is wielding. The sun barely shined through the huges bamboo bushes but nothing to fear, but other tributes. They kept running, they heard the sounds behind them, not knowing what it is but it is getting closer.

Running for what feels like hours but only has been a few minutes. The sun stopped shining with the arena becoming dark slowly. Julia was holding on Kekai’s arm while they kept running until she tripped with her foot stuck in a hole in the ground. Kekai turned around in one sweep. Slashing his sword through the air but nothing. He ran to Julia to help her. The foot is stuck and the noise is coming closer and closer. The darkness scares them and the silent excluding the noises.

Suddenly bamboo moved and before Kekai realized it he slashed his sword through the bamboo, cutting of the bamboo and entering the side of Claudia, right between her ribs. A silent scream and a flash of blood splatters down as Claudia’s now lifeless body falls to the ground. Her face falling in the dirt while the light in her eyes slowly dims.

Kekai fell to his knees, pushing his hand against his eyes, trying to hide the tears from crying.

‘I killed her. I-i-ii kil-kiled her.’ Kekai whispered and started to shake while the manly tears were rolling down his face.

Alice wandered through the tight bamboo forest before stumbling on a river. Having no supplies from the bloodbath she felt hungry and a target. Nothing but her bare fist. She dived into the water. Tending herself. Drinking from it and hoping to catch maybe a fish. When suddenly the national anthem started.

‘Congratulations tributes. You all survived the first day and only one of you found our little secret. May the odds ever be in your favor.’ A captiol resident’s voice said.

Alice stared at the dark sky, seeing the faces appear.  Nothing hurt her. When she saw the face of the career boy she started to smile.

‘Yes, The odds are in my favor.’ Alice said and huge rock on top of the waterfall started to roll down, without Alice noticing it.

Day Two

The sun was barely up when Emma woke up, enjoying the warmth of the rays of sun and thinking about her vision of the night, the dream where she won the Hunger Games after betraying her career alliance. Emma sat down next to the smoldering fire and stares in the embers. Not knowing what to do, either kill Dustin now in his sleep and flee or stick around.

‘What would my parents say, what would my family say? I am their proud of making it into the Hunger Games, becoming one of the victors would do my family proud but how will I reach the victor stage of the Hunger Games?’ Emma thought and finally made up her mind. She quickly packed a bag of food, stealing most of the food from the careers.

Emma walked over the Dustin, who is still sleeping and not knowing anything that will happen. Emma grabbed the knife that laid next to Dustin. She gently pressed the knife against his throat and with one fast movement she killed him. The blood dripping out his throat and the sound of a canon. Emma dragged away the body of Dustin to hide it from the Careers, so they won’t found out it is her.

Emma ran away, ran away from the cornucopia and finding the safety of the woods.

Erlend wanders through the tight bamboo forest with hearing nothing but the sounds of the birds. No breeze breezing through the forest. Silence, silence like he never experienced but then. Screams, a scream that was louder every second he stopped to listen. Erlend ran to the noise to only find Alice, laying in the river with her legs trapped under a gigant rock. Her eyes full of fear when she saw Erlend. She closed her eyes while waiting till her soon dead would occur.

‘Laying good there?’ Erlend said with a smile on his face.

‘Yes, I am laying her for fun. I really enjoy this, dick.’ Alice said.

‘You didn’t just call me that.’ Erlend said.

‘Dick.’ Alice said.

Erlend got up and stepped next to Alice’s head. HE dropped his pants and started to pee right in Alice’s face. Alice, being covered in the pee. When Erlend is done he spit in Alice’s face as her ran off.                                              

Alice became so angry that she turned all hot, blowing up the stone above which reaches a weak spot in the arena. She destroyed the whole arena but Oli was already transporten out the arena. He survived. Kiki managed to dive in a cave and dragged Mia along. Cass quickly jumped away in a river and managed to survive the burning fire. Ryan used Anna's body as shield and manages to survive.


Death chart

Who died? By who and How?
Mary Charles, Knife thrown in the back
Lucien Jade, Slashed through with blades
Lincoln Oli, Throat Slit
Ben Kiki, Axe thrown into his head
Kaeghan Cass, Whipped to death
Toxic Liza, Arrow through eye.
Claudia Kekai, Sword slashed into her side.
Dustin Emma, Throat Slit

Current Alliances

Careers: Jade (1), Dustin (1), Oli (2), Emma (2), Berry (4), Toxic (4), Cass (9)

Golden Duo: Charles (12), Anna (12)

The Unicorns: Mia (8), Kiki (11)

Stinkies: Julia (3), Kekai (3)

The Lady Gaga Fans: Liza (5), Colin (5)

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